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Shine Online Issue 30 | October 2016

NEW SWAROVSKI INNOVATIONS Discover the latest colours and effects in your favourite crystal shapes and styles!

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Designed by Katalin Appadoo

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NEW Swarovski Arrivals Explore the latest crystal effects and

Pantone's Airy Blue

colours for Fall and Winter 2017/18

Discover beautiful blue projects and add a splash of colour to your Autumn look.

Pantone's Lush Meadow Change up your look with Pantone's

Sparkling Preciosa Download

latest rich green tone for Fall 2016

Download your free project sheet and create a sparkling Airy Blue bracelet.

Crystal Halloween Add a hint of sparkle and shine to your


Halloween costume and decoration this year

We take a look at some of your latest handmade jewellery designs.

Facebook Competiton WINNER We announce the lucky winner of last month's Facebook group competition

Czech Glass Shapes Learn about three brilliant Czech glass shaped beads and choose your favourite!

FREE Full Projects Get busy with more brilliant, unique beaded

October's FREE GIFT

designs and full step by step projects!

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In preparation for this month's issue, we’ve been getting creative with some of our favourite Autumnal trends. Pantones fall colour report has brought us some bold and bright tones to add a splash of colour to your muted Autumn outfits and more subtle everyday jewellery. We've stepped away from the rich reds and bronze tones and embraced our favourite, brighter alternatives to help you get creative all the way into Winter! To inspire you this October we’ve gathered some brand new designs and plenty of fabulous jewellery materials! Keep your eyes peeled for this month's design competition and find out who our winner was for last month's wire jewellery image contest! With over 50 entries on our Facebook group, it’s been amazing to see how many of our crafty readers (and beaders) love to work with wire. Feel free to join us in our online group and share your unique creations! We hope you enjoy this month’s issue,

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Don't be afraid to experiment with different tones of the same colour! Mix and match your left over blue beads with some shining new tones and see what pretty effects and textures you can come up with. There are so many different weaves and patterns to follow that allow you to use a few different sized beads. Take a look in the BD Design Centre for some inspiration! Whether you love the rich, deep tones around navy blue or prefer the brighter splash of a tropical turquoise, there are always new and exciting chances to add a hint of your favourite colours to your daily style. Pantone’s Airy Blue is a great all-round tone. It is much more soft and subtle compared to the brighter blues of Spring and Summer. Nods to this useful colour and the rest of Pantone’s choices this year can be seen everywhere from celebrity fashion to our Autumnal home furnishings!


We’ve chosen some of our favourite matching beads, charms and stringing to inspire your new designs. Try adding a splash of Airy Blue and some similar variations to your October style and jewellery designs over the coming month. A great way to add some colour to a simple necklace or bracelet is to use a connector charm. Choose from a gemstone centre, sparkling faceted glass or even Swarovski crystal to add a pop of your favourite tone. Simply attach your connector with matching findings for a secure and eye-catching feature.

Struggling to start a new design? If you’re having trouble finding inspiration for a new pattern or fancy changing your look, a great place to start is with a colour theme. A quick search through your own bead stash will reveal lots of hidden tones in your long forgotten bead mixes! Why not start with a seed bead or Swarovski crystal mix to get inspired for some new designs?

Add some serious sparkle and a unique look every time with your favourite gemstone beads. These semi-precious packs are ideal for adding lots of colour to a simple stack of bracelets or delicate gemstone earrings. Use your favourite blue tones all year round for a beach look in Summer and an icy style in Winter.

Shine Online Issue 30


Airy Blue is the ideal starting place for your Winter and Christmas designs. This rich hue is perfect for complimenting bright, crystal embellishments and is sure to be an eyecatching feature when added to a glamourous jet black outfit or sat next to shining jet beads. Take a look at a few of our favourite Airy Blue jewellery making materials below. These are sure to be an essential asset to your bead stash on the road to Winter!



Rattail Satin Cord - 2mm

Use rattail satin cords in your colourful, Kumihimo cord designs. These cords are very soft with an amazing shine making them perfect for wearing comfortably around your wrist! Try combining your favourite colours and threading on some larger beads or charms for some added sparkle.


Swarovski Crystal NonHotfix Heart

Embellish a huge variety of jewellery and give a really professional finish with your favourite Swarovski non-hotfix crystals. This delicate heart is ideal for gluing onto a flat earring pad or any other flat surface. Why not try using it in your Soutache work?


Preciosa Czech Glass Mix



Preciosa Czech Pressed These beautiful Preciosa bead Glass Pip Beads mixes feature so many different bead styles, shapes and a few different tones to really add some variation to your designs! A sparkling bead mix is ideal for anyone wanting to make a unique set of jewellery or aiming to make a few designs to sell.


Faceted Glass Bead Assortment

Store this gorgeous selection easily in your craft room. This beautiful mix is ideal for creating effortless matching sets with plenty of sparkle and rich colour!

