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Shine Online AUTUMN SPECIAL Issue 29 | September 2016

SEPTEMBER'S FREE GIFT Design by Debbie Frost

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BRAND NEW DESIGNS & MORE FREE TUTORIALS! Be inspired to get creative with warm tones & metallic textures this Autumn

SEPTEMBER | Contents 4. Autumn Charm

New seasonal jewellery designs

6. 8. The Pantone Colour Report Discover new tonal trends - Riverside Blue


- Aurora Red - Dusty Cedar

5 12. Autumn Inspiration Exclusive designs with a plenty of sparkle 14. Rose Gold & Red Even more essentials for the season 16. Designer Feature - Victoria Winter

Create golden tassel earrings with Swarovski



Autumn is soon to be making an impression on what we wear every day, so it’s time to bring out those warmer tones, sparkling metallics and get making some new accessories ready for the cooler months of the year! We love getting creative with a seasonal theme and Autumnal tones are the perfect place to start for making subtle jewellery with plenty of glamour. Get creative with some brand new designs and choose from beautiful new seed bead mixes, jewellery kits and plenty of stunning beads. Make sure to look out for some brand new designs created by a few of our fabulous beaders from the Feature in Shine Online Facebook group. We’ve even put together all the materials you’ll need to make them yourself! Join the group to see even more sparkling jewellery and share some of your own creations with like minded beaders. Connect with us here!

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9 18. Let’s Be Social with Leah New designs by our brilliant beaders 22. Looming Marvellous CD-ROM Plus, a free Autumn loom design 24. September’s FREE Gift Make sparkling glass jewellery



Bracelet kits just ÂŁ8.99 Take a new direction with your jewellery making this year with the new Pantone colours for Fall 2016. We've fallen in love with this years selection of tones! Each colour matches with the others effortlessly making it so easy for you to mix and personalise your designs with your favourites. With each new Pantone collection there is undoubtedly a choice of everyday blue tones, a new selection of warm or bright reds and a subtle grey to mix into your designs. We've picked some of our favourite matching jewellery materials, perfect for adding to your Pantone inspired accessories!

Infinity Connectors ÂŁ1.97

Autumn's arrival means we're all starting to bring out our favourite bronze and copper jewellery. Try creating this beautiful crystal bracelet using the shining bugle beads and a stunning choice of Swarovski crystal bicones. This design features a hand made clasp and is so easy to shorten and lengthen when you're designing for different wrist sizes. Click on the image to make your bracelet now! Try adding a touch of metallic shine to your new designs with copper or bronze beads. These pretty heart beads have a brilliant shine and texture with a gorgeous antique look. Antique Matt Leather £4.18

Making your own jewellery with flat leather cord has never been so easy! Wrap your cord around your wrist a few times for a stylish layered bracelet and thread on some little slider beads or attach cute charms with a jumpring. Finish off your leather jewellery with a magnetic clasp the right size for your cord. Have you seen our new range of faux leather bracelet kits? We love the rich colours of the base leather buckle bracelets.

Copper Heart Beads £2.68

Swarovski Fine Rock Disks from just £0.79


Swarovski Heart ÂŁ7.99

Riverside Blue Add a splash of your favourite aqua tone! One of our favourite Pantone colours has to be Riverside. This versatile blue tone is ideal for matching to your favourite greens, reds and is perfect for adding a splash of colour to muted grey, black or white outfits. An easy way to bring out your favourite tones and really make them pop is to frame them with shining silver findings and charms! Enhance the tones in your jewellery in this way to make striking, statement pieces with plenty of sparkle and movement. A great way to colour and shine at the same time is to add some fire polished beads. These beautiful beads come in shining full colour, or half coated selections giving them an amazing rainbow effect as they move. Each half coat fire polished bead features a slightly different effect meaning your designs are sure to be unique every time!

