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Shine Online November 2018

Start making with the latest essential beading materials

including new wooden beads, glass shapes and some festive projects to use them in!


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GET CREATIVE THIS CHRISTMAS WITH THE CRAFTS YOU LOVE Discover exclusive designs and try your hand at some new techniques


November 2018 Holly Designer, crafter, marketing assistant and editor of Shine magazine

It's time to start making ready for the party season and we're here to help you get inspired ready to begin making those special gifts and accessories. This month we've gathered some frosty themed designs to match your Winter wardrobe as well as some stunning beady items to spark your creative imagination.

Sarah Freelance jewellery designer, teacher & guest demonstrator at Create & Craft TV

Make sure you don't miss this month's festive projects with full tutorials, and your chance to treat yourself to a fab free gift along with your next order. If you have any queries about anything in this month's mag, feel free to drop us an email, message us online or call us and speak to one of our dedicated team! We're always happy to help with any of your jewellery making and bead craft questions. We hope you enjoy this month's issue,


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In this month's issue Page 4 Discover a Winter wonderland and be inspired by some icy tones, sparkling crystals and fab designs

Page 6 - project Learn how to make a delicate fire polish bead bracelet with matching Swarovski crystal montee beads

Page 8 Embrace the bold Pantone colour Valiant Poppy and explore some of the latest matching jewellery materials

Page 10 - project Page 10

Create a delicate, sparkly festive wreath ready to hang on your Christmas tree

>> MAKE ME << If you spot a design you love in our Shine Online mags, you can click through to find the full project, kit or blog post ready for you to make!

Make me

Page 12 Get some festive inspiration with new Christmas themed beads, charms and designs to make

Page 14 Check out the latest customer makes on the Let's Be Social page with Vicki

Page 15 Get your hands on a fabulous bead, seed bead and charm bundle with this month's free gift


WONDERLAND This beautiful theme is a great place to start if you're looking to make some statement Winter inspired jewellery. There are so many stunning icy blue beads and crystals to choose from, with matching seed beads, threads, cords and findings to add the finishing touch to your creative ideas. Check out some of our favourite materials on these pages and try your hand at some fab jewellery makers techniques with a crochet earring kit by Dorothy Wood and a seed bead necklace by Sarah Millsop.


Make a timeless design with an essential classic pearl mix in matching Winter tones.

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These unique glass shaped beads are ideal for adding texture and colour to your designs. The Tee Beads above can interlock together to make a really unique spiral effect and can be combined with contrasting seed beads to emphasise their tones. Why not try making your own braided cord or beaded chain and feature your favourite Swarovski pendant at the centre. Making your own cord is a great alternative to using a ready made chain and adds a personalised handmade finish to your piece.

Pantone Autumn Winter Colour Report Sargasso Sea - Boundless and fathomless blue mooring the palette.

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Be inspired by icey blue seed beads and glass beads perfect for festive jewellery or your New Year

Use these Hematite ring beads to frame smaller seed beads or crystals by sewing them into the centre!

Visit us online for more designs, video projects and the latest trending materials.

Side by Side Crystal Weave Bracelet Designed by Sarah Millsop Learn how to make a cute woven bracelet using pretty fire polish beads and matching Swarovski crystal montee beads.



