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On the cover: Northern Driver of the Month Jon Emerson displays the CHP coin presented to him by California Highway Patrol Commissioner Joe Farrow during the Northern Drivers of the Month/Year Banquet in Sacramento Nov. 12. William Gularte was named the Southern Driver of the Year. Read the full story beginning on page 14.

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President’s Message Holy Cow! What Happened – and What Happens Next?


appy post-election and -Thanksgiving everyone! While I do NOT want to be accused of plagiarizing my last month’s article, how can I not bring it back up? Okay, a show of hands… who among you Caltrux readers voted for AND predicted Donald J. Trump would be our next president? As I shared last month, voting is all about your voice being heard. In this case, it appears there were a LOT of voters that surprised the pollsters and the media at the ballot box! Whether you voted for President-Elect Trump, Hillary Mike Yadon Clinton, any of the other 2016 CTA President candidates or you did not vote at all – all had an impact on the election outcome. Suffice it to say, while I frequently referred to the Trump campaign as a lot of “shock and awe,” I did not predict the “shock and awe” outcome. My lesson learned (and also shared with you is), when people raise their voices (and/or vote) together, they/we can make a difference! No, this is not about who I voted for or whether or not I am happy or sad about the results – this is about people standing together, even when the polling pundits (and their magic Ouija boards), tell you there is only one possible outcome. I have to believe there are a lot of pollsters, campaign consultants and political wonks replaying the past few months over and over in their heads, and maybe some are now out of jobs. But that all being said, as the dust eventually settles and President-elect Trump puts together his team and his agenda, the question we, as members of CTA and the trucking industry, all have to ask ourselves is, what happens next here in California with the new legislative session on the horizon? How does the new Trump Administration impact what goes on here in California? Those are great questions… Well, to give you some idea as to the initial reaction from some folks over at the Capitol, below are some excerpts from a joint statement issued by California Senate President pro Tempore Kevin de León (D-Los Angeles) and California Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon (D-Paramount) on November 9th in reference to the results of the 2016 Presidential Election: “Today, we woke up feeling like strangers in a foreign land, because yesterday Americans expressed their views on a pluralistic and democratic society that are clearly inconsistent with the values of the people of California.” “California has long set an example for other states


to follow. And California will defend its people and our progress. We are not going to allow one election to reverse generations of progress at the height of our historic diversity, scientific advancement, economic output, and sense of global responsibility.” “We will be reaching out to federal, state and local officials to evaluate how a Trump Presidency will potentially impact federal funding of ongoing state programs, job-creating investments reliant on foreign trade, and federal enforcement of laws affecting the rights of people living in our state. We will maximize the time during the presidential transition to defend our accomplishments using every tool at our disposal.” “While Donald Trump may have won the presidency, he hasn’t changed our values. America is greater than any one man or party. We will not be dragged back into the past. We will lead the resistance to any effort that would shred our social fabric or our Constitution.” (BTW, if you want to read the entire statement, go to http:// Now I did not share these excerpts to prod you into taking sides with President-elect Trump or Democratic legislative leaders in Sacramento – everyone is entitled to his/her own political beliefs and opinions. However, I did share them with you so you have some appreciation for what could very well be a contentious “relationship” between Washington, D.C. and Sacramento going forward. And do not be surprised if our industry and our issues are caught up in the crossfire. That being said, if there is ever a time for OUR collective voices to be heard loud and clear, both in DC and Sacramento, it is NOW! Regardless of which presidential candidate you supported (or not), CTA needs your support more than ever! The elections may be over, and many are still shaking their heads and trying to figure out just what happened and what is next. But we truckers, we keep (and we keep goods) moving right along – this is not a time to stop and reflect on what the heck happened, it is a time to go back to work. Whether it’s working together to advocate for state transportation infrastructure improvements and related funding alternatives, address pending state environmental proposals like “Last Mile” (EV) or indirect source rules, challenge unreasonable or unclear regulations and related enforcement efforts or other issues that may surface in the exchange between the new Trump Administration and the State of California, the key is to get involved (or get more involved) with CTA! Happy Holidays to all!

December 2016


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From CTA HQ Member Involvement in the Legisative Process Pays Off


orking in the political arena isn’t for everyone, and for those who do dare work in its trenches, there’s plenty of reflection and soul-searching that goes on when you deal with the highs and lows of the legislative process. How can you prepare for the next battle? How can you build stronger alliances? What can we improve on? Do we have the right strategy? What are our opportunities and challenges moving forward? These are just a small set of questions I’ve pondered while thinking about our organization and how we’ve approached our legislative RJ Cervantes, CTA Director presence the past couple of years. of Legislative Affairs Meanwhile, the sun has completely set on the 2015-2016 legislative session and the staff here at CTA is taking a few moments to reflect on these important questions heading into 2017-2018. Although we’re constantly assessing our needs in the legislative arena, the time in between sessions is always a good break to do a deeper assessment. As part of that process, I’d like to take this opportunity to share with our members a concrete example of how your participation makes a difference and how we can improve on it. At the tail end of the session this year, there was a lot of movement towards completing a multi-billion dollar transportation funding bill that could have placed over $1.5 Billion in new, annual taxes and fees on the industry. We were very close to seeing the final bill come together, but at the end of the day the leadership decided to hold off on it until this upcoming year. However, what was encouraging about the entire process was that multiple legislative offices contacted us to ask us how the proposal would affect trucking companies in their districts. In some instances, those offices cited specific CTA member companies that they were concerned for. Those types of interactions are a good sign that we are doing the right

