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BEACONSFIELD HIGH SCHOOL Dare to be remarkable

PROSPECTUS 2018 / 2019

Beaconsfield High School has been at the centre of the local community for more than 50 years, discovering talented students and developing them in to rounded, successful and remarkable young adults. We are a modern, diverse, inclusive and dynamic school, a centre of excellence in and out of the classroom, and a happy community. At the heart of everything we do is respect – for yourself, for others, for the environment and, of course, for learning. We are committed to every student’s development and success. Join us and we will help you become a remarkable young adult, successful academically, a happy and confident contributor to society, with the skills of leadership, teamwork, empathy and initiative that will enable you to thrive in everything you do. We look forward to welcoming you into our community. Mrs Rachel Smith Headteacher

As Head of Year, an experienced teacher and a parent myself, I know that some of our future students (and sometimes their parents) are already thinking about the transition process into secondary school. Rest assured that we are highly experienced in dealing with student concerns, from catching the bus on their own to making new friends, which is why we have such a hands-on team of teachers and support staff to make the move into secondary school not just easy, but fun too! Before Year 7 even begins we invite our future students to an induction day, where they experience real Key Stage 3 lessons, find their feet with a treasure hunt and even get to speak with our Sixth Formers. It’s just a small taster of what is to come – a happy, high achieving learning environment and an inclusive and diverse community. At the heart of everything we do is discovering and developing individuals and their potential, nurturing them throughout their seven years with us and ensuring that they feel valued. This foundation is a fundamental part of every student’s journey towards their future, and we can’t wait to start it with you. Mrs Karen Ross Head of Year 7

I am proud to be part of a school that offers such a high level of teaching and support, where we are encouraged to become strong independent women and motivated academic learners. Our outstanding academic, sporting and musical achievements are a credit to the determination, resilience and ambition that is instilled within our student body. I consider it a privilege to be part of this unique environment. Hannah Ruby Head Girl

TOP in the county

Oxbridge Acceptances

for A-Level results

Our 2016/2017 Achievements




Average GCSE

90% A*-A 100% A*-C

MORE THAN HALF of all grades at A level were

A* or A


37% Level 9/8 A* 65% A*/L9 – A/L8 100% A*-C

in all subjects taken

“I was a little bit scared on the first day, but as soon as I found my Form Room I saw all my friends I had made on Induction Day! Everyone was very friendly.” Rosie, Year 7

Quotes included throughout this prospectus do not correspond to students featured

A little about us Since 1967, when HRH The Duchess of Kent first visited the school and declared it officially open, Beaconsfield High School has been a thriving community of happy, high achieving students. Our expert and dedicated team of more than 200 staff – a mix of leadership, teachers, learning support, technicians and specialists in finance, administration and development – all work towards one goal: to assist our students in being as remarkable as they can be. Our senior leadership team is constantly striving to develop a progressive environment and empowers our staff to provide students with a consistently inspiring experience, backed up with strong assessment and reporting, to ensure they have the tools to be motivated and driven learners. Our students bring with them a melting pot of abilities, interests and outlooks, and our unique community is built on this. Our year groups are split into six form groups, and each is named after a different one of our Houses – themselves a nod to six exceptional and inspiring women. In total there are more than 1,000 students, which may seem daunting but in fact offers so many benefits, including opportunities to build lifelong friendships and learn from others.

Your journey with us Step

Day 1


You’ve passed the 11+ Exam (well done!), been accepted in to Beaconsfield High School and now it’s time to put on your new uniform, find your Form Group and join us for an experience you will treasure forever!


Year 7



Year 8

By this point, you’ll be an established student who knows their way around and is helping the new Year 7s to settle in, just like when you joined. You’ll be a happy, high achieving student and, with our extensive extra-curricular programme, you’ll be excelling in areas of personal interest, from sport or dancing, to playing an instrument or debating.




Think of studying in the Upper School as a big stepping stone to the next adventure, where determination and hard work really will pay off. It’s also the point where we look at your plans for Further Education.




Our caring and brilliant team of teachers and support staff will guide you through your first year of secondary school – opening your eyes to a world of learning, whilst supporting you as you adjust and make friends. It’s an exciting time! Step


Year 9

This is your final year of Lower School preparation, and it’ll soon be time to start thinking about GCSEs and where they lead to. We’re there by your side to help you and your parents think about the future and what is right for you. Step



When you step up into our Sixth Form you enter the next level of education, enrichment and the experiences of young adults. Our expert Sixth Form team has been nurturing students for many years, so you are in safe hands.

Your future

You now have the life skills, education, confidence and experience to take your next step. If our alumnae are anything to go by, you’ll have had a very special time with us.

