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Shine Online Issue 31 | November 2016



CRYSTAL STYLE Explore the shimmering themes in the latest Swarovski Innovations

FREE GIFT Claim your sparkling pink or blue glass bead selection! Design by Kasia Rajca

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BRAND NEW DESIGNS, PROJECTS AND BEADS TO INSPIRE! Browse the latest trends for jewellery makers this Winter and find your favourite style



4. READY TO WEAR Discover the brand new range of delicate handmade designs, ready for you to wear and gift this Christmas 6. PURCHASING TAKE OVER Explore some of our Purchasing Team's favourite trends and styles 10. THE NATURE OF US Explore the new arrivals from Swarovski Create Your Style and get creative with the four glamourous themes 14. CRYSTAL PROJECT Start a stylish crystal design with plenty of sparkle and a splash of our favourite Crystal Rainbow Dark 16. FESTIVE INSPIRATION Make your own gifts this Christmas with shining charms, crystals and chain 18. CHRISTMAS DESIGN Don't miss this glamourous, festive design, perfect for your Christmas outfit 20. LETS BE SOCIAL We take a look at some of your fabulous designs from the past month 24. NEW YEAR SPARKLE Start 2017 in style with sparkling Swarovski crystal, beads and charms

For this month's special Winter issue, we've fallen in love with all things glamourous and sparkly! The latest arrivals from Swarovski and our fabulous NEW Ready to Wear range has got us designing some beautiful, statement jewellery. Make sure to look out for a brand new chance to win in this month's mag and find out who our lucky winner is from October's competition! If you want some serious sparkle this Winter, don't miss this month's dazzling free gift! Get your beads and pliers ready and discover your new favourite designs to wear to this year's festive parties!

The Beads Direct Team xx LEARN HOW TO MAKE Kasia's stunning front cover soutache pendant HERE >>

26. SHIMMERING BANGLES Make your New Year celebrations sparkle with delicate Swarovski pearls and Essential Crystal glass beads 29. YOUR COMPLETE GUIDE Continue your collection with the latest CD-ROM and useful materials

Editor - Holly Baxter Contact -



AC1831 Swarovski

Snowflake Pendant

Take a look at some of our favourite accessories, perfect for adding some shimmer and shine to your Christmas outfit! Add a touch of sparkle with dazzling Swarovski pendants, sterling silver charms and delicate crystal flat backs...

AC1714 Swarovski Edelweiss

BeCharmed Bead

AC1548 Swarovski Star

BeCharmed Pendant

SS413 Sterling Silver 925

Star Mandala Charm SS160 Rhodium Plated

Star with Cubic Zirconia CR0137 Antique Silver

Snowflake Charms

AC1715 Swarovski Edelweiss

BeCharmed Bead CR656 Interchangeable

Snap on Disk

Shop now at


READY TO WEAR Discover the new range of stunning ready-made jewellery, perfect for those last minute Christmas gifts! 4 Shine Online | Winter Special

JW005 Sterling Flower

JW020 Pink Glass & Pearl

Mandala Necklace

Bangle with Pouch

JW013 Sterling & Swarovski

Astral Pink Heart Earrings

We've fallen in love with these simple pearl and glass bangles! Each colour comes with a matching polyester pouch to store or to gift with. The faceted glass end is silver plated and textured to add even more sparkle and draw attention to the pretty stone! These delicate bangles are ideal for stacking with a simple silver chain bracelet to add some eye-catching movement. JW019 Topaz Glass & Pearl

Bangle with Pouch

JW011 Sterling & Swarovski

Astral Pink Heart Bangle

The latest range at Beads Direct has arrived just in time for Christmas! From delicate bangles to crystal earrings and shimmering necklaces, these designs make the perfect gift. Choose from a beautiful selection of handmade jewellery, embellished with sparkling Swarovski crystal, sterling silver charms and packaged in a matching gift box or bag. Take a look at the full range on the Beads Direct website today!


JW024 Sterling & Swarovski Butterfly Ring

JW022 Sterling & Swarovski Purple Ring

JW009 Sterling Triangle

Earring Jacket Set

Shop now at


This time of year is always busy for our Purchasing Team as we visit exhibitions both in the UK and abroad to find new and inspirational products to share with you! We've chosen just a few of our favourite designs and trends that caught our attention that are sure to be hitting the high street for the Christmas season.


