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The winning mother of Beach Road Magazine’s Best Mom 2014 writing contest, Ha Jin Jung. Shot on location at Mango Resort in Koblerville, Saipan CNMI. Special thanks to Elly Stoilova, Director of Sales & Marketing Left: Merlita Perez Alita, 2nd place winner of BRM’S Best Mom 2014 contest


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Photos by: Corey Shadow

A Mother’s Day to remember

The gift of fitness for Mother’s Day

These Girls are on Fire Stellar Marianas presents its candidates for the 2014 Miss Marianas Teen Pageant

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A Mother’s Day to Remember Winners of Beach Road Magazines’s Best Mom 2014 contest

By Joy White • Photos by Corey Shadow

The winner of Beach Road Magazine’s Best Mom 2014 writing contest is Ye Lee Cha, who wrote about her mother, Ha Jin Jung. Jung is a mother of four. Her sons are Seung Rim Cha, 20, in the military; Seung Jun Cha, 19, in college; Seung Hwan Cha, 18, in high school; and Ye Lee, 11. While English is Jung’s second language, her daughter Ye Lee helped to tell her story: In addition to raising her children, Jung is very involved with her church. She teaches Bible study to young children, organizes church events, and provides other community service. She also does a great deal of cooking for the church and its events. When Jung first found out she was to be a mother, she was nervous and excited. From the start she began worrying about her children’s well being, she wanted to make sure were children her healthy. Despite her concerns, her children grew up healthy, and she was happy being a mother. Her children made her laugh and smile. For Jung, being a mother is being there for her children to help in times of needs and care for her children if something were to happen. 4

MAY 2014

“My mom isn’t beautiful, she’s skinny and doesn’t know English. But she has a treasure which is her big and beautiful heart that no one has. She doesn’t complain about hard work and doesn’t give up. She is weakly, sick but never forgets to smile or be happy.” ~ Yee Lee Cha, 11, 6th Grade, Saipan Community School


She uses all her resources for her children, often spending more money on her children than herself. Jung sacrificed a lot for her children, making sure they were taken care of before resting herself. She put her children’s needs before her own, including her desire to play badminton. She loves being a full-time mother because it enables her to give all her attention to her sons and daughter. In addition, she does her best to help them excel in school by dropping them off and making sure they have tutors. For Jung, the rewards of being a mother will be realized when her children become adults and are able to return the care and love for her. Jung’s favorite Mother’s Day memory is when her sons and daughter gaver her flowers and a letter, encouraging her and expressing their love for her. Jung would rather celebrate quietly, instead of having a big party. However, she does appreciate the flowers and letters her children give her. As the winning contestant, now Ha Jin Jung will get a Mother’s Day to remember, including a brand new cellphone from Docomo, cool mother’s day gift basket from MarPac, one-night stay in a Deluxe Room for two at Pacific Islands Club, a special Mother’s Day flower bouquet from Island Touch by Philip, hair and make-up service by Eydie Uy at Makeover Salon, gift certificate from National Office Supply, gifts from Coca Cola, Foremost & Scoops, Infinity 8 Salon & Spa’s Massage/Facial/Hair spa & sauna package, and gift certificates from Cutz & Colours Salon and McDonald’s.

maY 2014



Merlita Perez Alita, 2nd Place Winner, BRM’S Best Mom 2014 contest Merlita Perez Alita is the mother of two children: Khrystelle Lysa, 10, and Khristian, 12, and also works for the Duty Free Shopper’s Prada Shop. “For me, the rewards of being a mother are to see my children growing up respectful, good people and taking their studies seriously. My children go along very well so I never feel stressed,” Alita says. Her best Mother’s days are when her children give her cards thanking her and expressing their love and support, which is every Mother’s Day for her. “That is more than enough for me,” she says. She enjoys celebrating the holidays with her family, but this year Alita will only be celebrating with her daughter Khrystelle Lysa. “This Mother’s Day will be a little bit sad and incomplete because my husband and son are in the Philippines,” she says. Khristelle entered her mother in the contest. Khristelle is in 5th grade, and is attending William S. Reyes Elementary School.

