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Hondros Cyprus Tavern

Since 1953

F re e L o c a l N e w s p a p e r P a p h o s - P o l i s - P i s s o u r i - S e p t e m b e r 2 0 11 4 8 t h E d i t i o n

September Romance

G most famous BBQ ribs!

33 Georgiou Savva Yeroskipou or reservations: +357 26960179 4 - Cyprus History

5 - Cooking with Andy Clay 7 - Going Global 8 - Artist Interview Andreas Charalambous 10 - Natalie’s Column & Archie’s Column 12 - Health & Fitness 13 - Books & Films 15 - Games

STAZO TRADING LTD 31 Poseidonos Ave. K. Paphos - t. +357 26 933703 - e.


15% off menu prices The new “INN” place of Paphos!!! Opposite Almyra Hotel For reservations call +357 99 603 023 +367 26 937 427 e.

Children play area with CARTOON TV

All SPORTS available on screens

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B each N ews D istribution P oints . 15,000 every month


To Beach News readers from all over the world, hello! Well, to make things clear I am getting married this month, the first in my family. I am looking forward to that day the 17th of September. I find my self very happy and very lucky too. Christiana, my future wife, is an inteligent and wonderfull person. I come from a traditional Greek family with a South African mother and growing up in Cyprus, the pressures of getting married as soon as you finish your studies, is a force felt only in the battlefield. Not once, will you speak with your grand parents, aunties, uncles, all sort of relatives with out them reminding you that it’s time to get settled, and give grandchildren to your mother, even though you do not have a full time job, or you come home early in the morning from parties every night. It’s unbelievable some times, because taking the decision to get married has to do with you and you only - or accepting a proposal. Unfortunately some times I feel that I am doing it for them, to satisfy their ambitions. I really don’t understand it. Why so much pressure to do something everyone is trying to get free from. See the high rates of divorces. Inviting people for the wedding is supposed to be a pleasant moment. It’s a time you share happy news with people you know. To be honest, I have not given out one invitation with out receiving a first comment that actually stresses me. They all say phrases such as “don’t do it”, “are you crazy?”, “welcome to the club”, “now you will see what its all about” etc. What is every ones problem actually with their partner? Is getting married such a tragedy at the end of the day? I know that there are two sides to the problem, that of the boys and that of the girls, and I will have to find out myself, through time, the answers to my question. I could live with that, I will take my chances. To all of you out there have fun, enjoy your stay on the island, enjoy the autumn weather that is much better and friendlier. Take care in the sun with your protection and remember on the 17th to have a drink wishing me and Christiana health, happiness and long life together... forever. Thanks.

P aphos - P olis - L atsi - P issouri

A lexander the G reat , A nnabelle – A lmyra road , C arrefour S upermarkets , C oral B ay B each (4), C oral B ay S quare (2),C orallia B each , F aros B each , H ondros R estaurant , K astam bena S upermarket , L a P laya B each , L atsi M arina /B each (2), M bania B each , P apantoniou S upermarkets (4), P aphos H arbour (2), P haethon B each , P hilippos S upermarkets , P olis C amping S ite , P olis S quare (2), R ui hotel , S odap B each , S tokos K iosk , T ime O ut K iosk , 15 kiosks with no stand .

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n read Bech News online now by visiting our site Enjoy Sergis Publisher S.H. Instant Ad Ltd Editor-In-Chief Natalie Hadjiadamos Contributors Andreas Tsokkalides, David Walker, Natalie Anastasiou, Natalie Hadjiadamos, Andrew Clay, Michalis Papapetrou, Dora Georgiou, Argyris Constantinou, Alessandro Morelli. Marketing Director Leonidas Sofokleous Marketing Assistant Fabio Morelli Photographs Sergis, Ewa Szumilas Design Instant Ad Art Director Sergis Hadjiadamos Legal Advisor Agis Georgiades Athos Demetriou & Sergaris Demetriou Distributor Richard Bradford Beach News Head Office Ap. Pavlou Ave, 21 CY 8046 Paphos - Cyprus t.+ f. : 00357 26 92 32 91 Direct 96 59 08 87 E-mail:


Our media spoNsor

Business for Sale, Greek Gyros take away with its clientele, in the busy tourist area of Apostolou Pavlou, approximately 40sq.m., 17,000 Euro, due to health problems, Call Mr. Dionisis 99 156 891.

Ευκαιρία Επιχείρηση για πώληση, ελληνικός γυρος take away με την πελατεία του, στην τουριστική περιοχή Αποστόλου Παύλου, περίπου 40τ.μ., 17.000 Ευρώ, λόγω προβλήματος υγείας, τηλ. Διονίσης 99 156 891 Divisional Police Headquarters

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picture taken by Ewa S.

S e p t e m b e r 2 0 11 4 8 t h E d i t i o n


S e p t e m b e r 2 0 11 4 8 t h E d i t i o n

Cyprus History & Culture KTHMA KEO

Vines & Wines


he picturesque southern slope of the Troodos mountain range is the home of a lifetime project. Set near the village of Mallia, the KEO winery represents both the island’s tradition in winemaking and the development of new technological viniculture and vinification processes. The art of winemaking requires experience, care and imagination. The combination of these elements together with the area’s terroir and KEO’s scientific know-how is the basis for the creation of unique

quality wines. The KEO winery in Mallia lies in the heart of 1,000 hectares of cultivated landscape where some of the best grape varieties, are grown. Its historic buildings, which date back to 1927, were refurbished preserving its architecture and folklore. The winery is used for systematic research and development of Cyprus indigenous grape varieties that due to their scarcity were threatened with extinction. The traditional vinification methods

are well adjusted to state of the art technology. The vineyards were planted to allow mechanical harvesting. The grapes are vinified in stainless steel vats, therefore retaining their natural aroma and taste. The KEO winery in Mallia, the island’s largest-boutique winery, is now the home of the entire KEO wine portfolio. Pioneering a new generation of premium Cyprus wines, three flagship brands, born in the winery are named after the estate. KTHMA KEO (Red) is a beautifully

balanced, rich red dry wine that combines the cassis fruit of a good Cabernet with a warmer, bramble style from the Lefkada and a deft touch of spicy, new oak. KTHMA KEO (White) is an elegant dry wine, combining the rich citrus scents with lifted aromas of fresh lemon zest and smoky white peaches of a good Chardonnay. The newest addition to the family, KTHMA KEO (Rose) is the result of a harmonious combination of a red and a white grape variety, that were blended together after fermentation. Cabernet Sauvignon

and Sauvignon Blanc have created a bright ruby dry rose wine, fresh on the nose with aromas of strawberries and cherries. These three KTHMA KEO wines have been decorated with awards and medals at numerous competitions both locally and overseas. The KTHMA KEO winery is open for visits daily, Monday to Friday, from 9:00am to 2:30pm for guided tours and free wine testing. For group bookings, the winery can be contacted at 25-942131.

