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Hello there my dear friends, A new season has just begun, and a good one of course. This year, Beach News, started its publication in June instead of May due to unforeseen technical reasons. Therefore, we will publish six editions this year including November. What’s new with us, is our new map insert with every edition, to give you more options. The map shows you in full scale the Centre and West Coast of Paphos. The selection of advertisers was done to give you with the best choices for your needs. Every advertiser has agreed to provide you with extra special service. This year we have a new member on our team, our friend Natalie Anastasiou, who is currently visiting India. She will have a lot to write about her trip and about her experience as a Yoga instructor. David Walker will continue to send his take on the global news scene from South Africa, Dora’s Column and Archie’s are updated and ready for the new Summer season. Our guest chef Andy Clay, who has recently moved to the United States, will be sending us fresh recipes of new cuisines he has been introduced to. Our resident photographer Ewa Shmilacz will send us her work from Lebanon. And as always, our Cypriot Artists section will continue with new artists, sponsored by Hondros Restaurant, that has just been renovated after fifty years of existence. I would like to thank them for keeping their identity and the tradition of Cyprus real. To our local readers, I wish you all a wonderful summer and that the future for us and our island will be brighter.. To our guests who are visiting Cyprus, I hope you enjoy your stay, taking care of the hot sun with plenty of sunscreen and going out and meeting the friendly locals, traditions and beauty of Cyprus. Have fun! Sergis

Publisher S.H. Instant Ad Ltd Editor-In-Chief Natalie Hadjiadamos Contributors Andreas Tsokkalides, David Walker, Natalie Anastasiou, Natalie Hadjiadamos, Andrew Clay, Michalis Papapetrou, Dora Georgiou, Argyris Constantinou.

A lexander the G reat , A nnabelle – A lmyra road , C arrefour S upermarkets , C oral B ay B each (4), C oral B ay S quare (2),C orallia B each , F aros B each , H ondros R estaurant , K astam bena S upermarket , L a P laya B each , L atsi M arina /B each (2), M bania B each , P apantoniou S upermarkets (4), P aphos H arbour (2), P haethon B each , P hilippos S upermarkets , P olis C amping S ite , P olis S quare (2), R ui hotel , S odap B each , S tokos K iosk , T ime O ut K iosk , 15 kiosks with no stand .


everything in between.

capital required to open a gallery


community initiative was

or a shop,” says Anastasia. “D2


created by Anastasia Kypragora

provides just that, we supply


van Rijn of Whitefox Ltd, and

a ready to operate, permanent

Finally a permanent home for

has raised support from both

artists of all genres

Mayor Savvas Vergas and the Municipality of Paphos.

Design nstant Ad Art Director Sergis Hadjiadamos Legal Advisor Agis Georgiades Athos Demetriou Distributor Richard Bradford Beach News Head Office Ap. Pavlou Ave, 21 CY 8046 Paphos - Cyprus t.+ f. : 00357 26 92 32 91 Direct 96 59 08 87 E-mail:

signage, plus we provide ongoing

The much anticipated and much

The Agia Napa Park itself was

marketing support for the entire

spoken about Design Square

generously provided and leased

market as well as the individual

Paphos, D2 will be opening in

from Metropolitan Georgios of

stall owners”

the next few months at the Agia

Paphos, who also supports this

“It really is the quickest and

Napa Park in Kato Paphos.

worthwhile community project.

The first of its kind in Cyprus,

It is anticipated that D2 Paphos

D2 will feature a permanent


original design market, open 5

talented Cypriots and Residents,

public and begin building their

days a week, offering original

as well as jobs for many stall

names,” adds Anastasia.

artists of all genres, a place from

vendors, and will also help begin

So if you’re an artist of any

which to operate and sell their

the rejuvenation process of the


Agios Antoniou area.

D2 Paphos will house over

“I wanted to create an area that

begin building your name in one

100 permanent stalls and 30

would provide a cost effective

of the most exciting community

temporary stalls in categories

solution to artists, that would

projects in Cyprus, call Anastasia






original to












market their work to a large

accessories to music & fresh



having to outlay the kind of






cheapest way for producers of any original items to reach the

kind, and you would like to

on 96677288 to arrange an appointment,




1.Blackwater Soldier 2.Illustrious Industry 3.Drip Drop Dow n 4.You Shouldn’t 5.Technology?

Their debut EP album just released, featuring five great songs from their collection.

Our media spoNsor

Wanderlust formed in 2007 and are currently on an island-wide tour promoting their album. Listen to their music and let us know what you think!

Marketing Director Leonidas Sofokleous Photographs Sergis, Ewa Szumilas

stall, with display units and


picture taken by Ewa S.

Divisional Police Headquarters

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Braai Boma

Modern Authentic African




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Local Elected Dictatorship… By Andreas C Chrysafis


t has been said that all existing forms of governments are bad and that democracy encourages bad leadership! If it’s so, is democracy inclined to become a modern form of elected dictatorship? Plato, 2500 years ago, believed that: “this archaic form of society (democracy) which attempts to treat all people as equal weather they are or not”, was never a perfect political system. This was due to the fact that a large portion of the population was excluded from the voting process but above all else, it was susceptible to corruption, manipulation, nepotism and favouritism; not much different from nowadays! Moreover, he also considered, that: “there can never be good government as long as the state is governed by men who are morally impoverished and contribute nothing, but hope to snatch some compensation from a political career”. Apply those profound observations on the behaviour of most governments and politicians these days, and one realises that democracy, intended to epitomize equality and justice at the ballot box its has lost its principle objective. Today, under various pretexts, citizens are often excluded from voting on policies that affect their lives. On the other hand, democratic nations such as Switzerland offer the electorate one of the most important characteristic of a true democracy: the Right to a Referendum - being an inherent veto that belongs to the people! That precious right guarantees their option to prevent the government of acting contrary to the welfare of the nation. While representatives are elected, citizens in general have the choice and freedom to exercise their own judgment as to what is best for them. The use of Peoples’ Veto, it’s deemed to be the cornerstone of a true democracy and if people are told the truth, they are capable of making fundamental decisions and not to be dictated by temporary governments. The Euthyphro dilemma essentially asks: “is something right because the State commands it, or does the State command it because it’s right?” In both cases, it is what people command

that matters, and not what the State believes it is right or wrong for the people. Yet, its amazing how quickly governments are inclined to forget those who put them in office - and a most shameful act indeed! In the case of the European Union for example, the people have no say as to who controls the decision-making process. The European Council and the European Commission are appointed exclusively

by member-states. This elective democracy is a “sui generis” entity based on “inter-governmentalism” and “semi-presidential” system, which cannot be considered a true democracy but generic. The 450 million EU citizens, are deprived the right to elect those governing bodies and nor do they have the right to boot them out. Strange democracy indeed…! Effectively, those in power have surreptitiously and conveniently manipulated the democratic principle to accommodate political objectives in their attempt to meet the new fashions of the day. It has being transformed into a means of horse-trading of peoples’ vote by governments and political parties to make deals and counter deals behind closed doors. Under those terms, delegated votes are simply wasted for party political expediency. Cyprus is not immune to these shenanigans! Since 1960, one major problem facing the Republic has being precisely just that - the presence of an inherent ungodly system that perpetuates social division. Along with that, comes an obsession of creating new political parties and movements. At the present there are nine political parties and growing… In western democracies, forming a political party means the compliance to strict demands imposed by the


Independent Electoral Commission. One of those demands is to provide as “proof”, that, the applicant body has the support of minimum of 1% of registered voters before it can considers its application. If those same conditions were applied in Cyprus, it would require over 5.000 bona-fide signatures of registered voter-supporters. Consequently, smaller political parties would never see the light of day! It is no wonder the island has been inundated with pettypoliticians. In a true sense, the existing multiparty system of the Republic has produced a self- inflicting social “divide and rule” policy, brought about by a flawed constitution and unwavering labour unions. Unless this constitutional stranglehold on society is revised and amended there is little scope of improvement or change. Consequently, democracy which aspires equal representation and fairness for all citizens on the basis of “oneman one-vote” void of ethnicity, it has been transformed into a victim of circumstances. All considered, for the past 50 years Cyprus has been burning its children far too long on the altar of hatred, materialism and political dogmas. But, through the development of proper and meaningful education based on humanity and transparency, in time, a new society may rise to bury the existing negative ethos once and for all. Meanwhile, whether we like it or not, elected dictatorship is creeping into the political system and legitimized by the Judiciary System to nibble away on peoples’ democratic rights…and that, can not be a good thing… Published Author of: ANDARTES – Historical Novel WHO SHALL GOVERN CYPRUS – Brussels or Nicosia? – Political analysis PORPHYRA in PURPLE – Adventure/ Metaphysical novel All books available from: Bookshops, Barnes &Noble, Amazon, Waterstones and the Internet Other articles of the VANISHING CYPRUS Series (available upon request) include: 1. Switzerland of the Med 2.Immigration: A New Peril 3.EU Union and Cyprus 4.The Environment 5.Politicians & Plutocracy 6. Think Tanks 7. Corruption 8. Gathering Storm 9. Mass Media & manipulation 10. Demographic Time Bomb 11. The Right to Vote 12. Elected Dictatorship

family have been running Hondros Restaurant for over thirty years. Here is a brief interview with Jenny and her eldest son Yorko, now manager of Hondros. I see you have just renovated your restaurant. Yes, we have done a major overhaul. It was necessary, but all along keeping an eye on the main topic of keeping the traditional theme. It’s good that you are keeping the local tradition.



ndy and Jenny met each other while Andy was studying Fine Arts and Sculpture and Jenny was studying Radiography in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa. Andy opened “The Wooden Horse” a coffee shop near the University to fund his studies, which is where they met. They married in Nicosia in 1967, and a few months later returned to South Africa where they opened “The Castle Inn”, a restaurant and beer garden in Johannesburg. In 1972, they moved to Cyprus, settled down in Famagusta, when their lives were disrupted with the 1974 Turkish invasion, forcing them to return to South Africa. There, Jenny and Andy’s two sisters Lya and Maro, opened a Greek restaurant “The Three Sisters” in Johannesburg. Andy and Jenny returned to Paphos permanently, with their four children in 1980, where they took over the restaurant form its original owner Kokos “Hondros” (meaning the fat man) and kept the name and its tradition. They have been running it ever since. Andy simultaneously had many successful art exhibitions, won first prize at the International Biennale in Cairo, as well as writing three books of which the first was awarded with the State’s Literature Prize. The Hadjiadamos

Michelin Star Chef Robert Bowman – “We’re raising the steaks, not the prices” THE LODGE – Braai Boma is opening soon An exciting new concept restaurant is opening its doors in Kato Paphos in June, and promises a completely different eating experience. The Lodge is essentially a South African Style restaurant specializing in superb steaks and family meat platters & combos. The design and the layout of the venue will immediately transport you to a typical African Game Lodge, featuring an outdoor Braai Boma, which is a woodburning BBQ Pit where the food is cooked and served in theatrical style. There is also an indoor fine dining section and lounge, perfect for business lunches, romantic soirees or a laid back place to enjoy a cognac and a cigar. The music is mostly chilled African Vibes