TAKE OVER! On our trip to London we saw brands like Nikki Lissoni showcasing their Interchangeable Coin ranges and Pandora have launched their own Floating Locket range just in time for the Christmas rush! We love how easy it is to personalise your locket with sparkling, eye-catching coins to match any occasion!

'There are so many disks to choose from'

CR636 Rose Gold Plated Interchangeable Locket

CR642, CR646

Rose Gold and Silver Plated Crystal Coins for Lockets

CR891 Stainless Steel Heart Locket with Glass

6 Shine Online | Winter Special

Mix and match your favourite coin charms to your sparkling lockets! Choose from smaller 27mm and larger 35mm lockets in sparkling rose gold, gold, silver and stylish gunmetal!

SS411 Sterling Silver Flower Mandala Charm

"Meaningful jewellery" is a major trend with Mandala's, Chakra's and Dream Catcher charms featuring strongly in most of the well known brands collections. Hearts, as ever, are hugely popular but pendants will be layered with initial charms and birthstone crystals to personalise. SS222 Sterling Silver Mandala Connector

SS357, SS334 Sterling Silver Cut Out Letters

SS412 Sterling Silver Lotus Mandala Charm

SS433 Sterling Silver Small Daisy Mandala

One of our favourite trends this year is French Dolls - yes we did say Dolls! These quirky, cute pendants were one of the main trends in Europe so watch out for dolls, fairies and princesses featuring strongly in jewellery ranges soon!

'Choose from even more pretty doll designs'

SS449 Sterling Silver 'Princess Rose' Charm

ST1644, ST1651, ST1647, ST1645

French Doll Pendants with Chain Shop now at


AC1832 Swarovski Crystal

Moon Charm

JW008 Ready to Wear

Sterling Silver Star Ear Jacket Set MB644, AC1545 Silver

Star Bead and Swarovski Charm


Sterling Silver Moon and Star Connector

Moons and Stars are being featured in many ranges, on both pendants and earrings! There are so many ways to use a charm or connector. This pretty moon charm can be positioned at the centre of a bracelet or on a necklace with another charm on the lower loop!

Bangle bracelets are great for stacking with silver, gold and rose gold plate being mixed on the same bracelet. You can add even more colour with crystal charms!

'We love these super thin bangles'

SS168 Rhodium Cubic

Zirconia Star Pinch Bail

8 Shine Online | Winter Special

Click on the image to learn how to make your own Shooting Star Bangle!

Winter Warmers... Match your cozy clothes with warm metallic tones like glamourous gold and rose gold!

LEARN HOW TO MAKE your pair of shimmering earrings HERE >> W445 Rose Gold Coloured Copper Craft Wire 0.5mm

MB651 Rose Gold Cubic

Zirconia Star Bead

AC1365 Swarovski Crystalacite

Pendant Golden Shadow

Add some warmth and sparkle to your winter outfits with shining rose gold and topaz tones! We adore these shining rose gold charms. Try threading them to the centre of a delicate necklace or attaching them to some chain and a split ring to make a shimmering, stylish bag charm! AC1547 Swarovski BeCharmed Heart Pendant

CR841 Rose Gold Plated

Fancy Cross Charm

CR483 Rose Gold Plated

AC460 Swarovski Golden

Crystal Star Charm

Shadow Drop Pendant Shop now at


THE NATURE OF US SWAROVSKI INNOVATIONS FALL/WINTER 2017/18 AC1827 Swarovski Gold Plated Raindrop Pendant

'SOUL FOOD' The subdued, authentic tones of the Soul Food Swarovski theme is ideal for Autumn and Winter, with warm, rich crystal tones and plenty of shine. Some of the latest crystal effects include Crystal Iridescent Red and Crystal Rainbow Dark, both perfect for adding subtle colour to your designs. We love these delicate drop pendants, both complete with a shining metal bail. AC1825 Swarovski Rhodium

