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Vol 16 September 15th 2017

28 December 7th, 2017 2020 Your FREE online Eurobodalla weekend magazine. Vol 48 2018 Vol 171 4th27th September 111April July 12th 2019

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beagle weekly : Vol 171 September 4th 2020


editorial Welcome to this week’s editorial,

Where do you get your news? With Facebook threatening to remove Interna7onal, Na7onal and Local News from your Facebook feed you might now wonder how that affects you if you rely on social media for your news. Facebook has stated that Australia has leC them with two choices: "removing news en7rely or Vol 16 September 15th 2017 accep7ng system that lets publishers charge us for as much content as they want at a price with no clear 28 December 7th, 2017 Vol 48 2018 111April Julya27th 12th 2019 limits." "Unfortunately, no business can operate that way," it said. "Assuming this draC code becomes law, we will reluctantly stop allowing publishers and people in Australia from sharing local and interna7onal news on Facebook and Instagram," the post said. That is preEy defini7ve. Publishers (like the Beagle, ABC, 7NEWS, The Guardian, Eurobodalla Council) and people (community groups, you) in Australia Facebook also owns Instagram and WhatsApp that will also be part of the mix if they decide to go ahead with their threat. Many in the community enjoy their daily feed of news. There are those who have bookmarks on their PCs and Tablets to News websites whilst others choose to follow News accounts on social media such as ABC, ABC South East, 2EC, the Braidwood Bugle and even The Beagle. A new trend is for local community pages such as the Batemans Bay No7ce Board, Tomakin Community to also share media releases they subscribe to from NSW Health, the Local Member for Bega, Eurobodalla Council as well as local police and emergency services. Presently there is a wealth of news for those who seek it out. Much of it is accurate and much of it is 7mely. During the bushfires Facebook played a vital role in informing the community of the status of fires and provided a running commentary as was required. The community looked to social media out of frustra7on at the slow updates that were coming from Fires Near Me that tended to advise what had happened rather than report what was happening NOW. Each and all of you have your own methods to glean news and to determine what is factual. The convenience of having that news feed in a single plaKorm that provides a freely accessible and 7mely update (depending on who you follow) at the swipe of a finger has become the norm. Australians have come to expect quality news for free and accessible when and where they wish. While the media say that Facebook is stealing its adver7sing revenue and should pay them for their content it is the media companies that rely on Facebook as a tool to disseminate their news. The Beagle website has over 30,000 unique readers per month who enjoy accessing their local news daily, weekly or spasmodically. The readers are spread across the planet and enjoy FREE access to the website. The Beagle also has 4300 subscribers to our FREE, twice weekly, local news mailouts that are delivered via email. Both of the above sets of readers proac7vely engage in local news and both have found it outside of social media. There is, however, a second group of 10,000 Beagle readers who simply enjoy their newsfeed via Facebook, happy to engage in Beagle ar7cles or other ar7cles considered to be of interest that the Beagle Editor…….. Lei Parker 0405100257 All Enquiries please email beagleweeklynews@gmail.com PO Box 3029 Tuross Head, NSW 2537 Copyright © South Coast Beagle Pty Ltd. All rights reserved. The Beagle Weekly is owned by SOUTH COAST BEAGLE PTY. LTD.

beagle weekly : Vol 171 September 4th 2020


community Beagle has shared from other sources such as ABC, emergency services or local community groups. Should Facebook go ahead and remove News feed, as threatened, then these 10,000 Beagle Facebook followers will need to make the decision go outside of Facebook to find their Interna7onal, Na7onal and local news. At a local 15th level2017 the same will no doubt apply to those who follow ABC South East, 2EC, About Regional, Vol 16 September 28 December 7th, 2017 Vol 48 April 27th 2018 111 July 12th 2019 The Braidwood Bugle and the ACM mastheads (that appear to have already walked away from Facebook with their now rare pos7ngs). Gone too will be any Interna7onal, Na7onal and local news feed via Instagram or WhatsApp. While TwiEer will remain available it will require a universal move by readers to make a switch to that plaKorm should the news providers move their efforts to service an expanded news feed. New Zealand publisher Stuff hit the pause buEon on all Facebook ac7vity and is trialling ceasing all ac7vity on Facebook and its subsidiary Instagram. Nearly 953,000 people follow the Stuff news Facebook page and 134,000 follow its Instagram account. It also has dozens of other Facebook pages for its various 7tles and brands. Stuff stopped adver7sing on Facebook soon aCer the mosque aEacks in Christchurch in 2019, as it did not wish to contribute financially to a plaKorm that profits off publishing hate speech and violence. Overnight all news feed from Stuff to Facebook and Instagram ceased. In recent years, European countries have tried and largely failed to force the mega -plaKorms to give more money to publishers. Now it is Australia's turn and the mega-plaKorms are figh7ng back saying that they, in fact, direct readers from Google and Facebook to news websites that then mone7se visita7on. When Spain enacted a law in 2014 forcing Google to pay for headlines and news summaries in Google News, Google removed Spanish news outlets, dealing a blow to the na7on's news industry, primarily because many of those outlets rely on Google Ads that return dividends based on impressions and click throughs. The Beagle made a clear decision from the outset four years ago to NOT have any embedded 'targeted' ads that responded to a readers web history. Instead we provided real, affordable adver7sing for our local businesses that hyperlinked to their websites and promoted their services. While we use Facebook as a delivery tool for local news we do not depend on it for any revenue (we actually pay Facebook to boost posts to ensure wider community distribu7on). Presently The Beagle will wait and watch to see how this all pans out and will con7nue to provide a social media presence to local news as we believe it is essen7al for all of our community to be informed and included. One good thing that might come from this is that they go ahead with their threat which will drive all those seeking the news to turn to credible news sources rather than being constantly exposed to social media's Fake News, Whispers, Rumours and Hearsay. With no credible news at all on Facebook it will be easy to spot the Fake news as that will be the only news that sees the light of day as all registered official sources will be blocked to stop YOU from reading or sharing. This may be yet another paradigm shiC to a world evolving to seeking out new ways. In the mean7me think about where you get your news, how much you value that news, and how much effort you are/will be prepared to go to access quality, 7mely Australian news. Un7l next—Lei

beagle weekly : Vol 171 September 4th 2020



Bushfire recommenda)ons mixed, but who pays The NSW Government must stump up funding to back its bushfire inquiry recommenda7ons. That’s the message from Eurobodalla Vol 16 September 15th 2017 Mayor Liz Innes following release of the 76 recommenda7ons last Tuesday. 28 December 7th, 2017 Vol 48 111April July 27th 12th 2018 2019

Clr Innes said she won’t accept any addi7onal burden on ratepayers. “The NSW Bushfire Inquiry recommenda7ons are a mixed bag, and my big worry is who pays,” she said. Clr Innes said the inquiry confirmed an increased likelihood for more firestorms of the type experienced last summer and welcomed recogni7on that more funding was required to help our firefighters on the front line. “I’m pleased to see some of Eurobodalla Council’s key recommenda7ons – improving the resilience of telecommunica7ons, power and roads, and reviewing vegeta7on clearing policies to reduce complexity and cost – were adopted,” Clr Innes said. “My big concern is the clear expecta7on that local councils will have to shoulder more of the burden when we simply do not have the resources to do more. Rates would have to go up, and that is not acceptable.” Clr Innes said our community learned tough lessons during Black Summer. “These lessons need to be shared and the minister should hear our experiences first hand,” she said. “I invite the NSW Emergency Services Minister David Elliot to visit Eurobodalla. The NSW Government must cost the recommenda7ons and must iden7fy who will pay. Otherwise these are a set of recommenda7ons going nowhere.” Clr Innes said the NSW Government s7ll had the ideal opportunity to bring real reform, including beEer integra7ng emergency service agencies and infrastructure. “If the Minister visits, I look forward to showing him our outdated fire-control centre in Moruya, and the hall and four plas7c tubs we ran our emergency opera7ons centre from,” Clr Innes said. “The NSW Government has previously shown support for a new regional integrated emergency service precinct in Moruya so we have decent facili7es for the RFS, SES, NSW Fire and Rescue, Ambulance Service and an Emergency Opera7ons Centre. This type of infrastructure should be funded by the government instead of pushing the burden to local ratepayers. We have been advoca7ng for more than five years now. It really is 7me the government got this emergency services precinct built for our community. We’re also calling for the posi7ons of Local Emergency Management Officers to be moved to the NSW emergency services agencies as full-7me professional roles. “Our Council LEMOs did an amazing job last summer, but we are expec7ng our staff, who already have full7me jobs, to tackle the emergency services func7on on top of that. This is not a resilient solu7on for the future. Our officers are needed to manage our roads, bridges, and water and sewer systems during disasters.” Clr Innes said she had listened to many concerns from local land owners regarding the asser7on the RFS would be given rights to enter proper7es and clear land or conduct burns if land owners failed to. “This is unpalatable for most landowners and the details absolutely need to be worked through,” she said. “And the expecta7on that councils could inspect and enforce private property compliance to bushfire standards is unrealis7c. That is not and should not be our job. There also needs to be more hazard reduc7on and management of fuel loads in na7onal parks and state forests. I know how it feels to sit and wait for fire to roar through unprepared government-owned land toward your home. That has to change.” Clr Innes said the recommenda7ons to pursue beEer air firefigh7ng support, improve training for government personnel and volunteers running evacua7on centres, and integra7ng fire control and emergency opera7ons centre were welcome. beagle weekly : Vol 171 September 4th 2020



