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Shine Online Issue 32 | December 2016


GOLDEN GLOW Discover your sparkling New Year look!

Find the perfect accessory to gift this Christmas!

DECEMBER'S FREE GIFT Claim your charm bracelet kit with Swarovski crystal! PAGE 26

Designed by Alex Pinhorn

CONTENTS 4. WINTER FROST Explore the latest Winter themes and give your outfits an icey sparkle 8. NAVY NIGHT Discover elegant blue tones and mix them with your favourite silver charms




Add a dash of crystal sparkle to your New Year outfit with crystal rondelles 12. NEW YEAR STYLE Match your jewellery to your outfit and take a look at some of our favourite New Year styles 16. LET'S BE SOCIAL We take a look at some of your fabulous designs from the past month 18. GOLDEN GLOW Feel gorgeous in gold this Winter with shimmering charms and druzy beads 20. GOLDEN EARRING PROJECT Make a statement with a stunning pair of beaded, golden earrings 22. BRAND NEW FOR YOU Don't miss this brand new selection of Ready to Wear jewellery 25. DECEMBER'S FREE GIFT Claim this month's free gift and make your own sparkling bracelet set

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LEARN HOW TO MAKE Get your Coin Pearl Bracelet materials and download your free PDF project HERE >>

Create some extra sparkle this Christmas and New Year with your own handmade gifts and decorations! Whether you're treating yourself to a well deserved sparkling accessory, gifting a jewellery kit to a fellow crafter or looking for your next beady design, we have hundreds of beautiful beads, kits and ready-made jewellery to choose from this December! There are plenty of unique designs to get to grips with this month, including icey blue necklaces and a pair of dazzling, modern earrings! Don't miss your chance to claim your free golden gift and make a stunning, charm bracelet set with Swarovski.

LEARN HOW TO MAKE Get your Gleam of Glitter Bracelet kit and watch the video tutorial HERE >>

We hope you enjoy this month's issue, and wish you a merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

The Beads Direct Team xx

Discover the brand new range of Ready to Wear jewellery at Beads Direct! Choose from over 50 stunning, unique pieces from dazzling rings in silver or rose gold plate to shimmering Swarovski crystal embellished necklace and earring collections! PLUS take a look at our brilliant range of ditsy doll pendants, perfect for creating your own statement bag charms and decorations! SEE ALL READY TO WEAR JEWELLERY >>


Add a splash of icy sparkle to your Christmas style with shimmering glass charms, dazzling pearls and Swarovski crystal chaton mixes! Finish your professional jewellery with sterling silver findings and chain for a long lasting shine.


Winter Frost

There are so many ways to add some glamour to your Winter outfits! We love experimenting with combinations of our favourite crystal charms, tiny seed beads and unique glass shapes to make brilliant designs that are sure to make your style stand out! Take a look at just a few of our favourite Winter themed beads!

These brilliant seed bead shapes are ideal for adding some texture to your Christmas decorations! Try using bugle beads to make your own spikey snowflake earrings or adding some pip beads to the tips of a star decoration for some extra sparkle and a splash of colour!

Shine in Swarovski this Winter with shimmering crystal glass pearls and matching crystal charms. This delicate bracelet is perfect for wearing on a frosty day! Personalise your look and choose from even more delicate flat back crystals and settings! Finish your bracelet with a pretty ribbon or why not swap it for a delicate toggle clasp? CLICK HERE TO MAKE YOUR BRACELET >>

DESIGNER FEATURE This beautiful icy blue pendant was designed by Amanda Thompson and is the perfect accessory this Winter! Follow Amanda's step by step project and learn how to use your favourite twin hole seed beads to create a brilliant snowflake design! Finish your necklace off with a sparkling Swarovski spike pendant attached using a handmade seed bead bail. Get all your materials using the links below!


