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Welcome….someone in the office just happened to mention Isle of Wight nightclubs of the 1970s, 80s and even 90s, and I thought the conversation would never end! Barneys on the Military Road, the Coconut Grove in Ventnor; Cobwebs in Shanklin; Zanies in Sandown; La Babalu and the Ryde Queen: Brook House in Binstead; Blitz and the 2B’s and Images in Newport and so many more! So please send me the stories and memories of your favourite night club by email to, starting with the word ‘Nightclubs’, and I will publish the best. Just include your first name, and the area where you now live. I look forward to hearing from you. I hope you are enjoying your FREE Beacon, and please support our loyal advertisers who make it all possible.


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Motivate Yourself! Revellers at this year’s Isle of Wight Bestival will have the opportunity to start their day with an invigorating work-out, courtesy of fitness guru and TV personality Mr Motivator It will the third time Mr Motivator, real name Derrick Evans, has appeared at Bestival, which takes place at the Robin Hill Country Park from Thursday, September 8th to Sunday, September 11th, writes Peter White. Mostly dressed in tight, colourful spandex outfits, Mr Motivator rose to fame in the early 1990s through appearances on the UK breakfast television show GMTV, performing live fitness segments. And on the Saturday of Bestival he will be first on main stage, engaging the crowd in a series of fun exercises that he hopes will prepare them for an exhilarating day of music, food, fun, and the occasional drink! He said: “I do a lot of festival appearances, and Bestival is definitely one of my favourites. I am really looking forward to coming back.

‘I have every reason to laugh, smile and keep my chin up every day’ “I’m usually first on to get people going for the day. It’s a great way for everyone to get together, and then listen to some great bands, have some fun, eating and doing a bit of bonding. They are the things that make Bestival so good, and why I like being there.” He continued: “So many people who go to Bestival grew up with me, and used to watch me on television, maybe when they were at school or just going to university or starting work. So I almost feel a responsibility to help them shake off the night before. There’s nothing wrong with a few drinks, and if the work-outs are a good hangover cure, then maybe I should market them!” Mr Motivator will be appearing on stage with Aled Jones Sandra, his wife of nearly 20


years. He said: “She is the best part of me, and is coming on stage because we like to share things. That’s what keeps me going, and I have every reason to laugh, smile and keep my chin up every day. “Life is too short, and it seems these days that the news is always bad. So this is the time for everyone to have a laugh, and enjoy themselves. I get people to do silly things and look silly, and if the things I do bring a The Cure headline Saturday night bit of joy and make people feel good then long may it continue.” Bestival curators Rob Da Bank and his wife Josie, along with their incredible back-up team, have again put together an amazing four days of festivities, ranging from post-punk band The Cure to The Chuckle Brothers and a DJ set by Rob da Bank and ‘Walking in the Air’ choir boy and former ‘Songs of Praise’ presenter Aled Jones. The Human League, Major Lazer and Bastille are among the hundreds of acts for revellers to enjoy, and The Chuckle Brothers for those looking for a bit of excitement or relaxation, then there is always the world’s biggest bouncy castle, or the popular ‘Slow Motion’ area - hot tubs and all!


Get down to business with Isle of Wight Studio School With a unique curriculum designed to prepare 14-19 year olds for the 21st century, the Isle of Wight Studio School links closely with local industry to ensure students learn key employability skills through real life experiences and relevant and meaningful work placements.


mature and calm environment allows young people to successfully study an intense programme of academic study of conventional GCSE and A levels. Alongside this, students study high quality vocational options in specialisms employers look for. To top it off, enrichment opportunities excite and expand the minds of the young people, taking them out of their comfort zones, building confidence and ambition.

Employment Ready: A team of Year 10 students completed an internship with OC Sport during the prestigious La Solitaire BOMBARD Le Figaro yacht race in Cowes. They set up base in the race village and acted as ambassadors for the event. They conducted customer research and public surveys. They assisted with pupils from Queensgate Primary to don life jackets and embark and disembark boats. Students dedicate a day a week to work readiness and meaningful work placements, enabling them to gain employability skills and make a real contribution to the companies they work for. Callum Blake, said: “I recently attended a Telecom Convention in Kensington where I interviewed the award winner, Nokia. It was an amazing experience which has opened my eyes to the photography industry.”

Asa Hewison, 15, said: “Working at Esplanade Garage has taught me so much about the career I want to pursue. I carried out services and maintenance with the team of mechanics. I love it so much I even go during the holidays!’ Elliot Griffiths, 15, added: “As a competitive trampoline-gymnast, working at Isle Jump is perfect for me. I have even been offered paid employment at the weekends.” Visits to industry giants on the Island are part of the work readiness

programme that students regularly attend. More recent visits have been to IFPL and Parlex to gather insights into the nature of the companies and the products and services they provide.

6th Form: Furthering Ambition: This is an exciting year for Studio School as it opens its doors to existing and new students to the 6th form. This puts students at the forefront for University places, apprenticeships and

employment. Combining conventional academic A levels and Level 2 and 3 BTEC qualifications together with enrichment and work placements, makes the Studio School a stimulating and purposeful option for 16-19 year olds. Limited places in Year 10 and 6th form are available for September 2016, so apply now. Call (01983) 284299 or visit

6th Form: Back to Business: Now embarking on its third year, the IOW Studio School is growing to provide 6th Form progression to prepare its pioneering students for apprenticeship pathways and university admission. Offering a unique and specialised curriculum, students choose to study academic A levels and Level 2 or 3 BTEC qualifications to tailor their studies more precisely for their chosen career path. Studies are combined with regular work placements and enriching experiences to so that students can build a full and varied CV, placing them head and shoulders above the rest. The work readiness programme develops self-motivated leaders with a can-do attitude, who are driven to succeed.



Left, Burt in full uniform in 1941 and above, relaxing at home

War veteran Bert -

‘one of the lucky ones’! econd World War veteran Bert Earley describes himself as ‘one of the lucky ones’, and when he talks about his war-time trips journey around Britain, repairing vital aircraft under the constant threat of German bombing raids, it is easy to see why! Bert, born, brought up and still living in Cowes, is now 96, and the second eldest of four brothers, three of whom served their country during the war. Eldest brother Frank recently celebrated his 100th birthday; George has sadly passed away, as has Ron, the youngest, who did his National Service after the war ended.


Bert was born in 1920 in Oxford Street, Northwood, and then lived at Somerton Farm, before his family moved into a cottage in Somerton Lane in 1928. He attended Northwood School, leaving at 14, but delayed his departure by one term so he could go on a school trip, cruising to Casablanca, Gibraltar and Corunna in Spain - and all for five guineas, which is £5.25 these days! He made money catching moles at Somerton Farm - earning one penny for every mole he caught before joining a building firm as an apprentice carpenter, earning five shillings (25p) a week for working 46 hours. He was 21 when he joined

the Royal Air Force, stationed initially at Cardiff, and learning his trade as a flight mechanic. During the war Bert was moved around the country numerous times working at RAF stations at Filey in Yorkshire, Harwell near Newbury for 18 months, then Norfolk, and finally RAF Hemswell in Lincolnshire, where he remained until 1945 when the war against Germany ended. He recalls: “Harwell was nearest to the Island, and I came home about every six weeks for a weekend. I came out the barracks gate, thumbed a lift down to Southampton and then came back to the Island. It often took me most of the weekend to get home and then back to camp so I only had a few hours at home. You had to make your own way about and it wasn’t easy.” As a flight mechanic, Bert had to go where he was needed to prepare, service and repair the planes, including Wellington and Lancaster bombers, that were flying missions during the war. He remembers one night during the war Britain lost more than 90 Lancasters. He somehow managed to remain unscathed, until late one night in November, 1944 when he was in a van that collided with a Lancaster as the bomber was being towed by a tractor on the airfield in pitch darkness. He said: “The tail plane hit the van and smashed it up, and I had to go to the sick bay to have pieces of the windscreen removed from my head.