Yes, we have done a major overhaul. It was necessary, but all along keeping an eye on the main topic of keeping the traditional theme. It’s good that you are keeping the local tradition.



ndy and Jenny met each other while Andy was studying Fine Arts and Sculpture and Jenny was studying Radiography in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa. Andy opened “The Wooden Horse” a coffee shop near the University to fund his studies, which is where they met. They married in Nicosia in 1967, and a few months later returned to South Africa where they opened “The Castle Inn”, a restaurant and beer garden in Johannesburg. In 1972, they moved to Cyprus, settled down in Famagusta, when their lives were disrupted with the 1974 Turkish invasion, forcing them to return to South Africa. There, Jenny and Andy’s two sisters Lya and Maro, opened a Greek restaurant “The Three Sisters” in Johannesburg. Andy and Jenny returned to Paphos permanently, with their four children in 1980, where they took over the restaurant form its original owner Kokos “Hondros” (meaning the fat man) and kept the name and its tradition. They have been running it ever since. Andy simultaneously had many successful art exhibitions, won first prize at the International Biennale in Cairo, as well as writing three books of which the first was awarded with the State’s Literature Prize. The Hadjiadamos

Yes, not only the structure and furniture but the menu too has maintained its Cypriot taste. It is essential in this area for Cypriots and visitors, because so much has been lost of our local colour with the rapid development. What are your specialities? The menu. All our recipes derive from advice and help from family, mothers, aunts, cousins, etc, a lot of tasting and testing, it’s a continuous exercise in our kitchen. Our main menu stresses Cypriot specialities and seasonal foods such as Mousaka, Afelia, Yemista, Sheftalia and many more. We always cook Souvla and Suckling Pig of Feast Days with the related soups and side dishes. And in the background old and new Greek music complimenting our authentic atmosphere. What does the future hold for you? Hard work, attention to detail and, of course, taking care of our valued customers. Any dreams? Yes, we all hope to get financial sponsorship to help create a gallery to house the extraordinary works of Andy Hadjiadamos in Paphos so as to share his creativity with one and all.


Cooking With Luxury

family have been running Hondros Restaurant for over thirty years. Here is a brief interview with Jenny and her eldest son Yorko, now manager of Hondros. I see you have just renovated your restaurant.

S e p t e m b e r 2 0 11 4 8 t h E d i t i o n

GG most famous BBQ ribs! G R I L L G A R A G E RESTAURANT something new in Pafos! Famous for our spareribs, which are marinated in our secret sauces, grilled to perfection served with chips and onion rings. Our menu is strong on homemade burgers, grills, pork chops, kebabs, chicken kebabs with sweet-chilli sauce and great Australian rib-eye steak. Fish and pasta dishes also feature and salads are great value. Wacky Wednesday Special BBQ burger & chips only 3.90 Rib Fest every Friday night and Sunday lunch ...... Eat as many ribs as u can for only 9.90 pp. Park yourself at the Grill Garage for sheer good value. Open everyday from 12 - 10 pm. 33 Giorgios Savva Yeroskipou (next to 7 St Georges Tavern) 99278614 or 26960179 Nomber 6 on map

By Andy Clay

Romantic Creamy Cajun Chicken Pasta INGREDIENTS: 2 boneless skinless chicken breasts, cut into thin strips 4 ounces linguine, cooked al dente 2 teaspoons cajun seasoning 2 tablespoons butter 1 thinly sliced green onion 1 -2 cup heavy whipping cream 2 tablespoons chopped sun-dried tomatoes 1/4 teaspoon salt 1/4 teaspoon dried basil 1/8 teaspoon ground black pepper 1/8 teaspoon garlic powder 1/4 cup grated parmesan cheese Method: Place chicken and Cajun seasoning in a bowl and toss to coat.In a large skillet over medium heat, sauté chicken in butter or margarine until chicken is tender, about 5 to 7 minutes. Reduce heat add green onion, heavy cream, tomatoes, basil, salt, garlic powder, black pepper and heat through. Pour over hot linguine and toss with Parmesan cheese.


olf is a relatively new game to the island of Cyprus, but is fast becoming a popular sport for almost everyone to enjoy. This trend can be argued, was influenced by the x-patriot community in the island, as well as, all those thousands of tourist-lovers of the sport, especially since Golf entered the Olympic Games officially. People in Cyprus realise that, this is a sport, which the whole family can learn together, especially on a driving range with a much more relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Playing golf, even with the various aspects of the game, it is actually easier than you think. It consists of playing a ball from the teeing ground into a hole on a green area marked by a flag. This is done in various ways depending on the length of the hole, which is defined by the distance from ‘tee’ to ‘green’. Each player is allowed up to 13 clubs and a putter (used on the green to guide the ball into the hole). Each club plays its part as the game of golf unfolds. All these skills can be practiced on a driving range to develop and improve a player’s ability before playing on any golf course. It is important therefore, to know what to practice. Each person is able to obtain a handicap by completing a number

Better Than Sex Cake INGREDIENTS: 1 (18 1/4 ounce) package dark chocolate cake mix 1 1/3 cups water (or as directed in cake directions) 1/2 cup vegetable oil (or as directed in cake directions) 3 eggs (or as directed in cake directions) 1 (14 ounce) can sweetened condensed milk 1 (8 -12 ounce) jarMrs Richardson’s caramel topping or 1 (8 -12 ounce) jar butterscotch topping 8 ounces whipped topping (Extra Creamy Dream Whip is good) 2 Heath candy bars, crushed (Skor bars or Nestle’s Heath bits will also work, if you can find them) Method: Preheat oven to 350°F. Grease and lightly flour 13” x 9” cake pan. Mix cake as directed on package.Bake the cake about 35 minutes or until it tests done.As soon as it comes out of the oven, poke holes all over it with a fork (I actually use a small diameter chop stick) and pour sweetened condensed milk evenly over the cake, followed by caramel sauce (microwaved about one minute until warm and easily pourable - I use only about 10 oz of the jar). Refrigerate overnight. Shortly before serving, spread whipped topping over cake and sprinkle with crushed Heath bars (or bits).