Free Household Chemical Cleanout this weekend Eurobodalla residents can safely rid their homes of unwanted pes7cides, baEeries, paints, varnishes and more Vol 16 September 15th 2017 28 December 7th, 2017 this at2018 Eurobodalla Council’s annual Household Vol weekend 48 111April July 27th 12th 2019 Chemical Cleanout. The collec7on provides a great opportunity for residents to safely dispose of harmful chemicals that cannot normally be taken to Council’s waste management facili7es. The cleanout collec7on points will accept fungicides, oxidisers, weed killers, household cleaners, fuel, oils, syringes, poisons, acids and alkalis, pool chemicals, gas cylinders, medicines, fer7lisers and smoke detectors, free of charge. Asbestos, explosives, clinical waste and radioac7ve materials will not be accepted. Collec7ons will be held at:  Moruya, on Saturday 5 September from 8am to 2.30pm, at the Gundary Oval car park on Campbell Street,  Batemans Bay, on Sunday 6 September from 8am to 2.30pm, at the Hanging Rock Boat Ramp, off Beach Road, and  Narooma, on Sunday 6 September from 8am to 2.30pm, at the Narooma Library car park on Graham Street. More informa7on about what will and will not be accepted at the Household Chemical Cleanout is on Council’s website www.esc.nsw.gov.au/waste or phone Eurobodalla Council’s waste department on 4474 1024. The Household Chemical Cleanout is supported by Canberra Region Joint Organisa7on and par7ally funded by the NSW Environment Protec7on Authority.

beagle weekly : Vol 171 September 4th 2020


community School and educa)on grants available Schools and not-for-profit groups can apply for funding from Eurobodalla Council to reward students for their achievements. Vol 16 September 15th 2017 Vol 28 December 7th, 2017

Vol 48 27th 111April Julyannual 12th 2018 2019 Council’s Schools and Education Grants offer funds to educational institutions and charitable organisations to sponsor awards, scholarships and non-sport related activities, such as attending external education courses or events.

The grants are one of a range of funding programs provided by the Council that recognise the value and importance of local organisations in building vibrant, inclusive and healthy communities. The 2020 grant program opened Friday 28 August and closes at 4pm Friday 25 September 2020. Applications must be made online through Eurobodalla Council’s online grants portal https:// esc.smartygrants.com.au For more information visit http://www.esc.nsw.gov.au/inside-council/council/grants or contact the Council’s executive services office on 4474 1022.

Can anyone offer a quiet home to Honey for 6 to 8 weeks un)l she mends RSPCA Eurobodalla Branch is urgently looking for a convalescent home for Honey, a 10-month old American Staffy, while she recovers from a badly broken leg. Honey came from the Batemans Bay area, but was sent to Sydney for specialist vet care at RSPCA's Yagoona Shelter. She has had surgery and is on the mend, but she is unhappy at the shelter. ACer her experiences, Honey is somewhat fearful and is unseEled by the noises and other dogs in close proximity. Honey needs a quiet, loving home for the next six to eight weeks, where she can rest and regain her health and confidence. It would be best that she be the only dog in the household, as she should not be running, jumping or going up and down stairs. If you can help please contact RSPCA Eurobodalla Branch on 0429 488 200.

beagle weekly : Vol 171 September 4th 2020



Open Season: Moruya School Leavers To Get Career Headstart At TAFE NSW Virtual Event As HSC approaches, Volthe 16 September 15th 2017school 28 December 7th, 2017 leavers across Moruya are Vol 48 2018 111April July 27th 12th 2019 geUng ready to take a break from the books to log-on to the inaugural TAFE NSW Virtual Open Day. The first of its kind, the virtual event will combat social distancing barriers to ensure prospec7ve students don’t miss out on the opportunity to meet TAFE NSW teachers and explore the state-of-the-art facili7es on 9 and 10 September.

VIRTUAL REALITY: TAFE NSW Hospitality Teacher Cherie Hubbard encourages students from across the region to get a running start on their careers at next week’s TAFE NSW Open Day, being held virtually for the first 3me this year.

TAFE NSW Regional General Manager Belinda Mackinnon said school leavers and their parents and guardians would have unprecedented access to teachers from 60 course areas that are available for study across the state. “The innova7ve virtual format of this event means anyone who is considering their career op7ons doesn’t need to travel to explore absolutely every opportunity available to them at TAFE NSW,” Ms Mackinnon said. “COVID-19 has undoubtedly presented challenges for the Class of 2020 and I want to reassure school leavers the pandemic isn’t an obstacle to geUng the skills they need to pursue the career of their dreams. “TAFE NSW is leading the voca7onal educa7on sector by ensuring all students con7nue to have access to training and informa7on in a COVID-safe environment.” Visitors to the event can connect one-on-one with teachers, take 360 tours of facili7es, observe prac7cal demonstra7ons, and access student support service and scholarship informa7on in a virtual exhibi7on hall. Ms Mackinnon said with up to one-in-three Australians likely to look for a new job post-pandemic, TAFE NSW will play a cri7cal role in reskilling locals. According to Australian Government’s Job Outlook prepared by the Department of Educa7on, Skills and Employment, there will be demand in industries where employment has grown strongly in recent years and these include healthcare and social assistance, educa7on and training and construc7on. “TAFE NSW graduates are in high demand because of the quality of their educa7on and ability to hit the ground running with the job-ready skills that employers are looking for,” Ms Mackinon said. beagle weekly : Vol 171 September 4th 2020



Easier Access Breas8eeding Support VolThis 16 September 15th 2017 sponsored places at project will 28 December 7th, provide 2017 Vol 48 111April July 27th 12th 2018 2019

BreasKeeding Educa7on Live sessions and 12 months ongoing support via membership for up to 15 women in the Eurobodalla Council area and addi7onal funds to allow the group to provide face to face group mee7ngs.

Michelle Mitchell, Group Leader Eurobodalla Australian BreasKeeding Associa7on said ‘Pregnancy and childbirth is an exci7ng and hopeful 7me, but also a 7me when expectant parents need 7mely access to accurate informa7on and skilled support. Right now there are limited support services for expectant or new parents in the Eurobodalla shire, including no publicly available face to face or online antenatal classes. ‘ ‘ACer the extreme bushfire condi7ons of 2019/20, many expectants or new families have been leC feeling vulnerable and trauma7sed; their need for support greater than ever. But just as we were geUng our heads around the task of bushfire recovery, the COVID19 pandemic has disrupted our lives in a completely different way.’ ‘Online sessions are different from face-to-face interac7on but they have many benefits.’ says Margaret Grove, ABA President. ‘Many enjoy aEending BELs from the comfort of their own home. They are able to ask ques7ons and interact with other expectant parents in a small group.’ ‘The aim is to empower expectant parents and give them the confidence they need to breasKeed their baby.’ 'BreasKeeding is a useful tool for emergency preparedness as it does not require water electricity or other equipment, reducing the need for breasKeeding families to rely on services during emergencies. As we start looking ahead to this year’s bushfire season, many families will be wan7ng to prepare their bushfire plans earlier, especially those welcoming babies soon. 'Pregnant women who are interested in accessing BreasKeeding Educa7on Live through this project should complete the following short survey hEps://www.surveymonkey.com/r/EABSE

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On-site sewage system inspec)ons resume Eurobodalla Council’s rou7ne on-site sewage Vol 16 September 15th 2017 28 December 7th, 2017 Vol 48 April 27th 2018 111 July 12th 2019 management system inspec7on program has resumed following the extensive support provided to bushfireaffected proper7es. So far this year the team has been assis7ng bushfireaffected residents by conduc7ng free checks to see if sep7c tanks, aerated wastewater treatment systems and compos7ng systems were opera7ng properly. Assistance has also been provided to those trying to rebuild. The addi7onal work resulted in delays to the normal scheduled inspec7on program, however Council’s environmental health technical officer Jonathan Trotman said Council was working hard to bring it back on track. “For proper7es due for inspec7ons, we’re aiming to get to your place soon,” he said. Council is required by NSW Government legisla7on to approve and inspect on-site sewage management systems to ensure they are working efficiently to minimise risk to human health and the environment.

