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Polynesian Migration & Voyages

La ngua ge Si mi l a r i ty & I denti ty

What do we think we know?

Polynesian Migration & Voyages

Polynesian Language (‘Ōlelo)

Polynesian Migration

Science Steps In… • Mitochondrial          DNA

Comparative Anthropology

Comparative Anthropology

Reasons for Voyages • Explore for new land • Natural Disaster • Lack of resources • Military, social, political  or religious conflict • Accident /Lost • Prophecy

Thoughts on Migration • Religious beliefs behind every move • Language played an important role  that identifies all Polynesians. • Resource: Lexical diffusion in  Polynesia and the Marquesan­Hawaiian relationship,  Dr.Samuel Elbert • Early settlers in Hawai’i  from Hiva,language  similarities.

People Step In…


Ke kai

Ka moana

Concept of Land • • • • • •

‘ai­­­­to eat, to sustain with food ‘aina….meal Mea’ai….things to eat ‘åina… Ai…..a sexual activity Pae’åina….state, archipelago,

Land concepts

• • • • • • •

Moku… cut, or island Mokupuni….island or district Moku pae’aina….state Paepae…support or platform Ahupua’a­­­land division Wahi pana­­­­place, legendary place Lele& ‘ili­­small land division in an  ahupua’a

Land concepts

46/50 Aloha Ms. Takai Mahalo for a paper written which whisked me right into the confusion and panic leaving me in simultaneous chicken skin and also anxiety, all on your behalf. Should I ever visit your family, consider me forewarned. ~ Kumu Keahi

45/50 Mr. Doval, Try cut loose and write in a jazz like extemporaneous free flow with bass lines in strangely rare 5/4 time, if necessary. Push the limits of your most piqued ideas, questions, inquiries, suppositions, & conclusions. If you don’t push, I can’t push back & we won’t be able to go anywhere!! He mai‘a ua pa‘a i ke ko‘o ~ Kumu Keahi

40/50 Ms. Aquino, Your thoughts were many and entirely valid as a sense of deep personal understanding. In our efforts to study such concepts, we seek to ensure continuity in our beliefs which do not conflict with the basis of our other personal beliefs or understandings. It will definitely be a journey worth travelling together. Mahalo ~ Kumu Keahi

Migrational Experience  

Migrational Theory of Polynesian Settlement

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