of rounds, which are marked on a scorecard by a member of the golf club. There are currently three golf courses in Cyprus, all in the area of Paphos. These are Minthis Hills, Secret Valley and Aphrodite Hills. Opening soon is ‘Elia’ golf course, designed by Nick Faldo. If we include the ‘Paphos Golf Driving Range & Academy’ we come to the conclusion that residents and tourists alike, have all the facilities to enjoy one of the greatest sporting challenges – GOLF! Because of the handicap system in golf, players at different levels can play a competitive game. This system allows men, women, and children to compete against each other; therefore, anyone of any age group can enjoy this fascinating game. Often frustrating, always demanding, golf is a worldwide-recognised sport, as a uniquely compelling game. One thing is for sure: once you played for the first time, you just want to play it again and again. This is why, by offering the facilities where residents and tourists can share their love for the game, will only enrich the products this island has to offer. Paphos Golf Range provided this article.


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T h e o n e a n d O N LY M E D I C A L s p a i n C y p r u s S p a

t r e a t m e n t s

CUPPING THERAPY Is a Chinese method of using glass cups to create localized pressure by a vacuum Suitable for those with back discomfort, neck pain and lumber muscles. €65 FEET HEALTH CARE Promoting blood circulation increasing blood flow. This treatment offers quick relief to stressed and sore feet.€45 ENERGETIC HOT STONE THERAPY A worldwide known treatment with the use of volcanic hot stones offering great relaxation. €65 AROMATHERAPY MASSAGE Massage with essential oils for complete body relaxation. €65 THE ROMANTIC RED WINE SPA A specially designed wooden bathtub filled with red wine, milk and salts. Suitable for those with poor blood circulation and cold limbs. €25 INDIAN HEAD MASSAGE A traditional Indian practice that helps promote physical and psychological relaxation. €50 SPORTS MASSAGE Special intense moves targeting the relief of muscle aches and pains. A perfect treatment offered to those who suffer from muscular injuries. €50 BODY LYMPHATIC ESSENTIAL OIL MASSAGE A luxurious treatment given in a special wooden bathtub that helps the detoxification of the body followed by a balancing massage. €70 REFLEXOLOGY A foot massage using finger pressure on specific reflex points. €55 THALGO MEN All men from the age 30 who are looking for a smooth and clean face. €50 FULL BODY MASSAGE / COUPLES ROOM Full body relaxing massage. €50

a n d

m a s s a g e s !

September Spesial Offers Types of massage: Spa Type Day Spa Mainly Wellness, Some Cosmetic Medical Spa: Wellness Treatment Menu: Facials Acne/Deep Cleansing Glycolic Acid Hair/Nail Services Hair Styling and Care

40% Off on your birthday + free Indian head massage (15min) 20% Off with this voucher €100 for 3 face treatments or 3 full body massages I n d o c e a n e Tr e a t m e n t o n 6 0 € (1:30 Hhr)

Medical Services: Non-Surgical Treatments Dermatology Laser Hair Removal Laser Skin Treatments Photorejuvenation Chemical Peels Microdermabrasion Mesotherapy Injectable Treatments Botox® Specialties: Botox® Laser hair removal Chemical peels Microdermabrasion Mesotherapy

Eleftheriou Venizelou 60 - 2nd Floor - Paphos, Cyprus t: + 357 26 955 929 - m: + 357 99 130 783 -

S e p t e m b e r 2 0 11 4 8 t h E d i t i o n


Rioting UK 2011

Universal Summer of Discontent By David R. Walker (Southboy)

Rough copy In the build up to South Africa’s first democratic elections in April 1994, the world watched expecting a riot, a racial civil war which never quite materialized. There was a bumpy transitional phase racked by political in fighting, but generally speaking South Africa’s change to a democracy was largely recognized as peaceful. In the latter years of the 1990’s many white South Africans left their own country for job opportunities abroad mostly in the UK, once South Africa was readmitted to the commonwealth. I had the privilege of working in the UK myself from 1997 to late 1999 and lived in a variety of London suburbs from Brixton to Turnpike Lane, close to Tottenham. Whilst living in Brixton in the winter of 1997, a policeman knocked on my door one particularly cold night and asked if I had heard of any disturbance in the block of flats as a woman was raped in the stairwell the previous night. Like all metropolitan cities with a high population density, London has wealthy areas, middle-class suburbs and poorer boroughs noted by their 1970’s styled sprawling and less salubrious council estates rising to an often grey and cloudy sky. So fast forward 12 years to August 2011, it is ironic that the

headlines for a Durban morning newspaper, should read “SA Expats fight back against UK mob rule”. Images of burning buildings in Tottenham and Croydon, of rioting on London streets and other major UK cities from Birmingham to Manchester flashed across international news channels. As stock market’s rally against a European debt crisis, America’s credit rating is downgraded, Somalia starves and Syria crackdowns on protestors as violent remnants of the Arab spring continue, which saw uprisings start in Tunisia, Egypt, Bahrain and Yemen and proceed unabated in Syria and Libya. As civil war continues in Libya, London’s boroughs flare up in the worst urban violence in decades as shops are smashed, buildings burned and looted all pointing to a universal summer of discontent. Even the British Prime Minister David Cameron had to cut short his Tuscan holiday to return to a broken Britain and convene an emergency Parliamentary meeting. Social media is rife with comments about the London violence with Twitter and Facebook messages reflecting a double edged sword of caution and encouragement. Many of the recent London riots were co-ordinated attacks

planned through Blackberry messenger, which is encrypted and not available on the more public social media platforms. There are calls in some London boroughs to block Blackberry messenger after dark, even to impose a curfew in some parts of the UK. At the Prime Minister’s insistence, the Metropolitan police forces in London, Birmingham and Manchester has been visibly strengthened to quell the riots and prevent any further social unrest. The irony about this social unrest in the UK is that after the storm, many of the protestors can go back to their council flats in Peckham, Hackney and Tottenham and claim social welfare and continue living off a state which effectively aids their existence. South Africans who moved abroad to the UK thinking it was safer than staying in crime ridden South Africa, were

