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Why design? For me, design has the power to influence almost in every aspect of our lives, everything we use has been designed. Design can improve society as we know it, because it can bring solutions to people in need. Through design, we can products more efficient, sustainable, and less shallow.

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Design challenges me to be faster, to think more, to work harder, and to be better.

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Beatriz Flores Panama City, Panama

19 99

Colegio San Agustín de David, Chiriquí Bachelor of Science And Letters

20 11

Colegio Las Esclavas del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús Bachelor of Science And Letters

Soft ware

Spanish English

Photoshop Illustrator Rhino Solid Works Keyshot Grasshopper Word PowerPoint Excel

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ISTHMUS, Escuela de Arquitectura y Diseño de América Latina y el Caribe Bachelor of Industrial Design

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Graduation Industrial Design

Work Experience

Skills Lan gua ges +507 6151-6127 +507 3951954 Panama City. Panama

Hard ware

3D Printing Wood Drawing

Borton’s Lab

Clay Painting

Imprimi3ndo Ando

Label design

3D printing service

Freelance Teamwork Leadership


Scrapbook desk design


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Personal Introduction Curriculum Vitae

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Chotea, Chekea y Pa’lante Design for emergencies

Ambulance Car Equipment

Caffee Table Furniture for Jamar

Trash Wars Sustainable design

FANLYC RTA furniture for FANLYC

In dex

CustomEyes Parametric Design Seminar

Lady Rutilia Kayak building Seminar

Lady Shadow Illuminating object

Fre ela nce

Con tac

Scrapbook Desk

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1 month duration Design for Emergencies

Lack of information about the victims during an emergency, resulting in waste of time and inefficient processes.

D.I. Oscar Arce / Costa Rica

Solution A Product-Service system that provides information about the habitants of the affected region through the reading of their fingerprints. Paramedics and rescuers can log, clasify and search with GPS the victim´s information with any Samsung Tablet.

Components 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Product Silicone adapter that fits in multiple tablet models with capacitive fingerprint reader that manages to read fingerprints even with the presence of moisture or dust. Making it more suitable for an emergency situation.

Battery charge indicator Capacitive fingerprint reader Flashlight Usb power connection 2000 mAh battery

3 5


2 4 X-Ray View


The App

An application service will be provided where the key information will be digitized for the treatment of people, the GPS location of their homes, online triage classification and medical attention. This information will be accessed through the reading of people's fingerprints.

It will have three menus:

To see the demo video of the app, go to: /watch?v=nPubWXrMGnc

Census Previous to the disaster, the entity does a census to recolect key information.

Poblation database

Personal information

Emergency Status During the disaster, paramedics and rescuers log and clasify the victims through the app.

Triage Clasification

Medical Record

GPS location of the houses



Missing people

Medical alerts

Brief After the emergency, the app will develop a brief to evaluate performance.

Chotea, Chequea y Pa’lante This three words are a Panamanian slang for “High Five”, “Check” and “Go along with your way”. This name inspired by lingo of communities in of Panama.

was the the risk




D.I. María Teresa Espil D.I. Andrea Castaño

20 17

1 month duration Vehicular Equipment D.I. Hernan Fretto / Argentina

Opportunity The ambulances in Panama are imported from Canada, they’re mostly fabricated with wood which increases their weight and cost.

Solution We developed an ambulance for a Fiat Ducato L2H2, which its principal material is glass fiber, making it more affordable and lightweight. It has a continuos shape in order facilitate the cleaning. The roof it’s made of a cloudy acrylic with lights above to diffuse the light uniformly.

Right View 1. Large oxygen tank compartment 2. Small oxygen tank dispenser 3. Seats for the auxiliar medic and the companion 4. Space for bags or purses 5. Storage of the different medical suitcases 6. Miscellaneous storage 7. Acrylic roof, it has a tube to help the medic stand and hang the venoclysis 8. Trash and hand wash 9. Door that leads to the driver and copilot

Right View

Left View 1. Space for the fire extinguisher 2. Medic chair with a displacement system 3. Lateral door 4. Stretcher 5. Space for the resusitation and respiration equipment 6. Storage for medicines and utensils 7. Spine table

Vista 2

Left View



20 17


1 month duration Furniture Design for Jamar

High amount of young immigrants in Panama who receives visits from their families and they lack space to shelter them correctly, so they require flexible furniture.

D.I. Lucas Restrepo / Colombia

Solution Caffee, is a coffee table made with tight fabric that turns into a hammock style bed.



Features 1. System to tighten or loosen the fabric 2. Safety closures




Slide the pieces to release it from the table position.


Lay them on the floor aligning the borders and lock the safety closures.



Arrange and stretch the fabric.


Tighten the fabric.

20 16

1 month duration Sustainable Design D.I. Boris Quintana / Colombia

Opportunity The lack of awareness, recycling practice and trash cans causes the accumulation of trash near garbage dumps in the city.

Solution This pending issue inspire us to use the concept of Fun Theory to create a special trash can that motivates people of all ages to recycle bottles and cans. A dump that consist in two spaceships against each other, one throwing aluminum cans and the other PET bottles like a mode of disposure.

Use The design uses a tension system to create resistance when pulling the firing pin, that when hit release, the bottle or can propels out. The door of the storage is designed to serve as a ramp at the time of emptying the garbage.