Yes, not only the structure and furniture but the menu too has maintained its Cypriot taste. It is essential in this area for Cypriots and visitors, because so much has been lost of our local colour with the rapid development. What are your specialities? The menu. All our recipes derive from advice and help from family, mothers, aunts, cousins, etc, a lot of tasting and testing, it’s a continuous exercise in our kitchen. Our main menu stresses Cypriot specialities and seasonal foods such as Mousaka, Afelia, Yemista, Sheftalia and many more. We always cook Souvla and Suckling Pig of Feast Days with the related soups and side dishes. And in the background old and new Greek music complimenting our authentic atmosphere. What does the future hold for you? Hard work, attention to detail and, of course, taking care of our valued customers. Any dreams? Yes, we all hope to get financial sponsorship to help create a gallery to house the extraordinary works of Andy Hadjiadamos in Paphos so as to share his creativity with one and all.

interspersed with occasional live drumming sessions and African chants from various local and international artists. The concept is a tri-partnership between international restaurateur Peter van Rijn, businessman Daniel Robey and Cypriot designer Anastasia Kypragora. “We wanted to bring a specialized ethnic style to Paphos, which has never been done before, and most importantly we wanted to match this style with 5-Star food at 1-Star prices,” says van Rijn. “To do this we recruited Michelin Star Chef Robert Bowman, who was instrumental in setting up the world famous Moyo’s chain throughout Southern Africa, “ adds van Rijn. “We are steering clear of the typical route followed by most restaurants here, offering anything and everything on their menus, and we’re going to focus on what we’re good at, which is excellent aged steaks and meat dishes at unbeatable prices. Don’t get me wrong, we still have premium wines and some steaks at Businessman prices, but overall our menu is within everyone’s reach, and we want people to feel it is a place they can come and relax, take their time and eat at their own pace. And I think we’ve achieved our objective with our great range of family steak and meat platters.” So if you want a break from the norm, and of course excellent food at excellent value, visit The Lodge next to the Amathus Hotel, or call them on 7000-MORE (6673) to make a reservation for lunch or dinner.

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F r i d a y 3 J u n e 2 0 11 4 5 t h E d i t i o n

Tourism Indaba 2011 London, Berlin, Durban... By David R. Walker (Southboy)


ndaba in Zulu means meeting and is usually considered a lengthy affair. Tourism Indaba is the 3rd Largest Tourism Trade Show in the World and the biggest in Africa. Held annually in the first weekend of May at the International Convention Centre in Durban, the Tourism Indaba has grown exponentially in attendance and has become a firm draw card for Tourism industry players, media, stakeholders and politicians alike. The Indaba lasts 4 days and is a frenzy of networking, showcasing all tourism related products from Boutique Hotels to new airlines on the African continent along with tourism bodies from all of South Africa’s nine provinces, and eight metropolitan tourism organizations. Hot on the heels of the successful hosting of the 2010 World Cup, South Africa has been firmly placed on the tourism radar and after London, Berlin and Dubai; the Indaba is Durban’s biggest annual conference and is much envied by Johannesburg and Cape Town. Durban’s perfect May weather insures maximum attendance at the Indaba attracting International visitors, Exhibiting Companies, Travel Agents and cutting edge marketers all mingling in

a frenzy of networking, socialising and deal making in the encompassing Inkosi Albert Luthuli Convention Complex comprising the ICC, the Arena and the Durban Exhibition Centre under the shimmering shadow of the luxury Hilton Hotel Durban. 2011’s theme for the Tourism Indaba is Playing Globally, Winning Locally and with the massive infrastructural upgrade that the major cities underwent ahead of last year’s World Cup, new airports, roads and stadiums have been completed. South Africa’s international tourists grew by 15 percent and with the Tourism Indaba being Africa’s most significant tourism and business networking meeting, it has become a vital contributor to Durban’s local economy. At this year’s Indaba, South African Tourism launched their massive global marketing and advertising campaign entitled “20 Experiences in 10 Days”. I was fortunate to attend the Global media faceoff hosted by the flamboyant CNN anchor Richard Quest who brilliantly kept a room full of journalists entertained and dexterously managed many challenging questions put to the panel present including the Director General of Tourism, the CEO of

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South African Tourism, the International Marketing Council CEO and the Board of Airlines Representative for South Africa. What emerged out of this insightful meeting particularly for South Africa was a huge growth in attracting Tourists from the BRIC nations. For those in the Euro zone, the BRIC nations

is an economic

acronym consisting of the four biggest emerging and developing economies globally with South Africa joining the partnership, sharing trade and tourism exchanges with Brazil, Russia, India and China, hence BRIC. South Africa’s economic collaboration with these four nations is highly



that Brazil and Russia will be

hosting successive FIFA World Cups in the next eight years. As a tourism destination, South Africa needs to remain globally competitive especially with the growing implementation of the EU and USA open skies policy. With direct flights from Johannesburg and Cape Town to most European capitals and now the addition of a direct flight between Durban’s new King Shaka International Airport to London, it will open up the Southern African markets to more international tourists complimenting the existing Middle East and Far Eastern markets which have emerged with daily direct flights to Dubai from all 3 major South African cities. Overall attendance at this year’s

Tourism Indaba topped 11500 people and this is expected to grow with the world emerging out of the 2008 recession allowing more business and leisure travellers have opportunities to explore South Africa and more Africans tourists to travel around their own continent. With direct flights opening up to Nairobi and Lagos, this allows South Africa to attract tourists from Nigeria, Angola and Kenya. My brief but intuitive attendance at Indaba was fulfilling and forever informative and each year I will endeavour to bring more coverage of this massive distinctly African Tourism conference focusing on South Africa, the Indian Ocean Islands and the continent as an emerging tourism magnet.

By Andy Clay

By Argyris Constantinou


Cocktail of Love


ummer has finally arrived and this year our beach adventure begins from an enchanted cove of majestic rocks, rising white cliffs and cool and tranquil turquoise waters… the spot we have come to know today as Aphrodite’s Rock … This is where the beautiful maiden born from “Aphro” (meaning “foam of the sea”) arrived on a giant scallop (as Botticelli famously painted her)… And was welcomed by the singing “Horai” who adorned her with beautiful robes and jewels… preparing her to meet the gods of Olympus for the very first time;

When she arrived all the gods were up (on their feet, that is). They were “love-struck”! Sensing the trouble knocking on heaven’s door... Zeus (the “Boss”) quickly married her off to the least likely… his son… Hephaestus. Hephaestus was so ugly that when he was born his own mother threw him off the mountain … crippling him in the process. Aphrodite really did not like this arrangement and it wasn’t long before she was having an affair with none other than her husband’s brother Ares, the God of war! (known as “Mars” in Rome, incidentally, she was known as Venus!) It also wasn’t long before hubby caught them in the act. He cleverly trapped them and quickly called all the gods to come and witness the scandal! Of course all the male gods were there! (After all, what an opportunity to see her naked!)… Indeed, mythology has much to say about this decadent goddess of selfish love who had many shaky affairs, dozens of kids… and caused many a “soapy” rift wherever she laid her hands! At one time, out of jealousy, she forced her son Eros to shoot an arrow through the heart of a very beautiful lady so that she would fall in love with the ugliest man in the world … and (lucky for him!) this man turned out to be Eros himself! Indeed, Aphrodite put her spell on many an unsuspecting victim … after all, was it not she who provoked love between Paris and Helen (the wife of the Spartan king!)? … and hence causing the most prolific war of ancient times (The Trojan War)? … She even made the sculptor Pygmalion, who hated women, fall in

love with Galatia, a statue that he sculpted. So beautiful was this statue that Aphrodite took pity on him and brought it to life because it so reminded her of her own beauty. One version of the myth writes that Pygmalion married Galatia and one of their kids was named “Paphos” !! … (so what came first, the myth? … Or the town ?) Was it not also out of jealous spite that she caused Smyrna to trick her own dad with alcohol, and fall pregnant by him? (Resulting in the birth of Adonis?). It could very well be somewhere close to The Baths of Aphrodite where the wheel finally turned … for it is said that this is where Aphrodite washed her wound after Eros accidentally shot her bosom with one of his arrows… perhaps the very arrow that set her up for the most painful love she would ever know … She had fallen deeply in love with this very same Adonis! … This poor chap, born due to her nonsense … and finally died in her arms after he was attacked by one of her Ex’s…! Perhaps it is this myth of love that inspired the Italian poet Arioste to name the breathtaking turquoise lagoon nearby “Fontana Amorosa” (The fountain of love). One can see the view of beautiful lagoons from the summit of the Aphrodite Hiking Trail … or best experience the lagoon by diving into it from a boat which one can board at the quaint fishing harbour of Latchi. There is much to be said of this “blonde bimbo goddess”… but her presence on the island is evident long before she arrived as Aphrodite. “Lemba Lady” is the 5000 year old fertility goddess that was found at the archaeological sites of Kissonerga and Lemba in Paphos. Today one can immerse oneself into those times at the recreated Chalcolithic village in Lemba. “Astarte” was the Phoenician goddess worshipped in Kition in Larnaca. Amongst the ancient kingdoms around Cyprus we also find the Egyptian “Hathor” and the AssyroBabylonian “Ishtar”. As “Venus” from


Cooking With Luxury

Archie’s Column

Well, imagine Angelina… (or perhaps Paris Hilton, whoever is more your style) stepping out of the shower and into your boardroom in seriously sheer lingerie, then multiply that feeling by a hundred times and realise that she isn’t an actress and you aren’t dreaming, rather she is a love goddess that was born to tantalize your every desire and fulfil your deepest fantasies.

F r i d a y 3 J u n e 2 0 11 4 5 t h E d i t i o n

Rome, she was a goddess of pure and spiritual love. A goddess who fertilized the earth… “Springing flowers and grass wherever she stepped”. She was a mother… a bringer of joy and good fortune… and she was the protector of feminine chastity! It was only around 300 BC, due to the increasing Hellenization of the Roman upper classes that Venus began to be identified as the equivalent of the Greek goddess Aphrodite, and thereby inherited much of her “dirty” character from myths of the Greek poets!... and in fact much of these stories were integrated into their daily lives (Of course, those days they didn’t have “Angelinas” and “Bon Jovis” to live by …) Aphrodite’s Santuary in “old” Paphos (Kouklia village) is testimony to this integration of mythology and religion. Homer in his epics and Hymns speaks of the arrival of Aphrodite at her Sanctuary and refers to it as her sweet-smelling temple where she spent her mornings studying the possibility of love between men and women; a place where she experimented with cosmetics, perfumes and costumes that could be used for inflaming love (Aphrodisiacs??)… Girls from all the surrounding kingdoms had to come to this temple before they got married. Priestesses bathed them in fragrant waters and dressed them in beautiful robes … (of course one can still do this today, about a kilometer away at the Aphrodite Hills Spa… ). The girls would then be lead to sacred gardens (“ierous kipous”) where young men would select them by throwing coins at their feet, and there-and-there they would “invoke the goddess” into them (!!) … (which I guess, also still happens today) Well, it wasn’t until 45 A.D that St. Paul and St. Barnabas visited Cyprus that things began to change. They spoke of a selfless love that relates to “the living God and his Son”; a love that rises above physical and selfish lust and was described as a

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ndrew Clay, our resident chef, was born in England, brought up in Australia and then moved to Cyprus with his Cypriot mother, brother and sister when he was eleven. After finishing culinary school in Nicosia, then the national service and working in a few Paphos hotels, he started to travel. Working his way through England at various hotels for three and half years, then moving on to Bermuda for a year. Then back to Cyprus to open the Anassa hotel in Polis for a few years. A year in Dubai’s Burj al Arab, the first seven star hotel in the world. Then came Richard Branson’s private Necker Island, and while at Necker he also went to Richards’ safari lodge in South Africa to train the local staff for 3 months, then returned to Necker for three and half years. Then off to East Africa, Tanzania, where he met his American

Chicken, mango, green pea & curry salad INGREDIENTS: 2 chicken breasts grilled and then cut in 1-inch cubes 1/4-cup mango cut into sticks 1 onion sliced 1 recipe curry dressing 1/4 cup green peas 1-tablespoon raisins 1 tablespoon chopped coriander 2 tablespoons cashew nuts Method: Mix altogether and serve

Couscous salad with oranges and almonds Ingredients: 1-cup couscous mixed with 1 cup boiling water 1 green pepper sliced 1 cucumber diced 1/4 cup chopped mint 1/4 cup toasted almonds 1 tablespoon lemon juice Segments of 6 oranges 3 spring onions sliced 1 red pepper sliced 1-tablespoon olive oil Salt & pepper Method: Mix everything together.

