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Autumn edition Mar - May 2014

Rex Driver #57


33 Woodlands Tce, Edwardstown, SA, 5039 Contact Sean and Jo phone 8277 2222

Club Address: Impreza WRX Owners Club of South Australia Inc. PO Box 400, Unley, SA 5061 Incorporated in Adelaide, South Australia - May 1999

Certificate number: AA0024461E

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2013/2014 Elected Club Committee: President: Sam Jongenelis

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Secretary: Sam Jongenelis

Mobile: 0402 936 908

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Membership Officer:

The Impreza WRX Owners Club of South Australia is a club for motoring enthusiasts with a passion for performance cars. Our focus is on performance oriented Subaru vehicles, including the Impreza WRX, STI, Liberty RS, Forester GT and BRZ’s, but membership is considered from owners of other vehicles.

Gareth Scanlen

Club Magazine: The Club magazine Rex Driver is published quarterly and distributed free to all members. Contributions are welcomed from Club Members and interested parties alike and may be submitted by post or email to the Editor direct at: sethcoultas@gmail.com

Club Patrons: Cody Crocker, Team Subaru Sam Brand, BrandMotorsport

General Positions: Sam Jonganelis (Cruise Co-ordinator) Damien Hirst (Motorsport Co-ordinator)

Tania Langcake (Events Co-ordinator) Ben Hersey (Webmaster) Rob Gromball ( Social Media)

CAMS OFFICER Matt Knighton Use Club’s mobile number 0413 025 697 for other enquiries to other committee members

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DISCLAMER: The views and/or opinions expressed in any/all articles in this magazine are not to be considered the views and/or opinions of the Club, editorial staff, or any committee member. While all care is taken in the preparation of this publication, the Club, its committee and its contributors accept no responsibility for the accuracy of the whole or any part of the magazine. The club wishes to highlight that that any modifications made to your car may void your factory warranty, and any racing / sporting events may void your insurance cover. Articles regarding either of these matters are for interest value only and are not recommended to our members.

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Contents CLUB RACING 16

OzGymkhana Round 1


Mount Alma Mile Hillclimb


Adelaide Motorsport Festival


Dirt Khanacross


SA Motorsport News


Know Your Roots


Getting your CAMS Licence


Fuel Surge Solutions


Rally Cross Update


Targa Tasmania


Rally America Update


ARC - Quit Forest Rally


Front cover Photo Tania Langcake by : Frank Kutsche


WRXSA Coastal Cruise


WRXSA Hills ’n’ Vines Cruise


WRXSA New WRX Adelaide Launch

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Sam Jongenelis Club President

Welcome to the latest edition of Rex Driver magazine. 2014 is off to a great start for WRXSA with the club championship now underway and better attended than ever before. Excitement is building with many new comers to the CC scoring well with the scoring system. The hill climbs and OzGymkhana events are proving to be the most popular events for members.

With events such as the Phillip Island trip happening again it’s bound to stir a lot of excitement with old and new members. I went along on the last one and it was an awesome weekend away with everyone. One to remember for sure. Its great to see the enthusiasm of all our members up, not only in attendance to events but also helping out with the organisation of the events and more people coming along to committee meetings giving their input. The committee is also looking into some private days for motorsport including another skid day, Collingrove hillclimb and there’s a possibility of us being able to get one at Mallala.

Treasurer’s Report 240 0 8,106 0 0 8,346 Incoming

Outgoing -423

660 60 1,110 -530 -90 -831 -143 -163 -700 -200 -700

Damien Hirst

Autumn 2014 : Funds as of May 2014 Cash Tin balance: PayPal Account Balance: Cheque Account Balance: Outstanding Debits/Cheques to be Drawn Outstanding Deposits & Income: Net Club Funds after outstanding transactions: Significant Transactions General Operating Costs (mobile, bank fees, etc.) New Memberships x9 Membership Renewals x1 Sponsorship Renewals (Eblens, Willall & Shannons Insurance) CAMS Annual Fee Web Hosting WRXSA 2014 Calendars Stationary Account PO Box Renewal Magazine Summer Edition Upcoming Transactions General Operating Costs (mobile, bank fees, stamps etc.) Rex Driver Magazine Autumn Edition


Seth Coultas

Welcome to you second Rex Driver for 2014, we have another jam packed edition for you this season. The S&J Automotive Club Championship has kicked off, with the first 3 rounds completed and another 2 rounds taking place as I make final adjustments to this edition (look out for results in the next issue). Highlights of the last few months include the new WRX Adelaide launch event, we had a fantastic member turnout and display from WRXSA and almost unanimous positive response from those in attendance (obviously a slightly biased audience). Some members have taken the new model for test drives and I can’t wait till we have some showing up at club events in the future. Damien has been hard at work putting together an article on how to tackle the problem of fuel surge, an issue that many of us have suffered from.

Sam and Tania have also been busy organising monthly cruises, these have had great turnouts, and although unfortunately I have not been able to make it along to any recently, it is lucky we have plenty of people out there taking photos to remind those like me what we are missing out on. Outside of Club Championship rounds there have also been a number of other exciting events members have been taking part in including the Adelaide Motorsport Festival (Hillclimb and Victoria Park Sprint) and the first Dirt Khanacross at the new Mid Murray Complex. We also have lots of Subaru & Rally news for you to catch up on, so please enjoy! Seth Coultas

CHAMPIONSHIP Round 1: Mallala Supersprint

Kick starting the WRXSA motorsport for 2014 was Round 1, a super sprint at Mallala Motorsport Park, March 16th. Entered were Seth Coultas (00 STI), Tania Langcake (06 WRX) and Damien Hirst (99 STI). Typically unpredictable Mallala weather came rolling through with an early morning shower to wash out the track followed by lots sunshine making a good dry cool track for the afternoon. Damien Hirst pulled out after forgetting his CAMS licence and not willing to pay the $60 CAMS fine to run the STI on a wet track. After having practice, by first official run the track was drying out. Seth tried some different driving techniques throughout the day and finished with a 1min23.29. Tania gave the Silver WRX a good run finishing the day with a 1min31.5. Both failed to better their PB’s but given the track wasn’t ideal with wet weather earlier, both did well to maintain their times.


