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Tauck Small Group Journeys offer Big Experiences and Then Some Something special happens when you travel with a small group of just 24 likeminded travelers — lasting friendships and a deeper level of camaraderie are just the beginning. Guided, smallgroup trips allow more time to discover each destination up close with the freedom to dive deeper into places visited. Here are some reasons why this type of travel may be for you. 1. Experience deeper connections while you travel Connecting with local experts only adds to the excitement of discovering new places. Think chefs who work alongside you to prepare a farm-to-table specialty, tracking wildlife on an African safari with highly trained naturalist guides, Egyptologists who provide deep insights into the storied pyramids of Giza

and more. 2. Dream Makers with experience Passionate Tauck directors are wild about travel, fun to be with, and have the ultimate goal of making vacation dreams come true. Averaging 10 years of service, they come from 35 countries and collectively speak 46 languages. They take care of every detail along the way while working together with local professionals guiding daily experiences with thoughtful service and a high level of personalization. 3. An authentic sense of place only adds to the experience Nothing is better than spending your leisure time in the heart of the destination so you can get a wonderfully authentic sense of place while staying in iconic properties

that reflect the best of the region, from an architectural masterpiece in a Spanish vineyard to an Imperial Palace in Vienna, you’ll rest and luxuriate in the experience while getting a taste of local life. 4. Take a closer look at each destination Unique encounters and exclusive experiences become even more rewarding when experienced with just 24 people like visiting the Vatican’s Sistine Chapel or St. Mark’s Basilica in Venice after the crowds have left for the day or dining with a baron at a private Normandy château. Memorable moments like these will remain with you long after you’ve returned home making you dream of where your next small-group journey will take you!

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Reader Reacts to ‘Arcadia students start non-profit to feed homeless’ How could anyone’s heart not be crushed with sadness by the tragedies of recent days? So much death as a result of hatred. It’s as if our nation is cloaked in a dark veil of hopelessness and mourning. Yet, like a ray of sunshine filtering through dark clouds, we hear about Andre Yeung who, along with his fellow students at Arcadia High School, has launched a nonprofit organization to feed the homeless. There’s no denying that all is not well in the world, but as long as we have young people like Andre and his friends who restore our faith in humanity, there’s hope for a better future. - David Q. MONROVIA

Reader Shares Thoughts on Bicyclists’ Right of Way This is terrific. Bicyclists have the right of way;

move over rover, I’m coming through. Bike lanes are great. They give bicyclists a special lane to ride their bikes in. They can feel safe and have no fear of getting hit by cars. They all ride at safe speeds and observe all the rules of the road. Or do they? I have trouble with bicyclists who won’t stop at stop signs, much less red lights. They just take a look and see if the road is clear of cars approaching them. Cars, trucks, & motorcyclists all stop at red lights and stop signs, why not bicyclists? Oh, their different. It seems they should all be wearing helmets. I have accident and liability insurance. I have a driver’s license, I have registered my vehicle. Do bicycles have insurance? Do they have a bicyclist driver’s license? Have they registered their vehicle? Are their brake lights & headlights working? And why not? They’re on the road. It seems the DMV should start doing their job. Oh, they haven’t got the time. Oh, they only deal with motorized vehicles. Then the local cities should be making sure these

riders are qualified to ride the road. Think of all the revenue they could raise. Think of all the citations the local Police Dept. could issue. This could mean double the revenue. It’s well worth the thought. Bicyclists should definitely be careful on the road. You may be right, but you don’t want to be dead right. - F. Gilbert N. PASADENA

Reader Shares Thoughts on Recent Articles Terry: your recent op-eds have been right on the money. - James R. H. ARCADIA

Reader React to ‘Food for Thought’ The dinosaurs ruled the earth for 200 million years, and left it pretty much as they found it. Humans have ruled the earth for 50,000 years and what a mess we have made of it. Just saying. - James H. ARCADIA

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Arcadia Weekly - 08/15/2019  

Arcadia Weekly - 08/15/2019