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Volume 51 Issue 4

West High School

3505 W. Locust St. Davenport, Iowa 52804

Photos submitted by Wayne Harrah

BIG OL’ TONKA TRUCK Harrah loved playing with Tonka trucks as a kid, and was able to drive one in real life. He first enlisted in the National Guard in 1980 after going to college for a year and deciding that something wsa still missing in his life. He started on his four week leave on Nov. 18 and is going on a cruise for his honeymoon.

Soldier comes home from war By Heather Hayes

About 3,000 Iowa National Guardsmen have been deployed to Afghanistan in recent months. With the holidays arriving soon, these brave soldiers will be deeply missed by their family and friends. While most will not be home for the holidays, some will make it home just in time to celebrate with their loved ones. West graduate Master Sergeant Wayne Harrah of the Air National Guard was one of the lucky ones. He arrived at the Salt Lake City airport on Nov. 18th after his recent deployment overseas to see his wife, Susan. After being away for five months in Afghanistan, the newlyweds were anxious to be in each other’s arms again. “I saw someone step off the plane and stop to take a picture, and I knew it was him,” said Susan. “I was overjoyed when he finally stepped off the plane in Salt Lake City and found me.” Finding out that Wayne was scheduled to depart was not the easiest thing for Susan to hear. He grew up Do whatever you do in Davenport and graduated with passion, and do from West in it to the best of your 1979. “When I ability, you will rise found out, it to the top.” was very upsetting,” said Susan. “I immediately thought the worst was going to happen. And then when he went to Qatar and I got to talk to him, we Skyped or texted and emailed every day, I calmed down a little bit and realized, ‘okay, it‘s not as bad as I thought.’ I kept counting down the days.” Being able to stay in contact is very important for troops and is a very important way troops relieve stress. A few ways to stay in contact with people back home include emailing, texting, calling and Skype. Skype is a website that allows users to see each other with a web camera to chat back and forth. But when the Internet goes down in the middle of a chat session, it can be a little nerve racking. “There were times where the Internet would go down and we would lose connectivity and I wouldn’t be able to speak to him,” said Susan. “I would have expected him to call me and it would be five or six hours later and I hadn’t heard from him. And of course in your mind you know it’s just the internet and there’s nothing wrong. You can’t help but wonder what’s really going on and think that something terrible might have happened.” After dating for about a year, Harrah found out that he had to leave again. The night after he found out, he proposed. A week later, they were married. How their journey together started is quite an interesting story. “We worked together for ten years at a phone company, sitting one row across from each other and hardly spoke,” said Harrah.

“But she found me on Facebook.” “It was on Valentine’s Day, 2009,” said Susan. Harrah and Susan started chatting on Facebook about which was a better movie to watch on Valentine’s Day, WALL-E or Princess Bride. Susan recommended that he watch Princess Bride, and Harrah said he would. “An hour later she started to instant message me through Facebook and said ‘okay, what are you watching,’” said Harrah. “I told her Andre the Giant was the best character. And it went from there.” Leaving for Qatar was completely Harrah’s choice, and did not want any of his family to blame the President or anyone but him. He volunteered to do his part for his country. “I wear a uniform, and I feel like I should do my time in the trenches just like the guys on the ground,” said Harrah. “Being in the military is something I enjoy. In the last six years, I have been trained in a new skill, I have been promoted twice. I cannot tell you how proud I am to be in uniform serving my country. I don’t care if my country says I have to go and scrub toilets with a toothbrush. I am happy to do it because I am so proud of what the United States stands for.” Harrah was originally set to deploy to Qatar for five months, but two months in he volunteered to go to a base in Afghanistan called Kandahar. There are two types of duty over in Afghanistan called “inside the wire” and “outside the wire.” “Outside the wire” troops go outside the base to deal with people shooting at them daily, while “inside the wire” troops work on base, but they still have rockets being shot at them. Terrorists set up rockets with random timers that would go off and either hit or miss the bases. Damage is usually minimal, though. Harrah specializes in technology in the military. “My job was to run the radar and make sure it’s providing a good picture,” said Harrah. “The radars would monitor the Persian Gulf. If the guys on the ground were in a fire fight with a clump of bad guys, we would send in aircrafts to try and help fight that battle for them. Battles like those would happen every day, and some went for days, continuously.” Harrah also dealt more with the technological side of the war by testing different products. “The nature of the unit I belong to is a test squad,” said Harrah. “We test equipment, radar systems, radio systems, server systems. ● was news Anything to do editor of the with aircraft Beak’n’ Eye command and ● landed the control, we test lead role in Man before it goes of la Mancha into the active ● had a favorite Air Force inventory.” teacher who

While at West, he...

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taught math and aviation ground school

Friday, December 17, 2010

Where is there no peace?

Wars around the world

There are two major wars going on right now, both involving the United States. There are about 38 conflicts going on in the world, and only one is considered a war; Israel and Hamas.

United States vs Afghanistan

● Started in 2001against AlQaeda (an international terrorist network) and its Taliban (Afghanistan’s Muslim fundamentalist rulers) ●The US military death total is 641

United States vs Iraq

● Started in 2004 - US govt. thought Iraq had weapons of mass destruction which could lead to more attacks similar to 9/11 ● The US military death total is 4,221

Israel vs Hamas

● Conflict started in 2001. They are fighting for control over Gaza, and Israel is maintaining control over Gaza’s airspace and sea




Afghanistan war timeline art by Heather Hayes

Sept. 11, 2001- Al Qaeda and

Taliban supporters hijack four planes and attack US. Targets: Twin Towers, the Pentagon, and possibly the US Capitol (this plane missed and crashed into a field)

Oct. 7, 2001 - US military’s Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF) is launched in response to previous attacks Sept. 2008 - Attacks from

extremists make this the most violent year for US troops with at least 120 soldiers dead

March 2009 - President Obama announces 4,000 US troops will train Afghan army and police for civilian development support Nov. 1, 2009 - This is the deadliest month of the war for the US with 58 soldiers dead Dec. 1, 2009 - Obama sets a July 2011 deadline for US troops to start withdrawing

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Friday, December 17, 2010

Falcons get the last laugh

By Erin Pershall

photos by Erin Pershall

ONE TENNIS SHOE - In this scene Harvey (David Moore), must confront his wife Sylvia (Emily Crowe), about her delicate condition. Harvey is afraid that Sylvia is turning into the dreaded bag lady. Sylvia disagrees with Harvey, saying that the contents of her bags are perfectly fine, and that he’s just overreacting. Later in the scene, Harvey discovers that Sylvia has a used picture frame, a couch cushion, one tennis shoe, and cooked oatmeal in her bag.

West High Drama aired the studentdirected play An Evening of Shel Silverstein by Shel Silverstein on Dec. 10. It is a classic comedy with six different unrelated scenes where each characters plot line does not repeat. “One scene is about a husband confronting his wife about the usual contents of her purse, while another plays off a rather unusual birthday gift,” said student director Lis Athas. “Around 42 people attended the play, a good turn out with the basketball game going on too,” said Athas. The cast thought that there would be more guests on Dec. 11th show, but with the weather conditions, they canceled the showing. There is only one student-directed play per year. Athas, this year’s student director said, “Mr. Hess approached me about directing (a play) in November.” She added, “I wanted to student direct because I’ve been onstage and backstage and this was a new perspective of the theater world, and I was up for the challenge.” “I am really proud of the performance! I know everyone gave it their best, and that’s all I can ask. I found something to love in every scene there are moments in every scene that are hilarious; for example, Michael Ehrecke’s nerd voice always cracks me up and it was really great trying to get David (Moore) to be distraught,” Athas

said. When selecting the play, Athas said, “Clara Loter, Emily Crowe, and I were at Barnes and Noble just looking at scripts there. I had mentioned I wanted a comedy. So we were browsing and that’s where I found ‘An Evening of Shel Silverstein. A comedy by a well loved poet seemed the logical choice.” The cast practiced every day from 3:30 until 5 from the middle of November to the show. Besides picking out the play Athas had much more work on her shoulders. “I had to narrow down my cast from auditions, and we (the cast) met every day to practice the scenes. Throughout the rehearsals, I guided the actors through the staging and critiqued them. Clara Loter helped me arrange all the props for each scene, and I designed the programs. I had to make some difficult choices along the way, but my entire cast and crew were very helpful,” Athas said. “Like any show, there were a few slip-ups opening night. An ironing board is used in one scene, and every time the crew tried to set it up, it would collapse. It took 4 or 5 tries, but it finally was set up the audience cheered. It was great to be able to laugh it off,” Athas said. “The only part I really hated was putting together the program. I spent over an hour trying to get it to print double-sided properly - let alone designing it!” said Athas.

THE LIFE BOAT IS SINKING - In one scene, Hope Karwoski plays a wife who forces her husband into playing a game where he must choose between either her, their child, or his mother, to be thrown over the side of a sinking boat.

“Ultimately, directing An evening of Shel Silverstein is an experience I’m always going to treasure. It was an insightful opportunity most high schoolers don’t get, and I was honored to work with such a talented cast and crew. I’m so glad to be part of this new tradition, I can’t wait to see it continue!”


facts about animal cruelty

1. 2.


photo by Erin Pershall

GROUP WORK - SETA president Ashleigh Gray, left, and vice president Annette Svendsen, right, work together by stacking unfolded newspapers for the Davenport Humane Society. The Humane Society will use them to line the animal kennels.