These delicate pressed glass pip beads are ideal for adding a touch of sparkle and lots of colour to your beaded designs. Try using your pip beads in your Kumihimo designs for a really unique and extra sparkly look! These little drop shapes also make great petals when threaded into a loop. Try threading your favourite pip beads around a bright yellow bead for a cute daisy or flower, perfect for adding to earrings, bracelets or threading to the centre of a necklace!

Discover even more Airy Blue jewellery materials and read about each type on the BD website >>

Embellish these delicate antique leather cords with pretty charms and connectors. Simply attach with a jump ring or cord ends! These cords feature a distressed, matte look with subtle tone changes through the cord meaning each of your designs will be unique.

Learn how to make this beautiful pearl bracelet using pretty Swarovski glass pearls and bicone beads. This elegant bracelet was designed by Joy Wignall and is finished with delicate sterling silver findings. Follow Joy's step by step project and get all your materials now!

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Make your gifts extra special and finish them with a cute gift box or bag. These colourful polyester pouches are ideal for presenting larger jewellery such as chunky metallic bangles or for fitting a small gift box inside. The blue gift bag is ideal for gifting wedding favours or for holding your gifts for a new baby boy!

SEE ALL GIFT BOXES AND GIFT BAGS Airy blue has made its way into the BD teams latest jewellery designs and even some outfits! Some of our firm favourites include this glittering braiding cord. It's the perfect size for threading on a sterling silver charm and matching with the equally eyecatching glitter cabochons. Create a stunning party wrap bracelet with a length of this cord and maybe some of the silver and bronze to match! Soutache was traditionally used on military uniforms and is now used in everything from fabric homeware to runway fashion! Soutache jewellery is another variation of the unique style and includes statement cabochons and beads in and around the design. Browse our great range of sparkling resin and acrylic cabochons then match them with your favourite rayon or polyester Soutache cords. From chunky beads (perfect for pendants) to delicate sew on buttons, there are lots of bright clay styles to choose from. Ceramic beads have an amazing glossy shine, making them ideal for adding to suede designs with a matte finish. Combining your sparkly and shiny beads with matte materials is a great way to make them stand out! Take a look through the full range of ceramic beads and discover some brilliant shapes, textures and tones!

Shine Online Issue 30


Learn how to create a sparkling woven bracelet using a mixture of stunning Preciosa glass rocaille beads! This lovely bracelet was designed by Helena Chmelikova. Download your free PDF tutorial and create your sparkling metallic bracelet using the link!


Swarovski BeCharmed beads make the perfect gift to someone who loves a bit of sparkle and a splash of colour! Each BeCharmed bead has a threading hole of approx. 5mm making them ideal for threading onto and collecting on a special Pandora style charm bracelet! You can also thread a single Swarovski bead onto a delicate sterling silver chain to wear as a simple necklace. Choose from over 80 glittering BeCharmed beads and pendants and treat yourself to some new sparkles this Autumn.

8 Shine Online Issue 30

Choose from over 30 amazing glass bead mixes and create unique, personalised designs with plenty of colour. Each Czech glass mix features a variety of sparkling faceted beads in different sizes and tones. There are so many selections to choose from, you're sure to love experimenting with your favourite mixes. If you're looking to create lots of different pieces to sell, these pretty mixes are a great place to start. Why not add some delicate seed beads inbetween or embellish your glass designs with some silver charms and findings?

SEE ALL CZECH GLASS BEAD MIXES Bugle beads are great for using as spacer beads on delicate woven jewellery designs. These shining beads can be used to lengthen your seed bead designs. They can be threaded between larger beads to quickly make long lengths of chain. Bugle's are great for creating 3D geometric designs such as hollow cubes and other shapes. Adding colour to your jewellery with different threads is a great way to make more muted, subtle designs to wear everyday. Try threading simple silver or gold plated charms and findings onto your coloured stringing materials. A great way to start using different cords in your jewellery making is to learn some simple knotting and braiding techniques to add extra detail between feature beads. Try some simple macramĂŠ knotting or Kumihimo braiding to get you started!


Shine Online Issue 30


DESIGNER FEATURE Victoria Beaded Clematis Flower designed by Lesley Belton. This stunning floral accessory is perfect for use as delicate decorations for special occasions or adapting to attach to a pretty hairband or a larger headpiece! Follow Lesley's instructions and create your own shining, beaded flowers with sparkling twists of seed beads and stem binding tape to finish.