Raindrop Pendant AC1820 Swarovski Spike

Pendant Bronze Shade

'TRAVEL AGE' The Travel Age theme shows off romantic, warm tones and softer, faceted shapes. The crystal tones we love from this theme are blue based giving them a cool look and meaning they can be easily mixed with different metal findings and bases. Earthy colours are emphasised with bright gold tones. We love how this Swarovski spike pendant can be embellished and designed around or simply AC371 Swarovski Drop Pendant Bermuda Blue

10 Shine Online | Winter Special

'SOUL FOOD' Subtle effects and warm tones are perfect for your Winter style. Try adding a single, faceted pendant to a matching chain for a sparkling necklace that glistens in the light! AC1827 Swarovski Gold

AC1374 Swarovski Raindrop Pendant

Plated Raindrop Pendant

AC1472 Swarovski

Stretch Bracelet AC1649 Swarovski

Kaputt Pendant

AC286 Swarovski Bicones Fuchsia AB AC1273 Swarovski Chaton Lilac Shadow

AC1365 Swarovski Crystalacite Pendant

AC1303, AC1311, AC1464 AC1646 Swarovski Kaputt Oval Pendant

Swarovski Lilac Shadow BeCharmed Beads

'TRAVEL AGE' Blend warm, blush colours with rose gold for an effortless Autumnal look with plenty of shine and a classic feel.

AC1069 Swarovski

Rose Gold Rivoli

Shop now at


AC1821 Swarovski Spike

Crystal Rainbow Dark

'PARTY SPIRIT' The Swarovski theme Party Spirit focusses on theatrical and eye-catching tones but with a darker, night time edge. Crystal Rainbow Dark is the ideal effect for capturing the essence of the theme. This stunning spike pendant features the oil slick effect that alters in the light. Complete your Party Spirit designs with bright metallic tones and bold, sharp shapes and textures. AC1792 Swarovski Crystal

Chaton Royal Blue



TREND 12 Shine Online | Winter Special

The work life theme is perfect for lovers of lighter, pastel tones. The block colours are effortlessly eye-catching and contrast well against solid jet black and other dark effects. Set your chosen chaton into a charm holder to frame it and allow it to move and shine on your design. This theme is a great place to start statement jewellery! The Crystal Powder effects from Swarovski match well with bright effects such as the Yellow Opal beads and sparkling Crystal AB. The Pantone colours of 2016 Rose Quarts and Serenity, are noticable in this Winter's fashion and are perfect for wearing on dark grey coats, and any little black dress this Christmas! AC1520, AC1517, AC1519

Swarovski Crystal Chaton in Powder Rose, Powder Blue and Powder Grey

'PARTY SPIRIT' Embrace your favourite Swarovski style with stunning statement pendants, eye-catching crystal beads and a splash of colour!

AC1796 Swarovski Rainbow Dark Rivoli

AC1647 Swarovski

AC1819 Swarovski

Kaputt Oval Pendant

Spike Bermuda Blue

AC1802 Swarovski Rainbow Dark Square

AC1697 Swarovski

Graphite AB Bicones

AC1803, AC1805 Swarovski AC1692 Swarovski

Male and Female Symbols

Yellow Opal Bicones AC1787 Swarovski

Rainbow Dark Drop

AC1521, AC1517 Swarovski Chatons

Powder Yellow and Blue


Mix and match bold, bright tones with darker colours to make the bright one's shine! Even the most simple strung necklace or beaded bracelet can be brought to life with sparkling, contrasting colours! Shop now at


DESIGNER FEATURE This stunning crystal necklace was designed by Laura Bajor using sparkling Swarovski bicones and rivoli's in Crystal Rainbow Dark! The shining crystals match perfectly with Laura's choice of delicate size 11 and 15 seed beads. Get all your beads and learn how to make your own 'Crystal Berry Necklace' by visiting the link below!