caught unaware by the mindless violence of the recent August London riots. But no one is immune to watching violence and looting whether in London, Cairo or Mogadishu unless the population is absolutely desperate for food. The hooded British youths weren’t hungry they were blatantly stealing electronic merchandise while looting London stores, burning buildings and escaping the dumb-founded British police. While social media has been the spark for many civil unrests in North Africa, the middle East and now in the UK, the riotous 2011 spring and summer of these northern hemisphere countries pales in comparison to the real tragedy which is occurring in Somalia, with widespread famine, food riots and political instability crippling Mogadishu. South Africa has donated R2 million rand in aid to the famine in Somalia and

has been one of the first countries to actively be helping starving masses in Mogadishu while many South African expats in the UK bandied together through Twitter-interface collaboration to clean up the streets of Clapham and similarly affected London boroughs. Once winter grips the northern hemisphere, will the summer of discontent come to an end? What is evident that like 1968, 2011 is a watershed year for social upheaval globally, but as autumn approaches, the world will have to take stock of the summer of discontent and uncover the fundamental reasons which brought such chaotic protest? Those reasons are diverse and fluid, but beckon to a shift to a dynamic, explosive and digitized new world order as the 21st century hopefully reaches its maturity.

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this coupon :-)

Somalia 2011

S e p t e m b e r 2 0 11 4 8 t h E d i t i o n

A ndreas C haralambous C hrysafis Andreas Charalambous Chrysafis I was born in the village of Ayios Ambrosios, Kerynia, Cyprus but have left the island when I was 13years old to get an education in the UK. I have lived and worked in Vancouver, Canada and London, UK as an architectural designer.

Series. The articles are well received internationally and are published by a great number of newspapers, magazines and online publications. If not read in print publications, they can be found and read via Google under “Vanishing Cyprus” or “Andreas C Chrysafis”.

At the present, I no longer practice my architectural profession but have devoted my time and efforts on writing books and novels including press articles under the VANISHING CYPRUS

I am also an activist in support for human rights and justice, and have done many TV-Radio interviews. All of my book titles are sold

world-wide and are available through Barnes & Noble, Amazon and Waterstones and have recently been also added on Amazon Kindle Books. In late 2011, I shall be exhibiting a collection of my paintings in art galleries in N.York, London and Cyprus. Specialties Author, Painter, non-politically affiliated, a social activist and a strong believer in the Rule of Law & Equal Justice for All.

The oldest traditional restaurant in Paphos. Just renovated, well know for its owners artistic background. Sponsoring the Page Cypriot Artist

Hondros Cyprus Tavern

Since 1953

S e p t e m b e r 2 0 11 4 8 t h E d i t i o n

the best panoramic views of Paphos


Ethnographic Museum

Paphos Contemporar y Art Museum Metropolis Church

Gl as to

s lo



. P av



& bar

Mousallas Area, Paphos t. + 3 5 7 2 6 9 4 1 9 5 1 m. 99 372 600 - 9 9 1 7 6 2 3 2 m



My mou

breakfast - lunch - dinner



S e p t e m b e r 2 0 11 4 8 t h E d i t i o n

B y D ora G eorgiou

“Can I lose weight with Yoga?

” ... the problem with today’s mindset After spending 3 months in India where I got to focus on my Ashtanga Yoga practice, my therapies, breathing techniques and to read up more on the fusion of Eastern and Western philosophies I came to Cyprus to see my family. One of the most frequent questions I’ve been asked here is “Can I lose weight with Yoga?” When the question reaches my ears I have images of the world famous Ashtanga shala KPJAYI, also known as the Source of Ashtanga, where I practiced for 3 months. Images of very sweaty practitioners from all levels, all backgrounds, complete beginners to very advanced, from accountants to Olympic boxers to ballet dancers to Economists in the Pentagon to chefs to school teachers. People of all sizes, colours, religions and ages practising together, next to each other, focusing on their own personal physical and mental development. Looking at more advanced practitioners one cannot but help notice the lean form, from the biggest to even the smallest muscles being very well defined, super strength and super flexibility conditioned together to unify body and mind. One only needs to type “Ashtanga yoga” in Youtube and check the likes of David Swenson, Kino Macgregor or Govinda Kai to witness the physical benefits of Ashtanga. However those images quickly fade from my mind as sadness, disappointment and frustration take over as soon as the question is asked. What do I answer when the point of reference is wrong in the first place? We live in a society ruled by numbers, how much fat to loose, how much muscle to gain, what percentage fat do I have, how many calories is that, how many calories an activity burns....and the list goes on, and on, and on. And in the process we have lost the one thing that automatically has those answers without overloading our already crammed up minds. We have lost communication with our bodies. We have lowered the volume of that voice so low that we rely on outside numbers and diets and personal trainers and doctors to tell us what we already know inside our bodies. We are not in tune anymore. Like a baby knows when it wants to eat, how much, how often or when to sleep you once knew also. But somewhere along the line you have forgotten. We can regurgitate how we have forgotten to communicate with our bodies, we can again blame our stressful lives to sustain our masks. But that is not my aim. The question is not “Can I lose weight with X type of exercise?”... the question is “Do I feel good when I do that? Do I feel happy, I feel Alive?” When one is hungry and has something to eat, one knows when he has overeaten, when gluttony has overtaken and the gut, stomach and liver are overloaded with work. Same applies the other way round; one knows when the body is undernourished, weak and in need of energy. Or maybe we don’t; we have numbed our instincts and lowered that voice so far down, raising future generations with the same mindset, that we now have to relearn to speak the language of the body. Switch the TV set off for 15 minutes and sit there in silence, no judgement, just observing and listening to what it is that body has to say; maybe nothing; maybe everything, in time it will speak the same way it speaks through disease or the feel good factor. The body has its own language. In the sheer volume of rubbish things we have to do in our day to day lives this is surely not that crazy. Maybe it’s time we start speaking with our bodies, maybe it’s time we started listening, away from numbers, the “rights and wrongs” of diets, the exercise fads. When I came from India many people in Cyprus and London asked me “Isn’t India the land of contradictions?” And when I look at the West I see just as many contradictions; I open a magazine with an article on anorexia next to ads on how to lose weight, I see ads on makeup with the slogan “Love yourself”, make-up that is loaded with cancerous lead and toxins. I can find as many contradictions in the West as I have found in India. So the question shouldn’t be “Can I loose weight with Yoga?”. The question should be “Does Yoga/ running/ climbing/ swimming make me feel good?” Focus on the feel good factor and your decisions on food, exercise, sleep will slowly slowly start falling into place. The effort shouldn’t go in the body first, the effort should go into the mind first and then into the body. Can you speak the language of your body so you can slowly take control of your personal Matrix intuitively, instinctively, free from numbers and rules? From my experience, it is a ride worth taking. Namaste.

