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january 2012

4 ON THE COVER Sailing into the New Year 6 TALK OF THE TOWN Hell of the Marianas cycle race earns its name in 2011

7 WAY OFF BROADWAY Glushko’s Academy of Performing Arts brought “Swan Lake” back to Saipan in time for the holiday season

8 SPORTS PAGE Inaugural BRM Bike Race draws huge crowd and tough conditions

9 FEATURE Northern Marianas Scouts reach the top


12 FEATURE Saipan displays its talent


13 HEALTH WATCH Winning the Battle of Resolutions…

Members of the club can be seen on the weekends at the Charlie Dock

One Step at a Time.

A small boat and a couple of interested sailors gave life to what is now the newly formed Marianas Sailing Club on Saipan. or along the shores near Beach Road catching a breeze or two to give life to their boats, the El Toro dinghies. The Marianas Sailing Club now has 30 people in its club with David E



Johansen, Cecilio Raiukiulipiy, Jim Ripple, Valryck Welch, and Lino Olopai



two El Toro Dinghies and are in the process of constructing yet another

as the club’s board members. The club members have successfully built one to be able to give everyone a chance to experience sailing. Featured on the cover are members of the Sailing Club one Saturday afternoon in December at the Charlie Dock living up to their motto, which is, “Bringing sailing to the Marianas.”


Maureen N. Maratita BRM Reporter

Kassandra Marquez Graphic Artists

Rudy L. Armenta Monie B. Erasga Account Manager

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JA N UARY 201 2

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Sailing into the New Year BY Kassandra Marquez


Featured on the cover are

small boat and a couple

“There seems to be so many reasons

of interested sailors gave

to go sailing here in Saipan. The water is

members of the Sailing Club one

life to what is now the newly

warm and clean. There are many beaches

Saturday afternoon in December at

formed Marianas Sailing

to sail to or from and the wind is almost

the Charlie Dock living up to their

always blowing enough to sail a small

motto, which is, “Bringing sailing

boat,” he says.

to the Marianas.”

Club on Saipan. Members of the club can be seen

Their future goal for the club this

on the weekends at the Charlie Dock

The Marianas Sailing Club now has 30

or along the shores near Beach Road

people in its club with David E Johansen,

year is to enter at least one boat

catching a breeze or two to give life to

Cecilio Raiukiulipiy, Jim Ripple, Valryck

in the Rota Race regatta from Apra

their boats, the El Toro dinghies.

Welch, and Lino Olopai as the club’s

Harbor, Guam to Rota.

Sailing to different parts of the

board members. The club members have

world, Captain David E. Johansen

successfully built two El Toro Dinghies

realized, when he first arrived on

and are in the process of constructing yet

Saipan, that there were not many

another one to be able to give everyone a

sailing activities, except for the hobby

chance to experience sailing.

cat sailors from Over The Reef Yacht Club, who seldom sailed on the weekends. After sailing to the Caribbean Islands, Venezuela and Central America, David realized that Saipan was the perfect place to sail. Growing up from the South River near the Chesapeake Bay in Massachusetts, David has been hooked on sailing since he was 11 and took this newly found passion and refined it by joining the United States Navy, the U.S. Coast Guards, and the U.S. Merchant Marine eventually receiving his license as Master of Steam and/or Motor Vessels in the ocean.


JA N UARY 201 2

Captain David E. Johansen, right, gives the kids a quick lesson on capsizing and boating safety.

Bringing sailing to the Marianas

Children relax on sailing boats after their safety lessons.

JA NUA RY 2012



Hell of the Marianas cycle race earns its name in 2011 BY Kassandra Marquez


ot even the heavy-set rain or the intense heat could stop over 90 participants from finishing the 2011 Hell of The Marianas Century Cycle. Dubbed the “toughest race in the Micronesia,” participants from all over the world entered the race for a chance to get their names engraved on a perpetual trophy and a chance to win over $2,000 in cash prizes. The grueling race took cyclists through the beautiful jungles of Saipan, displayed scenic views of the deep blue ocean surrounding the island and included a tour through historical places like the Suicide and Banzai Cliffs. Amidst the rain early on in the race and the intense heat that followed it, Australia’s John Alexander Anderson, known as Jack, shattered

John Alexander Anderson poses for a quick shot after receiving his medal and cash prize for topping the 2011 Hell of The Marianas 100km Bike Race on Dec. 3 at the Pacific Islands Club.