Above: Council’s environmental health technical officer Jonathan Trotman has resumed Council’s rou3ne on-site sewage management system inspec3on program a7er assis3ng bushfireaffected residents throughout the year.

An inspec7on fee is charged for the service and the frequency of inspec7ons – either annually, biannually or every five years – is based on risk. Inspec7on frequency can be reduced for systems in good working order, thereby reducing the costs. Of the inspec7ons conducted in 2019/20, 90 per cent were compliant. The main non-compliance issues were associated with effluent pump-out systems, where there was a failure to have effluent pumped out prior to wells being full. If these systems overflow there is significant risk to public and environmental health and fines can be issued. Anyone with ques7ons about their system or the inspec7on service can call Council’s environmental health team on 4474 1310 or email enviro.services@esc.nsw.gov.au

beagle weekly : Vol 171 September 4th 2020



11 traineeships and appren)ceships open at Eurobodalla Council Vol 16 September 15th 2017 28 December 7th, 2017 Vol 48 111April July 27th 12th 2018 2019

Eurobodalla Jobs and Training advise that 11 traineeships and appren7ceships have just opened up with Eurobodalla Council! Eurobodalla Council's 2021 traineeship and appren7ceship program is now open for applica7ons. Above: past trainees of Council

There are 11 posi7ons available, each combining on-the-job learning with study.

Posi7ons on offer include: 5 x one year business administra)on traineeships for young people under the age of 21 in Development Services, Customer Service and Informa)on, Property and Commercial Services, Environmental Services and Children's Services. 5 x two year water opera)ons traineeships, open to all ages based in either Batemans Bay, Moruya, Tomakin or Narooma. 1 x four year carpentry appren)ceship, open to all ages based in Moruya. To give some hints and 7ps about applying, Eurobodalla Jobs and Training have teamed up with Council's HR department to run three Zoom sessions where you'll hear about: the vacancies on offer what it's like to work at Council as a trainee how to apply resume wri7ng 7ps and how to respond to selec7on criteria how to connect to free supports. Read more about the jobs here: hEps://bit.ly/2EwdBNK Zoom sessions: Wednesday 9 September 2020, 5.30pm to 6.30pm hEps://bit.ly/34GujVh Thursday 10 September 2020, 5.30pm to 6.30pm hEps://bit.ly/2QtgqBP Tuesday 15 September 2020, 5.30pm to 6.30pm hEps://bit.ly/3gBjy9g

Quota Interna)onal of Narooma news Sally Davey said "ACer many recent Quota mee7ngs via zoom, Quota Narooma has finally been able to have a ‘real’ mee7ng at Club Narooma - following all Covid protocols. "Making this an extra special mee7ng was the Installa7on of new member Ann Grant. Ann has been pa7ently wai7ng to become a member of Quota Narooma. "President Chris and Vice President Sue, along with members, welcomed Ann to our club. We look forward to enjoying our many Quota ac7vi7es with Ann when restric7ons are eased." Whilst restric7ons are limi7ng some of Quota Narooma’s community involvement, we are s7ll maintaining the garden at Quota Park. Thanks to Sandra, Susan, Sue and Sharlie, along with Mike, who spent many hours on Saturday refreshing the raised gardens on Saturday. It’s looking great! beagle weekly : Vol 171 September 4th 2020



Volunteer at the Moruya Repair Cafe The Southcoast Health and Sustainability Alliance Vol 16 September 15th 2017 (SHASA) and the Eurobodalla Shire Council have 28 December 7th, 2017 Vol 48 111April July 27th 12th 2018 2019

collaborated to set up a Repair Cafe for the residents of the Eurobodalla. It is located in the Red Door Hall, Page Street, Moruya will operates from 10am-2pm on Fridays. Members of the community are able to bring in items for repair. There will be a three step process of assessment · Step 1 - assess whether an item is repairable; · Step 2 - iden7fy whether the item can be repaired by the Repair Café · Step 3 –advise of alterna7ve local repair op7ons if the Repair Café is unable to repair the item The Moruya Repair Café also provides an opportunity for members of the community to drop in and network with other people, thereby enhancing general well-being and promo7ng recovery in the wake of the recent bushfires and Covid-19 pandemic. The Repair Cafe needs volunteers to: · welcome those seeking help to fix items and fill in a register with details about the repairs · undertake, or teach others to undertake, sewing repairs (using a machine or by hand) · inspect and clean vacuum cleaners or other appliances that may not have not been maintained and do not work properly · fix electrical goods (one SHASA member is undertaking tag and test training and SHASA will cover the cost of other volunteers to do this training) · organise tea and coffee and/or bake biscuits and cakes for the Repair Café · help with seUng up and packing away the Repair Café each week · promote the Repair Café by puUng up posters, seUng up a social media site etc. If you are interested please contact Thomas Schild on 0497 843 111 or Kathryn Maxwell on 0467 558 645 or email contact.shasa@gmail.com

Federal Member for Gilmore, Fiona Phillips at the official opening of the Repair Café last Friday beagle weekly : Vol 171 September 4th 2020



Freeloader Or Playmate? By Jenny Edwards

Dolphins hun7ng fish at North Surf Beach, Narooma, recently Vol 16 September 15thwere 2017 joined by an 28 December 7th, 2017 Vol 48 April 27th 2018 111 July 12th 2019 inquisi7ve fur seal. Rosy from Narooma, who took this photo, could not tell whether the seal was interested in the mammals or the fish. Fur seals are certainly playful and curious as anyone who has dived or snorkelled with them at Montague Island can tes7fy. However, they also don’t miss an opportunity for an easier feed. In trials to make trawling exclusion and escape devices safer for fur seals and dolphins, the seals were shown to readily enter the nets to feed on the fish trapped there, oCen with fatal results for the seals. This was even more common in winter when presumably fish were harder to find. Now that the government has removed marine sanctuaries at Montague Island and the seals’ fish food will become scarcer it’s hoped that the fur seals will not be more likely to be accidentally hooked or drowned in traps as they chase an easy meal. All Australian marine mammals are protected but this will not prevent them geUng in the way of spearfishers aiming for a fish nor will it stop them geUng entangled in discarded fishing gear.

beagle weekly : Vol 171 September 4th 2020



Dalmeny's Tess Poyner announced as Junior AG Vol 16 September 15th 2017 Nature Photographer of the 28 December 7th, 2017 Vol 48 111April July 27th 12th 2018 2019 Year The winning images from the 2020 Australian Geographic Nature Photographer of the year contest have been revealed and Dalmeny's Tess Poyner has taken the 7tle of Junior Australian Geographic Nature Photographer of the Year. Above: 'Dainty green tree frog' by Tess Poyner, 2020 Australian Geographic Nature Photographer of the year. Many locals know of Tess' images via social media including her own well followed Instagram page Tess is also a respected entrant in the annual Animals in the Wild photography exhibi7on held each year at the Bodalla Gallery. In addi7on to par7cipa7ng in Animals in the Wild, Tess was also a finalist in the 2019 pres7gious Australian Geographic Society's Nature Photographer of the Year compe77on and was a runner up in 2017. Click Link Below to see the other winners in the 2020 Australian Geographic Nature Photographer of the year contest: h<ps://www.australiangeographic.com.au/news/2020/08/2020-ag-nature-photographer-of-the-year-winners/

September edi)on of The Triangle OUT NOW The September 2020 issue of The Triangle is online and ready to read now, or you can pick up a paper copy from your local distribu7on point. Read about a special song that's been giCed to the Indigenous children of Bermagui; one person's detailed account of being tested for COVID-19; opportuni7es for changes - good changes! - we might embrace when we finally see the back of this virus; the story of an old fishing boat they just couldn't keep down. Pick up a copy at your post office, petrol sta7on, library or 777, or read a colour version online here.

beagle weekly : Vol 171 September 4th 2020



Workshop to rethink your organic waste Vol 16 September 15th 2017 Eurobodalla Council will host an online workshop during 28 December 7th, 2017 Vol 48 27th 111April July 12th 2018 2019 Na7onal Organics Week for residents to explore op7ons to reuse their organic waste.

