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From The Editor Welcome to the latest edition of your FREE Beacon. The features inside include a trip down Memory Lane to visit former Isle of Wight nightclubs, and introducing the Island’s Chief of Police, Supt. Sarah Jackson. I hope you enjoy your reading, and please support our loyal advertisers who make it all possible.

Peter White

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Real hope for the homeless by Peter White Kevin Newton knows what it’s like to be homeless. Before moving to the Isle of Wight, he suffered some harrowing times on the mainland, which included living rough for a year, often sleeping in freezing doorways, and not knowing where his next meal was coming from. Kevin’s strength of character, coupled with a slice of self-made good fortune enabled him to claw his way out of the depths that he found himself in. But he has never forgotten that experience, and is the prime reason why he has embarked on an ambitious project to keep homeless people off the streets of the Island. He is the founder of the charity, The Bus Shelter IOW, which he began earlier this year when the Island’s night shelter closed. He and his team of volunteers looked for an alternative building to house the homeless, but it proved far too expensive. So Kevin opted instead to buy a double decker bus, raising £7,000 in just two weeks to secure it from York. Now he and his small team are in the process of fitting it out with not only sleeping

‘Our aim is to break the cycle and routine of homelessness and allow people to regain their dignity and place in society’ accommodation for around 18 people, but also with a kitchen, wardrobes, toilet, changing area, a TV, and many more facilities. There is even space for its residents to hold meetings with representatives from Housing options, Benefits, Physical and Mental Health, Samaritans, Life Coaching, Job Searching - with even someone to assist with reading and writing. Kevin said: “I am planning to have the bus completely fitted out by October 31st, then she will be based on the paddock at the side of Carisbrooke Priory, subject to planning permission to remove a tree, which doesn't have a TPO on it, but is in a conservation area. “The bus will be driven from there by our volunteers to Shanklin, Sandown, Ryde and Newport then back to Carisbrooke. The bus will have designated stops with a 10-minute window either side. We will then feed our guests and allow them to relax in the evening. “Everyone will be expected to be in bed by 11.0pm and up and dressed by 9.0am. Anyone who misses the bus can still come to the base at Carisbrooke up to 11.0pm.” Eventually Kevin wants to extend the project by having further temporary accommodation and toilets adjacent to the bus. He added: “Our aim is to break the cycle and routine of homelessness and allow the homeless people to regain their dignity


Kevin Newton planning the plush kitchen in the bus

and place in society.” He added: “We cannot say that we will end rough sleeping on the Island, only the need to sleep rough. We can offer the support and facilities but if a person doesn't want to change then we can't do anything about it. “If someone breaks the rules, they will be asked to desist or leave. If they leave, they will only leave as far as a glamping tent next to the bus and only for the night. They will still use all the services and facilities that we offer but won't sleep on the bus. Every night, they are given the same chance and support offered to solve the issue. No one will get banned.” This is the first project of its kind in the world, and as a registered charity The Bus Shelter IOW recently received a £500 donation from the newly-formed Island charitable organisation, WightAid Foundation, which will be highlighted in the next edition of the Beacon.


Experience the magic! The Island’s leading tourist attractions, Blackgang Chine and Robin Hill Country Park, are extending the Island’s tourist season with two very dynamic and creative events during October for all the family to enjoy. Experience the magic of Blackgang’s Illuminations which return bigger, better and more magical than ever! As the daylight begins to fade, the park comes to life. Every Friday and Saturday evening from October 1st, visitors can experience the magic as the whole park re-awakens, creatively illuminated using exciting and dynamic lighting effects and sculptures. Be amazed as buildings are brought to life with character animation using 3D projection mapping. Join your favourite characters as they host an evening of magical fun; crown making with the Fairy Queen, ‘walk the plank’ pirate activities, and an amazing ‘Dino Encounters’ show where you get to meet all the baby dinosaurs – and some bigger ones. But only venture into Restricted Area 5 after dark if you’re brave enough! For the evening finale, join the Blackgang characters for ‘story telling with a twist’, a fun theatrical performance which incorporates an amazing laser show projected onto the cliff. During half term, Saturday, October 22nd to 29th, there are lots of additional activities and entertainment to enjoy, including a major new Blackgang character! Blackgang Chine is open from 10.0am – 9.0pm on October 1st, 7th, 8th, 14th and 15th and during half term. For full programme visit

Robin Hill’s electric woods will again present the Festival of Light, a stunning spectacle of creatively themed light, colour, sound and entertainment inspired by the Hindu Festival of Diwali, where ‘light triumphs over darkness’. Every evening from October 1st to November 5th, from 6.0pm to 10pm, experience the lush colours, flavours and

magic of the Asian sub-continent, set in Robin Hill’s glorious autumnal ancient woodland. Wandering through the woodlands, experience exciting, dynamic lighting effects, while down in the valley a spectacular Light, Fire and Sound show will envelope the new Parting, creating an exciting walk through to the woodland ponds. The Indian poem, ‘The Ramayana’, which celebrates the victory of good over evil, is creatively portrayed by the enchanting cinematic shadow theatre in the woodland amphitheatre, where later in the evening an amazing ‘Wings by Twilight’ falconry show will be held.

Back by popular demand, but with a new twist , embrace the spirit of Diwali by taking part in the Colour Run, a high energy walk through the otherwise dark woodland glades where bursts of special ‘Holi’ powder will be randomly released, and visitors will ward off ‘evil spirits’ by throwing coloured powder into the air and onto each other! All visitors will receive a free pouch of brightly coloured ‘Holi’ powder. The Diwali theme continues across all refreshments with an enhanced authentic Indian menu of curries and kebabs, Asian sweets, and traditional teas; providing a true ‘taste of India’. Every Friday and Saturday night, younger visitors can take part in lantern making and Bollywood dance workshops, designed to give an insight into the wonders of Indian culture. Join larger-than-life puppets Prince Rama and Princess Sita on a lantern parade around the electric woods as a tribute to their home coming in the story of Diwali. During half term, October 22nd – 30th, all the additional entertainment that currently takes place on the Fridays and Saturdays on the lead up, will be held every evening – plus more! During half term, Robin Hill Country Park will be open daytime too, 10.0am to 10.0pm to include the electric woods evening event. For more information and programme of events, visit:



Sarah’s Super return Story by Peter White

Sarah Jackson is a true inspiration for any Isle of Wight youngster looking to build a successul career. Sarah went to the mainland to become a Police Constable, and has now returned to the Island as one of our most important and influential citizens.


arah Jackson admits that when she was growing up on the Island she was not sure which career path she wanted to take, until she finally decided the police force would help her fulfil her aims and ambitions. However, when she moved to the mainland to become a Constable in August 1989, she could not have envisaged that she would ultimately return to the Island in the prestigious position of Superintendent Sarah Jackson. As such she is in charge of the Isle of Wight district of the Hampshire Constabulary. Sarah is now some 15 months into her role, with around 150 officers and staff under her command. She said: "I love policing because every day is different and we have the opportunity to make someone’s life safer and possibly better, and we also prevent people being harmed, so what more could anyone want from a job? There are times when it is difficult and times when it is challenging and that is certainly been the case in the last 15 months.

the police training centre at Ashford in Kent, during which she was promoted to Sergeant, she returned to Hampshire. Over the next 15 years Sarah worked mainly in the north of Hampshire at Aldershot, Fleet, Yateley and Farnborough, as well as at Police HQ in Winchester where she became an Inspector in 2003 and Chief Inspector three years later. She said: "After a couple of abortive attempts at Superintendent, I was finally successful in 2014. During this time I was working for the Chief Constable as his staff officer which was a very busy and interesting job, but then I had the opportunity to come to the Island. "I always said that if ever I worked on the Island I would move back here because it was all about a commitment to the community. It was great from a personal point of view because of my parents being here, and my husband Alan was very supportive because he had a job working elsewhere in Hampshire and gave that up in order that we could come here.