Bert, (third left) with colleuges during the Second World War

But as I said, I was one of the lucky ones.” Although the war officially ended in May, 1945, he was then posted initially to Bombay, travelling on a troop ship for 17 days, before going down through India to Ceylon - now Sri Lanka - to help with the combat that was still raging against Japan. “I used my bike a lot to get around this country, then sold it for 2/6d (12 .5p) before going to Ceylon,” he said.

‘Christmas dinner was a vulture...!’ The conflict with Japan ended in August 1945, following the nuclear bombing of the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and Bert came out of the RAF on February 1st, 1946. “When the Japanese surrendered it was a great relief. But when I was told I could come home, it took me three months. I went from Ceylon to Bombay by boat and train, sleeping on wooden seats, then I was stuck in Bombay for six weeks waiting for a plane to take us home. I was there

Bert (right) with cousin Arthur on the farm at Somerton in 1923

over Christmas, and for dinner I had a turkey leg, but you couldn’t cut it because it was so tough. I reckon it was a vulture not a turkey! “I then flew to Karachi in a Dakota plane and went via the Persian Gulf and Palestine to Tripoli, which took nine hours in a converted Liberator plane that had wooden seats where the bomb bay had been. Eventually I was flown into Cambridge, where I was stuck in a hut with a wet blanket to keep me warm - welcome home! The whole trip took 35 flying hours, and I wondered if I ever would get back.” Two weeks after leaving the Army, Bert married Jean, a girl from County Durham he had met, but seen only a few times because of the war. They were married for 68 years, before Jean passed away two years ago. He returned to the building trade after leaving the RAF, and stayed there until 1965, when he worked on the family milk round around Cowes, Northwood and Gurnard. Sometimes he would be up at 2.0am to start deliveries. The milk round was sold in 1980 to Unigate, where he worked for nearly three years before retiring in 1982. He added: “I’ve always had an active life, I enjoy doing things. But as I say I was lucky because I could have spent the entire war fighting in North Africa, Germany or Italy, and who knows what might have happened to me!”



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Nick finally has the X-factor! BY PETER WHITE

Tucked away in his West Wight workshop, Nick Whittle is painstakingly creating a piece of Island history. Nick has taken on the challenge of building the first X One-design (XOD) keelboat for more than 35 years, and he is only too aware there is no room for error. The X Class boat was originally designed by Alfred Westmacott, who was managing director of Woodnutts Boatyard at St Helens, and they have been racing in the Solent since 1911. The last production X-boat was built in 1984 in Lallows at Cowes, even though it remains one of the biggest fleets at Cowes Week, with usually more than 80 competing. Now Nick, born and bred in Yarmouth, is fulfilling a dream that began 10 years ago when he first worked on X-boats. He said: “This will be the first X-boat ever built in Yarmouth. Basically it is 21ft in length, has a 30ft mast and is designed to race with a crew of three. “It has taken me 10 years to establish the right supplier of the wood, and to understand the boat. It would be unrealistic to build one and not know how get the best out of it. I had to learn what makes them tick, and to feel confident enough to make one capable of competing in Cowes Week, hopefully next year.” Nick, who started Whittle Marine in 2008, is being helped by work colleagues Blaise and Luke. He said: “I started the build in April when the drawings were scaled up to full size and passed. Building started straight afterwards, once the class official measurers were happy that the drawings were correct. We are building out of sipo mahogany, sourced in Central Africa, and a AAA grade Nick with his 78 log. year old keel “The workmanship we are doing, and the traditional build that we are using are proven over several hundred years, so this boat should last at least 100 years.”


by Robin Courage

The Island High Sheriff this month focuses on an ambitious one-off sailing event that will taking place in your area in September. He said: “I attended a dinner recently as part of my preparations for the sailing relay that will be held in the Solent, from Yarmouth, through to Cowes, Ryde and Bembridge, on September 24th to help celebrate Isle of Wight Day. “Every sailing club on the Island is involved, and the relay will begin in

The spine of the boat and the mouldings, ready to fit the planks, are in place, but each stage has to be rigorously checked by officials to ensure everything is the right shape and size - and we are talking tolerance of just a millimetre! “We are hoping Nick Whittle working on his everything we do X-Boat will be to such a specification that eventually we will be able to replicate it as a production boat,” said Nick, who works only on wooden boats, and is looking after around 35 X-boats for their owners, as well a building his own. “The aim is to have the hull and top deck completed by Christmas, and have her afloat for next season, which begins the last week in April.” The final piece of this intricate X-boat jigsaw will be the placement of the keel. And it is somewhat ironic, yet apprpriate, that the keel Nick will use was salvaged from a boat call Delight, XOD sail number 75, which was lost in the fire at Medina Yard, Cowes, in January. Nick said: “I actualy worked on that boat seven years ago, rebuilding it. After it was destroyed we bought the keel back from the insurance company, and will put it in the new boat. The keel itself has a lot of history; it was built in 1938, weighs 650 kilogrammes and was probably cast with bits of ammunition shell and anything they could get their hands on.” He added: “It was a decision I made to build an X-boat and I’m proud it started from nothing, and is now gradually taking shape.”

Yarmouth with a fleet from Royal Solent Yacht Club and Yarmouth Sailing Club. I will be carrying the baton in the Yarmouth RNLI lifeboat to start the relay. “The baton will then make its way through the Solent, carried at various times by four different life boats - Yarmouth, Cowes, Ryde Independent and Bembridge stopping off at each venue where the sailing clubs will be holding their individual events. “The baton will start each race, and it is a big operation on what I hope will be a day to remember, with all the different sailing clubs and four lifeboats pulling together to

stage the event. The sailing clubs involved will be Royal Solent, Yarmouth, Gurnard, Royal Yacht Squadron, Corinthian, The Thames, The London, Island Sailing Club, UKSA, Royal Victoria, Wootton, Seaview, Bembridge, Brading Haven, Yaverland and Shanklin. “The relay will start at 11.0am at Yarmouth, continuing throughout the day, and it is hoped an Island dignitary will receive the baton at the finish in Bembridge sometime in the late afternoon.”



‘We have so much to be proud of on this Island’ ver the past decade the Island has hosted some 50 Royal visits, all of them meticulously arranged, planned and overseen by the Lord Lieutenant of the Isle of Wight, Major General Martin White. In his role as Lord Lieutenant, Martin is Her Majesty The Queen’s representative on the Island, and is one of 98 Lord Lieutenants around the United Kingdom. He served as Vice Lord Lieutenant from 1999 until his appointment in October 2006, and is now about to complete 10 years in his prestigious role. To mark the milestone I spoke to him about the challenges, special moments and even humorous times he has enjoyed with members of the Royal Family. He said: “We have so much to be proud of on this Island, and one of the ways


of marking that is to invite members of the Royal Family to the Island to show them the variety of activities that go on. When I took office I felt I wanted to help set the agenda for Royal visits, and would invite specific members of the Royal Family to see elements of our community.” That has led to those 50 visits, most importantly by The Queen as part of her Diamond Jubilee celebrations in 2012. Martin recalled: “I think that has to be my highlight, having Her Majesty come down. It was a busy schedule, but I think it ran smoothly, and it was a magic day. “One of the things I remember is that Island chef Robert Thompson presented a bag of Island goodies to The Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh. It included some elephant garlic from the Garlic Farm, and when the Duke was shown the elephant

ROYAL PICTURES BY MICHAEL DUNKASON garlic, he said ‘I didn’t know we had any elephants of the Isle of Wight’! “Then at the end of the visit, we went to Somerton Farm for the Royal party to catch a helicopter back home. The late David Biles had cut the grass and when we arrived he and his family were sitting watching proceedings, but as the helicopter came down it blew the grass absolutely everywhere. The Queen thought it was hugely funny!” Perhaps Martin’s biggest challenge came last year when he had to ensure the smooth running of an event that saw no fewer than 13 Royals on the Island on the same day. He explained: “For the bi-centenary of the Royal Yacht Squadron, when we had all those members of different Royal Families together, but arriving and departing at different times. It was a challenge, but it worked. The party included the Duke of Edinburgh, the Princess Royal, Earl and Countess of Wessex, Prince Michael of Kent, and from abroad the King of

