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THE POCKET SIZE GUIDE TO ALL YOUR SUMMERTIME BACCHANALIAN NEEDS This is the result of many hours of hard tasting, a relentless quest to find the best value and most interesting wines available. Inside you'll find many great wines from small producers. People who, like us, have a real passion for what they do and follow a strict ethos of 'quality over quantity'. Drop in, we're here to help. The coffee rocks, the cheese stinks, and the wine is AWESOME!

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FROM FUN-TIME BUBBLIES TO COMPLEX, SMALL PRODUCTION CHAMPAGNES, WE’VE GOT THEM ALL! When you think of the festive season you think of two things: great weather and bubbles. All bases are loaded here for the festive season with all varieties of fizz! We have got Champagne powerhouses, tiny growers, top notch Australian sparkling producers and even a cheeky drop of sparkling red - a true SA classic! As usual, only the best bubbles pass our taste test, so you can buy with confidence!

Louis Bouillot Blanc de Blancs Perle d’Ivoire Region: Greater Burgundy, France Variety: 95% Chardonnay, 5% Aligote Style: Bubbly Burg Notes: Most of us here love champers, but don’t want to pay through the nose for it. We’re always on the hunt for a bargain, and the Louis Bouillot is just that. This nifty little Blanc de Blancs from Burgundy is the perfect replacement for Champagne. Classy bubbly that won’t break the bank with all the toasty, expressive richness we all love from 'real' Champagne. Vanilla, almonds, toasted brioche and a lemon-like freshness all intertwined to create a delicious and unpretentious sparkling suitable for all occasions, fancy or otherwise.

 $27ea $24.55ea

Pierre Gimonnet & Fils Cuvee Cuis Blanc de Blancs 1er Cru 2009 Region: Champagne, France Variety: 100% Chardonnay Style: Original Grower Fizz Notes: Pierre Gimonnet is our new love, having been re-introduced to this back at the start of the year. Alongside a host of other Blanc de Blancs (100% Chardonnay), this was the standout. Gimonnet were one of the original ‘Grower’ champagnes to hit the market, and when all the fancy new growers hit the scene, the old dogs got left behind. This is classic Gimonnet and everything we love about grower fizz. It’s both classy and classic; aromas of baked bread, yeast lees, roasted almond and crystalline purity of lemon blossom, lemon juice from the minimal dosage. A great palate cleanser before (or after) the meal!

 $75ea $68 .18ea 2

Howard Vineyard Clover Sparkling Pinot Noir Chardonnay Region: Adelaide Hills, SA Variety: 55% Pinot Noir, 45% Chardonnay Style: Aperol’s Best Mate Notes: One of the fastest moving and most requested categories in store is the sparkling rosé or blush style. Adelaide Hills has a number of these producers, with Bird in Hand being the most widely known, but this year we felt that smaller player Howard are really shining. The 2017 rendition of the Clover Sparkling is the classic Pinot Noir/ Chardonnay blend, and more of a copper colour than the traditional brighter pink. Floral aromas of rose petals and bright violets follow through to the palate, which provides some lush cherry and strawberry flavours. Some soft acidity on the finish will keep you coming back for another glass.

 $23ea $20.91ea

Pol Roger Brut NV Region: Champagne, France Variety: 34% Chardonnay, 33% Pinot Noir, 33% Pinot Meunier Style: Brut Strength Notes: There’s no denying that Pol Roger is the house favourite at East End Cellars. We bang on about it every time someone gets near the Champagne fridge. Having said that, we’ve given Pol a little break from the book for the last year or two, but this year it’s back with a vengeance. The Brut Reserve is the quintessential house style and an excellent aperitif; pristine, clean, balanced, tight, laced with fresh lemon and almond notes and refreshingly restrained. Pre-drink before the dinner party, anyone?

 $72ea $65.45ea 3

NV Alpha Box & Dice Zaptung Prosecco Region: Multiple, SA Variety: Glera Style: Beach Fizz! Notes: The one thing that we all love to throw back over a hot Adelaide Summer is Prosecco and the AB&D crew have absolutely nailed the classic Italian style beautifully. Aromatic and perfumed with layers of pears, peaches and white flowers and a touch of old world almond paste. Thick mousse on the palate which doesn’t overbear makes this the perfect summer hydrator!

 $22ea $20ea ANY ORDERS OVER 24O RECEIVE FREE FREIGHT *Details inside back cover.

Riva Cuvee Prestige Rose NV Region: Southern Rhone Valley, France Variety: Syrah, Grenache, Cinsault Style: Like Rosé with Diamantes Notes: In a part of the world known for its Rosé production, it’s a surprise that it’s taken Rhone winemakers this long to figure out that it tastes just as good with bubbles! A southern Rhone sparkling might sound strange, but in fact it makes total sense. This is refreshing, supple yet crisp, and offering drinkability by the bucket. The Syrah gives some lavish red fruit aromas (think fresh raspberries), while the Grenache gives a snappy acidity and some lovely subtle spice. This is the BBQ all-rounder we’ve been looking for!