New club educates about animal treatment By Erin Pershall

Imagine chickens living on a factory farm, striving to survive in cages that are too small, being kicked and thrown into concrete walls resulting in broken legs, being thrown into a crate that will soon be shipped to the local Kentucky Fried Chicken slaughter plant, and from there, having their heads chopped off and being boiled alive just to simply remove the harmless chickens’ feathers. Many people see this as a form of animal abuse found in the United States today. A few West students have come together and are trying to put an end to this abuse. They have formed the club SETA, which stands for Students for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. Ashleigh Gray, sophomore and president of SETA, started the club after seeing information on the treatment of animals. “I had seen some videos on and I also read the book called Diet for a New America, by John Robbins – the vegetarian bible, after that I knew that it needed stopped.” “The main goal of SETA is to have everyone learn about the club, take action, but most importantly learn about the animals,” Gray said. SETA meets every other Thursday in room 222; anyone is welcome no matter what you believe. “Were just beginning to learn our own

opinions and beliefs,”said Ann Gaydosh, teacher and advisor of SETA. “There is a range of people with their own ideas. There are the radical people who do naked protests, and there are the practical ones who do what they can. SETA is in the middle, were more verbal,” Gray. “We are not a mini PETA, were our own little thing, It’s about the compassion not the extremism. Each person has to decide for our own personal ethics,” said Gaydosh. Many who are now in the club have always wanted a club like SETA to join. “I always wanted a club like this ever since kindergarten when my mom and I started rescuing dogs,” said Annette Svendsen, junior and vice president of SETA. SETA plans on having an informational table during lunch, fundraisers, and they will continue to promote animal friendly posters. In the future, there will be guest speakers, field trips, and hands on activities such as making pinecone bird feeders and making dog treats. SETA has already gathered newspapers, unfolded them, and donated them to the Humane Society. The unfolded newspapers will be used by the Humane Society to line the animal cages. “This is a great way to help the Humane Society save valuable time,” said Gaydosh. SETA also would like to start a petition to have more vegetarian friendly meals in the

cafeteria. “I have only been a vegetarian for two months. It was easy! You would think it would be hard because meat is so good, but the other options are great, too! I’m tired of eating just the cheese pizza at lunch,” said Gray. “There are other options. You can give up meat two times a week instead of having it every night,” said Gaydosh. There are four types of vegetarians. The four groups are ovo-lacto (consume milk and egg products), lacto (milk products only), Ovo (egg products only), and vegans (no animal products what so ever). According to, men who eat meat have a 50 percent greater chance of dying from a heart attack than men who do not eat meat. The men who don’t eat meat only have a 15 percent chance of dying from a heart attack. Women who eat eggs three or more times a week have a greater chance of developing ovarian cancer than those who eat eggs less than once a week. Also women who consume meat on a daily basis have an increased risk of getting breast cancer. “Right now we are not trying to change laws, but in the future we might,” said Gray. “We just want people to learn.” “Animals are as important as humans. Don’t do to them what you wouldn’t do to your family or friends,” said Krissy Gamet, senior.

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Dogs used for fighting are chained, taunted, and starved to trigger extreme survival instincts and encourage aggressiveness.

Kangaroos are slaughtered by the millions every year; their skins are considered prime material for soccer shoes. Each of the more than 1 million cows in the United State's dairy farms excrete around 18 gallons of manure daily.

Because of improper electrical stunning, many hogs are alive when they reach the scalding hot water baths. In the United States, 1.13 million animals were used in experiments in 2009, not including the estimated 100 million mice and rats. It takes eighteen red foxes to make one fox-fur coat, 55 minks to make a mink coat.

Elephants that perform in circuses are often kept in chains for as long as 23 hours a day.

Larger animals have clamps attached to them, or rods forced into their mouth or anus so they can be electrocuted before being slaughtered.

Across the US, 6 to 8 million stray and abandoned animals enter animal shelters every year, and about half must be put down.

states currently have 10. Forty-five felony provisions for animal cruelty. Those without are Alaska, Idaho, Mississippi, North Dakota, and South Dakota.


Beak ‘n’ Eye

Friday, December 17, 2010

Infinite Campus to replace eSIS By Kayla Mirfield

‘Attention, eSIS is down and we will let you know when it will be back up. Again, eSIS is down’. This is something students at West hear a lot during the school year. That is also a message that students will no longer hear. Starting Jan. 3, a new program will take the place of eSIS called Infinite Campus. For the past years, West has been using a program called eSIS, which teachers used to take attendance, put in grades, and to keep track of student information. Last spring, the idea to switch to Infinite Campus was thought of in the Davenport school district. The board knew it was about impossible to start it at the beginning of the year, that’s why they decided to make it the middle of the school year. Infinite Campus offers the same things as eSIS, but a faster processor and much more. Infinite Campus has faster attendance notification, more detailed notes that the teacher can put by the grades, can list assignments for each day and post school messages such as a snow day, or in-service reminder. There is so much data from each teacher and school that needs to be imported into Infinite Campus from eSIS. In time not only parents will be able to long in but students may be able to too, with their own log ins to be able to use Infinite Campus. Students will be able to view details about missing assignments,

Soldier comes home from war

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The goal of Harrah’s team and the rest of the military over in Afghanistan is to help the country build economic and political infrastructure. In Harrah’s base Kandahar, a bazaar was held every weekend. A bazaar is similar to a flea market, where about 200 venders would go and put out products that they and their family had made. “The bazaar is open to the public and about half of the 12,000 members of the base go to this bazaar every weekend and spend good old fashion American dollars and make purchases,” said Harrah. The average Afghan makes about $20-$30 a month. At the bazaar, they could make 10-20 times that amount. They take the money earned and put it back into the economy, which is a big boost. “We are part of a coalition,” said Harrah. “We are not just the United States. We are part of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, or NATO. All of the countries involved in NATO are contributing forces to help fight the bad guys in Afghanistan.” President Obama scheduled US troops to start withdrawing for Afghanistan in July 2011, but Harrah doesn’t necessarily agree that we are ready to make that move. “We’re trying to help Afghanistan police themselves and protect themselves from the thugs that might come in and try to take over,” said Harrah. “Afghanistan is a very poor third-world country, and corruption is rampant there because people are so poor. Anyone that comes into a position of power tends to use that power to his own advantage rather than for the common good.” Forces in Afghanistan are there to help Afghanistan to rebuild itself and have the ability to run on its own without causing chaos. “We are trying very hard to help them reestablish a stable infrastructure,” said Harrah. “We’re helping to rebuild schools, rebuild power plants, rebuild water plants. We’re trying to do many, many things to try and help make Afghanistan a stable place where people have the basic necessities of life so they can start to focus on politics and how to form a more democratic government and try to rule themselves better.” “All I can do is hope that whatever job I do, whether it’s ironing clothes or washing dishes or running a radar or carrying a rifle, makes a difference when the job is declared to be finished.”

their grades as a whole and on separate assignments. “This program is able to do so many things, but it’s what the district decides to do with it,” said Brian Price, business teacher and one of the trainers for this program.

It’s nice that I can put my grades in from home”

One feature that Infinite Campus can offer, is the ability to notice that if a student is counted absent in one class, that information can be sent to the office and a call or email to the parents can be made by the end of that class period. Because Infinite Campus is web-based, it will be Smartphone compatible, so that if a class is on a field trip with no computer access a teacher with a Smartphone can go to Infinite Campus and put in their attendance or any additional information. Along with for the sport coaches who are on the field. “It’s nice that I can put in my grades from home,” said Megan Ratkiewitz, home ec. teacher. eSIS was run by AEA and Infinite Campus will not. The district have upgrad-

ed their servers to hold everything for Infinite Campus so problems like the system going down won’t happen. “It’s going to be good for the school and teachers,” said long term business sub Ms. Tangen. “The technology aspect is nice and all of the different things.” Tangen especially likes that there are different classes just for the kids in sports so coaches can see all the grades of every kid in that sport. Five teachers - Steve Lyle, Brian Price, Jason Franzenburg, Lisa Harrington and Kerry Hatfield, along with Karen Cervantes, who is a new teacher for freshman Math from Sherrard - were selected to be the first ones to learn this new program to teach the other teachers and faculty how to use it. All West teachers met for the first time to learn the program on Dec. 8. “It’s hard to teach an old dog new tricks,” said business department head Steve Verdon. He believes with the new program, there are bound for things to go wrong with all teachers go to log on with all of their information on Jan. 4. Bettendorf and Clinton are the other schools in the area who are already using Infinite Campus. “My favorite things about Infinite Campus are that it helped me stay on top of my grades, it was super easy to use, and I had all my assignments right there,” said Andi Holdt, who transferred to West last year from Bettendorf.

News 3

photo by Kayla Mirfield

TEACHERS BEING STUDENTS - Chemistry teacher Melissa Trimble, left, teaches science department head Renee Lietz how to use Infinite Campus on Dec. 8 during the first teacher meeting at West. Two more meetings will be held. One on Dec. 14 to learn the more advanced things and another Jan. 3 which they will use all of their actual information from their classes.



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Student finds new rules easy to handle

Beak ‘n’ Eye

Friday, December 17, 2010

Foreign Exchange Students

‘We are just like everyone else’

Kamil Jamil, junior is making the most of his experience in America, traveling from with an open mind. “ When you get on the plane and realize that your all alone, it is a scary feeling,” said Jamil. “Not knowing who your going to be living with or what life will be like or if everyone will make fun and be mean towards you because your different is a really scary feeling.” The Roslie and Debe Dubberkly family is his host family. “They are awesome people they take you as their own.” He made friends quickly at West and soon joined the basketball team. Though he is involved he keeps his grades up high and can speak four languages; English, Urdu, Pashto and is taking Spanish. He can understand Hindi but can not speak or write it. “I came to America to show everyone that we are just like everyone else,” he said. “Life is pretty much the same. People thin that Pakistan is mostly dessert and we ride camels to school but it does snow and we have mountains. Just the people present themselves differently.” The biggest difference that Jamil noticed was the differences in the people. “In Pakistan, teens don’t date. They find one girl/boy and stay with them forever. And the social customs are a bit different. Children are more open to new ideas. The clothes and ideas are different. But the way that younger children act around adults is different. They don’t respect them as much as kids do in Pakistan.” Jamil came from an all boy military school. Kohat Boarding School picked the classes that you would take; you had to live on campus and had to have a specific hair cut. “It was one of the hardest schools to get into. I like that West is coed.” Jamil works hard in school and plans to come back to America for college, to attend Iowa State and go to become a doctor, just like both of his parents, who work in Saba Arabia. “I love everything about America. I miss my family and friends though. If anyone ever gets the chance to come to Pakistan, they really should. It is 4,500 years old and is a beautiful place.” Jamil came to America to learn and teach. He says he has learned so much and has greatly benefited from this experience but he has came here to teach the U.S that not all Pakistanis are bad and raise awareness to show that Pakistan isn’t that backwards. “In 8th grade I wanted to come to the U.S, it was a dream and I got it.”