“I thought the Bushcraft trip was going to be all mud and bugs, but it was so much fun – I loved the wilderness cookery and building a shelter!” Rachel, Year 7

Why study with us? The keystone to each student’s time at Beaconsfield High School is our focus on wellbeing and safeguarding. In tutors, teachers and Heads of Year, students find support and guidance through the many stages and struggles of secondary school education and growing up, and a foundation that enables them to strive for the remarkable. From Day 1 (and, in fact, during Induction Day) our new students are welcomed into our community by our existing students. We provide a buddy system to connect our youngest students with older years and to learn the ropes – where to find the library, which Reception to go to and how to sign up to clubs and societies. This inclusive and welcoming environment gives our students the freedom and security to expand their minds, not only from the thought-provoking education they receive in the classroom, but also the life skills they are encouraged to develop at every juncture. Leadership, teamwork, creativity and independent thinking are just some of the skills we focus on developing in our students. As a school and as individuals we pride ourselves on being progressive and dynamic in everything we do. We are a diverse mix of cultures, religions and

ethnicities, which further develops each student’s understanding of the society we live in and facilitates tolerance, respect and broad thinking. Our teaching staff, all specialists in their chosen subjects, bring with them an exceptional level of talent and a variety of relevant backgrounds to challenge our students. From working in the corporate world, to gaining doctorates, students can look forward to all the benefits our remarkable staff bring. At every stage, we offer a portfolio of subjects that provide our students with a strong, comprehensive grounding, delivered in engaging and progressive styles. Whatever your interests, you will find a subject linked to this area. We also introduce Year 7 students to Getting Life Ready, a curriculum that helps them transition to secondary school by fostering creative and critical thinkers. They will be taught methods to develop their resilience and resourcefulness, helping them deal with problems both academically and socially and enabling them to take academic risks.   As a girls’ school, we are acutely aware of the need to educate our students in the vast opportunities available to them, including traditionally male careers within STEM, sports and business. Our students are encouraged to strive for the remarkable in whatever field takes their interest, no matter its historical gender split. Our careers advisors arrange seminars and briefings within school and there will be opportunities to attend events to learn more about the careers on offer. Our school is a safe space to grow your personal interests and further develop your individual character. Our exceptional sports department, our professionalstandard dance and music departments and truly unique drama offering are just some of the areas where students can grow and express themselves. We offer a varied and engaging mix of clubs and societies and our school trips, starting with the team bonding Bushcraft at the beginning of Year 7, are designed to broaden horizons and build confidence. We seek to discover and develop the full potential of each individual, however, there will be some girls whose needs are so individual that special provision needs to be made for them. The very successful Learning Support Department has its own suite of rooms to cater for one-to-one or group work support, Braille modifications and specialist support sessions, and offers an in-house specialist teacher for dyslexia.

“At first, I was a little bit worried about getting all of my homework done each night, but I soon got used to it, and now I like to compare answers with my friends!� Lucy, Year 7

Our Lower School curriculum From Year 7 to Year 9 our students study a broad curriculum that is designed to provide a rounded experience and the required preparation for their futures. English | Maths | Science | History | Geography French | Latin | Spanish* Art | Dance | Drama | Music Design & Technology | Computing** Physical Education (PE) Religion, Philosophy and Ethics (RPE) Personal, Social, Health and Citizenship Education (PSHCE) Many subjects also feature optional clubs run by the Sixth Form subject prefects. * Students will choose two specialisms for Year 8 onwards ** We remain the only girls’ school in Buckinghamshire to offer Computing all the way through to GCSE


A little about what you’ll study


Reading and responding to fictional and non-fictional texts, writing for a range of purposes, speaking/listening


GCSE standard Mathematics from Year 7, including number, algebra, statistics, probability, geometry and measure


The groundwork for success at GCSE starts in Year 7, focusing on the key concepts of Biology, Chemistry and Physics, with practical work and experimental skills


Chronological approach focusing on themes of Warfare & Conquest, Power & Control, Diversity and Ordinary Lives


Physical and human Geography including microclimate on the school site and GCSE standard Volcanoes and Earthquakes

French & Spanish

Develop language skills using group work, the Digital Language Lab and carefully selected resources on the VLE


Latin is presented using engaging stories, exercises, activities and videos, as well as original resources developed in-house.


Colour theory, portraiture, mixed media, print making, Pop Art and personal identity, Futurism/Cubism


Street dance, musical theatre, contemporary dance, urban living and youth culture, site-specific dance


Historical, practitioner and process/issue based drama


Practical composition and performance based study, focusing on integration of practice, cultural and critical understanding, creativity and communication

Design & Technology

Graphics including typography and photography; Food including knife skills healthy eating; Textiles; CAD


Algorithms, programming & development, data & data representation, hardware & processing


Develop coach, leader, official, observer and performer roles in sports including hockey, netball, tennis, athletics and gymnastics


Themes include conflicts between religion & science, along with the study of Sikhism, Judaism, Christianity & Buddhism PSHCE is delivered via a series of drop-down days across the year; the key thematic headings are Health and Wellbeing, Living in the Wider World and Relationships.