Image source - Graham Dunn Spell & The Gypsy Collective

Navy Cupchain just £3.29

Our favourite blue tones can be carried with us throughout the year altering their look to match an icey Winter theme, a bright Summer seaside look, or a cool Autumnal design. Try weaving a hint of your favourite blue tone into your designs using different coloured threads. A great example of this can be found in delicate macramé knotted jewellery using two colours of thread or non-beaded Kumihimo designs to create a blue spiral or pattern around your weave. Click on the infinity charm bracelets above to learn how to create your own delicate knotted and plaited bracelets.

Dyed Agate Slice Pendants just £5.99

Preciosa Heart Beads £1.07 Gift Boxes from just £0.88


Aurora Red

Honeycomb Beads £2.47

Bright and bold, perfect for confident, statement accessories... This striking tone is ideal for adding a vibrant splash of colour to a subdued Autumn or Winter outfit. Adding a hint of Aurora Red into your jewellery is the perfect way to transform a plain silver or rose gold design into one with a eyecatching feature such as a beaded pendant. We love exploring with the new colour trends we come across and Aurora Red has got us bringing out our brighter bead mixes, sparkling Shamballa style beads and experimenting with the latest Preciosa glass shapes. Take a look at some of our favourite beady finds that we think will match perfectly with your Aurora Red creations!

Swarovski non-hotfix heart just £3.19 Antique Matt Leather £4.18

Glass Bead Mixes from £3.29

This delicate antique look leather cord is ideal for plaiting with a black or blue cord for a muted style and a more masculine design. Try finishing a triple cord plaited design with a cylindrical magnetic clasp that will fit all three cords snuggly. Remember to check the size of the clasp setting to make sure your cord will fit correctly before you glue it in. Cube beads are ideal for adding a modern touch or some more texture and shine to your seed bead creations. Add a few cube beads as spacers inbetween silver, clear or AB effect beads to make their colour stand out and to frame your favourite crystal beads.

Coated Jumprings £2.58

Bow Becharmed Bead £13.36 Learn how to make your own pair of sparkling earrings using a beautiful Czech glass bead mix. Laura's design combines our new favourite red tone with delicate shining silver leaf charms to add even more movement.

Red Fire Polish Mix just £4.79


Dusty Cedar Delicate and warm with a hint of glamour...


There are so many ways to use your favourite Swarovski crystals and fancy stones. Carefully glue your crystal into it's matching earring base, ring setting or pendant to frame it ready to wear! These beautiful Swarovski earrings are made using shining rose gold earring and charm settings linked together to add extra movement.

Rose Quartz from just ÂŁ0.97

Swarovski Drop just ÂŁ4.93


There are plenty of Swarovski beads and shapes to choose from including these pretty rectangle Emerald Cut beads. A unique focal point such as the Swarovski fancy stones and crystal shapes are ideal for giving a design a modern edge.

KO Thread just £2.72

Swarovski Becharmed Bead just £13.36

Swarovski Becharmed beads are a perfect way of adding a touch of glamour and sparkle to a simple bracelet or necklace. There are so many styles and effects to choose from including beautiful crystal encrusted beads which combine lots of effects onto one design. Swarovski crystal beads are ideal for adding to sterling silver designs to make long lasting pieces with plenty of shine. These pretty crystal charms are ideal for threading to the centre of a simple chain to make a delicate necklace. Try combining this pretty Antique Pink charm with some matching Swarovski crystal beads to give it a frame and bring out the colour.

Luster Pink Beads £3.84



MAKE YOUR BRACELET 1. Your finished bracelet will measure approx. 20cm. Measure 2 x 50cm of beading thread and go through a closed jumpring making 4 equal lengths. 2. Thread a crimp bead on and push up to the closed jump ring leaving a loop between the jump ring and crimp bead. 3. Take flat nose pliers and squash the crimp bead. 4. Attach a further jump ring that will be the loop for the lobster claw clasp. 5. Next thread one large rose gold plated seed bead, one large bead of your choice and a further large rose gold plated seed bead on all four strands of beading thread. 6. Thread one medium size bead of your choice, one small rose gold plated seed bead onto all four beading threads. repeat this twice more. At this point you can make it larger or smaller depending on wrist size. 7. Next separate the four beading thread strands to begin the two sections of four strand weaves. 8. Thread a smaller bead of your choice onto each of the four strands of beading thread. 9. Next add a small rose gold plated seed bead onto each of the four beading thread strands. 10. Next pull all four beading strands together and add one large rose gold plated seed bead, one large bead of your choice and one more large rose gold plated seed bead. 11. Separate the four strands of beading thread and place a small rose gold seed bead onto each strand and thread a small bead of your choice onto each strand. ( This will give you the mirror effect to balance the design of the bracelet) 12. Next pull all four strands of beading thread together and thread a small rose gold seed bead onto all four beading threads. Add a medium bead of your choice and repeat twice.