But be-aware! … You may just fall in love with her!! … August!! What a climax!! … Bustling

also have the infamous Wine Festival

island this month … a nice example

heat … crowded beaches … hours in

at the municipal gardens of Limassol;

is Marinella who will be performing

the pool… and in the sea… and in the

this is a span of 12 days of Dionysian

at the ancient theatre of Kourion 23rd

shower… three times a day!!… and

celebrations at this hugely popular

September; and if not for the music,

still soaking our pillows in sweat all

event that has taken place annually

merely for the experience of being

night… of course, that’s if we’re not

since 1961. With casks of free wine

a spectator, as our forefathers once

out all night … because in August we

from the local wine industries, as well

were, on an amphitheatre high on a

get dressed to go out at midnight!!…

as live music, theatre performances,

cliff, the evening sea as its backdrop

And return home way after sunrise …

traditional dances and food, this is a

(and a chilled glass of white wine,

sure hit, but also be careful not to be

might I add), would simply make this a

September, on the other hand, is the

hit by flying wine bottles, as many a

wonderful night to remember.

month when the kids return to school

visitor has unexpectedly fallen drunk

after three months of driving their

due to all the wine tasting!!

It is also the month of many weddings; hundreds of Cypriots are getting

parents insane … the city slickers return back to work … and we, the

In late September, Tripoli Park in Nicosia

married this month (besides the

beach bums, finally find a spot to lay

Moat will brim with work from graphic

editor’s wedding, but I wont mention

our towels down and play bats without



the date, so at least you’ll still see my

bumping into other people …

artists and independent publishers, all

column next month). Do not be shy to

swaying to an eclectic soundtrack (hip

gate-crash a Cyprus wedding; (yep,

September, be it be said, is definitely

hop, reggae, fusion, electronic). See

can’t tell you the date) … sometimes

the month of new beginnings … to find out

there are three thousand people who

Indeed, it is the month when many of

more about “Kypria”; an international

are invited; simply arrive, greet the

us in Cyprus press the reset button to

multi-arts festival and one of the most

couple and grab a bite! They will be

get ourselves back on track after the

significant cultural events in Cyprus.

most hospitable, especially if you are

highly energized summer…

Established in 1991 by the Ministry

from another country!


of Education and Culture, its previous Maybe we’ll reflect this in the form of

participants include Martha Graham

This month of September is also

a new creativity at work? Maybe find a

Dance Company, Ute Lemper and Tap

the pre-cursor to one of the biggest

new job? A new hobby? New studies?


national days on the island where celebrations will be taking place all

Or simply just reflect on ourselves and begin our penance to restore peace to

In late September we have the Agia

over the island… Yep … It’s … …

our alcohol stricken and party bashed

Napa Festival which is hosted at the

Independence Day!! … October 1.

spirits from our ruthlessly decadent

Agia Napa Harbour… A Three-day

The main event is a big military parade

“previous month” …

event including traditional food, arts,

which will take place in the centre of

crafts, music and dances.

the capital.

and creativity also reflects itself in the

And there you have it … These are the

Dates, dates, dates!! … Are you the

events and festivals of this month; …

main events this month… And anyway

“spontaneous type” ? … Then why

… If you look between the lines you

wait for events? … September is the

I’ll dive right in with the Paphos

will also find many a village festival

perfect month to go on scenic drives

Aphrodite Festival which is a three-

taking place in villages all around

… the weather is great … spirits are

day open-air opera festival staged

Cyprus this month … A good example

high, things are simply perfect; roll the

at the Medieval Castle against the

is the Steni village cultural festival

dice … is it north, is it south, is it east



taking place on 9 September (Steni is

or west? get in your car and head into

Harbour; This year the popular opera

a small village on the outskirts of Polis

that direction … You’ll either land up

Les Contes d’Hoffmann (The Tales

which has recently won many prizes

in a big town, a small rural village, see

of Hoffmann) by Jacques Offenbach,

for most improved village in Cyprus,

goats or meet a donkey … mountain

opens its curtain on 2nd, 3rd and

and of course is gaining popularity for

forests … or small fishing harbours …

4th September 2011, hosting on its

its museum which is, if not, the most

a monastery … an ancient site … or

stage the National Theatre of Prague.

comprehensive folklore museum on

a bustling night spot … you may even

For opera lovers this festival has

the island today)

come across a small waterfall or a

Indeed, this spirit of new beginnings



mountain gorge …

become one of the great events of the Mediterranean calendar. Of course, at this time of the year we

Also stay on the lookout for numerous popular Greek singers who will be

Cyprus is definitely not a boastful lady

making their appearance on the

… yet she has many surprises … one day she is wild … the next day she is calm … she is modern … yet she is ancient … she is plain … yet she is glamorous … Some do not take the road less traveled… yet, this is where her mystery begins to be unveiled … one thing is for sure, to get to know her, you MUST explore her … But beaware! … You may just fall in love with her!! … ☺

E x p l o r e

y o u r

Take advantage of our luxurious facilities with this Discount Voucher for all the readers of Beach News Discount of 20% on all a la carte spa treatments at Ayii Anargyri Natural Healing Spa Resort. Valid until 31/10/2011 Notes : All Discount Vouchers can only be used once and must be presented at the reception of the Hotel or the Spa. Discount Vouchers may not be returned or exchanged and all sales are final. Discount Vouchers cannot be redeemed on the day of purchase or at any time for cash. Ayii Anargyri Natural Healing Spa Resort will not be held responsible for any lost, stolen or mis-used Vouchers.

s e n s e s . . .