Held on Thursday 10 September at 7.30pm, the workshop will discuss the pros and cons of hot and cold compos7ng, worm farming, Bokashi bins and keeping chickens. Council’s waste educa7on officer Gillian Kearney said organic waste comprised a substan7al propor7on of people’s red-lid bin contents, taking up valuable space in landfill. “Organic maEer such as food waste can be reused in much more beneficial way for everyone and the environment,” she said. “If allowed to break down naturally in a compos7ng or fermenta7on process it provides a valuable soil condi7oner. “Almost all your food waste can be repurposed into nitrogen-rich fer7liser for your garden. “By recycling effec7vely and correctly and keeping organics and other valuable resources out of landfill, we can all help save on landfill space as well as look aCer our beau7ful surroundings.” This 45-minute workshop presenta7on on Zoom will explore op7ons that suit just about every household or school community. Ms Kearney said it would be a great pre-curser to learn more about Council’s free in-person compos7ng and worm farming workshops, to be held in November. Register for the ‘Diversion therapy for organics’ online workshop via the event page on Council’s website www.esc.nsw.gov.au/ events or phone 4474 1343 to register your interest. For more informa7on about home compos7ng and worm farming – including the November workshops – visit hEps:// www.esc.nsw.gov.au/council-services/water-waste-recycling/ waste/projects/home-compos7ng

Narooma and District Lions Club have announced the Dalmeny Community Market will resume on Sunday, September 13, from 9am to 1pm beagle weekly : Vol 171 September 4th 2020



Opera)on comba)ng livestock theB rolls out across Southern Region Vol 16 September 15th 2017 28 December 7th, 2017 Vol 48 111April July 27th 12th 2018 2019

An ongoing, proac7ve opera7on to prevent livestock theC by disrup7ng the movement of stolen stock within NSW will be rolled out across Southern Region this week. Opera7on Stock Check is a high-visibility strategy which will allow officers of all ranks to inspect vehicles carrying livestock to iden7fy and target loads which may have been stolen. Livestock theC has a significant impact on farmers across Lake Illawarra, Monaro, Murrumbidgee, Murray River, Riverina, South Coast, Wollongong and The Hume Police Districts, with a total of 406 incidents recorded within these areas in the past three years. These figures include the theC of approximately 20,354 sheep and 864 caEle, represen7ng a reported value of more than $3.1 million for Southern Region. Rural Crime Coordinator, Detec7ve Inspector Cameron Whiteside, said Opera7on Stock Check is not targe7ng truck drivers, but criminals. “All vehicles large and small will be stopped, and paperwork checked, to ensure the animals being moved are not stolen livestock,” Det Insp Whiteside said. “I want to remind all legi7mate carriers, along with farmers that convey their stock in smaller vehicles and trailers, to have their paperwork in order so we can quickly iden7fy those who are doing the wrong thing.” The Rural Crime Preven7on Team was created by Commissioner Fuller in late 2017 to strengthen the NSW Police Force’s focus on rural crime. Anyone with informa7on about livestock theC is urged to contact their local police, a member of the Rural Crime Preven7on Team, Crime Stoppers: 1800 333 000 Informa7on is treated in strict confidence. The public is reminded not to report crime via NSW Police social media pages.

beagle weekly : Vol 171 September 4th 2020


community We Care expands to accommoda)on, retail businesses Eurobodalla Council is expanding its We Care Vol 16 September 15th 2017 aCer it received further funding environmental program 28 December 7th, 2017 Vol 48 April 27th 2018 111 July 12th 2019 from the NSW Environmental Trust Fund. Introduced in 2018, We Care aims to reduce the quan7ty of single-use plas7cs being sent to landfill and liEered into our environment by helping local businesses adopt more eco-friendly solu7ons. In the first phase of the program, one third of Eurobodalla’s food businesses signed on to remove from their opera7on at least one of the five problem plas7cs; straws, coffee cups, takeaway food containers, cutlery and plas7c bags.

Above: Eurobodalla Council sustainability project officer Alex King is calling for local retail, accommoda7on and food businesses to sign up to reduce their plas7c waste through Council’s We Care program.

It was a resounding success, with pre and post program audits showing a 50 per cent reduc7on in liEer items iden7fied at hot spots in Batemans Bay, Moruya and Narooma. In the second phase, accommoda7on and retail businesses are invited to join. Managers of retail outlets, hotels, resorts and caravan parks can receive advice and ongoing support on how they can transi7on away from single-use plas7cs, such as single-use personal care products, boEled water, condiment sachets, cutlery, cups and bags. Council’s sustainability project officer Alexandra King said there was a growing interest among the community and its visitors to be conscious consumers when it came to single-use plas7c items. “For businesses that want to do the right thing for the environment and their customers, it can be 7me consuming and tricky to know where to start,” she said. “We are trying to take away the hassle by helping local businesses find solu7ons that work for them.” Ms King said Council understood it had been a tough year for local businesses – especially accommoda7on providers. "We have witnessed periods of renewal emerge aCer crisis and it is amazing to see so many businesses viewing the down 7me as an opportunity to rest and recover, as well as re-examine opera7ons – and the good news is, we are here to help,” she said. “Council can provide free package samples and can work one-on -one with business operators to try and find more eco-friendly solu7ons within budget, from their normal suppliers.” Businesses wan7ng to be involved – including food businesses and those already implemen7ng strategies to reduce their plas7c footprint can contact Eurobodalla Council's sustainability project officer Alex King on 0417 953 014 or email alexandra.king@esc.nsw.gov.au

beagle weekly : Vol 171 September 4th 2020



OUT NOW—the latest Beagle Abode : your online weekly Eurobodalla real estate guide Vol 16 September 15th 2017 28 December 7th, 2017 Vol 48 111April July 27th 12th 2018 2019

The beagle abode is an online weekly Eurobodalla real estate guide showcasing the current Eurobodalla market and our many realtors. The beagle abode is the new addi7on to the South Coast Beagle that owns The Beagle and the South Coast Travel Guide: The Nature Coast of NSW : from Durras to The Tilbas The Beagle Abode has been established to provide that service while also providing our readers with a glossy overview of latest proper7es on the market each week. You can find Beagle Abode on the Beagle website under REAL ESTATE The latest Beagle Abode lis7ngs are also available each week as a FlipBook on the website and also distributed to readers via our social media pages and our twice weekly mailouts.

The Beagle Trades and Business Directory provides local Trades and Businesses a free lis7ng in a hope that they might gain work from it, and con7nue to provide employment and economic benefit to their families and our communi7es. Adver7sing is usually outside the affordability of many smaller businesses and sole traders. The Beagle supports locals. These lis7ngs are FREE. If you are a local business and would like to be listed please contact us as we oCen turn over these lis7ngs to give everyone a fair go. Email beagleweeklynews@gmail.com Trades and Businesses can also list themselves on the Beagle Trades and Business Group in Facebook at hEps://www.facebook.com/groups/1303512213142880/

beagle weekly : Vol 171 September 4th 2020



CWA of NSW State Conference Displays Open to Public Vol 16 September 15thcommiEee 2017 The organising for the next CWA of 28 December 7th, 2017 Vollocal 48 111April July 27th 12th 2018 2019 NSW State Conference, at the Bega Showground in May next year, recently held their third mee7ng in the Cobargo CWA CoEage. All eight CWA members of the organizing commiEee aEended: Helen Galton OAM, Nelleke Gorton and Sue Hall from Bega CWA branch; Alison Jenkins from Pambula-Merimbula branch; Lynn Lawson from Cobargo branch; Robyn Wright OAM from Moruya branch; Vicki Hummel from Bermagui branch and AnneEe Kennewell from Tilba branch. Helen as organizing commiEee President is coordina7ng and overseeing all planning aspects of the CWA State Conference. Lynn has printed business cards so we can promote the Conference to local businesses and our community. Alison and Robyn are working on finalizing the raffle prizes. The raffle 7ckets will be available to buy from your local CWA branch later this year.