Ricardo Martinez, senior, lives with the Thompson family, for the remander of the school year. He is just one of three foreign exchange students that West has. Ricardo is from Mexico and is living life to the fullest in America. “When I found out that I had the opportunity to come to America I was really excited,” he said. “I was amazed by everything from the food to the laws here.” In Mexico they have McDonalds and Subways but the food is made up differently. “Everything here is so greasy, and there is a variety,” Martinez said. “I love it.” Being a foreign exchange student gives the students very strict rules that they must follow. No one is allowed to smoke, drink, drive, or get a piercing or tattoo. For Martinez, being 18 in Mexico meant he was allowed to drink alcoholic beverages in moderation. Now that he’s in America, he isn’t allowed to do so. But Martinez says, “It is already really hard to get a job, if you get tattoos and piercings all over then it makes your ability to get a job slim to none.” Whether or not you are 16 or older you may not drive a vehicle. And for Martinez he is fine with that seeing in Mexico one may not obtain a license until they are 18 and can get their permit at 16. In the case of Ricardo Martinez when he found out that he was coming to America he was close to 17 and a half, making the cut off date for how old one may be to participate in the program coming up quickly, he then had to leave and come three months before the other two boys, Kamil Jamil, junior, and Abdallah Banishamsa, junior. Martinez has been in America since June 18. Martinez is enjoying his stay in America, “It is a once in a life time chance, I really wish my sister and brother and parents could come here. If I have the chance I would come back. It (America) is such an amazing country.” Martinez sees a huge difference in behavior of children, “The freshman are so immature and seem like they are looking for attention.” He likes to have fun and is involved in school activities. He participates in Cross country and likes to hang out with his friends. For Martinez its not all fun and games, he is currently taking Polish and already knows Spanish, English, and French. Martinez came from the biggest coed school in his state, with only 700 students. The one thing that he says he does not like about Iowa is the weather, “The coldest it gets in Mexico is maybe 50 degrees, and this is way to cold for me.”



Rules for exchange students

By Felicia Raymond

Student feels at ease with life in America By Felicia Raymond

Abdallah Banishamsa, junior, was selected from 400 students around the world to come to America and serve as a foreign exchange student. He has been in America for four months and finds things very different than his home country of West Bank, where the weather is never lower than 35 degrees and it snows once a year with a “very” hot summer. But there are some religious tensions and “country tensions.” At the beginning of his journey, he and another foreign exchange student, Kamil Jamil, junior, had to live in the same house. Money became tight and the host father lost his job, so they both had to relocate to new host families. Banishamsa now lives with the Alcala family; a host brother is Justin Alcala. “They have five kids, they were all really welcoming. I really like being there,” he said.,“It is great to be in America.” In his free time, Banishamsa likes to play his Xbox and video games and read. Also he plans to play on the soccer team in the spring. He is currently taking Spanish and already knows English and Arabic. “I like how America the sports are free to play and that you can get a permit at 14 and drivers license at 16. In West Bank it is the law that you can’t get your license until you are 18,” Banishamsa said. “I know that if they had the chance to come to America like I did they would love it as much as I do.” Banishamsa came from an all boy school of 400 students, where they were not allowed to choose their own classes. “I’m not sure what I want to go to college for yet,” he said. “but my father owns a curtain store, and my mother is a stayat home mother.” In West Bank they don’t have fast food restaurants. They eat more traditional food such as Sharwama, which is like beef and bread. Though foods are so different they still have some of the same movies that we have in America, such a as Harry Potter and Monsters Inc, they are played in English but for the people who do not know English there are subtitles. “”The only thing I do not like about America is that some students bully others, but for the most part I love everything about America. It is such a great place and I couldn’t have asked for a better wish.”

Learn a Language

“I am from Pakistan, I am a Pakistaini and I love being in America” -Kamil Jamil

“Me encanta America y sobre todo las chicas americanas.”

(I love America and all of the American girls.) -Ricardo Martinez

For three West students, life in America was only a dream, until one day they found out that they had the chance to come to America. The freedom that the citizens of the United States take for granted everyday was something they could only hope for. For Kamil Jamil, junior, Ricardo Martinez, senior, and Adballah Banishmsa, junior, having this opportunity was a chance of a lifetime. But first they had to be interviewed and chosen from everyone else who put in an application. In the end, 400 students were chosen form 72 countries. Every two moths each student receives $250 to spend. Being away from home and family is tough for anyone, but as a foreign exchange student a host family supports and cares for the student. As well as the ‘house’ rules there are rules that they must follow. No ‘life changing’ decisions. One may not have a job, drive, smoke, drink, and get any part of the body pierced or tattooed. “The fact that I can go somewhere with my friend and just hang out and be kids is the best freedom to me,” said Martinez. Home back home for these men isn’t exactly what we think it is. Jamil came to America to show us that Pakistanis are not “freaks” and that they are just like us. He wants to show West the ways of his culture as well as learn ours. Adballah came here for the experience. “It is a once in a life time experience and I wouldn’t have changed it for the world,” said Adballah. “I feel really lucky to be here. This is something that I will never forget and if I have the chance I would for sure come back.” “A year really isn’t enough time,” said Jamil. “I will come back some day.”

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About the author

By Sarah Buffenbarger

• Joanne Kathleen, other wise known as J K Rowling, is the author of all seven Harry Potter novels and three other books pertaining to the Harry Potter series.

By Felicia Raymond

By Felicia Raymond

Leisure 5

Beak ‘n’ Eye

Friday, December 17, 2010

• When Rowling was young she knew a boy with the surname of Potter. His mother has claimed they used to dress up as wizards and he says he is the Harry Potter, but JK denies these reports. • At the age of fifteen, her mother was diagnosed with Multiple

Sclerosis. By 1990, at the age for forty five, she had passed away. That changed both her and Harry’s life forever. The feelings Harry feels about his dead parents become deeper and a lot more real once Rowling actually knows what it feels like to lose her mother. • Rowling began her long journey of creating the life of Harry Potter on a train ride back home from a weekend with her boyfriend, who ceased to be her boyfriend on the said train ride. In the next five years she would accomplish to plan out the plot lines for the rest of the books.

Why teens love Harry By Sarah Buffenbarger

There is a little magic in everyone. However, magic is portrayed slightly differently in Harry Potter than that of the kind we can pull off in the real world, but that is part of the appeal. That is why thousands of kids, teenagers, and adults flock to the theatres for every premiere. Making $24 million on its opening night, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Pt. 1 surprised all of us once more. “I believe that something as big as this phenomenon should be viewed as more than just a movie,” said junior Audri Lissy. “The reason why Harry Potter means so much to me is because the idea of it is bigger than all of us and it easily brings a lot of people together, that maybe wouldn’t normally be friends.” Because the story line is so addicting, the popularity of Mrs. Rowling’s stories increasingly grow more popular. Flying, casting spells, and producing potions are some of the major things these teenagers can do. “It’s probably the coolest thing ever,” is what senior Jamie Johnson said about both the books and movies. “Just the fact that someone could one day think to themselves, ‘hm, I’m going to write a story about a wizard and his problems,’ and have it turn out to be this huge is incredible.” Every character is very different in this series, and watching them grow up has been one of the reasons why fans have stuck around. “My favorite character is Ron Weasley,” said senior

What’s next in the series?

Kayla Mirfield. “He is so pathetically funny it reminds me of teenage boys in real life.” “Dobby is my favorite character,” said senior Zac Skinner. “He looks funny and everything he says is funny. And I’ve always wanted a house elf.” Teenagers relate to the problems portrayed in the plot, so they have become extremely attached to the characters themselves. Waiting for the next movie is sort of like waiting to see what happens in your own little world. The final movie comes out July 15, 2011. That may seem like forever away for some people, but it is the end, and when it finally comes it is going to be extremely heart breaking. “I’m both nervous and excited for the next movie,” said senior Zack Bruce. “It’s the end, so that makes it sad, but I really want to see what happens next.” The reason senior Zachary Ortiz thinks teenagers mostly like it is, “Just for the excitement, most kids probably wish they could do that stuff that Harry and his friends can do, so it intrigues them.” Because this is one of the last editions of the Harry Potter marvel, some people have become distraught. “It is sad that Harry Potter is ending because it is part of our childhood and that means we might actually be forced to grow up and face our own fears rather than watch the fictional characters handle their own,” relates Justin Stites. So thanks to JK Rowling and her immense imagination, people are connected all over the world.

What about Harry Potter intrigues you?

“I really like Harry because he has nice hair and I like his glasses. I think i’m going to marry him.” Mari Heincy, junior

For Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows there is a Part 2 that comes out July 15, 2011. The end begins as Harry, Ron, and Hermione go back to Hogwarts to find and destroy Voldemort’s final horcruxes. But when Voldemort finds out about their mission, the biggest battle begins and life as they know it will never be the same. Will it be in 3-D? What will Radcliffe look like as forty in the film’s much-discussed epilogue? Plenty of questions are yet to be answered. As for JK Rowling, her new project she is working on is a detective novel and a Harry Potter Encyclopedia.

XBox 360 Kinect

Kinect is a fun way to bring games and entertainment to life without using a controller. Controller free means full body play and Kinect responds to how you move; so no matter what, you already know how to play. Imagine being able to control a game system using the sound of your voice or the wave of your hand. The Kinect lets technology disappear, letting the unique talent of all of us show. The Kinect allows you to control the menus with voice commands that work at a normal volume and tone of voice, almost all the time. The Dance Central game is very fun for having goofy dance-offs with friends. Unfortunately, the launch titles for Dance Central feel more like tech demos than complete games. With Kinect, you have to be at least four feet away for it to operate which takes up a lot of room if you have a small living room.


Eminem: Recovery

With “Not Afraid” as the confessional single that makes his new album inspirational, Eminem decides to steer himself to a change in a new direction. In this track, he admits that last year’s Relapse was not very much acceptable, as well as calling himself out. Eminem goes for a new setting that leads him to a new refreshing perspective. Despite the hooks focus on restoring a corrupted state, the rest of Recovery reintroduces the new Slim Shady.