Walking in the rain with Princess Royal Norway, the Prince Henrik of Denmark, Prince Albert of Monaco, the Aga Khan, the former King of Spain, King Juan Carlos and King Constantine of Greece. That was certainly my busiest day for Royal visits.” Only a few weeks ago there was a weekend when he had to oversee visits from Prince Michael and the Princess Royal. He said: “Prince Michael started the Round the Island Race, and as he is particularly interested in things mechanical including trains, he visited the Isle of Wight Steam Railway, which coincided with their very popular 1940s weekend. “The Princess Royal was here to name Red Jet 6 and visit the UKSA, and of course Prince Harry came here to compete in the Round the Island Race in a private capacity. “More recently the Duke of Edinburgh came to Cowes Week, and also saw some Island community activities and projects, including the presentation of The Queen's Award for Enterprise to Spinlock in Cowes. Earlier this year the Earl of Wessex came to speak to Duke of Edinburgh award winners, people going through the process, and organisers at Ryde Arena. There is another Royal visit scheduled for this autumn, so it has been

Prince Michael of Kent at the IW Steam Railway

‘It is a tremendous honour to represent this Island where I was born, grew up and went to school. I am the first person to greet a Royal, and the last one to say farewell’ School, and Sandown Grammar School a busy year, but it has worked before going to Welbeck College and particularly well.” then the Royal Military Academy Martin is already busy planning his Sandhurst. He was commissioned in the Royal requests for 2017, and he and his Royal Army Service Corps in 1964, later office composing letters that will go out the Royal Corps of Transport and he was within the next couple of months to the head of the Royal Logistic Corps. His offices of the relevant members of the 38-year Army career also included Royal Family at Buckingham Palace. commanding the logistic effort in the The role of Lord Lieutenant also entails First Gulf War, 25 years ago this year. attending major Lord national Royal Lieutenant is events representing an office you the Island. Martin can hold until attended the your 75th Queen’s 90th birthday, and birthday national when his thanksgiving predecessor service at St Paul’s Christopher Cathedral, followed Bland retired by a reception at Martin was Guildhall. He also among those attends the annual interviewed by Royal Garden party Island goodies, Elephant Garlic and all! ‘a senior man at Buckingham from the Ministry’ as a possible Palace, and other invitations have successor. He said: “Nothing happened included the wedding of the Duke and for a few weeks until I was phoned and Duchess of Cambridge. was told the Prime Minister (Tony Blair) He said: “As Lord Lieutenant you was putting my name forward as the become the continuity person on the next Lord Lieutenant of the Isle of Island. It is a tremendous privilege to Wight, and I had 24 hours to think about represent this Island where I was born, it. I was completely flabbergasted, but grew up and went to school. I am the had no hesitation. It is a great honour.” first person to greet a Royal, and the last one to say farewell. I think the Isle of Wight is a wonderful place for them to visit, not only do we have a great deal to be proud of but we retain a unique Sponsored by Visit Isle of Wight Ltd, connection to Queen Victoria through working with tourism industry to grow visitor economy, Osborne House.” (consumer website) and Martin was born in Seaview, where he (industry resources website and tourism and his wife Fiona still live. He attended newsletters). Tel: (01983) 521555 Ryde School, Nettlestone Primary




This month John recalls his meeting with a British comedy legend


to Southampton instead of a train changed all that.

ack in September 1989 the late Bonchurch entertainment agent Sylvia Thorley, who had introduced me to numerous famous stars like the Beverley Sisters, Don Maclean and Emile Ford, invited me to her Shanklin lunchtime party for all the artists who had worked for her on the Island during that summer. It was by invitation only and she said Benny Hill was coming, as a special guest. I thought ‘that won’t happen’, but I liked Sylvia and decided to go anyway. I walked into the seafront Lincoln Hotel and there was Benny sitting at a table surrounded by lovely young ladies, and obviously enjoying every minute. One or two local girls had been Hill’s Angels in his hit television

Island Hill’s Angels Lesley and Cheryl

shows. Sylvia introduced me to the comedy legend, but I knew he never did press interviews and would not even talk to the Southampton paper and he lived in the city! She was very persuasive and on her recommendation he actually agreed to an interview. It was just as well my cassette recorder was in the car. I just placed it in the middle of the table and the beautiful girls proved a very receptive live audience.

“I had to wait in London until six o’clock to get the coach so I decided to go into the Bijou Cinema, in Victoria, to watch a Danny Kaye film. I came out inspired and thinking if he can do it, I can. I never did take that the coach back home.”

Benny Hill ‘I read all the rubbish about myself but it’s all made up’ Benny Hill was a superstar, with his shows sold to 90 countries, but he never acted like one and that was by choice. He didn’t drive a car; he lived in a modest Southampton house and even did his own shopping. It was well known that he had little time for the press. He told me: “I read all the rubbish about myself but it’s all made up. They keep saying I’m mean. I don’t spend as much on myself as Robert Maxwell or Rupert Murdoch but I do spend more than Mother Teresa does. Am I on the side of the angels or the devil? “Because I don’t spend much on myself it doesn’t necessarily mean I don’t spend it on someone else or give it away.” Benny admitted that earlier in his career he was on the brink of giving up the life of a struggling comic, but his decision to take a coach back

At the time we met in Shanklin there was nowhere in the world he could go without being recognised. He’d recently returned from Spain where he was mobbed in the street. “Apparently in some foreign countries they even stop fighting to watch my shows,” quipped Benny. It was the power of television that made Benny so famous. He began

Benny Hill with Sylvia Thorley and Richard De Vere

in the theatre but quickly realised the worldwide potential of the small screen. Benny always made shows with mass audiences in mind. “Sketches are for people and not a few of my friends. Some comedians work so that six of their mates can say ‘wasn’t that brilliant?’ I don’t want a handful of intellectuals watching me - I want millions.” Thanks to ‘Smiler’ Thorley I received the rarity of a press interview with Benny Hill. Sadly, he never starred in an Island show, but he did turn up at the Lincoln Hotel.

The latest John Hannam interviews and archives are available via and iTunes 13

Now’s the time to pick up your Isle of Wight Day bunting! The first Isle of Wight Day, the brainchild of Island High Sheriff Robin Courage, is fast approaching! Celebrations will be taking place across the Island on Saturday, September 24th, and bunting is now available to any organisation that is planning an event to mark the historic day. An amazing 75 miles of plastic bunting, sponsored by Red Funnel, Wightlink and Hovertravel, has been made for the event, and has been distributed by Steve Porter Transport. The bunting can be picked up from any parish council office on the Island, and all the leading supermarkets and ferry terminals will also have distribution points. The bunting is available in 10-metre lengths, packed in plastic bags. Robin said: “Hopefully this will be the first of many Isle of Wight Days to be held annually. My ambition for this first year was to cover the Island in bunting, and if we can achieve that it will really


kick it off. I would like to see clubs, pubs, restaurants and any organisations who are holding events to put their bunting up a couple of weeks before the big day, and I also urge residents to ‘buy local’ and ‘eat local’ to mark the occasion.