Above: L to R: Vicki Hummel from CWA Bermagui branch and Nelleke Gorton from CWA Bega branch arranging colourful country tablecloths and napkins for the upcoming CWA of NSW State Conference in Bega in May 2021.

Vicki is working on the entertainment and decora7ons for the conference dinner dance which will be a country-style bush dance. Nelleke our culinary expert, is working on catering including lunches and conference dinner. Sue is sourcing the conference goody bags which will promote the Far South Coast region to all visi7ng CWA members from throughout ACT and NSW. AnneEe is working on three CWA bus tours including Bega to Tathra; Bega to Central Tilba and Bermagui; and Bega to Pambula and Eden. One exci7ng aspect of the CWA of NSW State Conference for our local community, is that the CWA displays will be open to the public. The best of the State for CWA Land Cookery and HandicraC will be on display during the Conference for locals to see. If you have ever wondered how to cook the best fruitcake, sponge, marmalade, chutney or relish, this Conference will have it all on show. Opening hours for CWA displays will be adver7sed closer to the Conference dates in May next year. For more informa7on on the CWA State Conference in Bega, please contact Secretary Lynn Lawson by email fscgcwa@gmail.com

beagle weekly : Vol 171 September 4th 2020



New Public Health Order for NSW-Victoria border Vol 16 September 15th 2017

28 December 7th, 2017 48 2018 111April July 27th 12th 2019 AVolnew Public Health Order has been issued concerning the NSW-Victoria border. From 12.01am today, (September 4) a single border region will be reinstated.

All residents of the border region, including cri7cal service workers and residents in remote communi7es, can apply for a new border region permit. The border region resident permit allows a Victorian border region resident to enter NSW: To get necessary goods or services For care or other compassionate reasons To aEend work or educa7on (where it is not possible to do from home), and To permanently move to NSW. NSW Health to use 'area for increased tes)ng' NSW Health has introduced the term 'area for increased tes7ng'. This is an area or suburbs iden7ďŹ ed for increased tes7ng because an infec7ous person lives or has visited there, or there has been community transmission of COVID-19. Some people with COVID-19 may have only mild symptoms, so as much tes7ng as possible is needed to ensure thereâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s no hidden community transmission. Some areas and suburbs may stay on the areas for increased tes7ng list for several weeks aCer an infec7ous person has visited. NSW Health reviews these areas and suburbs regularly.

beagle weekly : Vol 171 September 4th 2020



Ted Butler and Steve Doyle : Two mates doing what mates do Many in the Moruya area know these two; Ted Butler and Steve Doyle. Ted and Steve are good mates. And as mates they s7ck Vol 16 September 15th 2017 28 December 7th, good 2017 and bad. Of late things haven't turned out so together through Vol 48 27th 111April July 12th 2018 2019 well for Steve. L to R: good mates Ted Butler and Steve Doyle Hi there! My name is Ted Butler and my good mate is Steve Doyle. Steve is a well loved character in the South Coast surfing fraternity, he is such a great character with a big heart and has an incredible posi7ve influence on people. In recent years Steve was the Post Master at Moruya Post Office and is well known and respected in the local community. Unfortunately Steve has contracted Motor Neurone Disease and I would like to raise money for research into the treatment and cure for this terrible illness. I'm hoping that fundraising for this cause, which has become very close to my heart since Steve became ill, may make a difference in the future for other people. To date (Sept 4th 2020) the fundraiser has raised $14,172 which is incredible. All dona)ons made through the hDps://personalchallenge.gofundraise.com.au/page/Ted63452661 pla8orm are secure and will be remiDed directly through to the charity for Motor Neurone Disease. While fundraising for Motor Neurone Disease my own personal challenge in this fundraiser is that at the end of 8 weeks from commencement I will have my hair cut SHORT!!! For those who know me it has been decades since my hair was short. I realise that this is a very small gesture but it's my way of drawing aEen7on to the serious indiscriminate affect that Motor Neurone Disease can have on a persons life. So if you would like to get behind this fundraiser challenge Steve and I’d appreciate any contribu7on, big or small. CLICK HERE to donate hEps://personalchallenge.gofundraise.com.au/page/Ted-63452661

beagle weekly : Vol 171 September 4th 2020


Reading Gadfly 127 By Robert Macklin Sitting proudly on the desk of my Canberra study is a framed medallion of the Australian Signals Directorate bearing its motto, ‘Reveal their secrets, Protect our own.’ It was presented to me Vol 16 September 15th 2017

28 December 7th, 2017 of the ASD, Dr Paul Taloni. 48 27th 2018 111April July 12th 2019 inVol 2015 by the then Director

It followed the time we’d spent together during the research for my opus, Warrior Elite, the fascinating history of our Special Forces and the Intelligence Agencies since World War II. It’s one of three of my works recently acquired by Australia Post and now on sale in post offices throughout the country. Dr Taloni brought a refreshingly mature approach to the information surrounding the ASD; but of one aspect he was utterly inflexible: the secrets in question were those of other countries, and those to be protected were Australia’s. The very idea that the ASD would use its enormous power and expertise to spy on Australians was anathema. It was also against the law. So, when a successor, the eponymous Rachel Noble, foretold a turnaround to the policy on grounds that ‘not all Australians are the good guys’, this was no minor adjustment to meet the exigencies of terrorist activity in our country – of which we are blessedly free. Rather, it was a redirection of the government’s spyforce to our own people. She was changing the very nature of Australian governance. It was one giant leap towards the kind of governments they have in Russia and China. To put it as mildly I can, it was an outrage. Yet we heard virtually nothing from the Federal Opposition, let alone the media charged with maintaining the kind of open and free Australia we know and love. Of course, when challenged, Ms Noble will tell us how careful she will be to focus the ASD on those few ‘not good guys’ among us. That’s what spymasters do, before they quietly extend the definition of what constitutes a ‘not good guy’ until it becomes meaningless. Then, since the ASD is spying on Australians anyway, the next obvious step is to make it an arm of ASIO and the AFP; after all, it’s their job to protect us from home-based espionage and terrorist activities so why not make it official. After that, it’s simply a tool in the hands of a Himmler, a Beria, or an Australian equivalent (can’t think who that would be) to do his worst. And if anyone squawks, that probably means they need special attention because, the government will say, if you’re not doing anything wrong, you’ve got nothing to fear. But if that’s the case, why is this government so afraid of a national ICAC to detect and reveal official corruption? PM Scott Morrison promised to create such a body two years ago. Since then, all we’ve heard from him and his Attorney-General Christian Porter is a series of excuses about how terribly difficult it all is to ‘find the right balance’ so the new body doesn’t go ‘off the rails’ and actually embarrass someone in Parliament. And as usual Labor is sitting on its hands. Finally last week, the Independent Helen Haines announced that she’s drafting her own Bill with another Independent, Zali Steggall lined up to second it. But without major party support, it has about as much chance of becoming law as Radish has of winning the Melbourne Cup. So, what is it that so worries its opponents? After all, if they’re not doing anything wrong, they’ve got nothing to fear. robert@robertmacklin.com beagle weekly : Vol 171 September 4th 2020



The Catalpa Rescue—a review by Trevor Moore Peter Fitzsimmons, HacheEe, 2019, ISBN 978-0-7336-4124-4, 405pp Vol 16 September 15th 2017 IVol picked this book at Moruya Books. I am not usually taken in by the 28 December 7th,up 2017 48 27th 2018 111April July 12th 2019