 $19ea $17.27ea 4

NV Redbank Prosecco Region: King Valley, VIC Variety: Glera Style: Evening Kickstarter Notes: The Prosecco section of the Little Book of Wine gets harder and harder to put together. Each year more and more Australian examples trump the real deal, or maybe that’s just my Aussie bias coming into play… Either way, that takes nothing away from Redbank’s consistently good take on the style. Fragrant, flavoursome and crunchy characters overlay the softer, sweeter profile underneath, with a nose of honeydew, apples and fresh yeast this is suited to an evening on the deck as the sun sets.


Ruinart Rose Champagne NV Region: Champagne, France Variety: 55% Pinot Noir, 45% Chardonnay Style: Think Pink Notes: Year after year we go back to Ruinart, whether it’s the Blanc de Blancs¸ R de Ruinart, or this year’s pick; the Rosé. Who can go past a Rosé from the oldest house in Champagne? The house blend of 55% Pinot Noir and 45% Chardonnay produces an extremely pretty and delicate wine; bursting with vibrant berries and subtle hints of spice. The finish of ripe fruits and buttery pastry sets this up for a grand finale, with a lingering taste that just seems to go on for minutes at a time!

 $120ea $109.09ea 5

Schild Estate Sparkling Shiraz 2015 Region: Barossa Valley, SA Variety: Shiraz Style: Christmas Morning Jumpstarter Notes: One of the world’s unique wine styles and a true South Australian Icon, sparkling Shiraz is almost as popular as a Port Power fan barracking for Richmond in this year’s Grand Final. Having said that, sparkling reds come into their own at Christmas time, when popularity suddenly skyrockets. The 2015 vintage from Schild Estate is delightful. Imagine a black forest cake, laced with some cedary spices, drizzled with espresso, add a little bubble and you’re on your way! There are two things I have on Christmas morning. This is one of them!

 $26ea $23.64ea


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In the world of bang for buck, these are all bang! Perfect summer drinking and a great sampler for the Little Book! Including: Tim Smith Riesling 2017, Maude Pinot Gris 2017, Olivers Taranga Fiano 2017, Wicks Estate Pinot Noir 2016, Georges Duboeuf Chirboules 2016 & Brockenchack Zipline Shiraz 2016 Usual Price $131 Little Book Price 6

$115 incl. shipping!


FRESH, SILKY, TEXTURED, FRUITS, CREAMY, WOODY — WE’VE GOT THEM ALL COVERED The one thing we’ll bang on about until our dying breath is how great Riesling is! This year sees a fresh batch of Grigio’s challenge for the title of ‘Most Drunk White Wine’, attempting to swipe the title from Sauvignon Blanc. But as ever, we have a host of brilliant, local and imported drops, and we have made an emphatic attempt to squeeze all the value we can into this year’s book.

Tim Smith Eden Valley Riesling 2017 Region: Eden Valley, SA Variety: Riesling Style: Hot Tip for Summer Drinking Notes: Riesling is almost always the most difficult class to judge for our Little Book. With so many excellent examples at our doorstep it’s no wonder we have a tough time choosing! The first cab off the rank is the 2017 from Tim Smith. Predominantly a red producer, Tim has delivered another stunner. Naturally with Riesling from the Eden Valley lime and limeleaf dominate the nose, with some sherbet and fresh jasmine sloshing around in the background. The palate has a razor-like drive of acidity and a smooth river stone texture finishing long and very, very clean.

 $23ea $20.91ea

Henschke Peggy’s Hill Riesling 2017 Region: Eden Valley, SA Variety: Riesling Style: Eden Valley Stalwart Notes: Henschke have crafted a reputation of being Australia's premier red wine producer, from their infamous Hill of Grace to Mount Edelstone to their Giles Pinot Noir, not many producers can boast the spectrum of quality that Hesnchke can. Moreover, not many people realise that they're some of the country's finest producers of Riesling. The Peggy's is the value for money Riesling. Packed full of the traditional Eden fruits, lemon, lime and blossoms but including some oddities of musk and frangipanis. A lean, linear yet textural palate races through like a boxcar down Peggy's Hill. Terrific summer cleanser.

 $24ea $21 .82ea 8

Vickery Watervale Riesling 2017 Region: Clare Valley, SA Variety: Riesling Style: Wallet Watcher Notes: This has got to be some kind of record! Three years in a row one company has made it through the blind tasting. It’s hard to argue with Vickery’s place in the book once you taste the 2017 Rieslings though. The 2017 Watervale is just awe-inspiring, and what every Australian Riesling wishes it could be. The unforgettable aroma of Watervale is ever present here; pure lemon-lime citrus, delicate honeysuckle and a slatey earthiness underneath and a piercing yet dainty acidity follows through the mid palate. A steal for the price.