“There will be two trophies, donated by the Chamber of Commerce, that will be presented to the best decorated

area and the best decorated house or buThe People’s Parade on the evening of September 24th will start at The Quay in Newport, and pass through the town on a route that will take it up the High Street the ‘wrong way’, and then into Church Litten, and finishing at St George’s Park, where a Military-style tattoo, organised by the Island British Legion, will take place. Robin added: “We are hoping to have every Island marching band involved, and plenty of carnival floats, and we would love to see every town and village represented in the parade. Historic vehicles will be taking part, along with around 500 Island Freemasons, who will be marching on the Island for the first time since the 19th century.” Further information visit:


Hannah scoops Ladies’ Day Trophy The annual Ladies’ Day returned to AAM Cowes Week with a number of celebrations culminating in the presentation of the Ladies Day Trophy to Hannah Stodel at an exclusive evening reception at Northwood House. The trophy was introduced for the first time in 2006 to champion the role of women in sailing and the sheer number of female competitors racing at Cowes Week. There were some 8,000 competitors in the regatta this year and around a third of them were female. Hannah is a British Paralympic sailor who has represented GB three times in the summer Paralympics and is competing again this month with her team mates John Robertson and Steve Thomas, representing GB at the Paralympics. Hannah is a wonderful ambassador for both women in sailing and disabled sailing. When she’s not Sonar sailing she also lends her skills as a coach and tactician to The Sirens, a privately funded female yacht racing team dedicated to building a presence on the club circuit as a competitively focused all female team. Commenting on her win, Hannah said: “I just can’t believe it. It is enough of a shock to be nominated, but to win is just amazing. It couldn’t have come at a better time in the run up to Rio. It is such a confidence booster, and it certainly made my Cowes Week.”

Hannah (third left) with Kate Johnson, Commerical and Marketing Director, Cowes Week Ltd; Libby Greenhalgh, the 2015 winner, and Amy McLeod from sponsors Slingsby Gin.


Your chance to name new roads I’ve been approached by the developers of new homes to be built off Place Road. Standing by their commitment to engage with the local community, they have invited me to ask for suggestions to help potentially name roads for this new development. Initial suggestions put forward include West Solent Park, as the name for the new development, while Old Oak Road, West Point Road, Wild Cherry Road/ Drive are suggested as names for roads. The developers will market this as a prestigious housing scheme and they have requested that names should reflect this. They also suggest referencing the church and its spire, on the opposite side of the Jordan Valley. If you have alternative ideas for the name of this new development and its roads, please let me know and I will forward these to developers and Gurnard Parish Council. As an added incentive, the developers are offering three £50 meal vouchers at local restaurants for the best suggestions! The deadline for suggestions is 12 noon, Monday September 5th.

Report overgrown hedgerows Please continue to report overgrown hedgerows! Now the bird nesting season has concluded, action is underway to deal with the consequences of this year’s growing season. With Rights Of Way, these are taking longer than usual. In the meantime, please keep in touch and let me know of any issues which you are aware of.

Surgeries 3:30-4.0pm, Tuesday September 6th, Cowes Library, Beckford Road, Cowes. 4:30-5.0pm, Thursday September 8th, Sports Bar, Isle of Wight Community Club, Park Road, Cowes. 12.0-12:50pm, Tuesday September 13th, The Woodvale, Princes Esplanade, Gurnard. 1.0-1:30pm, Wednesday September 21st, The Little Gloster, Marsh Road, Gurnard. 3.0-3:30pm, Wednesday September 21st, Cowes Enterprise College, Crossfield Avenue, Cowes 6.0-6:30pm, Thursday September 29th, The Portland, Worsley Road, Gurnard.

Boat store application conditionally approved Planning Applications for a new boat store in Marsh Road was conditionally approved. Following representations received, Planning Officers have confirmed the ridge height to not exceed 4.5m. On the former Gurnard school site in Cockleton Lane conditions have been amended to remove the pedestrian access to link the new development with Hilton Road. This follows comments from both myself, Gurnard Parish Council and Island Roads who raised concerns about this. On this matter Planning Officers considered these grounds were unsustainable to call-in

this decision. One proposal to redevelop a property in Shore Road was conditionally approved, whilst another more controversial application was refused by Planners. There are a number of ongoing Planning Enforcement matters currently being pursued both in Cowes and in Gurnard. Enquiries are ongoing at Gurnard Pines, where a number of residential occupancies are alleged to be taking place in dwellings consented for tourism/ holiday only use.

If you require support call me on: (01983) 289595, email:, or write to me at: 74 Wyatts Lane, Cowes. Further information can be found on my website:


Looking for local heroes! Do you know an inspirational young person who you think deserves recognition? Do you want to say thank you to a volunteer you know, or do you know someone who works tirelessly to raise money for charity? Do you really appreciate the help your neighbour gives you? If you do, then here is your chance to say a BIG thank you! The annual Isle of Wight Radio’s Local Hero Awards are being held in October and IW Radio are looking for nominations for the members of our community who deserve recognition! Just fill in the nomination form opposite and post it to Isle of Wight Radio, 8-10 Dodnor Park, Newport, Isle of Wight PO30 5XE or visit Here is YOUR chance to show you appreciate the efforts of someone who makes a real difference to your life.


Overall Local Hero 2015 the late Martin Poynter (above), Martin’s family (right)

Wightfibre support to Local Heroes This is the third year Wightfibre have sponsored Isle of Wight Radio’s Local Heroes Awards. WightFibre CEO, John Irvine, said: “Wightfibre takes great pride in being part of our Island community and doing the best we can to give the Island the fastest possible broadband, great TV and the best possible service. At Wightfibre we care about our customers. “It makes perfect sense, therefore, for Wightfibre to join with Isle of Wight Radio to recognise other people on the Island who also care and go the extra mile in their contribution to the community. These are our Local Heroes. It reflects Wightfibre’s company ethos of ‘going the extra mile’ for our customers”. Wightfibre, sponsoring the Isle of Wight Radio Local Heroes Awards, because we care.

Nomination Form All nominees will be entered into the overall Local Hero Award 2016 sponsored by Wightfibre I would like to nominate ................................................................................... Emergency Service Person Award sponsored by The Beacon Magazine

The Inspirational Leader Award sponsored by IFPL

Volunteer Award sponsored by The Earl Mountbatten Hospice

Inspirational Young Person sponsored by HTP Apprenticeship College

Tourism Ambassador Award sponsored by Hovertravel

Best Neighbour Award sponsored by Marvins Property Sales and Rentals

Sporting Achiever Award sponsored by Premier Ford

Make a Difference in the Community Award sponsored by Island Roads

Customer Service Award sponsored by Jewson

Carer Award sponsored by Charmes Care

Why they deserve to win this award? Write your reason on a separate sheet of paper and post with this nomination form to 8-10 Dodnor Park, Newport PO30 5XE by 14th September 2016. For more information or to nominate online see

Your Name...................................................................................................

Phone Number............................................................................................


Your connection with the nominee.......................................................................................


WILL GET YOU AROUND WEST WIGHT Our scheduled services operate over four routes, Monday to Friday, providing residents and visitors alike with improved access across the area. Route A (between Freshwater Bay and Yarmouth) Route B (around Freshwater, Totland and Colwell) Route C (Yarmouth, Freshwater Bay, Totland and Colwell) Route D (Freshwater, Brighstone and Shorwell) For further information, call our office on 01983 752917. Timetables are available on our buses, or via our website at

et All You Can Eat Buff Every Sunday and Wednesday Adults £10.99 Child £5.95 All you can eat

Open 7 days a week 5pm to 11pm including bank holidays

Free Delivery* to Newport, West Cowes, East Cowes & Wootton

*Minimum Order Value Required

75 Upper St James Street, Newport IOW PO30 1LG Tel: 01983 523276 / 01983 523231 Order online: Email:

Starters, Mains, Rice, Naan and Sides

Booking advised 65 Upper St. James Street Newport PO30 1LQ 07807 980756 (Daytime) 01983 526777 (Evening)

For one who wants a longer summer

2 night hotel break in France from £109 per person Sail from Portsmouth and enjoy a stay at some of our customers’ favourite locations in France. From tranquil and chic seaside resorts to historic towns and cities, you’re sure to find the perfect place for you. There are over 20 locations to choose from including delightful Dinan and historic Bayeux. Travel from 1 September

Visit or call 0330 159 6734 Prices shown are per person based on two sharing. New bookings only. Terms and conditions apply – see website for details.