A short drive from Paphos on the way to Polis you will find Ayii Anargyri Natural Healing Spa Resort. This unique place is known for its mineral healing waters. Set in a valley of mature trees, the resort offers a unique retreat, a place of profound calm and the opportunity to enjoy the health-giving waters which have benefited visitors for so many years.

Ayii Anargyri Natural Healing Spa resort 8726-Miliou-Paphos Tel: 26814000 Fax:26632526

Ag i

St. Pauls Pillar Theoskepasty Church

do mi te Ar

s nos eido Pos


Munisipal Baths

. Ave

ou An do n

i ou

(Ba rS tr.)

S e p t e m b e r 2 0 11 4 8 t h E d i t i o n



S e p t e m b e r 2 0 11 4 8 t h E d i t i o n

He a lt h & Fi t n e s s

F.D.A. Affirms Safety of Breast Implant

Smart Choices


WASHINGTON — After two days of discussion and testimony about silicone breast implants, a top government health official said he had heard nothing to shake his faith in the safety of the widely used implants.

The official, Dr. William Maisel, chief scientist for the Food and Drug Administration’s

poor job of studying patients who got the implants, as the F.D.A. required them to do. “And without proper data, we still don’t know how safe or effective they are and whether there are certain patients at risk for extremely negative outcomes,” Ms. Zuckerman said. Dr. Maisel agreed that the studies conducted by the two companies had failed to follow as many patients as the agency had hoped. One purpose of this week’s meeting was to ask the expert panel what the agency and the two companies should do about that poor follow-up. Some suggested that patients should be paid for participating; others mentioned that doctors should get some money, too. There was some criticism of the 27-page research form that patients who participate in the study are required to complete and whether it could be shortened. Nearly all expressed hope that a registry could be created that would follow all breast implant patients, but such registries are expensive to maintain and complicated to create.

Center for Devices, said silicone breast implants were safe.

The committee also agreed that patients should no longer be told that they should get a magnetic resonance imaging test three years after getting implants and every two years following.

“We felt that way before the meeting, and we continue to feel that way after the presentations and discussions over the past two days,” Dr. Maisel said.

The reason for telling patients to get M.R.I.’s is that silicone breast implants sometimes rupture without women being aware, and an M.R.I. can reveal this unseen problem.

There are risks to the implants, however, Dr. Maisel said, including ruptures, a hardening of the area around the implants, the need to remove the implants, scarring, pain, infection and asymmetry. “Women should feel assured that the F.D.A. continues to believe that currently marketed silicone breast implants are safe,” he said.

But many patients ignore the requirements because M.R.I.’s are expensive and it is not clear what they should do when an unseen rupture is discovered; the risks associated with ruptured implants may not be greater than the risks of the operation needed to take them out.

Some patients and women’s groups who testified at the meeting disagreed. Diana Zuckerman, president of the National Research Center for Women and Families, a research and education group, told an expert panel that the two companies that manufacture silicone breast implants — Johnson & Johnson and Allergan — had done a

“F.D.A. continues to believe, as does the panel, that M.R.I. is the gold standard for evaluating breast implants for silent rupture,” Dr. Maisel said. “But there was consensus among the panel that the requirements for ongoing M.R.I.’s should be removed.” Dr. Maisel promised that the F.D.A. would study whether to follow this advice.


E n s u r e S af e t y


L u n ch

B y J A NE E . B RO D Y If you, like me, distrust school cafeterias, you pack homemade lunches for your children, as I did until my sons finished high school. But in the rush to get youngsters up, dressed, fed and off to school on time, the safety of that packed lunch easily can be overlooked. Chances are you worry more about whether your children will eat the food in their lunch boxes than about whether that food will be safe to eat after spending hours unrefrigerated. While there are no statistics on how often schoolchildren are sickened by the lunches they bring from home, it’s far better to be safe than sorry, said Nancy Donley, the president of STOP Foodborne Illness, an advocacy organization. Ms. Donley, who lives in Chicago, knows the risks all too well. In 1993 she lost her only child, 6-year-old Alex, to one of the nastiest food contaminants, E. coli 0157:H7, innocently consumed in store-bought ground meat. Rather than retreat into a fetal position, she channeled her grief and anger into helping others avoid a similar tragedy. According to the latest data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, one in six Americans will be felled by food poisoning this year, with 128,000 hospitalized and 3,000 people dying as a result. Thirty-one organisms are known causes of 9.4 million of these illnesses, but 38.4 million people will be sickened by unknown pathogens. Yet another food poisoning outbreak — of particularly virulent, antibiotic-resistant Salmonella Heidelberg, linked to ground turkey — had spread to 26 states by early August. It took five months to alert the public to the risk. Our extraordinarily complex food supply, with commodities coming in year round from all over the world, has seriously challenged government efforts to keep consumers safe. “Over the years, we’ve made progress in some areas but gone backward in others,” Ms. Donley said in an interview. “With so many deaths and illnesses each year from contaminated foods, there’s still a long way to go.” While organizations like hers press for stricter inspection standards from the government and tighter controls from the food industry, Ms. Donley believes that consumers also must protect themselves as best they can. “It’s important for the public to understand there are risks in food, and it’s up to them to try to mitigate those risks,” she said. And since children are among the most vulnerable to severe consequences of food poisoning, it makes sense to start with the lunches they take to school. Insulated Lunch Boxes A standard rule of food safety is to keep cold foods cold and hot foods hot until it is time to eat them. Temperatures between 40 degrees and 140 degrees, not uncommon in packed lunches that sit in warm classrooms for hours, are ideal conditions for bacterial growth. Insulated lunch boxes can help keep food safer. Worry less about the decorations and more about the construc-

tion. The best box (hard-sided or soft) has an insulated lining and a pocket in which to place a thin freezer pack to help keep the contents cold until they are consumed.

a soapy sponge and hot water as soon as I get them home from the store. If they are held for days unrefrigerated, I wash them again before cutting them open.

An insulated jug (heat it first with boiling water) placed in an insulated lunch box can keep soup, chili or even macand-cheese hot until lunch time.

Ms. Donley also warns parents to discard perishable leftovers. While my children were told to bring home leftovers so I could see what they did not eat, I then threw out everything perishable.