Get all your materials to make your own Beaded Clematis Flower HERE

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How to make your flower. See page 12 for some useful images of the making process! For this design you will need, wire cutters, a ruler and fine knitting needle. The leaves - Make 8 large leaves and 4 small. Mix the three different colours of green beads in a bowl. Using two or more colours will give the leaves a more natural look. Large leaf - Cut a length of wire 24” long and thread on 3 beads. Cross the wire back on the 2nd and 3rd bead and pull to tighten (row 1 & 2). The first bead should sit at the centre of the wire or you may run out of wire part way through the leaf. Add 4 beads on one of the wires and then cross the second wire through all four beads (row 3). Continue adding beads on each row and then crossing the wire through all the added beads as per the bead count below. Row 1 - 1. Row 2 - 2. Row 3 - 4. Row 4 - 5. Row 5 - 6. Row 6 - 8. Row 7 - 10. Row 8 - 11. Row 9 - 11. Row 10 - 12. Row 11 - 12. Row 12 - 13. Row 13 - 13. Row 14 - 11. Row 15 - 9. Row 16 - 7. Row 17 - 5. For the decrease rows, the beads should sit in the centre of the previous row. When all the beads have been added, twist the two wires together for approx. 1". Small leaf - Make the same way as the large leaf using the bead counts below. Row 1 - 1. Row 2 - 2. Row 3 - 4. Row 4 - 5. Row 5 - 6. Row 6 - 8. Row 7 - 10. Row 8 - 11. Row 9 - 12. Row 10 - 13. Row 11 - 11. Row 12 - 9. Row 13 - 7. Row 14 - 5. Take a small length of florist’s tape and tear in half lengthways. Wrap the twisted wire with tape (The tape needs to be stretched to activate the glue) and repeat for each leaf. Do not trim the wires at this stage. Twirly Fronds - Cut a length of wire 12” long and twist a small loop at one end. Starting approx. 2" from the end of the wire, thread on 3 " of the green beads and slide them to approx 2" from the loop. Ignoring the first bead, thread the wire back through all but the last bead and pull taut so all the beads lie flat.

Twist the two wires together under the last bead for about 1". Carefully wind the wired beads around a cocktail stick. Do not force the beads or they may break. Gently stretch the coil to elongate. You can curl the whole length or just part – the choice is yours. Clematis Flower - The flower centre is made in three pieces. Step 1: Use the single loop technique. Cut a piece of wire 8" in length and twist a small loop one end. Thread on 40 lemon beads and twist a small loop in the other end. Make the first loop approx. 1 ½” from the end of the wire by sliding up 8 beads and folding the wire back on itself to make a loop which is secured by twisting the wire twice. Slide up 18 more beads and repeat, leaving a small amount of bare wire between the loops. Repeat until there are five loops. Squeeze the loops together and twist the two ends of bare wire for approx. 1”. Step 2: Uses a similar technique to the fronds. Cut a piece of wire 20” in length and twist a small loop in one end. Thread on 8 beads and starting approx. 2” from the end of the wire, make the first stamen. Slide the 8 beads down the wire and ignoring the first bead, thread the wire back through the next 7 beads, pulling the wire so it is taut but the beads lie flat. Thread on another 8 beads and repeat until you have ten stamens. Bring the two end wires together and weave one wire around the base of five stamens. Step 3: Make another set of stamens as in step 2 but use 10 beads for each stamen. Step 4: To make up the centre, take the beaded loops made in step one and insert the twisted wire through the circle of stamens made in step 2. The wires of the stamens are twisted round the wire of the beaded loops. Repeat for the stamens made in step 3. The wires should be twisted as neatly as possible. Do not trim any excess wire at this stage.

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Using the size 8 blue seed beads and 22" of wire, complete each petal using the same technique as the leaf, using the bead counts below. Row 1 - 1. Row 2 - 1. Row 3 - 2. Row 4 - 3. Row 5 - 5. Row 6 - 7. Row 7 - 8. Row 8 - 9. Row 9 - 9. Row 10 - 9. Row 11 - 9. Row 12 - 7. Row 13 - 7. Row 14 - 5. Row 15 - 3. Completing the Flower - Step 1: Take a length of 16g florist’s wire or 1.2mm thick wire and lay it next to the stem of the flower centre. Tightly wrap both together with florist’s tape. Step 2: Take a length of 28g or 0.2mm wire, and pass approx. 1” through the base of one of the petal beads and place the petal bead onto the wrapped stem just below the flower centre. Wrap the wire round the petal wires and wrapped stem a couple of times. Add the next petal and using the same wire, wrap round the stem to hold the petal wires in place. Repeat until all six petals have been attached. Step 3: Starting as close the base of the flower as possible, wrap the stem for approx. 1 ½". Trim the petal wires to keep the stem as smooth as possible. Making the Clematis Bud - Step 1: Uses the single loop technique. Using the size 8 blue beads and 12" of wire, make 4 loops each using 12 beads. Finish in the same way as the flower's centre. Using the same technique as for the leaves and flower petals, make three sepals with the leaf beads using the bead counts below. Row 1 - 1. Row 2 - 2. Row 3 - 4. Row 4 - 5. Row 5 - 6. Row 6 - 8. Row 7 - 10. Row 8 - 9. Row 9 - 7. Row 10 - 5. Row 11 - 3. Row 12 - 1. Completing the piece: Approx. 1 ½” from the flower, add in two small leaves by placing them opposite each other on the stem and wrapping with florist tape. Then add some larger leaves further down the stem. Add leaves and twirly fronds onto the bud stem and then attach the two together by wrapping firmly with florist tape. If the stems become too bulky when adding in the leaves trim the leaf wires to different lengths for a smoother finish. Manipulate the leaves so they are not all flat to make your finished piece look more life-like. 12 Shine Online Issue 30