Main characters


HARRY POTTER Along with being the main character in the book, Harry is the leader of the group, if you will. He is the ‘Chosen One’ and everything that is happening to Ron and Hermione is because of what happened to Harry as a baby. He is a risk taker and he doesn’t feel right when his friends insist that they stand by his side.

RON WEASLEY Ron has been Harry’s best friend since their first year at Hogwarts. He has always been able to make situations awkward and seems to mess everything up. Ron is incredibly clumsy and rarely thinks before he speaks. But above all, he is loyal to Harry and will never leave his side.

HERMIONE GRANGER Hermione was not accepted by Ron in the very beginning. Ron thought that she was just stuck up, but really she was just doing the only thing she knew how. Being from a muggle born household, meaning both of her parents were non wizarding folk, meant she had to study twice as hard as everyone else, dubbing her as the smart one. Hermione is incredibly talented and Ron and Harry would be lost without her.

“It is suspenseful with a good story line and has many cilffhangers that will leave you wanting more.” Bailey Kraft, senior



Omar Tyree: Leslie

Tyree’s book Leslie is an American tale of struggle and hope, of defiance in the face of the overwhelming odds. The Leslie of the title is the name of chief protagonist in this novel. The story revolves around four best friends and female students of Dillard University. Leslie Beaude happens to be the most focused and self controlled of the four. However, certain aspects of her attitude to life threaten to ruin her career prospects, and in the end, ruin everything for her.

What do you dislike?

“The story really doesn’t interest me, but Harry Potter has nice style.” Paige Clark, junior

Photos by Sarah Buffenbarger

What to do over Winter Break

Get Your Game On Dec. 1-29

Every Wednesday at 3 p.m. at the Davenport Public Library located on Fairmount Street, 3000 N. Come and have video-gaming fun. Contact (563) 326-7893 for more info.

UneXpected Dec. 31

9 p.m.- 1a.m. at Van’s Pizza, Harrison Street, Davenport. Contact 9563)-5084110 for more info.

Tannenbaum Forest Dec. 19

Dozens of decorated live Christmas trees fill the 100 year old Festhalle Barn. Enjoy the 17 foot tall German Christmas pyramid. Live animated storybook characters, nativity scene and Santa, of course. Contact Amana colonies at 1-800-579-2294 for more information.

Facing Dea h



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Friday, December 17, 2010

Putting death into perspective By Krista Johnson

Dylan Mitchell: A junior at West High School, a wrestler, a baseball player, a teenager; sounds like a pretty average boy, who can be described by any of the above. However, after losing his mother and two younger sisters, it seems those above descriptions are irrelevant. For Dylan, life and death became connected when his mother and two younger sisters passed in a tragic head-on collision with another car last May on Kimberly Road. The two young girls and their mother left the Mitchell home, and just shortly after leaving their car collided with another family’s, and the two girls of the Mitchell family were pronounced dead at the scene, while their mother passed shortly after at the hospital. Life after death for those who lose a loved one is to say the least, hard. Learning how to continue on and figure out who you want to be or how you want to live your life is something so many have to do. Sometimes our culture can make it difficult to appreciate the life of a loved one, but instead focus on a death solely as tragedy. “I did feel some hostility towards the other driver at first,” said Dylan, but quickly that

changed. He now feels that believing in Christ and knowing they are in a better place and no longer have to feel the hurt of the world helps most. In Western cultures, so many inevitably avoid the thought of death as a fact of life, even when it is put in front of them. Funerals are disliked instead of enjoyed. The funeral process usually includes a short visitation where people offer their condolences to the family of the departed then a closing ceremony where people say their final goodbyes. This experience is meant to be uplifting, to allow people the capability of rejoicing in the life of their loved one, yet the thought of a funeral is painfully scary for many. Many view life as a straight line, beginning with birth, ending at death, explains Barbara Lipnick, AP Spanish teacher. She explains in Mexican cultures, life is viewed as a circle, birth and death being completely connected. “People embrace death and think of it as a part of life,” says Lipnick. For example, in Mexico, the deaths of loved ones are celebrated with The Day of the Dead, a holiday that embraces the lives of

ancestors by throwing parties, offering gifts to the dead, and enjoying life with the loved ones you still have. Traditions such as these show that although a special person is no longer here, the life they lived can still be remembered. “I view their deaths as both

I view their deaths as both as tragedy and a blessing”

tragedy and a blessing,” said Mitchell. “It’s a tragedy because a life has been lost, but it’s a blessing at the same time. So many people stepped out of their way to help, like with charities, when we were in a time of need. And all of our rejoicing of the great lives they lived.” All throughout history, time after time, people show that death can be handled in a positive way or in a negative. On 9/11 many Americans suffered from the attacks that caused the deaths of thousands. The country as a whole felt vulnerable, weak, and hurt; however, the country came together to help each other and build the reputation the United States of America once

had. “It seems like it takes a tragedy for people to appreciate life,” says Rhonda Schmidt, West High parent. So death can be viewed as a tragedy, an end, an utterly painful experience. Or it can be viewed as a fact of life to live by and learn from. It all depends on what is taken out of it. “If you wake up everyday thinking your days are numbered and this could be your last, you’re probably not going to take life for granted,” says Lipnick. “You’ll be kind to the people you love, and lead a self-examined life.” As for Dylan, he’s doing what he can to stay positive and joyful about the life ahead. “I believe it changed me in a better way in saying it showed me everyday is a blessing and can be taken away…I look at it as my sisters never had to feel the hurt you do as you grow up, such as a bad boyfriend, they never had to deal with the major let downs of life.” Life is obviously more meaningful to Dylan. Being a wrestler, a baseball player, and a teenager are important, and making the most out of each one is necessary. “Live everyday to the fullest, as if it’s your last, because everyday you wake up is a blessing,” says Dylan Mitchell.

Dr. Elisabeth Kubler-Ross published her book Death and Dying in 1969, which described in detail her beliefs on the feelings experienced after a loss, and how to cope with them. This was the first time work had been published over the topic of death and many people reacted in an understanding and positive way. After publishing her work, Ross spent much time having workshops and speaking to audiences. Her beliefs were widely accepted and practiced by other psychiatrists. Ross went on to influence the development of hospice care. In the 1980’s Ross began working to help babies born with AIDS. She went on to open Healing Waters, a 300acre farm in Virginia to serve as a hospice for the children. However, local residents fought this due to fear of

infection and blocked the re-zoning. Ross later experienced a personal tragedy when her home was destroyed by a fire, which some speculate was arson due to opponents of her work with AIDS patients. In 2007, Elisabeth Kubler-Ross was inducted into The National Women’s Hall of Fame, a few years after her death on August 24, 2004. The grief model published by Elisabeth Kubler-Ross is explained as:

1. DENIAL - a conscious or unconscious refusal to accept facts used as a defense mechanism after a traumatic change. While some people become locked in this stage, death of course is not particularly easy to avoid indefinitely. 2. ANGER - It can be expressed in many different ways.

Photo by Krista Johnson

Mortician says he doesn’t take life for granted Dave Warren demonstrates how he prepares a body for viewing as part of his career as a Mortician at Runge Funeral Home.

By Andi Holdt

Art is his passion, the dead are his canvas. Runge Funeral Home’s Mortician and Funeral director Dave Warren has made a career with art in a place most would like to avoid. Warren has made a career out of remaking the faces for the initial showing of the dead. The presentation of the body is a sensitive matter, he said. “The bodies communicate with their families. Their face, hands, even their casket. The face needs to look pleasant. It’s my job to make them look at peace with the world. Their hands need to be placed where they look comfortable, and the casket can’t make them look squished. The family will see this and let go easier than if their loved one looked distressed while they should be resting.” This line of work may require long days and odd hours. He never knows how many bodies will be sent his way. Once a death has taken place, he needs to quickly begin the process of embalming (to treat the body with chemicals or drugs to slow decay). “When dealing with a body that has either been hit, shot, or any other type of disfigurement, the art skills really pay off. You spend hours trying to reconstruct the face to make it recognizable to the families again.” Warren uses makeup and pictures to remake the face of a loved one that has been disfigured. The amount of disfigurement influences the hours that Warren is required to

work. He uses makeup, embalming, and sometimes even wax to make the face normal again. After working in the environment for some years, most would assume it would become easier seeing the families mourn over their loved ones. “You feel like crying with an infant or a child. But you need to keep a clinical distance. They need to deal with it on their own.” When most think of death they want to celebrate the life spent, but Warren believes it is also very important to grieve. Warren feels that it is better to get a lot of grieving over at the funeral rather than holding back the tears. He said it’s important to celebrate the life spent as well, but he feels that society unfortunately hides their grief. He also sees a lot of loved ones plan their own funeral. “They do this a lot. One thing to remember with this though is that the funeral is about you, but not FOR you. Let the family decide some.” Dealing with the sad images and unease everyday would have its effects on some. Warren said that his way to deal with all this was to do what he enjoys. His personal hobby is to go canoeing. “Canoeing and being in nature really reinforces your spiritual side. Makes you regain your roots.” Most people dread going to funerals, let alone working in that environment every day. For Warren, he doesn’t view it as a bad thing. He feels it shows him every day that he needs to live life to the fullest.

Religion treats death in many different ways By Krista Johnson

Cultural and religious views play a huge part in the way people look at the death and handle the death of a loved one. All religions have their own set of beliefs on how one should live their life and how their death should be handled. Differences such as cremation and burial arise, and some rituals are required, depending on the religion of the deceased and their family.


In Christianity, a person is guided by the word of the Bible, and believes in Jesus Christ as their savior, who will come to them again by taking them to heaven, a place for the afterlife that serves to provide complete happiness, once their time has arrived. Christians also believe those who do not follow the guidelines of the bible and the ten commandments Jesus Christ said all should live by, will instead be doomed to damnation, or hell, a place that serves as complete misery. Christians often practice funeral where loved ones gather and pray for the one who has passed, which either a burial or cremation will follow.


Photo by Andi Holdt

Many view a burial site as place to reconnect with the departed. A tomb stone serves a the mark of their resting place. Signs of respect and affection are sometimes shown through placing flowers at a loved one’s resting place.

