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June 2014

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Edwin Propst with youngest son, Logan Kane, now 10 months old. Left: Ed Propst with daughter, Kiana Lei, nine years old. Photos by: Armando Anasan of Saipan TV Productions.


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A Parade of Fathers

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The Hunter family from left: Robert’s granddaughter Eva, son-in-law Ricky, daughter Daizy, wife Armi, Mika, Robert and Arro.

A Parade of Fathers By Joy White

Fathers come in all shapes and sizes. They are the providers, mentors, and, when they need to be, the disciplinarians. They fulfill their roles with a lot of love and Father’s Day is the day to recognize them. Three fathers share their views on fatherhood and will hopefully help us appreciate our own fathers. Robert Hunter, 44, is the executive director for the CNMI Museum of History and Culture. He is the father of Daizy, 23; Mika, 12; and Arro, 7; and the grandfather of baby Eva, 2. For this father, his family is his priority. They come before his work responsibilities and even his own hobbies and interests. “I have learned to not let work or work-related activities interfere with time with my family. I got rid of my cell phone when my youngest was quite young, and I stopped over-participating in activities. I let people know that my time is limited after work, and my family always takes priority,” Hunter tells BRM. He says although he may have missed out on some important job op-


JUNE 2014

portunities, his kids and family are more valuable. Like many other men, when Hunter first found out he was going to be a father, he was very nervous. When his oldest daughter came along, he was a bit taken aback. “I had not envisioned myself becoming a father until I was 40. Things don’t always work out the way you plan, and I was blessed with a beautiful girl, who has since grown up to be an incredibly responsible adult and a great parent herself,” he says. Over the years, the nervousness subsided. “I have learned a lot from child to child, and have hopefully become a better father. I know I am much more relaxed with the youngest,” Hunter says.


When it comes to fatherhood, Hunter says it is similar to any relationship and requires an investment. “The success you see is directly related to the time you put in. A father — notwithstanding the need to earn a living to provide for his family — spends as much time as possible with his kids,” he says. In addition, a father knows he is not perfect but does a lot of self-reflection and considers the best methods for addressing his children’s needs. “A father puts his family and kids above all else,” he says. As a result of being a father, the greatest rewards are watching one’s children grow, says Hunter. “Being a father is wonderful. Every child has brought joy to my life. Each one is special in their own way,” he says. Experiencing their big moments, such as their first steps and first words; sharing a joke with them; and seeing them succeed with challenges are rewarding for a father. “There are many such moments. Watching them grow into capable, loving and caring people is very rewarding,” he says. Although being a father can cause stress, in Hunters’ experience fatherhood has not been very stressful. His children do not cause him stress, other than a few issues here and there. “Making sure I am doing the right thing when it comes to the guidance I provide, and making sure I can provide for them are probably the two things that have occasionally caused some stress,” he says. However, despite the minor challenges and stressful moments, there are more rewards. “In my younger bachelor days, I never looked forward to be-

ing a father. In fact, my plan was to delay that as long as possible. But things never work out the way we think they might, and I ended up with a wonderful daughter, than a second and a third. I never imagined myself as a serious ‘adult’. I still had my collection of toys! So my kids were the excuse I needed to continue being ‘youthful’. They’re my reason to fly kites, and get the cool remote-control helicopter, and run through the fields, and play ‘tent’. They keep me young at heart. I could have never imagined I’d be so happy as I am. Far from a burden, my kids are an incredible blessing,” he says.

“Being a father is wonderful. Every child has brought joy to my life. Each one is special in their own way... Watching them grow into capable, loving and caring people is very rewarding.” ~ Robert Hunter

JUNE 2014



Arvin Deleon Guerrero, 41, is a coordinator for children’s vaccines at the CHC Department of Public Health Immunization Program. He is the father of four: Cassandra, 21; Tianna, 15; Ha’ane 7; and Arvin Jr., 3. Guerrero’s philosophy for fatherhood is to love his children unconditionally, balance work and quality time with his family, and to treasure them. Guerrero enjoys quality time with his children and wife, including dining out, going to the movies, or just staying home and talking with his children about their day. “I try my best not to bring my work home, and if I have to, I wait for everyone to fall asleep then work on it. Other than that, it is quality time with my wife and children,” says Guerrero. He also spends time golfing, an activity his daughter, Ha’ane, joins. A very caring father, it is difficult for Guerrero to see his children suffering in any way. “When my child is sick and I can’t make the pain go away, it frustrates me because I hate seeing them like that,” he says. “From the first child to the youngest, I always feel blessed that I am a father for each of them. I felt a little scared at first because I didn’t know what to expect but overall it was a good experience that I will carry with me for a lifetime,” Guerrero says. It is also his belief that all children in general around the world should be mentored and safeguarded to ensure they have successful life. In addition to loving his children unconditionally, a father must do what it takes to nuture his children so that they become healthy and