Danish Pastry Wreaths INGREDIENTS: 1 1/2 cups (3 sticks) butter or margarine, softened 4 cups all-purpose flour 3/4 cup milk 1/3 cup granulated sugar 1 teaspoon salt 1/2 cup warm water (105 to 115°F) 2 pkg active dry yeast 1 egg FILLING 1 can (8 oz) almond paste (1 cup)

wife, an animal biologist, who he won over by cooking a lobster dinner with champagne in the middle of the wild African plains. There he opened a new lodge, where he stayed for one and a half years. from Africa to the states to Australia, and many more He now lives full time in Cyprus with his wife and 2 year old baby girl, but travels from Africa to the States and Australia. While traveling Andrew has cooked for many high profile people including, Robert Deniro, Bob Geldof, Bill Gates, Rod Stewart, Greg Norman, Obama Barak, the Sheik of Dubai, Natalie Imbruglia, Tyra Banks, Ron Howard, the Bransons (who’s house he usually stays at when traveling through England) and that is only a few to mention. He also works every so often at the Almond Tree restaurant and Hondros Taverna in Paphos when his best friends Andreas and Yiokos ask him. 3/4 cup crushed zwieback (8) 1/2 cup (1 stick) butter, melted 1 egg 1/2 teaspoon almond extract 2 cups confectioners’ sugar 2 1/2 tablespoons milk Candied red cherries Angelica bits Method: 1. In bowl, with wooden spoon, beat butter and 1/4 cup flour until smooth. Spread on waxed paper (on wet surface) to 12-by8-inch rectangle. Refrigerate on cookie sheet. 2. Heat 3/4 cup milk slightly. Add granulated sugar and salt; stir to dissolve. Cool to lukewarm. 3. If possible, check temperature of warm water with thermometer. Pour into large bowl; sprinkle with yeast; stir to dissolve. Stir in milk mixture, egg and 3 cups flour; beat with wooden spoon until smooth. Mix in rest of flour with hand until dough leaves side of bowl. 4. Refrigerate, covered, 1/2 hour. Turn out onto lightly floured pastry cloth. With covered rolling pin, roll into 16-by-12-inch rectangle. 5. Place chilled butter mixture on half of dough; remove paper. Fold other half of dough over butter; pinch the edges to seal. 6. With fold at right, roll out from center to a 16-by-8-inch rectangle. From short side, fold dough into thirds, making three layers; seal edges; chill 1 hour. 7. Repeat rolling and folding (if butter breaks through, brush with flour); seal edges; chill Vz hour. 8. Roll, fold again and seal edges; chill, wrapped in foil, 3 hours or overnight. Roll half of dough into a 22-by-8-inch strip. (Chill other half.) Cut into thirds lengthwise. 9. Mix Filling ingredients. Fill center of each strip with 1/3 cup; close edges over filling, pinching edges together tightly. 10. Cut in half crosswise. With hands, roll each rope on lightly floured pastry cloth to 14-inch length. Place 3 ropes side by side; pinch tops together. Braid into a strip. 11. Form wreath, 4 inches across in center, on brown paper on cookie sheet; pinch ends together to seal. Repeat with other three ropes to form second wreath on same cookie sheet. Repeat with other half of chilled dough, to make four wreaths in all. 12. Let rise in warm place 1 hour— until double in bulk. 13. Preheat oven to 375°F. Bake 25 to 30 minutes. Cool on rack; freezer-wrap and freeze. 14. To serve or give as gift: Thaw 1/2 hour, still wrapped. Mix confectioners’ sugar and milk (if glaze seems thick, add more milk); spread one-fourth over each pastry. Decorate with red cherries and angelica bits. Wrap in plastic wrap.






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TRAVEL & TOURS €5 off per person on tours, jeep safaries & airline tickets The travel discount shop Kyriacos Court, Tomb of the Kings, Kato Paphos, Cyprus (Next to Fat Mamas restaurant) t.+357 26947118 / f. +357 26947089 e.





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F r i d a y 3 J u n e 2 0 11 4 5 t h E d i t i o n

Cyprus History & Culture Kataklysmos (Flood Festival) Kataklysmos, or the Flood Festival, is a celebration with strong pagan roots focusing primarily on water and marks the day of the Holy Spirit, as it commemorates the descent of the Holy Ghost to the Apostles. The event takes place 50 days after Orthodox Easter and is marked by the feast of the Pentecost or Whitsun. In Cyprus, the celebration also dates back to the Old Testament tale of Noah’s Ark, the Greek myth of Deukalion and ancient ceremonies in honour of Aphrodite and Adonis. The term ‘kataklysmos’, cataclysm in English, means to ‘wash down’, which due to the nature of the celebration makes this event synonymous with aquatic activities. The most popular custom involves throwing water at one another, symbolising the purification of the body and soul. It is a common sight to see large groups of children having fun, running around after each other with their water pistols. The festival begins with a religious ceremony, where the priest hurls a cross into the sea and the diver who brings it up receives a blessing and a sovereign, which marks the start of the rest of the festivities. Due to Cyprus being an island, luckily there is no shortage of locations for waterside events with most of the coastal cities making the most of the opportunity, staging concerts and games near the waterfront with Flood Festivals at Paphos, Limassol, Larnaca and Ayia Napa among the most popular. Paphos organises one of the main Flood Festivals in Cyprus and celebrates Kataklysmos for several days. The sea front promenade takes on the appearance of an open-air fair with scores of stalls selling toys and traditional food. There is no shortage of entertainment and activities so expect folk dances, boat and swimming races, swimming competitions, wrestling and canoe races. Traditional culture takes pride of place with competition for ‘chatista’ or rhyming songs in the Cypriot dialect. Other performers will include popular Greek and Cypriot singers and dance groups. In line with the spirit of the celebrations, events include competitions in the water. This year’s event in Paphos is on Monday 13th June 2011 and will be a great day out for all the family, although celebrations begin a week before. Water is obviously the main focus of the festival so be ready and well prepared to get wet at Kataklysmos and remember…don’t forget your water pistol…or a Super-Soaker if you have one!

The greasy pole


The worst beginning big mistake...

Our Champion’s first attempt...

Our Champion Hambos Paraskeua proves his skills once again!!!

Pictures taken last year 2010 by Sergis.


F r i d a y 3 J u n e 2 0 11 4 5 t h E d i t i o n

Explore your senses ... Take advantage of our luxurious facilities with this Discount Voucher for all the readers of Beach News Discount of 20% on all a la carte spa treatments at Ayii Anargyri Natural Healing Spa Resort. Valid until 31/10/2011 Notes : All Discount Vouchers can only be used once and must be presented at the reception of the Hotel or the Spa. Discount Vouchers may not be returned or exchanged and all sales are final. Discount Vouchers cannot be redeemed on the day of purchase or at any time for cash. Ayii Anargyri Natural Healing Spa Resort will not be held responsible for any lost, stolen or misused Vouchers.

Ayii Anargyri Natural Healing Spa resort 8726-Miliou-Paphos Tel: 26814000 Fax:26632526

A short drive from Paphos on the way to Polis you will find Ayii Anargyri Natural Healing Spa Resort. This unique place is known for its mineral healing waters. Set in a valley of mature trees, the resort offers a unique retreat, a place of profound calm and the opportunity to enjoy the health-giving waters which have benefited visitors for so many years.

Dís Column B y D ora G eorgiou

Anybody rational out there?


ome pieces of knowledge that have come out of scientific study have been passed to popular culture and have become com-

mon knowledge among people in general. For example, everyone has heard of psychoanalysis, even though, at the time Freud came up with his theory, he was considered a quack amongst medical circles. Of course, scientific knowledge does not become common knowledge without being perverted to fit common conceptions. Psychoanalysis was transformed by Catholicism to fit the belief system of Catholics, so that they compared it to the Confessional where sins are confessed to a Priest. Instead of kneeling in a Confessional, you lay on a couch. Instead of talking to a priest you talk to a psychoanalyst. Sexuality was left out of the discussion. Ultimately, scientific knowledge takes on a different character to fit popular belief systems. However, some scientific discoveries, long established as ‘truth’, have failed to pass into the public domain altogether. One such miserable failure is the scientific fact that human beings are not rational creatures. All this time you may have been thinking that Reason is what differentiates you from your dog. It is not. The common misconception that human beings are rational creatures means that if you give a human various information and ask him or her to arrive at an answer from the information given, the human being will arrive at the truth based on the evidence provided. Thus, the human being has a tendency to choose the correct answer in a logical and rational manner. This seems correct, but, let’s consider a few scientific discoveries to the contrary: If you present information to people while they eat, they will believe it to be true, compared to being given the same information while not eating (I assume the food’s gotto be good as well). Moreover, people tend to believe things that confirm their existent belief system. They will selectively perceive information that requires less cognitive processing and therefore choose information that already suits their thinking. In addition, people project their own thinking onto the physical and social world around them, which once again serves to reinforce their perception of reality. One of my favorite studies, conducted in 1977 by Snyder and colleagues, took a bunch of men and women, and paired them up to see the interaction. All the women were equally attractive, but the men were told that some of the women were very attractive and some of the women were moderately attractive. In this way the experimenters manipulated the males’ expectations regarding the attractiveness of the women they would interact with. The pairs were then given some time to interact privately and were tape recorded. Results showed that females who were perceived as attractive came to behave in a friendly, likeable and sociable manner, compared to females who were perceived as unattractive even though they were rated as equally attractive by a large unbiased sample before the experiment was conducted. We project our reality onto the world around us, and other people project their reality onto us in a continuous task of negotiating our way in a symbolic landscape. We are not navigated by Reason alone. We are fundamentally flawed in our perception of our own selves if we believe we are guided by reason. And this is a scientific fact.

continu from page 9

Cocktail of Love

love for all people. The Roman proconsul Sergius Paulus liked what he heard and he became the first ever Christian Governor. Of course, not everyone agreed with this “new kind of love” and St. Paul was tied to a pillar and beaten. Today one can visit “St. Paul’s pillar” at the beautiful Church of Ayia Kyriaki Chrysopolitissa in Kato Paphos, a truly magnificent site of ancient ruins and Byzantine architecture. Spirituality is fervent and evident in monasteries and churches all over the island. Saints names are celebrated throughout the year like birthdays. So for example St. Andrew’s day and St. Helen’s day, are almost like public holidays because most of the people on the island are called “Andreas” or “Eleni” !! … lest we mention George, Costa or Maria. This year Easter was celebrated late in April; and thus, one of the most important days on the Christian calendar falls on June 2; Ascension Day; which is 40 days after Easter and marks the last earthly appearance of Jesus Christ after his resurrection before He ascended into heaven. Indeed, in Cyprus we always find ourselves within a harmonious blend of many ingots; Seasons, Religion, Mythology, Tradition … all make up the cocktail in the melting pot. Carefully blended “pasts” within the present … the authentic within the modern… the wild within the peaceful... The pot? … The pot is Cyprus. The blasting fiery furnace? That’s Love! … The final product? … That’s Us! ... We are the final cast; the finished shining remnant … Me! … Today! ... In Cyprus! For perhaps this is what makes Cyprus so special and unique. Each day is a new experience. Tomorrow maybe we’ll be biking in the forests, eating at a harbour tavern; after tomorrow partying in a city nightclub, relaxing in a spa or maybe tanning on a beach; meditating in a monastery or diving off a boat; wheeling and dealing in a boardroom or picking oranges in a village… mingling with people from all walks of life... or exploring an ancient site… Maybe we’re one of thousands who came here to be married … or who found summer romance… or simply just did

F r i d a y 3 J u n e 2 0 11 4 5 t h E d i t i o n


something that we loved … In Cyprus each new day is truly the dawning of a new Cocktail of Love, in the melting pot!