Making Your Pendant Step 1 String 2 twin hole beads and a size 11 seed bead onto your fireline. Repeat this until you have 5 sets of 2 twin hole beads and one seed bead inbetween each. Step 2 Take your working thread to the outside of the first hole of your twin hole and inbetween the two, string on another twin hole bead. Repeat this 5 times. You will have a gap directly on top of the seed beads. Underneath, place another 2 twin hole beads together in those gaps. Step 3 On the next round, continue weaving 2 twin hole beads together until the underneath gaps are filled in and you have another complete round of beads. In total you should have 4 rounds of twin hole beads to complete the mid-section. Step 4 To complete the icicle tips on the pendant, assemble the twin holes by placing 1 either side of the last bead of the midsection round. Bring your thread up to the outside hole and string on 2 more twin hole beads, right next to each other. Now place one more twin hole bead in the centre of the two underneath to get your icicle tip. Repeat these steps until you have 12 sets of 5 beads in each icicle tip. Step 5 If you wish to embellish the icicle tips, use your choice of size 15 seed beads as follows. Pick up 4 size 15's and sew them on each second twin hole bead on the icicle tip (see main image). On the point of the icicles add 5 size 15's. Repeat this for all the icicle tips. Two of the tips will be used for fixing the jump rings so you can add the chain. Position your pendant to work out where the jump rings will be positioned on either side.

Making Your Pendant Bail Step 6 Using a simple brick stitch technique, string on 4 size 15 beads and go back through the first two size 15's. You will find the beads sit neatly next to each other. Repeat these steps by looping your thread through each new set until you achieve a strip of brick stitch long enough to make your bail. Weave your thread through to zip up the two sides together. Step 7 Make a circle of size 15 seed beads and weave onto the bottom centre twin hole. This will hold the Swarovski charm and bail in place. 10 size 15 seed beads will be sufficient to make the loop on the bottom centre of the twin holes. Place the chain of your choice onto each jump ring and attach a clasp. Swarovski Crystal Spike Pendant in Crystal AB

Choose from over 100 sparkling Swarovski crystal charms and pendants!


Use the brilliant Tee Beads to add some unique texture and shine to your Kumihimo designs! We love this brilliant blue bracelet designed by Joy Wignall. Learn how to make a matching Kumihimo necklace and design your own pretty Tee Bead jewellery set using the link below! CLICK HERE TO MAKE YOUR BRACELET >>

Navy Night... Adding feature beads or a statement pendant to a design can change the look and feel of the piece. These rich navy tones are perfect for creating evening jewellery with complimentary metallics to bring out their shine. Why not try attaching these tiny charms on to feature earrings? This delicate tassel charm is the perfect size for adding onto a choker or hooking onto some matching ear wires! Choose from a huge range of seed beads and start a brand new project using your favourite tones and shapes. There are so many techniques to try and experiment with including braids like the Kumihimo bracelet above and stunning woven chains like Tracey's lariat necklace! Add your own twist to these patterns with beautiful charms and feature beads.

DESIGNER FEATURE Learn how to create this delicate beaded chain necklace using stunning gemstone beads and crystals! This pretty necklace was designed by Tracey Lorraine using beautiful, complimentary blue tones of seed beads. This sparkling lariat necklace is ideal for glamorous Winter and New Year parties! Simply create your chain and wear as a choker with a knot below for the length of the necklace!


DESIGNER FEATURE This bright, sparkling bracelet was designed by Sharon Evely using a mixture of shimmering crystal rondelle beads, matching seed beads and a multi-strand tube clasp. Follow Sharon's step by step project and learn how to weave your own dazzling bracelet, making it the perfect size for you or a loved one this Winter! We love the brilliant blue tones and the amazing shine!



Step 1 Cut a single or double arm span length of thread, depending on which is more workable for you. The longer the thread, the less you will need to add on extra thread. Thread a needle onto the thread and add a stopper bead, leaving a tail of 6 inches, which you will work into the bracelet at the end. Step 2 Thread 1 x size 11 and 2 x size 15 seed beads 10 times. This is creating the width of your bracelet. To make the netting you need to add a further size 11 and 2 x size 15’s seed beads and thread back through the 9th size 11, creating a loop. Then continue to add 2 x 15’s, 1 x 11 and 2 x 15 and thread through the 7th size 11 creating another loop. Continue to do this until you reach the end of your row (remember to miss the next size 11 and thread through 5th, 3rd and 1st size 11 seed beads). Step 3 Follow the instructions from step 2, adding rows until you reach the length of bracelet you require. You will need to take a 1 ¼ inches off the overall size of bracelet you want, as you will need to add a clasp and further seed beads to increase the length of your netting, ready for adding the rondelles on the front. Step 4 When you have your required length, you will need to add the magnetic clasp and position it centrally to the end of your work. Weave back through the entire second row from the end to add stability and exit at the top of your last row. Using the 5 holes on the clasp, weave through the end row until you are opposite your first hole of the clasp. Add 3 size 15 seed beads and thread through the hole and back into the same bead you came out of on your last row. Continue to weave and add 3 x size 15's each time you come to a hole in the clasp. To strengthen the clasp to your bracelet, weave back through your work and the clasp then exit at the top size 11 seed bead. Step 5 To widen the netting you will need to add a size 11 seed bead between each of the gaps along the top edge. Thread through the 2 x size 15’s and add a size 11, continue to do this until you reach the end. Then add on the other half of your clasp to the end using step 4.