thing by encouraging our member relationships with legislators and their staff. Ultimately, that’s the difference between being at the table on a mega deal like transportation funding, or not. From my perspective, as much as our member relationships with legislators are a strength for us, it’s also our greatest area where we need to improve on. Don’t get me wrong, our members are doing great work out there with their advocacy work (as the transportation funding battle showed), but it can always be better. What if every member took just one hour a month contacting their legislators and their staff to educate them on what’s affecting their business? Our influence would grow significantly in the Capitol, and that could be the ultimate difference on major legislation affecting our industry. Make no mistake about it, the involvement of our members who have taken the time to educate legislators has paid off. If we had every member commit to doing the same thing, the benefits would be powerful. In California, our legislative challenges can seem insurmountable and although our industry is an economic force to be reckoned with, our opponents will often times seem like they can’t be beat. All of that is true if we don’t grow our presence and take the time to speak for ourselves. It doesn’t have to be that way, and that’s why I’d like to challenge every member to spend one hour a month promoting your business and our industry by joining staff in our advocacy efforts. Tours, district office visits, visits to Sacramento, or even phone calls are just some of the ways you can get involved. Heading into 2017-2018, we need your leadership now more than ever. The legislature’s partisan makeup has gotten even more difficult to navigate, and there are multiple new legislators who we will have to educate on our industry’s core priorities. Our opponents have doubled down on their time, resources, and clout. It will be a challenging environment. I’m confident that we will be able sustain our presence in the new legislative session. However, in order to grow our influence, we will need every member to commit to doing their advocacy part.

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December 2016

CTA Newsline Donations Needed for CTA Pusher Truck Program


very winter season creates challenges for our industry and the trucks that have to travel over California's high elevation mountain passes in order to make their deliveries. With the 2016-2017 winter months rapidly approaching, I'd like to call your attention to the Pusher Truck Program, one of the many CTA member benefits that makes a difference for hundreds of trucking companies each year as they pass the tough mountain climb on Interstate 80. The CTA Pusher Truck Program helps commercial vehicles

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make it through the Donner Pass in snowy weather conditions at no cost to the companies assisted. Voluntary donations and the tireless efforts of CTA members, the California Highway Patrol and Caltrans have kept this program alive. Without the pusher trucks, restrictions may be imposed against commercial vehicle travel during snowstorms. CTA is asking carriers who haul freight on I-80, through Donner Pass, to make a donation to support the Pusher Truck Program. Donations must be received in order to keep the program running or the program might not be able to continue. Without the pusher trucks, motor carriers will be held at the chain control signs until the storm conditions have passed. If the driver runs out of hours, the vehicle may have to be commercially towed. Thank you for your support of this program. Please mail your contributions to: CTA Pusher Truck Fund, Attn: Brenda Schermerhorn, 4148 E. Commerce Way, Sacramento CA 95834 For more information, please contact Eric Sauer at

Legal Assistance Now Available for CTA Members


he CTA Legal Resource Center launched in October with the help of CTA’s legal partners. The Legal Resource Center is offering a free 15 minute consultation per month to members who need legal help. Our team of skilled partners is composed of several law firms who provide fast answers to your legal questions. The Legal Resource Center also gives members access to educational webinars, seminars and legal articles. We understand that trucking companies and business owners are much too often faced with lawrelated difficulties and are subject to a wide range of regulations at the local, state and federal levels. The Legal Resource Center is here to facilitate and provide advice to make the process as smooth as possible. For more information about the Legal Resource Center or to submit a question visit or call (916) 373-3541.

December 2016

CTA Members Recognied for Their Long-Term Participation

Tim Telescio of Dot-Line, accepted a 25-year Membership Milestone plaque.

CTA Regional Manager Jeff Sturch presented Dart International with a 70-year Membership Milestone plaque in November. Southwest Port Services of CTA’s LA/Orange Unit, received a 25-year Membership Milestone plaque last month.

Making their Mark in the Trucking Industry. In 1968, Mark Woods, Sr. started a trucking company as a long term investment for his family. Today, Mark Woods, Jr. proudly runs Wildwood Express, and counts on CTSA to make sure Wildwood continues to move forward for generations to come. I appreciate the opportunity to network with other industry leaders and

share ideas on making a safer operation for our customers and our employees. When I compare what we used to pay for Work Comp versus what we save as a member–owner of CTSA, I can’t imagine life without CTSA.