Grief model displays emotions of losing loved one By Krista Johnson

Focus 7

Beak ‘n’ Eye

Friday, December 17, 2010

People dealing with a traumatic change can be angry with themselves, and/or others, especially those close to them.

Top 5 leading causes of death in the U.S.

3. BARGAINING - In dealing with death, one who is facing death may find themselves bargaining with whatever God they believe in, such as “I will change…”. Those who have experience a loss, sometimes bargain in the form of “I wish it were me…”.

1. 2. 3. 4.

5. ACCEPTANCE - This is different for each person but generally means a person has reached some resolution with their loss and readjustment to their lives.

SOURCE: Center for Disease Control

4. DEPRESSION - It can be in the form of sadness, regret, fear, uncertainty, ect. Shows that a person is at least coming to term with the facts.

Heart Disease Cancer Stroke Chronic lower respiratory diseases 5. Accidents

Islamic followers believe in one God, who is named Allah. Allah is the creator of man, and Mohamed was the founder of Islam, who is viewed as a prophet, or messenger of Allah. When one dies, the family performs a funeral then is required to bury the loved one in a certain manner, which includes them being buried, laying on their right side in order to face the direction of Makkah. Stones are allowed to be placed to mark the burial; however no inscriptions are allowed on the stones. Family members are then responsible for paying any debts of the dead. Like Christianity, Muslims believe you will be faced with either a paradise, or hell.


Before I die I’d like to...

“I want to learn hebrew.” -Barbara Lipnick, Foreign Language

“Climb Mt. McKinley with my family.” -Bob Gill, Physical Education

“Go to every continent “Go back to Japan for a because I’ve already been to visit, it’s been a while.” three.” -Donna Munger, - Megan Ratkiewicz, Freshman Counselor FSC “I want to finish building a house in Spain.” -Patrick Shoemaker, Foreign Language

“I would like to go to Alaska, see whales and climb Mt. Denali, not to the top, but part way up.” -Renne Lietz, Science

In Hinduism, believers look at death as a new beginning, not an end in any way. Hinduism promotes the idea of reincarnation, where after death your soul will go on and be reborn to a new body. Death is known as a temporary cessation of physical activity. Hindus do not practice burials, all who pass are cremated. This is to release the element of their soul that will be passed on to a different body. Before cremation, rituals like washing the body, carrying through town on a wooden stretcher to the community cremation grounds, then cremated usually by the eldest son.


Judaism followers live by the Torah, a book of beliefs and guidance from their one God. The book of Torah focus’s more on life on Earth, than the afterlife, and how one must fulfill their duties to God and fellow man. Jewish people do believe in an afterlife, however do not focus on the difference of heaven and hell, but more so that your actions will either allow one to become very close to god after death, or the exact opposite.

Ghost Dance

One Native American religion is referred to as the Ghost Dance religion. The religion stated that a new world would emerge for all Native Americans, even those who had already died, so all could live together without suffering. In order to reach this, all were to live honestly and shun the life of whites, especially drinking. Instead of mourning the dead, because they would soon be resurrected, all were to practice meditation, prayer, singing, and dancing. The practice of this religion by one tribe eventually led to the massacre of the Sioux, because they thought their ghost dance shirts could stop bullets.

Each religion has their own spin on how a death needs to be handled. What comes directly after a death, and what occurs to the body in the afterlife is subject to belief and opinion.

“Invent something to make cash and help others.” - Jason Franzenberg, Technology “I want to visit the Lost coast in California before I die.” -Kyle Fox, Physical Education

“I would want to go to Greece because I’ve been very intrigued and interested by ancient Greece since I was a small child. I want to go see where Homer hung out.” - Jeff Herm, Social Studies





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8 Sports

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Friday, December 17, 2010

Friday, December 17, 2010

Sports 9

Beak ‘n’ Eye

Boys basketball stays on a roll

DEFENSE! Future girls varsity basketball team practices a play layed out by coach Salidino. They won their last game with a score of 457.

By Chase David

Bundling up for SnowStar Teens hit the slopes at local ski resort

By Brianna Bellman

Cold wind burn on your cheeks, the warmth of snow melting on your skin, the look of similar snowflakes falling from the sky, the feeling of your feet going over bumps and the warm hot chocolate that you drink after coming inside from snowboarding. In Andalusia, Illinois, Snowstar is the “hotspot” when it comes to snowboarding, skiing, or even sledding. Last Saturday, a dozen of West students hung out at Snowstar. Senior, Ryan Ellenberg says “Skiing can be good exercise and it’s a good way to get outside and do something.” He has been skiing since he was five years old. Being in shape helps better to bounce back but you don’t need to be in shape to snowboard or ski. It actually helps because you won’t tire so easily. For beginner snowboarders and skiers there the little dipper and big dipper. The darkside hill has forty inch rails, kickers, and even a lift tower that was caught in a black hole and is now embedded deep in the ground for advanced. Senior Jake Lambrecht says this was his second year of snowboarding but he has rented before. He does not enter any competitions but he would like to this year. Sam Slagle, junior, says “It is really fun to be out there with

your friends and mess around for a few hours. My favorite trick that I made up is the Slagle Micmac. It is where you take off your snowboard in mid air and put it back on before you land. It is a great way to exercise in the winter.” If you are skiing or snowboarding for the first time the first thing they would most likely teach you is how to carve, stop, slowdown, just mostly basics. Carving is when you travel at a moderate speed and you’re able to turn with you skis close together. The edges of your skis “carve” the snow. Which is harder, its kind of a toss up. “Skiing is easier to learn than snowboarding but doing tricks on the skiis are harder to do than snowboarding.” says Ellenberg. Snowboarding can also result in accidents. Statistically the damage is similar to bicycling or tennis. Skiing is fun but also can have some downsides. Ellenberg says “One time I was going sideways on a rail, totally biffed on the rail, and landed on my side. Another time I went over a jump way too far and face planted in the snow going downhill.” Lambrecht says “One time Josh Hillman and I were going down hill and I flew, shooting down from another hill. We both were going at the same speed and Josh ran into the back of me. He hit me so hard that we got blood taste in our mouths and our goggles fell off.” Wind burn is also another factor that can cause injury if out in the cold too long. “It hurts like a sun burn and some one slapping you on the sun burn.”


By Erin Pershall

In the fall and winter seasons, some West students are finding fun and excitement with hunting. Senior, Sydne James said, “Hunting is something fun that I can go out and do. It’s something fun and somewhat out of the ordinary. It’s also something I do with my dad, just the two of us. In some sense it brings us closer.” James has been interested in hunting since she was little. “My first hunt was when I was about 9 (years old). My dad and I got all bundled up on Christmas Eve morning and headed out to pheasant hunt. After my dad shot two and our dog retrieved them my dad placed them in the pockets on my vest and I was SO horrified. Looking back now I can’t help but laugh. Hunting has always been something my family has done and I guess that’s what got me interested. Once I got over my experience, I always wanted to go,” James said. Since then, James has hunted deer, geese, duck, and pheasant. She uses use a Knight Muzzleloader with a red dot scope for hunting deer, and for anything else uses a Benelli Supernova 12 gauge shotgun. For James, hunting is thrilling, “It’s a


Price tag:

● Skis $299.95 ● Snowboard $150.00 ● Duffle Bag $25.95 ● Goggles $39.95 ● Helmet $29.95 ● Ski Poles $29.95 ● Sunglasses $18.00 ● Gloves or Mittens $29.95 ● Sweater or fleece $80.00 ● Socks $20.00 ● Pants $205.00 ● Coat $319.19 ●Hat $20.00


●Hand / Foot Warmers $3.99 ●Lip Balm $1.99 ●Sunscreen / Windblock $3.99 Photos by Brianna Bellman

SNOWBOARDING - Jake Lambrecht snowboards down the hills at snowstar opening weekend. says Lambrecht. To prevent getting wind burn put on lotion before you go out into the cold weather. Behind the scenes, Ed Meyer, manager of snow star explains how snow is made. They make snow when water vapor cools to being condensed and changes into a liquid or solid. When it gets to be cold enough outside, that vapor condenses into tiny ice crystals. Snowstar spends a lot of

money on electrical and water bills. They spend about $15,000 per month and it takes about 82,000 gallons of water with 33 snow guns to cover a 200- by 200- ft area. The gift shop offers rental gear such as hats, gloves, goggles, helmets and other accessories that are available for you to browse. T-shirts, sweatshirts, face-masks, helmet and other accessories are also for purchase.

Senior shows her skill at hunting deer

major adrenaline rush! For deer hunting my dad does the whole shebang; trail cameras, food plots and what not. It’s awesome watching the deer grow throughout the year and then get out there and actually get your chance for a shot at one,” James said. James usually hunts with her dad and some of his friends, sometimes her cousin come with them. They mainly hunt in Mt. Sterling Iowa. “We hunt on about 200 acres down there that includes a pond and an 80 acre lake,” James said. When James goes deer hunting she has her morning routine all planed out. “I usually get up around 4:30 and eat a big breakfast. Then I make a lunch and try to make it so it won’t make too much noise when I’m in the (tree) stand. Then I get dressed, we keep all of our clothes and accessories in scent lock bags so the deer won’t smell a thing. After getting dressed I head to the stand using a headlamp to guide my way since its super dark. I climb into my stand and basically stay ALL day long until its dark that

night. If I shoot anything during the day I call my dad and let him know. I clean it and then go get the quad and take it back to the barn,” James said. James’s friends are all supportive of her hunting. “All of my friends are very supportive of me hunting. Some of them even hunt themselves!” James favorite ‘prize’ is the doe that she acquired last year. “The first time I shot a deer when I was all alone. No one was in my stand with me, was my favorite,” James said. “One shot dropped her on the spot. I went and got the quad and went back to the barn with it (the doe) on the back. When the guys got back I was sitting there ready to clean it.” This year James got two geese and a doe. “We actually eat the meat, we don’t waste it.” James recommends teens to hunt. “It’s fun and something out of the ordinary to do. They might not even see anything their first time, you just got to stick with it. You might feel a little sad after you shoot your first animal but afterwards it is a big reward!”