Get your materials AC1795 x1 AC1796 x1 AC1797 x1 AC1691 x1 AC1808 x1 11TR935 x1 15TR928 x1 CLICK HERE TO GET ALL YOUR MATERIALS >> 14 Shine Online | Winter Special

Step 1 – round 1 & 2 Thread a needle with an armspan of thread and string 18 x size 11 seed beads to go around your rivoli. Add a ‘stop bead’ first if you wish. Sew through the first bead strung and position the ring 20cm from the thread end. Step 2 – round 3 Pick up a size 11 bead, skip the next bead on the ring and sew through the next – it’s up to you whether you work clockwise or anticlockwise. Continue adding beads in this way until you have one bead left to add. With the smaller rivoli you’ll probably want to keep the beadwork relatively flat to prevent twisting. Step 3 - ‘Stepping up’ Pick up the final size 11 bead, sew through the last bead on the ring and the first bead you added to round 3. Exit the beads in the inner part of the ring. Step 4 – back - round 4 Pick up a size 15 bead and sew through the next bead – you’re filling a gap between the beads placed in the previous round. Repeat all the way around until you have one bead left to add. Step 5 Pick up the final size 15 bead, sew through the next size 11 bead and ‘step up’ by sewing through the first bead added in this current round. Step 6 – back - round 5 This round is the same as the previous round again using size 15 beads. Repeat to the end. Pull every few beads to ensure you get a nice round shape. Step 7 – the front Weave through the beadwork and exit through a size 11 bead on the other side. Step 8 Pick up a size 15 bead and sew through the next size 11 bead. Repeat all the way around. Pop the rivoli into the cup shape so that it is centred as shown in the photograph. Then pull the thread firmly so that the rivoli is held in place. If you’re happy with the general tension and that the rivoli is held securely, sew through all the size 15 beads again – do not expect to pull the size 15 beads tightly together, then skip to step 10. Step 9 If you’re not happy with the tension and that the rivoli is held in place you can add an additional round of size 15 just as you did on the back. Sew through all the beads in this final round.

Step 10 Weave the thread to the middle round of the size 11 beads. Step 11 – Picot embellishment Pick up 2 size 11 beads and sew through the next size 11 bead. Give the pair of beads a tweak so that they sit side by side. Repeat until you’ve one more bead to add. Step 12 Pick up the final size 11 bead and sew through the next size 11 as normal. Then sew through the first bead of the pair added at the beginning of the round so that you’ve stepped up ready to finish the picot. You may be able to do this in one motion. Step 13 Pick up 1 size 11 seed bead and sew down through the second bead of the pair then up through the first bead of the next pair. Repeat till the end of the round. Pull your thread snug and sew securely into your work. Repeat these steps for your 2 other sizes of rivoli. For your 10.5mm crystal you will require 22 x size 11 seed beads, and for your 12mm crystal you will need 26 x size 11 seed beads to start.

Step 14 When you have finished your 3 bezels, connect them together using 2 x size 11 seeds, 1 x 4mm bicone and 2 x size 11. Step 15 To create the beaded chain, attach a new piece of thread to one of the points on the bezel. Then add the beads in the following sequence 2 x size 11, 1 x 4mm bicone, 2 x size 11, 1 x 6mm bicone. Continue this sequence to the end. Repeat this on the other side of the necklace. Step 16 For the clasp, at one end add a 6mm bicone and a size 11 seed bead. Go back through the bicone and tighten. Knot the thread and then thread back through the beads, knotting in several places to secure. For the loop add 17 x size 11 seed beads. Go back though the first 2 x size 11 seeds to form a loop. Thread back into your necklace chain, knotting along the way to secure. Shop now at


We love to inspire your seasonal designs! Take a look at a few of our favourite sparkling charms, beads and crystals, perfect for adding a touch of glamour... Whether you're making an intricate seed bead pendant or simply threading your favourite Swarovski charm onto a chain, there are so many ways to personalise your jewellery!