“My mom is the best because her love and care for me is my strength. She’s my comedian when I’m sad and she’s my doctor when I’m sick. My mom forgives me when I make mistakes because she trusts me that I will not do it anymore.” ­~ Khristelle Lysa A. Itaas, 10, 5th Grade, William S. Reyes Elementary School Perry Ayuyu Doris Javier, 3rd Place Winner, BRM’S Best Mom 2014 contest Perry Ayuyu Doris Javier is the fulltime mother of six young children: Cody, 13; Kendra, 11; Kenneth Jr., 9; Kenny Ambrose, 6; Kenalynn, 5 and Kennedy, 3. Javier recalls the disbelief and worry when she first found out she was to be mother, but since then her feelings have changed. “In my opinion, what makes a good mother is always being there for my children to help and assist them whenever they need me,” says Javier. “My children fill me up,” says Javier, and this feeling is the reward of motherhood. “ They mean everything to me. The only stresses I feel is when my children are sick when I need to stay up and care for them,” she says. Her favorite Mother’s Day was a get together at the beach at Ladder Beach two years ago. Although she loves her children, she is looking forward to a Mother’s Day when she and her husband, Kenneth, can be alone together and have some quality time. Javier was entered in the contest by her daughter Kendra Jiana Javier Dela Cruz, who is 5th grade at Dandan Elementary School.


MAY 2014


“My mom is the best because she takes care of me and my brothers and sisters. My mom also is so kind to us and other people. My mom also likes to play fun things with us. My mom also is the best at cooking pancakes. I love my mom.� ~ Kendra Jiana Javier Dela Cruz, 11, 5th Grade, Dandan Elementary School

maY 2014



Moms, give yourselves the gift of fitness for Mother’s Day by Carmen Rojas

ince May is the month for Moms, I decided to write this article about the fitness needs of moms as S they mature. Let’s talk about the fitness needs of new moms, moms with school age children, and empty nest moms. As women, we always care about our appearances, and our health is often not an is-

sue until it’s a major issue. We understand how fitness helps us, but we have a hard time finding the time and schedule space to exercise. Here are a few tips for three stages of our lives as moms that will allow even the busiest mom to fit in fitness! For new moms, the common primary goal is to get back to ing hormones. The answers are typically to incorporate exercise

your pre-baby body. For some women this is easy and for others it will be a struggle for years to come. In my experience one of the biggest predictors of a new mom’s ability to regain her pre-baby body is the condition of her body prior to becoming a mother. Generally speaking the better shape you are in before you become a mother the easier it will be to regain your body after the baby. Also compounding the problem is lack of sleep and chang-


MAY 2014

into the routine in small doses, try to get more sleep when you can, and nursing. Go for walks with the baby, or attend a “Mommy and Me” class. Sleep is a premium and the more you exercise, the more tired you are likely to be. Naps are priceless. Try to sneak in sleep when you can. Finally, nursing helps to regulate the change of hormones and has a fat burning affect. Statistically women that nurse loose the baby weight faster than those that do not.


With school age children the challenge is usually fighting aging and the weight gain that can occur at this stage of life. Juggling the schedules of one or more children, a career, and other personal ambitions can cause a woman to downgrade the priority of health and fitness out of pure necessity. My suggestion is to exercise when the kids exercise. If they have baseball practice, walk the perimeter. If they have karate practice, see if there is a stationary bike you can ride. Developing a routine and a schedule for fitness is the key to succeeding at this stage.

matter which stage you are in you can incorporate fitness into your lifestyle and make the most of the time you have. As your children grow and mature your fitness activities can grow and mature as well. Make it a goal to lead other moms by example and add regular fitness to your daily routine, today.

Once the children leave the nest the challenge becomes aging. Often when the kids are out of the way our attention can turn toward travel, fixing up the house, or other personal pursuits that are often pushed aside while the children are young. Baby weight is just plain weight at this point, but as we age it can become more dangerous. So the key to fitness at this age is to find what you like and do it. If you like dancing, try that salsa or ballroom dancing class you have been putting off. If you like to swim, get a flattering swimsuit and jump in. At this age you can be the focus of your life. Make the fitness you like the focus of your fitness routine. As we moms go through the stages of our lives our needs change. As quickly as our children grow, our goals and priorities shift and fitness does not always follow closely behind. No

maY 2014







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1 Garapan Street Market


MOVIES • The Amazing • Spider-Man 2 • Belle • Walk of Shame premiere at Regal Cinemas

2014 Marians March Against Cancer





5th Annual 5K Hope Run Starting Time: 6:00AM Location: Garapan Fishing Base Price: $15


8 “Coca-Cola” is first introduced at Jacob’s Pharmacy in Atlanta, GA on this day in 1886. It’s also the company’s 125th anniversary.