CANDY BEADS Preciosa shape Candy beads are sweet enough to eat! Reminiscent of childhood sweets, these beads sit beautifully when used to make jewellery. These Preciosa pressed glass candy twin hole beads are a great way to add colour to your creations. The beads are flat on one side and then slightly domed on the other, making them comfortable to wear on your wrist. Their unique shape also makes them perfect for weaving into a beaded pendant which will lie flat against the wearer.

CHILLI BEADS What intricate designs could you make with these stunning and unique Chilli beads by Preciosa? These beads are shaped just like a chilli and come in lots of useful tones, perfect for matching to other Preciosa styles. The beads can simply be strung in a formation to look just like a zip where by the side of the bead will interlock with the adjacent bead – this makes for a beautiful bracelet. The size and shape of these beads make them easy to combine with round seed beads.

HONEYCOMB BEADS These Czech Glass Honeycomb Beads which are ideal for bead weaving projects. They have two parallel holes, allowing you to string them in a honeycomb style pattern by alternating the top and bottom holes. Mix your colours and combine them with seed beads or some of our other Czech Glass beads for really unique designs. Choose from 25 stunning tones including transparent colours, shiny metallics and some brilliant matte tones, perfect for adding texture and colour to your bead weaving designs.

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The new Swarovski Innovations collection for Fall/Winter 2017/18 is inspired by the everyday world around us and how it is moving towards futuristic yet simplistic styles. The theme is called The Nature of Us and represents sustainability and a forward thinking style that appeals to everybody and isn't confined to genders. Crystal Rainbow Dark is the new effect that embodies this theme with it's mixture of rich tones including deep fuchsia, green, blue and hints of firey orange. These beautiful

crystals can be set into clasps, pendants and charm bases making it even easier to add a hint of Swarovski style to your new designs! Choose your crystal and find out which matching bases are available to set it in.


Discover a warmer style with the new glass pearls in Crystal Iridescent Red. These beautiful pearls are available in 4,6 and 8mm rounds and our favourite coin pearl style. The new pearl colour gives hints of berry tones and cooler colours in different lights. Try threading these beautiful coin pearls in-between shiny black beads for an elegant accessory, perfect for Autumn occassions and Christmas parties!

The stunning 2-coat Crystal Rainbow Dark bicones have a brilliantly strong colour with an amazing shine and eye-catching style. Take a look at our growing collection of stunning bicone jewellery ideas in the Design Centre and be inspired to use and show off your brand new crystals.

The new Crystal Cross Tribe Stones feature four small sections of Crystal AB and Graphite Light Chrome effects. These beautiful charms were designed in collaboration with Celine Cousteau as part of her 'Tribute to Tribe' collection.

Shine Online Issue 30


THE NATURE OF US... The new male and female fancy stone symbols aim to break down the traditional ideas about gender, race and age differences. The male and female symbols are timeless; they have been used since the renaissance and derive from astrological symbols, representing Mars and Venus. Now they take on a modern transition with the symbols representing the ‘party spirit’ theme from the new Fall/Winter 2017/2018 innovation. They have a glam rock, unisex look to them; wear which ever symbol you want – which ever suits your mood and current fashion.

A beautiful new range of chaton crystal effects is available in six modern tones including Royal Green, Ivory Cream and Dark Red. Each of these modern colours features the new Crystal Shiny Laquer Pro effect, meaning they have a stunning shine with a simplistic and bold, opaque look.

The gender symbols are made from crystal and have a foil back on them, allowing for their colour and shine to appear bold and dynamic. The stones are perfect for wearing as a pendant, you can knot cords around the loop for a simple and quick design.

SEE ALL NEW SWAROVSKI CRYSTAL INNOVATIONS Choose your favourite chaton crystal and keep it safe in your favourite crystal setting.


DESIGNER FEATURE Iridescence Swarovski Collar Necklace designed by Laura Bajor. Use your favourite Swarovski pearls, bicones and matching beads to create a stunning Swarovski Collar Necklace. This pretty design is ideal for personalising for different occasions and seasons with different Swarovski effects and tones! Learn how to create this elegant collar, perfect for Halloween!