Seth Coultas - 1 min 23.29 seconds Tania Langcake - 1 min 31.5 seconds Seth: PB + 0.2 = 6 points Tania: PB + 0.6 = 5 points Seth: Out Right 1st = 2 points Tania: Out Right 2nd = 1 point

Seth: 8 Points TOTAL Tania: 6 Points TOTAL

Round 2: OzGykhana

Next round was the anticipated Gymkhana on March 23rd. Six WRXSA Members entered. Damien Hirst (99 STI), Garry Dodd (99 WRX), Ben Hersey (04 STI), Tania Langcake (06 WRX), Brendan Moore (99 Hatch) and Hamish Scott (99 hatch). A fine sunny day saw a field of 40 cars entered, down from usual maximum of 60. Gymkhana results are by accumulating run times to get inside top 8 shootout. Then the shootout out result gives final placing. Some usual top running cars were missing giving Damien Hirst a run for outright 2nd behind multiple winner Lachlan Smith (180SX) but failing to impress in the top 8 shootout resulting in 6th at end of day, but not without winning Standard 4WD class. Garry Dodd was without his Green WRX, waiting on a new motor, but ran with another 99 WRX keeping in top 6 all day and resulting 7th in shootout. Ben Hersey kept up there at 10th and took home first place 4WD Modified. Tania Langcake was all revved for this but went rallying across the dirt costing her too much time to be able to make up. Hamish Scott debuted his modified WRX hatch but struggled to keep in top 20. And finally, surprising everybody, coming out of nowhere was Brendon Moore in his WRX hatch, just making top 8 shootout. Then went on in his DCCD controlled hatch to the top 3 finishing a remarkable 2nd place! Well done Brendon. Who says a WRX can’t drift! OUTRIGHT ROUND 2 RESULTS: 1st Brendan M = 10points 2nd Damien H = 9points 3rd Garry D = 8points 4th Ben H = 7points 5th Hamish S = 6points 6th Tania L = 5points Check out Brendan’s full wrap up on page 16.

Round 3: Mt Alma Mile Hillclimb

Mighty Mt Alma Mile was Round3 of the Club Championship. Only 2 members competed, Damien Hirst (99 STI) and Tania Langcake (06 WRX). Damien opted for 4WD Road Registered Class running on 16inch road tyres rather than compete for his Personal Best. Tania on other hand was her first time at Alma and achieved a new PB of 54.2 seconds and 115.20km/h zero to 200metre mark. Damien took out 1st place 4WD road registered class and finished 21st 4WD outright with a best of 47.9 seconds. And also posting a quick 138.46km/h at 200m speed trap! Round 3 is a draw with low competitor numbers resulting in minimal points. Read Damien & Tania’s full write up on the Mt Alma Mile on page XX for all the details. ROUND 3 RESULTS:

Tania - 54.2 seconds Damien - 47.9 seconds

Tania: PB -0.06 second = 6 points Damien: PB +1.00 second = 5 points Damien: Out Right 1st = 2 points Tania: Out Right 2nd = 1 point

Tania: 7 Points TOTAL Damien: 7 Points TOTAL


16th March 23rd March 5th April 25th May 1st June * 19th July 20th August 31st August 21st Sep 26th Oct 2nd Nov 30th Nov

Mallala Super Sprint OZGymkhana Mt Alma Mile Hill Climb Collingrove Hill Climb OZGymkhana Phillip Island Tour Go Kart Endurance Collingrove Hill Climb OZGymkhana Collingrove Hill Climb Mallala Super Sprint Willunga Hill Climb





Tania Langcake 6




Damien Hirst




Brendan Moore



Garry Dodd



Seth Coultas




Ben Hersey



Hamish Scott



Coming up is Round 4 at Collingrove 25th May which has done a switch with Round 5 OzGymkhana, 1st June, due CLASS RESULTS to a date change by CAMS. Collingrove Hill Climb is STANDARD looking action packed with a surge of members entering. Be sure to enter our motorsport calendar, as you have every chance to win S&J Automotive’s grand prize of a set of Hankook Tyres!! Any help needed just ask at motorsport@wrxsa.com or call into S&J automotive for all your motorsport advice or equipment.

Damien Hirst

Tania Langcake Brendan Moore Seth Coultas

18 10 7

MODIFIED Damien Hirst Garry Dodd Ben Hersey Hamish Scott

16 8 7 6


WRXSA Motorsport Advice Getting your CAMS licence: OK, so your car is all prepped, you have highlighted all the events you want to try in your WRXSA calendar and you want to go racing. What else do you need? Well, you already have a CAMS affiliated club membership (assuming this is your magazine and you are a member of WRXSA), so all you need is your CAMS licence. First go to the CAMS website: www.cams.com.au For those just starting out a Level 2 Licence is what you need if you are looking to compete in Motorkhana’s, Gymkhana’s, Hillclimbs and Track Days. Just print out the Level 2 Licence Application, fill in your personal details (there shouldn’t be anything too tricky here), and enter your CAMS affiliated Club (WRXSA).

The next section asks you to select the type of Level 2 Licence you would like. A Non-Speed Licence ($65) is all you need if you only want to compete in Motorkhana, Khanacross & Gymkhana. A Level 2 Speed Licence ($105) allows you to also compete in Track Days and Hillclimbs. This is the licence type that most member go for. There are also a number of options you should note, if you have left this to the last minute and need your licence urgently you can pay an extra $70 to get it posted out to you within 5 working days. Normally the process will take 2-3 weeks. You can also tick a box to get a free printed copy of the CAMS manual, its free, so why not!

WRXSA Coastal Cruise Photos by: Justin Hanney

The last option is to receive a Passbook, when you get you licence or renew it each year CAMS will send you a sticker and this is the little book where you stick it. If you don’t have one already tick this box, if you don’t you will just get a licence sticker and wont have anywhere to put it! The Passbook has room in it for 7 renewal stickers as well as a section to keep track of your event results. Then just fill out the payment method you prefer, note down any medical conditions and sign the declaration at the end. All that is left is to pop the form in the envelope and send it to: PO BOX 427 Caulfield East, VIC 3145

Soon you will receive a package from CAMS with your licence, passbook and CAMS manual. Now start entering events!

Seth Coultas

Welcome New Club

Members! Fellow members please make new members feel welcome at future events. We hope they will enjoy their time in the club, and wish them the very best.

479 Hugh McLaughlin 480 Jason Bartsch 481 Ben Allen 482 James Fawke 483 Lachlan Tailby 484 Shane Sickerdick 485 Corey Walters 486 Anthony Audino 487 Paul D&S Auto 488 Josh Huggett 489 Rocky Codispoti 490 Tim Cronk 491 Timothy Dobie 492 Glen Breugem

It can always be a little tough to talk about yourself in front of a bunch of people, many of whom you don’t know. Good thing there’s this medium where you can just flick the page if you’re bored. Like a lot of people, I got my love of Subaru’s watching Possum Bourne and Colin McRae in both the local and international rally championships of the time. I was a pimply teenager living in Murray Bridge. I didn’t have a licence, but I’d spend my weekends playing Colin McRae on Playstation 1 and watching Nine’s Wide World of Sports waiting for a bit of rallying. My school books were covered in pictures of rally cars, and any and all Subaru’s I could find in Hot 4’s magazine, especially some of the Osman’s and Rigoli monsters. My best mate and I were always dreaming about one day owning one, especially the special versions in Japan where you could adjust the power split so you could run some extra beans in the rear. Eventually I would get my license and start to scare myself and others trying to replicate some of the action I’d drool over on TV. How we made it out of teenage life intact I’ll never know. No major accidents thankfully, but I did go through quite a few cars. Some of the best fun being in Escorts and Celica’s, and the plural wasn’t a

typo. I think I had 15 or so cars before I was 20?! Either way, I’m up to about 21 vehicles owned...You tend to lose count after a while. When it started getting to the tail end of school life it was time to look into career paths, and become an adult (something I still struggle with now). I’d always had an interest in some of the bodykits that were all the rage then and did some work experience in the big smoke at a place that advertised that they did some work on vehicles, turns out they were more about the floating variety. One week in I was quitting school and starting an apprenticeship as a boat builder. I still managed to play on a few cars, but with the focus on boats, I certainly made a few more of those. We specialised in racing sail boats, so whilst I was getting paid a pittance as an apprentice, it was a job that came with a great deal of self satisfaction. We worked with the Australian Olympic team and built many national championship winning boats. Unfortunately, living in the big smoke as an apprentice with my family back home, it also put on the back burner dreams of a nice car, although I did love my VN back then which had some sweet suspension mods.