John Alexander Anderson is seen giving a speech to his fellow competitors during the 2011 Hell of The Marianas awards ceremony/banquet at the Pacific Islands Club.

the three hour two minute and 22.62 second record posted by Saipan’s Eli Torgesen back in 2008 after arriving at the finish line at two hours 57 minutes and 47.09 seconds. Despite an early wrong turn in the race the pro cyclist quickly recovered. After heading back from Banzai Cliff, Anderson sped through Beach Road all the way to San Antonio to cross the finish line well under Torgesen’s standing record. “The race was good. It was an early start this morning but I’m used to it. It was a little bit wet, a little bit dangerous in some places because of the rain and the roads were slippery but in general it was good,” says Jack. Several of the cyclists prepared many months ahead of the 100km race. There was even a boot camp at Gold’s Gym, headed by Saipan’s Lewie Tenorio and Mieko Carey, specifically made to train participants for the competition. “Every day I would ride for hours and hours. Usually the training session will run from anywhere between 10 - 25 hours a week. A week before HOM, I did about 22 hours,” Jack adds. Other winners included fellow Australian Jodie Marie Willet who came eighth overall and topping the women’s field at three hours 16 minutes and 15.72 seconds. Second and third place male finishers were Japan’s Kinji Hashimoto ( and Korea’s Joon Yong Seo (, last year’s first place finisher, respectively. Russia’s Natalia Zakharova (3:43:52.91) and Japan’s Asumi Nozawa (4:38:44.50) joined Willet to complete the top three in the women’s field.


JA N UARY 201 2

Jodie Marie Willet holds the perpetual trophy where her name is engraved for topping the women’s field of the 2011 Hell of The Marianas100km race.


Glushko’s Academy of Performing Arts brought “Swan Lake” back to Saipan just in time for the holiday season in December BY Kassandra Marquez


raceful movements, acrobatic jumps and beautiful music kept the crowd on the edges of its seat and ensured that the audience was not going to miss a thing. The attendees were treated to the story of Odette, a princess turned into a swan by an evil sorcerer’s curse. With the launching of this powerful performance the academy also showcased a special lineup of ballet stars to add zest to the production. Ballet dancers from around the world joined Glushko’s Academy for a night of performance. Ballet stars including Ahn Joo Won and Ki Su Ji from Seoul Universal Ballet Academy in Korea and Natalia Kolosova and Daniil Kurynov from

the Saratov State Ballet Theater in Russia, who were seen displaying the Korean and Russian talents in rhythmic ballet movements. Along with these guest performers were 45 students from Glushko’s Academy strutting their skills during the night.

Natalia Kolosova, left, and Daniil Kurynov from Saratov State Ballet Theater in Russia are seen gracefully executing a ballet movement.

Dancers from Glushko’s Academy of Performing Arts gather round in synchronized movements.

JA NUA RY 2012



Inaugural BRM Bike Race draws huge crowd and tough conditions BY Kassandra Marquez


Rennan “Butch” Sublemente crosses the finish line at 49 minutes and 24 seconds in the 2011 Beach Road Magazine/Northern Mariana Islands Cycling Federation’s Jungle Bell Bike Race. Butch suffered a crash early into the race but still managed to top the MTB Long Course men’s field.

ell-known cyclists Renwomen’s field of the Road nan “Butch” Course while Mamiko Sublemente, Mieko Carey, Oshima-Berger finish in and Mamiko Oshimafirst in the women’s field Berger topped the 2011 of the MTB Short Course. Beach Road Magazine/ “It was windy and also I Northern Mariana Islands almost crashed but I was Cycling Federation’s able to regain control of Jungle Bell MTB Bike and my bike before falling Road Race. over at the Grotto and This event was also Suicide Cliff,” says Mieko. hosted in celebration of Mieko also shares that BRM’s 10th anniversary. her favorite part of the Like many featured bike race was seeing so many races on Saipan the trail bikers participate and was a challenge for the 76 Arnel Cruz crosses the Mamiko Oshima-Berger survives two Mieko Carey waves bike together. She also participants of the comfinish line, one of a pool of 76 crashes and scratches but still tops her before crossing the loved the beautiful petition. competitors. category in strong woman fashion. finish line. morning view of the The bikers were facing ocean and cliffs. muddy roads, bumpy trails, For Mamiko, the trail was not kind. crashing on his way down the Kimikazi Trail, trees, shrubs, and a couple of crashes here Crashing twice she received a few scratches Rennan shares that this was his favorite part and there. However, the ride also displayed on her arm and on her leg but finished of the race because he was able to quickly the beautiful scenic views Saipan has to ofstrong and smiling. Butch timed in at 49 regain his stance. He rode in solo to claim fer as the route took them to the Suicide and minutes and 24 seconds while Mieko and the first place prize in the Mountain Mike Banzai cliffs, and past the famous Grotto. Mamiko completed the race at 57 minutes Long Course field. For Rennan the most difficult part of the and 18 seconds and one hour 13 minutes Meanwhile, Hell of the Marianas participant race was building stamina and keeping a and 40 seconds respectively. and avid rider Mieko Carey topped the steady breathing pace, he says. Although