What to put in those boxes? Foods like peanut butter and sliced cheese can tolerate room temperatures without spoiling, especially if insulation is lacking. If peanuts are forbidden in your child’s school, try almond butter — more expensive but more wholesome anyway. Also consider pantry-safe foods packed in easy-to-open containers, like tuna that can be eaten out of a fliptop can, with or without bread. Boxed milk or juice sold unrefrigerated is also a safe bet. And you can freeze these (as well as a water bottle) ahead of time and use them as cold packs; as they defrost, they’ll keep the rest of the lunch chilled. A number of sandwiches — for example, those made with lunch meats, hummus, tuna or egg salad — can be made the night before and frozen as well; they’ll defrost by lunch time. If your child likes lettuce and tomato, pack them separately to be put on the sandwich before eating. If you include cut-up vegetables, be sure they are washed first and packed in a clean container. Dried fruits and whole fruits like apples, bananas, oranges and grapes can round out the meal and can be kept safely at room temperature. But all fresh fruits, even those that will be peeled, must be washed before they are put in the lunch box. A thorough washing is especially important for melons. If the skin is contaminated, the knife can transfer bacteria to the flesh, where they can flourish by lunch time. Ever since cantaloupe was linked to an E. coli outbreak in 2004, I’ve washed all melons, including watermelon, with

Just as it is unwise to consume at any time foods made with raw egg, undercooked poultry or ground meat, or unpasteurized milk, these absolutely should be avoided in a packed lunch. Also, all raw fish, and shellfish that can be safely consumed raw, must always be kept cold. Cleanliness Is Critical Even perfectly safe food can become contaminated by careless storage, preparation and consumption. Perishable foods should be refrigerated as soon as they come home from the store. If you shop with a vehicle, take along a cooler for refrigerated foods, especially in warm weather. Before preparing food, wash your hands with warm water and soap for 20 seconds. Countertops and cutting boards should washed as well; they can be sanitized with a bleach solution (one tablespoon liquid bleach to a gallon of water). For the sake of convenience, I use a spray-on bleach product to clean my countertops and sink, and I wash everything that comes into contact with raw animal products immediately after use. Of course, any surface, utensil or hand that comes into contact with raw meat, poultry, fish or eggs must always be thoroughly cleaned before being used for other foods, including those same foods after they are cooked. Ideally, children should wash up before lunch, but that may not happen when they have only 15 to 20 minutes to eat. Alternatively, put a pocket-size hand sanitizer or moistened antibacterial towelette in the lunch box and instruct them to use it before they eat.

S e p t e m b e r 2 0 11 4 8 t h E d i t i o n


Books & Films

A Dead Hand - A Crime in Calcutta by Paul Theroux

Reviewed by David R. Walker a.k.a. Southboy Paul Theroux turns his languid gaze back to India for his latest self-reflexive novel, A Dead Hand, a Crime in Calcutta following his previous sensational exploration of the Indian subcontinent in The Elephanta Suite. A Dead Hand, a Crime in Calcutta follows the adventures of a travel writer, Jerry Delfont while suffering from writers block is asked by a mysterious American philanthropist Mrs. Unger to investigate an incident involving an Indian friend of her son Charlie. Rajat while staying in a seedy Calcutta hotel wakes up one night to discover a dead boy on the floor next to his bed. Rajat fled the hotel and Delfont upon request from Mrs. Unger returns to the scene of the crime only to discover not a body, but a dead hand. The dead hand symbolically becomes a metaphor for Del-

dilemma of a foreigner examining an ever-shifting and complex country filled with exotic beauty, strict religious rituals, Victorian formality and cruel poverty. Delfont’s adventures take him beyond the confines of the Bengali capital to Mirzapur and Nagapatti in Utter Pradesh uncovering the mystery of the crime and the real motives behind the disappearance of a dead boy from a Calcutta hotel room.

font’s writers block and soon he is caught in the mystery of the incident and the sensual and enigmatic life of Mrs. Unger, whose questionably philanthropy is explored to reveal a far more sinister secret. Theroux’s beautifully evocative prose captures Calcutta or Kolkata as the Indians prefer and the

Part travel journal, part crime thriller, A Dead Hand, A Crime in Calcutta is a thoroughly sensual and absorbing tale of deceit and exploitation in India by the master of Travel writing, Theroux whose novels from Mosquito Coast to Blinding Light have never failed to impress readers worldwide. Highly recommended and suitably gripping.

Cowboys and Aliens:

Arizona like no one has seen it before!

Hondros Cyprus Tavern

Since 1953 Hondros Taverna

Set Under the oldest grape vine in Kato Pafos. This traditional restaurant has been going strong since 1953. Serving only home made traditional authentinc Cypriot cuisine. Fresh fish caught and served daily. Huge selection of mouthwatering meze. reservation call on


An experience that you will remember.......

Πρότυπο Κέντρο Νηπίων

Reviewed by David R. Walker a.k.a. Southboy

Film Review t’s like this. It’s always a one horse town, Absolution. If you love Westerns and Aliens films in the tradition of 3:10 to Yuma and all of Sergio Leone’s films like The Good, Bad and the Ugly, you will love Cowboys and Aliens, it’s a cross-genre mix without subtly and it has the star of the James Bond film franchise’s recent acquisition, Daniel Craig looking very out of place in a western. He has Harrison Ford to assist him as the town sheriff. Harrison Ford, ex Solo is there to help against an awfully bizarre alien invasion in Arizona 1873. Together they battle the onslaught of an Alien invasions in outer far west. There are lots of explosions, gunfights and alien invasions but it’s never without some form of retribution. Cowboys and Aliens is entertaining but hugely commercial film with loads of action sequences and lots of gunfights with hard-arsed cowboys and Aliens that are clearly there to see the vulnerability of humans and attempt at most costs to take over the Planet. See Cowboys and Aliens and don’t expect mental stimulation, but loads of popcorn fun. It’s a sleepy hit for the Northern Hemisphere summer season.