DESIGNER FEATURE Learn how to make this beautiful set of beaded jewellery, ideal for adding a splash of colour to your Autumnal outfits! Click on the link below to learn how to make your own charming leaf necklace and get all the materials you’ll need to make your complete set! Follow Wendy’s instructions here to make the matching bracelet and earrings...

Learn how to make your matching necklace & get all your materials HERE >> See more of Wendy’s stunning jewellery designs in our Shine Online group! Join us and share your own design images, latest makes and get inspiration from over 800 brilliant beaders!

Find us here MAKE YOUR EARRINGS 1. Take your flat nose pliers and open the loop of the eye pin as if you were opening a door.

13. Next thread one large rose gold seed bead onto all four beading thread followed by a large bead of your choice and a large rose gold seed bead.

2. Place the large rose gold leaf onto the open loop and close it like you were closing a door.

14. Thread a crimp bead onto all four beading threads.

3. Next thread two small beads and two tiny beads of your choice onto the eye pin.

15. Next thread a jump ring onto all four beading threads and fold over the beading thread and thread through the crimp bead until you have a small loop. Squeeze the crimp bead with flat noise pliers until it is flat and secure the beading thread. 16. Add a second jump ring and your clasp.

4. Take your round nose pliers and make a wrapped loop. 5. Open the loop of your earwire and attach your bead and leaf charm to the earring.

Autumn Inspiration Get designing for cooler weather and warmer outfits... Copper Connector ÂŁ2.99

Toho Aiko Charm Kit just ÂŁ12.97

Add a touch of glamour and warmth to your Autumn designs with rose gold and chocolate gold. These modern metallic tones are ideal for using on their own or combining with silver plated charms and findings to bring out their unique style. Rose gold beads, charms and findings are ideal for using in delicate, feminine designs and make the perfect base colour for simple jewellery. Use rose gold in your valentines designs and any piece that you want to add a personal, loving touch to.

This beautiful necklace was created by Alex Pinhorn using a 12 bead Russian spiral with peyote woven leaves and bee! This gorgeous beaded design hints at the new Pantone colours with aspects of Lush Meadow green, Potters Clay and Spicey Mustard.



Clasp just £1.63

Filigree Charms just £2.99 Filigree charms are effortlessly chic and perfect for adding a focal point to your designs. These delicate droplet charms are great for adding to earring findings and threading onto chain for a matching set. These drops are ideal for lightweight designs and are sure to give your designs a unique, on trend look! There are threading holes around the filigree charms meaning they are perfect for embellishing with seed beads and attaching smaller charms.

Sterling Silver Tree Charm just £4.99 There are so many ways to use your favourite Czech glass bead mixes. Choose from mixtures with a variety of sizes and shapes included, then mix and match to create unique designs. Each mix includes complimentary beads making them perfect for developing into sparkling jewellery sets. Glass bead mixes are ideal if you're creating more than one design or if you're making to sell! Take a look at our range of pretty mixes and plan some exciting jewellery sets and designs.

Just £4.18

Glass Bead Mixes from £3.29


Weave sparkling charms and feature beads into your designs using strong KO threads. A great alternative to Nymo thread, it is pre-waxed, supple and doesn't easily fray. A similar size to Nymo B, it fits through a size 12 needle, as well as standard beading needles. KO beading threads are available in more than 10 useful tones meaning they're perfect for using in all your intricate jewellery designs.

Miyuki Tila’s from £1.99

Sparkling Swarovski just £19.99


MAKE VICTORIA’S TASSEL EARRINGS 1. Cut 4x17mm squares from the beading foundation.