6 8

Merry and Bright 16 Shine Online | Winter Special

1. AC1542 Swarovski

3. SS235 Sterling Silver Diamond Oval Bracelet

5. AC1764 Swarovski

7. AC1385 Swarovski

Crystal Pure Drop

Crystal Chaton Mix

Crystal Fine Rocks

2. BX152 Silver Glitter

4. AC1634 Swarovski

6. AC1800 Swarovski

8. SS472 Sterling Silver

Pillow Gift Box

Crystal Edelweiss Charm

Crystal Tribe Stone

Filigree Connector

10 15





13 9. CR482 Rhodium

11. BG405 Czech Fire

13. SS98 Sterling Silver

15. EX448 Silver Druzy

Plated Star Charm

Polished Beads 4mm

Bangle Base

Agate Beads

10. AC342 Swarovski Large Drop Pendant

12. SS453 Sterling

14. BX145 Cream Glitter

Silver Snowflake

Pillow Gift Box

16. AC1364 Swarovski Crystalacite Pendant

DESIGNER FEATURE Create a sparkling jewellery set using Swarovski crystal bicones and shining pearls. This pretty collection was designed by Wendy Wray and features the stunning two hole dagger beads as accents around the centre of the necklace! Get all your beads and learn how to make your own 'Snow and Ice Collection' by visiting the link below!

Get your materials BG0599 x1 BG0342 x2 ST184 x1 F776 x1 AC129 x1 8TR21 x1 CLICK HERE TO GET ALL YOUR MATERIALS >>

18 Shine Online | Winter Special

Making Your Earrings - Step 1 Take a 9" length of thread and thread on 1 x bicone, 1 x seed, 1 x bicone, 1 x seed, 1 x pearl , 1 x seed and 1 x bicone. Repeat this in reverse starting with 1 x seed. Step 2 Bring both ends of thread together and thread on a single bicone. Step 3 Thread one crimp bead onto both strands. Step 4 Thread one strand through the earwire. Step 5 Thread back down through the crimp bead and pull until you have the desired length of loop attached to the earwire. Step 6 Use flat nose pliers to squeeze the crimp bead until it is flat. Step 7 Place a crimp bead cover over the flattened crimp bead and gently squeeze together until both edges meet.

Making Your Necklace Pendants - Step 1 Cut 10" of thread. Thread on one dagger bead to the centre of the thread through it's top hole. Step 2 Thread a second and third dagger bead on either side through the lower holes. Step 3 Cross the threads and thread through the top holes of dagger beads. Step 4 Thread up through a crimp bead and make a small loop before threading back down through the crimp. Knot your threads discreetly to secure the pendant. Cover the crimp bead with a crimp cover. Once you are happy the thread is secure, trim away any excess. Make 2 of these pendants. Step 5 Repeat this again but thread two more dagger beads on through the lower holes either side of the two previous dagger beads.

Making Your Bracelet - Step 1 Take a 12" length of thread and add on one crimp bead and one jump ring.

Step 6 Cross the beading thread and go through the top holes of the dagger beads. Repeat step 4. Make 2 of these larger pendants. Step 7 Make 1 more pendant with 2 extra dagger beads for the centre of the necklace.

Step 2 Bring the thread over the jumpring and thread through the crimp bead. Step 3 Use flat nose pliers to squeeze the crimp flat.

Making Your Necklace - Step 1 Cut 30" of beading thread. Thread on one crimp bead and a jumpring. Thread back through the crimp bead leaving a 3" tail. Squash the crimp bead to secure on the jumpring.

Step 4 Place a crimp bead cover over the flattened crimp bead and gently squeeze together until both edges meet.

Step 2 Thread on your beads in the following order - 1 x pearl, 1 x seed bead, 1 x bicone, 1 x seed bead. Repeat this until you have added 9 pearls.

Step 5 Attach one more jump ring and one lobster claw clasp. Cut off any excess thread. Step 6 Thread 1 x pearl, 1 x seed, 1 x bicone, 1 x seed. Step 7 Repeat this nine times or until you have reached the desired length. Next, add a single pearl. Step 8 Thread on a crimp and a jumpring. Fold over your thread and go back through the crimp. Squeeze your crimp bead flat. Add a crimp bead cover.

Step 3 Add a seed and thread on your smaller dagger pendant. Add a second seed, a pearl, a seed, a bicone, a seed, a pearl and a seed. Add your next dagger pendant with 5 dagger beads on it. Repeat this pattern adding the large pendant at the centre of the necklace. Step 4 Repeat the rest of the necklace and end with a crimp and jumpring. Thread your excess thread into your necklace and pull tight before squashing the crimp. Add a lobster clasp. Shop now at


Let's Be Social with Leah! We love to see your jewellery designs and hear what you have been up to. Show us your designs! Send an email to with your photos attached. You could win a Beads Direct voucher! If you see a star on your design please contact me via e-mail or over the phone on 01509 218028 to redeem your voucher.