It was about this time when a chance ski trip holiday changed my life again. After a week on a snowboard I was hooked. I finished my apprenticeship early and set about on a 6 year journey living out of a suitcase. I did a majority of seasons in the NSW ski fields with an adventure in Slovakia and 6 months living in Vermont in the USA. I was passionately in love with snowboarding and the life it brought with it, so much in fact, I all but forgot about cars. All things come to an end though, and I pretty much said goodbye to a functioning knee one day early in the 2008 season. Turns out you can go too large sometimes. This brought about a new chapter in my life, one that leads into my current lifestyle - It was time to move home. I always had one mate trying to offer me a decent job back in Adelaide, so I finally took him up on the offer. I began working as an In-Service Pressure Vessel Inspector. Quite a mouthful, and when I tell people, most go blank. I don’t blame them. I barely knew what it was when I started.

With a decent steady job though, and lacking a hobby, I figured it was time for a nice car. I was initially in the market for a Holden Ute, but the same mate mentioned I could get a WRX for the same price. I had test driven some utes, but once I had my first test drive in the wags, I was in love.

It was a decision lead by my heart and not my brain – I bought the first one I looked at. Not really the best decision. 6 months in and whilst I was loving every second of owning it, the motor decided it didn’t want to hang around anymore.... and this is where the hobby started. New motor built and tuned at S&J, bigger WRX wheels, some lowered springs and my dream gearbox – 5 speed with DCCD. Over the past couple years I’ve now spent many thousands and don’t necessarily have the fastest car, but when you’re having a lovely cruise in the hills or looping some barrels at Ozgym, all the thoughts of money and material needs go away. There really is nothing like the feeling of driving a WRX.

Brendan Moore

In April Subaru America debuted the 2015 Rallycross STI at the New York International Auto Show. The design includes a custom widebody and carbon fibre aerodynamic enhancements. It also features a 600HP engine and sequential gearbox. The livery was specially designed for the Auto Show, celebrating NBC Sports becoming a television partner for the Global Rallycross Championship. Subaru Rally Team USA drivers Bucky Lasek & Sverre Isachsen will begin the 2014 in the 2014 WRX STI and transition to this 2015 WRX STI later in the year. This years first Global Rallycross was held on May 18th so turn the page for more details on that.

SUBARU rallycross news Subaru Rally Team USA driver Sverre Isachsen enthralled a capacity crowd at the season opener of the 2014 Red Bull Global Rallycross Championship in Barbados, part of Top Gear Live Festival. In the Final, Isachsen in the #11 Subaru WRX STI became locked in a thrilling duel for third overall with rival Nelson Piquet JR. The two drivers battled each other with tight door-to-door racing that brought the crowd to their feet. Isachsen was classified in 6th overall at the finish. After struggling with a blown tire in the first heat race, Isachsen found success in the third heat race, finishing 2nd overall to advance straight to the Final. For Isachsen this was the eighth straight event where he has advanced to the Final. His teammate Bucky Lasek, driving the #81 Subaru STI, finished third in his initial seeding heat but in the process experienced a critical engine problem forcing him to retire from the event. Isachsen started the Final from the 2nd row of the grid and after a great launch found himself in third overall with rival Nelson Piquet JR challenging from behind. The two would go on to captivate the massive crowd with incredible door-to-door racing action, swapping positions with each other several times and bumping doors nearly every lap. Although Isachsen held off Piquet JR for most of the battle he landed heavily on the dirt jump late in the race, causing critical damage to his STI. Isachsen was classified in sixth overall at the finish. The capacity crowd roared for Isachsen as he exited his Subaru, clearly enamored with his driving efforts. “An incredible race, I fought very hard and I’m happy the fans enjoyed it!” said Isachsen. “We struggled a little bit this weekend on setup, driving for the first time on the new spec tire, but I think we made some good steps forward and we are ready to fight at the X Games!”

Courtesy of Subaru USA Photo by: Lars Gange



Round 2 of this year’s S&J / WRXSA Club Championship saw 6 of us venture out to Tailem Bend Motorsport Park to contest Round 1 of the 2014 Ozgymkhana State Championship Series.

First things first with any event – scrutineering. The last event I was placed with my more higher powered brethren in Modified 4WD and was happy to be in Standard 4WD Production class this time round, but alas, this was short lived. Personally I’ve been looking forward to this one event all summer. With Hirsti entered to show us how it’s done and Garry’s green Last year’s WRXSA Skid Pan Training Day, and few more little machine still not quite ready from it’s off season build, Talitha was to modifications to my car, had me chomping at the bit to get involved the rescue donating the silver bullet. and try out some new skills and let’s be honest, there’s nothing quite Looks like I have my work cut out for me. like driving your car to its full potential, legally, after all the time Luckily Seth wasn’t there this time to complete the trifecta! spent cursing over it sitting in the garage or in the shop, and the wags After all was said and done, we had Hamish and Ben in modified and the rest of us in standard production. was definitely ready to go! Of all the events in the calendar, I’m sure this is one where Tania enjoys the short drive out, for the rest of us, it was an early start. A few of us decided to meet up for a convoy up the freeway. Number #1 supporter of the day Bryce Laukirbe, Hamish Scott, and myself with Ben Hersey leading the way through the darkness with his antilag tune lighting the way with his flames.

Once competition was under way it was clear it was the Hirsti and Garry show. Their times were well ahead of the rest of the WRXSA entrants, consistently finishing around the top of the field along with the usual amazing driving from Lachy Smith in his 180sx, who was simply untouchable.

Hirsti managed to hold off the other Subies for all but the final test where Dodd got the faster time, but with them both getting a WD penalty of 5 seconds, Hersey got the fastest of the WRXSA contingent.

In true “Tarnz” style, even after a few spin outs and a stalling (you weren’t the only one), Tania was bringing up the rear with a smile bigger than most. That’s what these events should be about!

For me I had a great day. It took a while to get used to playing with There was some good competition in the middle with myself and Ben the DCCD controller on the fly, but once I started getting used to it, I found it quite an effective tool – Rear bias for the tight sections and having a good tussle hovering around the 9-12th positions. Where one would gain on one course, the other would make up on the next, full lock where grip is faster. After a bit of thought, I even tried the 360 freestyle box in full lock only to slide off track and stall, the next surprisingly both coming out of the day with no WD’s! course worked out a lot better. I can almost say I completed my first Hamish wasn’t one to be left out either. After having a crack at the true “heli” - Look out round 2 ;) practice day held the day prior (I suspect put on after seeing how much fun we had on our training day), it didn’t take long for him to Coming into the last course of the day of provisional racing, I was become competitive, beating myself and Hersey on some later sitting in 9th and needed to make up 5 seconds to make my way into courses. Unfortunately early WD’s didn’t help his final placing. the top 8 (and the coveted shootout!).