Love does not insist on its own way; it is not irritable or resentful; it does not rejoice at wrong, but rejoices in the right.

At a time in our world where we find ourselves caught within intense contrasts; between beauty and devastation, love and destruction, happiness and sadness … in Cyprus, the merging point between three continents, and seemingly the Heart of the world … and though still divided, we are blessed with peace and love. Thus, on this day, from an enchanted beach, we begin our new season with a tribute to love. Love from the heart … none better described than in this the timeless Hymn of Love written by St. Paul himself…

Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.

If I speak in the tongues of men and of angels, but have not love, I am a noisy gong or a clanging cymbal. And if I have prophetic powers, and understand all mysteries and all knowledge, and if I have all faith, so as to move mountains, but have not love, I am nothing. If I give away all I have, and if I deliver my body to be burned, but have not love, I gain nothing. Love is patient and kind; love is not jealous or boastful; it is not arrogant or rude.

Love never ends; as for prophecies, they will pass away; as for tongues, they will cease; as for knowledge, it will pass away. For our knowledge is imperfect and our prophecy is imperfect; but when the perfect comes, the imperfect will pass away. When I was a child, I spoke like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child; when I became a man, I gave up childish ways. For now we see in a mirror dimly, but then face to face. Now I know in part; then I shall understand fully, even as I have been fully understood. So faith, hope, love abide, these three; but the greatest of these … Is love.


The oldest traditional restaurant in Paphos. Just renovated, well know for its owners artistic background.

time and energy on account of my own free time and art work. It requires an exorbitant amount of effort to be a teacher, an artist and a mother at the same time! This doesn’t mean that one is an artist though… Certainly having a degree in Arts doesn’t always mean that one is an artist! Continuous creativity and involvement in the artistic life are essential to the real artist. Having a passion for art is a non negotiable ingredient of course but keeping updated with the worldwide movements and happenings in art is just as important Tell us a little about yourself.

ject. I try to be open and admit that as much as I love art, I cer-

I was born in Greece and grew

tainly do not know all there is to

up in Nicosia. Both my parents

know about it. The art class is an

come from occupied Cyprus. I

environment that nurtures cre-

studied in Canterbury, UK where

ativity, inspires innovation, and

I got my Fine Arts Degree and

insists on originality so students

now I live in Paphos where I work

and art teachers are motivated to

as an art teacher and paint.

discover, learn and create.

As a Cypriot artist, and in the

Opportunities are endless for

world of art in Cyprus, how do

the young generation. They can

you see things?





have a wide range of universities Cyprus might be a small Island

and colleges to choose from and

but it has a remarkable tradi-

the internet provides them with

tion in Arts and culture. There is

all the information they require

a wide circle of well known and

about locations and courses. Cy-

also new artists that are involved

prus has never been closer to the

in various movements. All these

rest of the world.

artists have studied abroad and carry back strong influences and

Your working environment, the

techniques from the countries

students, the hours that you

that they studied and travelled.

work, all this, does it affect

This makes Art facts particularly

your daily life, your artwork?

exciting in Cyprus. The new generation is more concerned now

The public school standards are

in environmental and cultural

very good in Cyprus and I consid-

events than ever but there is still

er myself lucky to work as an art

a long way to go to bring art in

teacher here. For the past four

everyone’s lives.

years I have been teaching at a central high school in Paphos

You also work as an educator

in an ideal working environment

here in Cyprus, tell us a bit

with remarkable colleges and

about the young generation?

students. By means of hard work and remarkable collaboration we

Teaching is a great method of

have accomplished nourishing

learning too! When I get into the

environment and enviable aca-

process of getting my students

demic results. Of course in order

excited about art, I reveal my

to help in making this happen I

own excitement about the sub-

must be willing to offer a lot of my

if one wants to be part of the art mosaic today. What materials do you use mostly? Conventional painting is usually my preferable way to express myself. I try to make use of mixed media as well creating surfaces and texture on the canvases while applying the paint. I love using the spatula and thick brushes to apply layers of vibrant colours. Figures, mainly female ones are depicted in their environment. Skeptical, lonely, erotic ones tell a little story about themselves if you look at them carefully… With the arrival of many foreign artists on the island do you think this ‘impact’ will produce something more important, more worthwhile? Definitely the more artists arrive here the better for the artistic life of the Island. They bring fresh ideas and innovations. Any coming exhibitions? I have already taken part in two group exhibitions this year, one In Paphos and the other one in Limassol and there are always plans for upcoming events. I hope to have a solo exhibition later on this year.

Sponsoring the Page Cypriot Artist

Hondros Cyprus Tavern

Since 1953

F r i d a y 3 J u n e 2 0 11 4 5 t h E d i t i o n


F r i d a y 3 J u n e 2 0 11 4 5 t h E d i t i o n

He a lt h & Fi t n e s s S un S afety T ips


any people love the warm sun. The sun’s rays make us feel good, and in the short term, make us look good. But our love affair isn’t a two way street: Exposure to sun causes many of the wrinkles and age spots on our faces and is the number one cause of skin cancer. In fact, sun exposure causes many of the skin changes that we think of as a normal part of aging. Over time, the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) light damages the fibers in the skin called elastin. When these fibers break down, the skin begins to sag, stretch, and lose its ability to go back into place. The skin also bruises and tears more easily - taking longer to heal. So while sun damage to the skin may not be apparent when you’re young, it will definitely show later in life. How Does the Sun Change Skin?

here’s nothing quite like a brisk walk on a sunny afternoon or a jaunt around the archaeological park in Kato Paphos with a friend. Walking is a great way to get fit and stay in shape. Benefits Walking at a moderate pace for 30-60 minutes burns stored fat, builds muscle and speeds up your metabolism. Here are some other benefits: • Walking can reduce your risk of heart disease, breast cancer, colon cancer, diabetes and stroke. • Walking is low-impact, which means it causes less stress to your joints and your body than high-impact activities such as running. • Walking is a weight-bearing exercise, which helps prevent the onset of osteoporosis in women. Gear One of the great things about walking is that you don’t need much gear to do it. Walking shoes: A good-fitting pair of walking shoes is priceless. They should be comfortable and offer ample cushioning and support for your feet. Clothing: Dress in comfortable clothing that gives you freedom of movement. Start with a moisture-wicking layer that keeps sweat away from your

Y our S kin

Exposure to the sun causes: • Pre-cancerous (actinic keratosis) and cancerous (basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma, and melanoma) skin lesions

sun exposure and then every few

• Benign tumors

• Wear sunglasses with total UV

• Fine and coarse wrinkles


• Freckles

• Wear wide-brimmed hats, long

• Discolored areas of the skin,

sleeved shirts, and pants

called mottled pigmentation

• Avoid direct sun exposure as

• A yellow discoloration of the skin

much as possible during peak UV

• The dilation of small blood ves-

radiation hours between 10:00

sels under the skin

a.m. and 3:00 p.m.

hours thereafter • Select cosmetic products and contact lenses that offer UV protection

• Perform skin self-exams reguHow Can I Protect Skin From

larly to become familiar with ex-

the Sun?

isting growths and to notice any

Nothing can completely undo sun

changes or new growths

damage, although the skin can sometimes repair itself. So, it’s never too late to begin protect-

• Eighty percent of a person’s lifetime sun exposure is acquired

ing yourself from the sun. Follow

before age 18. As a parent, be a

these tips to help prevent sun-re-

good role model and foster skin

lated skin problems:

cancer prevention habits in your

• Apply sunscreen with a sun protection factor (SPF) of 30 or greater at least 30 minutes before

child • Avoid tanning beds

W alking T


body, and top it off with a breathable, windproof and water-resistant outer layer, depending on the weather. Safety gear: If you’re walking at night, be sure to wear a reflective vest, a safety light, or at the very least, lightcoloured clothing so you’re visible to traffic, cyclists, runners and other walkers. Technique Yes, walking is simple. But as with any other exercise, form is important. Here are some points to remember: Posture: Stand up straight and look ahead. Don’t look down at your feet or the pavement below since that puts excessive and unnecessary strain on your neck and back.


F itness

ground with a slap you’re probably fighting stiff shoes or your shins are too weak to let you roll through the step properly. Find a good pair of walking shoes that flex at the balls of your feet, and work on strengthening your shins.

Under-striding: On the flip side, avoid taking steps that are too small. This can constrict your muscles and their elasticity. Listen to your body. Are you comfortable as you move? If not, change your stride until you are.

Arm swing: A normal walking motion uses the arms to counterbalance the leg motion. You can add power and speed by using your arms effectively. To do this, bend your arms at a 90-degree angle and swing them naturally back and forth opposite your legs. Avoid under-using your arms by not moving them enough or overusing them by moving them faster than your legs. Workouts walking workouts. By focusing on different types of workouts, you’ll be more fit than if you did the same thing day after day. Remember to stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water before, during and after walking. Endurance: Get your body used to walking for fitness by gradually increasing your mileage (or the total time you spend walking) every week. Don’t increase your mileage more than 10% a week.

Flapping feet: If your feet hit the

weights while walking for arm curls

work on increasing the pace and in-

and arm raises to build upper-body

tensity of your walks. Walking up hills

strength. However, you should never

and doing intervals are excellent ways

use ankle weights when walking be-

to build your fitness. Intervals can eas-

cause they unnaturally stretch your

ily be incorporated into your walking

muscles and ligaments and add extra

routine. After your warm-up, increase

stress to your joints.

your pace for a set distance such as

To sustain your motivation, vary your Over-striding: Walk naturally. When you walk faster, a natural inclination is to lengthen your stride in front. Don’t. Concentrate on taking shorter, quicker steps to avoid striking the ground too hard with your feet.

Strength and speed: In this phase,

the distance between telephone poles.

Rest and recovery: Schedule rest

Recover using your normal walking

days and try cross-training to allow

pace, then repeat.

your body to recover and help you avoid feeling burned out.