Your broker can’t access this program, but we can. Even if you’ve already renewed— it’s not too late to save. Call for more information

(800) 995-9170 Mark Woods, Jr. Wildwood Express

7033 Owensmouth Avenue Canoga Park, CA 91303 CA Lic. #0K07568 •

December 2016 9

CTA Newsline Southern California Intermodal Conference

ATA Truck Tonnage Index Fell in October


he American Trucking Associations reported Nov. 22 that it’s for-hire truck tonnage index fell 0.3% in October. In September, the index fell 6.3%. October’s index was off 0.9% from a year ago. Overall, ATA said many economic signs improved in October. ATA computes its tonnage index from surveys of its member. To find out more information online, go to www.truckline. org.

Alex Cherin, CTA Executive Director of Intermodal Carriers Conference, addressed members at the conference’s meeting Nov. 18 in Long Beach.

Welcome New Members October 2016

Spartan On-site Fleet Maintenance – Visalia (559) 936-8538


The Tenney Group – Franklin, Tenn. (877) 642-8033

January 20 - 23

West Coast Shipping – Richmond (510) 323-2920

CTA 2017Annual Membership Conference

Monterey Plaza Hotel, Monterey, CA

Why is Walt Keeney of Food Express Smiling? Because he’s with the CTSA workers’ compensation program. Walt explains,

I keep hearing about rates going up and carriers leaving the state, but we don’t have those worries—we’re with California Truckers’ Safety Association, a financially sound, exclusive work comp program that allows members to share in the dividends. Our workers’ comp rates have been low and consistently stable since 2003.

Your broker can’t access this program, but we can. Even if you’ve already renewed— it’s not too late to save. Call for more information,

(800) 995-9170 Walter L. Keeney, President Food Express Inc.


7033 Owensmouth Avenue Canoga Park, CA 91303 CA Lic. # 0K07568 • December 2016

Industry News Fuel Prices Remain Stable

National Avg. vs. California Avg.


he retail price for on-highway diesel fuel in California averaged $2.820 per gallon in November, just 3 tenths of a cent higher than October’s average price, according to the Energy Information Administration. The national average price was $2.439 per gallon in November, meaning that California truckers were paying an almost 40 cent premium over the national average. For more information online, go to

6-Month Trend

2.90 2.80 2.70 2.60 2.50 2.40 2.30 2.20 2.10

June 2016

July 2016

August 2016 California

Sept. 2016

Oct. 2016

Nov. 2016

US Average Source: U.S. Energy Information Administration

CVSA Releases 2016 Brake Safety Week Results


n Nov. 14, the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance released the results of its biannual Brake Safety Week. The week-long enforcement event focuses on brake-system inspections carried out by local, state, provincial and federal inspectors throughout the U.S. and Canada. In this year’s event, 13.2% of inspections had out-of-service brake violations while 14.8% had other out-of-service violations, CVSA reported. Started in Canada in 1998, the brake safety program now includes two annual enforcement events and educational outreach. CVSA said that nearly 4 million brakes have been inspected during the programs tenure.



Proudly supporting WEAVE-Walk a Mile, Mother Theresa Maternity Home, Redwood Empire Food Bank, Toys for Tots, Glass Slipper, Plowshares Peace and Justice Center, The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society CA DOI License #0B01094 | 12

December 2016

Cover Story


CTA Celebrates Drivers

rivers were the center of attention at CTA's annual Northern and Southern Driver of the Month Banquets last month. The Southern event was held at the Pacific Palms Resort in City of Industry on Nov. 5 while the Northern banquet was at the Lions Gate Hotel in Sacramento on Nov. 12. This program identifies and honors drivers who have displayed a high degree of excellence, dedication to highway safety and respect for the basic rules of the road during their driving career. After being nominated by a CTA member company, the drivers' applications are reviewed by a panel of judges drawn from agencies such as the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, California Department of Motor Vehicles, the Highway Patrol, Caltrans and independent safety professionals. The panel considers things such as a candidate’s lifetime mileage, vehicle accidents or industrial injuries. Also considered are a driver's participation in truck driving championships, company safety programs, civic, fraternal and church activities. Monthly awards are given to local and linehaul drivers based on years of experience. From these monthly winners, a driver of the year is selected for each region. William Gularte, FedEx Freight was named Southern California Driver of the Year while Jon Emerson, also of FedEx Freight was named the Northern California Driver of the Year. William Gularte has been a professional truck driver for over 57 years with over 3 million miles without an accident or injury. He has been with FedEx Freight for 28 years. Jon Emerson has logged over 3 million accident and injuryfree miles during his 30 year driving career. His commitment

to safety is reflected in numerous safety awards and in receiving four consecutive clean roadside inspections. The keynote speaker at the Southern banquet was Chief William Siegl of the California Highway Patrol’s Southern Division while CHP Commissioner Joe Farrow delivered the keynote address at the Northern banquet.

CTA 2016 President Mike Yadon speaks to attendees at the Northern California Driver of the Month Banquet in Sacramento Nov. 12.