With most WD’s being 5 seconds, I just needed someone to make a mistake and I was in, unfortunately, I hugged a barrel too tight in a slide and didn’t want to risk a penalty so had to stop and select reverse (again) and then complete the barrel. My day was over and I started packing up.

By this stage I managed to finally sort myself out and figured out my dials just enough to somehow pull out the second fastest run of the top 8 shootout and was amazed to make it to the next round. It was at this stage where unfortunately I found out I was the last of the AWD’s left.

Chatting to a few other competitors before leaving, to my surprise, my name was being called out to line up as the first competitor in the shootout, obviously others ahead of me gave me a helping hand with some WD’s. From there it was a hurried unpacking of the car and frantic search for the course map after running around asking which bloody course was it?!?

Right about now I had surpassed my expectations completely, so I figured I would go all out. The next run I pushed hard, almost too hard with an extra gear in some areas where I didn’t think was possible and had a bit of 4 wheel slide under WOT in 4th – scary moment, but managed to straighten it up enough to get it through the next turn.

For the shootout we only had x3 Subaru’s – Dodd, Hirsti & myself, with a course that seemed to favour RWD over AWD.

Heart pumping a million miles a second and full of adrenalin, once out of the car, I literally could not stop smiling.


It was a long wait for the announcement, but it seems the push helped as I squeezed into the top 2 shootout. It was crazy to think I barely held 9th earlier, let alone get to where I was.

I can’t go past thanking the organisers and volunteer officials of Ozgymkhana for putting on this fun event and big thanks to Garry Dodd and Damien Hirst for organising and providing me tips at the last WRXSA training day.

Going into the last run against Lachy, I knew there was no chance I could catch him with how much more power he had and the amazing Also a personal thanks to S&J Automotive (especially Shane) for all driving the guy has shown on many occasions, so I just went out and their help and tips in having my car setup just the way I like it. enjoyed myself. It was the best 6 second loss I ever had. I don’t expect to fluke another high position next time, but I’m definitely looking forward to the next one even more as I know there Final placing's in classes – are a lot more WRXSA members keen to come out have a go. It really Modified Ben Hersey (1st overall trophy winner) is a fun day out, and a good opportunity to learn your car and your Hamish Scott own ability behind the wheel. st Standard Damien Hirst (1 overall trophy winner) Garry Dodd Even if you’re hesitant at competing, come out and have a look, Brendan Moore you’ll soon see every skill level of driver in cars ranging from race cars Tania Langcake to your cheap daily driver. Provisional Results (leading into the shootout) Hirsti 2nd Dodd 4th Moore 8th Hersey 10th Hamish 21st Tania 32nd

Also keep an eye out for another WRXSA Training Day. Word is getting about that there should be another one put on later in the year. It’s a good, pressure free way to have some fun in your car with fellow club members. See you out there. Brendan Moore Photos by: Justin Hanney

The first weekend of April saw the annual Mt Alma Mile at Hindmarsh Valley, Victor Harbour region. This year had a great vibe to it with the number of top running cars entered. Past winner, Victorian Kevin Mackrell was back in his V8 4WD Datsun sporting new aero and wheels. Tristan Catford made a return but in his modified Galant VR4. Kevin Weeks with his Supaloc Lamborghini. Sebastian Lip, Keir and Kurt Wilson all in 1000hp R35 GTR’s. Legend of lakes multiple winner Peter Gazzard entered a lightly modified Evo. Super quick Matt Deckow with his Evo7 was back for another attempt. Graham Davidson’s RA STI was the leading Subaru entered. The long list of top performing cars goes on. Not to mention another list of fast 2WD cars also. It was like an exotic motor show! Unfortunately the list of WRXSA members stops at just two. Damien Hirst with his 2door STI and Tania Langcake in her Silver 2006 WRX. A few other members withdrew to participate in another local hill climb and I can definitely say they made a mistake on missing out on Alma! The weather turned out perfect conditions. Cloudy on the Saturday and perfectly fine sunny on the Sunday with around 25 degrees. I came down early on the Saturday morning and setup camp. Tania arrived not long after. Former member Alan Driver joined our camp with his brother Trevor. Both were doubled enter in Alan’s freshly Willall-tuned 1995 RA STI.

Mt Alma Mile results are based on consistency rather than outright time. This means all runs accumulate and any mistakes will cost you time. With my STI still wearing old brake rotors and pads and nothing new, this year I made a strategic decision to run in 4WD Road Registered. Rules meant no R-spec Race tyres, which put me on my 16inch wheels wrapped in old hard Yokohama Tyres. As usual after some close scrutineering, yes it’s all original turbo, tmic, struts etc, I passed the Class check off and was ready to run. First up was a practice run. I drove as it was a timed run to get the feel of track again and to see how the road tyres felt. Felt good. Was positive I could push the road tyres more throughout the weekend. Focus on consistency rather than personal best. First timed run saw my STI land a respectable 48.2 seconds. I was surprised as I was hoping the road tyres would just scrape the 50 second mark. Another two runs at 48 seconds, I was happy. Some slight tyre pressure adjustment on the fourth run saw the STI into 47seconds on road tyres! That one second difference changed the entire run. It was getting a handful through the chicane and hairy up the top of the hill at high speed. So fourth run was 47.72 seconds and oh no, apparently, I clipped a cone somewhere, resulting in an additional 5 second penalty! That 5 second will cost me a few places in rank. No protest as I was still retaining first place in Road Registered Class with a second still to spare. Try fifth run, fast again, made sure got chicane without glitch but was on the limits over top sector. Flat in fourth gear cornering, tyres weren’t holding. STI was veering. Fifth run was my fastest official run at 47.94. After feeling the limits I did last run six with a little more care with a time of 48.2. All runs I was still off accelerator and braking on finish line to keep safe from the notorious last corner. I was happy with my weekend and enjoyed every run with close consistency.

Tania Langcake made her debut at Mt Alma Mile and also being her biggest event yet would have added some pressure. But Tania adapted quickly and saw each run getting quicker and better with a Personal Best time of 54.2. An outstanding achievement in a standard WRX. Alan and Trevor Driver did some good times in the RA with 46.5 and 48.4 respectively. There was a couple of other WRX’s but Graham Davidsons S&J tuned 2001 RA was the Subaru to watch. Graham cracked the 43’s and finished 6th in top 4WD outright. Bobo in the green 98 WRX hatch of Willall team did well also with a 44.9 second pass and just missing the top 12 4wd shootout finishing 13th outright in 4wd. I finished 21st 4WD outright and took 1st place in 4WD Road Registered Class by 13second lead including my penalty. Another achievement was my speed trap time. The first 200metres of Mt Alma mile records your half a quarter mile time from standing start to 200 metres. My new personal best time of 138.46km/h! Though, a far cry from Graham Davidson’s STI 150.94km/h. And even further from fastest Mt Alma time of 189.47km/h by Willall’s R35 GTR, Kurt Wilson! In all, a fantastic weekend with minimal incidents and great organisation from Ultimate Motorsport Events. Also thanks for Drift-Squid for coming over and putting on an exciting fast drift display. I’m looking for the next year’s Mt Alma Mile already. Damien Hirst Photos by: Frank Kutsche, Garry Dodd & Ben Hersey

Above: We may have only had a couple of members competing, but we had a few more to come and support the team (both young and old!). Left: Damien receiving his trophy for 1st Place 4WD Production Vehicle (Road Registered) Below: The WRXSA team ready to roll

Photo by Frank Kutsche Sticks & Stones Photography

Member Rides: Damien Hirst



Time to escape the city for some fresh country air. This cruise took in views of the Southern Vales & had some great roads on offer for us WRX drivers. This also included the Macclesfeild Retort hill & Clarendon classic Adelaide stages. With a distance of approx. 165km members put on their cruising boots to enjoy a great day out & about.

