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beagle weekly : Vol 178 October 23rd 2020


editorial Welcome to this week’s editorial, Welcome to this week’s editorial and to the Beagle Weekender Volume 178. Volume number 178 represents a milestone for the Beagle Weekender as it is the 178th issue that has come to you every single Vol 16 September 15th 2017 28 December 7th, for 2017 Friday without fail the last 178 weeks. Vol 48 111April July 27th 12th 2018 2019 But more than that The Beagle is celebra)ng its fourth birthday. Since it started on October 27th 2016 The Beagle has published 14,682 arBcles. The Beagle now has more than 30,000 regular readers each month and 10,000 followers on Facebook. There are 4,300 subscribers to the twice weekly mailout and, as it is an online news site, it is enjoyed around the world by those travelling or living away and wanBng to keep up to date with local news. Many ask why the website is called the beagleweekly.com.au. This might be an opportunity to offer a liEle Beagle history… Before I edited the Beagle I published a monthly mailout pdf for the Tuross Head community called the Tuross Giant. The newsleEer was popular and was focused on keeping the Tuross Head community up to date on local and shire wide maEers that affected them. Tuross Head was conBnually overlooked in the local media and the Tuross Giant was created to remedy that oversight. A turning point came when the Bay Post decided it was going to go behind a pay wall. I looked at what content they were publishing and grew more and more aware of all the possible content they weren’t. I also saw local business adverBsing diminishing being replaced with naBonal adverts. Approaching local businesses I discovered few could afford the fees. So the Beagle was born. IniBally I had the intenBon of doing a mailout just like the Tuross Giant. Fortunately though I was able to work out how one person, with a laptop, anywhere on the planet, could run an enBre newspaper on a website, on social media and then add a weekly mailout opBon as well. The Beagle has now been up and running for four years and has become the primary news source for the Eurobodalla as it is FREE, Bmely and inclusive of all news, from jumble sales to Federal and State media releases and everything in between. The Beagle, YOUR Beagle, is brought to you by the local businesses who adverBse on the website, in our new real estate guide and in these pages. We have very low fees so that our supporters can afford to promote themselves to their community. I thank the many Beagle supporters and donors who help keep the overheads paid so that the ’paper’ can remain afloat and I thank the generosity of all of the contributors who bring you their news, views and arBcles. UnBl next—Lei Beagle Editor…….. Lei Parker 0405100257 All Enquiries please email beagleweeklynews@gmail.com PO Box 3029 Tuross Head, NSW 2537 Copyright © South Coast Beagle Pty Ltd. All rights reserved. The Beagle Weekly is owned by SOUTH COAST BEAGLE PTY. LTD.

beagle weekly : Vol 178 October 23rd 2020



Araluen Road closed to through traffic Vol 16 September 15th 2017 Araluen Road is2018 closed 28 December 7th, 2017 to through traffic as work begins Vol 48 111April July 27th 12th 2019

to stabilise roadside slopes from today. Heavy rainfall in July and August has damaged the roadside surrounds, leading to loose and dangerous rocks and landslips at various locaBons in the Deua River Valley and Merricumbene.

Only residents will be able to access Araluen Road while stable roadsides are re-established. Council’s director of infrastructure Warren Sharpe said Araluen Road was not a suitable alternaBve to the Kings Highway at any Bme. “It’s a long and narrow unsealed road, made less safe aLer damage from heavy rain in the last few months,” Mr Sharpe said. “The nature of the works mean the road needs to be closed to posiBon material and plant on narrow secBons of the road.” Traffic control measures will be in place, with heavy machinery acBve along the road.During dayBme hours, commuters should use the Kings Highway route between Batemans Bay and Braidwood. As the Kings Highway is shut from 6pm to 6am Monday to Thursday unBl 31 October, light vehicles should use the Princes Highway and Nerriga Road detour – an addiBonal 75 minutes – and heavy vehicles should travel by way of the Princes Highway, Picton Road and the Hume Highway – an addiBonal 3.5 hours. For more informaBon contact Council’s Moruya Depot on 4474 1391.

Further ques)ons around the NSW State Stronger Communi)es Fund NSW Labor is demanding the Premier and her Ministers end a culture of cover-up, aLer a parliamentary inquiry heard documents relaBng to the approval of grants in the $252 million Stronger CommuniBes Fund were shredded and deleted from a senior staffer’s computer. SMH: Senior bureaucrat did not see signed paperwork before distribuBng $250 million fund Gladys Berejiklian’s senior policy advisor Sarah Lau said the Premier marked documents during the approval process, which Ms Lau later destroyed in the shredder and removed from her computer. 95% of the funds were given to Councils in CoaliBon-held seats. The Premier’s former Chief of Staff, Sarah Cruickshank also told the inquiry that Gladys Berejiklian did not declare her relaBonship with Daryl Maguire when she issued $40,000 in six grants to his Wagga Wagga electorate in 2017 and 2018. Ms Cruikshank said the Premier should have disclosed the relaBonship because it was a conflict of interest. The NSW Labor Leader Jodi McKay said: “The Premier has repeatedly refused to disclose a conflict of interest. “Gladys Berejiklian didn’t disclose her relaBonship when handing out thousands of dollars in grants from the Premier’s discreBonary fund. She didn’t menBon it during a $1.5 million Badgery’s Creek deal that would have cleared her partner Daryl Maguire’s debts. “This is a breach of the Ministerial Code of Conduct. Senior Ministers also have a responsibility to do their duty under the Code. Right now they’re toleraBng bad behaviour. “It’s a cartel of cover-up from a desperate Government protecBng an embaEled Premier. And it must stop,” Ms McKay said. “Gladys Berejiklian is undermining the office of the Premier and the integrity of the NSW Government. The Premier should resign.” beagle weekly : Vol 178 October 23rd 2020



Council finally moves to discharge the $11,000 of Raindance money with $400 to first in best dressed At its meeBng on 14 August 2018, Council endorsed Vol 16 September 15th 2017 anVoliniBaBve to help 28 December 7th, Cobar 2017 Shire who were suffering 48 2018 111April July 27th 12th 2019 under crippling drought that affected Western NSW at the Bme. Earlier in the year Council endorsed the generous iniBaBve of Narooma's Councillor Lindsay Brown to adopt Cobar Shire as a sister shire and to engage in a friendship arrangement between the coastal and inland shires. Raindance Eurobodalla was held with more than 450 aEending to help Cobar. In all $44,065.05 was raised from Bcket sales, raffle and charity aucBons for drought relief. When the figure came back to the Council chamber on December 11th 2018 the Mayor recommended that : 50% of the funds raised be transferred to Cobar Shire Council for distribuBon through its determined governance process The Mayor Report recommendaBon, that 50% of the funds raised, came as a surprise to the many volunteers and community members who had got behind the appeal and donated goods, services and Bme. The 50% suggesBon was effecBvely discussed and debated and found to be inappropriate with the observaBon that, from the outset, the Eurobodalla community were showing their support in kind by donaBon and Bme for those in Cobar facing a torrid Bme. Rising to the support of Councillor McGinlay's amendment to not support the Mayor's recommendaBon, fellow councillor, Lindsay Brown advised the chamber that "In my community (Narooma) there was strong support and reiteraBon by MC's that we were "Raising money for Cobar" and the 50% suggested split by the Mayor was never menBoned." In the end 75% of money raised was donated to Cobar Shire Council to support their drought affected community. The remaining amount of $11,205, was set aside to support Eurobodalla’s drought affected farmers. At its meeBng on 12 February 2019, Council endorsed the Terms of Reference for the Eurobodalla Drought Relief Community Steering CommiEee and then commenced an Expressions of Interest process to establish the commiEee. The Mayor now says "Unfortunately, there was liEle interest from community members to be representaBves on the commiEee, therefore it was never formed. Due to this, the remaining money has not been distributed." Rather than giving 100% to Cobar as was the original intenBon the Mayor now proposes that the remaining Raindance money of $11,205, be distributed to local farmers through Eurobodalla’s Disaster Relief CommiEee suggesBng that "all farmers in Eurobodalla have been affected by the drought over the past two years, therefore any resident who can demonstrate they undertake farming acBviBes will be eligible to apply. The Mayor now proposes to seek the endorsement of her fellow beagle weekly : Vol 178 October 23rd 2020


community councillors next Tuesday (October 27th, 2020) that payments will be up to the value of $400 and will be distributed on a first-in, best dressed basis. The16Mayor suggests "Farmers will be required to provide a Vol September 15th 2017 28 December 7th, 2017 Vol 48 April 27th 2018 111 July 12th 2019 short explanaBon of what they will use the money for or provide receipts of items purchased in the past two years due to the drought. The Eurobodalla Disaster Relief CommiEee will facilitate this process for applicaBons and the assess the applicaBons. Any remaining funds that are not allocated during this process Above: A one-of-a-kind Jack Daniel’s will be donated to the general Eurobodalla Disaster Relief acous!c guitar, signed by legends Ross Fund." Wilson, Richard Clapton, Frankie J Holden, It now appears that anyone with three horses and kelpie (or Wilbur Wilde and Joe Camilleri, was the any resident who can demonstrate they undertake farming major raffle prize for the Eurobodalla acBviBes ) who spent anything over the last two years due to the drought will be eligible to apply, via a short explanaBon, Raindance, which was to raise money for drought relief on Friday 23 November. for $400 from the Eurobodalla’s Disaster Relief Fund. Remember - "payments will be up to the value of $400 and Events promoter and professional musician will be distributed on a first-in, best dressed basis" Best David White delivered the guitar to wishes to the first 27 callers. Eurobodalla Mayor Liz Innes . Clr Pat McGinlay has commented of the Mayoral suggesBon “ Like everyone else, I was led to believe that (over 2 years ago), all the efforts by entertainers, generous host venues, Bcket buyers etc, were to make a statement of support for Cobar. That, and to provide some maybe token but perhaps criBcal dollars to some within that outback community that might have made a difference. It was upliLing that we in Eurobodalla cared about another bunch of Aussies out there in ‘dire straits’ NSW, that were doing it even tougher than we were. My view at present (I am always open to new informaBon/views) is we should honour that original commitment to the people of Cobar, that in good faith, our own generous community responded to. So give what is leL to Cobar, as it all should have been done in the first place. Just my present, perspecBve.”