North Driver of the Year – Jon Emerson, FedEx Freight

South Driver of Year – William Gularte, FedEx Freight

Southern California Driver of the Year William Gularte with Chief William Siegl of the California Highway Patrol's Southern Division. 14

Jon Emerson, FedEx Freight was named Northern California Driver of the Year for 2016. Joe Farrow, Commissioner of the California Highway Patrol delivered the keynote address at the Northern Driver of the Month Banquet.

December 2016

2016 Drivers of the Month

Southern California January

Justin Barthlett, FedEx Freight

Mario Canas, Northern Refrigerated Transportation, Inc.

Edward Chavez, Cox Petroleum Transport

Corey Innenberg, Valley Bulk, Inc.

Paul Adler, Ventura Transfer Company

Grant Sutherland, Dependable Highway Express

Gary Castel Deoro, Dependable Highway Express

Manuel Garcia, Producers Dairy Foods Co.

Brian Johnson, Apex Bulk Commodities

Wayne Moore, Estenson Logistics

Norman Leonard, Ventura Transfer Company

Travis Lowe, Cox Petroleum Transport

Nick Morgan, Legacy SCS

Gary Peters, FedEx Freight

Eric Lewis, FedEx Freight


Raul Gonzalez, National Distribution Centers


Donnie Fetters, Valley Bulk, Inc.

Andrew Howard, Apex Bulk Commodities


Wayne Kyle, Mountain Valley Express

Timothy Kitchens, Apex Bulk Commodities

December 2016 15

2016 Drivers of the Month May

Darrell Ogg, Apex Bulk Commodities

Francisco Ramirez, National Distribution Centers

Raymond Pinon, National Distribution Centers

Mike Rodriguez, Valley Bulk, Inc.

Rueben Rodriguez, Cox Petroleum Transport

Mauro Diaz, Dependable Highway Express

Bob Tracy, Apex Bulk Commodities

Walter Tyler, KKW Trucking, Inc.

Jose Menjivar, Dependable Highway Express

Juan Lomeli, KKW Trucking, Inc.

George Langlois, Apex Bulk Commodities

Rodolfo Espinoza, Valley Bulk


Todd Reeves, Ventura Transfer Company

Joann Trujillo, KKW Trucking, Inc.


Harold Vallee, Cox Petroleum Transport

Dan Vallender, FedEx Freight

Walter Pressley, Las Vegas/L.A. Express


Alexander Flowers, KKW Trucking, Inc.


John Budur, Apex Bulk Commodities

Mario Lopez, Apex Bulk Commodities

December 2016

2016 Drivers of the Month September

David Palma, KKW Trucking

Duane Zeigler, Apex Bulk Commodities

Hermilio Quezada, Apex Bulk Commodities

Miguel Lopez, HarrisonNichols LLC

Mike Corona, FedEx Freight

Melvin Weatherly, Apex Bulk Commodities

Robert Karno, Estenson Logistics

Pelesasa Me, Estenson Logistics

Norris Mulgrew, Apex Bulk Commodities

Ambrosio Munoz, Estenson Logistics

Ernesto Ruvalcaba, Apex Bulk Commodities


Eddie Ingram, KKW Trucking

Jose Ramirez, KKW Trucking

David Villalobos, Apex Bulk Commodities


Milton Abrego, Cox Petroleum Transport

Epifanio Barrita, ODW Logisitcs, Inc.

Larry Adams, Apex Bulk Commodities


Guillermo McGregor, KKW Trucking, Inc.

James Dalke, Cox Petroleum Transport

Elizabeth Leon, Estenson Logistics

December 2016 17

2016 Drivers of the Month

Paul Dianda, KKW Trucking, Inc.

NOT PICTUTRED, SOUTH JANUARY Pat Bailey, Apex Bulk Commodities MARCH William Goodwin, Dependable Highway Express APRIL Jim Mecum, FedEx Freight JULY Robert Lopez, KKW Trucking, Inc. AUGUST William Brandfas, Apex Bulk Commodities SEPTEMBER Lincoln Puailoa, Ventura Transfer Company OCTOBER Alberto Cardoso-Ramirez, KKW Trucking, Inc.

Cesar Herrejon, KKW Trucking, Inc.

Northern California January

Tony Vang, FedEx Freight

Jason Hale, B&B Harvesting

Max Carbajal, FedEx Freight

Don Cowgill, FedEx Freight


Eugene Encabo, FedEx Freight


Rodney Rios, FedEx Freight

Jesus Izquierdo, Dependable Highway Express

Jon Emerson, FedEx Freight


Bhupinder Singh, Cox Petroleum Transport


Frank Ciolkosz, Producers Dairy Foods, Inc.