 $21ea $19.09ea

Pewsey Vale Block 1961 Region: Eden Valley, SA Variety: Riesling Style: Acid Lovers Unite Notes: Ask anyone to name an ionic Riesling from Australia and most people will probably give you two options, Grosset and Pewsey Vale. The 1961 Block is the most recent addition to the Pewsey stable. Sourced from their oldest vines planted back in, you guessed it, 1961, this is what we declared a Riesling lover’s Riesling. Like candied lemons, brushed with lemon myrtle then dipped in fresh lime juice and dusted with talc. This has some of the most mouth-watering yet rigid acidity we’ve seen in a Riesling for years. Pure, slatey and looking more Clare Valley then Eden, this is the new benchmark for Eden Valley Riesling. Oh and only 1500 cases made!

 $36ea $32 .73ea 9

Zephyr Sauvignon Blanc Region: Marlborough, New Zealand Variety: Sauvignon Blanc Style: Fit for a huge family BBQ Notes: The world just wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t put in a Marlborough Savvy, so we’ve chosen something well and truly off the beaten track. Zephyr is the work of Ben Glover and his ginormous family (there’s literally about 40 people in the family portrait, almost one for every scent that this wine threw at us!) Each year, the Marlborough style gets dialled back towards something more intricate. This is more herbal than sweet, so things like coriander, snow peas, basil, and white grapefruit are the dominant forces here while all the melons take hold of the palate backed up by some lemonade like acidity. Super refreshing stuff!


Terre a Terre Sauvignon Blanc Region: Wrattonbully, SA Variety: Sauvignon Blanc Style: Bordeaux Imposter Notes: Wrattonbully is an area dominated by Cabernet Sauvignon, so it doesn’t seem like the first place you would grow Sauvignon Blanc. In saying that, the kids down at Terre a Terre are nailing it - tasted blind, this looks more like a top end Bordeaux Blanc. The use of large old oak gives texture, grip and intrigue and with a tighter nose, lime, very subtle vanilla bean pods, grapefruit a reminiscent trace of blackcurrant leaf.

 $32ea $29.09ea 10

K1 by Geoff Hardy Sauvignon Blanc Region: Adelaide Hills, SA Variety: Sauvignon Blanc Style: Knockout Value Notes: With the sea of savvy still surging, you’ve got to make something spectacular to stand out from the crowd. This is unashamedly Sauvignon Blanc; gooseberries, ruby grapefruit and green mango complemented by notes of elderflower and green pea, with a refreshingly dry palate! A touch of phenolics and texture gives length and carries the fruit and acid beautifully.

 $22ea $20ea

Vasse Felix Sauvignon Blanc Semillon Region: Margaret River, WA Variety: Sauvingon Blanc Semillon Style: Winner Winner Chicken Dinner Notes: When I think of Margaret River there are a few things that come to mind immediately, beautiful rolling beaches with great surf, mining money and generally expensive wine. Vasse has done a great job of producing a distinctive Sauvignon Blanc Semillon, in an area with almost as much SBS as Lee Lin Chin. Paw paw, kiwi and thyme are first and most apparent, but then the most unusual and clear-cut scent of roast chicken and baked bread. The palate plays out differently with tropical fruit, lemon and stone fruit all apparent, with crisp and fresh acidity.

 $23ea $20.91ea 11

Deviation Road Pinot Gris Region: Adelaide Hills, SA Variety: Pinot Gris Style: Gris-licious Notes: With the line between Pinot Gris and Grigio being ever more blurred, it’s nice to have a wine that sits firmly in the Gris camp. Deviation Road might be best known as one of Australia’s best sparkling wine producers, but this table wine is a gem! Pinot Gris’ hallmark nose of pear and sweet spice is present throughout, with whiffs of stone fruit popping in and out as the wine gets more air. A lick of oak gives some grip but the beautiful viscosity that Gris is most well-known for makes it a very slick drink.

 $21ea $19.09ea

Cantina Tollo Rocca Ventosa Pinot Grigio Region: Molise, Italy Variety: Pinot Grigio Style: BBQ Blanco Notes: There aren’t many imported wines that you can get decent change out of a twenty dollar note and still have a great wine in the glass, but the Cantina Tollo Grigio is about to change all that. From an unusual place for Grigio in Abruzzo, Central Italy, this is everything you want for the price. Dry, easy drinking Pinot Grigio that does everything you could want from an everyday drinker. Refreshing orchard fruits of pear and green apple along with notes of white flower. Crunchy, lively acidity make this a tasty expression of Pinot Grigio.

 $12ea $10.91ea 12

Maude Pinot Gris Region: Central Otago, New Zealand Variety: Pinot Gris Style: Gris Me Up Notes: If Alsace in France is the ancestral home of Pinot Gris, the next best place on earth to replicate that style is Central Otago, southern New Zealand. Long warm summer days gives the grapes time to hang out in the sun and get lusciously ripe, balanced with cold nights to keep all its acidity. Quince, pear, musk and rose petal florals are all in abundance and the palate is full with poached spiced pears and brioche, yet finishes crisp, clean and precise. No sweetness here!