Again, reinforce your clasp and exit the last size 11 seed bead. Then add a size 11 seed bead across the bottom of the bracelet, as you did across the top. Step 6 To add rondelles to the front of your netting, divide your rondelles into two piles, then thread back through your bottom edge until you reach the centre line of the bracelet. Thread through the above size 11 bringing you out at the bottom of the diamond shaped netting and add a size 15, rondelle and size 15, then thread through the next size 11 seed bead exiting the diamond shape, then add another size 15, rondelle and size 15 and exit the diamond shape. Continue to do this until you reach the last size 11 seed bead in that row, then thread through the top line size 11 bead (that you added in step 5) and back down into the size 11 into netting row then down into the next 2 x 15’s and exit out of the size 11 which will be the top of your diamond shape netting again. Then add your size 15, rondelle and size 15. Continue to do this until you have used the first lot of your rondelle pile. Then weave back through the top line until you reach the centre row again and add your second pile of rondelles going the other way on your bracelet. Step 7 You may have enough rondelles to reach both ends to the clasps, or you may have a few rows left to be filled. Follow the same process as above, but instead of using rondelles add size 11 seed beads. So size 15, size 11 and size 15. This will create a flatter area with the clasp to the underside of your wrist. Step 8 Weave your way back to the top corner of your bracelet edge to add the final size 11's to enhance the top and bottom. On your end row thread down into the first size 11 seed bead (where previously you added your rondelle and size 15’s seed beads on step 6), then add 2 x size 11 seed beads and thread through the diagonal top size 11 seed bead of the next row on your edging, then back down through the size 11 bead on the second row and repeat until you get to the end. Weave down through until you reach the bottom corner of the edging and repeat the above step. Step 9 Any threads you have left from adding on additional threads need to be weaved back into the bracelet. Then you are finished!

NEW YEAR SPARKLE Whether you're out on the town or celebrating at home, there is always a chance to accessorise and impress this party season!

'Match with a glam star pendant' Make a statement with a brand new look this party season! These brilliant Swarovski charms make the perfect gift to any lover of subtly sparkling jewellery!


'Accessorise with a sparkling choker' This super cute outfit is the perfect look for a fun New Year party! Pair your chosen look with a delicate handmade choker or collection of layered necklaces. This pretty crystal bow charm is ideal for threading onto the centre of a stylish chain choker or a set of stacked bracelets. Simply link your charm with a jumpring on either side and attach it to your chosen choker chain or any other length of cord!


These unique gemstone beads are great for using in 'one of a kind' designs and give that special, customised feel to your jewellery.

SEE ALL BLUE GEMSTONE BEADS >> Add a splash of colour to your festive jewellery and decorations with brilliant fire polished beads and coated crystals! This simple bracelet has plenty of shine and is ideal for adding some subtle sparkle to daytime outfits and work wear. Add a delicate charm using a jumpring to give your design a focal point and a personal touch.

Learn how to create your sparkling Cellini Spiral Necklace with beaded chain on either side. This glamorous design is ideal for customising with your choice of size 11, 8 and 6 seed beads and finishing with some shining 4mm firepolish beads! Why not personalise your design with some delicate charms or add some extra metallic sparkle with some golden fire polished beads for the edge! CLICK HERE TO MAKE YOUR NECKLACE >>

BEADED SNOWFLAKE KITS CHOOSE YOUR SNOWFLAKE KIT >> Beaded snowflakes are so quick and easy to make! Take a wire snowflake frame and start adding your chosen beads. Bugle beads work best to start the stem, and then continue on with a mix of seed beads, glass beads and more bugle beads. To end the stem you can either choose to glue on a bead, or why not take your round nose jewellery pliers and create a decorative loop? Add the finishing touch to the snowflake by attaching a piece of ribbon to one of the loops! Your handmade snowflake will then be finished, ready to hang on your Christmas tree.

We have put some stunning colour combinations together to help you to blend and contrast your snowflakes with your chosen colour theme this Christmas! Make up to 7 brilliant snowflakes with your chosen kit! Choose from bright, festive green, rich red, glam gold or shimmering clear selections and create your own unique, personalised decorations. Remember, you can add even more colour and a personal touch to your decorations using beads and charms from your own bead stash! Why not try adding delicate silver or gold charms to the point of each snowflake?

