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Are you on your way to turn down the heat? Most of the things that I have learned through this MOOC are shocking but totally true: Human interference is, by 95% of probability, the main cause of global warming.  If accurate actions are not taken by men as of now, earth will be 4°C warmer by the end of this century.  93% of heat energy concentrates in oceans, raising temperatures.  Climate change is not a prediction but a real phenomenon, and it has impacts on many dimensions, such as human health, human health, and food production, among others. These are only some of the facts that seemed for me precisely relevant, but the principal point I learned and we all should keep in mind is that not everything is lost and we can take action to collaborate with climate change mitigation. So I asked myself two things: How is the government of my country managing global warming? Am I being helpful towards a less warm planet? Although I am not particularly optimistic about the recently established government in Mexico, I have noticed that climate change is not a forgotten issue in its agenda. In 2013, a National Strategy of Climate Change was presented, and it is a tool that proposes viable goals in the short and long term not only to reduce greenhouse gases, but to improve health, life quality and social resilience. This is a step that shows Mexico’s commitment to take the required actions to face this situation. In 2012, the National Institute of Ecology (INE) was restructured and changed its name to National Institute of Ecology and Climate Change (INECC), it gained budget autonomy, more responsibilities and attributions in which climate change have an essential role. During the last decade, Mexico has had an important participation and has hosted climate change COPs. On my individual side, I am not even close to an environment activist, but I do small things on my day-to-day that can help, like separating trash and recycling, reducing my use of water, using public transport, participating as volunteer in reforestation events, informing younger people about what can we do. Time and money are not obstacles if we want to help.

Climate change implies a severe threat for humans; it is such a complex phenomenon that its causes and impacts are related to every ecosystem and to diverse scopes of human activity, to fight it and to try fixing its effects could be meaningful for our health, lost of species, territories and economies. The solutions can only be consolidated through a global and ambitious effort, and we should be moved by a commitment with our planet and our own lives.

Have you wondered what are you doing to turn down the heat?

Sources: Turn Down the Heat: Why a 4°C World Must Be Avoided World Bank, 2012 20072749/Rendered/PDF/NonAsciiFileName0.pdf Video The Changing State of the Climate by Dr. Thomas R. Karl Mexico´s National Climate Change Strategy:

Are you on your way?  

My recent learnings about climate change and a reflection of my individual actions to help its mitigation.

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