"It has been a busy time but I am surrounded by fabulous people. I may be the figure head but actually the people who do the hard work are my officers and staff on the ground, and I would like to say a big ‘thank you’ to them because they are the ones who do the work day in, and day out, They talk to residents on the Island, and deal with their concerns; they are the ones who deliver that quality of service."

vulnerable, and minimise that vulnerability. "On the Island we have many small communities and it is about how people in those communities can support each other. Since I have been here we have had some busy times with sad events and those that you simply cannot predict. All I can say is that my focus is not only supporting the community but ensuring those who are committing crime know the Isle of Wight is the most inhospitable environment for them to exist in. "I want to make sure that anyone who thinks they are coming here to commit crime will know that they are going to get caught. We have a team who are focusing on the most prolific offenders in conjunction with our partners. "It's a balance making sure that we are working with partners and supporting the communities, but also enforcing the law and doing all we can to ensure those who should go before the court do so. "I am a great believer that we can't do it all on our own though, We need the community to help and support us, whether that be Neighbourhood Watch or people just telling us what is going on so that we can take action."

Sarah was born in a police house in Newport. Her father, John (Jock) Horne, was a police officer and also heavily involved in Island football, while mother Adrienne was for many years a nurse working in the surgery at Brading.

‘I did not really have any aspirations to join the police’ "I went to school at Barton Primary, then to Downside, and finally to Medina," Sarah recalls. "I was a Brownie then a Girl Guide and a Venture Scout, which was a big part of my life growing up. I also did some work at Medina House on School Lane, for disabled children. I enjoyed working with children, and at that time did not really have any aspirations to join the police."

Left: Sarah receiving her Queen’s Guide Award

Above: Sarah with family pet Duggie "Alan does a great job supporting me; without him I couldn't do what I do. He does all the things at home that I do not have time to do, and we also have a puppy called Duggie which is absolutely mad, but he’s gorgeous."

When she left school at 18, Sarah opted not to go to university. Instead she moved into retail management on the mainland, but soon realised that was not for her.

She continued: "I had a fantastic childhood on the Island, being on the beach, walking and doing all sorts of things. But actually not everyone here can do that, whether it's older people, or young people who are vulnerable.

She returned to the Island to live with mum and dad whilst she applied to join the police. Her first posting was to the New Forest before moving to Southampton. After a period working at

"One of my key focuses is that we, in the broadest sense – the Police, Health, Local Authority and all of our partners – try to support all those people who are

Sarah continued: "So I have done the full circle coming to the Island, and one of the interesting things is that even though I knew I was coming back home, I have been surprised how much it has actually meant to me, because I was brought up here and I know what a great place the Island is to grow up. The sense I get is that for the Island to have someone who was born here to be in charge of the police actually does mean quite a lot, for which I am really grateful. "In making our decision to come to the Island, for me it was about a commitment to both the people of the Isle of Wight as well as the policing teams and my hope is to stay here as long as Hampshire Constabulary wants me to stay, and as long as I am doing a good job. "Superintendent is the highest position I can attain on the Island. The next rank would be Chief Superintendent but that would be on the mainland. Whilst I never say never, this is not in my plans for the near future. I want to commit to the Island for a number of years."


Save energy at home

Who can help with high fuel bills? We can!

The Island’s energy-saving experts The Footprint Trust have 10 tips for saving energy in the home, to mark their local Energy Action Week, which runs from October 23rd to 29th. The aim being to get people thinking and acting to get their bills down.


event Friday 28th October 2016 11am to 3pm Riverside, Newport Quay, PO30 2QR Insulation and boiler grants Free parking! Assistance on debt Free cake! Book a free home energy visit Find out about smart meters Solar energy guidance Free drink!

Call or text The Footprint Trust on 822282 or email or contact us via Facebook

The Big Energy tips: Insulate your home now; fit draught excluders; check the age of your fridge-freezer; showering is generally cheaper than bathing; children and the elderly are just as likely to be made ill by being too hot as too cold; get some nice thick curtains; if your boiler has been chugging along for years it is time to get a new one; make sure that you are not on the wrong energy tariff, don’t be loyal to any energy company, just go out and get the best deal; keep saucepan lids on, turn down heat, use the right size pan for hob, and finally book a free home visit! Thanks to funding from the ScottishPower Energy People Trust, The Footprint Trust can save Islanders thousands of pounds every year, following one of their free visits. Tel (01983) 822282 Email:

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Newclose not over and out - just yet! Businessman, Brian Gardener, fulfilled a lifelong dream when he was the inspiration behind the building of Newclose County Cricket Ground, on the outskirts of Newport. The Gold Standard ground was officially opened in 2008 by former England captain Mike Gatting and Brian spent some wonderful days at Newclose watching his favourite sport before he sadly died in early 2015 at the age of 73. Now Newclose is up for sale - the price is a cool £1million, and the northern part of the 22-acre site benefits from an outline planning consent for a 60 bedroom 4-star hotel development. But thankfully, cricket will continue at the ground for the foreseeable future, thanks to some forward thinking by Brian. The Isle of Wight County Cricket Club negotiated a 25-year lease of the ground, which began in 2007, so still has 16 years to run. Island estate agents Hose Rhodes Dickson, who are marketing the site, say that although there is nothing in the details to say it must stay as a cricket club forever, there is nothing that can be done during the lease period to change it to something else. No doubt Brian would be delighted, and so will the hundreds of cricketers who have played at the ground and enjoyed the

Action at Newclose with the impressive pavilion as backdrop magnificent facilities, both out on the pitch and in the impressive pavilion these past eight years.


by Robin Courage

Although my High Sheriff engagements are normally at many venues across the Isle of Wight, including Newport, I recently travelled to the mainland to attend the lighting of the Paralympic flame at Stoke Mandevile Hospital (top left). The torch for every Paralympic Games is lit at Stoke Mandeville, and this year the ceremony was performed by Baroness Tanni Grey-Thompson (top right) the former British wheelchair racer. I have been involved with the hospital for 20 years, and have been fund-raising for it, after my best fried fell off his horse more than 30 years ago, broke his spine and ended up in the hospital.

I am proud to say that I received my MBE for my fund-raising efforts, and enjoyed watching on television the subsequent Paralympics, that were held shortly after the Olympics in Rio. Back on the Island, I was also at the Wight in Bloom awards event, where gardening personality Alan Titchmarsh handed out the certificates to the winners of best gardens all over the Island


Your chance to become an Isle of Wight Councillor Before we know it the Isle of Wight will be choosing who will be in charge at County Hall, as the four-year cycle of IW Council comes round again. Elections will also be held for the 33 town and parish councils across the Island. Being a councillor is a great way to represent the needs and aspirations of your community, a chance to have your voice heard. On October 11th I have arranged for the Local Government Association to hold a Be A Councillor event, at County Hall. These events demystify the role of a councillor, clarify and explain how local government works and the important role of democratically elected members. This event will be slightly different from other the LGA have run because there will be a focus on women.

