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Mission: Sustainibility


1. Is it made to last?

Productionwise we live the very conservative value of GERMAN QUALITY and build our products to last. We incoorporate the european culture into our product design and our production process reflects 100% quality. The same principles are applied from a quality perspective to Sevya products.

2. Beauty and Sustainability

We include "beautiful" as an integral part of sustainable fashion accessories. I should be something to cherisch and to keep and is thereby sustainable in itself as it is avoiding waste. 3. Affordability

We strongly believe , that in the sense of Coco Chanel's attitude fashion accessories do not have to be expensive. The stronger the market share of manufacturers in the sustainable area the better. A significant share of consumers should be able to afford to buy sustainable products.

This means on the one hand , that clever product development, unique and innovative approaches have to be installed and on the other hand the production process has to be defined efficiently. BEAD GmbH is e.g. constantly optimizing the usage rate of leather material and is even using small waste parts in the production of handbags for smaller fashion accessories like bracelets. This is not only sustainable but brings the cost of production down and makes our products affordable. The future for us: Still there are a lot of things to improve. Our key priorities for improvement are: a. better control over tanneries and their production process

b. implement a vegatible tanning process for springbock in Africa

c. being more aware of the waste water management of our partners

d. reducing costs of logistics e. searching for valid alternatives in the area of hide with hair f. implementing a screening and controling process in the area of sustainabilty with our major busines partners

4. Is it locally made?

70% of our portfolio is 100% handmade in Germany in cooperation with family owned businesses or homeworkers. Hereby we support mostly divorced women or women with handicaped children. Our products are manufactured locally and thus cut down on transportation costs and fuel consumption. They also help sustain the local economy by increasing employment in the community.

5. Is it ethically produced?

The manufacturing process must be sustainable in terms of human capital. The labour force must be provided with safe and stable working conditions; compensation should be fair. This is the case for our german production site in the Westerwald area and even for our renowned manafucturing partner in Izmir, Turkey.

6. Does it incorporate recycled materials and Does it use organic and naturally processed?

We purchase only best quality leather, which is tanned according to europpean regulations. Italy and Turkey are the main origins of sourcing the leather. Wastewater treatment which includes physical, chemical and biological treatment units is and will become more and more a decisive element for our purchase decisions Our silk shawl and scarf portfolio is produced under the control of the Fair Trade Federation US according to the principles of the World Wide Fair Trade Federation. In this Category we are more than proud to work with cruelty free first class silk. We are one of the few manufactures using a process in the silk production in which no silk worm will be killed. Leather with hair is only a waste product of meat production. All leather we supply is obtained legally, and no animal has been hunted or killed for its skin. We do not condone or knowingly participate in the commercialisation of wildlife products. Mink breeding and the use of mink felt is from our perspective besides felt use of dogs and cats especially in China a cruel process, which can not be accepted. By giving a fair alternative with springbock and cowhide leather we contain the mink breeding and usage of unacceptable felt in the production of leather accessories. All of our Springbock leather originates from sanctioned culls. Culling is especially necessary to protect herd lands from the devastating effects of overpopulation, and is therefore a positive, productive process. Responsible operators specifically use the proceeds of to develop waterholes and other valuable investments.

Cow hide is used in our production handselected with the origin Argentina, Brazil and France.

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Mission Statement on Sustainabilty and on doing responsible Business

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