Garth Nethington, FedEx Freight

John Wright, Brent Redmond Transportation

Dave Stewart, Dependable Highway Express


Gary Martin, Gary Martin Trucking, Inc., contracted with FedEx Ground

Richard Edd, Dependable Highway Express

December 2016

2016 Drivers of the Month July


Stephen Peak, FedEx Freight

Robert St. John, Devine Intermodal

William Wade, Dependable Highway Express

John Jackson, Devine Intermodal

Oscar Villeda, B&B Harvesting

David Morgan, Devine Intermodal

Isaias Gonzalez, Brent Redmond Transportation

Scott Echols, Devine Intermodal



Thomas Ulrich, Dependable Highway Express

Charles Keyes, Estenson Logistics

David Trujillo, Dependable Highway Express

Carlos Salguero, Devine Intermodal

Paul Chapman, Dependable Highway Express

Pedro Barajas, Rocha Transportation

Jonathan Young, Devine Intermodal

Mark Cornwell, FedEx Freight


Solomon Williams, FedEx Freight

Eric Colvin, Safeway

Richard Van Arsdell, Estenson Logistics

Dan Bagwell, Safeway


2016 Drivers of the Month December NOT PICTURED NORTH JANUARY Mike Dematteis, FedEx Freight FEBRUARY Felipe Horta, Dependable Highway Express Hany Massoud, Dependable Highway Express MARCH Hari Nalwa, Devine Intermodal APRIL Amandip Rana, Devine Intermodal MAY Inderjit Saini, Devine Intermodal

JUNE Timothy Bauser, B&B Harvesting JULY Rey Gumahad, Devine Intermodal Zesto Bailey, FedEx Freight SEPTEMBER Francisco Palting, Estenson Logistics Antonio Zavala, Dependable Highway Express Ivan Tomas, Estenson Logistics

Cy Lara , Safeway


December 2016



CTA offers commercial vehicle registration services. Did you know that you can now process your renewals, transfers and much more? Utilize us as your one stop for your title and registration services.

CTA can process the following commercial transactions: Initial Vehicle Renewal Seasonal Renewals Transfers Permanent Trailer Identification

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December 2016 21

Data Points Third Quarter GDP Revised Up


he second estimate of economic growth released by the Bureau of Economic Analysis Nov. 29 showed the U.S. gross domestic product grew at a 3.2% annual rate. The bureau’s initial estimate had GDP growth at 2.9%. Based on more detailed data, the second estimate shows a similar picture, with a larger than expected growth in consumer spending. Gross domestic income increased 5.2% in the third quarter, BEA said, compared to 0.7% in the second quarter. In addition to consumer spending, exports, business investment and federal government spending were up while housing and state and local government spending were down. Imports, which subtract from GDP were up in the quarter. For more information online, go to

September NAFTA Trade Value Off from Last Year


he value of freight carried between the U.S and NAFTA partners Mexico and Canada decreased 2.3% in September from the same month last year. All modes except rail and air saw freight values drop from 2015, the Bureau of Transportation Statistics reported Nov. 29. The various modes combined to haul $9.1 billion worth of goods in NAFTA trade in September. While the value of goods carried via truck was down 3.8% from the previous year, trucks still haul the vast majority of NAFTA freight – accounting for 64.7% of that freight in September. Rail remains in second place in terms of value, carrying 15.9%. For more information online, go to

Annualized GDP Growth

Reflects & Change from Preceding Quarter 4.5 4 3.5 3 2.5 2 1.5 1 0.5 0

3.9 3.2 2.0 1.4

1.4 0.8







Source: The Bureau of Economic Analysis

Value of Monthly U.S. Trade with Canada and Mexico (in millions of dollars)



92,671 90000













Source: Bureau of Transportation Statistics


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December 2016

Need Industrial Storm Water Permit Coverage?

CTA Storm Water Compliance Group Members receive support that saves time and money. Transportation facilities that perform maintenance, including fueling and washing, may need storm water permit coverage. The CTA Compliance Group assists members with the following compliance activities:

Simplified Form Templates & Review

Technical Support & SMARTS Database Assistance

Annual Site Compliance Visits

For more information on joining CTACG call (916) 353-2360 or visit

Storm Water Pollution Training Classes & Webinars

CTA Seminars December 2016

Federal and State Hours of Service

These seminars will be held December 6-8 at Dependable Highway Express, 1351 S. Campus Ave., Ontario, CA 91761.

Sailing Through Your BIT Dec. 6 , 8:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. CTA Members: $129/person • Non-Members : $229/person SAILING THROUGH YOUR BIT is a comprehensive training seminar that will assist companies with understanding and preparing for BIT audits. The seminar includes a BIT Kit and provides a complete overview of the biennial inspection process.

Drug and Alcohol Supervisor Reasonable Suspicion Training Dec. 6, 1:30 p.m. - 4:30 p.m. CTA Members: $119/person • Non-Members : $219/person DRUG & ALCOHOL SUPERVISOR REASONABLE SUSPICION TRAINING is customized for employees who supervise those involved in a safety-sensitive position, and are required to have a minimum of two hours of training in recognizing signs of substance abuse.

OSHA in Trucking Dec. 7, 8:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. CTA Members: $139/person • Non-Members : $239/person OSHA IN TRUCKING is specifically designed for transportation company personnel. Learn the proper procedures for auditing your facility for OSHA compliance. See what OSHA inspectors look for when they conduct an inspection. This course will cover the tools to develop a comprehensive safety and health management program: obtaining management commitment towards safety and health; conducting on-site safety and health/OSHA compliance audits; correcting recognized hazards; conducting employee training and involvement programs; developing written OSHA required safety and health programs and complying with the recent changes to record keeping requirements. The cost includes a three-ring binder containing check list and monitoring system to help you prepare for an OSHA inspection.