Upper body: You can use light hand

Be au t y & St yl e Be


B each B eauty


etting ready for a day at the beach should be simple and that includes your makeup routine. While the heavy makeup that you may use for a night out on the town works well, the beach is a whole different world. Beach makeup should be light, fun, protective, and waterproof. If you’re hitting the waves soon, follow these tips for makeup perfection. Eyes: Nothing looks worse than a beautiful face masked with running black mascara. Unfortunately, the beach is one of the prime places for this makeup disaster to transpire. Between the blistering temperatures, the ocean, and the pool, your bound to have moisture of some type ruin your makeup. This makes the number one beach makeup must have water proof mascara. If you don’t have waterproof mascara you’re better off just going without it and preventing the dreaded raccoon eyes. Lips: Leave the bright colour lipsticks at home and swap them out for some sheer lip-gloss that encompasses your natural beauty. Regardless of what you choose to cover those lips make sure it’s ready to protect you from the sun. Choose lip-glosses, sticks, and balms that offer SPF 15 protection. The salt water and dry air often found on the beach can also


T hese S un W orthy M akeup T ips

take a toll on your lips by removing moisture from them so make sure you choose something with added moisturizers. Your Skin: beach makeup should be light and ready for whatever the day may bring your way. Since you will be in and out of the water or perspiring due to the super hot temperatures, you may want to limit the amount of foundation and cover up you use and stick the bare essentials. Event though you need little foundation, especially once the snow start to paint your face with that bronzed glow, you do need to pay a little attention to your delicate face. Make sure to moisturize your face daily. Look for moisturizers that offer that necessary sun protection. SPF 15 is generally the lowest you should go especially if you have fair skin that is prone to freckling and burning. Even though your skin routine should be simple while sitting beach side, when you go out for the evening you’ll want to glam up. Take advantage of the colour the sun has left on your face and use translucent powdered in the areas you need them most like your t-zone. You can also use a bit of blush to really bring that beach goddess out. Be sun savvy and make sure your makeup matches your tone and only use it to bring out the glow not to cover it.

Hair: Few things on the beach are kind to your hair. The salt water and chlorine can leave it begging for moisture and the breeze can leave you in desperate need of a brush. Keep this in mind when you pack your hair accessories and make sure you have plenty of conditioner, hair ties to pull back those beach worthy tresses, as well as a hat for those days you just can’t win the battle with your messy mane.

his summer you will find yourself wrapped in heavenly fabrics, adorned with fabulous vivid colour, as well as soft neutrals. Look again this summer to seeing lace, and floral prints on the racks... As always...Black and white fashion’s defy time, and keep their well earned place as big colours for summer of 2011. Black and white fashion’s were big on the runways this season, most fashion designer’s showed black and white in some fashion or another. Let’s face it - you can’t go wrong with the traditional black and white outfit. The designer’s know this little fact, and continue to cash in on it. This season dresses, and skirts will remain must haves... But this season fashion designer’s have also given us all kind of fun fashions, fashions that will offer wonderful vivid prints, stripes, and geometric prints... The main theme this summer is somewhat tailoured, and classic, but with a touch of bold, and edgy. Top Ten Fashion Trends For Summer 2011... Our ten best tips for summer... Think plaids, stripes, and nautical navy. 

70’s glam is back in the form of one piece jumpsuits! With a smaller shoulder pad to square off the shoulder line. Think of the days of Disco - “Studio 54, sequins, but add a bit short sleeve to this new souped uo version of the jumpsuit. 
 Do you Crochet? Well it’s back... Crochet vests are big this summer, maybe you can look to the back of your closet . Maybe you might have a bit of a crochet number lurking. 

 The colour that jumps out at the head of the line for summer is orange! Lets face it; there is no other colour that can make a loud fashion statement as orange. So need a new dress? Make it an orange. 

 Belt bags are one of the great big trends... However, we are not talking “fanny packs’...Stick to the new small square flat belt bags - so cute, and less weight to carry on that shoulder. 

 Feet need a rest. This summer kitten heels are big... The kitten heel is a good choice this summer. They are feminine, and classic, as well as comfortable. 
 Creamy neutrals, all done up to give you a very feminine look. Flowing pajama - styles, tunics. All meant to be classical, and again comfortable.

Trends That You Need To Know About... Designers this summer and summer are utilizing heavenly fabrics, light as a cloud so to say... - and putting out some wonderful heaven inspired designs. Soft and feminine dresses, and blouses, to make you feel like a bit of an angel. Designers have not left all you little devils out. This summer and summer you will see a big come back in red! A bold colour that is not just for you red hot gals. Many fashions this season will be sewed up with the up most intricately, touting pleats, folds, and draping. Giving references to ancient Greece and Rome.

The Katharine Hepburn’s influence as always still reigns. You will continue to see tailoured blazers, cute fitted cardigans, and ties... As mentioned above floral’s are so big this summer...You will see the racks over loaded with wonderful floral’s, from soft muted pastels, to South Pacific inspired with bright and bold floral’s - just about in every shade you can imagine... It seems more than a few design-

 Think whimsical patterns. From bird prints to deers, fruit, feathers, you name it, tops with whimsical prints are big. You will see everything from blouses to dresses all sporting Whimsical prints. 


ers are adding the sexy silk robes look to their line this summer. Not to mention drawstring shorts, and vertical stripes. The pajama party look with an elegant twist...

The oh so sexy one shoulder look is also big for this summer. Lots of designers have given the a twosleeve look the cold shoulder...

2011 S ummer T rends and F ashions T hat D efy T ime ...


F r i d a y 3 J u n e 2 0 11 4 5 t h E d i t i o n

Now out: Andys Adamos (1936 - 1990). One of Cyprus most important Sculptor and Writer. First sculpture prize in 1986 Cairo Biennale and many more. The book contains most of his art from various collectors and from the National Gallery of Cyprus. Drawings and painting also included and a short biography of Andys. A romantic personality, that gave his life to his family, friends and art. A book that must be in every ones bookshelf. Written in English and Greek.

Stripes - Stripes seem to hold a place in fashion year after year. You can’t go wrong wearing stripes, from head to toe...

 High-Waisted flare pants are so big this summer... The pant that Katharine Hepburn made so popular, is back... We suggest you pair this style of pants with a great heel, just to give the old look a bit of flare. The new flare pant as a rule have loops for a skinny belt, so you can flash up the look with a flashy thin belt.

€50 only

Order it from Beach News or Hondros Taverna m. +357 96 590 887 Hondros: 96 Ap. Pavlou Ave Kato Paphos t. +357 26 934256


F r i d a y 3 J u n e 2 0 11 4 5 t h E d i t i o n

Books & Films Invisible by Paul Auster Reviewed by David R. Walker a.k.a. Southboy


hen the main character of a novel shares my surname, I am instantly drawn to the narrative. When the novel happens to be the latest work from Brooklyn based American writer Paul Auster, I am enthralled. Auster’s 2009 novel Invisible is enigmatic, compelling and brilliantly written tale of a weird ménage trio which is set in New York and Paris in the late 1960’s when political activism was rife on both sides of the Atlantic. Invisible is the disturbing tale of an impressionable and sexually charged aspiring young poet Adam Walker who meets an enigmatic yet flamboyant Frenchman Rudolf Born and his wife Margot at a party in Manhattan. Rudolf Born is a prolific and influential figure, a political scientist and professor of International Affairs at Columbia University who draws Walker into a seductive and psychological game of intrigue, a disturbing love triangle which results in violence and continued retribution. Born first proposes that the innocent

Walker run a literary magazine with political undertones for him, emphasizing Born’s vehement opposition to America’s involvement in Vietnam. However after a disturbing and unexpected act of violence Born’s sudden flight to Paris,

leads Walker to follow a man who is clearly not his equal, planning on exacting revenge. Auster’s hero Adam Walker soon becomes invisible as an anti hero in a novel about conflicting fictions with ever shifting versions of the truth. Invisible touches on the concept of writers grappling with guilt, loss and a disturbing incestuous secret centering on an encounter with an opponent who manages to erase his own actions by pinning the guilt on an almost willing accomplice. Invisible is not a light read, but very worthy and typically Paul Auster, whose work I was first introduced to in the brilliant 1990 novel The Music of Chance, a complex and absorbing story about two half brothers, drifters whose ever changing luck, is taken to the limits by an extraordinary poker game with two millionaires on a mysterious and reclusive estate in rural Pennsylvania.

Lost Ark. After a brilliant start

which had the timing been per-

in the grimy streets of Geor-

fect, On Stranger Tides would

gian London and a daring and

have shared the success of the

explosive action sequence, On

preceding Pirates films, which

Stranger Tides becomes adrift

is more to do with director Rob

both figuratively and literally as


the search for the fountain of

more adept at directing musi-

Depp does not manage to top

youth is misguided by a floun-

cals and historical epics than a

Gone are Keira Knightley and

his original performance in the

dering subplot of a Christian

Hollywood special effects laden

bean franchise seems to be

Orlando Bloom who did not

first Pirates film, as by now his

missionary being seduced by

blockbuster. Director Rob Mar-

weighted down in the middle

sign up for the fourth film leav-

Keith Richards style take on

a coy mermaid, one can’t help

shall vision of Pirates is more

by a plot which falters consid-

ing Captain Jack Sparrow adrift

Jack Sparrow as over the top

feel that Sparrow was the only

lavish, sexier and less action

erably in managing the antics

in a new version fighting Black-

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one carrying the voyages fur-


of Captain Jack Sparrow com-

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From such a versatile actor

ther without support from his

peting against Blackbeard in

Angelica, played by Penelope

like Depp, he requires excit-

winning team. The success

Pirates of the Caribbean: on

Cruz, who looks equally sur-

ing characters to stretch his

of the first three films hinged

Stranger Tides will surely draw

youth without the support of

prised at being cast in a Walt

formidable talents, which di-

on the brilliant combination of

Disney film. Cruz is far better

rector Tim Burton understands

Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom

the crowds but is in no way a

his original team. Johnny Depp reprises his role as the outra-

suited to art house films like

beautifully casting him in most

and Keira Knightly as the trio

geous pirate which garnered

Vicky Christina Barcelona and

of his films from Edward Scis-

who bravely battle pirates on

him an Oscar nomination for

Volver, than in a Hollywood

sorhands, to Sweeney Todd

the high seas from Captain

Best Actor in the first film in

Blockbuster, although her ren-

and more recently Alice in

Barbarossa to Davy Jones to

2003, Pirates of the Caribbean:

dition of Angelica as a fiery


monsters and sea goddesses

The Curse of the Black Pearl.

counterpoint to Sparrow’s wild

While On Stranger Tides is in


the hands of Chicago and Nine


Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides Reviewed by David R. Walker a.k.a. Southboy






the Pirates of the Carib-

their quest for the fountain of

is certainly worth the

director Rob Marshall and not

like Calypso.




superior film when viewed as part of a Franchise, and while it begins brilliantly, the middle seems bogged down with subplot and the ending lacks any spectacular finale demonstrated in At World’s End. Dis-

Pirates of the Caribbean: on Stranger Tides should have

In this fourth instalment, al-

ney seems to be taking all the

been called the Fountain of

though Cruz and Depp are tan-

viewers for a long and illustrious journey on a voyage which

Gore Verbinski who directed

Geoffrey Rush reprises his role

Youth, while the entire char-

talizing in the main roles there

the first three Pirates films, is

as Captain Barbarossa and Ian

acters quest for the illustrious

is not enough screen time for

is in danger of losing its lustre



fountain whose powers can

both these highly competent

and originality. Bring back Will

dramatic and a meandering

with an elegant malice, ema-

only be harnessed with a mer-

actors to truly develop a bril-

Turner and Elizabeth Swann to

storyline which is as elusive as

nating villainy and evil in all his

maids tear has a plotline dan-

liant repartee. Much of the witty

help Jack Sparrow reinvigorate

immoral endeavours. Johnny

gerously close to Raiders of the

and comic dialogue is smoth-

lighter in tone, the action less

a mermaids tear.


ered by the action sequences

the Pirates of the Caribbean.