The IW Council currently only has five women councillors out of 40, and I’ve made it my mission to get a better gender balance at County Hall. Town and parishes have a better balance but for some reason, but across the country larger councils tend to be male dominated. October 11th is the birthday of Emily Wilding Davison, the suffagette who died at the Epsom Derby in 1913, so I think she would approve of this event on her birthday. I would encourage anyone who has ever thought they might like to get involved in local affairs to attend this event. Contact me or the IW Council if you would like more information, Julie Jones-Evans, IW Councillor for Newport Central Tel: 521068



A nightclub around virtually

They stretched from the Military Road, through Ventnor, Shanklin, Sandown, Ryde, Binfield, Binstead and Newport – and there was even one in Seaview. I’m talking about those halcyon days on the Island when there was a nightclub around virtually every corner

Saturday, and buy all the latest releases, From The Balcony to Zanies, Island nightclubs were THE place to to play that night. Neil added: “I worked at Barney’s Road House on be in the swinging ‘60s, ’70s, ‘80s and beyond, and memories are Military Road when it first opened, then at the Coconut Grove in still fresh in the minds of many who packed into them night after Ventnor for a summer season. We had a noise regulation there, night. Nightclub entertainment was usually a cross between and if a light came on inside the club for more than five seconds it records on turntables and live acts, and many top groups of the day showed we were playing the music too loud because it was in a came here to perform - the likes of The Real Thing, Paper Lace and residential area. Bad Manners. But one Island group also caused sensation, as “Suddenly all the electricity would be former nightclub DJ Neil Doble cut off and any record you happened recalls. to be playing slowed down and Neil from Shanklin said: “There stopped. Occasionally, when you was an Island group called Kite really got caught up in the comprising Andy Skelton, Doug atmosphere, you didn’t realise the Watson and Tim Marshall who light had been on for five seconds, so appeared on TV’s popular talent it became quite embarrassing, with show ‘New Faces’ in 1977 and won the crowd cheering because I had on successive weeks.” made a mistake.” New Faces was the original Dave Cannon was also an Island ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ with Joe nightclub DJ, and still appears at Pasquale, Michael Barrymore and several hotels and clubs here with Lennie Henry among its winners. his Solent City Sounds sets. Dave Kite were the 1977 top group of the DJ Neil Doble (circled) inside Zanies, Sandown was a regular at La Babalu in Ryde, series, and their live performance the Bird Cage on Sandown seafront, the Ryde Queen and Medway on the Gala Final was watched by an estimated 15million viewers. Queen, the Manor House in Lake, Keats, Barney’s and Colonel Neil said: “They came back and played at Keats nightclub and I’ve Bogey’s. never seen the place so crammed. People were out through the He said: “The Ryde Queen was always my favourite, because not doors and on the grass outside. It was a brilliant atmosphere. only did I DJ there, I did the maintenance on the old paddle boat as “I remember DJ-ing in 1978 at what was then the Eastcliff Club in well. I would be painting it during the day, and playing records in it Shanklin, which later became Cobwebs. It was definitely 1978 at night - and I loved every minute! When I stood in for another DJ because Saturday Night Fever was all the rage!” at the Medway Queen, I asked him why there was a beer crate on Mike Ledger, father of Island singer Simon, used to be the DJ at the the floor where I sat. He told me it was to put my feet on when the Beachcomber Bar, but also had a shop in Shanklin High Street tide came in. I thought it was a wind up, but it wasn’t!” called The Music Workshop. He would have all the latest records, He continued: “In those days you went to a pub until about 10.30pm and American imports, so a lot of the DJs would go there Friday or



every corner... to 11.0pm, and then to a nightclub until one or two o’clock in the morning. The first nightclub I worked in was La Babalu, which was on exactly the spot where McDonald’s now stands in Ryde. The atmosphere was great in La Babalu, and there was rarely any trouble. It was probably because the beer wasn’t so strong in those days, so people didn’t get drunk so quickly. But even so, you could still get drunk on £1! “It always surprised me that Barney’s was virtually in the middle of nowhere, so you had to travel some way to get there, but there was always a queue to get it on a Saturday night. Those were the days of the early Rolling Stones with ‘Brown Sugar’ and a lot of Tamla Motown music; nothing too complicated. “When the glam-rock came round you couldn’t wait until Saturday night to play them, because you knew it would get everyone up on the dance floor.”

DJ Dave Cannon at the Ryde Queen

‘Frank Bruno came back suited and booted and was let in.’ Simon Rolfe was a doorman at the Court Jester, Sandown the night famous boxer Frank Bruno was in town and wanted to be admitted. Simon said: “Frank and his entourage came along but he was wearing Jeans. I told him he couldn’t come in until he went back to his hotel and changed. He said sorry, and he would be back in a while. Sure enough he came back suited and booted and was let in. “We had loads of personalities down at the Court Jester. Page 3 girl Linda Lusardi was there one night to make a celebrity appearance. A mate was on the door with me, and Linda was his favourite. So I asked her if she would go over and give him a kiss on the cheek. She did…and he talked about it for years! “I later went to manage Keats and we had Bad Manners up there when they were on tour. When they arrived, the bass player wasn’t with them, so I had to go and pick him up from a ferry. By the time I got back to Keats, not only were Bad Manners there, but about another nine bands who had followed them. They all played, and instead of closing at 1.0am, we went on until about four in the morning.” Dave Cannon reflected: “Nightclubs were new in the 60 and 70s, and with only one radio station playing pop music, you had to listen to juke boxes or go into nightclubs to hear the latest records. “In the late ‘80s and ‘90s a few new clubs were still opening on the Island, but overall they began to die out when pubs were able to apply for a 24-hour licence. You could stay in the pub all night rather than travel to a nightclub, and the drinks were usually cheaper in the pub. Then the pubs started getting in live bands and discos, and that spelled virtually the end for our nightclubs.”

La Babalu in 1970 just before demolition

The Ryde Queen where Dave Cannon worked as painter and DJ

So how many of these do you remember? Here’s a list of all the Island nightclubs we could recall: 69 Club, 2Bs and Images, Balcony, Barney’s, Beachcomber, Beehive, Birdcage, Blitz, Booker T’s, Brook House, Caesar’s, Carousel, Cascadia, Clarendon, Cobwebs, Coconut Grove, Colonel Bogey’s, Court Jester, Disco Blue, East Cliff, Flamingo, Gatsby, Holliers, Hooters, Julisa’s, Keats, La Babalu, Manor House, Medway Queen, Patsy’s, Ruperts, Ryde Queen, Sam’s, Seagull, Senators, Silks, Solent Court, Temptations, Zanies.


Nursing Home Xmas bazaar

Charity music quiz at Newclose A Music Quiz in aid of BBC’s Children in Need is being held at the Newclose Cricket Club, Blackwater Road, Newport on Friday November 25th, starting at 7.30pm. Music from the 1960s through to 2010s will feature, and teams of up to six people are invited to take part, with £2 per person entrance. There will be a raffle, licensed bar and plenty of free car parking, as well as disabled toilets and wheelchair access. Tel: (01983) 527957 for more details.

