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The Monument Revisit

From the outside looking up to The Monument, my reaction was of no hesitance. I was prepared to go up and face the height of the 311 steps.

were staying by the walls. I had to stand by the railings and wait for them to go pass, carrying on up the steps and stopping every now and then.

I was left to walk it on my own this time. Climbing up, I knew what to expect with the hand rails, I was aware of when to move my hand so it did not get stuck with the mushroom-shaped sections. There was at times those moments, but not as many as before.

The cramped feeling of it had me holding on tight to the railings, and I was relieved when there were no more people climbing the other way as I carried on.

I was taking it slow, soaking up the height, looking down and up, and seeing how far I got each time. Taking photographs whilst on there increased, but was still hesitant on bringing my hand out for so long on an open area. At one point I did feel slightly unbalanced. I did not feel the need to slide myself across the wall whilst I held on. But walking further up, a group of school children were coming down, who

I knew I was near the top as the steps were getting smaller, so I tried to mentally prepare myself for it. The entrance to the balcony approached. As I reached there, I stood still for a small time, taking in the view before lunging in. Unlike before, where I reacted badly, I did not this time. But as soon as I walked onto the balcony, the wind so strong pushed me making it harder to stand. I started walking around the balcony,

Development Book  

A collection of research, development and final of the Final Major Project, based on Acrophobia (fear of heights).

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