16th Annual Taste of the Marianas 2014 Marians March Against Cancer at Hopwood Junior High School Field, Chalan Piao

10 16th Annual Taste of the Marianas


17 16th Annual Taste of the Marianas

Northern Marianas College Charter Day Time: 5 pm to 10 pm Location: As Terlaje Campus




22 Garapan Street Market


On this day in 2007, “Coca-Cola” acquires glacéau, maker of vitaminwater®

MOVIES • Neighbors • Chef • Moms’ Night Out premiere at Regal Cinemas

MOVIES • Godzilla • Million Dollar Arm premiere at Regal Cinemas

On this day in 1976, the campaign “Coke adds life to...” was launched on TV in the U.S.




Garapan Street Market

Mother’s Day




Memorial Day



The Coca-Cola Company’s first automatic fountain dispenser debuts at the Century of Progress Expo in Chicago on this day in 1933.

29 The first “Coca-Cola” newspaper ad appeared in the Atlanta Daily Journal on this day in 1886.

Garapan Street Market

23 MOVIES • X-Men: Days of Future Past • Blended premiere at Regal Cinemas

30 MOVIES • Maleficent • A Million Ways to Die in the West premiere at Regal Cinemas

24 16th Annual Taste of the Marianas

31 16th Annual Taste of the Marianas

In May 1886, the month of the drink’s introduction, the first “Coca-Cola” advertisement was an oil cloth sign at a drug store awning with “Drink Coca-Cola.”


Proudly serves refreshing


*Event times and dates may change without notice. “Coca-Cola” is a registered trademark of The Coca-Cola Company.


For showtimes: 234-9000 or visit

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How Fishery Research and Boating Access sections benefits us By Emma Itibus

In 1981, the Division of Fish and Wildlife (DFW) was established and recognized as the lead natural resource agency in the CNMI. Part of the division’s responsibility is to oversee the maintenance of boating facilities, and the management and assessment of the CNMI’s aquatic fishes and their habitat. These duties are fulfilled by two separate sections of DFW: the Boating Access section and the Fishery Research Section.It is the responsibility of these two sections to assure the perseverance and endurance of our marinas and marine life and habitat.

The Fishery Research Section (FRS) is responsible for restoring, maintaining and managing various fishery resources. These resources include, but are not limited to, marine and freshwater fish and their associated habitats. By embarking on various research projects, the Fishery Research Section determines what needs to be done in order to better manage and preserve the CNMI’s waters. Research projects help the FRS develop ways that will benefit the fishermen, and the community by increasing public awareness, or putting forth information that was not available before. Some of the ongoing FRS projects are the Tagging Study, Fish Life History, Fish Aggregating Device, and Marine Sanctuaries. Ongoing research projects are carried out for a multitude of reasons, and although the objectives and approach of these projects differ from each other, they share the common theme of promoting better and beneficial fishing habits.


MAY 2014

The main goal of the Boating Access Section is to construct, operate, and maintain the CNMI’s boating facilities. This section was implemented in order to provide safer and easier access routes for boaters. It is the responsibility of the Boating Access Section to maintain all marinas and launching ramps in the CNMI. Boating Access ensures that all launching ramps, marinas, and associated facilities are useable and safe for public use. Boating Access ensures that the following marinas and ramps are properly maintained: Smiling Cove Marina, Tinian Marina, Rota West Harbor Marina, Sugar Dock launching ramp, Fishing Base launching ramp, DFW ramp, and Tanapag launching ramp. In order to carry out its projects and goals, FRS and Boating Access participate in the Sportfish Restoration Program. Through this program these sections are able to get funds so that they will be able to properly carry out projects that will benefit the CNMI. The Sportfish Restoration grant facilitates a “user pay, user benefit” idea to garner funds for the allocation to the various areas that participate in their programs. The focus of the Sportfish Restoration Program is to provide funds to agencies that will implement programs which will help restore and better manage fishery resources.

If you have any questions or would like more information about the Fishery Research or Boating Access Sections, please contact the Division of Fish and Wildlife in Saipan at 670-664-6006.