Let's Be Social with Leah! We love to see your jewellery designs and hear what you have been up to. Show us your designs! Send an email to with your photos attached. You could win a Beads Direct voucher! If you see a star on your design please contact me via e-mail or over the phone on 01509 218028 to redeem your voucher.

Leather and crystal double wrap bracelets – Joy Wignall

See this on your design and you've won a £5 voucher!

These look super sparkly Joy, they'd look great stacked together! Xx

See this on your design and you've won a £10 voucher! See this on your design and you've won a £15 voucher!

Trying to work with the Pantone Fall colours for 2016... – Tracey Lorraine A stunning cabochon bangle Tracey! We love the use of the demi round beads for a pop of colour :) Xx My giant winter wonderland bauble – Sharon Evely Hello I wanted to share my reindeers with you! They have spinel eyes and garnet noses :) – Sarah Robertshaw These look so cute Sarah, we love their little gemstone noses! They'd make great Christmas gifts! Xx

This looks amazing Sharon! We'd love to see your finished baubles hung on your Christmas tree this month! Xx

Join over 920 fellow beaders online now! FIND US ON FACEBOOK 'FEATURE IN SHINE ONLINE'

Here are a couple of necklaces I designed :) They are losely based on a spiral weave, hope you like :) – Rebekah Coleman A beautiful necklace Rebekah! I love the rainbow effect from all the fire polished beads Xx

I have attached a picture of my recent make which was inspired from a Christmas jumper that I have been knitting for the last 4 years!! I'm determined to finish it this Christmas! Anyway the pattern on the jumper is a snowflake and so I created a design based on this. My favourite stitch is peyote but I've never attempted odd count peyote yet, so I challenged myself to create an odd count peyote snowflake bracelet and the attached picture is the finished result. So if I don't get to finish my jumper I can at least wear the bracelet with the pattern on!! – Rachel Gannon Your bracelet looks brilliant Rachel, I hope you get to wear it with your finished jumper this year! :) Xx

Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle all the way... – Vicky Looi This looks amazing Vicky! I love your choice of crystal beads and the different tones :) Xx Inspired by my first experience of fall and the vines of draping leaves over bridges where I live, this piece is entitled "Celebrating Autumn" :) – Marianne Tan This looks amazing Marianne! A great statement necklace! Xx



Make a statement this Winter in bright golden tones and sparkling crystal charms! Mix and match your metallic tones with delicate, glittering cord, shining Swarovski pearls and matching crystal pendants...



TREND SEE ALL GOLD CHARMS AND CONNECTORS >> These beautiful golden tones are ideal for lovers of Autumn and nature. Inject some warmth into your Winter outfits and glow at the Christmas party with your favourite statement pendant and a pair of matching earrings! If you're looking for a super sparkly look, choose from a huge range of shimmering crystal embellished charms and pendants including Swarovski shapes and dazzling lockets!

These stylish earrings are the perfect accessory to your New Year party! Create your own stunning metallic drop earrings using silver & gold Half Tila beads by Miyuki. This simple project is great for beginner seed beaders. Complete your earrings with matching earring findings for a professional look with plenty of shine! CLICK HERE TO MAKE YOUR EARRINGS >>

DESIGNER FEATURE These fabulous, chic golden earrings are perfect for an effortlessly modern look and are the ideal addition to any party outfit! Use your favourite metallic hex beads to make a shimmering statement jewellery set with plenty of shine as they move! These brilliant earrings were designed by Laura Bajor! Finish your earrings with these professional earwires or why not try threading your triangle to the centre of a necklace?