JUNE 2014

productive. “Spending time with them, cuddling them and even the littlest gestures will touch a child’s heart,” he says. As a result, fathers get enjoy watching their children succeed and share in their accomplishments. “From waking up in the morning and seeing them smile, then picking them up after work and seeing that look of “Daddy, you’re here” and then finally putting them to sleep with the words “Goodnight Dad, I Love You.” That’s my biggest reward,” Guerrero says. Edwin Kenneth Propst, 43, has a lot on his plate, including the rearing of his three young children, his position as program manager, of the PSS Head Start Program, his duties as a professional photographer with Pacific Digital Media, and various other projects and community service. He is the father of Kiana, 9; Devin, 7; Kaden, 4; and Logan, 10 months old. For Propst a father loves unconditionally and selflessly, and is there for his children no matter what.

“A father is someone who would think of his children before his own self. A father is someone who understands that there is no greater role in life than being a loving father to his kids,” Propst says. Happy children are the greatest reward of fatherhood, says Propst. “When my children hug and kiss me and they tell me they love me or they call me and say they miss me…that is a reward. When we see our kids do good deeds for others, that’s a reward. When we see our kids share with others, that’s a reward,” says Propst. Propst balances out his duties by putting his family first and involving them as much as he can in his other activities. For him, sorting out his schedule brings him more stress than his children. “My children do not stress me out. What stresses me out is when I realize I am not spending enough quality time with them. Work at the office and volunteer work can take up much of my time, but I always need to remind myself that my family comes

first and that my children need me in their lives,” says Propst. His interaction with his children not only include fun activities, but also him helping them with homework and them helping him with chores. “I have stopped taking work home with me, unless there is a deadline we have to meet. The work we do not accomplish today can wait until tomorrow. We as a society have put too much emphasis on work and all it does is lead to stress and anxiety. I believe we need to work hard and efficiently when at work, but when we come home, we need to dedicate our time and attention to our family. One thing I have learned from experience is to leave any headaches or problems at the office and to be positive and happy when I am at home. Our children feed off of our energy, so it is best to keep it positive and upbeat,” he says. Despite the many things Propst does at work or in the community, being a father is the most important. His atti-

The Propst family from left: Kaden Christian, 4; Logan Kane, 10 months; Ed, Devin Jordan, 7; Daisy and Kiana Lei, 9.


tude toward fatherhood comes from the example set by his own father, Ivan Propst, who is more than a father, but a best friend and mentor. He takes to heart advice given to him by his father, which was “No matter what titles and honors you may receive throughout your life, never forget that your title as ‘Father’ is the most important title of your life.” “He is the first person I turn to when I have a problem or need help. He’s taught me that in life, we will make mistakes, but we must learn from them and become better people. I am forever grateful for the sacrifices he and my mom have made for me and my sisters, and I will continue to do my very best to follow in their footsteps,” Propst says.

“No matter what titles and honors you may receive throughout your life, never forget that your title as ‘Father’ is the most important title of your life.” ~ Edwin Propst

Arvin Deleon Guerrero and his children, Ha’ane and Arvin Jr.

JUNE 2014



Variety - The Spice of Exercise! by Carmen Rojas

re you getting bored with your workout? Have the results you were getting‌.dried up? If you anA swered yes to either of these, you may be going through a plateau. This article will explain what plateaus are and how you can use some variety to change up your routine. What are plateaus? Plateaus, in the biological sense, are periods of time where despite continued exercise and nutritional improvements weight loss and other changes stop. Plateaus are common and often happen after 4 to 6 weeks of results. They can last for a few weeks and sometimes for a month or more. There are many scientific theories about why plateaus happen, but I have found that plateaus are more common when the body gets bored. In general, when the body does not know what is coming next the changes, such as weight loss, are a result of the body adapting to the change. When the body gets used to the challenge, the body predicts the change and does not


JUNE 2014

respond the same way if at all. This is why adding some variety into your routine can break plateaus and get you redirected in the right direction. Here are three of my favorite variety spices that will bring flavor to any bland routine.

