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Emirates Cable Car Looking at the cable cars from afar, it reminded me of a time when I was on the London Eye and how I reacted. That time, I felt scared to go near the edge of the car capsule with the glass surrounding it, and mainly kept myself in the middle. I believed that this would end in the same result. Getting on, and watching it move slowly, I was feeling nervous about it. When the cable car started going above ground, I was not scared. There was the rocking, the creaking, and the smell of the cables moving. It did make me feel uneasy, but I still felt safe. Perhaps it was due to only being allowed to sit down in the car. The wind added more uneasiness, moving the cable cars from side to side, nauseous setting in. But nothing else happened.

The landscape from above was a joy to see. Even picking the smallest things like how tiny a seagull looked on the water, I was not phased by it at all. I enjoyed it. It was definitely a surprise.

Development Book  

A collection of research, development and final of the Final Major Project, based on Acrophobia (fear of heights).

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