beagle weekly : Vol 178 October 23rd 2020



Moun)ng outcry by Batemans Bay community as they discover The past week has seen mounBng anger cast across social media as the revelaBons behind Council acBons come to the surface. The first outcry followed the publishing of a photo by Wet and Windy Photography of the MiniGolf and Batemans Bay pool being demolished. Rather than celebrate the demoliBon as a start Vol 16 September 15th 2017 28 December 7th, 2017 towards something new many making comment across social media were learning for the first Bme that the Vol 48 27th 111April July 12th 2018 2019 50m pool was being replaced by a 25m pool, that the hydrotherapy pool would be in fact a warm water pool and that the proposed 500 seat theatre was now only 350 seats. For the community members who had aEended the old Bowling Club and made submissions on what they would like to see in the new 'community precinct' that was to include both the bowling club and pool sites there has been addiBonal anger brewing in the realisaBon that the promises once made of a new community centre that included exhibiBon space was now nothing more than a meeBng room with a power point for an urn. Once offered "like for like" as an enBcement to give up the exisBng Batemans Bay Community Centre and move into the new precinct the community are now Above and below: The "Get your hands off it" campaign aware that Council has other plans by redirecBng the community to other began today with this venues instead ciBng that these are under uBlised. banner being displayed by community members across Council now appear to be bloody-minded and indifferent to the mounBng the Shire. public protests and a 1000 signature peBBon guided by some strange idea that the property is classified OperaBonal and they can do as they please. Unfortunately it appears that Council staff have forgoEen who they are employed by and who they work for the community of ratepayers who pay their wages. The Council staff offer "the large majority of users at BBCC will be relocated to Hanging Rock FuncBon Centre, Mackay Park FuncBon Centre, and the Batemans Bay Library meeBng room. The Batemans Bay Child and Family Centre, Hanging Rock Basketball Stadium and Malua Bay Community Hall will also be uBlised, although to a lesser extent." There appears to be no apology for backing out of a promise to the community made by Councillors to DO NOTHING with the centre unBl aLer the Mackay Park Centre was opened. Today saw the first of a wave of organised protests by the community voicing their anger at

beagle weekly : Vol 178 October 23rd 2020


community Council's intenBon to lease the Community Centre with a later opBon to sell. Council have confirmed that the Batemans Bay Community Centre has around 15 community groups that hire a room at the BBCC on a weekly basis. In 2018 the centre had 1482 bookings that gave it an annual income of Vol 16 September 2017 $71,935 with an15th expenditure (minus depreciaBon) of $56,435. Council have advised that the wriEen down 28 December 7th, 2017 Vol 48 April 27th 2018 111 July 12th 2019 value for the Centre as reported by Council in its annual 2019-20 AAS27 report that the value of community centre complex including building, carpark, pathways is $1,169,996 while the wriEen down depreciaBon for the Centre as reported by Council in its annual AAS27 report 2019-20 accumulated depreciaBon = $702,798 The groups who regularly use the Centre are Meals on Wheels, a Tai Chi provider, U3A, Shugyo MarBal Arts, South Coast Stompers, Goshin Ryu Karate, a Speech Pathology provider, South Coast Colleges, AA Wednesday Group, The Legacies Group (AA), Mystery Bay School of Music, ESC Embracing Babies Program, Batemans Bay Line Dancers and a Dance class provider. Council now wants to see these groups move on so it can lease out the Centre, built for the community by the community from funds that were raised by the community. Above: the campaign is building with the "Get your hands off it" banners now appearing across the shire being passed, like batons, from one group to the next. A spokesperson for the Batemans Bay Community AcBon Group told The Beagle "Enough is enough, this Council has made promises and they have broken those promises. This is a community owned asset that is used by the community. If Council staff go ahead with this then let it be on the heads of the councillors who support the staff recommenda!ons. This IS an elec!on issue and our Batemans Bay councillors including the Mayor be7er listen to what their community are saying instead of listening to the staff. It was us who voted them in to represent us. And they are nowhere in sight. Its Shameful. "

beagle weekly : Vol 178 October 23rd 2020



Malua Bay steps into a 5G future Malua Bay has 15th today taken a step Vol 16 September 2017 28 December 7th, 2017 Vol 48 27th 111April July 12th 2019 towards the 5G2018 future as Telstra switches on the area’s first Telstra 5G base staBon, part of our ongoing rollout of Australia’s leading 5G. Telstra Regional General Manager Chris Taylor said the new 5G capacity, and the ongoing rollout, will not only benefit customers with 5G devices in the selected areas that 5G will iniBally be deployed, but will also benefit customers with 4G devices in the vicinity of new 5G coverage. “Telstra has always been dedicated to connecBng people in regional Australia and ensuring they are amongst the first to experience the latest mobile technology,” Mr Taylor said. “It’s really exciBng Malua Bay is among the first places in Australia, indeed the world, to have access to 5G connecBvity. “Telstra has been leading the way in pioneering 5G technology with a number of world and Australian firsts – and making 5G technology available to Australian consumers. “Now with the first 5G sites on air, customers in Malua Bay have a chance to be part of that cuZng edge. Further to this, as we roll out this new 5G technology, it will also improve 4G capacity and speeds. “We now have commenced the rollout of 5G in 53 ciBes around Australia. For those interested in finding out more about the 5G coverage rollout and about the 5G handsets and devices available to take advantage of this new network technology, further detail can be found at telstra.com.au/5g or by talking to a team member in any Telstra store,” Mr Taylor said. There are now more than 1,500 Telstra 5G sites on-air across selected areas of 53 Australian ciBes and towns. More than 1000 suburbs naBonally are more than half covered by Telstra 5G and more than 10 million people live, work or pass through Telstra’s 5G footprint every day. The commencement of the 5G rollout in this area builds on Telstra’s commitment to extend 5G coverage to selected areas of major and regional ciBes across Australia.

beagle weekly : Vol 178 October 23rd 2020



Mayor’s Wri)ng Compe))on, winners announced Zahlia Kelly has won the Syd Hayes CreaBve WriBng Award with an

Vol 16 September 15th 2017 evocaBve story that2017 captures perfectly the exhilaraBon any surfer 28 December 7th, Vol 48 111April July 27th 12th 2018 2019

feels when catching a wave.

The Syd Hayes CreaBve WriBng Award is the main prize for the Mayor’s WriBng CompeBBon, set up to encourage and celebrate the literary talents of Eurobodalla’s young people. The compeBBon has grown over eleven years, with more than 2,500 entries during that Bme. Being accepted as a finalist is a mark of achievement for any young local writer. The Syd Hayes award winner, Zhalia Kelly from St Peter’s Anglican College, will be presented with a beauBful ironbark pen and case, craLed by Richard Turley. Each age-group winner and runner up will be given book vouchers from Moruya Books. The 2020 Mayor’s WriBng CompeBBon anthology is available to view online, browse for it in the library catalogue at the following link. Then click (Download) for an interacBve .pdf hEps://eurobodalla.libero.com.au/libero/WebOpac.cls? VERSION=2&ACTION=DISPLAY&RSN=877971&DATA=EBD&TOKEN=1rkhsWl6eK1456&Z=1&SET=1 Due to COVID-19 restricBons this year’s finalist were announced online with four judges tasked with deciding the winners from a strong field of entries. Judge Lynne Babbage said she was pleased to see so many stories wriEen from personal experience. “I encourage all the entrants to keep pracBcing their craL,” Ms Babbage said. “The very best writers have boEom drawers full of unpublished draLs but they just keep wriBng.” Other judges for the 2020 Mayor’s WriBng CompeBBon were Stafford Ray and Eileen Dillon-Smith of Eurobodalla Writers and Rachel Blass who represented Eurobodalla Libraries.

