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Everyone’s Shaking

Khaki Thusday group gathers in the gym to participate in the largest Khaki Shake video shot at West.

West students contribute to the viral sensation ‘The Harlem Shake’ BY CORRALLE WHALEN


he Harlem Shake has been a very popular video that people put on all over the web. It’s so popular that it has even come to West High School, with the Robotics, Journalistic Writing class, Welding, and The Khaki Thursday group all posting a video of their own. With over 4,000 postings a day over different ways for the dance, there’s been over 1.21 billion views for the Harlem Shake. The Harlem Shake is a comedy dance where one person starts dancing and all the others act like they are doing work. When the music stops, everyone gets into different costumes or certain things. When the music plays again, everyone starts doing random things and make the video look funny. There’s tons of people that love the Harlem Shake. Casey Gaylord, junior, not only produced their Khaki Thursday Harlem Shake video on Feb 21, but also started as the first dancer. It has over 2,500 views on it. “I like the Harlem Shake because it was a lot of fun and it made people laugh. I believe that’s the importance in life is laughter. The outcome was fantastic, and everyone thought it was fun-

ny.” You can find this video on YouTube if you type in “Khaki Thursdays Harlem Shake.” Kris Burney, senior, shot the Civil Engineering and Architecture group robotics Harlem Shake and put it together on Feb 14th. “I can’t say that being a producer is hard because it’s not. If anything, it’s really fun. I got to boss people around and even tell them where to go. They couldn’t argue with me and they all had to do whatever I said. The shooting wasn’t difficult at all either. All I really needed was 30 seconds of each portion and the rest is up to the video editor and what they wanted to put in. I think anyone who wants to put together a video definitely should!” The Harlem Shake was originally called the Albee. It’s a dance that is named

after a Harlem resident named Al B. It was originated in the 1980’s in Harlem, New York. The dance is based off of an East African dance called the Eskista. Since then, it’s been spread to other places and named different things. Today we know it as the Harlem Shake. Al B said an easy way of explaining the dance is “a drunken shake.” The Harlem Shake is also commonly associated with the “Chicken Noodle Soup” dance as well. How to make a Harlem Shake video • Get the Harlem Shake Video Creator app • Get a whole bunch of people and props • Start the music, and have one person start dancing for about 30 seconds • Pause music and have everyone get into the circle area • Turn the music back on and start dancing crazily for about another 30 seconds • Post it to YouTube

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APRIL 12, 2013 ● BEAK ‘N’ EYE 11

Beak'n'Eye - April 12, 2013  

The newspaper of West High School, Davenport, Iowa, USA

Beak'n'Eye - April 12, 2013  

The newspaper of West High School, Davenport, Iowa, USA