Step 1 Cut a long arm span of thread, thread on your needle and x1 gold hex bead. Slide to the end of the thread and leave a couple of inches as a tail. Go back through this bead. Step 2 Thread on x1 gold hex bead and go through the first bead added (the two should sit side by side). Go down the second hex added. Step 3 Add x1 gold hex, go down the second hex added then up the one just added. Step 4 Continue this technique until x12 beads have been added. Step 5 Now ‘catch’ the thread that sits at the bottom of the last two beads added. When adding the first bead of a new row you may wish to do an overhand knot to make it more secure. Step 6 Pick up a gold hex and thread back through it. Step 7 Pick up a gold hex, thread through the thread sitting between the two hexes above it and go back up the first bead. Continue adding the beads along the row in a similar technique, catching the thread so the beads start to sit in a brick formation. Step 8 Once 11 hex beads have been added you have completed the next row. Step 9 Start row 3 the same way you started row 2 – continue the rows until you have x7 gold rows; each row will have one less bead than the last. Step 10 After the 7 gold rows are complete continue on but instead use the black beads. Step 11 To add the last rows of the triangle; come up out of the bead just added, pick up the last black hex and go back down the other bead in the previous row. The hex will sit a different way round to the rest of the hex beads in the piece. Go back round these last three beads to reinforce. Step 12 Weave the thread back down the triangle, towards the centre of the first gold row, come out of the sixth bead along the row of x12 hex beads. Pick up x1 gold hex bead then go down the next hex bead. Go back through the x3 beads to reinforce.

Step 13 If necessary you can now reinforce any parts of the triangle you need to. Once finished knot the thread and trim. You can now also knot and trim the tail thread from the start. Step 14 Use a jump ring to go through the last gold bead added, add a small piece of chain then use another jump ring to attach on the ear wire. Step 15 Repeat all these instructions to make the other earring so you have a pair.

CLICK HERE TO MAKE YOUR DROPLET EARRINGS WITH SWAROVSKI CRYSTAL >> This pretty selection of gold and copper tone beads is perfect for weaving into a monochrome design. They're ideal for adding a pop of colour and a modern metallic look to any piece! Take a look at the BD design centre and discover your next golden project!


This chic bangle is the perfect accessory for your Christmas party! It has an amazing shine and plenty of movement with different metallic tones. Get your three bangles and link them together with chunky 10mm jumprings! Use your left over jumprings to make matching loop earrings or a chain maille style pendant! CLICK HERE TO MAKE YOUR BANGLE >>

Discover the latest range of unique ready to wear jewellery! Choose from glamorous earrings, necklaces bangles and bracelets in modern rose gold, stylish silver and brilliant gold plate finishes! There are so many looks to try and over 50 designs, perfect for your evening party outfits, sunny daytime trips and thoughtful Christmas gifts.

READY TO WEAR Still looking for the perfect Christmas gift? We're here to help! Try a shining rose gold ring embellished with sparkling Swarovski crystal! These pretty designs are ideal for lovers of bold colours and statement jewellery. If you're looking for a subtle sparkle, these delicate bangles are ideal for mixing into a stack of beaded bracelets or fitting into a selection of thin metallic tone bangles.


For lovers of serious sparkle, take a look at these fabulous rose gold earrings with hints of Swarovski crystal and an amazing professional finish!

THANK YOU to everyone who entered last month's competition and showed us their brilliant jewellery and festive designs!

CONGRATULATIONS TO MONIKA PRZYMUSZALA! You've won this festive bead bundle!


A CHANCE TO WIN! Thank you to everyone posting pictures of their beautiful handmade jewellery and designs in the Feature in Shine Online Facebook group! This month we want to see your sparkling NEW YEAR jewellery! Show us pictures of your handmade party jewellery and accessories for a chance to WIN! Post your images on the 'Feature in Shine Online' Facebook group and you could get your design featured in Shine magazine! You'll also be entered into our giveaway to win this brilliant crystal bead collection!


FREE GIFT This month, claim your sparkling charm bracelet kit with orders over ÂŁ15! Simply place your order and enter the code below at the checkout!

Your gold or silver bead kit will then be added to your basket and arrive with your order!

YOU WILL RECEIVE - 50g Czech Fire Polish Bead Mix - Gold or silver jumprings - Gold or silver crystal chaton charm setting - Gold or silver flat round crystal charm -Swarovski SS39 crystal chaton - Elastic cord 5metre


CHARMGIFT Free gift can be claimed on all orders over ÂŁ15 excluding postage costs. One use per customer. Enter code CHARMGIFT at the checkout. Cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer. Available whilst stocks last. Free gift will be selected at random. Kit contents may vary. Offer expires midnight 31st December 2016.

Coming next month... - New Year Jewellery Inspiration - Marvelous Metallics

- Pantone's Bodacious Pink - Gemstone Glam



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Shine Online December 2016  

Create some extra sparkle this Christmas and New Year with your own handmade gifts and decorations! Whether you're treating yourself to a we...

Shine Online December 2016  

Create some extra sparkle this Christmas and New Year with your own handmade gifts and decorations! Whether you're treating yourself to a we...