Victoria Winter is a London based jewellery maker with over 25 years of experience. Victoria also teaches 1 to 1 tutorials from her home studio! Learn how to make one of Victoria’s designs and create delicate seed bead earrings with pretty tassel charms! This lovely design is perfect for personalising with different threads to make unique tassels and match your favourite seed beads. Follow Victoria’s instructions here and make your own pair of beaded earrings!

Get all the materials for your tassel earrings HERE >>

2. Using a needle and thread come up from one corner of the foundation to start applying the beads in rows, you will be threading on around 12 seed beads; making sure you keep the beads in straight rows and using a fairly tight tension. Keep sewing on the rows until the surface of your square is filled (8 rows). 3. Tie off loose threads and apply a drop of glue to secure. 4. Now we need to sew on the tassels. Create your tassels using a tassel maker or attach ready made ones. 5. Stitch on 3 tassels to the bottom edge of each square, pass the needle through the top part of the tassel, going over it 3-4 times. Use a loose stitch to for the right amount of drape. 6. We are aiming to glue the eye pins between the backing and front and you may need to cut off some of the length using wire cutters as we only need the loop from the pin to attach the earring finding to our embroidered squares. Use as much of the eye pin as you can though as it will make it more secure; so only cut off any length that would poke out of our squares. 7. Glue the eye pins ensuring that the loop is now above the foundation and the length of the remaining pin is applied to the beading foundation. Make sure the pins are centred. 8. Tie off loose threads and apply a small amount of glue. 9. Now glue the foundation and backing together. You should have the eye pin loop showing proud from the top of each square. Do not try and attach the earring finding and squares together until the glue is fully cured. Glue on your cabochons to your ear studs and dry at the same time. When fully dried attach both parts using the smallest jump ring you can (ideally 3 or 4mm) or that which fits your chosen components; add on the ear wire.

Connect with Victoria and see more of her beautiful designs using the links below!

Let’s Be Social with Leah We love to see your jewellery designs and hear what you’ve been up to. Show us your designs - send me an email to with your photos attached or post them to our Feature in Shine Online Facebook page, and you could win a Beads Direct voucher! If you see a star on your design please contact me via email or over the phone on 01509 218028 to redeem your voucher.

My beading passion is making Beaded flowers. I started just over two years ago and my first project was my wedding bouquet. I have made some jewellery mainly from the Take a Make Break videos but I always return to my flowers. – Lesley Alice Belton Wow, your design looks amazing. Thank you for sharing it with us Xx

Hello! I have been beading for about a year now thanks to watching Sarah on Create and Craft and I finally plucked up the courage to show you my latest make. I made this bracelet using the new Preciosa Pressed Glass Flower Beads I bought from Beads Direct. It’s my own design so I really hope you like it! – Vikki Hurdley This is a beautiful design Vikki Xx I just wanted to share my first ever finished piece with you. I’m a bit of a crafter and love trying my hand at different things but I certainly seem to have caught the beading bug – Emma Large Such a fab design, the flowers are stunning. I like how you have used the two clasps Xx

Hello everyone, here is my latest creation and my first piece of “Folding Book Art”. I made all the Butterflies out of patterned card. On the roof of the cage I used a Silver Plated Bead, one Aventurine Bead and Sprays of Glass Facetted Drops. Then finished the piece off with Ribbon and White Ribbon Roses. Very best wishes. Xx – Wendy Wray Beautiful Folding Book Art Wendy, the patterned card is lovely Xx

The soft pastel colours in this bracelet will always remind me of Summer – Ann Davies Lovely Summer colours Ann Xx

Hi everybody, just starting with making macramé jewellery - Ank Vd Berg-Quanjer What a fabulous Macramé design, lovely colours Xx

I have made this necklace in order to remind the colour of the sea. Hope you like it Christina Karageorgiou We love it, such a unique design Xx

Afternoon here’s a peyote tube bracelet that I’ve been busy making this afternoon, it was also my first attempt at doing this technique – Karen Backhouse Such a beautiful bracelet, well done on your first attempt at this technique Xx



Choose from hundreds of unique charms and feature beads to give your designs a personal touch. Attach your chosen charms using a jumpring or thread them directly onto your cord or wire if they have a threading hole or loop!