Solent Grange Nursing Home in Wootton will be holding their Christmas Bazaar on Saturday, November 26th. The event will take place between 2.0pm and 4.0pm, and there will be plenty of stalls, as well as a raffle and refreshments for everyone to enjoy.


Across the Island, there are children of all ages in need of foster care. If you have the time, dedication and space to offer a child a chance to grow, talk to us.

We offer all foster carers a comprehensive training programme and generous allowances.

To find out more, please call the fostering or the adoption team:



01983 823160


The Island has produced many famous actors and this month the spotlight falls on Graham Pountney and his wife Suki Taylor ctor Graham Pountney and his wife Suki Taylor, a dancer and choreographer, have been coming to the Island since 1976, and were married six years later in Seaview. Since then Graham has starred in Howard's Way, until his most spectacular screen exit as powerboat driver Mark Foster, and guested in shows like New Tricks, Hannay and EastEnders. Meanwhile, Suki appeared in Hello Dolly with Danny La Rue, worked with the Ewoks in Return of the Jedi and now plies her skills with local wheelchair dancers and dementia sufferers.

Graham and Suki...and the lycra! ‘I think he just fell in love with my lycra all-in-one red leotard’

Graham as powerboat driver Mark Foster

They met at the Bristol Old Vic Theatre School. Graham was a third year student and Suki taught movement. So how did they get together in that hot summer of '76? "I think he just fell in love with my lycra all-in-one red leotard," suggested Suki. On the other hand, Graham remembered it as pure lust. Whatever it was, they are still enjoying life together, both socially and in joint working projects. Suki vividly remembers just how good an actor Graham was while still at drama school. She first saw him in their production of A Mid Summer Night's Dream. His love of Shakespeare has continued and this year, the 400th anniversary of the Bard, he has been doing his one-man Shakespeare show, as a celebration. He was also a founder

of the Original Shakespeare Company, who produced their shows in the original format. Graham's appearance as Tim the Tramp in EastEnders and guest spots in Goodbye Mr Chips, Doctors and The Bill were nothing like Shakespeare. Suki danced in Europe and South Africa in her early days before being involved with the choreography for movies like Jedi, Absolute Beginners and Privates on Parade. She still fondly remembers working with Danny La Rue in the West End's Hello Dolly. She said: "When Danny changed from his civvies into his frocks he did actually change his personality as well. It was quite extraordinary." Her other theatre credits include The Boyfriend, No, No, Nanette and Mack and Mabel. Suki has her own CentreStage Dance and Drama School, based in Surrey, and Graham, who appeared in a West End production of Hobson's Choice, is also

heavily involved in writing scripts and occasionally teaching. This year they took a production to the Edinburgh Festival and Graham also presented his Shakespeare show. Currently Suki is involved with the Royal Academy of Dance project called Dance for Lifelong Wellbeing, with its theme of ‘live your life - forget your age’. She is one of a handful of chosen coaches involved with this exciting venture. "I am keen to build it up on the Island. I currently have classes at The Orchards, Newport, and Silver Sands in Bembridge. These include wheelchair dancers and some members with dementia. Music and dance is so beneficial for dementia sufferers. They love it." She can be contacted on 07940503971. Graham, who has recently appeared in a movie called Lines in the Sand, could be playing Winston Churchill in a forthcoming play involving former Islander Larry Holofcener, a sculptor, actor, poet and songwriter. His statue of Churchill and Roosevelt is world famous. The play is likely to be called The Big Sleepover at the White House, set in 1942. Suki and Graham are not your normal luvvies. No egos in sight and they are an admirable double act, on and off stage, and have come a long way from the Bristol Old Vic. To Seaview, in fact!

John’s new book Beacon writer John Hannam has a new book released on October 12th. ‘The John Hannam Interviews’ features some amazing stories behind his 40 years of interviews with pop stars of the 1950s, ‘60s and ‘70s. It will be on sale at many local Island book shops and features nearly 100 stars. More details from John's website:

The latest John Hannam interviews and archives are available via and iTunes 13

Cheap Day to Portsmouth! EVERY Saturday throughout October Leaves 09.30 arrives back approximately 18.15. Visit Portsmouth City, Gunwharf Quays or the Historic Dockyard. Departs Thetis Wharf in Cowes (next to Chain Ferry) Adults £7 / OAPs £6 / Children £5 Price does not include admission to attractions

FREE CAR PARKING AVAILABLE ON A FIRST COME FIRST SERVED BASIS Phone for more details 01983 564602 visit and like our Facebook page

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INDOOR AND OUTDOOR PLAY WALLABY WALKABOUT Unlimited Entry with Annual Memberships • New Birthday Party Packages Great Value After School Rates • Term-time Toddler Activity Sessions

Tapnell Farm, Newport Road, Yarmouth, Isle of Wight, PO41 0YJ


Walkies just got bigger!

Dogs and dog lovers are invited to take part in the RSPCA fundraising sponsored walk, Big Walkies. Take the lead and raise money at Seaclose Park, Newport on Sunday October 23rd at 10.30am. Have a wooftastic day and raise money for our four-legged friends. Make sure you ask your friends and family to sponsor you. There will be waggy tails, trees to sniff, mega fun and reasons to slobber.

RSCPA Tel: 0300 123 0123 Register at

Wizard Week

So much to see and do Autumn is coming, so let’s get outside and see what our beautiful Island has to offer! Here’s our list of activities across the Island, featuring something for everyone...

Train Fright Night! Dare you ride the ‘Train of Fright’? See birds of prey, meet the witches of Havenstreet and take this rare opportunity to visit the station at night. Walk through the terrifying Train Story with ghosts and ghouls then stroll through the haunted forest before watching fire breathing and other entertainment.

October 29th The Railway Station, Havenstreet, PO33 4DS Tel: (01983) 882204

Help save lemurs Enjoy wickedly wonderful fun during October half term. Be amazed by magic shows, enjoy train rides, walk through the enchanted woodland and meet the witches of Havenstreet. Dress up in your most spooky costume and enter our Halloween Treasure Hunt. It may be spooky and scary, but it’s great fun for all the family.

October 24-28th The Railway Station, Havenstreet, PO33 4DS Tel: (01983) 882204

Master of Disguise Newport's Fancy Dress Shop Master of Disguise has the largest Halloween range on the Island! Ghastly costumes, gory accessories, gallons of blood and this year they're offering FREE make-up demonstrations. Get 15% off all Halloween items before October 16th (Quote: Earlybird Discount)

6-7 Watchbell Lane, Newport, PO30 5XU Tel: (01983) 520200

During October the Isle of Wight Zoo team will each take on a personal challenge to prove their love of lemurs. With 90 per cent of Madagascar’s lemurs threatened with extincton, Islanders are invited to join the quest to bring lemurs into the spotlight across the world. To join in contact Tracy Dove

Isle of Wight Zoo, Yaverland Seafront Sandown, Isle of Wight, PO36 8QB Tel: (01983) 123456

Spooks & Sparks Night Spooks & Sparks Night returns! Newport Parish Council, in partnership with IW Radio will again host the hugely popular event. Live music, children’s entertainment, fancy dress, food stalls and a spectacular firework display.