Leadership Skills Dec. 7, 1:30 p.m. - 4:30 p.m. CTA Members: $119/person • Non-Members : $219/person LEADERSHIP SKILLS shows that the difference between leadership and management lies in the leader’s ability to inspire the will to excel. To spur people on to achieve their best through motivation and example.

Dec. 8, 8:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. CTA Members: $119/person • Non-Members : $219/person BE PROACTIVE IN PROTECTING YOUR COMPANY AGAINST VIOLATIONS. This hands-on interactive seminar provides training on the federal hours-of-service regulations and the proper use of driver logs. You’ll participate in a driver log review, learn to identify inaccurate entries, and establish a progressive disciplinary program for drivers. In addition, you’ll learn to find key issues that cause red flags to investigators, as well as receive an update on changes to the regulations.

Hazmat Certification Dec. 8, 1:30 p.m. - 4:30 p.m. CTA Members: $149/person • Non-Members : $249/person HAZMAT CERTIFICATION is hazardous material handling and certification for shippers, transporters and handlers. This basic course should be mandatory for all employees who are involved with hazardous materials. Employers must ensure that each employee is trained initially within 90 days of employment and recertified every 36 months. We will cover general requirements, hazmat tables, shipping papers, packaging, marking and labeling, placarding, loading, emergency response and security.

CTA SEMINAR REGISTRATION INFORMATION To register online go to CTA’s website, and click on the events tab and then calendar. Scroll down to see the list of events and seminars for the current month. Click the arrow to go to the next month to view upcoming events and seminars. Click on the event you are interested in and register. Please make checks payable to CTA. If you need more information call Marcia Woolworth at 916-373-3540 or e-mail All training dates and locations are subject to change.


CTA Dues The dues of CTA members are determined by the Board of Directors. Prior to any revision in the dues schedule to be paid by members, there will be published in Caltrux not less than sixty days prior to the meeting of the Board of Directors to consider the dues revision, the time, date and place of the meeting to be held and the specific revision under consideration.


December 2016




If you are considering a switch to natural gas vehicles, talk to SoCalGasÂŽ. We can help you with information on grants, incentives, vehicles and building your own compressed natural gas station. Our truck rental program allows you to try a natural gas truck at no cost. To find out more, visit: For more information contact us at (213) 244-5681 or Š 2016 Southern California Gas Company. Trademarks are property of their respective owners. All rights reserved. N16D0089A 0916

December 2016 25

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La Mirada


15000 Firestone Blvd., La Mirada, CA 90638 714-521-9806 | 800-593-1010

8099 S Coliseum Way, Oakland, CA 94621 510-577-5500 | 800-494-8782

TEC Trailer Sales

Stockton Used Truck Sales 1601 Madruga Rd., Lathrop, CA 95330 209-858-4110 | 800-594-8782

San Francisco

400 Cesar Chavez St., San Francisco, CA 94124 415-822-9800 | 800-356-7773

16025 Slover Ave., Fontana, CA 92337 909-822-0605 | 800-982-3591 3600 W. Capitol Ave., West Sacramento, CA 95691 916-371-6921 | 800-273-3551

Sacramento Oakland Stockton San Francisco

Sun Valley

11180 Penrose St., Sun Valley, CA 91352 818-364-2835 | 800-622-5739

14166 Valley Blvd., Fontana, CA 92335 909-349-0200 | 800-497-7667 15170 Valley Blvd., Fontana, CA 92335 909-427-8090 | 800-410-7700

Collision Center

Full Service Leasing & Rental

14800 Firestone Blvd., La Mirada, CA 90638 714-521-9806 | 800-593-1010 14085 Valley Blvd., Fontana, CA 92335 909-349-0200 | 800-497-7667

Fontana Used Truck Sales

Sun Valley Fontana

La Mirada

14608 Merrill St., Fontana, CA 92335 909-320-5461 | 800-497-7667


14085 Valley Blvd., Fontana, CA 92335 909-349-0200 | 800-497-7667

online at

CTA Events December

January 2017

Dec. 1

San Diego/Imperial Unit President's Night. Hotel del Coronado, Coronado, 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

Dec. 1

Federal and State Hours of Service Seminar

Dec. 3

Bay Area Unit President's Night & Holiday Gala, Il Fornaio, 1265 Battery St., San Francisco 94111, 6:30 p.m. – 9:30 p.m.

Dec. 6

Sailing Through Your BIT Seminar

Dec. 6

Drug and Alcohol Supervisor Reasonable Suspicion Training

Dec. 7

OSHA in Trucking Seminar

Dec. 7

Leadership Skills Seminar

Dec. 7

WEBINAR: Natural Gas Trucking Engine and Funding Update, 11 a.m.