Finalists: 5-6 years: Winner Noah Lloyd, runner up Avalon Wehner, encouragement Abigail Piper. 7-8 years: Winner Charles Boardman, runner up Mabel Ladmore, encouragement Moss Smith. 9-10 years: Winner Siena White, runner up Sean Peard, encouragement Quade Ryan. 11-12 years: Winner Iona Kelly, runner up Charlie Hough, encouragement Indiana Sale. 13-14 years: Winner Zahlia Kelly, runner up Emelia Whitla, encouragement Sarah Tuckwell. 15-18 years: Winner AntoineEe McManus, runner up MaEea Kelly, encouragement Teagan Moses. beagle weekly : Vol 178 October 23rd 2020




6% increase in lives lost to suicide demands more funding urgently to reduce suicide in Australia. Nine Australians dying every day15th by2017suicide. Vol 16 September 28 December 7th, 2017 Vol 48 111April July 27th 12th 2018 2019

John Brogden, Chairman of Lifeline Australia, said today’s release of the 2018-2019 cause of death data by the ABS revealing 3,318 lives were lost to suicide is a tragedy and demands more funding urgently from government, business and the community. “Firstly, we remember the 3,318 Australians who died by suicide in 2018-2019 and the many people leL behind who are learning to live a life without their loved ones. Every life lost is a tragedy that effects our families, our workplaces and communiBes. Today will be a difficult day for many. I want to remind anyone who is struggling, that Lifeline is here for you, please call us at any Bme on 13 11 14. We need a whole of government, sector and community plan for suicide prevenBon to move fast towards an Australia free of suicide.” Mr Brogden said Lifeline welcomed the appointment of ChrisBne Morgan as the Prime Minister’s NaBonal Suicide PrevenBon Advisor in 2019 and expects a significant increase in funding and iniBaBves when her report is released next year. Mr Brogden outlined five key areas Lifeline has idenBfied as a priority to dramaBcally reduce the rate of lives lost to suicide in Australia with the top priority being the creaBon of an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Suicide PrevenBon and Crisis Support line: “As today’s release shows, we must speed up our acBon in all areas, but our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communiBes are doing it parBcularly tough. With more than twice the rate of lives lost compared to their non-Indigenous counterparts, the loss of life within our Indigenous communiBes is a naBonal tragedy.” Mr Brogden said. Lifeline’s five idenBfied priority areas to reduce suicide.: 1. The creaBon of an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Suicide PrevenBon and Crisis Support line that is governed and led by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. 2. Increasing the capacity for peer support groups facilitated by clinicians for survivors of suicide. 3. Increased suicide prevenBon training within community. 4. Support services for those at-risk of suicide post discharge. 5. Appropriate faciliBes and responses for people experiencing suicidal behaviour and presenBng to Emergency Departments. Mr Brogden also called on the community to conBnue to work to connect with each other, especially as we move into a challenging holiday season. “This year has been very tough for so many Australians. This is parBcularly concerning as we move into the holiday season. I ask all Australians to never underesBmate the power they have to make a posiBve difference in the lives of another person. If you know someone may be having a difficult Bme, if you know someone may be alone, please make a special effort to reach out to them” Mr Brogden said. Lifeline is Australia’s leading suicide prevenBon service, operaBng the 13 11 14 telephone line within 40 centres around the naBon. The service expects to respond to over one million requests for support this year, creaBng an average of 120 safety plans to keep a person experiencing suicidal ideaBon safe every day. To donate to Lifeline, visit www.lifeline.org.au/donate beagle weekly : Vol 178 October 23rd 2020



Vol 16 September 15th 2017 28 December 7th, 2017 Vol 48 111April July 27th 12th 2018 2019

Indian Mynas spo=ed in the Tuross area Eurobodalla Council have been working with the community since 2009 to control Indian Mynas in the Tuross area and had completely removed them from Tuross for years. There have, however, been recent reports of a few being seeing in a couple of locaBons. To nip the declared pest in the bud Council have put up posters at the shops, have provided pamphlets and have door knocked the ‘hot spot’ areas to try and get locals keen to trap Indian Mynas where they are regularly landing. To date, with the help of excellent local volunteers overseeing the eradicaBon project, the Tuross Head community has done an excellent job controlling this pest species. The Tuross community need to be aware of their presence again and it is hoped that with proacBve control the few that have arrived can be caught before they breed and mulBply. If you see an Indian Myna please report it to Eurobodalla Council on 44741000

beagle weekly : Vol 178 October 23rd 2020



Baristas invited to improve their techniques As part of Taste Eurobodalla, baristas at all levels are invited to register for a number of unique coffee workshops, including Latte Art and Coffee Cupping. Partnering with a number of our Shire’s amazing Coffee Roasters and Cafes, the workshops will aim to upVol 16 September 15th 2017 28 December 7th, 2017 skill48 your on what it takes to produce a great coffee. Vol April 27th 111 Julyknowledge 12th 2018 2019 Workshops are FREE and are suitable for baristas at all levels. Event attendees must comply with COVID safe guidelines. Cupping Workshops Batemans Bay – https://www.trybooking.com/BMGBU Moruya – https://www.trybooking.com/BMGBV Narooma – https://www.trybooking.com/BMGBW Latte Art Workshops Batemans Bay – https://www.trybooking.com/BMFPZ Moruya – https://www.trybooking.com/BMFRG Narooma - https://www.trybooking.com/BMGBO NOTE: These are NOT accredited courses but simply workshops to improve the skills of current baristas. If you wish to be an accredited barista then South Coast Colleges offer their Food Safety and Barista Coffee Combo This combined course is the most up to date nationally accredited Food Safety and Barista course on the market! Complete units SITXFSA001 Use Hygienic Practices for Food Safety and SITHFAB005 Prepare and serve espresso coffee in a classroom with an experienced trainer assessor. Starting at the very beginning covering all the necessary information on safe food practices and then getting hands-on, you will get practical skills required to operate a commercial coffee machine and grinder to pour the perfect cup of coffee. Enrol in this course and give yourself a greater chance of getting work in the hospitality industry. Suitable for people working in the hospitality, retail, food, child care and age care industries including cooks, chefs, baristas, caterers and food handlers. You will learn: Follow hygienic procedures Identify food hazards Report any personal health issues Prevent food & cross-contamination Understanding and appreciating coffee Coffee roast profiles and flavour profiles The decaffeination process Coffee machine and grinder operation Calibrating equipment for cafe service Extracting espresso coffee Milk texturing and pouring techniques Preparing the coffee menu Cleaning and maintaining equipment TRAINER Andrew Raiss Statement of Attainment Achieved: SITXFSA001 Use Hygienic Practices for Food Safety and SITHFAB005 Prepare and serve espresso coffee MORE COURSE INFORMATION HERE beagle weekly : Vol 178 October 23rd 2020



Aldi Narooma opens this weekend Aldi Narooma opens this weekend Vol 16 September bringing to the 15th area2017 fiLeen to twenty 28 December 7th, 2017 Vol 48 April 27th 2018 111 July 12th 2019 permanent full and part-Bme employees. Aldi opened its first store in the at Stocklands Mall, Batemans Bay (now Village Plaza) in 2004 (Batemans Bay). Narooma Aldi will officially open on Saturday, October 24 with the Narooma Plaza inviBng the community to "Come and join us this Saturday for the grand opening of ALDI Narooma. We will have prize giveaways and Power FM Bega Bay at the centre doing a live broadcast from 10am."

An aerial image from Dec 2019 showing the footprint of the expansion: image Narooma Plaza .

In 2001, ALDI opened its first Australian stores with a range of 600 products, developed in partnership with 174 suppliers. Today, ALDI operates in partnership with approximately 1,200 suppliers of which over 1,000 are local Australian businesses, to supply its exclusive range of products. Opening hours will be 8.30am-8pm Monday to Friday, with extended hours unBl 9pm Thursday. Weekend hours will be 8.30am-8pm Saturday and Sunday.

beagle weekly : Vol 178 October 23rd 2020



Free Worm Farming workshops in Vol 16 September 15th 2017 28 December 7th, 2017 Vol 48 111April July 27th 12th 2018 2019 November South Coast Colleges (Sponsored by Eurobodalla Shire Council) presents: FREE WORM FARMING WORKSHOPS Learn how to #reduce your household waste through the art of #worm farming! In partnership with Eurobodalla Shire Council, enrolments are now open for the November Worm Farming Workshops. All residents of the Eurobodalla who have not already completed the workshop can parBcipate - and you'll receive a voucher to collect your FREE worm farm! Dates: Friday, 13 November from 12:00pm - 1:30pm Saturday, 14 November from 12:00pm - 1:30pm Friday, 20 November from 9:30am - 11:00am Saturday, 21 November from 12:00pm - 1:30pm Image right: Wormlovers have the products, the passion and the know-how to turn food waste into nutrient rich plant food... good for you and good for the planet!

beagle weekly : Vol 178 October 23rd 2020



Fi?y years on Elton John, Tumbleweed ConnecBon By Trevor Moore VolThis 16 September 15th month, to be2017 precise on 28 October 2020, my good friend 28 December 7th, 2017 Vol 48 111April July 27th 12th 2018 2019

Macman, known to his fans as Neil Mack will be doing the fiLh in his series of “FiLy Years On” albums – albums that were released 50 years ago. Some of us can recall these albums on coffee tables and DanseEe record players. Some of us sBll own records that we bought in 1970. We are the lucky ones: we were around when all the good bands were playing. One of those good bands was the London band Bluesology that was formed as a four-piece in about 1962 and included two musicians from a band called The CorveEes. One of these two musicians was Reginald Dwight which is, as its owner says in his ghosted autobiography, is “not a pop star’s name”. In renaming himself and preparing himself for the stardom that was to follow, Reggie selected the first name Elton from the surname of a fellow band member, saxophonist Dean Elton (who later joined SoLmachine), and the surname John from Long John Baldry. He also adopted the nickname Hercules and later legalised his name change. On 28 October 2020, Neil Mack will be featuring Elton John’s third studio album Tumbleweed Connec!on.

