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Ask Dr. Sakar Question 4: I eat out a lot, as I often don’t have time to cook. How can I choose the right foods at restaurants? M.S., Duarte, CA Answer: Eating right while dining out is especially challenging. First of all avoid fast foods which are very high in calories and saturated fat. If you do end up eating fast food, choose a chicken or fish sandwich instead of a hamburger, and avoid the fries and sodas. Choose grilled instead of fried. If you go to a sit down restaurant, consider eating only half the food that is served and take the rest

home to eat the next day. Most restaurants serve huge portions and you could end up eating more than your whole daily calorie requirement, in one meal! Avoid beverages with your meal and opt for water instead which is healthy and free. While ordering salads, watch out for the dressing (all dressings are not equal!). Eat the bread or rolls in moderation, as they tend to be high glycemic. Avoid sides with potatoes, for example mashed potatoes. In Asian restaurants avoid the fried noodles and opt for steamed instead, and choose brown over white rice. In Mexican res-

taurants, avoid the fried foods; choose dishes with less cheese and cream. If ordering pizza, choose thinner crust and less cheese. And finally, always eat slowly, chewing your food thoroughly as this allows time for a feeling of fullness to develop and also lets you enjoy your food more. Dr. Sarkar MD is a Board-Certified physician in Pasadena, CA specializing in Weight Loss Medicine. You can e-mail your weight-loss questions to him at: and he will answer them in this column. For more information visit

Olympic Shooter Kim Rhode Visits Alma Mater by Anne Donofrio-Holter

-Photo by Anne Donofrio-Holter

Olympic double trap and skeet shooter Kim Rhode paid a visit to her alma mater, Arroyo High School, to remind students that they can do anything they set their minds to. With her recent gold medal at the London games, Rhode has the distinction of being the only American competitor to win medals for an individual event in five consecutive Olympics. She is also one of only three athletes, and the only woman, to win three Olympic individual gold medals for shooting. Rhode, whose parents were both shooters, began shooting targets at the age of six. “I can remember sitting on my dad’s lap and shooting,” said Rhode, who won her first competition in American skeet at the age of 11. “She just had the right eye-hand coordination,” said father Richard Rhode. “She was a natural.” “Shooting teaches discipline, concentration and is

very much a mental game,” said Rhode. “You learn how to be a gracious loser as well as a good winner.” Arroyo High School administration always supported the 1997 graduate in her quest for Olympic gold, allowing flexibility in her school schedule to attend various competitions. “But school always came first,” said Rhode, who would take her homework with her and work on it before and after competitions. “I kept current with my class work and my grades were good,” she said. Asked about the down side, Rhode responds, “You have to give up some things in order to earn some things. I’ve had to take time away from other activities I enjoy and concentrate on my shooting.” Rhode told students to “have a goal and a dream,” and to share those dreams with others because they can come true. She was then presented

with a special “Golden Girl” sash and banner made by students and musical selections by the school band. “It is so awesome what she has accomplished,” said one student. “Definitely makes me realize that my dreams can come true, too,” “It was an honor to have five-time Olympian and Arroyo High School graduate Kim Rhode return to her alma mater and share her experiences,” said Nick Salerno, El Monte Union High School District superintendent. “I could tell by the looks on the faces of the students that she connected with them.” Before leaving campus, Rhode posed for photos with students even allowing them to wear her Olympic medals around their neck. “Ms. Rhode’s visit today once again is a reminder of the great students, past and present, that have come through Arroyo High School,” said principal Oscar Cisneros.

The Happy Egg Co. Free Range Eggs Flock to Southern California Egg Shelves As the star ingredient in everything from fluffy omelets, savory Pasta Carbonara and grandma’s famous cake, eggs are perfect any time of day. However, making the right choice in eggs can mean all the difference in the quality of food you place on your table. Starting Oct. 15, the happy egg co. will give Southern Californians something to cluck about as their Free Range eggs enhance the landscape of the grocery egg chill case and kitchen tables across the region. Once only available at farmers markets and specialty stores, the happy egg co.’s network of family farmers is now making eggs available from hens that freely range on pastures at an affordable price at select Ralph’s and Fresh & Easy locations in Southern California, providing a convenient way to add the best eggs possible to the family table. Allowing hens to be hens: the happy egg co.’s definition of Free Range is truly the gold standard.

Affectionately referred to as the Girls, happy egg hens are never placed in cages or locked up in a barn. Our family farmers provide them with the freedom to flap their wings as they roam across four acres of pasture. A perfect protein with no need for added nutrients, eggs are a staple in any well-stocked kitchen. Since the best tasting dishes deserve the highest quality ingredients, the happy egg co. believes that the right choices in eggs are those that come from happy hens. The best eggs can only come from hens that are treated like gold. “While the question of ‘Which came first, the chicken or the egg?’ has confounded people since the dawn of time, at the happy egg co., the hen rules the roost,” said Cyd Syzmanski, third generation chicken farmer and eggs-pert at the happy egg co. “We champion hen welfare because we know that this is the only way to provide high quality eggs. We are so excited to be

able to offer Southern Californians better access to Free Range eggs that they will be proud to serve to their family and friends.” Adding a ray of sunshine to a dreary, gray egg case, happy eggs are packaged in a distinctive sunshine-yellow carton with big pillars that lovingly cradle and protect the eggs, the same way a mother hen would protect her chicks. Happy eggs will be at select Ralph’s and Fresh & Easy locations in Southern California (between Santa Barbara and San Diego) for an MSRP of $4.99 beginning Oct. 15. With its U.S. headquarters in San Francisco, the happy egg co. draws on its decades of experience with Free Range eggs as part of Noble Foods Ltd. and the happy egg co. brand in the United Kingdom. For more information about the happy egg co., please visit, or cluck alongside the Girls at or connect on Twitter @HappyEggCoUSA.

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