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Reflection As someone who has suffered from acrophobia, this project was a major breakthrough for me as having to face heights at such a pace caused good and bad occurrences to happen. It allowed for me to go to places I never wished to visit and to revisit areas I was not keen on.

Before the events of the project I constantly dreaded the thought of going somewhere so high, and listing places to visit made me incredibly nervous at the thought of it and become even more reluctant to do the tasks. Now, however, I felt I done the right thing in staying by this project and facing such an ordeal. I now feel that my fear of heights has decreased, but it still crops up in certain events. I learnt from it though that revisiting places I went to beforehand helped, and eased off the worry more since I knew what to expect. I felt that one of the most significant experiences in this project was going to the theme park, as it was a place where I always refused to go. There were moments of achievement and thrill (Nemesis) yet still there were times of panic and not wanting to be there (Air). I believed this to be due to the different rides, as every one of them, though as a group are all rides specifically for a theme park, are different, creating different reactions from them, whether they were of fright or excitement. Another achievement I felt was the Monument. When I first went there, I showed the classic

signs of acrophobia: clinging onto a surface, unbalance, and dizziness. That time I was not able to fully enjoy it and wanted to get out of there quickly. The second time in going however, I was able to stand on the balcony for a considerable amount of time and take in the views surrounding me, minus the strong wind pushing me. This was possibly due to me knowing what I was expecting from the first time going there; therefore I was able to think it through whilst going up the Monument. In doing things differently, I would try to psychologically incorporate a more positive perspective of the tasks I had done, and not think of the worse of them as I had done so before even starting the tasks (i.e. Air and its technical fault before experiencing the ride). If I was able to do that for the events I may have had an even more positive experience and possibly overcome the fear fully. I would also liked to have visited more places involving heights but due to money restraints and outside factors such as contacting companies to access their buildings, I was not able to fully do so. There was also the factor of having my partner accompanying me to most of the events that happened. This was mainly for safety reasons for me in case I reacted badly to certain things, such as the case where I looked like I would faint after turning so pale at the Monument. However there were times when he was still there but not

Development Book  

A collection of research, development and final of the Final Major Project, based on Acrophobia (fear of heights).

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