The story of Elton John has been well told in Me, the autobiography that was brilliantly ghostwriEen by The Guardian’s Alex Petrides. Of course, autobiographies are oLen the story that the subject wants to have been true rather than a reflecBon of what actually happened, but Me does seem to be a reasonably frank and fearless telling. Alex Petrides is no mean journalist and I suspect that he would not be taking many prisoners. I reviewed the book (h=ps://www.beagleweekly.com.au/post/me-a-review) in October 2019 when the world was a very different place. For those who were keen to know more, the 2019 movie Rocketman was a useful summary of Elton John’s career. That movie was probably eclipsed by the 2018 Bohemian Rhapsody biopic about Freddie Mercury but was nonetheless an enjoyable diversion. Bluesology apparently named itself aLer the 1961 album Djangology by the legendary pair Stephane Grappelli and Django Reinhardt. In 1928 Reinhardt had damaged two fingers of his leL hand in a fire in which he could only use to play chords and had to relearn the guitar. Stephane Grappelli was a brilliant violinist who, as my Father used to say, “would tear a melody apart and put it back together again”. Listen to them playing together in the QuinteEe du Hot Club de France. Brilliant. Of course, they may equally have got their name from the number Bluesology from the 1956 album Fontessa by the Modern Jazz Quartet. Listen to this track if you want to hear the xylophone played properly. It’s so good that you want to learn to play it yourself. But I digress … Elton John, as Reg Dwight, stayed with Bluesology for five years and although they never

beagle weekly : Vol 178 October 23rd 2020


reading made it in their own right, they made a couple of singles – Come Back Baby and Mr Fran!c. In addiBon, they supported visiBng American solo arBsts such as Doris Troy, Major Lance and PaZ Labelle and the Bluebelles. On stage Dwight was confined to keyboards though he wrote both the singles which you can hear on SpoBfy (and doubtless other streaming services). Come Back Baby is lyrically weak, though perhaps no more so than Vol 16 September 15th 2017 28 December 7th, 2017 but it does feature a piano solo that was unusual for the Bme. It is not a strong song. many early 1960s songs, Vol 48 April 111 July 27th 12th 2018 2019 Mr Fran!c starts with Dean Elton’s sax and launches into a song with a stronger melody but no sense of direcBon. It is easy to criBcise, but it is hardly surprising that these songs did not chart. The flipside of Mr Fran!c is Ray Charles’ Everyday I Have the Blues which is a preEy good cover though not as good as B B King. Like many bands, Bluesology were beEer live than they were in the studio. They had a regular spot at a London club called the Cromwellian and it was there that they were spoEed by the 6’ 7” tall Long John Baldry. He asked the band to become his backing group. In late 1967, Long John Baldry had a hit with a (I am sorry for this) dreadful song called Let The Heartaches Begin. It was at this Bme that Dwight realised that he needed to change his name. In the same year, 1967, a subsidiary of Liberty Records placed an adverBsement for “new talent” in the New Musical Express. Elton failed the audiBon by performing five Jim Reeves numbers in a row, but he was offered a pile of lyrics and was invited to Long John Baldry, second from right, with compose some music for them. The lyrics had been submiEed by the Cyril Davies AllAll-Stars. Never heard of them but they dressed well. a would-be poet from Lincolnshire called Bernie Taupin. The two did not meet unBl six months later but Elton prepared 20 songs from the material handed to him. When Liberty showed no interest in the results, Elton and Bernie took their wares to Dick James. James’ company, Northern songs, had hit the big Bme in 1963 when the Beatles came its way, and he offered Elton and Bernie a three-year song wriBng contract at £10 a week. And the rest, as you might say, is history. I had no idea that Elton John had played in Long John Baldry’s backing band. But my buddy had given me a casseEe on which was recorded his first album Empty Sky (1969). I listened to this almost conBnuously, and I am sure the casseEe wore out … or got tangled. It is lyrically strong and musically adventurous. I remain of the view that this is his finest album though I am prepared to consider Captain FantasBc. Whatever my Elton and Bernie looking soulful in opinion is or is not, Empty Sky was not a big hit, though how an album that way loved by 1970s with a track like Skyline Pigeon failed to aEract the record-buying public I photographers.

beagle weekly : Vol 178 October 23rd 2020


reading cannot say. But James had faith in the pair, and he tossed in £6,000 for them to do a sect album. This was the eponymously Btled Elton John and it repaid James’ faith in Elton and Bernie. Released in 1970 to criBcal acclaim, John Peel played it and the following year the album reached number 4 in the UK and number 5 in the US. It opens with the memorable and brilliant Your Song (which interes!ngly was issued as the B-side to Vol 16 September 15th 2017 Take Me To12th the2018 Pilot). The mood on Elton John is serious and poeBc with highly personal lyrics set to strong 28 December 7th, 2017 Vol 48 111April July 27th 2019 melodies. The American criBc Robert Christgau once observed that Bernie’s lyrics, though catchy, oLen made liEle sense. But like Bob Dylan, of whom one could make the same observaBon, Elton’s talent lies in his ability to inject significance and emoBon into the lyrics. ALer the second album, Dick James was determined that the pair (and they worked and travelled as a pair even though Bernie had no stage role) should go to America. That was where the big bucks were. They were iniBally not keen but, and Elton says in Me, Bernie suggested that they treat the trip as a holiday and see all the places they had seen in films. They played several gigs at the Troubadour the first of which was 25 August 1970. According to the movie Rocketman they played Crocodile Rock to tumultuous applause. I suppose that made a good movie but although it’s possible that the song existed in 1970, it wasn’t recorded unBl 1972 and released as a pre-release single from his forthcoming 1973 album Don't Shoot Me I'm Only the Piano Player. The first gig at the Troubadour opened with Your Song and included a cover of The Rolling Stones’ Honky Tonk Women. But the American experience heavily influenced Bernie Taupin and the lyrics on Tumbleweed Connec!on reflect this. Indeed, Bernie becomes obsessed with Americana and the mythology of the Wild West and this obsession is reflected in the song Indian Summer on the 1971 album Madman Across the Water. I had never been a fan of Tumbleweed Connec!on because I felt that its country blues feeling and the gospel-Bnged producBon was out of kilter with the first two Elton John albums. I expressed the view to Neil Mack that I did not think that this was his strongest work, though I appreciated that an arBst of the stature of Elton John needed to be represented in a Fi=y Years On roll call. He encouraged me to listen more carefully, and I am pleased he did. There are many albums whose first listening leaves you wondering what it was all about: Jackson Browne’s Late For The Sky is one where subsequent listening has elevated anatomy Top Ten Albums (a list that contains more than ten albums). Tumbleweed Connec!on is an album, produced by the inimitable Gus Dudgeon, that repays careful listening. It is a (sort of) country record and there is a gospel feel to it but there are some very strong songs on the

beagle weekly : Vol 178 October 23rd 2020


reading album. A strong song does not necessarily make a good or memorable song and the album features backing vocals by Dusty Springfield, Madeline Bell and Leslie Duncan. A good album of American-influenced songs has to have a pedal steel guitar somewhere and Gordon Huntley, who is the UK’s finest pedal steel Vol 16 September 15th 2017 guitar, is pressed service on the album. Herbie Flowers (from T Rex 28 December 7th,into 2017 Vol 48 111April July 27th 12th 2018 2019 and Blue Mink) and Caleb Quaye (who has worked with Townshend, McCartney and Jagger) are also credited. The best-known song from the album is Country Comfort covered by Rod Stewart on 1970’s Gasoline Alley. Come Down In Time has been covered by SBng and Phil Collins covered Burn Down the Mission. Amoreena is a parBcularly strong song that was used in the opening credits of the 1975 movie Dog Day A=ernoon. The contemporary Rolling Stone review comments that violence is part of Bernie’s vision of America. In that, perhaps, liEle has changed in the last 50 years. The violent theme is in Ballad of a Well Known Gun and Son of Your Father and it recurs in My Father’s Gun. The Rolling Stone review is a telling document of its Bme: Elton John had not then broken into the American market and the review suggests that Bernie “is not a great lyricist, but he is certainly an interesBng one”. Of Elton John, the review says that he “is a fine singer in the soul-folk vein”. The review is by one of rock’s best reviewers, Jon Landau. I wonder Elton's first UK number 1 came in 1976 with Don't Go Breaking My Heart, a duet how his views changed. In their retrospecBve review, Sputnik with Kiki Dee. Music says that Tumbleweed Connec!on “is one of Elton John's finest albums, even his very finest work. If nothing else, it is certainly his most consistent album, featuring a collecBon of songs that pay homage to the roots music Elton and Taupin enjoyed while remaining an engaging listen.” They aEempt to temper this by suggesBng that the album has no standout hits, as if this were a criBcism, but they are clearly overlooking Country Comfort. Elton and Bernie made ten albums in the six years between 1969 and 1975, a prolific output by any standards. He was a spectacular - in all sense of the word - performer, spectacular to excess. And, as he admits in his autobiography, he lived his life to excess telling, for example, of buying a tram in Melbourne (that is, the tram was in Melbourne, he was under the influence in the UK) and then having to ship it back to the UK. I have an Old Grey Whistle Test clip of him performing Tiny Dancer that I go back to from Bme to Bme. As I said in the first paragraph, I was lucky to have been around when all the good bands were performing. But now FiLy Years On, that inspiraBonal spark has diminished and many of the performers we loved are disappearing. Just this morning I read that Spencer Davis had died: he was part of the story about Traffic that Neil Mack played in July. But Elton at least lives on. Perhaps forever, but probably not. Post script: a good album should always have a good cover. In those years when I was a member of the record-buying public I would buy albums on the strength of their artwork. If the band was prepared to put effort into the artwork then they were probably going to put some effort into the music. I was rarely disappointed. The artwork for Tumbleweed Connec!on looks like it could be of some American scene. It isn’t. The cover photo was taken at Sheffield Park railway staBon in Sussex. beagle weekly : Vol 178 October 23rd 2020



OUT NOW—your latest Beagle Abode : Eurobodalla’s leading real estate guide Vol 16 September 15th 2017 Vol 28 December 7th, 2017 Vol 48 111April July 27th 12th 2018 2019

The beagle abode is an online weekly Eurobodalla real estate guide showcasing the current Eurobodalla market and our many realtors. The beagle abode is the new addiBon to the South Coast Beagle that owns The Beagle and the South Coast Travel Guide: The Nature Coast of NSW : from Durras to The Tilbas The Beagle Abode has been established to provide that service while also providing our readers with a glossy overview of latest properBes on the market each week. You can find Beagle Abode on the Beagle website under REAL ESTATE The latest Beagle Abode lisBngs are also available each week as a FlipBook on the website and also distributed to readers via our social media pages and our twice weekly mailouts.