Arguably Australia's biggest rally event of the year, Targa Tasmania has now run for its 23rd consecutive year. The rally travels over 2,000km with over 40 competitive stages and caters for up to 300 cars! Targa Tasmania's heritage comes from a passionate history dating back to 1905 in Sicily, where the inaugural "Targa Florio" was unveiled. Targa Florio took its name from organizer Vincenzo Florio. Each winner was presented with a plate bearing the Florio family crest. The Italian word for plate is "Targa", hence the name, "Targa". While Targa Florio is no longer a competitive race, every year a pilgrimage still takes place driving the Sicilian Course.

This year Subaru had a good showing with the Ben Newman & Crichton Lewis driving the 2010 Neil Bucky Motors STI to 2nd in class and 4th outright. They had a great start with the fastest time for their class in the prologue and over the next 3 days hovered in 1st or 2nd, leading at one stage by 22 seconds before encountering boost problems. They battled on through day 4, eventually regaining full power but on day 5 were unable to catch up with Arntz & Moscatt in their EVO who finished 1st.

One of our very own members was also competing; Neil Gibson was The Targa competition draws concepts directly from the Mille navigating in a 1969 Holden Monaro GTS. They did really well taking Miglia, the Coupe des Alpes and the Tour de Corse to create the 4th place in Classic Outright and 4th ‘Early Classic Handicap’. They worlds largest Tarmac Rally with a cross section of classic vehicles as had a fun week with only one close call where they had to dodge an well as the lartest in grand touring and sports vehicles. echidna crossing the road! While all competitors who cross the finish line receive a finishers medallion, those who qualify in completing each stage under a preset time will also receive a Targa Plate. Those who qualify in three consecutive years win Golden Targa Trophies. Another three consecutive years is Platinum, and a further three years is Diamond. Following that is the Golden Diamond Trophy and the Platinum Diamond Trophy. The ultimate achievement is Hall of Fame Legend Status in which 10 competitors already share this incredible status.


Action sports superstar Travis Pastrana (below) made a triumphant return to rally racing with a second place finish at the 2014 Rally in the 100 Acre Wood. After nearly three years away from the sport, Pastrana, a former four-time Rally America Champion, has returned to his Subaru team for 2014.

Pastrana’s Subaru Rally Team USA teammate David Higgins withdrew from the event on the second day while battling for the lead due to a mechanical issue. As a result Higgins’ incredible string of 19 straight Rally America podium finishes, stretching back nearly three full seasons, was snapped. As a consolation the streak continues on for Subaru Rally Team USA as a result of the podium finish Pastrana earned. The Rally in the 100 Acre Wood marked the first time that Higgins and Pastrana have worked together on the same team. Higgins and Pastrana have dominated Rallying in the USA over the past decade, without ever having competed full time with or against each other. Higgins has won five Rally America Championships since 2002, including the last three in a row (2002-2003, 2010-2013), while Pastrana won four championships in a row from 2006-2010.

Courtesy of Subaru USA Photos by Lars Gange

Defending Rally America Champion David Higgins has won the 2014 Oregon Trail Rally over his teammate Travis Pastrana after a massive comeback that came down to the last two stages of the three-day, 18 stage event. Pastrana had led the Oregon Trail Rally from the first stages and held his lead through all three days of competition until the penultimate stage, where two flat tires combined with a hard charging David Higgins forced Pastrana to relinquish the lead and settle for second overall. Pastrana and Higgins each drove 2014 Subaru WRX STI rally cars in what was a Subaru dominated event with the top five finishers at the wheel of Subaru rally cars. Higgins’ supremacy in Oregon is further solidified with this being his fourth win in a row and sixth total, having won every Oregon Trail Rally he has entered.

David Higgins and co-driver Craig Drew hit trouble early on the second day, driving 14 miles of a stage with a punctured and then destroyed tire and dropping over a minute to Pastrana in the process. As Higgins began to charge back he was then hit with time penalties for allegedly hitting cones in a chicane, thus putting himself even farther behind Pastrana. Although Higgins won all but one of second day’s eight stages he found himself still nearly 40 seconds adrift of Pastrana at the start of the final day.

Higgins and Drew had just six stages covering 40 miles to make up those 40 seconds and they went flat out to do so. Winning every stage of the final day, they whittled Pastrana’s lead down to 6.2 seconds with just two stages remaining. The battle between the two teammates The Oregon Trail Rally represents round three of the 2014 Rally would end on the next stage though as Pastrana was struck with two America National Championship. The event began with unique mixed flat tires in the stage losing several minutes and the lead. Pastrana was gravel and tarmac stages at Portland International Raceway and then able to continue and retain second Overall. moved to the scenic yet challenging gravel roads around the Hood River and Dufur regions east of Portland for the bulk of the event. “It was great to start off so well and grab the lead on the tarmac stages, maybe my NASCAR experienced helped there!” joked Travis “We had nothing to lose and pushed like mad in places, it’s a shame Pastrana at the podium. “I definitely felt more comfortable at this Travis (Pastrana) had his tire issue at the very end but it was a good event but I’m still getting up to speed and learning my new Subaru. fight,” explained Higgins. “I’m so happy for the team; a Subaru 1-2 We went flat out in spots and it was great to be competitive against finish is great. This is now my sixth win here and we definitely David, but I think even without our tire issue at the end he probably worked for this one!” would have got us either way, but it was fun to have a battle like that all day.” It was Pastrana’s first time working with veteran co-driver Chrissie Beavis. The duo clearly work well together and took the lead of the 27 event early, winning three of the four stages held on day one.

The inaugural Adelaide Motorsport Festival was advertised as bringing a living museum of motorsport to Adelaide, and it really did deliver on the promise. Cars dating all the way back to the 1920’s were put to the test at both Saturday’s Hillclimb and Sundays Sprint. The oldest car competing was the 1925 Amilcar Grand Sport SC driven by Angus Mitchell on both days but perhaps the biggest draw for spectators was the opportunity to see the classic F1 cars in action on Sunday. For competitors the event kicked off on Thursday night with Scrutineering at City Holden, as I predicted it was very busy as the scrutineers were run off their feet trying to organise and check vehicles competing in both days. Grenfell street was almost reduced to a car park at one point as cars were organised; it must have been quite perplexing to motorists trying to get home but there were lots of very impressive vehicles for them to look at while they waited. Fortunately I arrived early and my car was checked off well before things got too hectic.