'This is my latest design 'Cosmic'. Thank you for the crystals and pearls BD :)' – Tracey Lorraine

See this on your design and you've won a £5 voucher! See this on your design and you've won a £10 voucher!

Thank you Lorraine for sharing your beautiful design with us, love the Swarovski iridescent pearls! Xx

See this on your design and you've won a £15 voucher!

'One of my latest copper Wirework pieces, hope you like xxxx' - Jilly Parrish We love it Jilly, the copper wire looks great with the blue/green stone Xx

'Bracelet and pendant using CzechMates two hole daggers' – Joy Wignall Wow, this is gorgeous. The colours work really well together Xx

'My first attempt at a hair comb using Majorca pearls and crystal beads :) hope you like it x' - Clarissa Byng Great first attempt Clarissa! The hair comb looks beautiful xx

20 Shine Online | Winter Special

Join over 880 fellow beaders online now! FIND US ON FACEBOOK 'FEATURE IN SHINE ONLINE'

'A simple seed bead bracelet & matching pendant I love working with seed beads, so simple but can look great!!' Xx – Rebekah Coleman Such a lovely design, the matching pendant looks great Xx

'Tiara for my bestest friend. More nervous waiting for her approval than ever, but she loves it' - Diane Perks We love your choice of crystals and pearls! xx

'My sister liked my white and silver bracelet and talked me into making her one for Christmas.' - Sharon Evely Beautiful design Sharon! We love the colours xx

'Start of festive makes in the run up to the November craft fair season' - Jenny Argyle Really pretty design Jenny, this will look great on your Christmas tree! xx

'Just wanted to share with you my newest make... I call this "Blackberry Way" as it is made with Swarovski pearls and peardrop pearls in Blackberry colour, along with Swarovski rounds in Amethyst & Swarovski bicones in crystal AB, tile beads & 2 sizes of seed beads. Beautiful shades of Autumn' – Lyn Etherington Stunning designs Lyn, great work Xx

Join our Facebook group and share your designs and you could be featured in our next issue! Whether you craft and design for yourself, for gifts or to sell, we'd love to see how you're using your favourite jewellery materials and beads! Shop now at


DESIGNER FEATURE This beautiful jewellery set is perfect for your Christmas party! This pretty pattern was made by Carol Mcilroy using delicate white seed beads and shining pearls! Learn how to weave in and around your pearls to make a sparkling choker, bracelet and earrings! Get all your beads and learn how to make your own 'Icicle Jewellery Set' by visiting the link below! Design by Anna Martynova.

Get your materials 10ROC03050 x1 HH79 x3 TC305 x1 F200 x1 F0300 x1 F0210 x1 F0613 x1 CLICK HERE TO GET ALL YOUR MATERIALS >>

22 Shine Online | Winter Special

Making Your Necklace and Bracelet Step 1 Cut an armspan of thread and add a stopper bead by threading through it once or twice more. Leave a generous tail of around 7". Step 2 Add 2 seed beads and thread through the first a second time. The seed beads should be sitting side by side. Step 3 Add 6 seed beads, 1 pearl and 2 seed beads. Step 4 Thread through the first of these 2 seed beads again and pull close to the pearl. These 2 seed beads should now sit side by side. Step 5 Thread on 6 seed beads. Step 6 Thread through the second of your first two seed beads added at the beginning of your project. This seed bead should be sitting alone at the beginning. Step 7 Add a pearl and 2 seed beads. Thread through the first of these 2 seed beads again. Step 8 Add 6 seed beads and thread through the second bead standing alone next to the first pearl you added. Step 9 Add a pearl and 2 seed beads. Thread through the first seed bead again. Step 10 Add 6 seed beads and thread through the seed bead standing alone next to your second pearl. Step 11 Add a pearl and two seed beads. Continue this pattern until your necklace is the desired length. Your pattern will resemble a zig-zags with 2 seed beads side by side between each pearl. Step 12 Once you are happy with the length of your necklace or bracelet, add 10 seed beads or enough to and thread around the top of the closest end pearl.