The Beagle Trades and Business Directory provides local Trades and Businesses a free lisBng in a hope that they might gain work from it, and conBnue to provide employment and economic benefit to their families and our communiBes. AdverBsing is usually outside the affordability of many smaller businesses and sole traders. The Beagle supports locals. These lisBngs are FREE. If you are a local business and would like to be listed please contact us as we oLen turn over these lisBngs to give everyone a fair go. Email beagleweeklynews@gmail.com Trades and Businesses can also list themselves on the Beagle Trades and Business Group in Facebook at hEps://www.facebook.com/groups/1303512213142880/

beagle weekly : Vol 178 October 23rd 2020



Gadfly 139 By Robert Macklin Let’s assume that Joe Biden wins in a landslide and Donald Trump is escorted Vol 16 September 15th 2017

28 December 7th, 2017 and into the ignominy he so richly deserves. So what does out House Vol of 48 April 27th 111the JulyWhite 12th 2018 2019

this mean for our future security and prosperity in our part of the world? The Morrison Government took no steps to put a sensible distance between us and that appalling Trump regime. ScoE Morrison happily jumped out front to demand an inquiry into the origin of the pandemic in Wuhan. That totally undiplomaBc – and fuBle - gesture sent relaBons with China on a downward slide. Alas, a President Biden will be no less in the thrall of America’s military establishment which makes its living from elevaBng rivals to enemies. Last week in another anB-Chinese gesture Morrison broke all precedent and joined naval exercises with the US, Japan and India, acBng, he said ‘in Australia’s naBonal interest’. So the odds are that liEle will change. In 2017 aLer a dozen trips to China and intensive research I published DRAGON AND KANGAROO, the history of our relaBons over the last 200 years. And the most striking aspect of today’s imbroglio is that we’ve seen it all before. The Morrison government makes great play of their opposiBon to the Chinese Communist Party; but the China of the former Qing dynasty was no less authoritarian – and no more expansionary - than today’s iteraBon. Moreover, then as now, the official denigraBon of the Chinese government quickly spilled over to the Chinese in Australia. This was an extension of the racist BriBsh colonial aZtudes that resulted in the White Australia Policy. And earlier this month in a perfect back-to-the-future moment Morrison’s point man, Senator Eric Abetz at a Senate commiEee inquiry into the diaspora of all naBons within Australia demanded that Chinese-Australian witnesses ‘uncondiBonally condemn the Chinese Communist Party dictatorship’. One of them, the highly respected Yun Jiang, a, Senior Research Officer at the ANU and Director of the China Policy Centre, has since taken the Bme to think through the event. Her response goes to the heart of the maEer. The full text may be found on the website of China in the World, ciw@anu.edu.au ‘My opening statement,’ she says, ‘highlighted the toxic environment faced by Chinese Australians who engage in public debates. This made senator Eric Abetz’s subsequent behaviour all the more shocking. He only subjected Chinese-Australian witnesses to this treatment during hearings that examined diaspora communiBes in general. ‘I had already spoken extensively about China’s human rights records, noBng that “China is one of the top violators of human rights in the world.” I have also talked about the inBmidaBon and harassment experienced by individuals and their families for criBcising the party. The issue is not about whether or not beagle weekly : Vol 178 October 23rd 2020


reading the Chinese Communist Party should be condemned. No Australian, regardless of ethnicity, should be subject to poliBcal loyalty tests. We are all Australians first and foremost ‘In today’s environment, the loyalty of Chinese Australians will be quesBoned no maEer what our Vol 16 Septemberor15th 2017 achievements records. Vol 28 December 7th, 2017 It doesn’t maEer that I have served in the Australian public service for eight years Vol 48 111April July 27th 12th 2018 2019

across three departments, working on a range of domesBc and internaBonal policy issues to advance the naBonal interest. ‘It doesn’t maEer that I regularly criBque the Chinese government over its foreign and domesBc policies. It doesn’t maEer that I might have endangered my family in China by speaking publicly about these issues. In today’s environment, the loyalty of Chinese Australians will be quesBoned no maEer what our achievements or records.’ And in a final, telling observaBon, she says, ‘The hearing mirrored what the Chinese Communist Party does in its numerous poliBcal campaigns, including, most famously, the Cultural RevoluBon.’ Is this really the Australian way in 2020? robert@robertmacklin.com

Robert Macklin was born in Queensland and educated at University of Queensland and the Australian Na!onal University. He has worked as a journalist at the COURIER-MAIL, THE AGE and THE BULLETIN, and was associate editor of the CANBERRA TIMES un!l 2003. Robert is the author of 29 books, including DARK PARADISE, HAMILTON HUME and four works focusing on the SAS and Australia's Special Forces: SAS SNIPER, REDBACK ONE, SAS INSIDER and WARRIOR ELITE. He lives in Canberra and Tuross Head.

beagle weekly : Vol 178 October 23rd 2020



Where there’s Smoke wri)ng workshops Two wriBng workshops for people wanBng to

Vol 16 September 15th 2017 share their summer bushfire experiences are 28 December 7th, 2017 Vol 48 2018 111April July 27th 12th 2019

coming to Candelo and Cobargo in November.

Lead by local author and therapeuBc arts pracBBoner, Katherine Boland, the councilhosted workshops are an opportunity for people to share their stories in a supporBve environment.

Above: Workshop leader, Katherine Boland.

Library Coordinator, Megan Jordan-Jones said that a group approach to reliving traumaBc events can have posiBve results for people struggling to come to terms with a difficult year. “Research has shown that wriBng about traumaBc events in a supporBve environment allows for the processing of experiences that otherwise may be difficult to express. “CollecBvely wriBng stories with people who have been through the same distressing events can give powerful results, not only in the shared sense of conveying similar experiences through different perspecBves, but also through the very catharBc act of giving yourself Bme to be creaBve. “To say it's been a challenging year is an understatement, and it’s not easy to find Bme and moBvaBon for being creaBve as we deal with the pracBcaliBes of recovery. “We have experienced a significant Bme in the Shire’s history and documenBng our thoughts and individual stories for ourselves and future generaBons is an act of recovery itself. “The workshops are suitable for everyone. It doesn’t maEer if you have never put pen to paper, because Katherine Boland will guide you through the process of wriBng and finishing your story.” Two weeks before the workshop, enrolled parBcipants will be given a toolkit of prompts and Bps to help inspire two pages of wriBng to bring with them and share at the workshop. Stories will be further developed at the workshop through a range of wriBng exercises, ending with parBcipants in small groups sharing experiences of courage, kindness, resilience, resourcefulness and coping with change. The free workshops will be held at Candelo Hall on Thursday 12 November, and Cobargo Hall on Saturday 14 November 2020. Book online at hEp://www.begavalleyshirelibrary.eventbrite.com.au or call Bega Library on 6499 2127.

beagle weekly : Vol 178 October 23rd 2020




by John Longhurst

Those seated shuffled in their seats as the rest of the staff traipsed into the meeting. The Principal started ‘The HSC results are in and we have done a great job. Lots of band fives.’ Vol 16 September 15th 2017 She coughed.... twice. 28 December 7th, 2017 Vol 48 111April July 27th 12th 2018 2019

Useless bunch she thought. Not a band six amongst them. Forty students got high eighties but really who gives a shit about that. Another few marks and we would be a cutting edge, innovative or even a model school. Why can’t this mob deliver?’ ‘If we focus on the value added you can see we are doing well in our cohort.’ No one gives a shit about the value added. It’s the band sixes that makes us look good. Some rubbing of foreheads amongst the staff and an eyeballing of a particular faculty. There was an audible snore from an older teacher. Serious faces trained on the PowerPoint presentation. The older teacher woke with a start and his hand shot up. He rubbed his eyes and studied the slide. ‘So we have effectively banned sixes. There is not a six amongst those figures. Top job I reckon. We need to use the same strategies to ban sixes for the other banned items; mobile phones in class, permanent markers used for graffiti and so on.’ The Principal shook her head. ‘Banned items is next on the agenda. Please focus on the figures.’ I really need to move this bloke on. The older teacher’s head rested back on his shoulder. The Principal returned to the powerpoint presentation and guided the staff through the various bar graphs and line curves and then cross compared to previous years, the State average and other schools within the socio economic mix. She left the downward trending line graph over the past five years on the screen. What more can I do? They must be able to see how useless they are. It’s embarrassing. I’m the one who has to explain these piss poor results to the Regional Director. ‘Ok, let’s break into groups and further analyse the results. I want Maths to advise History and vice versa, English with Industrial Arts and Science with Physical Education. I want three ways that we are going to get those extra marks to take us from high band fives to band sixes so that we can be successful.’ Now, get the Regional Director off my case, you assholes. ‘I want you to be a bit like those razor gangs the government uses at budget time. Identify and quantify the learning impediments and then slash them.’ She frothed ever so slightly at the mouth. ‘I think for example we do too much one on one stuff here with the lower kids. Maybe too much time on Teddymodo.’ Some quizzical looks amongst the staff but she soldiered on. ‘Let’s be real. Moving a kid from a band three to a band four does not amount to much in terms of public perceptions. So consult in your cross faculty groups and elect a representative to be on a Band Six Taskforce. We are looking for band sixes.’ I’ll be asked about my strategy to fix these shit results and the Director is big on task forces. I’m stuffed if this doesn’t work. The older teacher woke with a start. ‘Band Sixes. I know where we can find the Band Sixes.’ All eyes were now trained on him. ‘They are playing up at the RSL on Friday night. Shit music though.’