Victoria Recreation Ground, Newport on Saturday, November 5th. Gates open 4:45pm. Teen & Adults £5, Children £2, under 5s free.


October Half Term.

Visit us at the South Western tip of the Island, explore our wonderful natural coastline and discover the world famous Needles Rocks and Alum Bay.

Visit our website for all our entertainment this October Half Term. Only pay to park your car and for the activities you want to enjoy.

01983 752401 The Needles, Alum Bay, Isle of Wight PO39 0JD

For one wanting to see in the New Year in style

Your New Year Cruise itinerary

3 night New Year Cruise to Rouen from £129 per person Treat yourself to a New Year break by saying “Bonjour” to 2017 aboard the stylish Pont-Aven, on a cruise from Portsmouth along the Seine to the beautiful and historic French city of Rouen. On board, you’ll have the opportunity to indulge in a fabulous gala dinner, enjoy an exclusive entertainment programme, as well as a choice of bars, boutique shopping, and cinemas. From just £129 per person for 3 nights away, it’s superb value – so why not bring your friends and make it a New Year to remember?

Visit or call 0330 159 5200 (09:00-17:30 Mon-Fri) Prices shown are per person based on four sharing and include return cruise and programme of live entertainment. Meals, beverages, shore excursions and insurance are not included.New bookings only. Onboard parking available from £35. Terms and conditions apply - see website for full details.


Thursday 29 December 2016 Depart Portsmouth Friday 30 December 2016 Arrive Rouen, ship berths overnight Saturday 31 December 2016 Depart Rouen – time to celebrate Sunday 1 January 2017 Return to Portsmouth

Auction Rooms

Going...Going...Sold! We hold frequent valuation mornings at Brading or we can arrange to visit you. Appointments available at our offices in Cowes and Ryde, also the use of premises in Ventnor High Street and • Wills and Probate Shanklin Regent Street. • Elder Client Issues Home visits available • Conveyancing Islandwide for the disabled and elderly • Lasting Powers at no extra cost. of Attorney

Ryde Office 3-4 St Thomas Street Ryde Isle of Wight PO33 2ND 01983 563765 Cowes Office 13 Denmark Road Cowes Isle of Wight PO31 7SY 01983 618180

Authorised and Regulated by The solicitors Regulation Authority Number 515176. Establised in 1947.

Rex Gully will be pleased to advise on entries for future sales and our probate valuation service.

Call 01983 402 222

Find us e e b hind th s rk o w x a W in fé a C ne Quay La

For dates of our next auctions and valuation mornings, check The Auction Rooms

Quay Lane


Isle of Wight


Registered Charity 1039086

Have you made your Will yet? Your Will is the most important document you will ever sign, yet many people put off making one. We are urging Islanders to make sure they have an updated Will that reflects their wishes. This is important at any time of the year, but for the first two weeks of October, we are raising awareness of this important issue. Three solicitors have agreed to donate their time and skills for FREE between 1 and 14 October to encourage more people to draft a simple Will. You do not need to give a donation or leave anything in your Will to the hospice to take up this offer.

Please contact Simon or Ursula at Earl Mountbatten Hospice on (01983) 217300 for more details.  * Terms and conditions apply

Thank you to the following solicitors who are participating in this offer: Churchers Bolitho Way Solicitors | Merry & Co Solicitors | Roach Pittis Solicitors



Sell your home quicker by helping your lawyer So your agent has found you a buyer and probably a lawyer. If you want a speedy conclusion to the house sale then help us to help you, as any delay could cost you hundreds of pounds, so it is well worth making the effort.

uring the 38 years I have been in practise on the Isle of Wight, the basic conveyancing process has changed little, but the ability to access documents over the internet has improved dramatically as has the requirements for additional documents to support the sale contract. Here is a guide to what is needed. Start with the basics: For identification, your lawyer will need to see either your original passport or driving licence with your photo, and evidence of address, usually a bank statement or utility bill not more than three months old. *Thanks to dematerialisation or in other words ‘destruction’, there may no longer be any title deeds. Years ago the lenders would hold these documents but now to save storage costs they hold virtually nothing. So it is incumbent upon you to ensure you obtain from your lawyer all the documents he/she may have received on your purchase and you hold onto them! If your home is a flat then there should be an original lease. There may be defective title indemnity policies which will still be needed on your sale. If you have to buy these again then it could cost you hundreds of pounds. *For previous improvements and repairs retain any planning permissions and it is very important to keep the Building Control Completion Certificate. Fensa certificate for any UPVC windows, doors and conservatories installed after 2002. *Gas installations since April 1st 2005 including new or replacement gas central heating boilers, gas fires and other gas fittings and be supported by a CORGI or Gas Safety Certificate. *Electrical installations and changes since January 1st 2005 require an Electrical Safety or Compliance

Certificate. *Any correspondence with the Planning Authority and Building Control *Guarantees: the originals, please, with the paid invoice. *Disputes: if you have had problems with the neighbours or the Landlord then please tell us as soon as possible so that we can establish the relevance and what should be done to resolve any potential problems. We will require all correspondence. *Boundaries: have you renewed the boundary fences or talked to the neighbours about responsibility to maintain? Keep any invoices! *Solar Panels: if you have leased your roof to a solar panel company you should have the original quote, invoice, any guarantee, lease, evidence of roof survey and a domestic electrical certificate. *Notices and proposals: this could be letters from neighbours or local council perhaps regarding proposed development in the vicinity. *Flats: we almost always have to ask for more and more information so it is best to try to get it sorted from the outset. As a minimum, we need three years management accounts, current rent receipt, current insurance schedule, details of all work carried out within the last three years and what may be needed within the next 12 months. If the property retains a share of the freehold then other documents will be needed such as a Share Certificate. *Management Information Pack: this is obtained from the freeholder or managing agent. It can take several weeks to arrive and cost, so ordering early is essential.

Paul Wilks & Co

Paul Wilks Ll.B. (Hons) Licensed Conveyancer and specialist property and probate lawyer 3 Garfield Road, Ryde - - email: Please telephone us on 01983 614657 for an initial free discussion as to how we can best help you.



Lasting Powers of Attorney not just for elderly

Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPAs) are documents whereby you appoint an attorney, or attorneys, to manage your affairs and make decisions on your behalf if you are not able. here are two types, one covers property and financial affairs and the other covers health and welfare decisions.

insurance policy; if you’ve made an LPA and you need to use it, then they are in place without your family having to worry about being able to act on your behalf.

These documents are considered to be documents for older people and this is understandable as people often need a trigger to look at their particular affairs. For example, it is common for people to consider these documents following a diagnosis of a degenerative condition like dementia or Parkinson’s disease and these are typically diagnosed in older age.

If you haven’t made an LPA and you become unable to make decisions for yourself, your family or even a third party like the Local Authority would have to make an application to the Court of Protection to be appointed on your behalf. This takes much longer to do and is more expensive than you having chosen the person who is to act for you yourself.

It is less common for younger people to consider these documents but unfortunately accidents can happen to us all. In fact, it is arguable that for younger adults a loss of capacity is likely to be as a result of something happening quickly, such as an accident. Therefore, there would be no forewarning as there often is with a diagnosis of a medical condition and once you lose capacity it is too late to make an LPA.