Σύχρονος Παιδονομικός Σταθμός με έμπειρο και καταρτισμένο προσωπικό. Η 15ετής λειτουργία το εγγυάτε. Άνετοι, κληματιζόμενοι χώροι διδασκαλίας. Μεγάλη αυλή με προσεγμένα και ασφαλή παιχνίδια. Δωρεάν πρόγευμα. Μεσημεριανό φαγητό (έφ’οσον το ζητήσετε). Αναλαμβάνουμε παιδιά της προδημοτικής και Δημοτικού για απογευματινή μελέτη (Δωρεάν μεταφορά από και πρός στον σταθμό). Ώρες λειτουργίας Δευτέρα - Παρασκευή 7:00 π.μ. μέχρι τις 7:00 μ.μ., Σάββατο 7:00 π.μ μέχρι τις 2:00 μ.μ. Δεκτά παιδία από 3 μηνών. ΧΑΜΗΛΑ ΔΙΔΑΚΤΡΑ Κων/νου Παλαιολόγου 26 (κοντά στο 2ο Λύκειο Κύκκου τηλ. 26 953 658 - 96 37 24 27

S e p t e m b e r 2 0 11 4 8 t h E d i t i o n

Ariella boutique Greek, Italian French clothes


Coral Bay

As advertised on 19 Ap. Pavlou Ave Paphos t. +357 99056301



Azia Hotel Laura Hotel

(from 6 to 12 years old)

St.George Hotel

Snacks & Drinks at low prices Kids golf clubs avilable

Cynthiana Hotel



Arts & Crafts Mosaics Candles Paintings

(+357) 26 848 800 cy freephone 8000 89 89

48 Alexandrou Ipsilandi Paphos t. +357 26 932 460 - f. +357 26 222 011

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S u d o k u


S e p t e m b e r 2 0 11 4 8 t h E d i t i o n

C r o s s w o r d s

Down 1. Winged 2. Measuring device 3. Bright thought 4. Give temporarily 5. Go in 6. Benedictions 7. A flighty scatterbrained person 8. 57 in Roman numerals 9. Tyrant 10. Compensate

11. 12. 21. 25. 26. 27. 28. 29. 34. 36. 37. 38. 40.

Delete Ire 13. Apprehensive Juliet’s beau Horse color Circle fragments Protective ditch Bit Consolidate Steel containing chromium Wild goat Wings Adjusts Bottom of the barrel 42.

Grain disease 45. Shoulder board 48. It contains a British beverage 51. Preen 52. Bees make this 53. An Indycar or F1 car 55. Long periods of geologic time 58. Early 20th-century art movement 59. Violent


ACROSS 1. Nimble 6. Lacking hair 10. Not fake 14. Burdened 15. Not pre-recorded 16. Coastal raptor 17. Spy 18. Greek goddess of discord 19. Magician 20. The audience of a newspaper 22. ___-friendly 23. A thorny flower 24. Cantankerous 26. Dogfish 30. Missing In Action 31. Foot digit 32. Chamber 33. Concludes 35. Operatic solos 39. A complete list of things (American spelling) 41. Reasonable 43. Not fresh 44. Scorch 46. Nipplev 47. Obtain 49. Swine 50. X X X X 51. Put into words 54. Dwarf buffalo 56. Wander 57. Mix with impurities 63. Ancient Peruvian 64. Wan 65. Lubricated 66. Encounter 67. Lyric poems 68. Famous 69. Wood heaped for burning a dead body 70. Makes lace 71. Expressionless disturbance 60. Countertenor 61. Adolescent 62. Swirl

Your Stars


ARIES You’ll be able to break bad habits if you put your mind to it. If you work in conjunction with someone else you may find they’re trying to steal your thunder. Health problems may prevail if you haven’t been getting enough rest. Your luckiest events this month will occur on a Sunday.

LIBRA You may have difficulty trying to get your mate to understand your position. You can get good solid advice from relatives or close friends you trust. Some of that extra energy you have stored up might just be put to good use. Your luckiest events this month will occur on a Saturday.

TAURUS Follow your gut feeling regarding your business ventures. If boredom has set in, find new and unique directions that offer interesting friendships. Refrain from arguing with your mate. Your luckiest events this month will occur on a Sunday.

SCORPIO Children may be on your mind. Lovers will be less than accommodating, and decisions regarding personal direction a necessity. Don’t let relatives stand in the way of your personal plans. Your luckiest events this month will occur on a Wednesday.

GEMINI Don’t evade important issues; you may find yourself backed into a corner. You will have original ideas for ways to make extra money. You will be well looked upon due to your compassionate and giving nature. Your luckiest events this month will occur on a Saturday.

SAGITTARIUS Spend some time with the one you love. Pleasure trips will be satisfying. Try to be reasonable. Financial limitations are likely if you take risks. Your luckiest events this month will occur on a Saturday.

CANCER Don’t be too eager to spend what’s left over; more unexpected expenses are evident. You will back yourself into a corner if you are baited and your stubbornness will only make matters worse. Love relationships will flourish. Your luckiest events this month will occur on a Thursday.

CAPRICORN You may divulge private information without realizing it this month. Rely on yourself and you will look good to superiors. Much knowledge can be obtained through the experiences you have. Your luckiest events this month will occur on a Monday.

LEO Your emotional state will vacillate. Double-check before making any statements. The existing problems must be dealt with one way or another. If they’re too demanding, reconsider this union. Your luckiest events this month will occur on a Monday

AQUARIUS Don’t make any drastic changes or begin new projects this month. You’ll be able to break bad habits if you put your mind to it. Your intellectual wit will bring greater popularity with your peers. Your luckiest events this month will occur on a Saturday.

VIRGO Make changes around your house and plan to do some entertaining. Be careful how you handle friends and relatives, they may take things the wrong way. You don’t owe anyone an explanation. Your luckiest events this month will occur on a Thursday.

PISCES Don’t let relatives make demands of you. Talk to someone with experience about budgets or consolidating debts. Try to avoid any drastic decisions concerning personal legal matters. Your luckiest events this month will occur on a Monday.

KTHMA Ad. 25.5X34.5 copy.pdf



8:18 AM

S e p t e m b e r 2 0 11 4 8 t h E d i t i o n

For more than 80 years, KEO has been in the forefront of winemaking in Cyprus, continuing the island’s heritage and tradition. One of the greatest moments in this journey was the creation of KTHMA KEO wines. A new generation of premium quality wines bearing the name of the winery. The KTHMA KEO range has become the flagship of our wine portfolio. Acknowledged by accredited competitions, locally and overseas.



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The lates news. Cyprus News

Beach News September 2011  

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