beagle weekly : Vol 178 October 23rd 2020


reading The #AussieBirdCount is a great way to connect with the birds in your backyard no maEer where your backyard happens to be — a suburban backyard, a local park, a patch of forest, down by Vol 16beach, September 15th 2017street of town. the or the main Vol 28 December 7th, 2017 Vol 48 111April July 27th 12th 2018 2019

You can count as many Bmes as you like over the week, we just ask that each count is completed over a 20-minute period. The data collected assists BirdLife Australia in understanding more about the birds that live where people live. For more informaBon on how to take part, head to hEps://aussiebirdcount.org.au/

Moruya Books have all the guides you need to help you idenBfy the birds you are about to discover

This book is the most up-to-date guide to Australian birds available. WriEen in everyday language, with crisp, brilliant digital images taken in the wild. Beyond a field guide, this book is divided into 27 chapters, with each chapter opening with fascinaBng background informaBon. The easily accessible informaBon on each bird includes- common and scienBfic names, size, descripBon, behaviour, preferred habitat, feeding habits, voice, status and breeding. DistribuBon maps are arranged next to the photographic illustraBons of the bird.

beagle weekly : Vol 178 October 23rd 2020



100 years ago—October 23rd, 1920 In the depths below.– Some excitement was caused on Saturday last when it was Vol 16 September 15th evening 2017 28 December 7th, 2017 Vol 48 April 27th 2018 111 July 12th 2019 discovered that Mr. J. Staunton’s sulky pony had fallen into a well at “Oaklands.” Luckily there were only three feet of water in the well, therefore the animal was not in any danger of drowning. Two car loads of willing hands went out from town, and with the able assistance of Mr. H. Ball and his tackle the pony was soon raised to terra firma. ILLAWARRA AND SOUTH COAST S. N. Co.– In Illawarra S.C.S.N.Co Ltd shed at Moruya terms of special resolutions passed at a meeting of shareholders in the Illawarra and South Coast Steam Navigation Co., Ltd., the company has gone into liquidation. A new company of the same name has been registered, and in accordance with the terms of the resolutions taking over the assets of the old company, is continuing the business as from the time of liquidation. … NEW BUSINESS.– Mrs. P. J. Gannon has just opened a new business in Campbell Street. Her stock comprises stationary, toys, school requisites and hand painted Xmas cards. This clever artist is also prepared to give lessons in Fine Arts. C.E. BAZAAR ALer many months of thought and energy on the part of those who undertook to carry out a Bazaar in aid of St. John’s Church Fund, their efforts were rewarded last week end by one of the most successful (financially and socially) events the church has had for some years. Many hours were spent by the band of busy workers in the Centennial Hall, and when the Bme arrived for the opening on Friday aLernoon the transformaBon scene which had taken place in that large unadorned building was charming in the extreme. On entering, the first sight to attract the eye was an artistically arranged sweet and flower stall in front of the stage. This was a dome formation in blue and white, and, while a white trellised background interlaced with Flora’s beauties, beneath which reposed the choicest of home-made confectionery, presented a most delightful picture. ….. On the right of the stage was a Jumble Stall, their decorative scheme being carried out in pink. This stall was laden with all that was pretty and useful. …. Next came the cool and beagle weekly : Vol 178 October 23rd 2020


Reading—History Continues….. refreshing Ice Cream and Oyster Saloon… With the succulent bivalves and cool creams daintily served, brisk business was transacted. On the left of the stage Mesdames Sanders and Gregg… delighted hearts of the little with their beautiful array of toys and novelties… Very mysterious looking was a draped-in corner Vol 16ones September 15th 2017 28 December 7th, 2017 Vol 48 2018 111April July 12th 2019 bearing the27th words “Fish Pond.” The small people found endless reasons for being in its vicinity, and for a small silver bait caught a variety of “fish”… Nearby was the Hoop-la ... on which many sports “rang-in” useful wares. At the extreme end of the hall was the Produce Stall. In the centre of the hall hung the Kiora Snowball Dip…. Last but by no means least, was that all-important person, the inner man, catered for. The stage was occupied by this important department, and the capable manageress, Mrs. A. H. Fox, with her bevy of smart waitresses, assiduously aEended to her numerous patrons. .... Messrs. A. Fox and A. LouZt tested the accuracy of the sports’ eyes with a shooBng gallery. Throughout the aLernoon and evening the stalls were well patronised by the many people present. The bazaar conBnued on Saturday when the capacity of the hall was taxed to its utmost…… BATEMAN’S BAY (From our Correspondent). The Bateman’s Bay Brass Band made their debut on Friday night, when an aEracBve programme of musical items and a Ball was carried out to assist the finances and to inaugurate the Band. The public have been united in liberality and kind sympathy with its promoters and crowned their appreciaBon by overflowing patronage at the first appearance in public of the bandsmen. Many who scoffed at the original efforts to master the windy instruments now live to regret their scoffing. Compliments were showered on the bandmaster, Mr. J. LaEy, on the secretary, Mr. A. Ryan, and on their merry followers who have persevered, in spite of adverse criBcism, giving their leisure Bme to make life in the Bay less gloomy and more harmonious.

beagle weekly : Vol 178 October 23rd 2020


What’s on

All the known gigs to date: All the known gigs to date: Vol 16 September 15th 2017 28 December 7th, 2017 Vol 48 April 2018 111 July 27th 12th 2019 Oct 24th - Chris McGrath:

at The Waterfront Hotel Moruya Oct 24th - Flamenco Paddy @ JJ's at the Marina 7:30pm Oct 24th - Oktoberfest Featuring Thundergoose @Blbavalley Oct 25th - Country Pumpkins – Bodalla Dairy Shed (12.30pm) Oct 25th - Klaus Tietz – Camel Rock Brewery (12.30pm) Oct 25th - Vinyl Rain – Club Narooma (3pm) Oct 31st - Totum @ JJ's at the Marina 7:30pm Nov 1st - Two Dogs Plucking at the Bodalla Dairy Shed 12:30pm to 4pm Nov 6th - The Jazzcats at The Quarterdeck, Narooma Nov 7th - Daniel Champagne at the Waterfront Hotel Moruya Tickets just $20 but limited here: November 7 - 2:30pm: h=ps://bit.ly/3krXhxz November 8 - 2:30pm: h=ps://bit.ly/3jehrcP

Nov 8th - Daniel Champagne at the Waterfront Hotel Moruya Nov 22nd - LP Duo at the Bodalla Dairy Shed 12:30pm to 4pm Nov 29th - Soul Stories at the Bodalla Dairy Shed 12:30pm to 4pm Nov 29th - Samuel Jr at the Waterfront Hotel Moruya

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What’s on

The South Coast music scene will come alive in November with Great Southern Nights Gigs Vol 16 September 15th 2017 and 300-plus live music venues More than 2,500 arBsts 28 December 7th, 2017 Vol 48 111April July 27th 12th 2018 2019

across NSW are primed for the Australian-first music event, Great Southern Nights, with Bckets for over 900 gigs now on sale.

A NSW Government iniBaBve, Great Southern Nights has been created to kick-start the recovery of the live music, hospitality and tourism industries in a COVID-safe environment. Minister for Jobs, Investment, Tourism and Western Sydney Stuart Ayres said Great Southern Nights would provide music lovers from across the country many reasons to get out in NSW this November. “NSW will come alive with great Australian music in November with gigs taking place in many of the state’s greatest music venues, pubs, bars, bowling clubs and wineries,” Minister Ayres said. Boudicea + Hannah “With 2,500 arBsts performing in 300-plus venues across Sydney and more than 130 NSW towns, there is a gig spanning every genre and desBnaBon – check out the gig guide for details, book your Bckets and start planning your Great Southern Nights adventure now. “Shows range from Jimmy Barnes playing The Sydney Coliseum in Western Sydney, Tones And I performing at the Civic Theatre in Newcastle and Ian Moss at LizoEe’s Restaurant, Ma= Corby embracing the North Coast vibe at Brunswick Heads and Shannon Noll rocking out in Deniliquin. “The NSW Government is proud to be geZng arBsts, roadies, venues, hospitality staff and tourism businesses back to work through this ambiBous iniBaBve and now it’s over to the public to show their support by booking Bckets to a gig or two, or more.” Joining the feature arBst line-up are Lime Cordiale, Jessica Mauboy, Vera Blue, Hoodoo Gurus and Ruel, keeping company among Australian music champions Kasey Chambers and Troy Cassar-Daley, The Angels, Thirsty Merc and Kate Ceberano. Great Southern Nights will comprise 1000 individual COVID-safe gigs across NSW during Australian Music Month – November. Music lovers can book Bckets to a show via the gig guide HERE Tickets are now on sale for over 900 gigs with more coming online daily. Great Southern Nights is delivered by the NSW Government’s tourism and major events agency DesBnaBon NSW in partnership with the Australian Recording Industry AssociaBon (ARIA). ARIA CEO Dan Rosen said the Great Southern Nights program was coming at a criBcal Bme for the industry. “This is an extremely important moment for the Australian music industry,” Mr Rosen said. “Great Southern Nights is an innovaBve and effecBve way of geZng arBsts back on stages safely and ensuring money starts flowing back through the live-music ecosystem - to arBsts, venues, agents, tour managers and sound and lighBng-crews. “We can’t wait to see the shows geZng underway from 5 November.” See the gig guide and buy )ckets www.greatsouthernnights.com.au

beagle weekly : Vol 178 October 23rd 2020


What’s on Gigs set for the South Coast BERMAGUI COUNTRY CLUB, BERMAGUI 19TWENTY 20th November @ 7:00 PM BONDI CIGARS 28th November @ 7:00 PM

Vol 16 September 15th 2017 28 December 7th, 2017 Vol 48 111April July 27th 12th 2018 2019