 $22ea $20ea

Details inside back cover.

Tiefenbrunner Pinot Bianco Region: Friuli, Italy Variety: Pinot Bianco Style: Don’t Look So Blanc Notes: Pinot Bianco often gets overlooked as Pinot Grigio’s older, plainer cousin. The family at Tiefenbrunner have turned this preconception on its head and made something that more resembles Chardonnay than the simple, broader wines that are often produced from this grape. Youthfully fresh and elegant, it has a core of apple, citrus, peaches and a hint of something more tropical. The palate is where this really shines; minerals to the hilt and a slight creamy weight to it with a lick of oak. Masterful.

 $25ea $22 .73ea 13

Pala I Fiori Vermentino di Sardegna Region: Molise, Italy Variety: Pinot Gris Style: Picnic Essential Notes: Someone described this as the wine they would drink as cold as possible, sitting on a stinking hot beach on the Mediterranean, and this is exactly what we recommend doing while you drink it (although maybe swap out Sardinia for Port Willunga). A light, crisp white with no preconceptions filled with delicate flavours of grapefruit, kiwi, dried sage, honeydew melon and crushed mineral. Grab a towel and esky and park up on the sand!


Olivers Taranga McLaren Vale Fiano 2017 Region: McLaren Vale, SA Variety: Fiano Style: Food for Thought Notes: Another newish addition to the Australian wine scene, Fiano is a variety that has hit the ground running, taking to the warmer locale of McLaren Vale like an Australian to a Southern Italian beach in July. As far as Fiano goes, Oliver’s are the leading light and this is a stylish, light and refreshing, soft dry white, showing subtle hints of pear, raw cashew, peaches and even a little ginger. One of the more food-versatile wines in the book.

 $26ea $23.64ea 14

Hentley Farm Poppy White Field Blend Region: Barossa, SA Variety: Chardonnay, Riesling, Viognier and friends Style: Summer Lovin' Notes: Hentley Farm’s white wine game has jumped another level, and with this release of the Poppy White you can see why. An unusual gamut of white grapes have been thrown into the melting pot here, coming out the other side as a whole new beast. The goal was maximum texture, aromatics and complexity so without further ado, I give you a Chardonnay, Riesling, Viognier, Frontignac, and Pinot Gris blend! Wildly fermented for maximum whackness, this has a nose full of apricot, jasmine, orange peel and blossom, toasted nuts and lots of acidity to carry the fruit!

 $23ea $20.91ea

Jim Barry Clare Valley Assyrtiko 2017 Region: Clare Valley, SA Variety: Assyrtiko Style: Star of Greece Notes: On paper, Greece’s most famous export Assyrtiko seems like the perfect fit for our hot and harsh climate. Hailing from Santorini, the picturesque island in the Aegean Sea, Assyrtiko loves the heat and slightly salty soil, naturally retaining acidity, needing less water and procuring excellent flavours along the way. This seems like a no brainer, and it’s taken to Australia just as well as Acropolis Now. The wine itself is just as charismatic too, lifted floral aromatics, notes of pear, lime, marzipan and crunchy refreshing lines of acidity somewhat akin to Riesling. Yassu.

 $35ea $31 .82ea 15

Howard Park Flint Rock Chardonnay Region: Great Southern, WA Variety: Chardonnay Style: The Flint to your Tinder Notes: Flint Rock sounds like the name of an adult movie star, lucky for us it tastes and smells like a top notch bang for buck Chardonnay in a part of the world where there is minimal bang for maximal buck! The crew at Howard Park have hit this out of the Great Southern park, emulating a Burgundian style. Good use of oak in the form of nougat, cashew and honey, while the WA sunshine shows through with aromas of white peaches and a hint of nectarine. Howard Park picked the perfect star to play Flint Rock!

 $27ea $24.55ea

Josef Chromy Chardonnay Region: Tamar Valley, TAS Variety: Chardonnay Style: Fit for all of your Chromies Notes: Josef Chromy hails from the Tamar Valley just south of Launceston in Northern Tasmania, some of the coldest climes outside of Canberra! When it comes to Chardonnay we’re all about acidity, and the colder climate really helps the wine stand tall and carry all the extra expression on its shoulders! Opening up to rapier-like acidity, the tropical fruit is first out the gates followed shortly by lime, pine, lashings of stone fruit, and toasted walnuts. The palate shows slatey minerality and a cascade of oatmeal, macadamia and lemon curd follows through. Ripper stuff!

 $36ea $32 .73ea 16

Fraser Gallop Partere Chardonnay Region: Margaret River, WA Variety: Chardonnay Style: Nervy Thoroughbred Notes: Upon opening this looked to be more of a ‘big and shiny’ style, but the team at Fraser Gallop have managed to reign this in, proving that both oak and fruit can co-exist peacefully. A crystalline crack of acidity drives through the core of this at a thousand miles an hour, keeping all the decadent fruit and wood in check. Grapefruit, steel, fresh ripe pear and tangerine take a hold, before nougat, wood and smoked spice notes pipe up, then gently finishing off with a finely honed seam of lacy acidity.