BEADING TECHNIQUES Simple bead stringing Working with 2 threads

beginner intermediate expert

Using jewellery makers pliers

STEP 1 For clarity we’ve used a dark thread in our photographs. Cut two pieces of monofilament 50cm long – it sounds a lot for a bracelet but you’ll find it easier to work the later stages of the bracelet if you’ve got a reasonable length to work with. Start by tying both strands together in an overhand knot about 5cm from the end. Pull the knot really tight then thread a calotte onto the long end and slide it down to the knot – the open side need face the knot. STEP 2 Add a dab of glue to the knot and close the calotte firmly around it – don’t trim the excess yet just pull it slightly to one side so you can cut it when the glue is dry. Thread a single bead onto both strands. Next, onto one strand string: 1 seed bead, 1 crystal and 3 seed beads. Onto the other strand string: 3 seed beads and 1 crystal. STEP 3 Bring both strands together and pass them side-by-side through the channel on the back of a montee. You’ll find it easier to see the channel if you hold the montee the wrong way up. STEP 4 Separate the strands. Onto one strand string: 1 crystal and 3 seed beads. Onto the other strand string: 3 seed beads and 1 crystal. Once you’ve got the hang of the bead order you may wish to string one strand up with beads and montees first. Then you can add the groups of beads to the other weaving through the montees on the other strand as you go. Pop a clip on the fully strung strand to stop the beads coming off. STEP 5 As before, bring both strands together and pass them side-byside through the channel on the back of a montee. STEP 6 Repeat steps 4 & 5 until you have the desired length – check the size around your wrist as you go. Make sure the montees are all facing the same way up and the beads close together. Don’t worry if you have some small gaps as this helps the bracelet to remain flexible. The double thickness of strand passing through them helps with this. STEP 7 When you’ve strung the last group of beads add a single seed bead to the strand with 3 seed beads and then a crystal. Then pass both strands through another seed bead. Push all the beads up and make any adjustments to ensure the bracelet is symmetrical. STEP 8 Thread both strands through a calotte so that the hinge is facing the beads. Tie both strands together in a loose overhand knot. Push the calotte up to the beads and position a needle or pin through the loose knot and hold it right inside the calotte. Pull the loose ends so that the knot closes within the calotte. Remove the needle and tighten. Add a dab of glue to the knot and close the calotte around the knot. As in step 2 don’t trim the excess before you close the calotte. STEP 9 Add the clasp by opening a jump ring. Grip it either side of the join with two pairs of pliers then using a twisting motion bring one hand towards you and push the other away so that the ring opens just like a gate. Slip on the clasp then close the jump ring by reversing the opening action. Finish by adding a single jump ring to the other end.


Valiant Poppy

Embrace the bold Pantone colour from the Autumn and Winter Colour report. This versatile tone is ideal for wearing throughout the Winter alongside your cosy jumpers, smart work wear and party outfits. SHOP ALL RED MATERIALS

Make stunning pieces with this gorgeous red tone that will go with your outfit all through autumn and into the winter months. The warm red tone would go perfectly with gold and rose gold to give off a warm glow on those cold winter nights. Heading towards Christmas, this vibrant red will contrast so beautifully with green giving you a traditional Christmas look which is brilliant for those handmade Christmas tree decorations.

Use these stunning droplet shape Swarovski Briolette Pendants on necklaces, earrings and other draping accessories. Try combining them with bright gold plated findings and chain to bring out their vibrant tones and sparkle.

Blog Feature Make an embellished poppy brooch or accessory using FIMO clay and Swarovski Crystals.

CLICK HERE TO MAKE YOUR POPPIES This bright red tone is very on trend during the winter months whether it's on jewellery, in your house or even in your hair. You can keep up with this trend by getting your very own stunning red crystals that will make your designs really eyecatching. The beautiful wood beads go perfectly with super sparkly Swarovski crystals making them stand out and sparkle against the more muted wooden beads. Perfect for sparkling all Christmas long.

01509 218028

Pantone Autumn Winter Colour Report Valiant Poppy - Brave and outgoing red shade effusive in its allure.

These beautiful red Swarovski Crystals are absolutely perfect for making your poppy pop!

Frosted Festive Wreath Decoration Designed by Leah Create a delicate kumihimo decoration to hang on your tree. Make yours using a sparkling Swarovski Edelweiss charm and matching seed beads.



BEADING TECHNIQUES Bead stringing Kumihimo braiding with beads

beginner intermediate expert

Using jewellery making glue

STEP 1 Cut 8 strands of thread each measuring approx. 40". Tie all threads together at one end and place the threads onto your Kumihimo board. If you are new to Kumihimo please click here to view our video tutorial for guidance. Thread 45 beads onto each thread, the seed beads used for this design are a mix and can be placed onto the thread in no particular order.