Saturdays Hillclimb was held on a 1,100m section of Belair Road with the pit area at the Windy Point Carpark / lookout at the top. Shuttle buses ran from Belair giving plenty of people a chance to both check out the cars up close and watch them make their way up the hill from selected spots. There were a couple of members representing WRXSA, myself in the MY00 STI and Ben Hersey in his 2004 STI. We were joined by a few other classics including a grey 2 door, a 22B (always a treat to see), and Graham Davidson in his 2000 STI Type RA. Unfortunately the day was marred by 2 big incidents, the first causing a long delay and significant shortening of the track due to safety concerns; and the second resulting in cancellation of the event. This meant that no results / times were published. As compensation a special competition day will be held at Collingrove (at a date to be advised and free of charge). Hopefully the date will suit most competitors as it will be great to see some of the cars in action again.

Sundays Sprint at Victoria Park was the true main event of the weekend. Held at Victoria Park in the city it used a section of the Clipsal track and Wakefield Street to create a special sprint course approximately 1,400m long. The field was limited to 120 cars in 10 categories: Sports Coupe Porsche through the ages V8 Performance Historic Racing Cars Racing & Sports Cars TIPO Formula 1 Bursons Supercar Sprint Tarmac Rally Historic Touring Cars Sports Touring Cars There was not a lot of room for Subaru’s in most of these categories and initially my humble STI entry was rejected as the focus was on more specialised vehicles. However as entries were closing the organises realised they still had room for a few more cars. As I was entered in the hillclimb already I was offered a spot on in the sprint as well, and I am so glad I took the opportunity! In total there were only 4 Subaru’s entered. Chris Meulengraff in his 22B went up against some stiff competition in the Supercar group. While I was joined by Graham Davidson (2001 STI Type RA) and Gary Vial (2006 STI) in the Tarmac Rally group. While I am happy to admit I was outmatched by many of the cars, to be honest I really was just there to have some fun, try out a new track and be part of such a big event. It wasn’t until after the day was done that I even looked at the posted times and was pleasantly surprised to find that I finished up about middle of the field. It is a bit hard to know where exactly as no outright rankings have been released, only the fastest times for the second and third sessions. But it is fairly safe to say that most drivers continued to improve each time they went out on the track, lap times dropping as familiarity increased.

Looking at the times for the final session I finished 54th outright with a fastest lap time of 56.9 seconds. For comparison the fastest Tarmac Rally car was John Beasley in his EVO with a 48.4 second lap time which was 5 th fastest outright (for both sessions)! Considering this put him up amongst the F1 cars this is truly a phenomenal effort. But this also raises another interesting aspect of the days sprint format, with 12 cars on a short track, and lap times within the Tarmac Rally Class ranging from 48 seconds to over a minute overtaking was a common occurrence. Especially in the final session that was extended to 8 laps I had to make sure I kept one eye on the rear view mirror as when someone like John in his EVO came up behind you, he came up quick! While this was not something I was used to it definitely added to the drama and excitement of the racing, and if anything left me with a desire to try out some real wheel to wheel action one day.

Graham Davidson (2001 STI RA) was the fastest Subaru with a time of 52.49 seconds that almost got him into the top 20. He was followed by Chris Meulengraaf in the 22B who actually got his fastest time in the second session with 56.11 seconds. I was just under a second behind with 56.9 seconds (it would have been good to go side by side with him, but it was not to be). Finally Gary Vial was not far behind with a 57.43. The Track For those familiar with the Clipsal track the Start / Finish line was just after turn 11, from there cars were sent out 2 at a time at about 5-10 second intervals so it was a quick drag through turns 12 & 13 and then hard on the brakes into turn 14. On subsequent laps this section felt a little like the kink at Mallala, it took a few laps but eventually I felt confident enough to hold the accelerator flat through these turns, the difference here was that the hairpin right of turn 14 arrives a lot quicker than the hairpin at Mallala. Accelerating hard again down pit straight you need to prepare for the chicane of turns 1 & 2. At the drivers briefing that morning we had been given some advice from John Bowe, the chicane was something we should watch out for, “hit it too fast and it will launch you into the air” where his words I believe, “do that and you could end up wrapped around one of the nearby trees”. These words rang in my ears for the first session so I definitely took it easy to begin with, by the final session I was more comfortable but there was still room to push a bit harder here. After the chicane the course made a hard right onto Wakefiled Street, deviating from the Clipsal track at turn 3 and re-joining at turn 10 with another hairpin right. Turn 11 was a left and then over the finish line. With 3 hairpin rights I noticed that by the end of the day my front left tyre had copped some real punishment but was extremely happy with how the car performed all day with no problems at all. 30

Official spectating positions were limited to the eastern side of the course but passers-by were able to get a good taste of the action on the north side along Wakefield street. Spectators were also treated to a wide selection of food trucks, trade displays and a massive show and shine showcasing a wide verity of cars including the extremely rare Toyota 2000. Official number have not been released but I would guess well over 10,000 spectators passed through the gates. Some people even dressed up in period costumes and awards were given out to those that had committed to the history of the day. A real treat was that when I finally headed off at the end of the day I was home within 15 minutes, a far cry from the usual hour long trek from most other race day locations. Considering the success of the Sprint I sincerely hope it is an event that continues for years to come, and could not recommend it enough to any of you wanting to give it a go, just make sure you get your entry form in before me or you might miss out! Seth Coultas Photos by: Luke Cocker & Justin Hanney

SA MOTORSPORT PARK UPDATE Another milestone has been reached for the SA Motorsport Park at Tailem Bend. At the start of May Peregrine appointed a track designer and master planner who will spend the next 4 months investigating the site and reviewing different locations within the 40 hectares so they can come up with a couple of alternative designs. Discussions are also ongoing with the various user groups to help determine the staging of the project (and the potential impact on the ongoing use of the facilities). Once detailed plans have been completed they will be lodged with the council for final approval.

noted that they have received a lot of support and that these discussions are ongoing. Sam Shahin (Director at Peregrine) continues to be the driving force behind the project and is not afraid of getting behind the wheel himself, recently taking part in the Adelaide Motorsport Festival driving his Porsche (and was also joined by Yasser Shahin in his McLaren MP4). With a vested interest and love of the sport I can’t wait to see what the final approved design looks like.

At this stage the general Development Plan covering the motor racing components, industrial park, service station and accommodation have been signed off by the minister. Other elements are still under review. The help celebrate this milestone a new website (www.samsp.com.au), Facebook page and YouTube Thanks to the potential employment benefits and tourism channel have all been launched. Keep an eye on them for draw it is no surprise (but still good to see) that leading more updates. into the recent State election both sides of government promised support for the development. While Peregrine Seth Coultas are not able to say too much about the details, they have

Photo By Justin Hanney News & Noteworthy David Kim gets an honourable mention this edition for getting the fastest lap time at the recent Hyperdrive3d Interclub Challenge track day at Mallala on the 1st of May. With a lap time of 1:16.8 it was a new personal best and this has to be one of the fastest GC8’s in the state!