Beadalon jewellery wire acts like a thread! Use this when you want all the strength of a wire with the natural drape of a thread. It cannot be knotted so you will need to use crimp beads to finish your designs securely. We stock Beadalon 7, 19 and 49 strand jewellery wire. All have excellent strength, and 7 strand is a great starter wire. As you get more advanced, why not try 19 strand which is softer and more supple than 7 strand. For a really special jewellery piece, try 49 strand which is the softest, most supple, kink resistant and strongest jewellery wire!

Bronze 7 Strand Wire ÂŁ2.81

Swarovski Chaton Mix ÂŁ12.97


Get all your seed beads and other materials HERE >>

Learn how to make this pretty seed bead pendant using your loom! This brilliant Autumnal design was made by Caroline French using delicate Toho seed beads with a shining rose gold leaf charm at the centre. Connect with Caroline and see more of her designs here -

MAKE YOUR BRACELET 1. The widest part of the pendant is 25 beads so you will need to warp up with 26 warp threads. Starting with the widest part of the pendant, string on the first rows following the pattern. To decrease the edge of the pendant you will need to wrap the thread around the outer warp and pass back through the first bead. 2. Take the working thread under the first warp and up between the first and second warp threads. Pull excess thread through. 3. Thread the needle back through the first bead. Then pass down between the warp threads. Pull excess thread through and you are ready to start the next row. 4. Pick up the next row of beads, remember to come up between the warp threads one row short of the end. All of the decrease rows are worked in this way. 5. Continue the remainder of the pendant in the same way. 6. The tab at the top will be made using a different method, but still on the loom. Thread your needle with a new piece of thread and go through the centre 5 beads of the existing piece of loom work keeping the thread above the warps. Pass the working end down through the warp threads ready to pick up beads. 7. Pull the thread through and leave a 6� tail that will be threaded back through the bead work later. Continue to loom the tab rows being extra careful not to pull the first row too tightly. When the tab is complete you can remove the piece from the loom. You need to weave the thread ends into your work,I usually leave the working threads from adding the beads as they can be used for fringe or tab stitching. I NEVER use the warp threads for these. 8. At this stage I use the top thread to stitch down the tab but reweave the bottom thread into the main body. To make the tab at the top you fold the bead work over and stitch the very end down to the main body of work. I also added a loop of beads for the leaf charm to hang from. 9. Using a jump ring attach the leaf charm to the pendant and thread the chain through the tab to complete your necklace.


BRAND NEW LOOM PROJECTS! Create beautiful, delicate beaded designs with the latest addition to Your Complete Guide to Jewellery Making collection. Learn how to master a mixture of basic and intricate designs in the comfort of your own home. CD-ROM10 will guide you through all the basics of beading on a loom and then teaches you how to create some of the most advanced and intricate patterns whilst perfecting your skills along the way. Projects aren’t just limited to seed beads, we’ve also included pearl, crystal and wire patterns to try!

Continue Your Complete Collection HERE >>

THANK YOU to everyone who entered last month's competition and showed us their busy bead boards and stunning beaded designs!

CONGRATULATIONS TO LYN ETHERINGTON! You've won these pretty bead glass and seed bead selections!


A CHANCE TO WIN! Thank you to everyone posting pictures of their beautiful handmade jewellery and designs in the Feature in Shine Online Facebook group! This month we want to see your sparkling wire designs! Show off your handmade wire creations whether that be a detailed hairband, delicate wire ring or a wire wedding decoration! Post your images on the 'Feature in Shine Online' Facebook group and you could get your design featured in October's issue! You'll also be entered into our giveaway to win this useful wire bundle with project sheets!

Visit our Facebook Group >>

FREE GIFT This month, claim your sparkling Preciosa bead kit with all orders over £15! Simply place your order and enter the code below at the checkout.

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October's Calendar kit is the

'Halloween Rick Rack Bangle' Designed by Violetta Pretorius

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