 $34ea $30.91ea

Tapanappa Piccadilly Valley Chardonnay Region: Adelaide Hills, SA Variety: Chardonnay Style: Parochial Local Hero Notes: You know that when Brian Croser gets involved, good things happen - especially to Chardonnay. Tapanappa have developed quite the following for their wines, and the Chardonnay is one of the most highly sought after each year. The 2016 release sees a deeper, richer fruit spectrum involved with riper honey and fig characters complementing the typical peach and nectarine flavours we’ve become accustomed to. For the price, this is a fantastic snapshot into a unique Australian terroir.

 $45ea $40.91ea 17


VARIETY, VALUE, AND INDIVIDUALITY WERE THE GOALS THIS YEAR, ALONGSIDE THE MOST IMPORTANT FACTOR: DRINKABILITY With a big tilt in wine styles over the last year, we’ve attempted to wrangle some interesting drops together for this year’s red selection. Light and dry Rosés kick things off, followed by a smattering of lighter and crunchier alternate grape varieties. We’re hoping to introduce you to some of our new favourite Italian immigrants, Negroamaro, Sangiovese and Montepulciano, whose flavour and uniqueness have completely won us over. In typical South Australian fashion, we’ve snuck a couple of chunky, fuller-bodied reds into the mix. All this patriotic talk of local wines has got all our imported wines feeling left out, but there’s plenty of love for them in the pages that follow!

Jim Barry Annabelle’s Rosé Region: Clare Valley, SA Style: Fresh New Face Notes: Named after the fourth generation of Barry's born this year, Annabelle, this lovely little Rosé was one of the freshest cabs off the ranks of 2017 Rosé! Lifted notes of fresh red fruits and rose petals on the nose, the palate puts on a gorgeous display of raspberry flavour with lashings of florals and a dash of liquorice and tobacco sneak in towards the back. An invigorating line of acidity and chalky texture compliments the fruit flavour and makes you reach for a second glass!

 $20ea $18 .18ea


Rameau d’Or Provence Rosé Region: Clare Valley, SA Variety: Grenache, Cinsault Style: Rosé’s Battering Ram Notes: Head and shoulders, Provencal-style Rosé is the darling of the Rosé scene currently. Rameau d’Or have managed to produce the most classic of Provencal Rosés, from the pale pink-salmon verging on peach-flesh colour, to the savoury spice and fruit it portrays. This is our quintessential summer Rosé. Mouth-watering acidity, great all year round but especially coming into the warmer months!

 $24ea $21 .82ea 19

Dowie Doole Rosé 2017 Region: McLaren Vale, SA Variety: Grenache Vermentino Style: Provencal Holiday for Your Mouth Notes: Famed for Chenin Blanc, the folks at Dowie Doole have made a little foray into Rosé. When we tasted this it took us straight to Provence. White peaches, wild strawberries, some mandarin peel zestiness and a pithy, yet creamy texture, instantly transporting us to a beach side villa in the South of France. Warm days and sunshine anyone?

 $20ea $18 .18ea ANY ORDERS OVER 24O RECEIVE FREE FREIGHT *Details inside back cover.

Kooyong Massale Region: Mornington Peninsula, VIC Variety: Pinot Noir Style: Slinky Drinkin' Notes: For a long time, Kooyong were the standard bearer for Mornington Peninsula wines, and after a slight change in style, they’re back into top form. Of the Pinots on show this year this is the most Burgundian in style, somewhat akin to an Australian speaking French. You get the analogy. The ’16 has an old-worldy meaty, smokey, gamey character that really speaks of great Pinot Noir; dark brooding cherry, an undergrowth or earthy vibe, and token five-spice and star anise. The thing I enjoy most is the tannin, soft and slinky, yet a gentle reminder you’re still drinking a serious wine.

 $27ea $24.55ea 20

Satyr by Sileni Hawkes Bay Pinot Noir Region: Hawkes Bay, New Zealand Variety: Pinot Noir Style: Hawk’s Eye for Value Notes: No matter how hard we look, it’s rare to find a deliciously tasty Pinot Noir under $20 but I’m ecstatic when we manage to unearth one! Hawkes Bay is the home of Syrah in NZ, so don’t expect Burgundy in a glass, but something more approachable, softer and generous in the medium bodied end of light. Made to be enjoyed young and consumed by the bottle, not the glass! Typical dark morello cherry, Swedish sauna-type cedar, and lively red fruits. This is worth backing up the truck for!