JA N UARY 201 2


Northern Marianas Scouts reach the top BY Kassandra Marquez


fter six years and several merit badges later, Don Marshall Davis Cabrera and Harrison Matthew Smith made it. Both from the CNMI Boys Scout Troupe 913, they attained the highest rank of Eagle Scout. Don and Harrison are now part of the Eagle’s Nest; less than 5% of scouts worldwide earn this privilege. In order to become an Eagle Scout one must dedicate time and efforts to a service project that will benefit a religious institution, school, and/or the community. Don Marshall Cabrera opted for clearing a historical site - Unai Dangkulu, near the Coral Ocean Point Resort & Golf Course. His service project included picking up trash in and around the bunker, clearing the pathway leading to the bunker by cutting down the grass and trimming down branches and trees to make the bunker visible to all visiting tourists and locals. “I would like to thank my friends and family for helping me out with this service project and for all the support that they gave me throughout my journey in achieving the Eagle Scout rank,” says Don during the Court Of Honor. For Harrison Matthew Smith, painting a beautiful mural on the tennis practice wall of the American Memorial Park was the way

to go. Harrison gathered a total of 26 volunteers and went straight to power washing the wall. Two gallons of sealant, two gallons of primer, 38 quarts of paint and a week later; a beautiful underwater image was produced. Harrison’s team blocked in the mural, primed it, added the outlines, and then sealed the wall. Harrison echoed Don’s words by thanking everyone who had supported him through the years and for the volunteers who helped him finish the mural. Both Eagle Scouts have mastered many skills like emergency preparedness and first-aid. Both also achieved the highest award given to a cub scout, which is the Arrow of Light.

Harrison and Don are joined by their parents after receiving the Eagle Scout award.

Valryck Welch, right, pins the Eagle Scout medal on Don. Harrison M. Smith, left, and Don M. Cabrera pose for a quick picture before the Court of Honor ceremony started.

JA NUA RY 2012



I’m 4! A birthday shoutout goes to Santino Joshua Camacho-Limes who will be celebrating his 4th birthday on Jan. 23. May the good Lord bless you on your special day. Happy Birthday, Boy!! Love you always, Daddy, Mommy and the family.

Island girls GETTING ready to invade Japan’s night life! Haoting Romolor, left, March ‘08 cover model with Sorene Maratita, the soon to be Mrs. Rios and also a former BRM cover model. Both are serving in the US military and currently stationed in Okinawa, Japan.

In the spirit of the holidays! The Hotel Association of the Northern Mariana Islands (HANMI) presented $2,000 to the Saipan Seniors Advisory Council on Dec. 22 at the Office on Aging in Chinatown. From left are HANMI Secretary and PIC Saipan GM Hiroki Sugie, SSAC President Terry Sorroza, HANMI Board Member and Mariana Resort & Spa GM Gloria Cavanagh, HANMI Chairman and Hyatt Regency Saipan’s General Manager Nick Nishikawa, and Office on Aging Director Rose Mandala.

GOLF IS GOOD. J.J. Atalig, second left, and Joey Dela Cruz top the 2011 Saipan Chamber of Commerce golf tournament held at the Coral Ocean Point Resort last Dec. 17. Also seen in the photo is Richard A. Pierce Executive Director of the Saipan Chamber of Commerce, left, and Douglas A. Brennan President of the Saipan Chamber of Commerce.

THIRSTY WORK. From left; Maguin Iginoef, volunteer, John ‘Bulis’ Gonzales, chairman, CNMI Diabetes Coalition, Joanne C. Ogo, Comprehensive Cancer Control Program and Diana T. Camacho, Ayuda Network, Inc., pass Foremost milk products to the community.

