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One Street Business School lesson has changed my life – I never knew I could find the capital I needed to start a business right in side my own house! -Josephine Nansamba

For 13 years, BeadforLife has worked to ignite entrepreneurial potential in African women living in poverty. Once they discover their own spark within, these women become unstoppable change agents who transform their lives.

DEAR FRIENDS: In 2016, BeadforLife made great strides towards our goal of reaching 1 million women around the world by 2027. Our focus was the Street Business School global expansion. Each step on this path has been through partnership with incredible supporters like you. With the skills and confidence women received through BeadforLife’s signature training, or with revenue earned through the sale of beaded jewelry created from recycled paper, people have left our programs and are thriving through small business creation in their own communities. The result is thousands of Ugandan women lifting themselves out of poverty forever, and entire families living with increased resilience, confidence, opportunity and pride. Whether you shared our resources with your networks, purchased products, hosted a Marketplace or made a donation, you directly helped BeadforLife this year and we offer you our gratitude. To date and together, we have impacted the lives of over 46,000 Ugandans and created economic wellbeing and financial independence in 2,100 households. With our goal of reaching 1 million women worldwide in ten years, we believe we’re well on our way, one spark at a time. Onward Together! Sincerely,

The Board of Directors Ginny Jordan • Joachim Ewechu • Karen Paterson • Chuck Wilson • Devin Hibbard • Torkin Wakefield • Barbara Lawson President & Co-founder




Member & Co-founder

Member & Co-founder


BEDROCK OF BEADS While handcrafted beads have been our foundation and fueled our evolution, BeadforLife is so much more. Over a decade ago, we created an entrepreneurial training program, tailored to meet the needs of women living in poverty. This model helped the women who rolled beads to establish their own small businesses and graduate out of BeadforLife, leaving poverty behind. In 2009 we launched Street Business School, to enable us to reach more Ugandan women, who never make beads. We are also expanding globally by training other organizations how to implement our Street Business School curriculum to empower 1 million women to lift their families out of poverty!



Ugandan women launched or sustained their own businesses, changing their lives forever.

93 NEW

businesses launched through training programs


experienced a

Educated 40 Ugandan girls through

Earned the majority of our own

Prepared Street Business School

$1.7 million

to share with the world

by completing the SBS curriculum

budget through entrepreneurial

and launching the SBS global brand.

product sales, as we have done since

our inception 13 years ago.

sponsorship of school fees.


Increase in income

Held our first

“Alumni Day,� bringing together


Street Business School graduates. SBS no longer belongs solely to BeadforLife:

it now belongs to all of us.



BeadforLife believes that small business ownership for women is the most achievable and sustainable path out of poverty. This belief, proven through our work in Uganda over the last 13 years, lies at the heart of Street Business School (SBS). In 2016 we trained 274 women in SBS, a 6-month, mobile classroom in which women receive entrepreneurial training and mentoring to help them create successful businesses. Classes are delivered in the local community and in the local language, making them accessible to women living in poverty. The business skills we teach are important, but just as critical is helping women discover the confidence in themselves to succeed as entrepreneurs. Our graduates become resilient leaders who increase their incomes by 211% on average, lifting their families up and supporting their communities.

Worldwide impact requires a world-class program and BeadforLife invested heavily in 2016 on strengthening Street Business School to share with the world. We have taken our proven expertise with entrepreneurial education and prepared for the launch of our expansion of Street Business School (SBS) through a social franchise model. In 2016, SBS received 32 applications for just eight spaces in the inaugural SBS Immersion Workshop. We selected outstanding organizations from four new East African countries, with a combined reach to serve thousands of people in new communities. We are truly poised to expand globally, initially throughout Africa, then Asia and Latin America. We are creating opportunities for thousands of people filled with joy and hope!

We will train 1 million women by 2027, helping them transform their lives, lifting nearly 6 million people out of poverty worldwide.

GIRLS EDUCATION Bright girls thrive through BeadforLife’s Girls Education Program. In 2016, BeadforLife educated 40 Ugandan girls through sponsorship of school fees. We also hosted an Empowerment Camp, where the sponsored girls came together to learn about life skills and create plans for the future. It’s our next generation of resilient business women!

WORLDLY CONNECTIONS BeadforLife shared its own experience and learned from other leaders in the fight against global poverty at high impact events throughout the year. BeadforLife was invited to attend the Skoll World Forum in Oxford, England. We also worked collaboratively with UCLA’s Anderson School of Business to develop a recruitment strategy to find the best SBS training partners. MarketShare Associates, an evaluation firm specializing in women’s economic empowerment, helped us finalize our monitoring and evaluation tools to ensure program impact. In addition, the Aspen Network of Development Entrepreneurs (ANDE) selected us for a case study around poverty eradication.

MEET HARRIET Harriet Namuganza, who was forced to quit school to work in her grandfather’s garden, wants so much more for her daughter. Always a hard worker, Harriet moved to Kampala when her sister offered to help her find a job. This dream became a nightmare when her sister pushed her into marrying a man she didn’t love. Within a few years, Harriet found herself alone with an infant daughter, struggling to get even one meal a day. Yet even while she struggled, Harriet remained determined to find a way to change her life. When Harriet heard about SBS, she was earning $1.50 per day selling vegetables. She joined and learned how to evaluate market demand and find something that is profitable.