Frequency Varying the frequency of your workouts is a great way to change the way your body uses energy and thus inspires weight loss and a change in the ratio of fat to muscle. If you are walking 2 miles per day 5 days a week totaling 10 miles, try walking 3 miles per day 3 times per week, or if you are ambitious, try 5 miles per day 2 times per week.


Activity Change the activity you are doing. If you are running, try swimming. If you are dancing, try biking. If you are taking Zumba, take a few weeks off and try Pilates. Again, changing your activity changes the way your body uses energy. It also challenges your brain to make new neuromuscular pathways to control your body.

Tempo This is particularly good if you are doing lots of strength training. Eccentric lifting, for example, requires you to resist the descent (the eccentric) side of the lift rather than challenge the accent (the concentric side). For example: do a 5-8 count lowering in your squats, and a more rapid “stand up�. To do eccentrics properly, you will need a spotter and you should put more weight on the bar than you use when you lift with a concentric focus. Studies show that eccentrics are great for sparking muscle and strength growth. Add some spice to your workout to keep those results coming.

JUNE 2014



The Land and the Sea are the Pride of our Culture The Bureau of Environmental and Coastal Quality and Mariana Islands Nature Alliance have been working over the past year to inform and educate the community about two special conservation sites in the CNMI – the Laolao Bay Watershed and the Managaha Marine Conservation Area. Both campaigns are working towards the goals of the Micronesia Challenge – a shared commitment by the CNMI, the Republic of Palau, the Federated States of Micronesia, the Republic of the Marshall Islands, and Guam – to effectively conserve 30% of near-shore marine resources and 20% of terrestrial resources across Micronesia by 2020. The Challenge represents more than 20% of the Pacific Island region and 5% of the Pacific Ocean, the world’s largest ocean. The CNMI is working to reach its challenge goals by protecting the islands from ridge to reef. Whatever happens on the land impacts the oceans. Protected areas give animal species safe spaces to grow and flourish, with rules and regulations to protect them from over harvesting, and destructive practices. Everyone’s daily actions can help to ensure a clean and healthy land and sea. There are currently two campaigns working to protect our ridges and our reefs. From our ridges . . . The Laolao Bay Pride campaign is working with landowners to reduce sedimentation in Laolao Bay. Sediment from soil erosion is CNMI’s biggest water pollutant. It is hard to believe the biggest threat to Saipan’s water quality is plain old dirt washing into the waters from lawns, roads, driveways and construction sites. Residents can help prevent soil erosion by planting shrubs and trees to create a buffer between their property and the water to filter out pollutants, seed and mulch any bare soil on land and stabilize areas where soil erosion is seen. To our reefs. . . The Managaha Pride Campaign is focusing its efforts to end illegal fishing within the Managaha Sanctuary and to educate the community about all sanctuary rules. Residents can do their part and help remind family and friends not to fish, collect shells or coral, break off or step on coral, or feed the fish. Let us respect, protect and watch over the Managaha Sanctuary so we can improve fish catches and our sanctuary’s resilience. The CNMI Micronesia Challenge is to keep the land and sea the pride of our culture. Love and respect the natural beauty of the islands. Actions we take today protect our natural resources for tomorrow and for our future.


JUNE 2014

Students of San Vicente Elementary School and Tanapag Elementary School filming a commercial with Laolao Bay Lulu and Managaha Manny.

• 256: Species of coral • 1,000+: species of fish living • 150: species of birds, 12 of them ONLY found in the Mariana Islands • 1029: Species of plants, 244 of them ONLY found in the Mariana Islands

Managaha Island

Laolao Bay

For more information and how to get involved: • Laolao Bay Pride Campaign contact BECQ at 664-8500 • For the Managaha Pride Campaign contact MINA at 233-REEF. Please call Division of Fish & Wildlife at 664-6031 to report any violations at the Managaha Sanctuary.