COMMUNITY CROWD. Representatives from the Department of Youth Services gather together

for a quick photo opportunity during the 5th Annual Great Marianas Smokeout, the 11th Annual Don’t Be A Turkey Walk, and Diabetes Awareness Month last Nov. 26 at the Gilbert C. Ada Track and Field oval.

Beach Road Magazine is accepting photo contributions from the community for FREE. Kindly e-mail the photos with captions identifying the people in the photo from left to right position, to For photos to appear in the coming issue, due to limited slots, we encourage submissions on or before the 15th of every month.


JA N UARY 201 2

Powerade! Christopher A. Concepcion, inside sales representative, Delta Air Lines, Inc.

(seated, second right) is joined by Brad Ruszala, marketing coordinator, IT&E, and Delta staff from left, Karl T. Reyes II, operations supervisor; Roy Reyes (standing), screening supervisor; and Samuel Enriquez, cargo manager gather for a group picture with their Powerade drinks during the 7th Annual Delta Golf Tournament at the Laolao Bay Golf & Resort last Dec. 10.

Ribbon Cutting! From left: Sixto K. Igisomar, Commerce Secretary; Eliceo D. Cabrera,

House Speaker; Marcia Ayuyu wife of Dandan Postal Services owner Jose Ayuyu; Jose Ayuyu, Dandan Postal Services owner; and Pete P. Reyes, Senate Floor Leader cut the ribbon for the grand opening of the Dandan Postal Services last Dec. 10. The Ayuyus are also franchisees for McDonald’s Saipan.

A Winter Wonderland Wedding! Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Palo sealed the knot at the San Antonio Church Dec. 17 with a beautiful “Winter Wonderland” wedding theme.

Biba Kumpleaños! Happy Birthday to our main man Ray Cabrera! May God continue to bless you with many years of happiness and love. We love you plenty; from Momma, Rachel, and Sarah.

Merry Christmas! Daemin Jeon sits on Santa’s lap during the Saipan Chamber of Commerce’s meeting last Dec. 7 at the Fiesta Resort & Spa’s Hibiscus Hall.

Sweet 16! Happy Birthday to Sarah Lynn P. Cabrera who will be turning 16 this month. May

the good Lord bless you with many more birthdays and celebrations to come! We love you very much! From Daddy, Momma, and Rachel.

JA NUA RY 2012



Saipan displays its talent By Kassandra Marquez


powerful performance entitled “One Short Day” taken from the Broadway “Wicked,” with synchronized movements, and a smooth collaboration earned the Marianas High School’s Rhythm & Harmony group $1,000 and bragging rights during Bridge Capital LLC’s “Saipan’s Got Talent” competition. Sharing the limelight of fame and fortune with the choral group was ten-year-old musical prodigy, Allan Tudela, who enchanted the crowd with his soft, up-beat and classical violin prelude. From a pool of 13 extraordinary performances both participants brought the gold home. Second place went home with singer John Ronald Darag who sung “You Raise Me Up,” Cloency Zuriel Chua nailed third place with his piano piece, while fourth place was awarded to Ray Lizama and Jonelie Torres for their interpretative dance entitled “A Thousand Years” taken from the hit romance movie’s


JA N UARY 201 2

Rhythm & Harmony, above, and Allan Tudela, below, are awarded $1,000 for winning first place in Bridge Capital LLC’s Saipan’s Got Talent competition. John K. Baldwin, owner of Bridge Capital LLC awards the winners with their checks.

soundtrack “Twilight - Breaking Dawn.” Performances featured songs from John Ronald Darag, Abel Pellegrino with partner Jeongwan Kim and Azenith Madalo Avila; piano pieces from Cloency Zuriel Chua, Ji Hoe Yeom, and Edward Minami; dance numbers from Ray Lizama and partner Jonelie Torres, 3C’s Kids Legacy, Project Impact, and “Nestea”; and J.R. Cadua who played a guitar solo; all displaying excellent talents. The panel of judges included Lt. Gov. Eloy S. Inos, House Speaker Eliceo Cabrera, U.S. Office of Insular Affairs field representative Jeff Schorr, Docomo Pacific’s Nola Hix, and Hawaiian artist Roland Naauao.

Members of the Rhythm & Harmony choral group perform a piece entitled “One Short Day” taken from the broadway show “Wicked.” Musical prodigy Allan Tudela performs a piece on the violin.