 $16ea $14.55ea

Craggy Range Appellation Pinot Noir Region: Martinborough, New Zealand Variety: Pinot Noir Style: Crimson Killer Notes: As far as Pinot Noir goes, this is on the dark and deep end. New Zealand Pinot usually carries with it a darker colour and density, but this is next level. This runs vivid purple in colour, and carries with it a darker core of richer fruit - think dark spiced plums, kirsch and some sweet tobacco. Edgy electric acidity keeps the palate alive and kicking, all the while a muscular tannic backbone keeps it taught.

 $35ea $31 .82ea 21

Murdoch Hill Ridley x 3 Region: Adelaide Hills, SA Variety: Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier, Pinot Gris Style: Doctor's Tonic Notes: Whenever Michael ‘Doc’ Downer gets his hands on any grape with the word Pinot in it, you know you’re in for a good time, so when he got three of the Pinot family together we knew we were going to enjoy the ride. The blending of the three Pinots is the winemaking equivilant of rocking slightly rolled pant cuffs two years ago; not many people are doing it, but it’s about to get a lot more popular. Light in body with a savoury and floral nose with a wickedly ethereal palate chocked with silken Pinot flavours; raspberry, cranberry, rose petals and a fivespice vibe. Doc’s always ahead of the game.

 $34ea $30.91ea

Wicks Estate Pinot Noir Region: Adelaide Hills, SA Variety: Pinot Noir Style: Amped Up Hills Pinot Notes: If you’re into Adelaide Hills Pinot Noir then this is your jam! The fruit spectrum showcased here is turned up to 11. Freshness and vibrancy are the catch-cries, with a palate full of soft silky tannins and some gorgeous cherry and raspberry fruit, with the whole breadth of flavours from flowers, to brambles, to Christmas spices and cherry brandy involved. It doesn’t come much clearer that this is Pinot Noir. Another stunning value wine from the crew at Wicks!

 $20ea $18 .18ea 22

Allegrini Valpolicella Region: Valpolicella, Italy Variety: Corvina, Rondinella, Mollinara Style: Mr Reliable Notes: Valpolicella might not be the easiest region to pronounce, or have the most recognisable grape varieties (Corvina, Rondinella, and Mollinara) but if I see it, it’s usually the one I’ll reach for. As a rule of thumb, Valpol is usually relatively light in colour, bright in terms of fruit and florals and crunchy in terms of acidity. What’s not to love about that? The Allegrini example has hints of cherries, a smattering of leather on the nose but has a ripe and glossy palate. Valpolicella is a great go to at all times; think of it as the Michael Bevan equivalent in the wine world, can bat, can bowl and is always reliable.

 $27ea $24.55ea

Details inside back cover.

Vietti Perbacco Nebbiolo Region: Piedmonte, Italy Variety: Nebbiolo Style: Baby Barolo Notes: If there’s one Nebbiolo that all the staff reach for it’s Vietti, hands down the best value for money. Perbacco is comprised of grand cru fruit that doesn't make the cut for the big boys. Leather, tobacco, typical rose and tar and some sweet cherry and hard candy, there is grip and grunt on the palate without being aggressive and the tannins just slink across the palate reigning everything in. Drink this while you wait for your Ravera!

 $50ea $45.45ea 23

Gibson Wines Discovery Nero d’Avola Region: Barossa Valley, SA Variety: Nero d’Avola Style: The Road Less Travelled Notes: As we circle closer towards the ideal grapes for our ever changing climate, we seem to be honing in on places like Southern Portugal or Italy. Rob Gibson spent a lot of his working life trying to improve vineyards and with the Discovery Road wines, he’s found new grapes that do the work for him. The 2016 Nero d'Avola is all about distinctly briary fruit, bright cherries, and lighter red fruits. The palate shows its worth in holding acidity, bright yet rounded fruit with soft texture full of charm, and a very open glossy texture.

 $23ea $20.91ea

Viticolturi Senesi Aretini Chianti Region: Tuscany, Italy Variety: Sangiovese Style: Hannibal's Tipple Notes: The big thing to take into consideration in Chianti is the sheer amount of wine they produce - not all ‘DOC’ Chianti is good and given the price of this bad boy, you’d be more inclined to spend the extra few dollars on the next one up, but this time you’d be wrong. Jubey blackberries and heady aromas of cocoa and cola spring from the glass. The palate looks like archetypal Sangiovese with astringent tannin being supported by a dense core of cherry cola softness. Just take my money!

 $19ea $17.27ea 24

Georges Duboeuf Beaujolais Chiroubles Region: Beaujolais, France Variety: Gamay Style: Summer Punch Notes: A glorious Gamay from Georges Duboef, 'the king of Beaujolais'. Flamboyantly purple, while highly perfumed, this leaps out of the glass like a rainbow unicorn leaping around wearing a blueberry cologne. The palate is sweet, seamless and concentrated like undiluted raspberry cordial. With minimal use of oak, this shows incredible depth of fruit and a slight smokiness to finish up. Do yourself a solid and throw it in the fridge for 30 mins to take the edge off and make this the ultimate summer slammer!