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5 Garapan Street Market





Battle of Saipan Military Historical and Valor Tours




Battle of Saipan 70th Anniversary events on Tinian at the Air Operations Building, North Field


19 Garapan Street Market

Father’s Day Pistang Pinoy 2014 at Garapan Fishing Base, 7a.m. - 9 p.m.


12 Garapan Street Market




26 Garapan Street Market



6 MOVIES • Edge of Tomorrow • The Fault in Our Stars premiere at Regal Cinemas


MOVIES • 22 Jump Street • How to Train Your Dragon 2 premiere at Regal Cinemas “Have a Coke and a smile” campaign was unveiled at the bottlers’ convention on this day in 1979.


7 13th Annual HANMI Charity Classic Golf Tournament Time: 7 a.m. Location: Marianas Country Club

14 Historical Conference Location: Saipan World Resort Start of Collaborative Summer Reading Program & Free Comic Book Day event at JKP Library, Susupe


MOVIES • Think Like a Man Too premiere at Regal Cinemas

27 MOVIES • Transformers: Age of Extinction premiere at Regal Cinemas

28 3rd Annual Art in the Park Time: 9:00 am to 5 p.m. Location:CNMI Museum Ground 6th Annual Swimming Festival (Flipper Race) Location: Managaha



On June 1, 1904, the first magazine ads for Coca-Cola appeared in national consumer publications.


Proudly serves refreshing



For showtimes: 234-9000 or visit

*Event times and dates may change without notice. “Coca-Cola” is a registered trademark of The Coca-Cola Company.

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Jeremy Sasamoto, Division of Public Health, Immunization Program Manager

Health and education go hand in hand By Jeremy Sasamoto

The 2013-2014 school year is coming to a close and the time is fast approaching to ensure our children are current with immunization requirements prior to the 2014-2015 school year. As most of us already know, all children must be up to date with required immunizations prior to enrolling in any school or daycare or childcare facility in the CNMI. Parents are also required to present a health certificate as evidence that all required immunizations have been completed. Vaccinating our kids against vaccine preventable diseases is not only the law, it also makes sense. One little shot can protect children from terrible infectious diseases that could cripple or even kill them. For every child we vaccinate, we not only protect them, we also ensure they do not pass it on to someone else, thereby indirectly protecting those around them as well – friends, teachers, family, even strangers. The more children we vaccinate, the wider this net of protection so our children can concentrate on learning instead of staying home or in the hospital when they get sick. 14

JUNE 2014

Health and education go hand in hand. Healthy children equals healthy students and vaccines are a safe and cost effective way to keep our kids healthy. We want to optimize our children’s learning environment by keeping them healthy so they may maximize their potential for a healthy and productive future. Our neighbors in the Pacific and Asia regions have recently confirmed cases of measles, pertussis, and even polio, just to name a few. These diseases are closer than you think and they could be prevented with vaccines. Air travel makes our world smaller and makes it easier for people to unknowingly bring these diseases to our home here in the Marianas. Remember that a disease ANYWHERE is a threat EVERYWHERE. Let’s keep our kids healthy and our future bright. Please contact the Immunization Clinic (236-8745, 433-9233, 532-9457) at the Division of Public Health with any questions or concerns.


Students from GMS emerged as winners from the Math Court Competition held at William S. Reyes Elementary School on March 01, 2014. Mrs. Mila Merjilla is shown third from the left at back row.

Green Meadow School Information contributed by Mrs. Milagros (Mila) Merjilla, owner and president.

Registration is now ongoing for School Year 2014-2015 at the Green Meadow School in Gualo Rai. Registration started on April 15, 2014 and school starts in August 2014. Green Meadow School is a not-for-profit educational institution established in 2002 offering quality and scriptures-based kindergarten and elementary education Green Meadow School started in April 2002 “We have proven track record in delivering quality education, with a highly qualified and dedicated faculty,” says Milagros Merjilla, owner and president. Merjilla opened the school to cultivate her passion for children. The school has 23 staff members. Students from Green Meadow have won in academic competitions, and placed high in competitions in 2014 and in recent years, such as the 2014 Scripp Regional Spelling Bee on Guam. “Our students excel in mathematics and language,” the president says. 16

JUNE 2014

Green Meadow School bestowed certificates and honors to their employees just recently.