overenthusias7c comments that oCen adorn the front covers of books. In this case the publisher promised “the gripping story of the most drama7c and successful prison break in Australian history.” My reading of Australian history has been light, and I thought that this might help add some heC to my inadequate knowledge. Peter Fitzsimmons is a wonderful writer, and that was an aErac7on. I had read his Kokoda (2010) and Tobruk (2006) and found them thoroughly absorbing and engaging reads. Fitzsimmons says in his introduc7on that he aims to write in a way that ensures his reader maintains his aEen7on and that the reader gets what is going on. In both these aims, in this book, he succeeds. Though I found the narra7ve dropped off a liEle in the middle of the book, I could always follow what was a tricky story to tell, with many threads that were not always immediately intertwined. This is a history book; it may not pass muster with a professional historian, I do not know, but it is an account of events that happened and that discomfited the nineteenth century Bri7sh colonial administra7on. And any story that does that has to have something going for it. The book starts by reminding us that the Brits (of whom I am, or perhaps was) one, have a less than sa7sfactory colonial legacy. Bri7sh, or perhaps more accurately English, designs on Ireland go back almost a thousand years, certainly to the late 12th century. The Tudors under Henry VIII reawakened English interest in Ireland to the detriment of the Irish, following a failed rebellion there led by the gloriously named Silken Thomas. It was downhill for the Irish aCer that un7l we arrive at the period covered by Fitzsimmons’ book. He leads us briefly through a pi7ful and pi7able history from the 17th to the 18th centuries before arriving in the mid-18th century, about 1850. The story of the Catalpa rescue starts in Dublin and finishes in Boston in 1876. The Fenians were a federa7on of organisa7ons that held that Ireland had a natural right to independence, and that this right could be won only by an armed revolu7on, or a Rising. They were well-organised and, according to Fitzsimmons’ story, always almost ready to start their revolu7on. They had some significant support from America (many Irish had emigrated to America in the wake of the famine following the potato blight). They infiltrated the English military, but they were plagued by bad luck and informers. Eventually some 62 Fenians were sentenced to transporta7on to Fremantle. In 1867 they set sail on the Hougoumont and four months later they are in Fremantle Prison. Over the years some of them are pardoned, but not those who had been in the English army. And all other things being equal, that would have been that. But Irish supporters in the US have other ideas and almost as soon as beagle weekly : Vol 171 September 4th 2020


Reading The Catalpa Rescue—a review by Trevor Moore con3nues….. the Hougoumont has set sail, the Clan na Gael, an American Irish libera7on movement, begins to develop a plan to spring some of the prisoners from under the noses of the Bri7sh in Fremantle. A ship, the Catalpa, is Vol 16 September 15th 2017 28 December 7th, 2017 procured Vol 48 27th 2018 out as a whaler. Its captain, George Anthony, is one of the heroes of the story. His task is 111April Julyand 12thfiEed 2019 to look like he is running a whaling expedi7on so that his crew do not know what he is really up to. The Irish convicts manage to leave the prison, mainly because of the laxity of their guards. They are rowed out to the Catalpa which is anchored outside Australian territorial waters. They are caught by a Bri7sh gunboat, the GeorgeEe, which is impotent to fire on the Catalpa, or board it, while it is outside Australian territorial waters. The rescue is a success. Fitzsimmons confirms his place as a first-class storyteller. There is everything here: poli7cs, morality, colonialism and, of course, the best thing is that the good guys win. The Catalpa Rescue is a great way to learn some history and to get a sense of the lives, terribly hard, that people lived in the 19th century. Fitzsimmons does not leave us hanging on: in an epilogue he tells us what happened to the leading characters and what became of Ireland’s fight for independence. Read this book if you enjoy thrillers. This is a thriller and it’s true. AEen7on writers of the Far South Coast! South Coast Writers Centre have teamed up with River of Art to bring you wri7ng workshops in Moruya and Narooma. Wollongong-based writers Hayley Scrivenor and Linda Godfrey will be coming down at the end of September to run 3-hour wri7ng workshops as part of the River of Art Fes7val. GeIng Past the Blank Page with Linda Godfrey presents a hands-on workshop aimed at wri7ng a series of short pieces you can combine or develop separately. At The Top Of Your Voice with Hayley Scrivenor will be an interac7ve workshop centred on voice, character and point of view. Both these workshops will be run twice, on Sat 26 Sept at Moruya Golf Club and again on Sun 27 Sept at Narooma School of Arts more informa7on: southcoastwriters.org/upcomingevents beagle weekly : Vol 171 September 4th 2020



100 Years Ago - 4th September 1920 DEBATE.– A better attendance favored the newly formed Debating Society on Tuesday night when the subject “ Is the mental capacity of women equal to that of men” was thrashed out. In the absence of Mr. Vol 16 September 15th 2017 R.L. Mr.2018 W.2017 Denning was voted to the chair. The Premier, Rev. Sanders, taking the affirmative was 28 December 7th, Vol Dawson 48 111April July 27th 12th 2019 supported by Messrs. E. J. Egan, G. Hanscom, Truman, L. Johnson and G. Bishop each putting forward a strong case for the fair sex. The Leader of the Opposition, Rev. Fulton was supported by Mr. C. Carter. The voting resulted in a decided win for the affirmative by thirteen to seven. TIMELY WARNING.– At a dinner, subsequent to a recent football match, Mr. J. Brown, who had earlier in the day acted as referee, delivered himself of some sage advice applicable to footballers in general. Condensed, he advised those who desired sport, to play the game and not ‘yap’ on the ground; not to attribute defeat or weakness to bias on the part of the referee. If you are out to point and get caught, don’t squeal if penalised. He also introduced a point that is worthy of note by all genuine footballers, viz., that it is becoming increasingly difficult to get reliable men to undertake the thankless task to referee a game, and if fair treatment is not meted out no one with a backbone would undertake the duty. To all of which we say, “Hear, Hear.” SECOND PEACE LOAN.– On Wednesday night the Hon. J. Joynton Smith M.L.C. addressed about eighteen of the townspeople in the Mechanics Hall on the Second Peace Loan, Mr W. Jermyn presiding. Owing to the paucity of attendance the speaker did not dilate on his subject, giving a terse but explanatory address. ... He afterwards went to Hanscom’s Picture Show, where he gave a ten minutes’ delivery. COUNCIL MATTERS.Re alleged dangerous curves on Moruya Bateman’s Bay road, the Assn. to be informed that the Council is fully aware of the condition of the curves in question, and as it is the first policy of the Council to see to the roads and the safety of the public, the curves in question would have been reduced long ago if they were considered to be a danger to the travelling public. Re logs on Orient St., Bateman’s Bay. It was resolved that teamsters be warned against depositing logs on the street, and that all logs now on the street be removed within seven days, or offenders be prosecuted. FODDER ALLOWANCE.– The P.M.G. Advises the Hon Austin Chapman as follows:- With reference to the remarks recently made by you in Parliament relative to the question of this Department assisting small mail contractors affected by the high prices of fodder, I beg to inform you that as already intimated, approval has been given for extra payments to be made to maintain contractors in drought stricken areas where it is shown that such is warranted, and such payment will be made as soon as the necessary formalities have been complied with. The Deputy Postmasters General concerned have been instructed accordingly, and no doubt payments may be made by them at an early date. PUBLIC SCHOOL.– On Wednesday afternoon, under the auspices of the Parents’ and Citizens’ Association, Rev. J. B. Fulton gave an instructive lecture to the children on qualities needed for true success in life. The lecture had five headings, viz., adaptability, obligingness, observation, perseverance and reliability. These were dealt with in a interesting manner, and simplified with apt illustrations. Speaking about the need of reliability, the lecturer forcibly showed that truthfulness, honesty, promptitude and a strict adherence to the principles of religion was necessary for success in any calling. The young listeners showed their appreciation by keen attention to each point brought out in the address and at the close carried a hearty vote of thanks. beagle weekly : Vol 171 September 4th 2020



Vol 16 September 15th 2017 28 December 7th, 2017 Vol 48 111April July 27th 12th 2018 2019

Girls at Moruya Public school 1920sâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;Spot the Smile.


It's Dad's special day this Sunday!

Have you got your giCs sorted?

Moruya Books has something for Dad. Pop in and have a peep. beagle weekly : Vol 171 September 4th 2020


LeDer to the editor The Beagle Editor, At next week's Council mee7ng the Mayor will be puUng forward a Mayoral Minute outlining a proposal by Inner West Council to create a Community to Community Rela7onship with the Eurobodalla Shire. Vol 16 September 15th 2017

28 December 7th, 2017 Vol 48 April 111 July 27th 12th 2018 2019 The Mayor will tell her fellow councillors "Following the devasta3ng summer bushfires, Inner West Council offered the support of four development assessment planners to assist our staff in processing of applica3ons and a tourism marke3ng officer to assist with post bushfire campaign development. These officers were seconded to our Council and assisted from January un3l June 2020. This was a significant gesture from our city colleagues and has resulted in posi3ve ongoing rela3onships between staff.