Boudicea + Hannah




Vol 16 September 15th 2017 28 December 7th, 2017 Vol 48 111April July 27th 12th 2018 2019

beagle weekly : Vol 178 October 23rd 2020


Art –photography On 20th October the Narooma Camera Club held its monthly meeting in which we discussed the Set subject of Geometrical Shape Photography.There were 16 members who entered this month, with 48 images sent in for judging. judge for15th October VolOur 16 September 2017 was Robyn Georges E.F.I.A.P. Robyn was the winner of Top Shot with FCC in 28 December 7th, 2017 Vol2014. 48 27th 111April JulyBefore 12th 2018 2019 Covid Robyn held photography walks in Sydney and hopes one day to get back to doing what she loves. We would like to thank Robyn very much for her excellent analysis on our photography. The winning entries for the October competition are: Set Subject A Grade : Gold - Rosy Williams - Swamp Geometrics Silver – Ivan Finlay - National gallery Steps Highly Commended – Deb Flynn - Window Prisms Highly Commended - Rosy Williams - Glow of Faith Highly Commended - Ivan Finlay - Blue Pool Bermagui Highly Commended - Krysia St Clair - Fish Pot B Grade : Gold - Sue Lawson - Broken Hill Swing Pulley Silver - Wendy Fisk - The Tower Highly Commended - Russell Howick – Textured Brick Highly Commended - Katherine Wagner – Old Build Highly Commended – Ally Aitken – London Bridge Geometrics C Grade: Gold - Carolyn Bate - Bath Court Silver - Judy Morgan - Poppet-Head Mine Highly Commended – Rita Jeffery – Kings Gate Highly Commended – Janet Linee – Circular Quay Highly Commended – Carolyn Bate – French Railway Open Subject A Grade : Gold – Deb Flynn - Cozy Joey Silver – Krysia St Clair – Egg Sac of A Sand Snail Highly Commended - Deb Flynn – Morning Glow Highly Commended - Krysia St Clair – Spotted Pardalote B Grade : Gold - Ally Aitken - Stripes Silver – Sue Lawson – Dawn on the Canola Highly Commended - Wendy Fisk – Kianga Rainforest Highly Commended - Katherine Wagner – Rust Red Highly Commended - Wendy Fisk – shake a Tail Feather C Grade: Gold – Judy Morgan – Old gold Miners Cottage Silver – Geoff Geary – Canoe on the Lake Highly Commended - Carolyn Bate – Ponte Vecchio in Florence Well done to the winners on the Night it was a great topic with many different images showcasing Geometrical Photography. Our Set subject for November is Smoke or Shadows Photography – our members will be emailed out some tips and beagle weekly : Vol 178 October 23rd 2020


Art –photography Narooma Camera Club also held an interactive training night on Tuesday 13th October which was portraits and still life under studio lighting. Vol 16 September 15th 2017 28 December 7th, Vol 48 April This event went off2017 well with 11 members 111 July 27th 12th 2018 2019

adhering to the social distancing regulations and a few of our members became the models a lot of fun was had by our group and we hope to do this again one-night next year as it was so well received.

beagle weekly : Vol 178 October 23rd 2020


arts COUNTRY PUMPKINS GROW AT THE DAIRY SHED Local band, the Country Vol 16 September 2017 Pumpkins, will 15th be ferBlizing their 28 December 7th, 2017 Vol 48 April 27th 2018 111 July 12th 2019 songs at the Bodalla Dairy Shed this Sunday, 25 Oct, from 12.30pm. The following Saturday, 31 Oct, the members will be seZng up their pumpkin display at Moruya Markets from 10am for a special Halloween performance. At both venues they will be featuring their new naBonally released single, the Queensland Pumpkin Blues. The band has been together for over a decade with many adventures along the way including performances at the Gympie Muster in Queensland and Tamworth Country Music FesBval where Pat the Possum was a finalist in the Tamworth Songwriters AssociaBon Awards. WriEen by lead singer and bass player, Michelle Scobie, the song is the Btle track of a kids’ show of the same name that has another 8 songs based around an environmental theme. The other members of the band are Daniel Ostrosko on drums, Chris CurBs on lead acousBc and electric guitars, plus vocals, and Michelle’s husband, Graham, on vocals, guitar, mandolin and harmonica. The Country Pumpkins emerged from the Covid fog on Saturday, 26 Sep, at Moruya Markets, although the members have been busy rehearsing throughout the year. The band has 5 CD’s of original material that have been recognized in many songwriBng awards over the years but the Country Pumpkins also play many cover songs by arBsts as diverse as Paul Kelly, Cindi Lauper, John Williamson, Norma O’Hara Murphy, Shane Howard, Neil Murray, John Prine, Rodney Crowell, Kate Wolf and Slim Dusty. As well as the Queensland Pumpkin Blues, the band has also recently released two other singles about the past fire season: Take All of My Love by Michelle and Stand to IntenBon by Graham. The video for Take All of My Love can be found on the Country Pumpkins Band facebook page and all three singles are available through all the usual electronic plaeorms. The Country Pumpkins can be contacted for bookings through Graham Scobie at Scentertainment on 0409 225957 or graham@scobie.com.au or facebook. beagle weekly : Vol 178 October 23rd 2020



Art Exhibi)on ‘From Fez to Casablanca’ by Cat Wilson opens October Vol 16 September22nd 15th 2017at the SoArt Gallery 28 December 7th, 2017 Vol 48 111April July 27th 12th 2018 2019 Narooma. A new exhibiBon From Fez to Casablanca by local arBst Cat Wilson opens on the 22nd of October. Featuring cyanotype prints and digital collages inspired by the arBst’s Bme living in Morocco, the exhibiBon is on at the SoArt Gallery in Narooma unBl November 1st. Cat Wilson is an Australian arBst working in photography and video. From 2014 – 2017 Cat lived in Casablanca with her Moroccan husband Faouzi Saouli. During that Bme she had the opportunity to study tradiBonal Islamic geometric design. Cat now lives in Narooma on the far south coast of NSW. Drawn to Morocco by its rich arBsanal heritage, Cat was excited to introduce hand made techniques into her work. Stepping into the ancient medina of Fez is like stepping back in Bme. Here surrounded by examples of tradiBonal Islamic paEerns Cat learned how to construct them and began hand-drawing negaBves and using these to print cyanotypes, one of the oldest forms of photographic printmaking. During this Bme, Cat also discovered that alongside this rich heritage is a country rapidly modernising and Casablanca, the financial capital, spearheads this trend. Using digital photographs of Casablanca’s striking architecture and influenced by her study in geometric design, Cat uses digital collage to explore this tension between the tradiBonal and the modern. “I love new technologies and the possibiliBes they open up. But I am also drawn to the methodical, meditaBve and repeBBve process of making things by hand. My Bme in Morocco, in these two very different ciBes produced two series of work. Both are studies of paEern and form exploring the tension between the drive towards modernity and nostalgia for the past.” Cat will run a short workshop inside the gallery where parBcipants learn to construct a tradiBonal paEern from Fez using a ruler and compass. They will go on to use techniques to turn this construcBon into a finished piece in watercolour or gouache. Cat Wilson- From Fez to Casablanca Where: SoArt Gallery Narooma (next to the Kinema) Dates: October 22nd – November 1st Open: Thursday – Sunday 10am – 3pm Due to COVID 19 restricBons there will not be an opening event Workshop: Saturday October 24th 10am – 3pm $60 / places strictly limited all materials supplied noEheonlycatwilson@gmail.com m. or 0419 168 079

beagle weekly : Vol 178 October 23rd 2020


art Postcards from the Fire, pain)ng and sculpture exhibi)on con)nues ALer the success of the Postcards from the Fire photographic exhibiBon, CreaBve Arts Batemans Bay (CABBI) is exhibiBng at their Gallery in Mogo, painBngs and sculpture inspired by the arBsts direct experiences of the fire. This exhibiBon includes arBsts from the Mogo Aboriginal Land Council Vol 16 September 15th 2017 together 28 December 7th, 2017 member’s painBngs and sculpture. Vol 48 27th 2018 111April Julywith 12thCABBI 2019 The Postcards from the Fire, pain)ng and sculpture exhibi)on will run un)l the 31 October 2020 with daily opening hours from 10.00am to 4.00pm at The Gallery 2/52 Sydney Street Mogo. The Gallery Mogo is a CABBI venture, that is open to local and regional visual art and craL pracBBoners. This exhibiBon features aboriginal arBsts, Linda Carlson, a Biripi woman, Sherrie Nye, a Walbunga Yuin woman and Adam McCarron a Walbunga Yuin man, expressing their experiences of the fire and its impact on their community. Sherrie Nye says On NYE 2019 Our Minga Biriga (Great Mother) unleashed her fury on our country.She burnt 90% of My homelands with devasta!ng consequences.Our landscape. Our wildlife.Our Lives and those of our Elders and Children have been changed forever. This impact was felt across the enBre community with the sculptor Nick Hopkins losing his house and studio. In a creaBve response to the fire, Nick has craLed two sculptures from the charred roof beams of his destroyed home. While Cecilia Jackson has used the charcoal from the fire as the pigment for her Remnant prints series, which makes each print unique due to the texture of the charcoal ink. The stunning high res images of this exhibiBon can be viewed on the following link, hEps://1drv.ms/u/s!Ap83I4QhCi-AiOIX1-_xuxyUnNKgKQ?e=LvtMwk