Since Garry Dodd bought himself a dedicated rally car last year (a dream I’m sure many of us may have had) he has been itching to give it a run, and on May the 4 th he finally got his chance. It was somewhat fitting that his first chance to drive the car was also the inaugural event at the Southern Districts Car Club Mid Murray Motoplex. I also joined him, not in a Subaru but in my little Suzuki Swift GTi.

While still drivable I decided it was best to call it a day before anything else happened. I can tell you now it was a noisy drive home (and things got a little concerning when I had to drive through a bretho station!); but it could have been worse as the track conditions were quite rough and quite a few cars did not make it through to the end of the day.

Despite the rough track Garry’s car held together well and Being the first event at the facility meant that everyone the facility showed that it had a lot of potential. I can’t wait was on an even playing field as far as track familiarity to see what future events have in store! goes. Garry’s had a strong start and got a great result for his first event in his new car finishing 3rd in the AWD class and 9th outright. The overall placing includes a 5% time penalty applied to all his times as he is driving an Seth Coultas AWD car, this reduces the advantage that AWD provides over 2WD vehicles, like my little GTi. Unfortunately on my second run of the day the connector between the extractors and the exhaust broke leaving the exhaust hanging loose and the car sounding extremely loud. Photos by: Talitha Schiller & Seth Coultas

FUEL Anti-surge Solutions By Damien Hirst


ost of us WRX owners would have experienced some form of fuel surge over hard driving street or track. More than likely, many are unaware of what that slight ‘miss’ actually was. It feels commonly like a spark plug missing the beat, gives a quick jump in the car as your accelerating. Extreme cases it feels like you have run out of fuel or worst something has let go and motor just winds down. Those experiencing fuel surge for first time don’t realise what went wrong and continue on, often quoting their car isn’t running right. Others who have learnt the hard way or have the knowledge do the easiest solution in the book, is to keep the fuel tank above half way or full.

the trusty Walbro pump. These internal pump upgrades deliver a higher pressure of fuel for advance tuning. Please note, they do not solve any surge problems in any way.

Every model WRX suffers same fuel surge unfortunately. Even later models with their black fuel canisters aren’t big enough to solve this. Fuel surge to your engine can cause detonation and continuous surging could do some damage and not to mention can really make lap times suffer. Maintaining fuel above ¾ full mark is a priority taking it to the track especially tough old Mallala. Impreza’s have a high fuel tank and the sender pickup tube is long which the mouth sits slightly off the bottom to the far right of the vehicle. There are no baffles in an Impreza fuel tank and over hard braking and fast cornering, especially to the turning into the right hand side, the fuel is easily sloshed around. When fuel level is low enough, it can be sloshed so hard that it all forces into the left hand corner of the tank and the fuel pickup sucks dry giving you a gulp of air through your fuel line!

MRT In-tank Unit

IN TANK PUMPS One of the first modifications done is an ECU re tune for more power. Every tune needs a new higher pressure fuel pump upgrade like

There is a couple of in tank anti-surge kits available like the MRT unit. An alloy bracket and plate attaching to the inside fuel pipe which consists of a rubber bowl to ‘trap’ the fuel when cornering to keep the pump feeding the lines. Retailing for around $400, I have tried and tested this unit and sorry to say it was not reliable. At first it worked slightly on and off but it was causing the fuel gauge to not read. The float was sensitive to the bracket fitment. Any Internal kits would be hard to trust as being inside you can’t see the issues to fix it and has to be taken out to check. Give these internal kits a miss. SWIRL POT Most common are Swirl Pots attached with a pump or two depending on your power output. These are a fabricated alloy or stainless tank around two litre capacity and bolts vertically in the boot compartment floor. One pump fills the Swirl Pot from the factory fuel tank resulting in a surge free tank which then another pump can maintain fuel to your engine. These will require wiring for power to pumps which adds labour. Boot mounting also protects the fuel system from damage and spills in event of any accidents. Plus you can open boot and show off your cool hardware. Pricing starts around $2000 upwards for swirl pot setups or cheaper if do it yourself. There are many Swirl Pots readily available on market or most tuners can get them custom made to suit. Swirl Pots work extremely well and easily accessible. Only con to this is it takes boot space away, especially having a street car. Both WRXSA sponsors, S&J Automotive and Willall Racing can install and supply a setup to suit your needs.

Swirl Pot Setup

For an example, revisit your school days where you put a litre of water in a bucket and swing it around, you see it won’t spill under force. I’ve unfortunately felt the fuel surge at Mallala and it’s a lot of work maintaining an eye on fuel levels especially with Ethanol85 tunes as you burn fuel quicker. I even had slight fuel surge at the Collingrove Hill Climb through the ‘bowl’ section. From there I had to look at anti surge solutions pronto.

MRT Anti-surge Kit



cover plate in the boot floor. There are two plates. The cover and the fuel pump plate beneath.

The Relay Used...

Recently there has been a few external antisurge ‘kits’ available. Process West in particular sell a very neat unit for most models. There is an older style which suits 1. Take off the covers most early models 1997-2007 Imprezas which consists of an aluminium tank and large 440 Bosch fuel Pump. Process West have released a new unit with twin DW300 pumps which suits 2008 to 2013 models and updates the old style. The difference between the two kits is the 440 Bosch pumps are very loud whereas the twin DW300 pumps are boxed and offer zero noise. Both styles can be brought depending on preference. From around $1200, they are great value and the Jack up the rear of car and place on car kit is direct fitment and easy to wire up for stands. Mark both ends of the four hoses the novice. supplied with tape and number them. Feed all four hoses through the opening in boot and down to where the surge tank will be bolted, under far right hand chassis. Install the hose ends and clamp them tight. Bolt hose ends to the surge tank. This makes it easier to do them up tight before installing surge tank.

Lastly a Bosch relay can be used to connect factory power wire to internal pump and the external pump. If you not prepared to do the wiring yourself, install the surge kit but don’t disconnect the factory hoses. This way you can drive it to your nearest tuner for wiring.

… and in position RESULTS

On road and track, the Process West Anti Surge kit has proven a winner. I ran as little as 2. Bolting in the surge tank five litres of fuel in the car, with no surge at all. With more fuel pressure from the large but noisy Bosch 440 pump its running 100% fuel pressure at all times. With the surge tank holding around 1.7 litres it will never skip a beat. The anti-surge kit doesn’t give you more power, but guarantees faster lap times for two reasons, no surge and the ability to run less fuel means less weight. The new Process West DW300 kit is best option on market for anti-surge as its affordable and Now slide surge tank into place between offering zero noise over the old 440 Bosch INSTALLATION chassis and side skirting. There could be bolts kits. I chose a Process West external 440 Bosch kit already in the factory holes required so undo Track or street, an anti-surge tank is a must for its quality and knowing Bosch pumps have these first. The surge tank will be tight fit and for any WRX that’s driven with power and may require force. Once tighten then good reliability. At the time, the DW300 kit pace. wasn’t available. The kit came complete with disconnect the two main top fuel hoses from top of petrol tank, these are both larger than everything needed but a relay for wiring to the third overflow hose. Undo the factory loom. A relay helps start the original factory pump plate and rise pump first and then activates the external slightly to be able to install the pump split second after both on same power new fitting supplied to factory wire. This also allows fuel pump electricity pump outlet. Connect all hoses supply to be cut if the engine is not running. with connectors as per But first a basic guide to installation of an instructions supplied. Once external anti surge fuel kit. clamped, the factory pump plate can be replaced but leave cover First you need to gain access to the factory off to inspect for any leaks once fuel pump connection points by taking out the back seat and unscrewing the right hand running.