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(from 6 to 12 years old)

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Global Warming Solutions W

hat Can We Do? The evidence that humans are causing global warming is strong, but the question of what to do about it remains controversial. Economics, sociology, and politics are all important factors in planning for the future. Even if we stopped emitting greenhouse gases (GHGs) today, the Earth would still warm by another degree Fahrenheit or so. But what we do from today forward makes a big difference. Depending on our choices, scientists predict that the Earth could eventually warm by as little as 2.5 degrees or as much as 10 degrees Fahrenheit. A commonly cited goal is to stabilize GHG concentrations around 450-550 parts per million (ppm), or about twice pre-industrial levels. This is the point at which many believe the most damaging impacts of climate change can be avoided. Current concentrations are about 380 ppm, which means there isn’t much time to lose. According to the IPCC,

we’d have to reduce GHG emissions by 50% to 80% of what they’re on track to be in the next century to reach this level. Is this possible? Many people and governments are already working hard to cut greenhouse gases, and everyone can help. Researchers Stephen Pacala and Robert Socolow at Princeton University have suggested one approach that they call “stabilization wedges.” This means reducing GHG emissions from a variety of sources with technologies available in the next few decades, rather than relying on an enormous change in a single area. They suggest 7 wedges that could each reduce emissions, and all of them together could hold emissions at approximately current levels for the next 50 years, putting us on a potential path to stabilize around 500 ppm. There are many possible wedges, including improvements to

Hack My Ride: Cyberattack Risk on Car Computers Increasingly sophisticated on-board computers may put cars in danger of cyberattacks


orrying about hackers breaking into your laptop and cell phone is bad enough, but soon your car may be vulnerable, too. With each new model year, the automobile becomes less a collection of mechanical devices and more a sophisticated network of computers linked to one another and to the Internet. Earlier this year a group of researchers proved that a hacker could conceivably use a cell phone to unlock a car’s doors and start its engine remotely, then get behind the wheel and drive away. In work presented in March, Stefan Savage, a computer science professor at the University of California, San Diego, and Tadayoshi Kohno of the University of Washington, placed malicious software on an unspecified car’s computer system using its own Bluetooth and cell phone connections. The software could have been used to co-opt the car’s computer

system, including its engine. The research “shows the need for security measures in vehicular onboard networks,” says Olaf Henniger, a researcher at Germany’s Fraunhofer Institute for Secure Information Technology. Henniger and his colleagues are working to create just that. He is a member of EVITA, an effort that was launched in 2008 with the help of BMW Group, Fujitsu and others to develop a security blueprint that carmakers can follow to build more secure onboard networks. The project, which is scheduled to wrap up at the end of the year, has already developed prototypes that would encrypt or authenticate data exchanged within the car, with other cars and with equipment on roadways. Whether car companies are willing to invest in the additional security remains to be seen, says Anup

Ghosh of George Mason University’s Centre for Secure Information Systems. Many manufacturers say their vehicles are already safe. Ford has a built-in firewall to protect its SYNC system against network attacks and separates its vehicle-control network from its infotainment network, says Rich Strader, director of the company’s Information Technology, Security and Strategy practice. General Motors says its mobile app never communicates directly with the car but instead connects to OnStar’s network, which requires authentication. The research does not mean that cars are suddenly vulnerable to network attacks. Savage, Kohno and their colleagues are merely reporting the result of several years of experiments. Still, it seems the unending chess match between hackers and security experts has found a new field of play.

energy efficiency and vehicle fuel economy (so less energy has to be produced), and increases in wind and solar power, hydrogen produced from renewable sources, biofuels (produced from crops), natural gas, and nuclear power. There is also the potential to capture the carbon dioxide emitted from fossil fuels and store it underground—a process called “carbon sequestration.” In addition to reducing the gases we emit to the atmosphere, we can also increase the amount of gases we take out of the atmosphere. Plants and trees absorb CO2 as they grow, “sequestering” carbon naturally. Increasing forestlands and making changes to the way we farm could increase the amount of carbon we’re storing. Some of these technologies have drawbacks, and different communities will make different decisions about how to power their lives, but the good news is that there are a variety of options

to put us on a path toward a stable climate.

3-D GALAXY MAP REVEALS COSMIC NEIGHBORHOOD A new 3-D map of our corner of the universe includes 45,000 galaxies within about 380 million light-years from Earth.


he most detailed, three-dimensional map of our corner of the universe, a survey more than a decade in the making that covers 95 percent of the galaxies out to a distance of about 380 million light years from Earth, has been unveiled. “This is pretty much the best sky coverage you’re ever going to hope to get for a galaxy survey,” astronomer Karen Masters, with the University of Portsmouth in the United Kingdom, said. The infrared survey features about 45,000 galaxies, including those residing in the 20 percent of the sky that can’t be seen in visual light because they are blocked by gas and stars. “In the infrared, we’re less affected by the gunk in the Milky Way,” Masters said. The only incomplete section of the map is what’s behind the Milky Way’s core, an area so jammed with stars “there’s no hope of seeing behind it,” Masters said. Astronomers will use the survey for dozens of projects including an attempt to figure out what is pulling on the Milky Way. Our galaxy and its

closest neighbours are moving about at 375 miles per second, relative to the cosmic microwave background radiation, the remnant energy from universe’s birth. “What’s causing that (motion) is gravity and finding the source of that gravity has been a long-standing issue in astronomy,” Masters said. “Only by making an all-sky map can you count all the galaxies that are there and try to determine where that motion comes from. We should now be able to account for the motion,” she said. Of particular interest, is a newly revealed massive structure in the southern sky, scientists pointed out. Mostly though, the new survey is opening eyes to previously unknown connections between structures. “For example, you can see a connection with the northern and southern hemispheres going right across the plane of the Milky Way. That was cut off before. Now we can see that these things actually stretch well across. They’re gigantic structures,” said astronomer Thomas Jarrett, with the California Institute of Technology. “It’s giving us not just a complete picture, but a new picture,” he said. “It also speaks to our desire to understand our place in the universe,” added Masters. “ I wouldn’t be happy if we didn’t have a complete map of the Earth. It’s nice to have a complete map of where we live.”

0. Lynyrd Skynard was the name of the gym teacher of the boys who went on to form that band. He once told them, “You boys ain’t never gonna to nothin’.” 0. M & M’s were developed so that soldiers could eat candy without getting their fingers sticky. 0. Richard Nixon’s favorite drink was a dry martini. 0. The Grateful Dead were once called The Warlocks. 0. The license plate number of the Volkswagon that appeared on the cover of the Beatles Abbey Road album was 281F. 0. Pinocchio was made of pine. 0. An ant lion is neither an ant nor a lion. 0. Jethro Tull is not the name of the rock singer/flautist responsible for such songs as “Aqualung” and “Thick as a Brick.” Jethro Tull is the name of the band. The singer is Ian Anderson. The original Jethro Tull was an English horticulturalist who invented the seed drill. 0. Gilligan of Gilligan’s Island had a first name that was only used once, on the neveraired pilot show. His first name was Willy. 0. The skipper’s real name on

F r i d a y 3 J u n e 2 0 11 4 5 t h E d i t i o n

D i d Yo u K n o w ? . . 0.


0. 0.



0. 0.

Gilligan’s Island is Jonas Grumby. It was mentioned once in the first episode on their radio’s newscast about the wreck. The Professor’s real name was Roy Hinkley, Mary Ann’s last name was Summers and Mrs. Howell’s maiden name was Wentworth. Neck ties were first worn in Croatia. That’s why they were called cravats (CRO-vats). Alma mater means bountiful mother. A Holstein’s spots are like fingerprints -- no two cows have the same pattern of spots. Glass flutes do not expand with humidity so their owners are spared the nuisance of tuning them. Jersey (in the Channel Islands, UK) was the only place that the Nazi’s occupied in Great Britain during World War II. Top English soccer club Liverpool were formed because their local enemies, Everton, couldn’t pay the rent for their stadium. Therefore Liverpool took over at the








0. 0.

stadium (Anfield) and became England’s top soccer team ever. The male gypsy moth can “smell” the virgin female gypsy moth from 1.8 miles away. In England, the Speaker of the House is not allowed to speak. Playing cards were issued to British pilots in WWII. If captured, they could be soaked in water and unfolded to reveal a map for escape. The “Hallelujah Chorus” fits into the Easter portion of Handel’s Messiah, not Christmas. Over 30 million people in the US “suffer” from Diastima. Diastima is having a gap between your front teeth. In 1976 Sarah Caldwell became the first woman to conduct the Metropolitan Opera in New York City. Carnivorous animals will not eat another animal that has been hit by a lightning strike. Reindeer milk has more fat than cow milk. The “L.L.” in L.L. Bean stands for Leon Leonwood.

0. Libya is the only country in the world with a solid, singlecolored flag -- it’s green. 0. Seoul, the South Korean capital, just means “the capital” in the Korean language. 0. Ivory bar soap floating was a mistake. They had been overmixing the soap formula causing excess air bubbles that made it float. Customers wrote and told how much they loved that it floated, and it has floated ever since. 0. The original fifty cent piece in Australian decimal currency had around $2.00 worth of silver in it before it was replaced with a less expensive twelve sided coin. 0. “Studies show that if a cat falls off the seventh floor of a building it has about thirty percent less chance of surviving than a cat that falls off the twentieth floor. It supposedly takes about eight floors for the cat to realise what is occuring, relax and correct itself. At about that height it hits maximum speed and when it hits the ground it’s rib cage absorbs most of the impact. So throw your cat


off a building today!” 0. There are eight different sizes of champagne bottle and the largest is called a Nebuchadnezzar (after the Biblical king who put Daniel’s three friends into the oven). 0. The letters KGB stand for Komitet Gosudarstvennoy Bezopasnosti. 0. The female ferret is referred to as a `jill’. 0. The word rodent comes from the Latin word `rodere’ meaning to gnaw. 0. Australian Rules Football was originally designed to give cricketers something to play during the off season. 0. Alexander the Great was an epileptic. balls off a brass monkey” came from when they had old cannons like ones used in the Civil War. The cannonballs were stacked in a pyramid formation, called a brass monkey. When it got extremely cold outside they would crack and break off... Thus the saying. 0. Horses cannot vomit. 0. Rabbits cannot vomit. 0. The word “Boondocks” comes from the Tagalog (Filipino) word “Bundok,” which means mountain.