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These Girls are on Fire Stellar Marianas presents its candidates for the 2014 Miss Marianas Teen Pageant

Contributed by Stellar Marianas • Photos by Jojo Alepuyo

After six years hiatus from the stage, Stellar Marianas, the islands’ nonprofit pageant and talent group is coming back with a theme that promotes confidence and empowerment for today’s young women, starting with the 2014 Miss Marianas Teen Pageant. Sixteen beautiful young women are competing be crowned as teen queen in July and to compete in the Miss Teen International in Jacksonville, Florida next year. “We are super excited for the opportunity to be back on stage and help bring a positive and worthwhile community event for our young women. We would like to thank our supporters and volunteers for making this happen and we look forward to an amazing pageant year,” says Laila Boyer, president of Stellar Marianas. Miss Teen 2014 will win a crown, trophy, sash and flowers, $1,000 cash, all-expense-paid travel opportunity to compete at Miss Teen International, all-expense-paid travel opportunities, a new smartphone, a one-year supply of beauty products, a one-year gym membership and personal trainer, one-year use


MAY 2014

of a personal stylist and manicurist, a professional model portfolio, a four-piece luggage set from Stellar Marianas, and an opportunity to create and implement a community project under her name and with the assistance of Stellar Marianas. On July 5, the candidates will compete in a talent show, a week before the pageant finals. The candidates will also compete in “fun fashion” which will allow them to design their own costumes; the evening gown event; question and answer; and personal interview with the judges which will account for a big portion of the final score. The pageant follows the Miss Teen International format. Shirley Sablan, community director of Stellar Marianas, says the girls will have a chance to bond, enjoy and build relationships. “We are grateful to our sponsors who are supporting us in this pageant including Mariana Resort & Spa, Pretty Tours and Naked Fish. We look forward to additional sponsorships down the line,” she says. The candidates have already started making their presence


known. The contestants made a public appearance during the Saipan Rotary Club Rock to Read event at the Multi-Purpose Center, participated in the first PICHafaAdai Fun Run, performed at the Flame Tree Arts Festival, helped at the American Red Cross Walkathon and the Marianas Resort Golf anniversary golf tournament and are scheduled for more community events. Boyer says requirements to compete in the pageant included letters of recommendation from teachers and counselors, and a copy of student report cards with at least a 3.0 GPA or above. Extra-curricular activities and other academic achievements of the applicants were also considered. Stellar Marianas is a non-profit pageant and talent group. Stellar Marianas took a break in 2008 but comes back this year with the launching of Miss Marianas Teen and Miss Marianas Universe in January next year. Its other officers are Sonya Dancoe, vice president; Carline Sablan, secretary; MaritesYumul, treasurer; Nadine Pudney, national director; Alexie Zotomayor, public relations director; Jojo Alepuyo, video and photography director; Manny Borja, choreographer; Curtis Dancoe and Lawrence Boyer, stage and logistics directors; and Michelle Sablan, program and decor director.

maY 2014



The Candidates 2014 Miss Marianas Teen Pageant

Maria Theresa Dizon, 16


MAY 2014

Nemerlyn Magat,15

Marcelyn Castro, 16

Aiko Erungel, 17


Chelsea Karen Fama,16

Sheena Serrano, 17

Renita Fleming, 14

Gianna Camacho,16

Allysha Lloren , 17

Tiana Reyes, 16

Emmalou Cabrera, 17

Lynette Vasquez, 17

Savannah Delos Santos, 16

Aurora David, 17

Jacklyn Garote, 16

Michelle Faller, 17

maY 2014



Thank you for making BRM’S Best Mom 2014 writing contest a big success! We were very impressed the nearly 250 entries we received from our students. Our sincerest appreciation goes to the principals, teachers and students of Dandan Elementary School, Garapan Elementary School, Kagman Elementary School, Koblerville Elementary School, Saipan Community School, San Vicente Elementary School and William S. Reyes Elementary School. We would like to share with our readers some of your heart-felt messages for your moms. CONGRATULATIONS! YOU ARE ALL WINNERS IN OUR HEART!

Why is my mom the best?

“Her heart is bigger than the universe. Her smile is brighter than the stars. Her laugh is as soothing as a lullaby.” — Kalena DLC Flores, WSRES (Mom: Alva T. Dela Cruz) “My mom is my superhero. Whenever I need help with homework, she is always there to save the day. She supports me and takes care of me.” — Abigail Noelle D. Dewitt, KoblervilleES (Mom: Lois N. Dewitt) Koblerville “My mom is a good role model. She puts her needs aside for everyone else’s. She reads with me, helps me with homework, and teaches us right from wrong.” — Abigail Inabo Pagelinan, 9 years old, 3rd Grade, San Vicente Elementary School (Mom: Corry Inabo Pangelinan) “She is my role model. She taught me awesome things when I was little. Her love is my inspiration in school. I am what I am because of her.” — Zachary Leon Guerrero, GES “She raised my brother and I to be good kids. She taught us how to be honest and always speak our minds.” — Ichiro Borja, GES