Get all the materials to make your Iridescence Swarovski Collar HERE

16 Shine Online Issue 30

1. Cut a long arm span of thread and thread on your needle. Pick up x14 Seed Beads and tie in a loop, then go back through the beads in the loop to reinforce. 2. String the beads that form one side of the necklace. I followed the pattern; x2 Seeds, x1 4mm Pearl, x2 Seeds, x1 4mm Pearl, x2 Seeds, x1 Bicone until x6 Bicones have been added. 3. Next string x2 Seed Beads, x1 4mm Pearl, x2 Seeds, x1 4mm Pearl, x1 Seed, x1 6mm Pearl, x1 Seed, x1 6mm Pearl, x1 Seed, x1 6mm Pearl, x3 Seed. 4. Now you start the Laced Pattern; (A) Pick up x7 Seeds, x1 Bicone, x1 Seed, go back through the bicone and the x3 Seeds added before the bicone. (B) Pick up x6 Seeds, x1 Bicone, go through the x5 Seeds before the x4 Seeds before the bottom bicone. (C) Pick up x1 Seed, go through the the x5 Seed beads that are before the top bicone on the right. (D) Pick up x19 Seeds and x1 4mm Pearl, go through the last x5 Seeds added. (E) Pick up x6 Seed Beads, Count x11 Seeds back from the x19 added in the last step and go through the 12th added forming a centre point. Pick up x14 Seeds, x1 6mm Pearl, go back through the last 7. (F) Pick up x2 Seeds, go through the x5 Seeds that are before the point on the right hand side, at the bottom of the 4mm Pearl. Go throught the centre point then the next x9 seeds on the top left hand side. Pick up x1 4mm Pearl, go through the x5 Seeds that sit to left hand side of this bead. (G) Pick up x1 Seed, go through x5 seed beads before the centre point that sit on the top left hand side above the 6mm pearl. Pass through the centre point and the next x9 seeds on the top right hand side, above the first added pearl. (H) Pick x7 Seeds, x1 Bixone, x1 Seed, go back through the bicone and x3 Seeds before the bicone. (I) Pick up x6 Seeds, x1 Bicone, through the x5 Seeds before the x4 Seeds before the bottom bicone. (J) Pick up x1 Seed, go through the x5 Seed beads that are before the top bicone on the right hand side. (K) Repeat Steps D-J until you have x3 complete swirls. Knot off the thread.

5. Cut a new arm span of thread and knot under the seed next to the top bicone. Pick up x2 Seeds, x1 6mm Pearl, x1 Seed, x1 6mm Pearl, x1 Seed, x1 6mm Pearl, x1 Seed. 6. Continue adding beads so that the second side of the necklace matches the first; 1x 4mm Pearl, x2 Seeds, x1 4mm Pearl, x1 Bicone, x2 Seeds until x6 bicones have been added. 7. To Finish pick up x1 4mm Pearl, x2 Seeds, x1 4mm Pearl, x3 Seeds, x1 6mm Pearl, x1 seed, go back through the 6mm Pearl and pull tight. Continue threading back through the beads, knotting as you go. Trim the thread. 8. You are finished. The loop added at the beginning fits over the end 6mm Pearl to fasten the necklace.

Swarovski glass pearls are made in Austria and are the leading brand of their kind in the world. They are made by colour coating a Swarovski crystal pearl bead, the coating gives a wonderful pearly glow. Each pearl is identical to the last and Swarovski beads are perfect for use in professional, long lasting jewellery designs. Laura's design features the new Crystal Iridescent Red and the striking Crystal Scarabaeus Green pearls. The combination of shining green seed beads and pearls brings out the rich berry tones of the red beads. Complete your design with a delicate beaded toggle clasp.

Shine Online Issue 30


18 Shine Online Issue 30

Why not try your hand at Soutache this month and start your design on some bold, green felt? Match with a sparkling Soutache cord to make an eye-catching statement design, perfect for the party season! Compliment your Lush Meadow materials with rusty reds and mustard tones. These combinations are a great starting point when designing Autumnal jewellery or using in other crafts if you’re making to sell. Changing your designs with the seasons is a guaranteed way to keep your ideas flowing! Lush Meadow is a stunning colour that is ideal for elegant designs and matching to evening outfits all through Autumn and even onto Christmas time. We love how this rich tone brings out the shine of the simplest crystal bead. Match some delicate green seeds with sparkling Swarovski Crystal AB to bring out the rainbow colours in each bead. Cabochons are perfect for adding some extra sparkle to any party design. Try framing them with your favourite glittery Soutache cord.


Beading threads are endlessly useful for lots of jewellery making techniques. Choose from lots of useful colours, perfect for using in stitched designs, smaller woven pieces and seed bead jewellery.


Cat's eye beads are a great way to add some shine and texture to your Autumn jewellery. This strand of green beads can be added inbetween white or jet black beads and charms to emphasise they're unique look. Each cat's eye bead has a glossy surface and its overall colour alters slightly as it moves in the light.

Shine Online Issue 30

Create multi-tonal Kumihimo braids with these beautiful cord mixes. Each pack features 4 different tones making them perfect for simple braids with plenty of colour! Try adding some texture or sparkle to your Kumihimo designs by threading on matching beads or hooking on a dangling charm.