F r i d a y 3 J u n e 2 0 11 4 5 t h E d i t i o n

Barcelona: a high point in football’s evolution It’s hard to compare teams across different eras, but Barça’s artistry and application in winning the Champions League may set them apart.

the Zinedine Zidane era, who will be shouted down by those who remember them as corporate, or synthetic. United’s treble-winning side of 1999 also deserve a mention. Already we see that to announce a hierarchy from such a disparate collection is both impossible and pointless. However, Barcelona are blessed with a midfield/attacking trio to match any in history: Messi, Xavi Hernández and Andrés Iniesta. For United, Xavi was a looping nightmare, popping up all across the midfield line, not only circulating the ball to keep the rhythm going but producing brutal, defence-slicing passes to Pedro, Villa and Messi. His mastery of those midfield areas was almost cruel. He was inescapable and mesmerising. When you see a defender deprive a galloping forward of the ball with the precision and poise of Gerard Piqué versus Javier Hernández you know you are up against towering conviction and dexterity. These Barcelona players have seen the formula work so many times that defeat in big games is becoming inconceivable. After a brief fluster of intent from United in the first 10 minutes, Barça knew they would not be troubled by the 37-year-old

Ryan Giggs in central midfield, or by Antonio Valencia and Park Jisung on the flanks. They resumed their surgical work with a sadistic air of delight. “We put on a spectacle for everyone who is passionate about football and who loves football,” said Dani Alves, the Barcelona rightback, trying to sound philanthropic. But for the Internazionale semifinal blockade last year, this Barcelona side would have won three consecutive European titles. Inter’s success under José Mourinho no longer encourages other managers to believe tiki-taka can be undone. It looks more and more like an aberration. Messi is the best footballer since Zidane. This we know. Nor is it hyperbolic to talk of him alongside Diego Maradona. To be so dazzling in Champions League combat year after year requires a level of dedication Maradona could never have hoped to match. Alongside Messi is a conductor (Xavi) whom some consider even more valuable, for his influence in every forward move. Xavi is 31, Iniesta 27 and Messi 23, so no end is in sight, unless Guardiola’s likely departure next summer disrupts the structure and phi-

losophy. Until the machine breaks down, the rest of football is just going to have to recline and admire. How will we cope?

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n the buildup to the Champions League final, it was still debatable who was the greatest of all club football sides. Many settled on the Real Madrid team who won the first five European Cups from 1956 to 1960. There was unanimity in favour of Puskas, Di Stéfano and Gento: white-jerseyed enemies to the people of Catalonia. Study the tapes of those Real Madrid XIs and you see skill, exuberance, thrust and machismo; a regal confidence across the team. You also register a wholly different version of football in which possession is easily surrendered and defending often laissez-faire. The greatest of all Real’s early triumphs – the 7-3 victory over Eintracht Frankfurt in 1960 – was a goal avalanche impossible to imagine in a Champions League final today. The stately 3-1 victory by Barcelona over Manchester United on the Saturday of 28 May deserves high rank in the European Cup’s 55year history. It reaffirmed what we knew: that on a good night Barcelona “speak a particular footballing language unintelligible to the rest”, to quote the Spanish newspaper La Vanguardia. There is a not a club side anywhere on the globe who could have coped with the Catalan compound of zealous defending, relentless ball circulation and flourishes of individual brilliance. For Manchester United it felt like 1968 again only in the sense that everyone went home with a warm hippy glow. An insanely tribal game, football rarely unites its fol-

lowers in admiration as it did when superbly executed goals by Pedro Rodríguez, Lionel Messi and David Villa inflicted a series of unanswerable traumas on United. From the moment Barça bounced on to the pitch for the warm-up, their energy levels brimmed. Ten months ago, six of their 11 starters won the World Cup with Spain and yet there has been no appreciable dip in their form all season. The Spanish contingent in Pep Guardiola’s orchestra have been on the go pretty much continuously since the 2008 European Championship, which they also won. Almost the first quality to acknowledge is their ceaseless dynamism. This is a side that can’t stop running. Any attempt to plant them in the pantheon runs into the problem that football has evolved substantially in 55 years. Puskas, who was invariably overweight, would be sent home from training by today’s superpower clubs, which is not to diminish Real’s achievement in pulling together so much international talent. But a modern audience is entitled to point to Barcelona’s three Champions League titles in six seasons and assert that crushing the rest of Europe these days requires a level of regulated artistry that would have been beyond just about any other team of the last half-century. The rivals are Ajax (1971-73), Bayern Munich (1974-76), the Liverpool sides of 1977-81, the Milan teams of 1989-94, and the Real Madrid galáctico ensembles from

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w h at ’ s o n a n d w h e r e Events Calendar for Paphos THU, 2 - SUN, 26 JUNE: CYPRUS – SAINT PETERSBURG SAT, 4: Military Wind Philharmonic Venue: Paphos Castle Square FRI, 10: Terem Quartet Venue: Paphos Castle Square Free Entrance Organised by the Papadopoulos and Schoinis Ltd. For further information please contact 25372855. SAT, 3 - MON, 13 JUNE: KATAKLYSMOS (FLOOD FAIR) Celebrations include a music concert, various games, folk dances, swimming competitions and boat races. Organised by the Paphos Municipality. Venue: Paphos Medieval Castle. For further information please contact 26932014. FRI, 3 JUNE: Hernan Romero One of the greatest guitarists of international jazz that has imbued classical jazz and latin with gypsy flamenco, the musical traditions of the Middle East and the Mediterranean. A close

collaborator of Al Di Meola for many years, Hernan Romero transforms flamenco’s passion to absolute jazz enjoyment. Time: 22:00 – 01:00 Venue: Notos Music Bar, Paphos Harbour FRI, 10 JUNE: CLASSICAL MUSIC CONCERT “Emerging Romanticism”. The programme includes works by L. V. Beethoven, J. Brahms and F. Mendelssohn. Soloists: Alina Komisarova (violin), Roberto Trainini (cello) Conductor: Kypros Markou Organised by the Cyprus Symphony Orchestra. Venue: Markideion Theatre Time: 20:30 Entrance: €12, €7 (free for students and soldiers) For further information please contact 22463144, 26932014 WEBSITE: FRI, 17 JUNE: “TO APHRODITE” An event which includes poetry, music, chorus from ancient hymns dedicated to the ancient Goddess Aphrodite as

Natalieís Column B

y Natalie, from India with

in an office, 8 hours a day 5 days


a week and I was meant to con-

Following a first class degree in Ad-

vince myself that “it is just a job”.

vertising and Promotions Manage-

I couldn’t shake the notion that

ment, 6 years of work experience in

surely I should not be wishing my

London in anything from E-Sales to

life away like this, waiting for the

Fashion/Health and Beauty Public

weekend or to see friends for a few

Relations to Market research and

hours to relax. So after many, many

10 years later here I am – travelling

internal and external upheavals I

to India for 3 months to practice

became a qualified massage thera-

Yoga at the infamous KPJAYI – the

pist and reflexologist and moved

Harvard of Yoga, or “The Source”

back to London. While I had been

as it is often called. Okay okay so I

in Cyprus though a good friend

jumped a few bits but rest assured

introduced me to Ashtanga Yoga

all the above is true.

and when I came back to London

After adopting the fears and inse-

I decided to incorporate this in my

curities of the “grown-ups” system

life; somewhere more worthwhile

by the tender age of 20, I decided

to invest my money I thought, than

to follow the “safe” route and study

the clubbing, Gucci bags and in-

marketing, to aim for a “serious”

cessant shopping that I did many

office job with “good prospects”

years during my previous years of

at an established reputable com-

living in London.

pany and hopefully along the way

Although I had practiced other

a Prince would give my already

types of Yoga before, Ashtanga,

mapped out life even more mean-

in its dedicated sequence that all

ing. I moved back to Cyprus after

practitioners have to follow and can

8 years in London in an attempt to

only progress from posture to pos-

“settle down”. And here I was, on

ture, from series to series as the

this gorgeous island of Love stuck

well as traditional songs of love with Giorgos Dalaras, Aspasia Stratigou, Diastasis vocal group and the Ossipov Balalaika Orchestra. Organised by the Geroskipou Municipality and the Kouklia Community Board. Venue: Aphroditi Sanctuary, PalaiPaphos - Kouklia. Entrance: €25, €20. For further information please contact 26960857, 26960867, 7000-9303. FRI, 17 – SUN, 19 JUN: One Sun One Soul Summer Solstice Healing Celebration Enjoy a relaxing time out and experience healing, workshops, meditation, Yoga, Qigong, Tai Chi, drum circles, laughter and fun on the beach or under the trees. All events, classes and healing sessions are offered free of charge. All Day Event Venue: Polis Campsite, Paphos FRI, 24 JUNE - SUN, 3 JULY: 7TH COCKATOOS PAPHOS OPEN 2011 Organised by the Cockatoos

Bowling and Entertainment Centre Ltd. Venue: Cockatoos Bowling Centre. For further information please contact 26822004. WED, 29 JUN: The Bacchae of Euripides The Cyprus Theatre Organisation welcomes the summer with “The Bacchae” of Euripides, directed by Paolo Baiocco and music by Alkinoos Ioannidis. The Bacchae is an ancient Greek tragedy by the Athenian playwright Euripides. It premiered posthumously at the Theatre of Dionysus in 405 BC as part of a tetralogy that also included Iphigeneia at Aulis, and which Euripides’ son or nephew probably directed. The tragedy is based on the mythological story of King Pentheus of Thebes and his mother Agavë, and their punishment by the god Dionysus (who is Pentheus’ cousin) for refusing to worship him. (In Greek) Time: 21:00 Venue: Paphos Ancient Odeon, Paphos

Every Thursday STROLLING AROUND PAPHOS TOWN CENTRE (KTIMA) The walking tour Strolling around Paphos Town Centre (Ktima) aims to provide an overall picture of Paphos and how Paphos Town Centre evolved and developed from the late Byzantine and Medieval times to what as it was called until recently Ktima. The Paphos Town Centre (Ktima) is associated with the local everyday life of the population. For the Pafians though, Paphos Town Centre (Ktima) has so much more to it…. Through historic references, linked with some very important historic phases including Medieval, Ottoman, British and modern times; one will ‘walk’ into the past but will also get better acquainted with the commercial centre of Paphos. The walk is led by a licensed CTO qualified guide. It lasts about two and a half hours, including a half-hour break for refreshments. Starting point: CTO Information Office, 3 Gladstonos Str. Time 10:00.


teacher deems one physically and

in different forms.

journey as I arrive there. For more

mentally ready to, it has an ana-

So here I am, soon flying to Mysore

information check an article I wrote

tomical genius in building strength,

where I can practice at the Source

for the Body In Balance TV Jour-

stamina and flexibility that got me

with people from all over the world

nal on http://www.bodyinbalance.

hooked; no wonder it is considered

– am I excited? Well, I have never


the most dynamic and demanding

felt more alive before and this time

in-london.html as well as http://

physical form of Yoga. My teacher

no drugs, no alcohol, no inanimate

in London is one of a handful of

objects and no legal or illegal sub-

Vinyasa_Yoga for more information

people in the world authorised to

stances are involved, just my brain,

on Ashtanga Yoga. You can check

teach to level 4 and has been a

my body and my Spirit being in

on Natalie’s updates on her blog

great inspiration to me so far. The

synch is a strong enough buzz so

too http://yogaovermatter.blogspot.

place I am travelling to practice is

you bet I am excited!!


in South India, Mysore, and it is

I will keep you guys posted on my

considered the source of Ashtanga Yoga where practitioners from all over the world flock throughout the year to practice with Pattabhi Jois, his daughter Saraswathi and his grandson Sharath. Pattabhi passed away in 2009 but the work he has done in introducing Ashtanga to the West will echo through the teachers he has certified and inspired to teach for many many centuries to come. Pattabhi himself learned it from Krishnamacharya; Krishnamacharya himself learned it in the 1920s when he saw all 6 series’ written on palm leaves in a cave where he studied for 7 years with a known Sage. The transcriptions themselves had been passed over for many thousands of years


F r i d a y 3 J u n e 2 0 11 4 5 t h E d i t i o n

Entertainment and showbiz Lenny Kravitz to release his ninth studio album

Scorsese ‘to direct Taylor and

‘Black and White America’

Burton biopic’


our time GRAMMY Award winning artist Lenny Kravitz is proud to announce the release of his new single, ‘Stand’ set to hit radio in late June. The track is taken from his highly-anticipated ninthstudio album, Black and White America (Atlantic Records/ Roadrunner Records). 