“Our school fees and rates are very reasonable and affordable,� says Merjilla. The school is secured and safe for children far from busy traffic. The school is quiet which is conducive to learning, in case of emergency is very close to a medical clinic. There are plans to upgrade the facilities in the future.

Aljana Manabat (second from right) won 7th place out of 56 student competitors in the 2014 Guam Spelling Bee competition. Aljana is shown with Mrs. Mila Merjilla, school president, and Mr. John Anderson.

JUNE 2014



The Award of Fitness Photos by Virgie Avendano-Woodruff

Gold’s Gym announced the winners of its 90-day Challenge in May. At an award ceremony on May 3, at the Naked Fish in Susupe, the winners were recognized and celebrated. In the age category of 18- 29, Zachary King and Sheila Vidal took the prizes for the male and female criteria. In the 30 to 39 age category, Alfreda Camacho was named the winner. Rolando Vicencio took home the prize in the 40 to 49 age category. The male and female winners of the over 50 cage category were Grafton Howard and Dee Clayton. In addition, Rolando Vicencio was awarded as the overall winner for losing the most body fat. Each winner went home with cash prizes of $200 and membership to Gold’s Gym. Major sponsors of the event include Coca-Cola, Foremost, Subway, Marpac, PHI Pharmacy, BRABU Pharmacy, Hyatt Regency Saipan, and DFS. Although the prizes were a terrific award, the winners and participants also gained a bigger award by meeting their fitness goals. Alfreda Camacho, first place in her category, shares her journey to meeting her fitness goals. “I walked into Gold’s Gym on October 19, 2012 weighing in at 278 pounds. I was unhappy with myself. My self-esteem had been damaged since I was a little girl. Heck, now that I think about it, I don’t think I ever had one. I have been teased all my life, picked last for teams when we would play at recess, and didn’t have many friends. I remember crying through elementary, middle school, and high school because of the other kids at school poking fun at the way I looked. Even some family members teased me because I was overweight. Although I was crushed and broken on the inside, I always carried a smile on my face and treated everyone with kindness and respect. As hard as it was for me, I had to forgive them in order for me to see another 18

JUNE 2014

day, be happy, and to get through life to where I am today. So when I am working out now, I re member those sad times, and push myself harder to take away. the pain and all the tears that I shed for many, many years. . . I cannot take full credit for where I have come today. Having my partner, Audie, continuously remind me, “I know you can do this...I love you no matter the outcome”, or my little Jakey say, “Mommy, I believe in you...don’t give up,” motivates me to stay on track in order to finish strong. In addition, the Gold’s Gym team members have played a vital role, in one way or another, with my lifestyle fitness journey. Each team member has never failed to encourage me, instruct me, or uplift me when I am at worst and feel like giving up. Friendships have been created along the way, which in turn, have turned into family for me, making my lifestyle fitness journey all the more meaningful and worthwhile [. . . ] As I closed in on another 90-day challenge this morning, I stepped on the weighing scale, took my measurements, and posed for my “after” pictures. I thought back to when I was that nine year old little girl crying with so much pain because of being called ,”fat “all the time. When all the numbers were locked in and recorded, I smiled with thanksgiving. Tears streamed down my face thinking of all the pain and hurtful words I remember feeling and endured for over 23 years of my life. Here I am now, nearly one 100 pounds lighter, I found my self-esteem again, and I can finally look in the mirror and smile. More than the pounds lost and the way I look now -the beauty of this lifestyle fitness journey is that I have been able to pay it forward by being a living testimony of hope and strength to inspire those around me.

Philippine Independence Day

Celebrating Philippine Independence Day:

Profiles of a People By Joy White

The Filipino population is a diverse and large part of the island community. This month the community celebrates Philippine Independence Day. In recognition of the holiday, we get to know some of the artists and business people that thrive and contribute to the community and what the day means to them.

The Artists Ernesto Cruz Molina Jr. was born in Luzon Region, Rizal Province, Taytay on July 21, 1959. He is a dancer and choreographer. Molina has received numerous awards in recognition of his contribution to the community from the Philippine Consulate General and CNMI government. Some of which included his award as one of the 10 Most Outstanding Filipino Migrant Workers in the CNMI for his contribution in the field of arts and fashion. Throughout the years, Molina has choreographed various beauty pageants in the CNMI.