“I love being in Bhutto House! We all competed in Sports Day together so I got to meet some of the older girls. When I get House points I feel really pleased that I’ve done something for my team.” Kaveesha, Year 8

Enriching experiences Your education and development don’t just happen in the classroom. That is why we offer a range of extra-curricular, travel and creative experiences. You’re sure to find something you’re interested in with our exciting programme of extra-curricular activities. Dance troupes practice during lunchtime and after school, from beginner through to advanced stage, and cover a range of styles, while Music ensembles, including Symphony Orchestra, Chamber Choir, Guitar Ensemble and Rock School run before, during and after school. Art clubs are run by the Sixth Form Art prefects and allow students to try a range of mediums at their own pace, and PE activities open to all include netball, hockey, crosscountry and basketball – the foundation step for many of our elite players. Book Club, Coding Club and Ancient Greek Club are just some of the more unique activities to be found in the school, and career-focused societies like Modern United Nations and MedSoc, led by senior prefects, open up our students’ minds to what their futures could hold. Many of our subjects include educational trips, from the Drama department attending theatre productions in London and further afield, and Music tours to

gain inspiration from other countries and cultures, to PE competitions across the country and Art visits to the Tate Modern or Tate Britain. Creativity is in high regard at Beaconsfield High School, and we celebrate the talent and individual expression of our students in a number of ways. Our art exhibitions see art from all years on display for the school and local community to enjoy, while our summer drama production is a chance for our thespian students to audition and take part in professional grade performances. Our annual dance show, which enjoys quite a following, sees students from all years perform a variety of dance styles, with some impressive solos and interpretive pieces. The Music department hosts a range of performances each year, bringing together its highly talented ensembles, choirs and orchestras, as well as opening up the stage to all students wishing to take part in our revered music competitions. The Latin Drama competition is something a little different, and sees each of our Year 7 Form Groups perform a Latin piece, complete with costumes, props and backdrops, as a finale to their first year as Latin scholars at the school. For those students who feel strongly about having a voice and helping to shape the direction of our school there is the Student Council, where inspiration, creativity, teamwork and debate come together to form real ideas that are actually implemented. The student body is represented by members from Year 7 to Year 13, who meet with the Head Girl and the Student Leadership Team, with a direct link to the Headteacher, Senior Leadership Team and Governors. As a result of the Student Council, recent activities implemented have even included improvements in the toilets. The school hosts a number of inspiring and enriching lectures throughout the year, from author talks and readings arranged by our remarkable librarian, to presentations by Holocaust survivors. Usually held during lunchtime, these activities are an opportunity for students to expand their knowledge and their minds and are always well attended.

“I never feel scared to ask my teachers a question. They are very helpful and explain everything clearly.” Sarah, Year 9

Studying for GCSEs In the Upper School, students are able to focus more on their areas of interest and, for many, the preparation needed for their future career aspirations. Alongside six compulsory subjects, students choose their preferred language, humanity and social science, and all complete at least one creative course. Choosing GCSEs in Year 9 is an extremely important process and we encourage each student to talk to subject teachers, Form Tutors, the Head of Learning, Careers Co-ordinator and our independent ‘Connexions’ Careers Advisers, parents and other students. Most importantly, you must do your own research and keep an open mind. We ensure students and parents are fully aware of the process and courses to choose from, with a series of assemblies and a Parents Information Evening. Subject prefects also run a week of drop-in sessions during lunchtime for students to informally chat about their preferred options. We have many years of experience in guiding our students through this process, with the staff and resources available to help each student make the right decision for them, when the time comes.

Our GCSE curriculum is likely to be adapted over the coming years, but the following gives you an idea of what is offered. Our current Options Booklet can be found on our website.

Compulsory Subjects English Language | English Literature | Mathematics Biology | Chemistry | Physics

Compulsory National Curriculum Core Subjects Physical Education | Religion, Philosophy & Ethics Personal, Social, Health and Citizenship Education

Options Art | Business Studies | Computer Science Dance | Drama | Food Technology | French | Geography | Graphic Products History | Latin | Music Philosophy and Ethics | Physical Education Spanish | Textiles

“My mum was a student at Becky High and tells me what it used to be like. Things are a bit dif ferent now – like the new Science labs!” Tia, Year 8

Further education Our Sixth Form welcomes up to 180 students in each year, and every single student who joins us, whether existing or from another school, enjoys focused 1:1 attention in an inclusive environment. When you progress to our Sixth Form you’ll experience team spirit, collaboration and ceaseless support. The school is consistently recognised for its remarkable academic environment and highly competitive results. In 2017 alone, Year 13s achieved the best results in the county, with 83% gaining A*-B grades, while 52% gained A*-A, with 17% A* for all the exams. What stands us apart, though, is our holistic approach to development and our broader programme of learning. When you study at Beaconsfield High School you also learn the many vital skills needed to thrive in the worlds of university and work. Mrs Rachel Williams Assistant Head: Director of Sixth Form

We balance a considered programme of study and broader activity for a rounded learning experience that develops in our students a deeper knowledge – something that is highly valued by universities and employers alike.