It need not be all doom and gloom however, and there are many other reasons why someone might want to appoint attorneys. LPAs are particularly useful in protecting the vulnerable and disabled. It may be that a young adult has severe learning difficulties or communication difficulties and as a result would benefit from someone being able to help them manage their affairs long term

Furthermore, just because someone is younger, it doesn’t mean that their affairs would be any less complicated to pick up the pieces. In fact, it is often more complicated because of factors such as mortgages, young children, business assets and facing a longer period without capacity. For many it comes down to weighing up the chances of having to use the document and the cost of making the documents. Many people may never need to use their LPAs but we consider the documents to be like an

The Courtyard, St. Cross Business Park Newport, Isle of Wight, PO30 5BF

Melissa Reeds is a Solicitor at Glanvilles LLP specialising in Wills, Powers of Attorney and elderly client matters. Please contact her on or (01983) 527878 for a free initial consultation.



Festive Food Guide

Christmas is coming, and it’s time to enjoy yourself with excellent food and fine drinks. Here are a few ideas on how and where to enjoy a perfect experience.

Kynge's Well Kynge’s Well in Brading is the ideal destination for Christmas with parties of all sizes catered for, with the recently refurbished dining room perfect for larger groups. The Christmas menu will be available from December 1st until December 23rd with a two or three course option at a cost of £23.95 for three courses. Live music will be held on weekends through the month as well as on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve


10 High St, Brading PO36 0DG Tel: (01983) 408776

Upper Green Road, St Helens, Ryde, PO33 1UQ Tel: (01983) 123456

Ganders Restaurant in St Helens is the perfect venue for gatherings of family and friends where a warm welcome and excellent food await. From December 2nd-24th our Christmas menu is available for lunch and dinner. Starters include our popular steak kebab and prawn parcels while main courses are given an interesting twist with a three-bird roast as an option

The Crab and Lobster Inn The Crab and Lobster, Bembridge is the perfect venue for your festive celebrations. Their Christmas menu is available from December 1st -24th, with two courses £16.50 or three courses £19.50. Enjoy the warm, cosy atmosphere, but pre-booking essential.

The Breeze

A delicious three-course Christmas menu awaits you at the Breeze Restaurant, Island Harbour Marina. The Breeze, having achieved a Certificate of Excellence award three years running, also has a private room for up to 80 diners for Christmas parties. A discounted two-course midweek option is available, along with entertainment every Saturday in December.

Mill Lane, Binfield, Newport, PO30 2LA Tel: (01983) 533388

32 Forelands Field Road, Bembridge, Isle of Wight, PO35 5TR Tel: 01983 872244

Phoenix - Quality Frozen Food A La Carte - If you enjoy à la carte restaurant food, then why not try Phoenix Frozen Foods for a fraction of restaurant prices? Ready Meal Range - thinking of trying ready meals for the first time or you are already having regular deliveries of ready meals and fancy a change? Why not consider the Phoenix Ready Meal Range? Check out the new catalogue for our festive range

Call for your free catalogue: 01903 215170


Need help losing weight? Our cottages promote independent living whilst providing security and peace of mind that assistance is on hand 24 hours a day should it be required. Set within beautiful grounds each cottage comprises of sitting/ dining room with patio doors, fitted kitchen, double bedroom and bathroom. Purchasers must be over 55 years of age and should be physically independent. Our adjoining nursing home offers assurance and support; this can include meals, a weekly on-site Doctor’s surgery, hairdresser, chiropodist, weekly minibus to Tesco and the village of Bembridge.

Contact me today so I can help you on your weight loss journey. T in a Jo s lin

0 7 80 16 9 2385 c am b s d ie t @ b t in t e r n e t . c o m

New health website A new free NHS website has launched for parents and healthcare professionals. What0-18 is part of a new initiative, offering information on a range of common childhood illnesses.

The Elms Nursing Home Swains Road Bembridge Isle of Wight PO35 5XS Tel: 01983 872248 (Mon-Fri during office hours) Tel: 07860 152224 or 07860 200887 (out of office hours) Email:

Courtdrift Ltd

Assisted Living Cottages for the Elderly 22

The website: and mobile phone app has been developed in partnership with parents, general practitioners, hospital staff, ambulance services and pharmacists in response to the increasing number of appointments being made with GPs for illnesses which could often be better managed at home.

Clubbercise® classes will start at Medina and The Heights week commencing Monday 3 October.

The The inc incred redibl iblee new new fit fitnes nesss cla class ss ion nation Sen the nat ng the eping sweepi ion swe sation Sensat

e s i c r e b

! SS A CL ree W f NE ecial w Sp evie pr ent ev

b u l c

You are cordially invited to Clubbercise® your socks off at:

Red carpet entry • Free colour glow shots All SIX Clubbercise® instructors: Sara, Ali, Chloe, Zippy, Karen and Cara Free photobooth ...and much more! glow sticks. , dance fitness routines with Clubbercise® uses simple, fun atmosphere. the latest chart hits in a disco to cs ssi cla 90s m fro s hem ant Dance to club

Let your kids charge to Old Battery!

Youngsters can experience some awesome autumn fun at Needles Old Battery during half term, Monday, October 24th to Sunday, October 20th, from 10.30am to 3.0pm. Enjoy a swashbuckling adventure and hear stories of the shipwrecks surrounding the Isle of Wight as well as taking part in some pirate games and activities.

Registered Healthcare Professional Colin Stockdale RHAD MSHAA AIHHP (Executive Member)

 All hearing tests and consultations are FREE  Try before you buy OR RENT a Digital Hearing Aid (£1 a day)  FREE Home Visits  Every brand of Hearing Aid available in the UK  Easy payment plans

The deluxe Digital Hearing Aid Centre

12 HIGH STREET SHANKLIN 01983 865959

ALSO Wheelchairs • Bath lifts • Walkers • Adjustable beds & chairs • Accessories

FREE ISLANDWIDE DELIVERY Great deals on mobility scooters and lift and recline chairs

New store NOW OPEN in Avenue Road FRESHWATER 755565 SHANKLIN 866431 56 Regent Street

NEWPORT 533500 9 St Thomas Square

Self Care: Get a flu jab this autumn Summary of those who are recommended to have the flu vaccine ● everyone aged 65 and over

The Island’s new Urgent Care Service

The NHS is changing. From 1st October the Beacon Health Centre at St. Mary’s becomes part of the Urgent Care Service. Use self care, pharmacies or phone 111 to be directed to the best care for you.

● everyone under 65 years of age who has a long term health condition including children and babies over six months ● all pregnant women, at any stage of pregnancy ● all two-, three- and four-year-old children ● all children in school years 1, 2 and 3 ● all primary school-aged children in some parts of the country ● everyone living in a residential or nursing home ● everyone who cares for an older or disabled person ● household contacts of anyone who is immunocompromised ● all frontline health and social care workers

Health Information

Self-Care Advice


Emergency Department


GP/GP Out of Hours

Mental Health Support


Calls to 111 are free, including mobiles, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. 24

For advice and information about the flu vaccination, speak to your GP, practice nurse or pharmacist.