beagle weekly : Vol 178 October 23rd 2020


sports The Jetblack Wild Wombat returns to the Eurobodalla in 2020. It’s been a challenging year for everyone and we are most grateful that we can be out in nature, riding, running and racing. We are so pleased that we have been able to put everything into place to return to Mogo near Batemans Vol September 15th 2017 Bay16 with this event this year especially – it’s a town and a region that has 28 December 7th, 2017 Vol 48 111April July 27th 12th 2018 2019 been hit parBcularly hard not just by the Covid-19 pandemic, but it’s a region that is sBll suffering from the aLermaths of last summer’s bush fires. Come and be a #rockytrailracer with us – bring family and friends along and support the local businesses during your stay! Bring an empty esky, fill up on the beauBful local produce and foods – we’ll be showcasing that many amazing experiences and products that the Eurobodalla has to offer. Show your support for Mogo, we are. We know the Deep Creek Dam trails quite well and have fallen in love with the Eurobodalla region over the past few years, because there are a lot of exciBng experiences and great potenBal for more trail-based acBviBes along this magnificent stretch of the NSW South Coast. We believe that the locaBon in Mogo and Batemans Bay is an enviable one in the mountain biking community and we know that trail runners will be excited about the opportunity to run in these amazing bushland surrounds with us on race day too. Shimano MTB GP | Saturday This is cross-country endurance lap racing at its best! From the first Bme between the tape to people that have spent a lifeBme training for power output, we have you covered when you line up at the Rocky Trail start line! Race for 4 or 7 hours, solo or in relay teams – we have elite, age group and eBike categories! This is the near perfect race track for it: fast, flowy and technical enough to be a good challenge! Rocky Trail Run | Sunday Race your way! Run the 7km Bme trail on the Deep Creek Dam loop 1x, 2x or 3x between 8am and 2pm! There are no start orders and we will set up the Bming points so you can get a rest in between laps. This is the first, ever, Rocky Trail Running event – these trails are super fun, there’s not too much elevaBon and we need trail blazers, literally, to give us loads of feedback!

beagle weekly : Vol 178 October 23rd 2020



Spring sportsfield spraying starts Eurobodalla Council’s parks and gardens crew will soon begin spraying Vol 16 September 15th 2017 and reserves to keep them looking great. weeds at local sportsfields 28 December 7th, 2017 Vol 48 111April July 27th 12th 2018 2019

StarBng early November, the Council will use a broadleaf herbicide Spearhead to target weeds such as bindii and clover, with periodic spraying to conBnue throughout the summer season. Spraying will be done first thing in the morning and fields will be closed for four hours while it dries. During that Bme, signs will be up asking people to stay off the grass, with details of the Bme, date and herbicide used. Where onion grass is being targeted for removal, a spray called DesBny will be used. In some areas, crews will also apply Primo, a turf growth regulator, which improves turf quality and helps it beEer withstand heat stress. The grounds are ready for use as soon as the signs come down and users may noBce some harmless discolouraBon of the grass.

Tuross Head Ladies Golf news On Tuesday 20 October, 18 ladies played in our weekly stableford compeBBon sponsored by Beverley Theobald. Winners today were: A Grade: Dorothy Madden with 38 points from Leonie Snodgrass on 34 points. B Grade: Beverley Theobald on 36 points. The Runner-Up was Elsa Shearer with 31 points. C Grade: Margaret Downey with 27 points with the Runner-Up Julie Barningham on 21 points.

beagle weekly : Vol 178 October 23rd 2020



Broulee Runners October 21st 2020 Tonight, is week two of being back together and there 22 actual runners over the 5-kilometre Vol 16were September 15th 2017 28 December 7th, 2017runners giving Bmes for all Vol 48 distance and27th 16 2018 virtual 111April July 12th 2019 distances. Although, there was a strong wind blowing this evening there were some excellent Bmes achieved. Most notable was that of Tino LopresB, who recorded a Bme of 23.28, which was an improvement of 2 minutes and 6 seconds on his first aEempt over this distance last week. He is a primary school student and would be a standout runner at St Peter’s School. A special welcome to Loren Chambers, who was making a come back aLer a stress fracture and Suzanne Harter aLer an absence of 6 years. Lock down condiBons make people want to Above: Angie Gannon making her 30th run - here with extend themselves and this was evident with Janelle Morgan, who has 96 runs over the shorter friend Ashley Garland distances, ran her first 5 kilometres and recorded a creditable Bme of 33.01

Low Scores in Opening Round of Tuross Vets Championships After being washed out over the past two weeks a good field of 67 players registered for the Tuross Head Veterans' golf Stroke and Putts event, the game also being the deferred first round of the vets championships for 2020. Winner on the day with a magnificent score of 27 net was Bruce Martin (right). Bruce was followed closely by Jennifer Gray on 28, Ross MacAlpine on 29 and Mike Birks on 30. Ball winners this week were Barry Hoban on 30, Rob Nash, Ian Manton, Henry Anderson, Des Jackson, Ron Hanlon, Jeanette Miller and Steve Gardner on 31, Peter McRae and Paul Pereira on 32, Peter Frost, Gayle MacAlpine, Gail Rogers, Les Johanson, Andrew Gordon, Neal Watson and Richard Wharton all on 33, and finally after multiple count backs Ann Challender, Len Rogers and Rick Brake on 34. David Williams won the putting competition from Frank Pomfret and Steve Collins on count back, all three players recording 12 putts for the nine holes played. Blaise Madden struggled all day and was this weeks recipient of the infamous Bradman award. The second and final round will be played on Wednesday 4 November 2020.

beagle weekly : Vol 178 October 23rd 2020



Moruya Ladies Golf Results A Patrons and Life Members Day 2 Ball Aggregate event was held on Wednesday Vol 16 September 15th 2017 28 December 7th, 2017 Vol 48 April 111 July 27th 12th 2018 2019 21st October, with a field of 28 player’s. RecogniBon and appreciaBon is accorded to Patron’s Patricia Farrow & Edith Jones and Life Member’s Barbara Kennedy & Shirley Noy for their conBnual support and generous sponsorships. Above: Patron's Patricia Farrow & Edith Jones present awards to Marie

Winning team of the day Marie Muriwai Muriwai & Pauline Nash & Pauline Nash were impressive from the outset, outplaying the most formidable opponents and finishing with a score of 80 points.

Runner’s-up Cindy Becker & Samantha Dryden were strong contender’s scoring an inspiring 77 points.

Rugby: South Coast 10's October 24th Batemans Bay 'Boars' Rugby Union club will be hosBng the South Coast 10s Gala Day next Saturday 24th. It will be a chance of some more Rugby acBon for exisBng clubs Broulee Dolphins Rugby Union Club and Bungendore Mudchooks, as well as a welcome to reforming club Bermagui Cobargo Sharks Rugby Club and ex South Coast club VincenBa Van Goghs. Games start from 1:45pm, more details will be added to the event post including finalised draw on the Batemans Bay 'Boars' Rugby Union social media page.

beagle weekly : Vol 178 October 23rd 2020



Your UP TO DATE Fishing report courtesy of Tackle World Moruya Moruya River. The river this week has been very similar to last weeks report, with slow gains being made as the weather and water temps Vol 16 September 15th 2017 28 December 7th, 2017 In behind the hole-in-the -wall there have to improve. Volcontinue 48 2018 111April July 27th 12th 2019 been a few nice flathead and bream caught this week, with baits seeming to be the preferred options. The water in and around the oyster racks in this particular back water is nice and shallow in places, with an abundance of nipper beds that provide an easy feed for smaller baits fish, and in turn bream, whiting and flathead. There continue to be reasonable numbers of bream in front of the hospital, with the odd whiting and trevally also in the deeper holes. Tuross River. As is always the case this time of the year, Tuross comes alive sooner than the other systems on the coast. Its large expanses of shallow sand and mud flats warm much faster than other systems, which in turn equates to an earlier flathead bite. This much has been true this year, with the majority of the flathead caught in the shallows. They still seem to be feeding on smaller bait fish at the moment, so 2-3” presentations in hardbody lures and soft plastics seem to be the go. As the season continues and the food source increase in size, then will be the time to look at bigger presentations. The extensive rack systems that Tuross is famous for also hold plenty of bream this time of the year. Surface lures are one option that can be deadly on them. On a rising tide, with a bit of water over the racks, surface poppers offer a really explosive and visual style of fishing. Site casting to cruising bream on top of the racks is ALOT of fun. Heavy drag pressure to stop fish from bricking you is required to stop the loss of lures and fish that can and does happen. Rock and beach. Slow would be the best description of the fishing to had on the local beaches and headlands to date. The salmon continue to be conspicuous with their absence. Sooner or later they will turn up though. . Moruya breakwall has also been a bit quiet on the fishing front this week. There have been the occasional bream, trevally and flathead on the beach side of the breakwall for the bait brigade. But the lure throwers have had little to cheer about with an absence of salmon. Offshore. Hit and miss has been the one description of the fishing offshore this week, with a combination of weird currents and lowish (17 deg) water temps, the fishing has been tough. We have received this week, a whole heap of dive gear from both Cressi and Ocean Hunter. So if you are in the market for hand spears, spearguns, floats, mask & snorkel sets, glove or booties, we will have something to suit your needs and budget. Come in and check out the range. Stay safe everyone, and remember “every days a good day for fishing...” Team Tackle World Moruya. beagle weekly : Vol 178 October 23rd 2020


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NANNY available Fully Qualified Teacher and Early Childhood Teacher available all hours for babysitting in your home. Providing care for babies, toddlers, pre-schoolers and school aged children. Offering educational activities and able to assist with school readiness, school preparation and homework. Specialises in music, dance, cooking, craft and outdoor activities. Flexible rates open to negotiation Feel free to phone or text Tash 0419341227

beagle weekly : Vol 178 October 23rd 2020


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Beagle Weekender Vol 178 October 23rd 2020  

Beagle Weekender Vol 178 October 23rd 2020