MAY 2014

“Even though she usually gets mad at me, I know she only wants the best for me.” — Eduard M. Ayuyu II, KES (Mom: Trisha Q. Richards)

“She tries to help me with things that are hard to understand. She always encourages me to read. My mom tries to treat me as an equal and a friend.” — Ayu Shadow, SVES (Mom: Laura Hsiao) “She not only shows her love to us, but to the community. She is a strong woman. She teaches me a lot of things so when I grow up, I would be just like her.” — Ramhae Andrea Awit, SVES (Mom: Maria Annamae Adaza) “My mom is my best friend. She taught me how to be strong, to be nice, to respect other people and to love God. She is always there for me when I need her.” — Nelson Batallones, WSRES (Mom: Judith Batallones)


maY 2014



The Joys of Motherhood By Joy White

role of being a mother is to make my children the most God fearing people that they can be. Their relationship to God will guide them in their whole existence and will fulfill what they aspire in life; treat people with respect and their self value.

Cindy MacarAnas, is a mother of three. She has a 23 year old daughter named Tanya in the Army, a 20 year old son named Josh in college in California, and 16 year old son named Thad attending high school. Macaranas is also a small business owner and worked with the CNMI Arts Council. In your opinion, what makes a mother? Being a single mother of three children is a gift of a lifetime. They come in as a priority when it comes to my decision making. My life revolves in them, within them, and being with them. I’m a meticulous mother. I want to make sure that I will supply my children needs in addition, afford what they want when they are rewarded. Being a passionate person, I’m a very loving mother to my children; I want to show my love to my children every day. Saying “I love you” every single day to them has been our vocabulary. We say that to each other often. My ultimate 22

MAY 2014

chance to become a mother, I will follow her disciplining techniques and the way she has given us her children her unconditional love.

What are the rewards of being a mother? For me, my rewards for being a mother are permanent from the time of conceiving all my children. As I see them growing as young adults, I feel that they have continue to carry out what I have taught them; value their self, self respect so they can respect people as well. My daughter Tanya has fulfilled her dream to be a soldier. She wanted to serve her country and just doing that made me the proudest mother on earth. I would not ask for any rewards but to witness my children achieving their dreams and grateful satisfaction being God’s servant.

Lynette Atoigue Sablan is a mother of two girls, Raynalynn, 18 , and Lynnaray, 14 . Sablan works for the Department of Commerce/Small Business Development Center. Like all mothers, worrying is a big part of her life, and although she strives to balance work and motherly duties, she believes children come first.

How has being a mother changed how you feel about your own mother or grandmother? My mother is my role model. I have a lot of respect to her when I was growing up and told myself that if I have the

In your opinion, what makes a mother? All mothers are unique in their own way. My opinion for what makes a mother is that she loves unconditionally, places the needs of her children before her own, provides for the well being of her children, regardless if they are young or old What are the rewards of being a mother? Unconditional love from their children.

PROFILE FEATURE How has being a mother changed how you feel about your own mother or grandmother? Being a mother did let me change how I feel towards my mother. Although my mother and I have lived separately for many years, I have learned many motherhood lessons from her. She is my mentor, my source of guidance, the person who gave me life and I love her unconditionally. Thank you for everything mom…. I love you so much.

What are the rewards of being a mother? Raising up kids to love God and have servant’s hearts. With a toddler and an infant, I try to treasure the simple little things. Hearing my two year old pray in his sweet little voice and finishing with a hearty “AAAAmen!” is just about enough to make me melt into a big puddle. From the perspective of how it has been affected me specifically – I used to have way more insecurities and concerns about what people thought and expected of me. I’m not perfect, but now, as the expression goes, I’ve got bigger fish to fry. How has being a mother changed how you feel about your own mother or grandmother? If so, how? I have always had respect for my mother but it has intensified since I became a mother. I am the only child to a single mother and now that I have my own kids, I don’t really know how she did it. I can see now how many of the decisions she made were in my best interest rather than her own, she truly lived, and continues to live, sacrificially. I didn’t always see that then.

Kayla Dominique Wood is the mother of two young boys, Caleb Wesley, 2, and Micah Aaron, 9 months. Wood is a stay at home mom and admits being a mother is like having a full time job. In addition to being a stay at home mom, her family is a church planting family for Church 360 among other activities.

