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Positions for Summer 2017!

This summer, change the lives of underserved students with mathematical talent. Bridge to Enter Advanced Mathematics is a free summer program for underserved New York City middle school students with talent in mathematics. We help students grow academically, socially, and emotionally to help them enter a pathway to STEM study where no such pathway might otherwise be open to them.

6th grade non-residential camp

Are you a college or university professor, or middle/high school teacher? Apply to teach at BEAM!

With no set curriculum, you have the freedom to design your courses, in topics from group theory to digital communications. Spend your summer teaching what you love to motivated low-income students in 8-15 student classes. Junior faculty positions available for graduate students and teachers without experience building their own curriculum. These positions come with structured mentorship, and for certain classes, notes to be adapted for your own course.

7th grade residential camp

Dates: July 6-August 2, 2017 Locations: Bard College, second location TBA (likely in the Hudson Valley) Transportation, housing and food provided for staff.

Dates: July 7-August 14, 2017 Location: New York City Salary is provided for all staff. Learn more at:

Are you a college student who loves math and science? Apply to be a BEAM counselor! Guide students who find themselves for the first time in a community with other people who love math. TA courses on topics from programming to graph theory (and maybe learn something on the way!). Run activities such as basketball, Ultimate Frisbee, board games, karaoke, arts and crafts, and more.

All staff build the community together: joining activities and field trips, eating with the students, and serving as role models and mentors. See our website for more detailed information and job descriptions.

“Everything was just amazing... I learned to love math’s beauty.”

- Andy, student at BEAM 2013

“Teaching at [BEAM] was a great joy, and I highly recommend it as an outreach initiative to get involved in!” - Mohamed Omar, Asst. Professor, Harvey Mudd College

BEAM works to help students prepare for future experiences socially and emotionally. Residential students live in a college dorm, possibly outside the city for the first time.

Together, they learn games such as Set, Chess, and Dominion. They play sports like basketball and Ultimate Frisbee. They might discover a Rubik’s cube for the first time or relax with arts and crafts. We stargaze, take hikes, learn new dances, and ride rollercoasters at Six Flags. Through our program, you will get to know students outside of the classroom, forming close personal relationships and serving as a true role model. You will also be part of creating a thoughtful environment for the students, helping to instill in them a growth mindset, the belief in their ability to succeed, and a better understanding of what mathematics is.

Academics at BEAM

Students choose their own classes at BEAM. Seventh graders at the residential program do seven hours of math per day (and they love it!), choosing a topics course and a problem solving course each week. Sixth graders take four classes: one in each of the categories Logical Reasoning, Math Fundamentals, Math Team Strategies, and Applied Mathematics. Here are some of the topics courses faculty members have taught in the past:

Find job descriptions and applications at: Or e-mail for more information:

Are you at the Joint Math Meetings or NCTM Annual Meeting? We’re here too and we’d love to get coffee and tell you more about the program. To find a time, e-mail us at

Graph Theory: From Eulerian paths to minimum spanning trees, students worked together to solve interesting mathematical questions and to see how math can apply to real-world problems. Infinity: Students worked together to define basic notions in cardinality and to compare the sizes of the naturals, integers, rationals, and reals. Digital Communications: Students learned about compression techniques and then designed a procedure to send a photo across a room from one computer to another, using nothing but sound. Astrophysics: Students discovered how to measure the cosmos using the properties of light, careful reasoning, and some clever applications of mathematics.

55 Exchange Pl Ste. 603, New York, NY 10005 - Bridge to Enter Advanced Mathematics - - (888) 264-2793

2017 BEAM Hiring Flyer  

Learn more about summer jobs at Bridge to Enter Advanced Mathematics.

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