Skiing Terms

● Carving - digging the ski/snowboard’s edge into packed snow in order to turn. ● Figure Eleven: The tracks left by a skier who makes no turns. ● Headwall: A steep cliff, usually the uppermost part of a cirque. ● Jib: Combination of tricks on skis or a snowboard. ● Kick Turn: An about-face turn while lifting one ski and reversing its direction, followed by the other ski.

SWISH! - Freshman Derek Nylyn polishes up his skills.

The boys basketball team is on a roll as they keep moving up in the ranks and take their record to 4-0. This is their best start since 1994. The players are working very hard to get better all the time. They have friends on and off the court and it give them better chemistry. It also helps them know who they are playing with. The team’s starters are Nat Gaston, Joe Scott, Darren Stringfellow, Nate Wells, and Patrick Wright. The teams’ top reserves are Demetrius Butler, Jordan Hughes, and Cole Tatge. One of the teams key players is Joe Scott, who is averaging over 17 points a game. Another key player is Nate Wells, he is averaging a little over 13 points a game and he already has 13 blocks in the past three games. He is also averaging four rebounds a game. “The best thing about the team is that they work their hardest throughout the entire game and they don’t ever give up. If they make a mistake, they know that they have to fix it and improve upon it,” said Coach Mark Bigler. Compared to last year, the falcons have gained a lot more experience. “They have all around fundamentals and are getting much better at the game”, says Coach Mark Bigler. Most of the players have invested a lot of their time over the off-season playing basketball to improve and make this year a better year. Their four wins have come from Bettendorf, Cedar Rapids Washington ,who is ranked 4th in state, Cedar Rapids Prairie and Iowa City High School.

“It’s a great accomplishment knowing that we gave it our best out on the floor!” By Brianna Bellman

“State went very well,” says coach Lisa Schmidt. “The team received second in kick, forth in hip hop, and 6th in pom.” The team also received trophies for their second and fourth place finishers, a division one plaque for their sixth place finish, and as Academic Distinguishment plaque for having a team G.P.A between 3.5 and 4.0. There were 217 Iowa high school dance teams that competed at the state completion. There were approximately 550 different routines that were performed over the two days of competition. The girls were judged on appearance, choreogra-

phy/content, execution, technique, and general effect/showmanship. The awards are broken up by the style of dance and size of school. “Last year West High placed for the first time in school history and this year we placed the highest in school history”said Schmidt. The team prepared in a lot of different ways for the competition. “The team cardio and weight trains starting over the summer. We practice four times a week after school and in November they also have two-a-day practices. We video tape the routines and spend time watching them and finding parts that need work” says Schmidt. The dance team takes all of the girls to state but only twelve out of the eighteen are able to dance. Tryouts are required to have a guaranteed spot on the state team. It is a big deal to these girls. State week is one of the most stressful and fun weeks out of the month of December. “State was amazing this year, the team worked hard preparing for it and it showed in the end. We also had a great time bonding and definitely

‘We have improved immensely since our first game, but there’s still a long way to go’

able to bring home the win. The girl’s next game is against Central. Saladino feels they have an opportunity to do well by “doing what you need to do and playing hard.” Senior Kara Shutters expresses her excitement as well; “The boys and girls are getting a W.”

Photo contributed by Lisa Schmidt

became more of a family” said senior Tessa Johnson, one of the team captains. “Some fun things the team does before state are team dinners and

FACES Nate Wells (Left), Sydney Fenner (Middle), and Zack Bruce (Right)

By Cody Lewis

HUNTING - Sydney James is with her doe that shows her pride for hunting.

For the girls basketball team, the season hasn’t gone too well. Standing with a record of 1-7, Coach Steve Saladino admits his girls’ knowledge of fundamentals is lacking. “The weakest part of the team is shooting and scoring,” said Saladino. “We are a work in progress. The girls are working hard, but it will take time…I see improvement, we improved immensely since our first game, but there’s still a long way to go,” said Saladino. Last Friday and Saturday the girls faced Bettendorf and Rock Island. While the girls played well, explains Saladino, they weren’t

GO TEAM GO! - Dance girls traveled to Des Moines to compete with schools around the state and to represent West.

Athletes to play in college

Photo contributed by Eric James

By Krista Johnson

Dance team places for second year in a row

COMPILED BY: Brianna Bellman SOURCE:

“Hunting is something fun that I can go out and do.”

Girls struggle with shooting Photo by Heather Hayes

Three west athletes plan to play sports for a college team. Nate Wells is going to Bradley University. That is a D-1 and a very popular college in Illinois. He is going there for both an academic and basketball scholarship. He got into Bradley by hard work and a lot of dedication. He has also looked at other colleges like Augustana, West Point, and Western Illinois. He has been playing basketball since he was in seventh grade. He believes that his team works very well together and, “they like going for the win.” Last year for basketball Nate Wells had 125 blocks in the season. Sydney Fenner is going to St. Ambrose University to play football And he is doing track. He got into St. Ambrose by working hard and pushing himself for all four years of high school. He has also looked at Clark University; however he decided to attend St. Ambrose. He has been in both sports since he was in the sixth grade. He likes how it keeps him in shape and how it teaches him self discipline, hard work, and

teamwork. He has mad some clubs for lifting, and Made it to Drake relays for track, and Rushed for 210 yards his senior year and only participated in six out of the nine games this year. Zack Bruce is not fully decided on were he wants to go. He is considering to Attend Upper Iowa. He is going to play football but he is undecided if he wants to run track as well. All of these scholarships want him because his entire season turned out a plus and, “my wonderful Coach Moiser put in a good word for me,” said Bruce about his football coach. He has also looked at other colleges such as Ellsworth, Iowa Central, Cornell and Loras. He has been playing football since seventh grade and track since eighth. He likes hitting people and getting hit in football. Bruce saying that, “It gets me jacked,” describes how he feels while dominating the football field. He did excellent his senior year for football, he rushed for 855 yards this season, went to state for track the last two years.

secret sister week,” explains Schmidt. “Secret sister week is the week of state and its meant to motivate and to get the team excited. The secret sis-

ters decorate their ‘sisters’ locker, give them a healthy and unhealthy snack, a good luck charm, and an inspirational letter.” “I love secret sister week” exclaims Amber Yaddof, one of the team captains. “I think it’s a great way to get us excited for state. State is always one of my highlights of the year. The practices up till state are really hard. It’s a great accomplishment knowing that we gave it our best out on the floor!” Community service is something the dance team does to give back to the community. They have made cards for the troops, taught dance at a church bible school, entertained at Walcott day and at the Preeclampsia walk in Davenport. They donated items to Toys for Tots, and made baby blankets to donate to Edgerton Woman’s Shelter. You can see the dance team perform their number of dances at the upcoming basketball games and at school pep rallies. Be sure to show up and cheer ‘em on!

West pins down losses By Cody Lewis

The falcon’s wrestlers are starting off a bit bumpy this season. After losing their first two dual meets. Their main goal is to improve their overall attitude. “They need to be tougher,” said Heilman. “They need to be able to deal with it personally, and turn negatives into positives. We can not just talk the talk; we have to walk the walk,” Heilman said. “Personally I think we are getting better at believing in the team as a whole. We support each other better as a team now as well and I like that a lot.” The first dual against Pleasant Valley was pretty tough with West only winning a couple of matches. But by the way it’s been going the team has most defiantly stepped it up. The team traveled to UT (United Township) for a double dual against UT and Davenport Assumption. Heilman claims “The team didn’t wrestle aggressive enough against Assumption the score was 74-6. The sec-

ond dual we wrestled in was pretty good overall but UT still got the win. The team has to head out tomorrow for Fort Dodge for a pretty tough tournament but I have faith in my boys,” said Heilman. Heilman thinks the team is physically ready. “I think we are doing well physically. We are strong; we are just as strong if not stronger than the boys we are wrestling,” Heilman said. “We need to keep on improving we can not afford to take any steps backwards.” There are a couple of falcon wrestlers that are doing pretty well. Reid Herrig the 152 pound wrestler for varsity is 7-1, and Randy Mcphee is undefeated, he is he is 7-0. They have other wrestlers doing exceptionally well like, Bryce Lightner at 135 pounds, Jared Degeeter at 140 pounds, and Dylan Mitchell at 130 pounds. Heilman claims “The team didn’t wrestle aggressive enough against Assumption. The second dual we wrestled in was pretty good overall but UT still got the win. The team has to head out tomorrow for

Photo by Krista Johnson

TAKE DOWN - Randy Mcphee and Caleb Cousino learn techniques in practice.

Fort Dodge for a pretty tough tournament but I have faith in my boys” Heilman said. Heilman shows excitement for the Urbandale wrestling Tournament on January 22nd. “I am excited for the Urbandale Tournament. Some of the best wrestling teams in the state of Iowa are going to be there, and I like the idea of that better talent and action for my wrestlers.”



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10 Voice

Beak ‘n’ Eye

Friday, December 17, 2010

Letter to the editor

Art by Vinh Nguyen

TSA regulations need revision

During the time of year when air travel should be booming, many Americans are hesitating to take the trip. This hesitation is the result of new security regulations that the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has put into effect. These regulations include the choice between an enhanced pat-down procedure and scanners that can see through clothes. While the idea behind the regulations is commendable, medical and privacy concerns suggest a dire need for revision and repair. New pat-downs have created an uproar over privacy. Unlike the old pat downs, which required the back of the hand to be used on sensitive areas of the human body, officials are now encouraged to use fingertips and palms of hands to search out dangerous objects. One can imagine that this may feel a violating, especially to victims of sexual assault. According to PNC Minnesota, one woman was traumatized by the experience. “He cupped and patted my crotch with his palm…He also cupped and then squeezed my breasts…I feel like I was being raped. There’s no way I can fly again.” Around the country, people are dis-

turbed by these pat downs, and the sad part is that these are the alternative measures. According to the TSA website, pat downs are to be given as a replacement to an even bigger controversy. Advanced Imaging Technology (AIT) scanners have been placed in 68 American Airports, and more are coming. These scanners can see through clothes in order to detect hidden items on a person. The concept of exposing one’s nudity to another goes against the religions of many, and it leads one to wonder. Are we to abandon our rights at the airport doors? Is this the only way? The debate doesn’t stop at religion, either. According to Medical News Today and Technology Review, the radiation used to produce the images can have detrimental medical effects. Right now, there are two types of scanners: Backscatter (uses Xrays) and Millimeter (uses T-rays). The Backscatter units are said to be perfectly safe, because they emit a tiny burst of radiation. However, if there is even a small programming glitch, the burst can become a potent shot. This can cause radiation burns, or a high chance of cancer.