Demi round beads are thinner than regular round beads, like small ring beads. These pretty green beads have a subtle green/rainbow effect and are ideal for threading inbetween larger beads for a subtle hint of colour. Toho demi rounds will fit perfectly between other Toho seed beads.


There is an endless amount of techniques and designs to try with your choice of Preciosa pip beads. These delicate drop style beads can be threaded into a Kumihimo design to add extra texture and a floral look. Browse over 30 different pip beads including some brighter clear styles and some more subtle tones and effects. Use thicker cords to make more substantial, long lasting designs to wear everyday! A simple plait or a more complicated weave can be used to make an interestng design without the use of beads and charms. Try adding the finishing touch to a simple cord design with a decorative clasp.



Learn how to make this dazzling Lush Meadow Bracelet using sparkling Swarovski bicone beads in Crystal Emerald. This glamorous bracelet was designed by Leah and features a pretty emerald faceted glass connector and matching rose gold findings. Get all your beads and start making!


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BEADS DIRECT Learn new techniques, discover stunning jewellery designs and follow each unique step by step tutorial! START YOUR COLLECTION >>



Learn some new ways to use your favourite shaped beads with the latest addition to Your Complete Guide to Jewellery Making. CD-ROM 11 features 20 fantastic PDF projects to download, print and create! Choose your shaped beads and learn how to make delicate mandala pendants, sparkling woven necklaces and more beaded jewellery! Continue Your Complete Guide to Jewellery Making collection with the 11th disc in the series. The collection so far holds an amazing 220 unique designs and patterns, each with a useful materials list and step by step tutorial to get you started.

Click here to get the latest CD-ROM Shine Online Issue 30



Scarabaeus Square Weave Necklace designed by Joy Wignall. This stunning statement necklace is perfect for personalising with any of your favourite pearls! Joy has captured the amazing shine in the brilliant Scarabaeus crystals by combining them with complimentary seed beads in 2 different sizes. Finish off your necklace with a sparkling knotted chain! Please note numbers stated in the project refer to the following beads. Size 11 seed beads = 11 Size 8 seed beads = 8 Pearl = P Bicone = B

Get all the materials to make your Scarabaeus

22 Shine Online Issue 30

To make the square weave pendant. 1. Using approx 150cm of Fireline Thread, thread a needle onto each end. String the following beads - 8,11,P, 8,11,P, 11,8,11, P,11 go through the first 8 strung to form a first ring of beads, position ring 15cm from one end. 2. Onto each strand string - 11,P,8,11,P,11. 3. Onto one strand string an 8 then pass the other strand through it in opposite direction. Pull tight to form a second ring of beads. You can keep the needle on the short tail so that you can weave the short end in later or remove it. 4. Take the long strand, thread through 11,P, 11,8. 5. String the following - 11,P,11,8,11,P,11. Go through the next 8,11,P. Pull reasonably tight. 6. Go through the next 11,8,11,P,11,8. String the following: 11,P, 11,8,11, P,11. Go through the next 8,11,P,11,8,11. To get to the right position for the next step go through the next P,11. 7. Pick up 3 x 11. Go through the next 11,P,11. Repeat this step all the way around to create picot edges. After stringing the last 3 seeds, go through the next 11,P,11. 8. Go through the next 8, then to get to the right place for the next step go down the next pearl towards the centre. 9. Decoration: The crisscross of crystal bicones is formed in blocks within a ring of pearls: pick up the following: 11,8, B,8,B, 8,11. Go through the pearl you’ve just come out of going back in the same direction. 10. Go through the first 11,8, B,8 just added. Pick up B,8,11. Go through the 8,11,P ready to add the next beads. 11. Pick up the following: 11,8,B. Go through the 8 in the middle then back along the three beads added in the previous step. 12. To get to the right place to add the next crisscross of bicones, go through the 8,11, P,11,8 and then the next P so that you come out at the centre. Repeat steps 9-12 to add the remaining three groups but finish at end of step 11. 13. To create ladder stitch bail: go through 8 then through first 11 of picot edge pick up 11 go through 11 at tip of picot pick up 4 x 11 go back through first 3 x 11 then back through three remaining.