"Since that 3me, discussions have been held with myself and the Mayor of Inner West, Councillor Darcy Byrne, to explore further opportuni3es for a partnership between the two local government areas to produce mutual benefits in cultural, social, spor3ng, civic and economic development. "This partnership poten3ally offers the opportunity for Inner West council staff to visit and experience the beauty of our shire and to promote the Eurobodalla to colleagues, family and friends back home. "Inner West is described as a uniquely crea3ve community with vibrant and diverse neighbourhoods living side-by-side in harmony. They are a proud community defined by different cultures, ideologies and experiences. Inner West Council incorporates the Sydney suburbs of Balmain, Rozelle, Annandale, Leichhardt, Enmore, Marrickville and Ashfield. "The mee3ng between myself and Councillor Byrne and feedback received from Inner West Council employees and Council’s staff indicate that establishment of a formal rela3onship between the two councils would be beneficial for both councils and our communi3es." The Mayor is then going to recommend that Eurobodalla Council delegate to the General Manager to progress discussion on a formal community to community rela7onship with Inner West Council in a rela7onship that will explore opportuni7es for building broader social, economic, spor7ng, cultural and civic society links between the people of Eurobodalla and Inner West; sugges7ng that this may include specific plans to facilitate visita7on to Eurobodalla Shire by residents, businesses and community, cultural and spor7ng organisa7ons in the Inner West and vice versa. On top of that she suggests a further report be presented to Council once a draC Plan has been progressed. My thoughts on the Inner West Council rela)onship. Now that it is established that ESC staff are to receive a salary increase of 1.5% this year and we residents are paying an extra 2.6% for rates it would appear there are surplus funds for our Mayor to dispense. Community to community rela7onship with inner west Sydney, is this a joke? The jargon in the Mayoral Proposal sounds wonderful ,exci7ng , and fantas7c. Cultural exchange, spor7ng events, etc, , sounds more like travel to the big smoke, fine wines and dining. Bega MOU, Cobar friendship, raindance dollars for local farmers, rent free craC shops, all came to nothing. I do envy people who have so few worries in their life that they can propose this sort of nonsense using other people’s money. Owen Cartledge

beagle weekly : Vol 171 September 4th 2020



Vol 16 September 15th 2017 28 December 7th, 2017 Vol 48 111April July 27th 12th 2018 2019

Want to tantalize your tastebud with mouthwatering seafood dishes? Have a browse through the FISHFILE recipe collec)on and start cooking! hEps://www.fishfiles.com.au/consuming/recipes

The Mossy Cafe Mexican Brunch Bowl... w/ tor7lla chips, house made Mexican chorizo, fried egg, tomato salsa, charred corn, red onion, house made queso fresco cheese, house made beans, smoked jalapeños, sour cream and coriander

beagle weekly : Vol 171 September 4th 2020


What’s on

Vol 16 September 15th 2017 28 December 7th, 2017 Vol 48 111April July 27th 12th 2018 2019

this Sunday at the Dairy Shed (1230pm to 4pm) called ‘ACer Hours’

Sophie Rainbow @7lbavalley Sunday at 12:30pm

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Vol 16 September 15th 2017 28 December 7th, 2017 Vol 48 111April July 27th 12th 2018 2019

beagle weekly : Vol 171 September 4th 2020


arts THE BASIL SELLERS EXHIBITION CENTRE, MORUYA. 'Hidden', by Stephanie McClory is officially open to the public!

Vol 16 September 15th 2017 28 December 7th, 2017 Vol 48 111April July 27th 12th 2018 2019

The BAS are thrilled to share this body of work by Moruya based ar7st, Stephanie McClory. 'Hidden' is open to the public from 29 August - 4 October 2020. Tues - Sun: 10am - 4pm.

Four Winds to redesign its ar)s)c leadership model Four Winds is undertaking a redesign of its ar7s7c leadership model in order to beEer serve the changing needs of ar7sts and audiences following the impact of COVID 19. Like many arts organisa7ons, we see the challenge of working within the current restric7ons as an opportunity, but one that requires a new model that will deliver increased digital outreach, new forms of educa7onal and community engagement, ar7s7c residencies, commissions and live events. A review of the Four Winds ar7s7c leadership model has strongly indicated that responsibility for programming the organisa7on’s expanding scope of work can no longer be overseen by a sole Ar7s7c Director. This significant change means that current Ar7s7c Director James Crabb will be leaving his role as Ar7s7c Director of Four Winds. Four Winds Chair Michael Darling commented; "The requirement for change is exci7ng but at the same 7me we want to acknowledge the tremendous contribu7on James Crabb has made since being appointed Ar7s7c Director in 2016. James has led the change from a biennial to an annual fes7val model and programmed two celebrated Easter Fes7vals. James’ work with our local community and in the development of a significant educa7on program, culmina7ng in Four Winds annual Youth Music Fes7val, will remain as a las7ng legacy of his passion, commitment and leadership. Four Winds is grateful for everything James has brought to the role and for his incredible musicianship, which has inspired so many wonderful performances and collabora7ons” James Crabb said ”Having the opportunity to develop the Four Winds ar7s7c program over the past four years has been a privilege and a rewarding challenge that I have greatly enjoyed. The warmth, enthusiasm and commitment I experienced from the Four Winds community was very much appreciated. Building on the legacy of my predecessors and watching the live music audiences, educa7on and community engagement thrive and grow in all direc7ons has been for me an incredible journey. I wish Four Winds well and look forward to seeing its con7nued success.” Four Winds annual Easter Fes7val will now be led by a contracted Fes7val Director (yet to be appointed) who will curate and shape the overall Fes7val program. The Fes7val Director will complement a team of program specialists who will design and deliver Four Winds annual digital, educa7onal, indigenous and community engagement programs including the Windsong Series, Youth Music Fes7val, Indigenous program and Musicians-in-Schools ini7a7ve.

beagle weekly : Vol 171 September 4th 2020



Virtual Open Studios - Spotlight For Our Ar)sts Several of Eurobodalla’s Vol 16 September 15th 2017 acclaimed ar7sts will be video28 December 7th, 2017of Art’s new website to be launched Vol 48 27th 2018 featured the River 111April Julyon 12th 2019 in the runup to this year’s River of Art Fes7val from 18 to 27 September. Ar7sts include painter, Raewyn Lawrence, who was last year’s joint-winner of the People’s Choice Award at the Basil Sellers River of Dreams exhibi7on; sculptor, Paul Dimmer, a previous winner of the fes7val’s River of Art Prize; print-maker, Mirabel Fitzgerald, whose work is included in the Na7onal Gallery of Australia and the Art Gallery of NSW; Graham Peterkin, furniture designer and maker; jewellery and bead maker, Virginia Alland; tex7le ar7st, BernadeEe Davis; ceramicist, Jo Victoria; and print maker, Julie Mia Holmes (right). The video features were produced for River of Art by videomaker, Eva Davis-Boemans will form an enduring part of the River of Art’s revamped website and will also be posted onto a dedicated River of Arts YouTube channel. The videos can be found here:

Above: Julie Mia Holmes is a Printmaker and ar3st who loves animals and the natural world. If not lurking in her studio you can usually find her following limpet direc3ons and mollusc highways on Broulee Island, camera and journal in hand.

hEps://www.beagleweekly.com.au/post/river-of-artvirtual-open-studios-spotlight-for-our-ar7sts While COVID-19 restric7ons have meant that some fes7val events can’t go ahead this year, the dilemma has opened up new ways of presen7ng the region’s art. In addi7on to the video features, the River of Art website will have an Arts Directory to provide a year-long promo7onal service for Eurobodalla ar7sts. Despite the COVID restric7ons, the fes7val will s7ll feature the River of Art Prize, Open Studios, workshops and exhibi7ons. The program, which will be finalised later this month, and other informa7on can be found on www.riverofart.com.au

beagle weekly : Vol 171 September 4th 2020



Broulee Runners September 2nd 2020 Run Isolated Broulee is now in the 25th week and we are s7ll having a hard core of fit people, who are prepared to test Vol 16 September 15th 2017 themselves against 28 December 7th,the 2017clock. This evening we celebrated Bernie Vol 48 111April July 27th 12th 2018 2019 Lambert comple7ng her 30th run. She is the mother of MaE, who clocked 200 runs last week and the supporter of husband Michael, who has now completed 21 runs. Bernie has completed several Park Runs and was registering impressive 7mes, however she has several sets back with injuries. Nevertheless, she puts these aside as “injuries of excellence” and works hard to reclaim her former fitness.