About his craft: Molina began dancing at the age of 7. He developed his craft on his own, through self-discovery and by researching trends in dancing and choreography. Through his school years, he participated in school dance groups, eventually becoming a dance group choreographer in high school. In college, Molina balanced nursing classes and the University Dance Group. Later he trained under the Technical Education and Skills Development program and gained certification as a an Academic and Skills Trainer for Filipino performing artists, who wish to perform abroad. “No one can stop my passion in dancing. . . Yes, dance provided me with an outlet for the expression of joy and other emotions. And up to now that I am 54 years old, I am still active in dancing,” Molina says. Molina lists his mentors as Douglas Nierras, a famous dance artist, art director and choreographer of Power Dance; and Julie Borreomeo, of Performing Arts Foundation. “Both of these individuals I consider as my mentors. Their artistic skills and styles drives my momentum till this day,” he says. Molina get his inspiration as an artist from the people and things around him, and the appreciation and acknowledgement of others for his craft. “On a personal level, being a dancer and choreographer built my self-esteem and motivates me to become a better person. I believed that dance is one of the most

natural forms of physical self-expression. It celebrates heritage through specific movements, with the use of music and carrying of traditions from generations to generations. It’s a great fulfillment and accomplishment of my dream since I was a child, says Molina. Molina is also working with choreographers in the Philippines. “I experience that there is true diversity in dance philosophies and techniques. This revelation deepens my studies in dance and took me out merely studying in the classroom to teaching research, writing, and choreography. I will not stop learning and discover things in relation to dance and choreography,” he says. On Philippine Independence Day: Philippine Independence Day for me is freedom. Freedom that satisfies your desires to become a stronger person and yet does not separate us from our values. It makes me feel proud as a Filipino. A freedom to do whatever I want to do without any restraint to my emotions or conscience. I recognize Philippine Independence Day by basically marking it on my calendar June 12 as an important day for all Filipino people. I mark it by designing a Philippine Flag around the calendar. The United Filipino Organizations headed by hardworking President Anamae Adaza celebrates this memorable event by holding an island-wide celebration for

JUNE 2014


Philippine Independence Day

the Filipino Community in the CNMI called the “PistangPinoy” [. . .] The highlight of this year’s event is the Super Mom Beauty Pageant; where in 18 lovely candidates will be vying for the title. I am this year’s Pageant Director and Choreographer. Edwin Sta. Theresa, 44, is married to wife Jeannette and blessed with a son named Jed, 10 years old. Theresa was born in Caloocan City but originally from Tarlac, Tarlac. He is a a videographer, television director, and video editor. He learned the craft in the Philippines for about 5 years. Then he came to Saipan and has been practicing his art for 18 years. Theresa’s projects include “Cooking with Colors,” sponsored by Division of Public Health- Diabetes Program, The Hapi Show and Usapang Pinoy. In 2012, he brought comedian Vice Ganda and Ogie Diaz to Saipan. Theresa has shot shot popular Filipino concert artists in Guam including Jed Madela, Geneva Cruz and Aiza Seguerra. In the works now is a new talk/reality show. He is currently working on “Teen Talk” and John Gonzales ‘Live’. In the future, Theresa hopes to do more TV shows. “What inspires me as an artist is when I watch TV programs and is able to capture special moments in that program. Also when I produce and put shows together and watch the programs afterwards. When it makes me happy, the inspiration heightens,” Theresa says. On Philippine Independence Day: Independence Day is a one of the most significant dates in the Philippine’s history because it marks the nation’s independence from the Spanish rule. Independence means freedom and enjoy this freedom by exploring new forms of expression and by developing my talents. I attend Filipino events celebrated here in Saipan, and has covered most of them then made video documentaries of the events. I also watch old movies about the history of the Philippines.