It is best to have the flu vaccination in the autumn before any outbreaks of flu. Remember that you need it every year, so don’t assume you are protected because you had one last year. For more information about flu and flu vaccination visit


So caring and understanding...

As we grow older and may have to move into a residential care home, it is so important to find the right environment. Annefield Grange Residential Care can provide all your needs in one of their three care homes on the Island. As we grow older and may have to move into a residential care home, it is so important to find the right environment. Annefield Residential Care can provide all your needs in one of their three care homes on the Island. Annefield Grange, Ryde, can provide luxurious yet homely accommodation and care for up to 18 older people who need care and support. There are 18 beautifully appointed en-suite bedrooms, some with sea views, in a prime location, with the town, church and various coffee shops a stone’s throw from the care home. Whether it is long-term or short-term respite care, everyone understands the importance of continuity,

‘All the care homes are continuously providing an outstanding service to clients’ with the wider family and friends at the heart of this transition ensuring that, if this is their desire, Annefield Grange becomes their home. An outstanding chef works closely with all clients and their families to produce a wonderful seasonal menu supporting local shops for the freshest produce and meats, which is why so many of the families stay for lunch or supper with their loved ones. Care at Annefield Grange, like Cameron House, centres on the individual, their needs, and their family’s needs, to ensure that they are all supported as part of a wider community – a family cared for together. All staff have extensive experience in assessing and supporting the needs and wellbeing of clients, based upon the principles of care and rigorous in-house and external training of all staff, who are not only deeply professional but also deeply caring, ensuring your loved ones are in the safest hands. The management team are all long-serving and divide their time between Annefield Grange and Cameron House as well as support Summerhouse to ensure all the care homes are continuously providing an outstanding service to clients while also supporting their families. Cameron House, also in Ryde, has provided accommodation and personal care for older people living with dementia for over 35 years, with care for up to 18 residents in a warm, safe, homely environment. Cameron House pride itself on having

a long-serving, outstanding team of fully trained management and staff who are committed to delivering a nurturing warm and safe environment where families can rest assured that their loved ones are comfortable, happy and content. Summerhouse, in Freshwater, provides the regulated activity of personal care and accommodation to people with mental health conditions. Summerhouse has been a residential care home for more than 30 years and provides assistance and support to 11 clients, whether it’s accompanying them to Totland Bay or shopping trips to Newport. If you feel you would like to arrange a visit, or just go along and have a chat and a cup of tea with staff at any of the homes, please call any of the numbers listed.

Annefield Grange, 85 George Street, Ryde, PO33 2JE. Tel: (01983) 617327 Email: Manager: Mrs Carley Read

Cameron House, 78 Pellhurst Road, Ryde, PO33 3BS. Tel: (01983) 564184 Email: Acting Manager: Mrs Natalie Joy

Summerhouse, Guyers Road, Freshwater, PO40 9QA. Tel: (01983) 755184 Email: Manager: Mrs Elise Grimes


F.Robert Frise & Wightime



Engraving Service for Sports Trophies, Gifts, Pens, Dog Tags, Glassware and more. Free engraving on items purchased on the premises (except glass engraving) Also Watch/Clock/Jewellery Repairs, Watch Batteries, Straps, Watches, Jewellery & Gifts

Does your house suffer from DAMP or MOULD? If so you may be in need of a Cavity Wall Extraction or Rubble Clearance. Call 01489 588052 / 07914480630 for further advice or quote.

Lorus/Pulsar/Sekonda/Timex watches Kimberley House, High Street, Freshwater, IOW, PO40 9JX Tel: 752418 Customer Parking Usually Available

Get ready for Winter!

PLUMBER •Bathrooms Fitted

•City & Guilds Qualified •Friendly, Reliable Service •No Call Out Charge •Fully insured for domestic and commercial work CALL MARK ON 759035/07984651393

Retired Police Handymen Trusted and reliable handyman services for families, individuals and businesses across the Isle of Wight CURTAINS, BLINDS, SHELVES, PICTURES, FLAT-PACK, PAINTING, DRIPPING TAPS & ALL OTHER ODD JOBS



• Bathrooms • Central Heating • Boiler Installation


Chris Greenen

Call today for a free estimate



07737 661 695

Telephone: 01983 520380

email: Mark Jupe and Son W








CALL FOR PRICES NOW 01983 404234 07789 696326 07736 527983


The Islands longest established double glazing company


• Windows, doors, conservatories, porches, guardian roofs and much more • Domestic, commercial, trade and diy • Extensive range of colours and styles Under N E Call TODAY for a free quote ManagemW ent!

01983 523552


The Award Winning Damp Control System From Holland

Effective for: Rising Damp Penetrative Damp Installed entirely from the outside - NO Replastering! - NO Redecorating!

Call today 01689 800 101 to arrange a FREE SURVEY with your local agent

Established in the UK since 1997 Winners of Chambers of Commerce 'Best British Enterprise 2002'


Abbott’s can add the sparkle! Abbott’s Carpets & Flooring, Island specialists in all types of floor covering, will be celebrating their 10th anniversary next year They are delighted to invite customers to visit their extensive showroom to view the exciting and innovative new ranges that are now available. Since husband and wife team Darren and Sam Abbott began trading from their premises at 14A Lake Industrial Way, Newport Road, Lake, in 2007, they have seen many changes in the choice and quality of carpets and flooring, highlighted by the recent arrival of the Lifestyle Floors ‘i Love Collection’ featuring the sensuously soft iSense yarn. There are four ranges in the collection, all of which are stain resistant, heavywear domestic carpets, with a 20-year wear guarantee and the unique ‘iSense Bounce Back Guarantee’. The ranges have their own individual distinction and include the ‘Delicious’ range, which has an eye-catching sparkle effect, brought about by the inclusion of a silver yarn running throughout the carpet for extra lux. Abbott’s Carpets & Flooring also have some exceptional offers, currently available on all ranges of Clarendon and Cormar carpets and on laminate flooring. They are pleased to offer free, no obligation estimates across the Island on all types of domestic, commercial and contract flooring, from safety flooring, cushion floor and sheet vinyl to luxury design flooring, Flotex, carpets, carpet tiles and engineered and solid wood floors. Sam said: “We invite everyone to come in and see the many types of flooring on offer, and encourage them to take

samples home because they do look very different in our showroom. “Wool is still a really popular choice for carpeting, but in recent years we have found that the quality of polypropylene carpets have improved greatly, are stain resistant and as a result, have become very popular.” Abbott’s Carpets & Flooring are able to cater for all budgets, including carpets and flooring for landlords who may be looking to refurbish letting properties, and they keep various lines of carpets and vinyls in stock, which can be offered at discounted prices. Darren Abbott has vast experience in flooring, having worked as a fitter since leaving school over 30 years ago, before he and Sam opened their business. Darren carries out all surveys himself, before providing detailed estimates and Abbott’s can undertake all sub-floor preparation, with the company able to offer a ‘supply only’, or fully insured ‘supply and fit’ service, the latter being carried out by their highly experienced fitters whom are all CRB checked. Darren is out and about estimating every week across the Island and upon the customer’s confirmation of estimate, Abbott’s can usually fit any floor covering inside of three weeks. The showroom is open Monday to Friday from 8.30am to 5.30pm, and on Saturdays 9.00am to 12.30pm.