Leah loves... STEP 2 Braid approx. 1cm of the thread before starting to add the beads. Continue adding beads to your braid until you have used all of them. STEP 3 Finish by braiding another 1cm section with just thread. Then knot the end to secure it in place. Remove your design from the board and tie both ends together, cut any excess thread. The knots may look a little messy, however this will be covered up by the Ribbon/Lace Bow.

Swarovski Crystal Drop Pendant Majestic Blue

STEP 4 Find the centre of your design and attach a jump ring through a seed bead or onto the S-Lon thread, then attach your Swarovski pendant using another jump ring. STEP 5 Cut 20cm of lace and tie a knot over the knots you created at the top of your design, finish the lace off with a bow. Cut 20cm of the blue ribbon, create a bow and glue onto the top of the lace.

Blue Iris Preciosa Czech Glass Owl Beads

KUMIHIMO ESSENTIALS Finish your kumihimo jewellery designs with these useful findings packs. Each pack comes with a shining toggle clasp, end caps, jumprings and a charm holder.

Blue Nylon Flower Tassel Charm Gold Plated Cup


Inspirations Grab some Christmas themed beads, charms and craft materials ready to make with to wear or gift in December. VISIT THE CHRISTMAS SHOP Choose a colourful seed bead mix and add your favourite tones from your selection in between matching crystals, larger glass beads and charms. This pretty teal tone seed bead mix also features metallic gold beads and bugle beads to add extra texture and shine to your project.

Beading materials arenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t just for making jewellery. Use charms, beads, embellishment cords, ribbons and crystals to add dimension and effects onto your craft projects. Add dangling charms onto the front of your Christmas cards or use them as an extra accent to your gift tags. You could also attach different charms to wine glass charm findings, ready for using at your Christmas party!

Stick your adhesive Christmas tree onto gifts, clothing, stationary or any other craft projects!

CLICK HERE Use these amazing rainbow crackle beads on your traditional colour Christmas decorations. You could string them together to look like fairy lights, thread them onto a snowflake base or even use them to make a bright, fun bracelet stack to wear on the big day. Let your imagination run wild!

Create a sparkling piece to hang on your wall with this 'Christmas House' framed crystal art kit. Make your piece using hundreds of colourful crystals, perfect as a weekend project!

Pantone Autumn Winter Colour Report Quetzal Green - A deep elegant blue-green hue suggestive of rich plumage.

Make your necklace

Add some sparkle and colour to your festive jewellery with Swarovski crystal!

Let's Be Social with Vicki We love to see the projects you're proud of! Drop me an email to or post your images on our Facebook group to be featured! If you see a star on your design, you've won a bead bundle! Drop us a message to the email above with your address to claim your prize.

This is a ladybird decoration I have made for a Preciosa competition, made using preciosa triangle beads and preciosa q cut beads Mary Hughes Your ladybird decoration is lovely Mary! I love the curling wire details and the neat wire wrapping around the edges. This would be great as a pendant with some smaller matching ladybird earrings.

How lovely does the labradorite look with the greens on this turtle Poppy Byford Your beady turtle is so cute Poppy! The cabochon in the centre is amazing. This would make a great brooch for an animal lover.

Connect with us! Post your design pics to our Facebook 'Feature in Shine Online' page and you could be featured in next month's issue. Got a question about beading, jewellery making or anything we sell? Call us or drop us an email and our friendly team will be happy to help!

Do you like these cute pumpkin earrings? Made with smallest possible Japanese seed beads and silver threader. Pumpkins are just 2 cm in diameter. Viktoria Denyer These pumpkin earrings are amazing Viktoria! I love the metallic finish seed beads you've chosen.


Create your own festive decorations and jewellery using Christmas themed charms, colourful beads and craft pom poms! Use the code below at the checkout or over the phone with orders over £15

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‘Little Black Dress Earrings and Bag Detail Set’ Designed by Kasia Rajca



Shine Online November 2018  

This month we've gathered some frosty themed designs to match your Winter wardrobe as well as some stunning beady items to spark your creati...

Shine Online November 2018  

This month we've gathered some frosty themed designs to match your Winter wardrobe as well as some stunning beady items to spark your creati...