✓ Return day sailings with your car ✓ Two night hotel stay with breakfast ✓ Choose to sail overnight and save 15% on cabins


So much to see and do!’s a special Beacon guide to some of the Island’s top activities

Heritage Open Days

As part of UK Heritage Open Weekend, there will be plenty to see and do at The IW Steam Railway, includng a chance to explore the Train Story Discovery Centre and learn about Victorian and Edwardian railway vehicles. Don’t forget Island Steam Days on September 11th! September 10th and 11th. Isle of Wight Steam Railway - Havenstreet -

Sweetcorn Fayre

The 10th annual Sweetcorn Fayre is being held at Arreton Barns on the weekend of the September 24th and 25th. Having raised nearly £100k for local charities since 2006, this year promises to be bigger and better than ever. Fun for all the family. Entry just £3; under 12’s £1.

Sunset Specials and Carvery Night

Chill out on a late summer evening at The IW Steam Railway by taking ‘The Sundowner’ trip. Enjoy a relaxing journey through the Island countryside, and book a table in the Calbourne Room for a special two-course carvery supper. A real summer evening treat! September 17th. Isle of Wight Steam Railway - Havenstreet -

Nodes Point Premium Park

Park Resorts are offering a special deal on breaks at Nodes Point, St Helens that are too good to miss! There’s 10% off all touring and static holidays until the end of November, including half term. Mention Beacon when calling a member of the friendly staff for details. Tel: (01983) 872401.

Wine Festival

Crisp whites and powerful reds; elegant sparklers and luscious dessert wines. Whatever your taste, come along to enjoy classic wines from around the world, including the Isle of Wight, to taste and purhase. Free admission, free parking, and just £6 for Wine Festival tasting ticket. September 24th and 25th. Isle of Wight Steam Railway - Havenstreet -


Electricall celebrate 3 years Cheap Day to Portsmouth! EVERY Saturday throughout September Leaves 09.30 arrives back approximately 18.15. Visit Portsmouth City, Gunwharf Quays or the Historic Dockyard. Departs Thetis Wharf in Cowes (next to Chain Ferry) Adults £7 / OAPs £6 / Children £5 Price does not include admission to attractions

SPECIAL OFFER! FREE Cup of Tea or Coffee* *Valid throughout September only with the presentation of this advert

Phone for more details 01983 564602 visit and like our Facebook page


Full range of dry, wet and frozen foods for both dogs and cats. Large variety of treats, nibbles, toys and seasonal gifts for your favourite pet. Small animal and bird feed available Extensive range of collars, leads, harnesses and coats, Including Hi Viz, snug and Rechargeable LED collars Quality name tags engraved while you wait. Chilled dog mats and feeding bowls for the hot summer. OPEN MONDAY TO SATURDAY 10AM-4PM, CLOSED SUNDAY 18 HIGH STREET - YARMOUTH - PO41 0PL - 01983 760746 -

Ryde-based Electricall have recently celebrated their third birthday, and have pledged to mark the occasion by continuing to provide the high quality service for which they have become renowned. Headed by company directors, husband and wife Mike and Lisa Cottier, the company offers an extensive range of electrical services across the Island. Mike has 30 years experience in commercial, domestic and industrial electrical works, and he and his dedicated team offer an honest, reliable and professional service Islandwide, and are happy to provide free, no obligation quotations. Electricall are NICEIC and ‘Buy with Confidence’ accredited and are members of the IW Approved Traders Scheme. The company prides itself on always having someone on hand to answer calls during office hours and to turn up on time for their appointments. Mike and Lisa are joined at Electricall by fully qualified electricians Steve New and Lee Scott and apprentice electrician Jonathan Caws, and all members of staff have been CRB checked, enabling them to work among vulnerable people. So for all your electrical requirements, contact Electricall, who are open Monday to Friday each week from 8.0am to 5.0pm, and can be contacted by calling: (01983) 616961, and can also be found on Facebook, Twitter or at


Purr your stresses away – enjoy some feline company People who own a cat feel it has a positive impact on their wellbeing. Cat owners love the companionship they receive from their cat and find stroking their cat calming and therapeutic. Cats Protection is keen to highlight how looking after a pet can bring structure to people’s day, reduce feelings of isolation and loneliness and even lower blood pressure. In addition, a cat’s purr is widely recognised as having therapeutic benefits for humans. Sitting with a relaxed purring cat at the end of a hectic day is a soothing massage for the soul. Perhaps this is because the reassuring hum is generally associated with calmness and gentle

communication, or perhaps it is because the frequency of the vibration is in the range that can stimulate healing. The Isle of Wight Adoption Centre in Ryde has over 50 cats looking for homes. Cats like Florence and Nelson who are simply the friendliest, cuddly lap cats you could wish for and with two purring felines, what more could you ask for.

Enjoy a relaxing Pampurr Evening at Newport Football Club Friday September 30th from 7.0pm to 9.0pm with Cats Protection. £1 entry with lucky ticket, mini treatments (nails, massage, reiki) and stalls, raffle, refreshments.

IOW Adoption Centre, 122 Marlborough Road, Ryde PO33 1AW, Tel: 03000 120 251 20


Garden perfect place to brighten your life Peter White talks to gardening guru Alan Titchmarsh Alan Titchmarsh first started pottering round in gardens when he was just 10 years old. Now, more than 50 years later, he may be a successful TV presenter and author, but he has lost none of his passion for gardening, and the enrichment it brings to his life.


t his home on the Island he is currently building a seaside garden. He said: “I think the most important thing for a garden is that it suits its location. I like gardens that fit into their surroundings, but so often people regard gardens as things just to look at. As a gardener being actually in the garden makes me feel good. “It doesn’t matter whether you have a small garden or a bigger one, the main thing is to make it suit you and your needs. It’s not something you need to be showing off; it should be somewhere to give you the respite and solace to make you feel better; to calm you and enrich your life, which is what it has done to me for an awful long time.” Alan has always enjoyed being part of the Isle of Wight community, and inevitably casts an eye over gardens on his travels. He said: “I am happy to see gardens everywhere. For me they brighten everyone’s lives. Life can be a bit trying at times, and more recently it seems that every time you turn on the television the news is bleak and harrowing.

“So being in a garden gets you back to the reality of life; being among things that grow, part of nature, and having the responsibility to be part of it.” Alan left school at 15 to become a gardener, saying: “I started as an apprentice and just went from there.” Since then he has become a household name, presenting gardening programmes on TV ranging from ‘Gardeners’ World’ and ‘Ground Force’ to ‘Love Your Garden’ and the Chelsea Flower Show. He smiled: “I daren’t really have any more ambitions because I have fulfilled so many. But I think the important thing is to keep on being interested, and do the things I love doing. It is like being a missionary for gardening, but without trying to bore the pants off people. “I would like people to see what I am doing, and then think to themselves ‘I could do that’. I want to make gardening easy and more understandable. For me, the more gardens there are on the Isle of Wight, then the better it is for me and everyone who lives here.”


BUSY BEE GARDEN CENTRE The home of good plants Brading Road, Ryde, IW PO33 1QG. Tel: (01983) 811096

21 9


Registered Healthcare Professional Colin Stockdale RHAD MSHAA AIHHP (Executive Member)

Relax & Revive Enjoy a relaxing spa treatment at BeCalmed this Autumn and take advantage of our special offer.

BeCalmed Spa Experience £55 for one or £99 for two people Your journey to relaxation begins with an infra red sauna with light therapy and is followed by a deeply relaxing aromatherapy hot stone massage and ESPA Radiance Facial. It includes a therapeutic head and scalp massage leaving you feeling total relaxed.

Other treatments at BeCalmed include: Sports massage Holistic Therapy Pre-natal Massage Beauty Treatments Acupuncture IPL, Laser & Aesthetic treatments Download our new app from the App Store or Google Play for our latest offers and discounts.