Exploded View 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

57 L container Office door Wings Functional cannon Esthetic cannon Firing pin Information panel on recycling




5 3


Life Cycle As each piece is assembled, it has an easy deconstruction to be able to recycle the pieces separately. It uses high density polypropylene to achieve recycling of 95% of the complete unit and manufacture pieces for new ships achieving a semi-closed life cycle.




D.I. María Teresa Espil D.I. Mariana Bennet

D.I. Arantxa Dutary D.I. Ana Gabriela Corbett


2 weeks duration RTA Furniture for FANLYC

FANLYC (Friends of kids with leukemia and cáncer) had a televisión space in the second floor where they needed a new furniture.

D.I. Andrés Patiño

Solution Because FANLYC it’s a kids shelter, they tend to decorate all the rooms with thematic things, in order to contribute to this habit, we designed a furniture with the shape of a sailboat. The foundation is always changing the place of the furniture, so our product is ready to assemble in order to ease the transportation and installation. Before

The requirements of the product was to be safe for children and easy to clean. It was made with agglomerated board of melanin particles with dark wood finish, and was assembled with minifix bolts, dowels and fittings. It was delivered along with four RIMAX chairs for children.

Apropiation 3 years later, i’m happy to know that the furniture was moved around and arranged at taste of the foundation, which is a good qualification of the acceptance of the product that was designed to be modular. 3 years later

Components • Library • Drawign tables • RIMAX children chairs

Library features • Drawer and a cubicle with lock • Tablets with adjustable height

It was made with agglomerated board of melanin particles with dark wood finish, and was assembled with minifix bolts, dowels and fittings. It was delivered along with four RIMAX chairs for children.

The materials and the cutting of them were donated by TANDOR COMERCIAL, S.A.

Final proposal



20 16

2 weeks duration Parametric Design Seminar D.I. Leonardo Nuevo / Mexico

At the time to choose sunglasses, there’s always the trouble of sizes, styles and colors. Parametric design enables to create customized products through algorithms.

Solution Thanks to grasshopper, I developed an algorithm that allows to combine different styles of sunglasses changing also the measures to fit the user perfectly. This service will be provided through a website where the client can customize the sunglasses and order them. The fabrication proposal is 3D printing.

Iconic styles available to modify • • • •

Cat Eye Tea Shade Aviator Wayfarer

Posible Variations

The Website It will allow the user to make six mayor changes:

Lens Shape



Cat Eye

Bridge Shape







Cat Eye

Bridge gap

Pin lenght

Cat Eye



Lens diameter






Tea Shade



20 Rutilia 17

María Teresa Espil Mariana Bennet José Rogelio Valdés Daniela Gómez

Arantxa Dutary Ana Gabriela Corbett Andrea Castaño

2 weeks duration Kayak building seminar


D.I. Rafael Davidson / Spain

I directed the construction of a skin-on-frame-kayak with wood, propylene fabric and varnish.

About The Skin-On-Frame refers to a method of boat building that consist on the construction of a structure coverted by a waterproof membrane, making it ultra lightweight.. It is inspired by the first kayaks recorded that used animal skin and a wood frame.

It was made with agglomerated board of melanin particles with dark wood finish, and was assembled with minifix bolts, dowels and fittings. It was delivered along with four RIMAX chairs for children.

Nicolette Ali Ariel Suaya Dailyn Torres

Materials • Wood • Polipropylene fabric • Varnish

Measures • 500 centimeters long • 60 centimeters tall • 100 centimeters wide

Team D.I. Andrea Castaño


20 Shadow 17


2 weeks duration Illuminating Object

Design through the combination of random variables to change the indifference in the viewer about radioactive waste.

D.I. Javier Jiménez / Colombia

Solution Inspired by Fabrizio Cornelli, an italian artist who makes figures with shadows, and the diving bell spider, that uses its web to storage oxygen underwater; we developed a lamp that has a crystal sphere, remembering the spider, and nylon strings to cast a web-style shadow that reflects the imaginary of a radioactive problem around us we cannot see until we turn on the light, and once the light were off again, the strings can glow in the dark.


Inspiration 1.



Final product

Fabrizio Cornelli, Sognatrici – Vanessa, 2000 Argyroneta aquatica

Proposal drawing

Lady Shadow As our lamp seems like a lady´s hair, we named is as the wife of the song “Mr. Shadow” that was one of our variables, a song created by an artificial intelligence.

Final product


book 20 desk 17

Opportunity Freelance Scrapbook Desk

The Scrapbook requires multiple tools and machines that the standard desks cannot contain.





An L-shape desk that takes advantage of dead space and increase the work surface, has multiple drawers and cubicles to storage all the tools needed, and has an extra movable furniture to storage paints, and ribbons, among other things.

Features 1. Compartment for cutting and bending boards 2. Cubicles for tools and accessories 3. Drawer for materials 4. 12 "x 12" paper filing cabinet 5. Machine holder with rail 6. Auxiliary furniture




Photo of the desk installed

Beatriz Flores +507 6151-6127 +507 3951954 /BettyFlores19 @beafplan @imprimi3ndoando

Beatriz Flores Industrial Design Portfolio  
Beatriz Flores Industrial Design Portfolio