Pick up 3 x 11 back through three previous then through this three again. Continue this until you are on the 12th row of ladder stitch, this time return through first row and through last row, repeat twice until you have created a loop. Weave back through the cluster adding a couple of half hitch knots as you go then cut off remaining thread. Weave tail end into the cluster, again adding a couple of half hitch knots and cut off remaining thread. Thread the loop on to the lever ring clasp. To make the pearl and bicone chain 1. Pass the needle under the bar in the cup end and through the hole then back down through hole on other side of the bar. Pull the thread through leaving a 30cm tail. Stiffen tail end with a little bit of Fevi Kwik glue, then when dry cut to an angle to create a needle tip. Thread the tail through a pearl, go through pearl again with the working thread. Tie an overhand knot close to the pearl or use your pearl knotter tool. 2. Add 6mm bicone to both threads and again tie knot close to bicone. Add one more pearl and bicone using this technique. Add a drop of glue to knot and allow to dry before cutting off. 3. Now using main thread add one more pearl and knot the strand close to pearl, use a knotter tool, as per instructions provided with the tool. Add a bicone and knot. Add alternate pearls and bicones, knotting between each, until six of each. 4. After last bicone change to size 6mm pearls until reached your desired length, remembering to leave 9.5cm for bicone and pearl section at other end. 5. To finish with cup end, after you have knotted the third set of bicones and pearls, knot after pearl then add to silk remaining bicone, pearl, bicone, pearl, bicone, pearl, then take needle under threading bar in cup end and through hole, then back down through hole on other side of the bar pulling silk through but leaving just a tiny bit of slack, go back up through last three pearls and bicones tying overhand knot between each one. Using fine needle tip add a drop of glue to knot and allow to dry before cutting off. 6. Thread cup ends to lever ring clasp.

Shine Online Issue 30


Skull beads are great for using in tribal and gothic inspired designs. Add this shining side drilled skull bead to a simple cord bracelet for a subtle uni-sex design! Why not match it with some sterling silver beads and findings? Design romantic rose gold jewellery with lots of elegance and mystery this Halloween. Start your designs with a metallic theme and build around it, matching your findings, cords and charms to create eye-catching designs! Take a look through our range of brilliant Celebrate Halloween with a bit of sparkle this rose gold Swarovski crystal and choose all your materials in one place!


year! Whether your plans are to decorate your house or yourself this October, there are lots of ways to put your stamp on what you create.

We love these glamorous Swarovski Crystal Skull beads. They’re sure to catch everyone’s attention as they sparkle on statement earrings or at the centre of a spooky necklace. Why not try creating a complete skeleton pendant to wear on the night? See Michelle’s step by step project on the next page! Choose your skull bead, match some seed beads and get busy with wire to make a great little pendant or decoration. 24 Shine Online Issue 30

These sparkling spiked BeCharmed beads are embellished with coloured clay and crystal spikes. Add spiked beads and charms to your jewellery for a punk look with plenty of shine. Choose from four dazzling tones, perfect for threading onto Pandora style charm bracelets.

These brilliant resin skull beads are handdecorated and are ideal for adding a splash of colour into gothic style jewellery. Try combining your dark beads and charms with bright red Swarovski crystal and sparkling jet black beads for an elegant jewellery set. Why not add some extra sparkle with some Shamballa style beads or charms?

Learn how to make this bold statement bracelet using bright seed beads and magatama beads. This stunning Halloween design was created by Violetta Pretorius for the Beads Direct 2016 calendar. There's still time to get your kit and instructions to make ready for Halloween! Click the link below to find out more and get your kit.


Shine Online Issue 30


DESIGNER FEATURE Get creative this Halloween and make your own beaded decorations and spooky jewellery! Learn how to make these wire pendants by Angela Finch and Michelle Sullivan. Try embellishing your Halloween pendants and jewellery with Swarovski crystal for some extra, long lasting shine and style!

Get all the materials to make your halloween pendants HERE

26 Shine Online Issue 30

To make your pumpkin pendant 1. Using 50cm 1.2 mm copper wire, form the outline of a pumpkin in the centre of the wire, like a squashed heart. Bend the tails of wire upwards creating right angles near the top, where you will form your bail. 2. Cut 2, 1m lengths of the 0.6 mm copper wire. 3. Using your fingers, gently make loops while keeping the 2 wires together. 4. Use the ends of the wire to secure your loops to the frame. Once it is attached, manipulate your looped wires to fit the pumpkin frame. 5. Use another piece of 0.6 mm wire. This piece of wire will be used to coil around the frame. 6. When you are coiling, some of the looped wire is near the edge of the frame. Use the coiling wire to attach the loop to the edge. 7. Once you have coiled around the entire pendant, secure and hide the wire. 8. To make the bail, use the 0.6 mm wire to wrap 11cm of the 2 frame wires you left vertically at the top. Wrap your wire in and out between the two vertical frame wires. Continue doing this for 11cm. Secure and trim off any excess. Use your flat nose pliers to hide any sharp ends. 9. Use your round nose pliers to gently curve the bail around to the back. 10. Wrap the wires around the base of the bail to make it secure. Then use your round nose pliers to create a couple of swirls to finish. 11. Cut 50cm of 0.6mm copper wire. String on 10 bicones this will become the pumpkins mouth. 12. Find where you want the mouth to be, and thread the wire though the nearest loop, so that it is resting behind the pendant. 13. Then do the same with the other end of the mouth. Find where your eye should start, and bring the wire through the nearest loop, so it is now at the front of the pendant. Thread 3 bicones on, and pull the wire through the nearest loop to the back of the pendant. Do the same for the other eye. (Do not worry about how the back looks, the nature of the weave used means that these face wires are not noticeable.) 14. Finally the nose. At this point your wire is behind the pendant. Do the same as the eyes, but this time only use 1 bicone. There should now be 2 long wires at the back of the pendant. 15. Wrap each wire around the nearest piece of frame wire. Cut off the excess, and use your flat nose pliers to secure it.