From the business community Milagros A. Merjilla, 57, is originally from Magdalena, Laguna. She is president and board member of SBR Enterprises,


JUNE 2014

Inc., which provides childcare and preschool education. The company owns and operates Keynotes School of Music, which offers music lessons and Green Meadow School, a non-for-profit educational institution offering quality and scriputure-based kindergarten and elementary education. She is also is the president and board member of Green

Meadow school. She has also been the school’s principal for three years. Merjilla’s other roles include president of the CNMI Child Care Providers Association; a member of the special education state advisory panel; and a stakeholder in the s014 CNMI early learning guidelines revision. “I am an accountant by profession which I practiced for many years in Saipan since I came here in 1983 but I found my true passion in activities that deal with young children which I consider truly rewarding and to which I can dedicate myself full time,” she says. About her business: SBR Enterprises, Inc. started operation in 1996 with the purchase a beauty parlor and dress/tailoring shop, and later a commercial printing company. In 2002, the company again acquired another existing business engaged in providing daycare services which was renamed Green Meadow Daycare (GMD). The day-

the top 10 spellers in the 2014 Scripp Regional Spelling Bee competition in Guam on March 8, 2014. Top on Merfilla’s list of priorities is to improve the physical facilities of the school at its main campus in Chalan Kiya.

care continued to grow and eventually, with the insistent prodding from parents, offered pre-school and kindergarten education. In August of 2002, Green Meadow School (GMS) was born as separate division of SBR. In 2005, the Board of Director of SBR decided to spin off GMS and to incorporate the school as a separate, not-for-profit educational institution. GMS charter was approved on the 20th of January, 2006. Today, Green Meadow Daycare is recognized as one of the leading providers of quality childcare and preschool education. GMS students were crowned 2012 Elementary Academic Bee Champions and placing third in 2013. This year, a 4th grader from GMS competing against 57 students placed 7th of

On Philippine Independence Day: For me, Philippine Independence Day means more than just commemorating the day we gained our freedom from foreign rule. It also means to me more than just celebrating the start of self-determination, the beginning of building our own identity as a nation, restoring and promoting our very own culture and the opportunity to advance freely our dreams and aspirations as a people. Philippine Independence Day reminds me to renew my wishes for my country: freedom from poverty, freedom from violence, freedom from fear of disintegration and collapse of national unity due to ideological and religious differences, and from other destructive influences that can break a country and its people. I wish that the next Philippine Independence would be a celebration of the true meaning of independence — not just freedom and liberty from domination of another country. I will celebrate with a prayer of thanks entreating the Most High to bless and protect the Philippines and the Filipino people from losing ever again its independence.

JUNE 2014


Philippine Independence Day

Celebrating Philippine Independence Day: The Flag How well do you know your flag?

It’s not impossible if you say that you do not know how many sun rays the Philippine flag has, or what they symbolize. Even though the Philippine flags can be seen waving in front of a majority of government buildings and schools. It’s sad but it is the truth.


JUNE 2014

The Philippine flag that we use now was designed by General Emilio Aguinaldo while he was working in Hong Kong in 1897. General Aguinaldo based its design from all the previous Katipunan flags The white triangle on the flag represents truth and justice. The red part represents patriotism and courageousness. The three stars represent the regions of Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. The Philippine flag was first raised by Aguinaldo on May 28, 1898, to signify the triumph of the Philippine Revolution in Alapan, Imus, Cavite. It was again raised by Aguinaldo on June 12, 1898 in Kawit, Cavite during the first historical proclamation of Philippine Independence from Spain.

The rays symbolize the first eight provinces that were put under the military law: Manila, Bulacan, Pampanga, Nueva Ecija, Tarlac, Cavite, Laguna and Batangas. It is fitting that in the upcoming anniversary of the Philippine Independence, let us relive the honor and pride that our ancestors has given to our flag the first time it was raised signifying our freedom. Let us love our flag. It is ours. It is our freedom and freedom for future generations. The Flag Days are celebrated from May 28 to June 12. During this period, Filipinos all over the world, including here in the Northern Mariana Islands, are encouraged to raise, waive, hang or post the Filipino flag, our flag. Contributed article.