01983 296655 8 Birmingham Road • Cowes • P031 7BH • 22

 All hearing tests and consultations are FREE  Try before you buy OR RENT a Digital Hearing Aid (£1 a day)  FREE Home Visits  Every brand of Hearing Aid available in the UK  Easy payment plans

The deluxe Digital Hearing Aid Centre

12 HIGH STREET SHANKLIN 01983 865959

3, The Arcade, Cowes PO31 7AR (01983) 200114/299000 @HairdressingH

K & H’s Stylist team have been making their mark since 2006 and have more than 40 years of experience in the hairdressing industry


OakRay Care can offer special facilities - and so much more

Choosing a care home for yourself or for one of your loved ones, is one of the most important decisions you may ever have to make. After living in your own home for many years, it is important you move into a comfortable, friendly environment that gives you a feeling of reassurance, and maintains the standard of living you have been used to. Everything needs to be fresh-smelling, homely and inviting, from the living space to courtyard or garden. It is also important to ensure the home provides the level of care you or your loved one needs, or may need sometime in the future. Private healthcare company OakRay Care prides itself on being able to offer all these special amenities, and much more! OakRay providers have been successfully running Trent House Residential Home in Cowes and Broadhurst Residential Home in Sandown for three years, and recently acquired their third care home, Little Hayes, a beautiful Elizabethan-style residence in

Broadhurst Residential Home Tel: 01983 403686 35 Broadway, Sandown, PO36 9BD

the West Wight village of Totland. Set in an acre of peaceful, secluded and landscaped grounds, the home enjoys sea views and is within easy walking distance of local shops. The 32 single bedrooms are all en-suite and are furnished to a high standard.

informal meetings and answer questionnaires, and their feedback becomes an integral part in decisions affecting their lives. OakRay Care management and their dedicated staff ensure all meals, provided by experienced cooks, are varied and interesting, with

The carers pride themselves on providing personal attention and building positive relationships with those they look after. The Broadhurst home accommodates 23 residents, while Trent House can provide 17 rooms, and in all three of the OakRay Care homes the carers pride themselves on providing personal attention and building positive relationships with those they look after. The home's have a dedicated activity co-ordinator, who ensures a stimulating and enjoyable programme of events. Residents and their families are regularly invited to attend

Trent House Tel: 01983 290596 42 Newport Rd, Cowes PO31 7PW

care taken to ensure a balanced diet with individual needs catered for. OakRay Care welcome enquiries, are happy to give further details on any of their three Island residences. They encourage anyone who is thinking of using their excellent facilities to go along and see the homes for themselves.

Little Hayes Tel: 01983 752378 Church Hill, Totland Bay PO39 0EX


£100 towards your fully pre-paid funeral That’s a good plan For more details visit or call

East Cowes 8-10 Ferry Road, PO32 6RA 01983 291263

Peace of mind for you and your family Flexible payment options

£100 OFF our Pre-paid Funeral Plan Terms & Conditions: 1. This discount is solely redeemable by the presenter of the voucher, who may use it to purchase a plan for themselves or an immediate family member, but must be the person paying for the Plan. The voucher may not be exchanged for cash. 2. The discount will be deducted from the retail price of the Funeral Plan purchased at time of sale. 3. Only one discount is available per transaction. 4. This voucher has no cash value and may not be used in conjunction with any other discount or promotion. 5. The decision of Southern Co-operative Funerals Limited in relation to each discount is final and binding. 6. Voucher will be void if reproduced or photocopied. 7. Southern Co-operative Funerals Limited reserves the right to withdraw this promotion at any time. 8. This voucher is valid until 31.03.2017 BEAIOWcowes/04/16

Local branches at East Cowes Freshwater Lake Newport Ryde Shanklin Part of The Southern Co-operative



Five things you should know about driving on rural roads

Roads are essential to our everyday lives. Sadly, every year on the Isle of Wight there are road traffic accidents which result in people being seriously injured or killed. No fewer than 52% of fatal crashes in Britain occur on country roads. Per mile travelled, country roads are the most dangerous roads for all kinds of road user. Car occupants are twice as likely to be killed on a rural road compared to an urban road, while cyclists are almost three times more likely to be killed in the countryside. However, road deaths and injuries are not inevitable. Here are five things you should know about driving on rural roads • Speed is a major factor in country road crashes. A study of rural single-carriageway roads estimated that a 10% increase in average speed results in a 30% increase in fatal and serious accidents. • While most rural roads have a 60mph limit, this may not be a safe speed to travel. Country roads are often narrow, single lanes and can feature very sharp or blind bends, steep inclines and no pavements or cycle paths for vulnerable road users. They may not be as well-maintained as urban and city roads. Drivers travelling in rural areas need to adapt their driving according to the road conditions. • You need to expect the unexpected, particularly in rural areas. Drivers should be aware that there could be a number of hazards on country roads from slow-moving vehicles such as tractors and caravans to pot holes and debris such as fallen branches. Rural roads may also suffer more from wet and icy conditions. These factors mean that if a driver is going too fast, they may lose control of their vehicle.

• Accidents can occur when drivers get impatient and try to overtake. If you get stuck behind a slow-moving vehicle, it’s important to be patient. Dips in roads, sharp bends and other junctions joining your road often hide oncoming vehicles. In rural areas, avoid overtaking unless it’s absolutely essential. • If you are seriously injured in a road traffic accident and it wasn’t your fault, contact expert solicitors. Whether you’ve been injured on a country road or a busy urban route, you need a specialist legal team behind you that understands the complexity of personal injury compensation claims. Novum Law specialises in helping people who have been involved in serious accidents and can help you secure maximum financial compensation. We can also provide access to the best medical experts and care and support providers available to assist with your recovery. Novum Law is a supporter of ‘Isle Drive Safe’, the Isle of Wight road safety charity launched by families of people killed in road traffic accidents on the Island. It is run by Neal Staley, father of Evey Staley who was sadly killed in August, 2012, aged just 10 years old, by a speeding driver who was twice the drink/drive limit. For more information on the charity visit:

If you or someone you know has been involved in a road traffic accident Novum Law can help with your serious injury compensation claim on a ‘No Win, No Fee’ basis with no financial risk. Please call us in confidence at our Newport office on: 01986 216 964 for free expert advice or email:


When should a person’s dying wishes be ignored? In a case that is being keenly followed by the charity sector, a disputed Will has recently been sent to the Court of Appeal to determine whether an estranged daughter is entitled to money from her mother’s estate. Jessica Measham said: “This case will examine in detail the extent to which a person’s wishes, as written into their will, should be honoured.” In the case in question, a woman left the entirety of her estate to charity. She made clear that she did not want any of her estate to go to her daughter with whom she had been estranged for over 25 years. The Court of Appeal subsequently awarded the daughter £164,000, saying that this was to enable the daughter to purchase her Housing Association property. The charities have been granted permission to bring a further appeal in what will be the first major test of the Inheritance Act 1975, which allows for Wills to be varied in the context of provision for family and dependents. Jessica said: “The most important question that the case will address is what the word ‘maintenance’ means for the purposes of the Act. The Act is designed to permit judges to alter a parent’s will if they need to do so in order to provide for a child’s maintenance needs. So it will be interesting to see the degree to which this is deemed relevant to an adult child who has been estranged for a long period.”

Appointments available at our offices in Cowes and Ryde, also the use of premises in Ventnor High Street and • Wills and Probate Shanklin Regent Street. • Elder Client Issues Home visits available • Conveyancing Islandwide for the disabled and elderly • Lasting Powers at no extra cost. of Attorney

Ryde Office 3-4 St Thomas Street Ryde Isle of Wight PO33 2ND 01983 563765 Cowes Office 13 Denmark Road Cowes Isle of Wight PO31 7SY 01983 618180

Authorised and Regulated by The solicitors Regulation Authority Number 515176. Establised in 1947.