Tuross Head Ladies Golf On the first day of Spring, 21 ladies played in a Stableford compe77on sponsored by Marie Mapleson. Winners on the day were: Division 1: Leonie Snodgrass with 35 points, closely followed by the Runner-Up Gayle MacAlpine on 34 points. Division 2: Gail Rogers with 33 points from Ann Ware on 31 points. Division 3: Samantha Dryden on 35 points with the Runner-Up Elsa Shearer on 32 points.

beagle weekly : Vol 171 September 4th 2020

Above: Leonie Snodgrass, Gail Rogers & Samantha Dryden



Local Sport Defibrillator Grant Program The Local Sport Defibrillator Grant Program allocates $4 million over four years to assist spor7ng clubs across NSW in the purchase and maintenance of Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs). Vol 16 September 15th 2017 28 December 7th, 2017 Vol 48 111April July 27th 12th 2018 2019

An AED is a life saving device which delivers a controlled shock to an individual experiencing cardiac arrest, increasing their chances of survival. The Local Sport Defibrillator Grant Program provides NSW sports clubs and councils the opportunity to acquire an AED package for their club or sports facility at a reduced cost. Spor7ng organisa7ons and councils will be able to choose from a panel of approved AED Panel Service Providers and a variety of AED packaged services with the level of customer service that meets their needs. An AED package will include: An AED AED familiarisa3on instruc3on (within 28 days of delivery) A minimum of six years of essen3al AED maintenance For full details of what an AED package includes, visit the Frequently Asked Ques7ons. AED Panel Service Providers, AED products and services are required to meet and maintain minimum requirements under the panel contract with the Office of Sport. Spor7ng organisa7ons and councils must rely on their own enquiries to the suitability of the AED Panel Service Provider they engage. To find out more or to submit an applica7on hEps://www.sport.nsw.gov.au/clubs/grants/defibrillator

beagle weekly : Vol 171 September 4th 2020


sports 200 Games for Jim Roberts this weekend when the Batemans Bay Bars meet the Taralga Tigers at Hanging Rock, Saturday 5th September Vol 16 September 15th 2017 2:30pm 28 December 7th, 2017 Vol 48 111April July 27th 12th 2018 2019 This is a HUGE milestone coming up for the Boar's Club Captain this Saturday, joining a very limited number of Boars that have reached the 200 mark. Jim is everything you could hope for in a team player, off the field he is a great ambassador with great rugby values, commiEed trainer and role model for the young players, on the field he is hard and uncompromising. Good luck to Jim and the team on Saturday as they push for a finals berth

Greg Bush Romps Home In Unique Tuross Vets Event Notwithstanding several late withdrawals, a strong field of 65 players registered for Wednesday’s Tuross Head Vets Golf event. The game was a 3 club event combined with a modified version of the standard Par game, known as Special Par, an event unique to Tuross Vets. This game generally favours the higher handicapper where mul7ple plusses can be scored on a hole for a score below handicap. Winner on the day, with a higher than average handicap, was Greg Bush (below) with a magnificent score of +9 for the nine holes played. Greg beat home three players on +5 with the count back order going to Enid Besant-Ryan (obviously benefiUng from recent lessons), Gayle MacAlpine and Robin Green. Minor prizes were awarded to Jennifer Gray, Barry Hoban, JeaneEe Miller and Ken Brown on +4, Peter Coffey (also with recent lessons), Mike Birks, Allen Lee, Rick Brake and Neal Watson on +3, and finally Solveig Olsson, David Williams, Tony Crook, Des Jackson and AnneEe Manton with +2s, all on count back. Rob Nash had a game to forget this morning and was a clear winner of the infamous Bradman award. In separate news, outcome of the Elaine Jennings trophy for lady players was announced this week. The trophy is awarded annually by Noel Fletcher in memory of his late wife Elaine. This year’s winner was Gail Rogers, her first win in this compe77on aCer many years trying. Congratula7ons Gail. beagle weekly : Vol 171 September 4th 2020



Moruya Women’s Golf Results Wednesday, 2 September Vol 16 September 15th 2017 when 31 Moruya Women Spring weather prevailed 28 December 7th, 2017 Vol 48 April 27th 2018 111 July 12th 2019 Golfer’s enjoyed playing an 18 hole Stableford sponsored by Shirley Noy.

Div.1’s Kim BaE played an impressive round taking out 1st place with 38 points, whilst consistency reigned for R/U Jan Lumsden who scored 36 points. Div.2’s Lyn Gibbs achieved a credible 37 points, taking 1st place on C/B from Angie McMillan. One to be watched, Div.3’s Samantha Dryden played another remarkable game taking 1st place with an enviable 40 points. R/U Judy Love was also on her game scoring a notable 38 points.

CATALINA LADIES GOLF – Results 2 September 2020 Springing into Spring, with picture perfect weather and lots of smiles, 65 Ladies competed today in a Stroke event for the 1st Round of the 54-hole Catalina Club’s Ladies Championships. A number of the Ladies breezed through the course with rewarding results, a smaller number found naviga7ng the bunkers and rough wasn’t in their best interest for stroke play! S7ll all players have two more rounds of golf and plenty of opportuni7es to improve their scores. Results for Round 1 as follows: Division 1 First (Gross) Helen NEAVE (13) 84 points Second (Gross) Nikki FRANK (10) 86 points First (NeE) Por7a DUNN (20) 66 points Second (NeE) Jenny SCULLIN (19) 70 points Division 2 First (Gross) Rosemary WEEKS (25) 100 points Second (Gross) Carol GARDNER (27) 100 points First (NeE) Marion EDMUNDS (27) 69 points Second (NeE) Carol BENNETT (30) 71 points Division 3 First (Gross) Julie GERCKEN (34) 106 points Second (Gross) Lynne GADSBY (33) 113 points First (NeE) Donna MILLS (37) 69 points Second (NeE) NaneEe CHILDS (37) 71 points The ball count went to 77 neD.

beagle weekly : Vol 171 September 4th 2020

Roz Odgers, Margaret Dickinson and Helen Neave



Your UP TO DATE Fishing report courtesy of Tackle World Moruya Moruya River. 15th 2017 Vol 16 September 28 December 7th, 2017 Vol 48 2018 Welcome to spring! 111April July 27th 12th 2019 From now on we will start to see steady improvements in the fishing as warmer currents can only be weeks away from turning up. The lower half the Moruya River is the most ac7on at the moment Vivienne that the river is s7ll experiencing a good amount of fresh water s7ll coming out of the mountains. Areas around Preddy’s wharf, hole in the wall and the airport flats are all holding beEer numbers of fish to date. The hole in the wall has seen good numbers of bream, trevally and luderick being caught this week. Expect a good amount of water movement between 7des, as Wednesday’s full moon is s7ll affec7ng the 7de phase. Tuross River. There have been a few flathead caught in the lower half of the system this week, with Samaki Vibelious working in the deeper holes to tempt a few good flaUes. There will be a few good bream and the odd trevally in these deeper holes un7l the systems starts to warm up and they disperse onto the systems abundant flats. Bring on summer!! Rock and Beach. The Moruya break-wall has seen a few salmon landed this week, along with odd trevally. Pilchards on ganged hooks on paternoster rigs have been doing the job, as well as metals cast and retrieved to excite any salmon hanging off the wall. The beaches around south Congo are s7ll holding good numbers of salmon, so these could well be worth a look this weekend. The rocky points have been holding a few good drummer aCer last weekends swells. Get a good burley trail going of pulped white bread to aEract the fish you your feet, and hold on. Offshore. There have been a few good fish caught this last week. Dirty water is s7ll the predominant report, as the en7re system is s7ll geUng over a lot of rain over the last month. Tiger flathead in 90m of water have been reported up to 55cm, as have good snapper in the magic 30-40m mark. For those that like to chase the Aussie Bass, 1st Sept signals the start of the bass season here in NSW. All of the major local rivers along the coast hold bass in them where they turn fresh. Google earth is a great resource for finding good looking water, and how to access it. I know I’ll be chasing a few of these Aussie legends this summer, as it’s something I haven’t done for a few years. We are celebra7ng the greatest of days this weekend, Father’s Day, with a minimum of 20% off in store. Come in and check out what we have the dad will love. Thanks to Cameron JarreE for the pics of his snapper caught last weekend off the bay in 3040m of water. Remember you can email us pics of your prized catches and we will look at them and add them to the weekly report. Stay safe everyone, and remember “every day’s a good day for fishing...” Team Tackle World Moruya. beagle weekly : Vol 171 September 4th 2020



Vol 16 September 15th 2017 28 December 7th, 2017 Vol 48 111April July 27th 12th 2018 2019


beagle weekly : Vol 171 September 4th 2020


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