Celebrating Philippine Independence Day 2014

116th Philippine Independence Day Celebration in the CNMI Pistang Pinoy 2014, Sunday, June 15, 2014 In lieu of celebrating Philippine independence day in the CNMI, the United Filipino Organization, its major sponsor Docomo Pacific along with LBC, Tan Siu Lin Foundation, Coca Cola, MarPac, Dollar Days, and Magic 100 Radio will proudly present Pistang Pinoy 2014 on Sunday, June 15, 2014 at the Garapan Fishing Base across the Kristo Rai Church. Everyone in the community is invited to come, bring the whole family and enjoy the all day event. There will be a medical mission during the day, the Panlasang Pinoy contest around noon and non-stop live entertainment until 6:00p.m. There will be food and souvenirs booths, and a lot of Pinoy-themed ontests with lots of cash and in-kind prizes at stake. Contests will include Best Nipa Hut, Father & Child Singing contest to celebrate Father’s Day which is on the same day, and a Fiesta-themed Drawing Contest for children. There will also be games like Sack Race and Tug-O-Warfor children. The stage will be open for public dancing from 6:30p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Pinoy Super Mom beauty pageant contestants, Elena R. Delos Santos, Theresita Pangilinan, Sheryll Q. Sabino, Rodilita M. Agbanlog, Melba V. Camacho, Joy Legaspi, Catherine C. Regalado, MyleneSapio, Norlyn Cabrera, Estrella Roja DLC Decena, Rebecca E.Urbano, Antonieta B. Magbanua, Virginia Rosario Cruz, PrecillaVillafuerte, Josephine M. Tengco, MatildeGutierrez, Nora Ayuyu and Jennifer Kaipat.

Pinoy Super Mom Beauty Pageant Saturday, June 21, 2014 The highlight of the event will be the first ever Pinoy Super Mom beauty pageant in the CNMI. It will be held at the Royal Taga Hall of Saipan World Resort on Saturday, June 21, 2014 starting at 6:00p.m. For the Pinoy Super Mom Beauty Pageant, there will be 18 contentants. They are Elena R. Delos Santos, Theresita Pangilinan, Sheryll Q. Sabino, Rodilita M. Agbanlog, Melba V. Camacho, Joy Legaspi, Catherine C. Regalado, Mylene Sapio, Norlyn Cabrera, Estrella Roja DLC Decena, Rebecca E. Urbano, Antonieta B. Magbanua, Virginia Rosario Cruz, Precilla Villafuerte, Josephine M. Tengco, Matilde Gutierrez, Nora Ayuyu and Jennifer Kaipat. The pageant judging criteria includes the talent competition, production and introduction, evening gown competition and the popular question and answer portion. Special awards such as Miss Photogenic, Miss Congeniality, Darling of the Crowd, Star of the Night, Best in Talent and Best in Evening Gown will be given away. The Super Mom grand prize winner will receive $800, $500 for the first runner up, $300 for the 2nd runner up, $200 for the 3rd runner up and $100 for the 4th runner up. • For inquiries about Pistang Pinoy event, call or text UFO president Annamae Adaza at 483-5237, UFO secretary Mario Mayuga @285-1021, PID chairman Allan Hernandez at 789-8988. • For information about the Pinoy Super Mom pageant, call or text Pageant Director Ernie Molina at 789-8212.

JUNE 2014



“Mommy, thank you for your unconditional love and support. You are my inspiration, best friend, and the worlds most amazing mother. Although distance may separate us I wish you a belated Happy Mothers Day. I Love You Mommy always and forever.” - Lynette A. Sablan. Contributed photo.

Linda Panhilason and daughter Daisy from Kannat Tabla posed for BRM in-between shopping local produce at the Sabalu Market, May 3.

Frank Camacho, Joshue Castro and James Lee at the Marianas Music Festival on May 17.

The staff of the CNMI Department of Public Safety at Civic Center on May 20. (From left) Antonio Cabrera, Alina Cabrera, Margaret DLG Camacho, Norman Skilling, Michael Calvo and Edward Calvo. Photo by BRM.

Our Manamkos gets an outdoor treat at the Minatchom Atdao pavilion in Civic Center, Susupe right before Mother’s day. Photo by BRM. JUNE 2014



Saipan Chamber of Commerce corporate challenge on May 25, 2014 at Minatchom Atdao, Susupe Park


JUNE 2014


Agricultural fair and Sabalu Market on May 24, 2014

Asap Ogumoro, local farmer shows off fresh produce from his farm in Kagman.

Isabel Palacios, 14 and Rannon Palacios, 10, from Capitol Hill.

The Buenaflor family (from left) Tyrine, Filmah, Rommell and Tabi at the Sabalu Market and the Agricultural Fair.

JUNE 2014



Marianas March Against Cancer on May 2-3 at Hopwood Junior High School


JUNE 2014

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BRM June 2014  

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