Step 13 Thread down the row of seed beads and exit next to the next pearl. Step 14 Repeat this, add 10 seed beads to wrap around the top of the pearl and travel down the seed beads on the opposite side. Step 15 Once you have completed the last step for all of your pearls, travel to one of the ends and exit one of the end seed beads. Step 16 Thread on 6 seed beads and thread back into your design next to the next pearl. (See image) This should be a neat loop where you will attach your jumpring and clasp. Step 17 Secure your thread by weaving it through your design and making half-hitch knots along the way. Continue to thread in and around your design to hide and secure the tail. Repeat this at the other end of the design using your tail thread or using a new length of thread. (To add another length of thread, start in the middle of your design and weave through, knotting along the way until you reach your starting point. This is the best way to secure your new thread). Step 18 Add a jumpring to each end of your design and attach a lobster clasp and extension chain. Making Your Earrings Step 1 Take a length of thread measuring approx. 15". Thread on 30 seed beads and create a loop. Step 2 Thread in a zig zag pattern between the first 5/6 seed beads to join them together at the top. The seed beads should now make the droplet shape. Thread down the side of the earring and add a pearl. Thread through the pearl and thread around the thread on the other side of the earring droplet so it is sitting in the middle. Thread through it one more time and weave your thread around your seed beads to secure it in place. Knot your thread and weave in your tail before trimming it. Finally attach your earwire to the top using a jumpring. Shop now at


NEW YEAR SPARKLE Start your New Year in style with stunning crystal pendants, statement earrings and glittering cabochons! CR658 Snap On Disk Black and Clear Crystal AC1583 Swarovski Hearts Lightchrome

CR0066 Titanium Geometric Square

CR643 Silver Plated

Fancy Coin Disk

CR0063 Rose Gold Geometric Square

HH228 Swarovski Rose

Gold BeCharmed

SS302 Sterling Bright

Gold Stud Earring

AC1293, AC1291 BA46, BA55 Sparkly

Swarovski Stopper Beads

Resin Flat Backs

Add a splash of rose gold style to your party jewellery! Mixing your metallic tones is a great way to make really simple yet eye-catching jewellery in minutes! Try a mixture of rose gold, silver and crystal Swarovski BeCharmed beads on a delicate charm bracelet. 24 Shine Online | Winter Special




Glow, In Rose Gold! Feel elegant in rose gold this Winter... Take a look at some of our favourite charms and start your New Year with some serious sparkle! CR0027 Rose Gold Filigree

Flower Connector Charm

CR618 Rose Gold Cubic

Zirconia Key Charm

AC1716, AC1715 Swarovski Edelweiss BeCharmed Bead

AC1654 Swarovski Greek Cross BeCharmed Charm

BO852 Champagne Crystal Personalise your look with one of Angel Sphere Chime our charm settings or sieve pendants! This shining sieve is the perfect starting point for a seed bead design. Why not fill your pendant with a snowflake pattern, or a matching selection of different seed beads. Take a look at our pretty seed bead mixes and try your hand at weaving them onto your sieve base. Simply secure your thread around the back of the pendant and add a new bead every time you thread up through the pendant. Thread on more than one seed bead to make beaded petals that sit more prominently on the front of your pendant!

CR0022 Rose Gold Plated Sieve Seed Bead Pendant

Shop now at


DESIGNER FEATURE Make a pair of shimmering bracelets using beautiful Swarovski crystal 4mm and 8mm pearls! These pretty bangles were designed by Sarah Millsop and feature glass faceted rondelles and finished with a delicate silver heart charm! Get all your beads and learn how to make your own 'Pearl Cluster Bangle' by visiting the link below!

Get your materials HH144 x1 HH137 x1 HH142 x1 HH135 x1 EX4006 x1 CH270 x2 F0035 x1 BG1444 x1 SS226 x1 CLICK HERE TO GET ALL YOUR MATERIALS >>

26 Shine Online | Winter Special

Making Your Bangle Step 1 Take one of your headpins and thread on a bead. Step 2 Cut your headpin to approx. 1cm above the bead. Step 3 Bend your pin to a 90 degree angle using your round nose pliers. Step 4 Grip the end of the pin and turn the wire to start your loop. Continue to form your loop in one smooth motion. Your finished loop should look like a sheppards crook. Check your loop fits onto your bangle when you have un-screwed one of the ball ends. If it doesn't you will need to create your loop further down your round nose pliers.