Millimeter units present an even more disconcerting problem. The T-rays (formally called Terahertz waves) require a low level of radiation and energy, causing many to believe that they are perfectly harmless. However, new research suggests that the lasting effects of the T-rays “Unzip double-stranded DNA, creating bubbles in the double strand that could significantly interfere with processes such as gene expression and DNA replication.” This is a terrifying conclusion. Of course, if Aunt Mildred only receives a visit once a year, these regulations shouldn’t be a problem; but if you go through these scanners often, you could be getting more than frequent flier miles. Many say that these regulations are simply necessary to keep our country safe. This is understandable, but compromising our medical and personal security is too much of a price to fly in secure skies. Even reverting to the old pat down procedure and seeking different scanning technologies would be a step in the right direction. Protecting our citizens is very important, but protection cannot take the place of American rights.

To have all American students skilled in reading and math by 2014, the Bush administration revised the Elementary and Secondary Education Act into the No Child Left Behind Act. The Act’s defining feature is standardized testing as a means of telling how schools have progressed. A generation of students well adapted to take on the world is needed, but the way the NCLB was constructed is problematic. Luckily, though, many of these issues could soon be taking a turn for the better. The main issue with No Child Left Behind as it stands is that testing-heavy focus, which has a number of detrimental effects. Teachers have become more focused on “teaching to the test” and implementing test-taking strategies than covering material in-depth. States lower their standards for good scores to meet the national standards, and several districts— most recently in Atlanta—have been tangled up in scandals of widespread, possibly criminal cheating, which is natural in a system where a test can be so pivotal.

The percentage of students at each school expected to be proficient rises by several percentage points each year, so if a school is already slightly behind, even with steady improvement it can be hard to catch up. If a school does fail to catch up, then it is designated as a “school in need of assistance,” which is the case with our own West High School. Schools in need of assistance are more closely monitored and controlled, and if the situation worsens, intensive reforms can be put into place, up to even firing all of the teachers and administrators and hiring new ones. This year, the Obama administration released its blueprint for a heavily revised ESEA. The law still calls for testing (this time, unfortunately, also using students’ scores as an evaluation for teachers) but the focus is different. Instead of all students having to reach certain scores, schools are required to have all students “college and career”-ready by 2020. Instead of each state deciding on what is a challenging curriculum, they can work

toward and adopt a new common standard with other states or work with their public university system to ensure that the high school curriculum is good preparation. Schools below expected standards but which are clearly making good progress are provided with more funding to continue their good work, although truly bad schools would still be subject to some intervention. Although the new law will need to be tested out to see if any new complications arise, many of the new revisions to the law will hopefully shift focus away from “teaching to the test” and toward a lifetime of learning and success. Avoiding problematic situations by taking funding away from educators and closing schools is not a practical idea. It’s great to see that schools may now be rewarded for educating their students well, and that students may now be educated with the thought in mind that they will go to college, get a job, and have a life where actual knowledge is most often better than test-taking skills.

NCLB leaves everyone behind

-Julie Singer sophomore

dim view

Spirit of giving not lost

our view

“I’m a Christian! I go to church with my family every week.”

Friday, December 17, 2010

What is your religion?

“I practice Islam. Faith in God helps me believe that He’ll always be with me.” - Kamil Jamil junior

“I don’t have a religion; I have a relationship with God. I’m a non-denominational Christian.” -Hope Karwoski junior

The Nov. 12 editorial aimed at the Student Hunger Drive was an unfair characterization of WHS students and staff. “…some West students and many adults almost seem to embody selfish concern.” Actually, only 4% of the 87,035 pounds collected her at West came from the room competition. This tells me three things: the room competition didn’t play a very big part in the overall total, very few students donated in response to incentives offered by teachers and few teachers actually offered those incentives. Many adults and selfish concern hardly seems accurate when you look at the total collected for the room competition. I am sure teachers who offered incentives were doing so for the greater good of the drive, not themselves. How is that being selfish? Next, “piling on ways to pay one’s way out of punishment” is a bit excessive. There is no “piling”, only one way: 10 cans per detention. Who is being harmed by allowing student to buy their way out of detentions? Again, only a handful of students participated, four to be exact, and the opportunity only comes around once a year. I hardly think it is going to lead to moral decay! Here’s the real story: WHS Senators (69%), with the help of teachers (4%), clubs (2%) and feeder schools (25%), spent six weeks busting their butts to collect food to stock the RiverBend Food Banks. Anyone of them will tell you the need to win the competition is intense, but the real rush is seeing the food bank busting at the seams on the final day of the drive. Yes, the spirit of giving is lost in some students, but there are students and teachers at West who exemplify the spirit of charity. Let’s focus on the good they do and not give the others the press they don’t deserve. -Jane Kroening, Student Senate Adviser

Advanced Imaging Technology

photo by MLT

How do the scanners work?

Passengers will remove everything from their pockets and step into the imaging portal. Once inside, they will stand in a position while the scanner creates an image showing any abnormalities. If it comes out clean, they are free to go!

How does TSA protect the privacy of passengers?

The images created by the scanners are viewed in a remote location, far away from the scanning sight. They are deleted after viewing, and all of the faces are blurred for anonymity. COMPILED BY: Bradley Rees SOURCE: U.S. Department of Homeland Security;

Beak ‘n’ Eye

Editor-in-chief News editors Focus editors

Sports editors Leisure editor Voice editors Pulse editor Artist Adviser

“I’m Buddhist. I like how we’re more centered on peace as well as caring for all living things.” -Henry Nguyen senior Compiled by Bradley Rees

Heather Hayes Felicia Raymond Kayla Mirfield Erin Pershall Krista Johnson Andrea Holdt Chase David Brianna Bellman Cody Lewis Keysha Long Sarah Buffenbarger Caitlin Henkel Bradley Rees Kayla Mirfield Vinh Nguyen Steven Lyle

The Beak ‘n’ Eye serves the West High student body by informing, investigating, and interpreting events which concern students. It also provides an open forum for its diverse readership. The school board grants student editors the First Amendment right to determine the coverage and content of their pages. The adviser’s role is to teach and advise the staff so that it can follow responsible journalistic practices. Readers are encouraged to submit letters to Room 161. Letters should be 300 words or less and should be signed. We reserve the right to edit the letters for length. Unsigned editorials represent the consensus of the student editorial board and not necessarily the views of the adviser, administration, or Davenport Community School District. The Beak ‘n’ Eye is published eight times a year from 3505 W. Locust St., Davenport, IA 52804. Member of Iowa High School Press Association, National Scholastic Press Association, and Quill & Scroll International Honor Society.

Voice 11

Beak ‘n’ Eye

Political structure keeps feds from keeping promises

Society too easily offended over belief systems

Art by Brianna Bellman

Standing up for what you believe in is what keeps some people kicking. Even when you were a little kid, there was always something you could look forward too, but never quite explain. One of the biggest beliefs out there among children is Santa Claus. Many religions celebrate Christmas, and Santa Claus is the main man behind that. So is there anything wrong with children believing in something that makes them extraordinarily happy? I don’t think so. Everyone deserves the chance to put Sarah their whole heart into Buffenbarger something, anything, they believe in, and nobody should be able to take that away from that. Just because someone doesn’t believe the same as the next person, doesn’t give them the right to preach to the other that their belief is wrong. A well known fact that most of the human population is acquainted with is that everybody is different in their own way. Teachers try to teach you that fact while you are young so maybe you won’t perceive aberration as a poor quality. Society teaches you the opposite. If someone is not like you, it is harder to accept them as they are, especially when it comes down to religion. Religions vary from per-

son to person, but the definition is always the same. Because of the variation of religious beliefs, turmoil is sometimes created between groups of people with differing mindsets. Some religions, for example, believe in completely opposite ideas. That doesn’t mean any one of them is right or wrong, they are just simply different. Christianity and atheism are the most different you can get. But just because one believes in God does not mean one should take away another’s belief, and vice versa. We as a country also should not baby any religion. By considering excluding the Muslims from the airline travel security measure that are being taken, the Obama administration was babying the entire Muslim community. Now granted, the administration decided against this exclusion, but because it was even mentioned is ridiculous. People come to America for freedom and a right to be like everyone else here. We all need to be treated equally, especially when it comes down to things involving religion. Believing in some kind of God is kind of the norm, but not everyone does it. So those who do not shouldn’t be put on a pedestal or treated any differently, along with those who do choose to believe. We shouldn’t bend any of the rules because people feel that they are getting treated differently. However, that is not the only thing people are overly sensitive about. Crude tele-

Have you ever been joking around with your girlfriend, and realized that she is suddenly mad at you? What could have happened that made herchange from being happy to homicidal? It’s probably something you said while you were joking with her that made her mad. Let’s go over Zachary some things that you Ortiz don’t want to say to your female significant other. The thing that gives guys men trouble the most is when they tell their girlfriend, “You look very pretty today.” Now, most guys will think that this is a good thing to say, but then you get “the look” and she will say, “Don’t I always look pretty though?” You must then explain yourself for the next 20 minutes. I have learned that it is best to just say, “Jeez, you look even prettier today. How do you keep it up?” When your girlfriend asks you about her clothes, don’t tell her which clothes are your favorite or which outfit you like the most. She might get upset about it because the outfit that you like on her is her least favorite, or there is a problem with it.