The collection, set to debut on August 22 ex-North America and August 30 in the U.S, marks Kravitz’s first release on the new label, following 8 previous albums and

over 35 million u n i t s sold. In addition to his new single, Lenny Kravitz has c o n firmed a European tour in October/ November to coincide with the launch of Black and White America. In addition to the album, Lenny Kravitz, who most recently appeared in the Oscar nominated film Precious, has announced that he has been cast in the role of Cinna in the much anticipated film adaptation of Suzanne Collins’ worldwide smash hit novel, The Hunger Games. 

The tour titled Black and White Europe will feature brand new staging

and production and include all of Lenny’s biggest hits as well as showcase the new album. Fans who sign up on or follow him on Facebook or Twitter will be the first to receive the pre-sale information for the tour. 

Marking his first release of new material in three years, Black and White America is a rich rock and funk-infused collection filled with Lenny’s signature guitar riffs, compelling melodies and the undeniable anthemic lyricism that has been his trademark over the course of his 20-year career. 

Recorded in the Bahamas and Paris, Lenny Kravitz’s vocals and guitar playing are as distinct as ever on Black and White America,


irector Martin Scorsese is

British, appeared in 11 films to-

set to direct a film based on

gether, including the 1966 film

the tempestuous relationship be-

Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?,

tween Elizabeth Taylor and Rich-

for which Taylor won the second

ard Burton, reports say.

of two best actress Oscars.

The couple married and divorced

Furious Love authors Sam Kash-

twice over a 13-year period, after

ner and Nancy Schoenberger

meeting on the set of Cleopatra

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of the Paramount deal. Taylor died in March at the age of 79. Burton died in 1984.

showcasing the intensity with which he records and performs. Kravitz, a multi-instrumentalist, produced, wrote and arranged the 16 tracks on the record.

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Broadway theatres took a record $1.06bn (£643m) last year, figures show


presents the awards, said there was no link between Hollywood stars and nominations. “If you look at the shows, most of the people who got good reviews are nominated,” said Ms St Martin. “People whose reviews were not as good, either for the show or the individual, perhaps are not.”

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Backlash Meanwhile, Hollywood stars are facing a backlash over their roles on stage. Some lesser-known Broadway actors are worried that big stars could threaten their jobs and are reducing their chances of winning Tony awards. Last year saw four Hollywood actors including Scarlett Johansson win a Tony, while stars including Al Pacino are nominated at this year’s ceremony taking place next month. Actor Hunter Foster, who starred in the Broadway production of The Producers, started the Facebook group Give the Tonys Back to Broadway! In an effort to combat the Tinseltown effect. But The Broadway League, which

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he Broadway League, the industry’s trade association, said takings were up from €700 million in 2009-10. It attributed the success to the diversity of shows currently on the New York stage, including 42 new productions which opened in 201011. Attendance figures were also up 3% at €8.5m thanks to Hollywood stars and established shows such as The Lion King and Wicked drawing in crowds. Ticket sales were also helped by a season which included well-received hits like spoof musical The Book of Mormon from the creators of South Park, War Horse, which transferred from London’s West End, and Spider-Man: Turn off the Dark which was beset with production difficulties. Producers have also increased revenue in recent years from premium front-of-house and last-minute seats, which can sell for as much as €277m. “The diversity of shows currently on Broadway succeeds in providing something for everyone,” said Charlotte St Martin, the Broadway League’s executive director. “So it’s no accident that we’re having the biggest season in our history and even in the toughest economic times have more than a 5% increase in attendance year-overyear.”

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S u d o k u



F r i d a y 3 J u n e 2 0 11 4 5 t h E d i t i o n

C r o s s w o r d s

37. An association of


12. Grieve

1. Ragout

13. Horse

2. Cab


38. Border

3. October birthstone

25. Auspices

40. Hold on to

4. Not hot

26. Formerly (archaic)

45. Encounter

5. Blood vessel

27. Sweater eater

48. Took five

6. Drugged

28. Obscure

50. Peyote

7. Grows in paddies

29. Indemnify

51. Clutch

8. “Oh, my!”

30. Small egg

52. Juliet’s beau

9. Periwinkle

31. List of choices

53. Archetype

10. Consolidate

34. Freudian stage

54. Nude

11. Scoundrel

36. Winged

57. Cautious

21. Sounds of



ACROSS 1. Pore 6. Apothecary’s weight 10. Weapons 14. Animal with a snout 15. Greasy 16. Irrelevant 17. Glorify 18. Left by a wound 19. Chills and fever 20. Gnu 22. Entice 23. Staff 24. A mythical story 26. Fetus 30. Greek last letter 32. Part portrayed 33. Economize 35. Picture 39. Wedged 41. Religious sister 42. A dish of greens and tomatoes 43. Paroxysm 44. Astringent 46. Zingy taste 47. Blackbird 49. Come forth 51. Influenza (archaic) 54. Born 55. Travelled on a horse 56. Pullover 63. Ends a prayer 64. Chore 65. Fragrant wood 66. The Caribbean and Adriatic, for example 67. Sea eagle 68. Mountain crest 69. A native of Poland 70. Not the original color 71. Rent

Your Stars

Aquarius (Jan 20 - Feb 18) The communications will be rolling in with lightening speed this month. It may be something of a task just to keep up. Remain calm and eat that elephant one bite at a time. Don’t loose your perspective in any situation. This will help when things get just a bit frantic.After midmonth, a couple of home improvement projects might be just what the doctor ordered. A chance to get out in the sun and putter in the garden. Also during this period, an unresolved romantic problem could find a joyous solution. Pisces (Feb 19 - Mar 22) You could have such an urge to just go shopping for something nice for that loved one in you life. Interesting, huh? The good news is, that you have the money at this time to do it right. Don’t forget to be good to yourself as well. By month’s end, you could be talking a move to a more permanent location, if not already settled. You could be asking if where you live is too small, or too big for you needs. Analyze the situations fairly before making a choice. Wait until the last two days of the month to make that decision. Aries (Mar 21 - April 19) Time to shine Aries! Like the morning sun, you seem to burst onto the scene wherever you go, spreading sunshine. Pluto and Saturn are giving you a big boost this month. Things are changing, but in a good way and not without some common sense and a sound foundation. Any changes you make will be for the best.Because of these changes, some friends may not agree with the direction you are taking. There may be resistance and this could cause you concern. They, and yourself, need to understand that these changes have been coming now for quite some time. Saturn and Pluto never do anything quickly, but always very carefully and methodically, even if it does look sudden. Is it no wonder that these two planets are considered the Angels of Death? More like, The Angels of Transformation. They are helping you big time this month. Taurus (Apr 20 - May 20) So much to do and so little time. The gas tank is running low and the clock is ticking. Are you feeling the pressure? You may feel like crawling away and hibernating for a while. After the 21st the energy level comes back, so don’t push it so hard until then.Tax time should prove interesting as that little nest egg you may have been working on pays off. You may get a boost or you may have to pay, either way, you’re prepared. And with that preparedness, you could re-affirm your wise thinking and actions. Gemini (May 21- June 20) YThe last two weeks of June and the better part of this month the Dream Machine has been running into overtime. Seems you’ve been scheming and planning for the future. This comes at a time when, since way last summer, events have played an important role in setting up these choices for you now. After midmonth, you may feel like just taking the time with someone on a very personal and quiet basis. Nothing fancy, which is such a departure for you. A time of quiet talks and dim lights. Sounds romantic, but you’re more tired than amorous. Get some rest in the next few weeks. Cancer (June 21 - July 22) Ball of fire. Could you be any more “ON”? The career arena is popping with achievement. The things you want out of life seem to be handed to you without effort. Even romance is in the spring air for you. I’d say June couldn’t get any better.After midmonth, you shift gears and focus on the future. What will be your next move? What height is still untouched? You spent most of the last half of the month thinking and discussing just that. Remember, the

Universe doesn’t mind when we ask for things, It minds when we ask for too little. Leo (July 23 - Aug 22) You could be rolling in clover before June ends. Seems that all the work you’ve been doing is now going to start to pay off. The accolades will be rolling in on the career scene. You could wind-up very high profile as a result of your actionsThis could also mean more money for you.After midmonth, you may start to lean a little towards the door and look for ways to evacuate the work scene and seek green pastures for peace and relaxation. Life has been good and now you may feel it is time to pay a little back. Virgo (Aug 23 - Sept 22) Busy, busy. Get the taxes out. Balance the books. Cover all the bases. Run here, run there. It’s a full schedule, but you’re up to the task. It’s almost like having a private personal energy source this month. Just don’t go over board with trying to do too much. Remember to breath.After the middle of the month you may find yourself out of town suddenly. It would be an excellent time to mix both business and pleasure. Remember, the pleasure part is just as important as the work part. Take some time for yourself and those you love. Libra (Sept 23 - Oct 22) This month bodes so well for your committed relationships. There’s just a ton of activity in this area. You are changing things for the better. Making a new commitment or revitalizing an older one. Either way, it’s a wonderful ride this month.After the middle of the month, your focus changes to the shared assets area of your life. Shared with your Committed Other. You’ll be in the mood for doing some mass management. Making changes, setting up budgets, and just generally getting things organized. What’s really great is you’re going to have fun doing it, mainly because you have something to work with and a partner that cares.
 Scorpio (Oct 23 - Nov 21) Work, work, and work. So much to do, so little time, or so it would seem. Time to get organized Scorpio. Listen to those around you for ideas on how to streamline your activities and reap the biggest benefits from your actions. You will feel that you have the energy to go ahead and get the job done right. After midmonth your focus moves over the Significant Other in your life. This comes none too quickly, either. Seems you been spending too much time with yourself. For some that’s OK. For others, it isn’t. Don’t get caught being rigid, as you can get that way sometimes. Sagittarius (Nov 22 - Dec 20) Romance is in the spring air for you. Also the creative urge is running through your life with abandon. Time to smell the roses and take some measures to enjoy your life. If you open yourself to new experiences this month you could get a big surprise.After midmonth, look to be spending more time on the job. This is in a positive way and not a taxing one, either. You may find you are there because of some new project you dreamed up and want to see to completion. A labor of love can be very rewarding. Capricorn (Dec 21 - Jan 19) Your security is where you may be focused the first half of June. Financial planning will be the most important thing going for you this month. Take your time and leave your options open as long as you can before committing. This would be an excellent time to purchase property as well.Once the security level is reached, you may find yourself in romantic surroundings and in the mood for companionship. Spring is in the air and even a Capricorn needs affection from time to time. So get out and circulate.

F r i d a y 3 J u n e 2 0 11 4 5 t h E d i t i o n

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Beach News 45th Edition June 2011  
Beach News 45th Edition June 2011  

Beach News 45th Edition June 2011