Process West Fuel Kit

3. PW Fuel Kit Installed

Despite the temperamental weather a little rain couldn’t put a dampener on the official Adelaide launch of the new WRX. There was a great turnout, heaps of WRXSA club members made their way to the Glenelg Football Club to mingle with fellow enthusiasts and finally see ‘in the flesh’ the new generation WRX. Thanks to Sam for marshalling the WRXSA contingent together and to for Eblens for inviting us along and putting on the show. It was well worth attending and I’m sure it got even more of us tempted by the new offering (especially with the new, cheaper pricing).

While there was no opportunity to take the cars for a drive, it was great to do more than just look from afar, everyone was keen to jump behind the wheel and once the cars were fired up it didn’t take long before a few of us decided to test the exhaust note for ourselves. While it may not have the familiar rumble we are used to it didn’t stop people testing out what it sounded like at ‘full noise”. All in all it was a great night and like a few of you I am keen to get out and take one for a test drive. If you have already had a chance to do this, why not jump on the forum and let us know what you think?

Seth Coultas



Looking Back: WRXSA Highlights from 10 Years Ago Skyshow 2004, an annual fireworks event dating back to 1985 and pulling crowds of up to 250,000 Adeladians, now part of the Clipsal 500 event . “Back in the early days” an article looking at the background of the club and its inception 5 years ago in 1999. The first of ‘hopefully many classic “Rex Roads” Clarendon to Coromandel Valley. Featuring major highlights and landmarks for an old favourite. As a grand finale to the 2003 Targa REX tour members received a guided tour of the Subaru Docklands Facility in Melbourne. A review of the “New” MY04 STi. WRXSA’s 8 car display at the Small Car Sunday Show ‘n’ Shine (showcasing the style of the times). The ever popular Boxing Day Cruise with 26 cars rumbling down to Victor Harbor. SA Rally Championship updates and highlights. Finally a great article by Nick Robinson detailing his edge of the seat experience riding along with Sam Brand in his STi Rally Car.


Know Your Roots

The Subaru REX (aka Sherpa) July 1972 - 1st Generation Rex released: The Subaru Rex was launched as the successor to the Subaru R-2 in July 1972. The Rex was a hit thanks to the youthful, dynamic image its styling gave it, as well as Subaru's traditional minicar features, including superior handling, driving stability, riding comfort, and fuel economy. The original Rex came with a rear mounted two-stroke 356cc EK34 engine, which topped out at 27kw in the Rex GSR model. The engine was “upgraded” to the EK21 four-stoke SOHC in 1973 to meet Japanese emission regulations, but this reduced the maximum power to 23kw. Top speed is listed as 110 km/h.

The Rex name is taken from the Latin term for “King”

September 1981 - 2nd Generation Rex released: The rear-engine, rear-wheel drive platform that had been a mainstay from the Subaru 360 was changed to a front-engine, front-wheel drive platform. This move helped to overcome issues related to interior space, giving it a wider wheel base and the largest body size at the time in the minicar class. In 1983 the option for on-demand 4WD became available and was engaged via a switch on the top of the gear shift. A turbo was also added to the 4WD Rex producing a maximum of 30kw. November 1986 - 3rd Generation Rex released: The Rex Combi saw some major changes to the platform and gave rise to even greater interior space than models in the past. In 1987 a full-time 4WD 5-door sedan was also released, and in 1988 the V and VX models were released which included superchargers. The supercharger meant less lag and an increase in power to 40kw. This engine was further refined over the next couple of years with a peak output of 45kw. The Subaru Rex (also known in Australia as the Sherpa or Fiori) was discontinued in 1992. A total of 1,902,811 Subaru Rexes were built in its lifetime and recently the Rex has become a bit of a cult car in Japan, being popular in frontwheel-drive drift events. 3rd generation Rex VX Supercharger Seth Coultas

The 2014 Quit Forest Rally (Round 2 of the Australian Rally Championship, held from the 4th - 6th of April in Western Australia) was the 30th celebration of the event as a round of the ARC. Making it the longest consecutively run rally in the Championship.

4WD National Rally Series Results & News Dylan King and Lee Tierney (Pictured Below) took back-to-back victories winning both Heats 1 & 2. Doug Tostevin & Tammy Adams (Pictured Above) finished the event in second with John O’Dowd & Ben Searcy (Pictured Right) coming in third. In a recent interview with motoring.com.au Subaru Australia managing director Nick Senior said that Subaru would return to the ARC “in a flash” if it could win the title with the new WRX STI. Presently AWD cars can only compete in the 4WD National Series, which is run in conjunction with the ARC, and competitors are not eligible to win an ARC event or the title. The ARC’s two-wheel drive only strategy was driven by a desire to open the championship up to more passenger vehicle manufacturers by promoting cars that are commonly being sold. In the motoring.com.au article they also note that rumours are circulating that Subaru is once more showing an interest in returning to the World Rally Championship. Here's hoping the rumours are more than just hot air!

Seth Coultas Photos by: Stuart Bowes

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Don’t forget to mark these dates in your calendar!

2014 S&J Automotive Club Championship Rounds

Cudlee Fox Cruise

Round 6 - Philip Island Super Sprint: Saturday 19th July.

Round 8 - Collingrove Hillclimb: Sunday 31st August

Come and drive Australia’s best motorsport circuit for the ultimate driving experience. This is far different to any other driving experience you will ever find in South Australia. This is a high speed track with not much braking. Fast flowing corners let you drive the WRX as it should be. Well worth the experience.

A short fun affordable Hillclimb for all Subaru's standard or modified. You will need CAMS license, WRXSA membership card, helmet, blue triangle, fire extinguisher, and general roadworthiness of your Subaru.

Round 7 - Go Kart Endurance: Wednesday 20th August.

Time to take modifications and power out of the equation, this is all about driver skill, pick a cart and get racing!

This event is easy on your car. No need for modifications. A half tank of fuel is all it takes to drive there, complete six runs and drive home. Allow 3/4 full tank for the day. NEW timing format lets a car run every 30secs. Allows six runs by 3pm.

Sunday 29th June - 1:30pm for 2pm start Crafers Bus Exchange This hills cruise is about 120km long and takes in some roads not often used. This cruise will include Summertown, Basket Range, Oakbank, Mylor etc and ending at Café Buongiornos Mitcham for a coffee etc.

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Rex Driver #57 Autumn 2014  

WRXSA's official club magazine, designed and produced by Seth Coultas. For more info, or to join the club visit wrxsa.com

Rex Driver #57 Autumn 2014  

WRXSA's official club magazine, designed and produced by Seth Coultas. For more info, or to join the club visit wrxsa.com