Supporting the Community

LEGAL ADVICE Drop-In Sessions For Wills & Probate



£500 EACH!!

Matters with Jessica Measham on the first Friday of every month 9am - 12 noon* Just call in, no appointment necessary or phone for an appointment 13 Union Street, Ryde



0800 464 0380

PO33 2DU *Please note that dates and times may be subject to change · 01983 817 060 · Regulated by the SRA - Registered Number 45008




No one knows you better than you! Melissa Reeds of Glanvilles LLP explains the importance of Wills and Lasting Powers of Attorney documents here doesn’t seem to be a month that goes by where dementia is not in the headlines for some reason or another. With statistics showing there are 676,000 people in England living with dementia, it is easy to see why this is the case. While we often speak about finding a cure and the research that is being conducted into the condition, we don’t always consider the best way to interact with those with dementia and the information that can assist those living with dementia already. We also don’t necessarily consider what we might need if we were suddenly unable to deal with our finances or what would happen if we could no longer make decisions about our health. Forward planning is therefore the key to ensuring that we are covered in all eventualities. So what planning can be done to cover such situations? Lasting Powers of Attorney documents allow you to nominate a person or persons to deal with your affairs should you become unable to do so yourself. You do these in advance and they are like insurance policies; you make them in the hope that you don’t need them, but if something does happen, your attorneys have the ability to manage your affairs as you would have done yourself. The finance document allows your attorneys to manage your bank accounts etc and the health and welfare document allows your attorneys to make health decisions on your behalf. You should also consider what you would want

people to know about you, should you ever require care and assistance. After all, you are the best person to tell people what you do and don’t like and the things which are important to you. For example, things such your past history, working life, and family members; music you prefer; what items are important to you; do you like watching television; do you have any worries or concerns etc? The aim is to help support you when you may be in an unfamiliar place both in location (should you now reside in care) but also where your thoughts may start becoming unfamiliar to you. No one knows you better than you!

Your attorneys have the ability to manage your affairs as you would have done yourself. Finally, an up-to-date valid Will, dealing with who would deal with your estate and where your assets should go on your death is important in ensuring that your estate is dealt with how you would like it to be. A note of funeral wishes and a funeral director preference is also useful to ensure that your family knows what to do in the event of your death.

The Courtyard, St. Cross Business Park Newport, Isle of Wight, PO30 5BF

Melissa Reeds is a Solicitor at Glanvilles LLP specialising in Wills, Powers of Attorney and elderly client matters. Melissa has a particular interest in assisting those families touched by dementia. Please contact her on or (01983) 527878 for a free initial consultation.


Your Nightclub memories Don’t forget! We want to hear about your memories and stories about nightclubs on the Isle of Wight in the 1970s, 80s and 90s. Please email and we’ll publish the best!


For your small building projects or property maintenance

Brickwork Pointing and Building Work

Fast reliable service l Quality work at excellent prices Top References and recommendations Most outside work without the cost of expensive scaffold Brickwork pointing l Call for a no cost fixed quotation

Call James on 07767608987 Mark Jupe and Son W






The Premises of


From an established Island business known for quality and reliability

Platinum Certificate of Excellence awarded by the Plastic Window Federation for achieving and maintaining an impeccable trading record for the highest standards in both Installation and Customer Service. VISIT US AT 109-113 SCHOOLGREEN RD, FRESHWATER WWW.AMAZINGGLAZINGONLINE.CO.UK CONSERVATORIES WINDOWS DOORS BI-FOLDS ROOFLINE CLADDING


01983 752520 We now do bulk bag deliveries Free delivery in the West Wight

Telephone for a free quote


CALL FOR PRICES NOW 01983 404234 07789 696326 07736 527983


For all your building requirements Sand l Ballast l Chippings l Cement l Plaster l Plasterboard Decorative stones l Plywood l Sawn & planed timber Fence Panels l Trellis l Fence posts in timber & concrete Decking Railway sleepers l Large range of our own paving slabs Hand & electric tools l Plumbing fittings Above & below ground pipework l Bricks & blocks l Tool hire

Golden Hill Park - Freshwater Tel: 01983 756655 28

JM Plastering • All Plastering Works Undertaken • 30 Years' Experience • PLASTERING OVER ARTEX • DRY LINING • COVING • RENDERING • PEBBLEDASH

CALL NOW FOR A FREE ESTIMATE Tel: 01983 629358 Mob:07513570190


Perfect way to safeguard your roof and insulate your loft space Many homes across the Island are wasting precious space because their loft areas have become cold, draughty spaces, and are used for little more than storing unwanted items.


ften the problem is caused by loose roof tiles or slates, which can no longer withstand the elements. But now virtually any loft space, however large or small, can be tansformed into a warm, dry room thanks to the expertise of Islandbased ROOFLOK IW Ltd. ROOFLOK was founded in 1987 by business partners and close friends Simon Ellis and Keith Smallan, aided by respective wives Jackie and Debbie, and has subsequently built a reputation for quality work that can not only safeguard roofs, but bring lofts back to life. Simon said: “We began the company when we successfuly tendered for an IW Council contract to renovate the

roof interiors of 160 of their houses “We stripped off the old tar paper, and then sprayed the underside of the roof with the polyurethane foam to lock and bond the roof tiles and provide insulation.

“The foam prevents future slippage or movement of slates and tiles, and creates an interior waterproof lining that can withstand winds of up to 200mph, as well as keeping out rain and snow.” It’s a simple but effective concept that can normally be carried out on a

roof felt. This virtually eliminates the need for conventional insulation, providing even more space in a loft area. ROOFLOK are able to carry out work right across the Island and on the mainland, and some of their major projects over the years have included the insulation of the Nab Tower in the Solent, and the executive boxes and part of the new stand that was erected at the Aston Villa football ground in Birmingham. They also work on large agricultural buildings, but are more than happy to highlight their expertise on domestic properties. ROOFLOK will provide a free, no obligation quotation so you can discover how your roof can be guaranteed weather-proof and your loft space can be dry, warm and condensation free.

domestic property inside a day, and is backed by a 10-year guarantee. In recent years a new foam has also become available which is not waterproof but expands and provides even better insulation, and can even be sprayed straight onto the back of

Brambles, Upper Hyde Farm Road, Shanklin, Isle of Wight, PO37 7PS Tel: (01983) 863277 or 07780 530720. Email: 29

STAG LANE MOTORS Stag Lane, Newpor t

522443 / 525783

Special Offer MOT £38 (Class 4 cars & motorhomes only)

SERVICING & REPAIRS TO ALL VEHICLES (inc. HGV) 24 hr Breakdown & Recovery

Get ready for Winter!

BANNISTERS GARAGE MOT £29.99 Service from £99.99 VAG specialist Bridge Road l Cowes l PO31 7PB

01983 298349 / 01983 290443

• Bathrooms • Central Heating • Boiler Installation Call today for a free estimate

07737 661 695

• New Builds • Driveways • Garages • Patios • Extensions • Garden Walls • Fully Insured • References available on request



Contact Tony Price 07585775870/01983 760330 Email: FOR A FREE QUOTE

All aspects of vehicle repair and servicing from friendly and trustworthy staff using the latest diagnostic and servicing tools. We can get you back on the road in the shortest time possible     


    



01983 753074

Quality and friendly service






Andrew S. Cooke - Horologist GLASS & TROPHY ENGRAVING Tel: (01983) 752418 Mob: 07734 822348 Email:

F.R Frise Jewellers, Kimberley House, High Street, FRESHWATER, Isle of Wight, PO40 9JX 30




Queen’s Award for FYTbus FYTbus celebrated receiving the Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service, with the Lord Lieutenant, Major General Martin White presenting the crystal award and certificate to volunteers at a tea party at Tapnell Farm, an event shared with some regular passengers, emphasising the true community spirit in which FYTbus operates. FYTbus is really busy on its scheduled routes, assisting local residents and visitors to West Wight to reach the amenities and attractions of the area - Freshwater Bay, Fort Victoria and Yarmouth (via Routes A and C), Colwell and Totland Bays (via Routes B and C) and Compton and Brook Bays (via Route D). Weekly shopping trips and other excursions are in full flow, but give them a call (01983) 752917 if you are a local group who need minibus transport to your special event. They’ll help if they can.