The A-Level Programme 3 A-Levels Enrichment volunteering Extended Project Qualification Lecture series Sports programme Personal Development seminars Duke of Edinburgh scheme (Optional) Fourth A-Level (Optional)

Current A-Level Subjects Art | Biology | Business Studies Chemistry | Dance | Drama and Theatre Studies Economics | English Language and Literature English Literature | Geography | Government and Politics Graphics | History and Early Modern History Latin | Mathematics and Further Mathematics Media Studies | Modern Foreign Languages: French and Spanish Music | Physics | Psychology Religious Studies: Philosophy of Religion and Ethics Sports and Physical Education | Textiles

“When you join Becky High you instantly feel part of the community. We work really hard, but there are lots of ways to have fun together as well.� Anika, Year 7

Useful information The School Day Morning registration is 08:50 until 09:10, and is followed by two one-hour long periods. Break is 20 minutes, followed by two more periods, and lunch is one hour, from 13:30. The final period finishes at 15:30 when students leave the school or attend extra-curricular activities.

House system All students and staff belong to one of six Houses: Bhutto, Hamilton, Holmes, Parks, Rambert and Rowling. We encourage a strong House spirit, with competitions and events run throughout the year.

Homework We know homework can be a whole new experience for some of our Year 7 students, which is why we provide a homework timetable which indicates the days on which homework for each subject will be set, and the length of time it should take. Students are expected to complete around one hour of homework a night, five days a week.

Learning Resource Centre We offer a newly updated LRC managed by a professional and highly experienced Chartered Librarian. The LRC promotes reading for pleasure, provides resources to suit students’ studies, develops students’ information literacy skills, provides study space and computers, and manages text book issues.

Uniform School uniform is worn by all students from Year 7 to 11. We encourage students to maintain the highest possible standard of appearance and to wear their uniform with pride. We work with an external company to sell new uniforms, and parents/ students can also purchase like-new items from the Pre-Owned Uniform Store at school.

Biometric System The school operates a no cash policy, instead providing an online payment facility that parents can top up, for their child’s use in the canteen. This is also the system for school trip payments. Students use the biometric system of a scanned thumb print to access funds and to loan books from the Learning Resource Centre.

Transport Students arrive at school by a variety of means, including walking, private transport and free transport. To enquire if you are entitled to transport please contact Buckinghamshire County Council Passenger Transport.

Devices We encourage students and staff to make the most of technology to enhance learning during lessons. Students may be asked to use their own devices to support their learning but it is not an expectation.

Parent Community There are many ways to enjoy an active role in our community, whether by attending our social events, volunteering your time, joining the Friends of Beaconsfield High School or becoming a Form Rep. You’ll find more information on our website.

“There are so many sports to play during lessons and after school. I like netball, hockey and athletics – I really want to be on the teams!” Molly, Year 7

Next steps Take a Tour Tours of Beaconsfield High School are given by students in Years 12 and 13 and are available during term time by appointment: Tuesdays: 10:10 Thursdays: 9:10 Fridays: 14:30 This is a chance to tour the school site and to see us in action. If you would like to reserve a place on a tour, or if you would like further information, please email 

Attend an Open Event We host a series of open mornings and evenings during September. These are a fantastic opportunity to get a taste of our school site and daily life, from live lessons and talks, to meeting our teachers and the leadership team. Please check our website for the latest dates.

Admissions Policy Girls are eligible to be considered for admission to Beaconsfield High School in Year 7 if they meet the required qualifying score in the admission tests or have been deemed qualified by a Selection Review Panel. For entry into Year 9, students are required to take the 12+ examination. For entry into Year 10, the school provides examinations in English, Maths, Science and a language. For admissions into our Sixth Form please visit our website and view the Sixth Form prospectus. Please visit our website for the full and current Admissions Policy.

Our Catchment Area Please refer to the Bucks County Council website for the very latest catchment area maps.

Dare to be remarkable. Join us.

01494 673043 Beaconsfield High School Wattleton Road, Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire HP9 1RR

Beaconsfield High School Prospectus 2018/19  

Read on to discover why you should join us, from Years 7 to 10.