Karen Ann Alla is a 5th grade teacher at Kloberville Elemenaty School and the mother of three young boys, Leonard Isaiah, 11, Matthew Roy, 9 and Kyle Andre, 6. Alla balances her career and motherly duties by including her children in activities that she is involved in.

In your opinion, what makes a mother? A mother is one who chooses to take care and be responsible for another human being. She is a teacher, a friend, a protector, a maid, a counselor, and source of strength and wisdom to her child. She will always seek the best for her children and fight for it till the end. What are the rewards of being a mother? The genuine love and care I receive from my children will be a top reward for me. Everyday, my sons always tell me how much they love me. Not only that, they’ve also shown it through their gestures. Yes, kids will be kids. They get naughty and out of hand sometimes, but when they tell me they love me and they hug and kiss me, all my worries goes away. It’s magical! I can never feel really angry towards them after that. Has being a mother changed how you feel about your own mother or grandmother? Definitely yes. I used to think that my mom was being over protective of me as I was growing up. Now, I realize that I am the same way. I fear for my children. I couldn’t stand to see them get hurt. As much as possible I want them to enjoy life and get the most out of it. Having kids, made me more appreciative of my mom. I am ashamed for treating my mom differently back then. I wish I can take back the time and be a better daughter.

In your opinion, what makes a mother? Giving birth isn’t the only thing that makes you a mother in my book. A mother nurtures her children while at the same time training them in the way they should go. Being a mother [should] take you to a new level of selflessness. Sometimes it’s finding the beauty in the 7th dirty diaper of the day, the kisses that come with a little bit of snot, the not so gourmet grilled cheese sandwich, the five hours of sleep that felt like two, and the mystery gunk stuck to the bottom of your foot.

maY 2014



Minellia Castro bags 3rd place at the recently concluded CNMI Women’s Golf Association at the Pacific Islands Club on April 14.

Local artists Jeannie Nekaifes, Flowerpot Salas and Cecilia Selepeo showing off their beautiful hand-made choker beads at the opening day of the 33rd Flame Tree Arts Festival in Susupe on April 25.

Arthur Sonheim, wins CNMI Public School System Librarian of the Year 2014. Sonheim is the librarian for WSR Elementary School in Chalan Kanoa. Photo taken at the school cafeteria on April 8.

The Indalecio family enjoys the entertainment at the 33rd Flame Tree Arts Festival.

LJ Castro of Power 99 is shown with Mariana Alvarez during the Week of the Young Child and Let’s Move Marianas event on April 12 at Garapan Central Park. maY 2014



33rd Flame Tree Arts Festival, April 25 to 27, 2014, Civic Center, Susupe Saipan

Students Raynelyn Sakisat, Julene Barcinas, and Joy Celis assist the Rota delegation at the Flame Tree festival on opening night on April 25.

Filipina artist Rosemarie Diaz is shown with Lou Mafnas and niece Brina Reyes. Diaz bagged 2nd place and $1,000 during the 2013 Flame Tree arts competition sponsored by Bridge Capital LLC.

Suni Quitugua, board member of the Arts Council and a local artist with her fabric silk leis, mwarmwar, hand-painted flowers, island print flowers and beaded flowers.

The Council for Arts and Culture’s hardworking staff on the opening night. 26

MAY 2014


Week of the Young Child, Saturday, April 12, 2014, Garapan Central Park

NMI Volleyball Association Vice President Gabriel Whites and Jeane Bracken, volunteer and certified referee are shown with young enthusiasts (from left) Luis Ogo, Dominic Kaipat, Deserae Tagabuel and Joaquin Ruben. NMIVA gave out shirts, mouse pads, pins and more to kids for giving volleyball a try.

Representatives from the NMI State Library. Shown in photo are (children in front) Gabriella Burns and Alyssa Muyon; (Seated from left ) Beth Demapan and Xerxes Mangareru; (at rear are) Rosalyn Ajoste and Celina Foreman with two volunteers.

The staff and volunteers from the Division of Youth Services. (Seated from left) Lina Wabol, Gina Nekaifes, Silvester Javier; and (standing from left are) Jennifer Tegita, Maria Olopai, Josephine Basa and Junnie Masga.

Non-Communicable Disease Bureau staff. (From left) Trina Sablan, Jody Ogo, Kimberly Sablan and Adela Tadao. maY 2014


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