Step 5 Trim your pin using wire cutters once you have finished wrapping and press it in using your pliers so there are no sharp ends. Completing Your Bangle Once you are happy with the amount of charms you have made for your bangle, thread them all on and check you are happy with their postitioning. Attach your heart charm using a jumpring and add it in the centre of your beads. Make sure your jumpring is securely closed. Screw the ball ends onto your bangle and your bracelet is ready to wear!

Step 5 Continue to make these bead charms for your bangle. Use a mixture of your pearls and crystal beads. You will need to make approx. 50 to make a bangle as full as the green one in the image. Check how full your bangle is by threading them on as you go along. Make sure to randomly thread them on unless you have a pattern in mind. Creating a Wrapped Loop Step 1 If you want to create a more decorative and secure loop, you can make a 'wrapped loop'. Thread a bead onto your headpin and bend to a 90 degree angle appox. 3mm above the bead without trimming your pin. You should now have a gap between the bead and the bend in the pin. This is where you will wrap your pin. Step 2 Hold your pin with your round nose pliers just above the bend. Step 3 Bring the end of the pin around the plier to create the loop. Step 4 Bring the wire around the gap you left above the bead and wrap around 2/3 times until the gap has been filled.

BG881 Preciosa Czech Glass

Blue Pearl Bead Mix

Why not try a pretty pearl mix for more variation in colour and a great selection of sizes! There are so many ways to personalise this design with your favourite charms, crystal beads and feature beads.

Choose from over 40 sparkling pearl and glass bead mixes!


Shop now at


EX449 Silver Druzy Agate


Beads 12mm Pk10

TREND TC0001 Sky Blue S-Lon

Beading Cord 77yrds

EX279, EX387 Aqua Blue

Dyed Jade and Sodalite

AC1632, AC1307

BO791 Two Tone Ceramic

Rondelle Beads

Swarovski Aquamarine Charm and Bead

We love to feature your unique designs! Learn how to make these pretty pendants using some of our favourite seed beads and glass shapes! Visit the links on the BD website to get all your materials and follow each designer's tutorial!

Made by Becs Dean-Skinner! Click on the image to make yours now.

Made by Debbie Frost! Click on the image to make yours now.

28 Shine Online | Winter Special

Made by Alex Pinhorn! Click on the image to make yours now!

Start your 'Complete Guide to Jewellery Making' now!


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THANK YOU to everyone who entered last month's competition and showed us their amazing seed bead jewellery and creative designs!

CONGRATULATIONS TO SHARON EVELY! You've won this brilliant seed bead and thread bundle!


A CHANCE TO WIN! Thank you to everyone posting pictures of their beautiful handmade jewellery and designs in the Feature in Shine Online Facebook group! This month we want to see your sparkling Christmas designs! Show us pictures of your handmade festive jewellery, decorations and accessories for a chance to WIN! Post your images on the 'Feature in Shine Online' Facebook group and you could get your design featured in Shine magazine! You'll also be entered into our giveaway to win this brilliant festive bead bundle!


30 Shine Online | Winter Special

christmas kit

FREE GIFT This month, claim your sparkling glass bead selection with orders over £20! Simply place your order and enter the code below at the checkout! Your blue or pink bead box will then be added to your basket and arrive with your order!


WINTERBEADS Free gift can be claimed on all orders over £20 excluding postage costs. One use per customer. Enter code WINTERBEADS at the checkout. Cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer. Available whilst stocks last. Free gift will be selected at random. Kit contents may vary. Offer expires midnight 31st January 2017.

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Coming next month... - Winter Project Inspiration - FREE downloads and tutorials - Sparkling new arrivals - Trending outfits and accessories!

December's Calendar kit uses Swarovski crystal stones and sparkling beads! Designed by Tracey Lorraine

Get your kit HERE

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Shine Online November 2016  

If you want some serious sparkle this Winter, don't miss this month's dazzling free gift! Get your beads and pliers ready and discover your...

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