 $20ea $18 .18ea

Wirra Wirra Original Blend Grenache Shiraz Region: McLaren Vale, SA Variety: Grenache, Shiraz Style: O.G. Style Notes: Wirra Wirra have made a living of dominating the red wine scene down in McLaren Vale, and the Original Blend, is as it sounds, the original blend they produced which evolved into the first Church Block. The nose offers cherries, raspberries, musk, some gingerbread and orange peel. The palate jumps into something more opulent than the nose suggests, succulent and juicy blueberry and blood plums, plush sweetness from a lick of oak.

 $25ea $22 .73ea 25

Silent Noise by Kangarilla Road Grenache Shiraz Zinfandel Region: McLaren Vale, SA Variety: Grenache, Shiraz, Zinfandel Style: Loud and Proud Notes: A second label of sorts for our friends down at Kangarilla Road, this is somewhat of an unusual blend of Grenache, Shiraz and Zinfandel. It’s not surprising that the majority of the blend is made up of Grenache when you consider that the Vale is Australia’s premier spot for Grenache (a hard thing for me to say as a Barossan). Opening up warm and snug, this extends a big ripe, plush nose of raspberry, Turkish Delight and a thick layer of spice. The palate is more of an opulent affair, bursting with flavour and a slick palate that helps this slide down with ease.

 $26ea $23.64ea

M.Chapoutier Bila-Haut Cotes du Roussillon Villages Region: Roussillon, France Variety: Grenache, Syrah, Carignan Style: Wild Pyrenean Drinking Notes: As one of the powerhouses of the Rhone Valley, Chapoutier also have some outposts in other areas, namely the deep South Roussillon, which has been known best for cheap everyday reds. Chapoutier have chimed in to help change that tune. Predominately Syrah, Grenache and a touch of Carignan, this is all sorts of sauvage. Fleshy and structured and punctuated with sweet fruits and spice throughout. Another great wine for the price from France’s self-proclaimed ‘wine lake’, the Roussillon.

 $24ea $21 .82ea 26

Penley Estate Coonawarra Cabernet Franc Region: Coonawarra, SA Variety: Cabernet Franc Style: Old Dog, New Tricks Notes: It’s been an interesting ride for Penley Estate over the past couple of years with a BIG change in direction, which you’ve probably already noted from the shape of the bottle and eye catching label. Cabernet Franc can be a fickle beast, often plump, ripe and lacking acidity, or worse, green and tart with not enough fruit to hold its own. Luckily the Spring Release Franc has managed to hit the sweet spot in between. Great acidity and freshness, while also managing to pick up some lovely dark brooding fruit and a real graphite and tobacco savouriness.

 $34ea $30.91ea

Yangarra Preservative Free Shiraz Region: McLaren Vale, SA Variety: Shiraz Style: #sulphurfree Notes: No matter what the wine, Yangarra just can’t seem to put a foot wrong. Ultra traditional GSM? No problems. Full skin contact white wine? Easy! A preservative-free Shiraz that’s got no faults? A cake walk! This is one of the best examples of sulphur free wine you’ll ever see. Clarity of fruit is key here with no oak influence clouding the profile so you’re seeing McLaren Vale Shiraz with no clothes on. Voluptuous, dark and spicy. What we all want out of a glass of Shiraz!

 $26ea $23.64ea 27

The Other Wine Co. Adelaide Hills Shiraz Region: Adelaide Hills, SA Variety: Shiraz Style: Rhone Ranger Notes: From a producer who burst on the scene by winning the Adelaide Review Hot 100 with their first wine, comes a third release in the series so far. Shiraz is the moniker, but the truth is that there is 11% Pinot Noir in here, putting it on an ever growing list of wines making the venture into the old ‘Hermitage’ style of 80’s Australian red wine. The Shiraz has a real Northern Rhone swagger about it, earth, smoke, black olives and some brooding fruit. This only got better with some air. If you’re looking for a European replacement, this is your guy!

 $27ea $24.55ea

Brockenchack Zipline Shiraz Region: Barossa Valley, SA Variety: Shiraz Style: Staple Shiraz Notes: Every year we try to include what we would refer to as a ‘staple’ and this year’s staple is Brockenchak’s Zipline Shiraz. For a cool climate wine, this has some of the densest fruit we’ve come across. Think of Grandma’s sweet plum jam, ripe summer berry pudding, freshly cracked black pepper, even a tiny little hit of vanilla all rush to greet you, while the palate jacks these flavours up to 11 and the tannin rolls in just at the right time to stop you dribbling. Soft and generous just like Shiraz should be!

 $22ea $20ea 28

Turkey Flat Butchers Block Shiraz Region: Barossa Valley, SA Variety: Shiraz Style: Prime Cut Notes: Turkey Flat’s rendition of Barossa Shiraz is the new generation flexing its muscle. Still with the same intensity of fruit, but with much more elegance and poise. The best analogy would be to compare a ballet dancer and a boxer. The ballet dancer is all about grace, poise, elegance and intricacy whereas the boxer has more brawn and raw power. The Turkey Flat has those ballet dancer traits. Prettiness in a floral capacity, grace in terms of alcohol and texture and the use of whole bunches adds layer upon layer of intricacy.