Retired Police Handymen Trusted and reliable handyman services for families, individuals and businesses across the Isle of Wight CURTAINS, BLINDS, SHELVES, PICTURES, FLAT-PACK, PAINTING, DRIPPING TAPS & ALL OTHER ODD JOBS


0800 255 0 255

B atchelors B atchelors Electrical Services Tel: 01983 756146

Plumbing and Heating Ltd. Tel: 01983 756146

New bathrooms l Central heating l Landlord gas safety certificates l Boiler breakdown and servicing l Replacement boilers l Drainage and blocked drains l Guttering and down pipes l All electrical works undertaken l




We also carry out specialist disabled bathroom fitting for the elderly and disabled

l l l l l l l l l

Rewires Testing Consumer Units Heating Extra Lights and Sockets Led Lighting Tv and CCTV Alarms Safety Reports Pat Testing




Dallas Riser Recliners


Mobility Scooters


Unit 4, Old Station Road (Off Mitchell Avenue), Ventnor PO38 1DX Tel: 01983 855545 31




•City & Guilds Qualified


•Friendly, Reliable Service



•Bathrooms Fitted

•No Call Out Charge •Fully insured for domestic and commercial work

Greg Collett - Trained Professional Operator

CALL MARK ON 759035/07984651393

Registered Plumber

Tel: 752027 Mobile: 07955 381269

Call:756060 or 07970 439 245

01983 756936 07979 157267

Telephone 754666

Plumbing Painting & Decoration House Maintenance Tel: 01983 755002 Mobile: 07899 682 937

-Any Job Considered -No Job Too Small

For all your general gardening needs Call Ron on

All aspects of carpentry undertaken

Tel: 01983 752191 Mob: 07717 532 772

Clive Smith

Phil’s Handyman Service

Ron’s Garden Services

Steve Richards Carpentry

Telephone Sockets Audio Systems Pat Testing ...and more

Sound services that you need



Call IW-760559




TRANSPORT A Complete Islandwide Clearance Service • Lofts • Sheds • Garages • Houses

Chris Greenen




Telephone: 01983 520380

753806/07798 621708

Island Repointing


Natural Stone & Brick Masonry Waterproofing & Brick Replacement


Tel: 01983 531461 or 07715 397896

Steve Hadley 25Yrs Exp Local & Reliable

Your local window cleaner

Damp Proof Couse Installation & Cavity Clearance Vacuum Grinding Islandwide Coverage

Tel 754293 / 077687 20034

Mark Carter

Oil and Gas Engineer

Guttering l Fascias l Conservatories l Vehicles Internal & External l Commercial & Domestic

Worcester Bosch Accredited Installer Serving the West Wight and Cowes area Tel: 619111 Mobile: 07771 557769 Gas Safe Registered 28450 Oftec Oil Registered C12814


Boilers Installed, Serviced & Repaired Heating system repairs and upgrades Landlord Gas Certificates issued Agas & Rayburn Serviced Swimming Pool Boiler Services Fires, Cookers, Hobs & Ranges installed Power Flushes and system Cleanses Pre purchase House Inspection If it uses gas we can fix or replace it Natural Gas & LPG & oil

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• All aspects of brickwork undertaken • Dust controlled grinding • Lime pointing • Cavity Works • Wall tie replacements • Free quotes & advice

Call Richard 400107 / 07841582767

Table Top Sale BEFORE

The Islands longest established double glazing company


• Windows, doors, conservatories, porches, guardian roofs and much more • Domestic, commercial, trade and diy • Extensive range of colours and styles Under N E Call TODAY for a free quote ManagemW ent!

A Table Top sale, in aid of the Links Trust, will be held at the Lions Club, Lake on October 15th from 11.0am. Parking is available and light refreshments will served. There will be bargains to pick up from just 50p!

Podiatry / Chiropody Clinic All your foot problems dealt with General Chiropody w Nail Surgery Biomechanics w All Ages Welcome Miss L.E.N. Davison BSc (Hons) MChS, 1 York Avenue, East Cowes, IW

Please call for an appointment: 299899

Surgery open Mon - Fri 9am - 5pm

01983 523552

ALSO Wheelchairs • Bath lifts • Walkers • Adjustable beds & chairs • Accessories

FREE ISLANDWIDE DELIVERY Great deals on mobility scooters and lift and recline chairs

New store NOW OPEN in Avenue Road FRESHWATER 755565 SHANKLIN 866431 56 Regent Street

NEWPORT 533500 9 St Thomas Square

Little Hayes Care Home


Open Mon-Sat 8.30am-4.30pm

electric shop

Bosch Beko Creda Electrolux Dimplex

Hotpoint Phillips Samsung Whirlpool & more...

Vacuum Repair Service

Home Appliance Spares

Cookers Refrigeration Home Laundry Our experienced team have enjoyed providing care for over 40 Years. We have 32 en suite bedrooms; some with sea views or overlooking the gardens. We have 2 lovely lounges and a busy dining room providing nutritious and tasty food 24 hours a day. Every day offers activities and socialising or peace and quiet it’s always your choice, after all it’s your home.

Great care is only a few miles away Call (01983) 752378 and ask for Amanda or email Little Hayes, Church Hill, Totland, PO39 0EX.

Henry Vacuums Microwaves Orchard Street • Newport • Tel: 01983 522420 Now located in new larger premises (behind Newport bus station)



Spot the six differences, fill in the form below and send this page into us for the chance to win one of this month’s prizes. Brought to you by

This month’s prizes are... 1

£30 Voucher for Michelangelo's Restaurant - Ryde (01983) 811966 T&Cs apply


3-night touring pitch with Park Resorts at Nodes Point, St. Helens (01983) 872401 T&Cs apply


Choice Carpet and Furnishings £50 voucher (01983) 406055 T&Cs apply


Group Swim for 4 people at 1 Leisure (01983) 823828 T&Cs apply

Congratulations to our July winners Tea for Two at the Royal Hotel - Ventnor

Adam Spence - Sandown Family Ticket for Roman Gladiator Spectacular - Brading

Keith Blayney - Ryde

Pair of Saturday Shopper Tickets courtesy of Solent & Wightline

Kathy Ball - Newport

Closing date - September 30th 2016 When sending your entry to us you MUST ensure that you use the correct postage. Terms and conditions available on request. Prizes must be claimed within 30 days of the draw date. I am happy to be contacted by the sponsors

Group Swim for 4 people at 1Leisure

Teresa Syrett - Freshwater

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Address: Postcode:

Email: Send your entries to: IW Beacon Competition, 8-10 Dodnor Park, Newport, Isle of Wight, PO30 5XE

The Se pte will be mber winne Tuesda announced o rs y n Toppin October 4th g in th on e Mor ning the isl and’s fav ourite 107 & 102

The Solent Deal Greater powers for South Hampshire & the Isle of Wight

Have your say on proposals to bring government funding and decision making powers to the Solent area The Isle of Wight Council, Portsmouth City Council, Southampton City Council and Solent Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) are in the process of negotiating a devolution deal with government. We would really value you spending a few minutes to provide some feedback on our proposals for a Solent Mayoral Combined Authority.

The Solent Mayoral Combined Authority could provide greater local powers and funding for: • business support and innovation; • housing and planning; • learning, skills and employment;

• transport and infrastructure.

We are consulting on the ‘draft Governance Scheme’ which is a legal document that sets out the plans that will be sent to central government.

CLOSING DATE 18 SEPTEMBER 2016 If you want to find out more come along to our public meeting:

Medina Theatre, 31 August, 4.30 to 6.30pm To have your say, complete a survey online at or get a paper copy from your local library

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