She will wear that outfit a lot more tionship. even though she hates it, which will make The funniest thing that guys say that get her mad at you. It is common sense to us in trouble is when we ask or tell our never tell her that you don’t like a certain girlfriend, “Did we have plans?” or, “I foroutfit of hers because, chances are, you got we had plans.” The reason we are in picked something she likes a lot. trouble isn’t really the fact that we forgot, Another thing you should never say is, it’s more that they got all ready and excited “If you love me, you would…” This will to go out and we ended up forgetting. It’s make her mad at you and at this point, not the worst thing you could do, but you whatever you wanted her to do will never still don’t want to have a bad night because happen. She will either throw it back in you were too busy sleeping or trying to finyour face by bringing up past things you ish your game on Xbox. didn’t do for her or think you only love her The thing I have learned is to use combecause she will do things mon sense and think before for you. It’s best not to be you say anything. If you’re sneaky about getting what not sure about whether or not you want. Just ask her and you should say what you’re then go from there. thinking, it’s probably best to The worst thing in the just keep it to yourself. You world for a guy to bring up can tell that you’re saying the is his ex-girlfriend. If you’re wrong thing or are on a bad in a fight with your girlsubject when your girlfriend’s friend don’t ever bring up mood or facial expression your ex in order to win. Your starts to change or if she starts girlfriend will only yell at to talk a lot less. Avoid these you even more. They will subjects and look for those also start to think that you’re signs of danger. Art by Caitlin Henkel thinking of your ex-girlIf you follow my friend and you really don’t advice, your girlfriend will want to have that problem because your hopefully be happy, which will hopefully girlfriend won’t trust you anymore. This make you happy. If not, I suggest finding will cause major problems for your relaanother woman.

vision shows are being played on the most popular networks out there, and people are getting offended. Take Tosh.0 for example. He is constantly insulting everyone, whether it be what they are doing, what is wrong with their physical appearance, their race and/or where they come from, if he sees someone doing something stupid, he will make an excuse for it. Some people are offended by it, and have called in and complained. What is the big deal? Was he talking about you personally? Did he directly call you and start bashing on you because you’re a woman? No, probably not. If you do not have that kind of sense of humor, don’t watch it. That is like a devil worshiper watching channel three at five a.m. They know it is going to be some show about God, so why even turn it on? It is pointless and you are just looking for things to find wrong and complain about. Throwing a pity party must be the new thing to do, because everyone is doing it. People will find the smallest things that do not involve them, and try to throw this huge fit about it because it does not fit into their little world. If something does not suit you because it is different than what you believe in, leave it alone. Turn your head the other way and forget about it. People need to realize they are not the only person on the planet, and that everyone’s beliefs vary. If everybody could accept people for the way they were, I feel like there would be a lot more peace and a lot less stress.

Student showers sage advice on the female kind

YAY - Screaming Falcons

The Falcons have been way more involved at sports functions this year than in the past few. Now the stands are full of excitement and fun as students cheer on their team. Keep it up, Falcons!

YAY - Cups of Good Cheer

The year-round drink from Starbucks known as the Caramel Apple Spice has proven to be an even bigger hit during the holiday season. Not only is it delicious, but it is delightfully festive!

Yay or Nay NAY - Tasteless Cafeteria Rule

While students are allowed to pack a lunch and bring it to school, we are penalized for bringing food bought elsewhere. What if we bought fastfood and then packed it into a lunchbox? This rule feels a little weak, not to mention unjust.

NAY - Putrid Bathrooms

If you’ve ever ventured down the world-famous music wing, you may have found a severe need for a gas mask. It seems that student abuse and poor maintenance are to blame for this disgrace.

It seems to me that the politicians in Congress have lost sight of what their jobs are. Both sides are constantly bickering at one another and neither party seems to put a real effort into bipartisanship. They spend too much time trying to tarnish their opponents’ image by bringing up past bills they’ve voted for or against, and not enough time brainstorming way to better our country. The system has turned into a sales pitch that tries to woo us into believing that a certain party has the solution (even if they don’t have one). Both sides are all talk, and the only difference I have seen is that the Democrats are a party of bad ideas, and the Republicans are a party of no ideas. They are experts at filling Matthew each other’s political gaps. When Dirschel America is tired of hearing about the liberal spending, we look to the Republicans for change. When we’re bored with hearing about zero progress the right wing has made, we look back to the left; and we are once again disappointed with their half-baked plans. Though this is all a matter of opinion, I think that if the two parties worked together instead of constantly pointing fingers, they could real pump out some major accomplishments. I believe that the politicians in Congress have forgotten that they work for us, and that without us they would be nothing. It’s time for Congress to table their differences, put all arguments aside, and start focusing on how they can help the country. Career politicians who are only interested in the security of their job, as well as delaying tactics such as filibusters are destroying our country Art by Vinh Nguyen and should be eliminated from the political playbook. The two-party system that the U.S. tries to function under is not working and hasn’t been working for years. I call for an elimination of this system, because it only serves to divide Americans by forcing them to choose one side or another. People should not be more swayed to vote for a certain politician simply because they are in a specific party. They should vote based on their views, not their parties. Without a party system, we as Americans would be forced to finally use our brains and base our vote on whether or not we agree with the candidates. Of course, this seems to be asking far too much of politicians, because when I look at the political system, I see no future for our country.

Our Wish List

Holiday Spirit

Whether you celebrate Christmas or another holiday (or none at all), more people should be using this time of year as a reminder of giving, patience, and forgiveness.

Snow Days

Although the make-up can be a pain in the neck, it’s always fun to have at least one unexpected day off from school, especially if you get to play around all day.


Politeness is certainly a part of holiday spirit, but it’s something we should be seeing year-round. It would make everyone’s day more happy and less stressful.

Letters Wanted

More Involvement

Even students should be channeling their opinions, negative or positive, into action, whether at school, in the community, the country or the world. It’s possible to make a difference, whether you’re 8 or 18. Compiled byCaitlin Henkel



3:45 PM

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12 Pulse

Beak ‘n’ Eye

Friday, December 17, 2010

Quad City hangouts Club Energy A dance club for ages 14 to 19. Offers loud music, game rooms and VIP lounges. Local DJs and radio personalities host the parties there. $10 a night, on various Friday and Saturday nights of the month --5401 Elmore Avenue in Davenport, Iowa

Northpark Mall Big thing here of course is shopping, but also it is a big building just to walk around and hang out with your friends when it’s cold outside. Admission is always free if you don’t have any money. --320 West Kimberly Road in Davenport, Iowa

The River’s Edge Before was called the Quad City Sports Center and had two ice skating rinks and home for many teen hockey leagues and learning figure skaters. Now has been bought out by the city and a grassed field for soccer, rugby and other sports have replaced one of the ice rinks. Public skate $5 and rental $2. --700 West River Drive in Davenport, Iowa

Incredible Pizza Offers tasty pizza and fun games. Games include lazar tag, glow miniture golfing, go-carts, and many arcade games. Buffet, drink and a $20 game card for $19.99. --2130 East Kimberly Road in Davenport, Iowa

River Music Experience A great place to go to experience the live music of the Mississippi. It features the Redstone Room, which hosts a lot of local band concerts and shows. Also, a museum with hands-on interactive technology. --131 West 2nd Street in Davenport, Iowa

MOJO’s Coffee House MOJOs is the premier coffee house of the River Music Experience. They host open mic nights from 6:30 to 9 every Wednesday. --129 North Main Street in Davenport, Iowa I-Wireless Center Enjoy Mallards hockey games with a group of friends. Prices: upperbowl $10 lowerbowl $15. Concerts and shows are also performed here. On Dec. 30 comedian Jeff Dunham will be doing a stand up show. Prices may vary. --1201 River Drive in Moline, Illinois

The Establishment Theatre The new home of ComedySportz improv comedian group. $10 with reservation and $12 on the day of. Other comedy things go on such as The Late Night Blues Brothers Band, and an upcoming show called A Cadaver Christmas. --220 19th Street in Rock Island, Illinois

How to...sled without a sled

Tis’ the season for snow activities - snowball fights, snow angel contests, ice skating, and sledding. But what happens if you don’t have a sled? Well, we have already thought of that and have compiled some ideas that you can use to have a fun filled winter.

Tub Lid

An everyday house hold item can bring you tons of fun. Especially if it is used as a snowboard.


Not really recommended because it doesn’t work with so many people on it, or at all. Try ice sledding with it.

Food tray

The funnest one of all. It’s just like a mini sled. Get ready to make speed, and probably fall off.

Good-bye Heather editor in chief ‘10

Thank you so much for bossing us around all semester! We seriously love you and we’ll miss the crap out of you! From, the Beak’n’Eye staff

Rave Motion Pictures With a new IMAX screen, movies can be seen with a clearer sound and picture. Ticket price is $9.50 for 2D movie and $13.25 for 3D movies. --3601 East 53rd Street in Davenport, Iowa

Do you think you are a true 90’s kid? 1) “If you wanna be my lover, you gotta get with my friends,” What is the name of this song, sang by the popular group the Spice Girls? A) Whatta Man B) Wannabe C) You’re Still The One

2) What is a Pog? A) Circular disks that you use to play a certain type of game with B) A card game C) A troll character from a television show 3) What year were Beanie Babies first sold? A) 1994 B) 1993 C) 1991

4) How many different Pokemon cards are there to buy? A) 1,562 B) 543 C) 368 5) Who was the lady who was dressed in black? A) Mrs. Doubtfire B) Christina Applegate C) Miss. Mary Mack 6) If you grew up in the 90’s, what shows would you most likely watch? A) Drake and Josh, iCarly, Zoey 101 B) The Amanda Show, Rugrats, Keenan and Kel C) Hannah Montana, Degrassi, Family Guy

Enjoy your winter break! See you back Jan. 4, 2011

7) What’s the first move to the Macarena? A) Bend your knees and sway your hips for 3 counts B) Raise your right arm parallel to the ground, with your palms facing down C) Do a double hand spring back flip

8) What brand of binders, notebooks, and folders were most popular in the 90’s? A) Lisa Frank B) Justice C) Bobby Jack

9) What was the fashion for girls in the 90’s? A) Light up shoes, skorts, snap bracelets, and fake hair pieces B) Hollister brand everything, moccasins, and Kathy bags C) Leggings, cut up sweatshirts, and beaded jewelry

10) “In west Philadelphia born and raised” What is the next verse the Fresh Prince of Bel Air theme song? A) “I enjoy making tuna sandwiches” B) “On the playground was where I spent most of my days” C) “Where basketball is my game”

1) B 2) A 3) B 4) C 5) C 6) B 7) B 8) A 9) A 10) B

Art by Kayla Trail

Beak n Eye 4_10  

West High School Davenport, Iowa Dec. 17, 2010

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