 $23ea $20.91ea

Norfolk Rise Shiraz Region: Mount Benson, SA Variety: Shiraz Style: One to Watch Notes: This is as much of a bargain as you’re ever going to see, essentially this is the wine world equivalent of seeing someone selling $100 MacBooks, on the outside you’d be suspect that something that cheap could be good, but then you use it and it runs perfectly. Rip the top off of one of these and you’re in for a good time. Black and blue fruits, cherries and meat dusted with white pepper. A textbook nose for Shiraz. This is the kind of wine you should keep a box of just for school night drinking!

 $16ea $14.55ea 29

Kalleske Moppa Shiraz Region: Barossa Valley, SA Variety: Shiraz, Petit Verdot, Viognier Style: Moppulent Drop Notes: From everyone’s favourite Biodynamic producer in the Barossa Valley comes another stonking red! Moppa, named after the unofficial subregion that they call home, is a quirky blend of Shiraz with Petit Verdot and Viognier. “Weird” I hear you say? Not at all! On paper this looks peculiar but in the final blend they have all the right parts that gives an oddity the light of day it deserves! This is a juicebox of dark plums, milk chocolate, potpourri and some subtle vanillins from the oak waving at you from the distance. A rejuvenating palate for something so rich.

 $29ea $26.36ea

St Johns Road LSD Region: Barossa Valley, SA Variety: Lagrein, Shiraz, Durif Style: Trippin' on Value Notes: The only ‘acid’ in this is the tartaric and citric elements of the wine. ‘LSD’ actually stands for Lagrein, Shiraz and Durif, the oddball combination used for this blend. Lagrein is all about colour and acidity, Shiraz the fruit weight and spice, Durif for added colour (not that Lagrein needed the hand) and tannin, oodles and oodles of tannin, to make up for the plush Lagrein and Shiraz. Easily one of our favourite wines to drink by the bucket. Excellent for that friend who wants something bigger than Ben-Hurr who likes a roller-coaster of opulence.

 $24ea $21 .82ea 30

Reschke Bull Trader Cabernet Merlot Region: Coonawarra, SA Variety: Cabernet Sauvignon Style: No Bull Notes: Most 9 year old wines at this price point look like mutton dressed as lamb. Skimpy fruit only worsened by poor use of oak and an aging structure that’s starting to look saggy. Reshke’s Bull Trader is holding its course and aging gracefully, doing the old adage good; ‘like a fine red wine’. Dusty, savoury, leathery and spice-laden punctuated by cassis and cedar. More akin to a tailored power suit with shoulder pads than ripped jeans and a crop top.

 $25ea $22 .73ea

Leeuwin Estate Prelude Cabernet Region: Margaret River, WA Variety: Cabernet Sauvignon Style: Artful Cabernet Notes: This year we saw some exceptional Western Australia wines, and Leeuwin Estate, as usual, lead the way. Most noted for the Art Series wines, the Prelude is the label below, but in great vintages the labels seem to matter less. Cabernet from Margaret River has a very distinct succulence that Cabernet from elsewhere seems to lose. Layered and pretty, with blackcurrant, smoked cherries, clove, cedar and a nuttiness that lurks below the succulent fruit weight. Age worthy? Most certainly! Drinkable? Even more so!

 $29ea $26.36ea 31

Bleasdale Generations Malbec Region: Langhorne Creek, SA Variety: Malbec Style: Black Beauty Notes: Malbec in Australia has never been a big deal, but as one of Australia’s oldest producers of single variety Malbec, Bleasdale are doing their best to change that. Usually a robust, tannic and somewhat rustic grape, Paul Hotker has worked his magic to turn this into something with molten tannin, a dark yet energetic core of fruit and an adept application of oak. Clove, violets and blackberries lead the nose with more blackberries and a coffee chocolate generosity of the palate. Frank Potts would be proud.

 $27ea $24.55ea

Vietti Moscato Region: Piedmont, Italy Variety: Moscato Bianco Style: Desert Island Wine Notes: If you gave me one option to show you Moscato in all its glory and made to perfection, Vietti would be my go to every single time. No one else makes Moscato at this level. When you buy a Rolls Royce you get all the mods and cons - an actual wood grain dashboard and an inbuilt Swiss analogue clock - but you don’t notice them because they’re just part and parcel of the experience. Well it’s the same with Vietti’s Moscato. An ever so slight frizzante mouthfeel, tantalising aromas of white flowers, peaches, roses and a palate where sweetness is right in your face but you barely notice it. As complex as they come. Vietti’s Moscato would not be out of place in the drinks tray of a Rolls either…

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East End Cellars - Little Book of Wine - Summer 2018  
East End Cellars - Little Book of Wine - Summer 2018  

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