Abbott’s Carpets & Flooring (IOW) Ltd, Unit 14A Lake Industrial Way, Lake, PO36 9PL Tel: (01983) 401012 Email: website: Also find us on Facebook for monthly giveaways and updates: Abbotts Carpet’s & Flooring Ltd and on Twitter: @abbottsfloors.


Hendrix, Tapnell’s No.1

*Louis is seen feeding one of Hendrix’s aunties – because Hendrix wouldn’t stand still for long enough for a photo!

Beacon readers were asked to name the new baby wallaby at the popular Tapnell Farm Park, and we had an amazing response. The competition winner was seven-year-old Louis Thornton from East Cowes, who came up with the name ‘Hendrix’ after Jimi Hendrix, who played t the 1970 IW Festival in one of the fields just across the road from Tapnell Farm. The name ‘Hendrix’ was really popular, and chosen by several of our entrants, so in the end we had to draw the winner from a hat, and Louis was the winner!


Open Mon-Sat 8.30am-4.30pm

electric shop

Bosch Beko Creda Electrolux Dimplex

Hotpoint Phillips Samsung Whirlpool & more...

Vacuum Repair Service

Home Appliance Spares

Cookers Refrigeration Home Laundry Henry Vacuums Microwaves Orchard Street • Newport • Tel: 01983 522420 Now located in new larger premises (behind Newport bus station)


Dallas Riser Recliners


Mobility Scooters


Unit 4, Old Station Road (Off Mitchell Avenue), Ventnor PO38 1DX Tel: 01983 855545 28


Acorns are falling and leaves are turning brown tree at this time of year is the spindle (Euonymus europea), so called because the hard and dense wood was used to make spindles for spinning and lacemaking, as well as for knitting needles. Spindle wood is still used nowadays to make a high quality charcoal for artists.

ow we’re into autumn the mornings may be misty and the zenith of the sun may be gradually lowering, but the days are still well lit and the weather is hopefully still mild. Autumn marks the beginning of the coppicing year, as most woodland based work is undertaken between October and March. Acorns are falling, as are the hazelnuts and the leaves are just beginning to turn brown. As the sap begins to fall in the woodland trees, the dropping leaves will soon carpet the ground. Although nowadays in England we say ‘autumn’ rather than ‘fall’, up until the 17th century ‘fall’ was in common usage in expressions such as ‘the fall of the leaf’ or ‘the fall of the year’. English settlers to North America took the language with them and fall became the more common term across the Atlantic.

Nut Meal The woodland’s wildlife has been stocking up for the leaner months ahead. I came across a fallen tree trunk that was rotting away under a grove of sweet chestnut trees. The upper surface of the trunk had been used as something of a dining area. There were the remnants of hazelnuts showing the characteristic signs of having been split open by red squirrels. The spiny casings of the sweet chestnuts had also been opened and the evidence that a rabbit had also been dining was present in the form of its droppings in the top right hand corner.

Spindle The annual display of colours continues and many trees and shrubs are still laden with fruit, seed pods and nuts that are a vital part of the diet of birds and other animals. One particularly striking hedgerow

Flesh Fly The blackberries in the wood did well, though time is running out to pick them before Old Michaelmas

Day, on October 10th, the day that the devil was cast out of heaven, landed with a bump in a blackberry bush and cursed the fruit. Apparently, it’s best not to eat blackberries after this day as, every year since that event, the devil again spoils the berry crop on the anniversary of his landing! As ever, there is often a grain of truth in a legend. It seems that in mid October an insect called a ‘flesh fly’ likes to drink the sugary blackberry juice and to lay its eggs on the berries in its own saliva, which also contains an enzyme that makes the blackberry flesh go all mushy. It’s enough to put you off your crumble!

Honey Fungus Autumn is the time for fungi and the woodland floor is once again littered with various mushrooms and toadstools. Fungi love dead wood such as this birch stump. It’s covered in honey fungus. A nightmare in gardens, but part of a naturally balanced cycle of life and decay in a woodland. It may seem that things are slowing down as autumn progresses, but it only seems that way. Nature is still busy in preparation for next spring. Some of the acorns and sweet chestnuts that fell last year have already begun to sprout small roots under the leaf litter and the buds that will form next year’s leaves are already apparent on many of the trees. Plenty of cold and longer nights ahead, but the turn of the year really isn’t that far away.

£100 towards your fully pre-paid funeral That’s a good plan For more details visit or call

Newport 61 Upper St James Street, PO30 1LQ 01983 537213

Inflation-proof funeral plan Peace of mind for you and your family Flexible payment options

£100 OFF our Pre-paid Funeral Plan Terms & Conditions: 1. This discount is solely redeemable by the presenter of the voucher, who may use it to purchase a plan for themselves or an immediate family member, but must be the person paying for the Plan. The voucher may not be exchanged for cash. 2. The discount will be deducted from the retail price of the Funeral Plan purchased at time of sale. 3. Only one discount is available per transaction. 4. This voucher has no cash value and may not be used in conjunction with any other discount or promotion. 5. The decision of Southern Co-operative Funerals Limited in relation to each discount is final and binding. 6. Voucher will be void if reproduced or photocopied. 7. Southern Co-operative Funerals Limited reserves the right to withdraw this promotion at any time. 8. This voucher is valid until 30.04.2017 BEAIOWnewport/05/16

Local branches at East Cowes Freshwater Lake Newport Ryde Shanklin Part of The Southern Co-operative


Spot the six differences, fill in the form below and send this page into us for the chance to win one of this month’s prizes. Brought to you by

This month’s prizes are... 1

£125 designer single vision specs with free ultra clear worth £30. Sight test if required

(01983) 821280 T&Cs apply


The Vintage Grooming Emporium - An Ultrasound teeth cleaning session for your dog

07714 351 472

T&Cs apply


Solent View Cafe A meal for 2

Solent View Cafe


(01983) 872062 T&Cs apply

Meal for 2 up to the value of £30 at the Bugle Inn Brading

(01983) 407359 T&Cs apply

Congratulations to our August winners Mrs S Cretella - Ryde No obligation review to manage & protect your wealth courtesy of Solent Wealth Management - Cowes.

Lorraine Davis - Freshwater £69 2-4-1 voucher courtesy of Specsavers - Newport

Alex Downie - Cowes Pair of Arctic Blast Tickets for JR Zone - Newport

Brian Kelly - Newport

Family day return ticket courtesy of Hovertravel

Closing date - September 30th 2016 When sending your entry to us you MUST ensure that you use the correct postage. Terms and conditions available on request. Prizes must be claimed within 30 days of the draw date. I am happy to be contacted by the sponsors Prize preference (choose one only) 1




4 Telephone:

Address: Postcode:

Email: Send your entries to: IW Beacon Competition, 8-10 Dodnor Park, Newport, Isle of Wight, PO30 5XE

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Download our Christmas Brochure at

Book your table & pay your deposit before 31st October & we’ll apply a 10% discount to your reservation.

Or pick up a copy at any of our pubs ( from 1st October)

Book a table of 10 or more & you’ll receive a £50 complimentary voucher to be used at a Character Inns venue of your choice.

Sometimes there isn’t a designated driver available… That’s where we aim to help… for groups of 5 or more we’ll help you with the cost!


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Newport Beacon Oct 16  

Newport Beacon Oct 16