To make your skeleton pendant 1. Loop one end of a piece of wire and add the skull bead. Add 3 seed beads for the neck. 2. Next add a centrally looped wire which will sit horizontally across your first wire for the skeletons shoulders. Add two more beads. 3. Add another longer piece of centrally looped wire and add 2 beads to your main starting wire. Repeat this 2 more times. 4. Thread on 3 more beads after the last two and thread on the heart bead. Loop the base of the wire close to the base of the heart bead. 5. To your 3 'rib' wires, thread 10 seed beads onto each of the 6 ribs. Curl the ribs forwards to stick outwards and then around to meet at the back. Loop a few times around the main 'spine' wire to secure between the beads. 6. Thread 4 beads onto each side of the top shoulder wire and loop the ends. Cut a 1.5" length of wire and loop one end. Thread on 5 seed beads, one 3mm bicone and 5 more seeds. Loop the other end of the wire. Cut 5 small lengths of wire, all slightly different sizes and loop each end. Attach these all to the end of your 'arm' to look like fingers. Repeat this for the other arm. 7. Repeat at the bottom of heart bead and make the skeletons legs and toes. Shine Online Issue 30


Let's Be Social with Leah... We love to see your jewellery designs and hear what you have been up to. Show us your designs! Send an email to with your photos attached. You could win a Beads Direct voucher! If you see a star on your design please contact me via e-mail or over the phone on 01509 218028 to redeem your voucher.

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Thought you might like to see my latest makes xxx – Mary Hughes

I bought these candy beads a while ago, but wasn’t sure what to make with them, so I put them together with some left over silky beads and O beads. – Doreen McIntosh

Beautiful butterfly pendant Mary. Love the colour choice and the beads! Xx

The candy beads look great with the silky beads and O beads. Beautiful Design Xx

Hi everyone, A hand knitted necklace with silver non tarnish enamelled wire encrusted with amethyst semi precious gemstone chips – Yuet Chung The Amethyst gemstones work really well with the enamelled wire Xx

28 Shine Online Issue 30

My favourite make this week – Donna Totton Great wire work here, lovely necklace Xx

A simple wirework headband, hope you like. Xxx – She Dempsey What a gorgeous headband, I love the colour Xx

This is one of my latest makes. I used a tutorial to make Russian Leaves Earrings in peyote stitch and scaled up to make the pendant. I made the spiral stitch chain with matching beads. Thanks to Linda Jones I can now make my own ear-wires and clasps as well. I hope you like them. – Jill Cooley Thank you Jill for sharing your design with us. The colours look great, such a lovely design Xx

One of my favourite wire wrapped tiaras – Ann Davies Wow, I agree this is a stunning tiara Xx

Hello, after 3 weeks of no crafting, I made this pendant. Wire wrapped Orthocedas pendant - Monika Przymuszala This is a beautiful pendant, the wire work looks fantastic Xx Just sharing what I made this week...hope you like - Rosanna Gioielli We love it Rosanna, such a stunning jewellery set Xx

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Shine Online Issue 30


THANK YOU to everyone who entered last month's competition and showed us their amazing wire jewellery and creative designs!

CONGRATULATIONS TO DONNA TOTTON! You've won this brilliant wire bundle with project sheets!


A CHANCE TO WIN! Thank you to everyone posting pictures of their beautiful handmade jewellery and designs in the Feature in Shine Online Facebook group! This month we want to see your sparkling seed bead designs! Show us pictures of your delicate seed bead earrings, rings, jewellery and decorations! Post your images on the 'Feature in Shine Online' Facebook group and you could get your design featured in November's issue! You'll also be entered into our giveaway to win this brilliant seed bead and thread bundle!

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FREE GIFT This month, claim your sparkling earring kit with Swarovski crystal in all orders over £10! Simply place your order and enter the code below at the checkout!

YOU WILL RECEIVE - Pack of 2 Swarovski 10mm hearts in Crystal Scarabaeus Green - Pack of 2 Swarovski 10mm hearts in Crystal Aquamarine - 2 Pairs of silver plated earwires - Green organza bag


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Shine Online October 2016  

Discover the latest arrivals from Swarovski for Fall and Winter. This month's issue is packed full of inspirational designs and some step by...

Shine Online October 2016  

Discover the latest arrivals from Swarovski for Fall and Winter. This month's issue is packed full of inspirational designs and some step by...