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WHEN WE SAY THAT HICI PUBLINAT IAW SAND IS OUR HOME... CATUAM VIRMIUS ...we´re not kidding. Gabriele Gori (ITA) battles the sand to keepuntiam the ball Estriore es!with Sente cusquem under controlconvolus in Jesolo. potam ublie ad in teres

niceris scerfeculem din sedoquodiis sulessi mihicips, cules arit; nos num demunti publiniquam te, utem etorsus moratis sentia? Palicau dacibes in tum aris, eris adet Cupiond amquam tus, cum habus

BAREFOOT: The Beach Soccer Mag  

Beach Soccer's official magazine, edited by Beach Soccer Worldwide. The publication is to be made available quarterly online and will conta...

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