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Alton Towers


Before Air: I was told that we would be looking into the sky during the ride. I thought to myself that it should not be that bad as the height won’t be as visible as the others, and possibly more enjoyable. When it came to queuing, I thought about filming it whilst I waited to go on. By this time every thought process of what I imagined it to be vanished. You could see the construction of it twisting and facing downwards. How wrong and silly was I to believe the ride was facing upwards into the sky. Now approaching the end of the queue, soon to be our turn, I saw how the riders started. Being pushed upwards, heads facing downwards, watching everything on the ground. On Air: Front row. As we got on, my first reaction was how I felt my legs were trapped, I could not move them and panicked. I constantly asked staff members if this was meant to happen, and although they said yes, I still felt insecure. I constantly requested them to check the belt and harness to make sure it was locked in, with

them making sure it was tight enough each time. It made me feel worse. It was time. We set our position of being upright, with the harness pushing against my stomach, making me feel sick. The flooring was about to drop, but nothing seemed to be happening. We stayed in that position for a while, not advancing even an inch forward of the ride. We were then told that there were some technical difficulties and for us riders to be patient until they resolved the issue. I started to panic. I wanted to get out of there.The longer we stayed on there the more I wanted to get off. I kept repeating “I don’t like this idea” many times. The thought of something on the ride failing midflight had me worked up. Luckily, we were let out of the ride whilst they fixed the technical fault. I felt thankful for that to happen.In all honesty I wanted to avoid going on it. But I was not allowed. I had to wait. Whilst the fret and panic was brimming inside me, I started having to take deep breaths whilst resting my head on my partner’s arm.

Development Book  

A collection of research, development and final of the Final Major Project, based on Acrophobia (fear of heights).

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