Winning the Battle of Resolutions… One Step at a Time BY Carmen Rojas


t’s that magical time of year that most of us personal trainers love. It’s the time when people are vowing that this year they are going to lose weight. They will set a goal and they will stick with it and they will achieve the goal that has eluded them for more than 5 years. If this sounds like you, you may need some help. Here are some tips for how you can make this year’s New Year’s Resolution stick! First, take a self inventory. Ask yourself, in terms of fitness, what do I like and what do I not like? And go a step further and ask yourself what you could use less of and what you need more of.

Be honest and specific with yourself and if you really want to score some points, write the results of your personal assessment down. Next, take your list and on the right side prioritize which things are most important to your health. Some of them will be pretty easy. If quitting smoking is on your list this should be one of the top things. On the left side use an alphabetical list and prioritize those things that sound like the most fun to you. Giving an “A” for the thing you like the most, and so on. Then take a look at your list. The thing that is the most important to your health should be the first goal you go after.

Third, make yourself accountable by doing both of the following. Tell someone about your list. A friend, spouse, relative whomever you trust and will support your efforts. Tell them about your goals, and ask them to hold you accountable to not just the goal but the timeline as well. The extra credit step is to tape your list to a mirror that you see everyday. Now, one thing I try to make people aware of is that January 1st is just another day to your body. Temper your enthusiasm for a change with the reality of where you are physically

right now and challenge yourself appropriately. Take advantage of this day for change and set yourself up for success! Start planning for the realization of your goals. Start saving for that shopping trip, vacation, or evening out as a way to reward yourself for all your hard work. Plan for success, and failure is less likely. See you in 12!



JA N UARY 201 2

JA NUA RY 2012


HOROSCOPE ARIES: You may not wake up this morning expecting a surprise, but there’s definitely one on the agenda. Fortunately, surprises are right at the top of your top ten list of very favorite things, so you won’t mind one little bit. TAURUS: When someone does need you to take control, you won’t be shy about stepping up. If it’s to defend something or someone who can’t do it for themselves, you can be positively formidable. Good luck to anyone who gives you a reason to take charge now.  GEMINI: Change is in the offing. As you welcome change, someone you know is worried about it. Draw him out and let him know that change is the only constant. CANCER: You’re in desperate need of some quality time alone. It’s just about time for you to start dishing out a few surprises in return -- the way others have been tossing them your way, that is. A day with the phone turned off just might do it.  LEO: The universe has a big day planned for all of us, full of unexpected arrivals, surprise messages and at least one last minute turnaround. You may not be tickled about at least one of these situations, especially if it happens to involve a certain person you’ve been close to, but you’ll need to put on a happy face for that event and for the rest of them, too. If anyone can, however, it’s theatrical you. Do it to it. VIRGO: You’re the perfect person to share a secret with. First of all, you won’t tell anyone who hasn’t already been sworn to secrecy.  LIBRA: This is one of those times when keeping very close company with the things that you hold most dear wouldn’t be a bad idea -- especially if you’re traveling and you’ll need your stuff as soon as you arrive. This is one of those moments when carry-on


JA N UARY 201 2


luggage is less of an inconvenience than it seems to be. SCORPIO: These are surprising times when even someone like you, who’s in close-to-complete control of their intimate emotions, can be caught off guard. You, of course, won’t believe that. You’re confident of your position as master or mistress of all you survey.  SAGITTARIUS: You’re far more of a fan of sudden, drastic change than you are of anything even remotely resembling boredom. Truth be told, there’s nothing you abhor more than having time to drum your fingers on the table. Give your partner a break if they’re not quite as enthusiastic about it -- at least, until you give them a reason to be.  CAPRICORN: Surprises are fun for some folks, but for you -- well, you’d rather have everything that’s been penciled into your day-timer go just as you’d planned it. You know that’s not always possible. You’ve also learned that the way to have any kind of control over what you wish had happened and what actually did happen lies in your reaction. Give ‘em heck.  AQUARIUS: Someone you’ve been amazingly fond of for some time will suddenly let you know that the feelings are extremely mutual. You might also think of where to have dinner tonight. You’ll need to keep up your strength if you’re going to keep someone this startling entertained. PISCES: A group of scientists (who some might say have far too much time on their hands) have recently announced that love is biologically the same as eating large quantities of chocolate. Call them. Bring the chocolates with you.

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Beach Road Magazine is the island of Saipan’s leading lifestyle and community publication distributed monthly at major gas stations and othe...

BRM January 2012  

Beach Road Magazine is the island of Saipan’s leading lifestyle and community publication distributed monthly at major gas stations and othe...