Dec. 8

Federal and State Hours of Service Seminar

Dec. 8

Hazmat Certification Seminar

Dec. 8

Kern Unit Meeting, Hodel’s, 5917 Knudsen Dr., Bakersfield, 93308

Dec. 15

HazWaste Training Class, CTA Headquarters, 4148 E. Commerce Way, Sacramento 95834, 8:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.

Jan. 20 - 23

63rd Annual Membership Conference, "The Voice Of Trucking," Monterey Plaza Hotel & Spa, Monterey, CA. Join fellow CTA members at the 63rd Annual Membership Conference in beautiful Monterey and learn how you can make a difference and be a part of the voice of trucking by joining other CTA members when we talk to our state agencies and legislators. Additional sessions will include a state of the industry address by newly appointed President & CEO of ATA Chris Spear, speakers and panels on new and exciting technology in our industry, elements of trucking critical to commerce, and leadership behaviors.

Jan. 23

AMC - TUFSOB Benefit Golf Tournament 2017, 11 a.m. – 5:30 p.m., Black Horse Golf Course , 1 McClure Way, Seaside, CA 93955. Proceeds from The TUFSOB (Truckers United Fraternity Super Offspring of the Boss) Golf Tournament go to build a scholarship fund that will make direct grants to children of those involved in the California trucking industry that are pursuing a higher education.

Advertiser Index Accusure Allen Lawrence & Assoc. California Drug Testing Assoc.

13 6, 9, 10 7

CAP Companies


CTA Compliance Group


CTA Registration Services


Dillon Risk Management Goodyear Tire Co. HELP, Provider of PrePass

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InterWest Insurance Services


J.J. Keller & Associates, Inc.


Johnson Matthey


Kenworth Truck


Ramos Oil


SoCal Gas


TEC of California


The Tenney Group


Truckers Against Trafficking


Wilshire Insurance


December 2016 27

Membership Milestones B

elow are CTA members celebrating a “membership milestone� this month. Listed are the company names and their join date. Please reach out and congratulate these members for their dedication to the transportation industry.

Brannon Tire, 12/19/1995

5-10 Years

TMT Enterprises, Inc., 12/31/1993

The Electric Guard Dog, 12/01/2011 Express Transpro, Inc., 12/01/2011 iix, 12/01/2011 Innovative Delivery Systems, 12/01/2011 Lily Transportation, 12/01/2011 Flexi-Van Leasing, Inc., 12/01/2010 DiBuduo & DeFendis Insurance Brokers, LLC, 12/01/2009 I.T.L., Inc. - Irvin Family Partnership, LP, 12/01/2009 Bay City Express, Inc., 12/01/2006 Material Transport, 12/01/2006 Pilot Air Freight, 12/01/2006

11 - 19 Years All Cartage Transportation, Inc., 12/01/2004 Hansen & Adkins Auto Transport, Inc., 12/01/2004 QSI, LLC, 12/01/2004 Armellini Express Lines, 12/01/2003 E & B Bulk Transportation, Inc., 12/01/2003 M. Paggen Trucking, 12/01/2003 Mex-Cal Truckline, 12/01/2003 Northern Lights Energy, Inc., 12/01/2003 LAX Freight Services, Inc., 12/01/2002 Suddath Relocation Systems, 12/01/2002 24/7 Specialized Transportation, Inc., 12/01/2001

Gee Agri Transport, Inc., 12/30/1995 Noble West Trucking Insurance, 12/21/1995 CC & M Truck Service, Inc., 12/16/1993 Jim Dobbas, Inc., 12/09/1992

26 Years Mutual Express, 12/26/1990

27 Years Consolidated Communications, 12/12/1989 Western Motor Carrier Safety Institute, 12/12/1989

28 Years Cross Petroleum, 12/27/1988 Interstate Truck Center, 12/31/1988 Robinson Enterprises, Inc., 12/12/1988 Sentinel Transportation - West Coast Region, 12/29/1988

29 Years Aeropres Corporation, 12/02/1987 Penske Truck Leasing, 12/14/1987

31 Years Bay Cities Produce, 12/04/1985 Classic Awards & Trophy Co., 12/04/1985 Diamondback Express, Inc., 12/21/1982 Lawrence M. Alegre Trucking, Inc., 12/20/1982 RLT, Inc., 12/20/1982

35 Years

Sterling Pacific Meat Co., 12/01/2001

Great Dane Los Angeles, Inc., 12/07/1981

Wholesale Fuels, Inc., 12/01/2001

40 Years

Biagi Bros., Inc., 12/01/2000

Bernard A. Wever Trucking, 12/14/1976

Forward Air, Inc., 12/01/2000

41 Years

Second Harvest Food Bank, 12/01/2000

Pacer Cartage, Inc., 12/29/1975

D.H. Scott & Company, 12/01/1999

Rossi Transport Service, Inc., 12/01/1975

Garrett Johnson Transport, 12/01/1999

45 Years

Napoleon Express, Ltd., 12/01/1999 Valley Bulk, Inc., 12/01/1999 California Career Schools, 12/21/1998 Central Valley Mobile, 12/31/1998 Kemgas, 12/30/1998 Lyons Magnus Foods, 12/14/1998 DiMare Fresh - Sacramento, 12/03/1997 Unistar Foods, Inc., 12/16/1997