Filled with hope, she decided to do something new. Harriet now beams with confidence while she works selling drinks in a busy taxi park. The hot sun is on her side in this business, as she can make $6 a day. Since she started one year ago, Harriet has put $157 in savings! She is grateful because without this income, she couldn’t pay for her daughter’s education. Harriet also learned to diversity her business and has starting rearing pigs in Mayuge, her home district. She has two pigs and plans to expand. Enchanting and thoughtful, Harriet is slowly rising out of poverty and looking forward to a bright future for her daughter.

FINANCIALS These financials reflect a unique hybrid organization, one continuing to provide entrepreneurial training directly to women in Uganda; and one which is now providing a ‘train the trainer’ entrepreneurial program to other NGOs in Africa through Street Business School. BFL still earned a majority of its revenue through selling Fair Trade products in 2016, but we continue diversifying our revenue through support from individual donations, foundations, corporations, licensing fees and major gifts. OVERVIEW: *F  or the past two years, our strategic investment in the SBS global expansion has increased, resulting in a negative change in net assets. However, our balance sheet remains healthy as we transition our focus to deliver global impact for women living in poverty through Street Business School. *W  e have begun to diversify and develop new revenue streams, including our fundraising capacity, which is already realizing significant gains.


July 2015 – June 2016

July 2014 – June 2015

Earned Revenue from Product Sales


Donations Received



Pledges to be Received in Future Years













EXPENSES Program - Street Business School by BeadforLife Fundraising Administrative





Change in Net Assets



Total Net Assets as of June 30th




SOURCES OF REVENUE Pledges to be Received in Future Years, 12%


Other Income, 7% Program - Street Business School by BeadforLife, 86%

Fundraising, 3%

Administration, 11%

Donations Received, 28%

Earned Revenue from Product Sales 53%

BeadforLife is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, in the US, ID#20-1683139; and a registered International Non-Governmental Organization in Uganda. For a complete audited set of financial statements or a copy of our IRS Form 990, contact Anne Green at anne@beadforlife.org.

THANK YOU DONORS AND PARTNERS This year, many people invested in BeadforLife, providing the fuel to allow women to ignite their potential and transform their lives. If every one of us contributes our spark, together we will create a mighty blaze that will eradicate poverty forever.

Carolyn & Kevin Martin The Schooner Foundation Boots & Dick Tolsdorf Deke & Hope Welles Georgia Welles

The Hansen Family Heidi & James Hole Darin Layman & Jill McCarthy Moxie Foundation Richard & Lynnaea Paine Heath Podvesker & Sara Hodgdon SDL Foundation Watson Family Foundation Jeffrey & Maud Welles Peter Welles WEM Foundation

FLAME $10,000+

ALIGHT $2,500+

Anonymous Donation Atlas Real Estate Group

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Circle of Sisterhood Foundation

WILDFIRE $100,000+ Virginia Jordan

BLAZE $25,000+

Judith Cogen FirstGiving - Indiegogo Exelon Foundation Sally Goodwin The Joe Gavin Trust Leighton Gleicher Jonna Holland Thomas Jaffe Charlotte, Richard and Hunter Jorgensen Judith Haskell Brewer Fund Ruth Kerr Julie & Chuck King William McFarland Jane McConnell Jennifer Miller Joellen Muntz

Robin Seiz Marion Taylor Tracey Turner Lizanne & William Ury Vita Foundation Community Fund Catherine & Christopher Welles

SPARK $1,000+ Georgia Baddley Mary Barger Suzanne & Ron Boisen Kristin Burdick Rhonda Bushmaker Elizabeth Campbell Judy Christoff Combs & Company Robyn Cowan Mary Lou Craig

Mary Jo & Peter Dawe Diocese of Southern Ohio Adam Engle David Wesley Ensign Kim Fischer Judith Ansara & Robert Gass General Pharmaceutical Association Fleur Dalton Green David and Cynthia Harrison Tom Huth JustGive.org Susan Lederer International Center for Mental Health Karsten & Eva Witt Larsen Barbara B Lawson Gaea Logan Paula Luff Kathy Mangum Robert Mauer Cristina Rey

Robyn & Jeffrey Rothschild Joanna Slonecka & Hank McKinnell Steiner King Foundation Jean Thompson Three Swallows Foundation Toledo Community Foundation Inc University of Denver - Colorado Seminary Whitney Zimmerman


These are just a few of the publications and programs that have recognized our work to eradicate extreme poverty.

JOIN OUR CIRCLE Our work is made possible by the support and generosity of caring citizens around the globe. Here are 4 ways you can get involved in the eradication of extreme poverty:


Make a gift to help us reach more women with our transformative entrepreneurial training programs. Gifts can be made in honor of a friend or loved one, and are tax-deductible to the extent of the law.


Give the gift that gives twice: Our handmade recycled-paper jewelry, shea butter products, colorful baskets and more make earthy chic, affordable gifts—and they empower women half a world away.


Host a Marketplace here and change lives: When you host a Marketplace, we provide all the products, support and educational materials you need at no cost. It’s fun, it’s easy, and it changes lives.


Introduce us to media, ask us to speak at an event or conference, volunteer, sign up for e-updates, like us on Facebook, follow us, tweet us, write about us, refer potential partners to us and more!


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Annual Report 2016