20 - 25 Years Arrow Trucking Co. of California, Inc., 12/19/1996 California Cascade Building Materials, 12/10/1996


34 Years

Comdata Regulatory Compliance Services, 12/15/1971

46 Years Pioneer Trailer Sales, 12/04/1970

54 Years Davidson Trucking, 12/19/1962

Thank You to These Members for Their Continued Support of CTA and the California Trucking Industry

Tam Fresh Cut-Pak, Inc., 12/23/1996 Bank of Agriculture & Commerce, 12/15/1995 28

December 2016





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December 2016

Classifieds PROPERTY


SO. CAL. WAREHOUSES/TERMINALS/YARDS Region Doors Acres Inland Empire Up to 249 Up to 82 Inland Empire 76 9.19 Inland Empire 17 5 Inland Empire 17 4.09 Inland Empire 16 16.86 Inland Empire 15 5.88 Inland Empire 4 4.96 Los Angeles Land 23.8 Inland Empire Office 9.52 Inland Empire Office 8 NORTHERN CALIFORNIA Hayward/Bay Area 42 2.5 CTA Allied Member: Steve Sprenger 714.692.0591 or Brochures available at:

TCI TRUCK AND TRAILER SALES- Port Compliant Cascadia Day Cabs: 2011-2012 Models DD13, 450 HP, 161’ WB. Lease maintained trucks for sale. Fontana: (888)660-6040 Ext 3309. Commerce: (800) 660-9866 Ext 2209.

TRUCK AND TRAILER PARKING – Available for short and long term rental at our facilities in Stockton, CA, Fremont, CA, Bakersfield, CA, Phoenix, AZ, Las Vegas, NV and Henderson, NV. Contact Shawn Ross at TCI Leasing, 510.259.8152.

YARD GOATS. Rent, lease or sale. Late models and older. Enterprise Truck Rental, (562) 6927244. Ask for Anthony Nunez. YARD TRUCKS (GOATS) – (60) in stock-Sales/Rentals, Jim/Cresilda (530) 661-6777. YARD GOATS- For Sale Carb Compliant, (14) 2010 Ottawa 4x2 Off Highway, Cummins, 200 HP, Clean Idle Certified (DEF) Engine Hours 12k-14k. Fontana: (888)660-6040 Ext 3309. Commerce: (800) 660-9866 Ext 2209.

WANTED WE ARE SEEKING to acquire California companies providing the following services: • Westcoast LTL and TL Service • Public Warehousing • So Cal/Nor Cal Container Drayage • Domestic/International Freight Forwarding • Truck Brokerage If you are considering selling all or a portion of your business please call Ron Massman-The Dependable Companies at (323) 526-2222. All inquiries strictly confidential.

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• Employment Opportunities • For Sale or Lease • Property • Wanted • Services Advertisers will choose in which section their ad will appear and will list the product, property, service or position being advertised. Your company name must appear in the ad. We do not accept blind employment ads. Bolding Not Included! (At our discretion, Caltrux staff will bold the first part of the first line to separate listings.) RATES: $10/line for members, $15/line for non-members. (Minimum order - $50 for members, $75 for non-members.) Contact Beach Publishing Services at (916) 782-4246 or email your request to to obtain an order form.




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916. 7 86.2 5 7 7 • FA X 916. 4 7 1 . 0 5 2 5 • W W W. C A P - C O M PA N I E S. C O M

December 2016 31

The World’s Best Trucks. ®

Available at The World’s Best Dealers. NorCal Kenworth - San Leandro 1755 Adams Avenue San Leandro, CA 94577 510-836-6100

NorCal Kenworth - Morgan Hill 16715 Condit Road Morgan Hill, CA 95037 408-842-5383

NorCal Kenworth – Sacramento 707 Display Way Sacramento, CA 95838 916-371-3372

NorCal Kenworth – Anderson 20769 Industry Road Anderson, CA 96007 530-222-1212

Inland Kenworth – Montebello 1600 W. Washington Blvd Montebello, CA 90640 323-278-4100

Inland Kenworth – Fontana 9730 Cherry Avenue Fontana, CA 92335 909-823-9955

Inland Kenworth – Carson 1202 E. Carson Street Carson, CA 90745 310-984-3430

Inland Kenworth - El Cajon 500 N. Johnson Ave El Cajon, CA 92020 619-328-1600

Papé Kenworth - Fresno 2892 E. Jensen Ave. Fresno, CA 93706 559-268-4344

Papé Kenworth – Stockton 10998 South Harlan Road French Camp, CA 95231 209-983-6970

Papé Kenworth – Bakersfield 19414 Quinn Road Bakersfield, CA 93308 661-323-2931

Papé Kenworth - Santa Maria 1344 White Court Santa Maria, CA 93458 805-614-1629

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