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PANDORA’S 2010-2011 BOX Customized Products

Customization Specialists Think GREEN. Your Way.

To Our Valued Customer, We would personally like to welcome you to Pandora’s Box. It is our mission to make your experience with us 100 percent individualized and unparalleled. Not only do we hope our wide product line will meet your needs, Pandora’s Box hopes the ability to customize your item will further exceed your expectations. Be sure to check out our new line of products including Silly Bandz, the RC Blimp, and the cell phone booster, as well as our annual best sellers like the banana holder, toilet paper, and Koozies. Pandora’s Box is continuing with last year’s tradition of keeping many of our products GREEN. You can purchase our green items such as reusable water bottles, Jones Soda, and recycled purses while keeping our planet in mind. When you choose one of our products, go ahead and make it uniquely yours with Pandora’s Box. Think Green, Your Way! Virtually Yours,

Alexandrea Hull Co-CEO Pandora’s Box

Kaylee Mills Co-CEO


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New Products….…………………….………………… 4 Eco Friendly……………………….………...……….. 6 Unique Technology...………….…………………… 8 Products Your Way……....…………….…...…….10 Mail Order Form Insert…………………………. 10i On the Go……..…….…...……………………...……..12 This and That……..…………………….….........…14 Fashion Friendly..…………………….….........…16 Want to Customize?.………….……….............. 18 Order Form ………………………...…...........…… 20

Page 3 Rain Boots Brighten up any rainy day with fun, trendy rain boots perfect for going to school or playing in the rain. Customizable with both solid colors and graphics. Women’s sizes 5-11.

Price: $110.00 Item # 017

Wi-Fi T-Shirt Pick up a signal everywhere with our WiFi detecting T-Shirt. Impressive and useful, never lose signal again. Men’s sizes S-XXL. .

Price: $42.00 Item # 009

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PANDORA’S BOX Think Green. Your Way. Silly Bandz Perfect for children and adults these customizable rubber band bracelets can take the shape of any animal, place, or object your heart could desire.

Price: $2.00 Item #: 064

Eclipse Mono-Pack Cooler Whether you are taking a day hike or packing up for a long day at the office, this cooler keeps food fresh and cold.

Price: $20.00 Item #: 003

LED Badge Display your name or a secret message, the customizing opportunities are endless, with a simple PC connection this badge displays any text.


ox a’s B r o and

Price: 30.00 Item #: 055

Toms Shoes Versatile flip-flop like shoes with a canvas cover, Toms Shoes are not only comfortable, but charitable. Buy one pair and we send a pair to a child in need. Women’s sizes 5-11 and Men’s 8-12.

Price: 44.00 Item #: 016 Page 5 USB Rechargeable Batteries Recharge powerful batteries in any USB drive, convenient and cost effective. Never throw away a used battery again.

Item #: 047- Set of 2: $35.00 Item #: 048- Set of 4: $60.00

Recycled Purses Made from completely recycled materials and a personalized touch, each bag is hand-crafted with a style and sophistication guaranteed to last our customer a lifetime.

Price: $65.00 Item #: 025

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PANDORA’S BOX Think Green. Your Way Solar Back-Pack Now charge your laptop, MP3 player or other electronic device on the go– through the energy collected on the high-tech solar panel back-pack.

Price: $300.00 Item #: 004

Reusable Water Bottles Perfect for a gift or simple everyday use, the reusable water bottle offers a eco-friendly alternative to wasteful plastic bottles.

Price: $20.00 Item #: 062

Jones Soda Refreshingly unique Jones Soda puts a tangy spin on ordinary soda, bringing back a pure sugar-cane drink to the carbonated soda family.

Price: $3.00 Item #: 052

Triple Dog Fuel Enhancer Improve your gas mileage and engine performance, while saving some cash. Triple Dog increases horsepower and torque in any vehicle.

Price: $400.00 Item #: 041 Page 7 Cell Phone Booster Hate having a shoddy cell phone connection? Quickly connect this cell phone booster to the USB drive of your computer and have superb service anywhere you have a computer.

Price: $90.00 Item #: 040

Laser Keyboard Never worry with a cumbersome full keyboard again. The laser keyboard offers a sleek alternative to the boring desk-top computer. Easily movable this keyboard is perfect for work on the go. .

Price: $125.00 Item #: 038

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PANDORA’S BOX Think Green. Your Way Beverage Buggy Finally, the toy that works as hard as you. Never get up for a drink again, simply steer it to your seat.

Price: $50.00 Item #: 043

Lipstick Stun Gun Never compromise on safety, now, a compact stungun provides women and men alike with the ability to take down a target instantly.

Price: $100.00 Item #: 042

iPod Toilet Paper Dock Listen to your iPod in the solidarity of the bathroom, with this innovative iPod Toilet Paper Dock.

Price: $55.00 Item #: 027

RC Blimp The remote control blimp is perfect for advertising or enjoyment. With our customization, it’s sure to get noticed!

Price: $3800.00 Item #: 060 Page 9 USB Rocket Launcher Simply plug into any USB drive and instantly launch your styrofoam missiles across the room. For fun in the office or down-time at home this is a perfect addition to any desk.

Price: $100.00 Item #: 059

Customizable Toilet Paper Never see bathroom tissue the same way again. From celebrities to dollar bills, this top seller is sure to be a favorite in any household. Bulk Quantities Available

Item #: 028- Set of 4: $48.00 Item #: 029- Set of 10: $100.00 Item #: 030- Set of 20: $190.00 Item #: 031- Set of 40: $360.00 Item #: 032- Set of 80: $680.00 Page 10

PANDORA’S BOX Think Green. Your Way. Oakley Sunglasses Sleek sunglasses for any woman, these Oakley shades send a bold statement of power and sophistication. One size fits all.

Price: $250.00 Item #: 050

Banana Holder No one wants to open their lunch box after a long day of classes to see a squished banana. Thankfully a trusty alternative has arrived– the banana holder.

Price: $15.00 Item #: 049

Mega-Zooka Entertainment for all ages. The Mega-Zooka will project a burst of air to any target from over 40 feet away.

Price: $75.00 Item #: 054

Run-Away Alarm Clock If you struggle to wake up in the morning this alarm clock is perfect for you. Not only will it emit a continuous beep at the time of your choosing, it runs away from you.

Price: $55.00 Item #: 001 Page 11 iPod Case Durable, customizable and available in all iPod sizes, this nondestructive case not only protects valuable music, it brings a personal edge to any plain iPod.

Price: $25.00 Item #: 012

Platinum Laptop Case Perfect for business, leisure or school, this hefty laptop case is built to protect the most valuable instrument in your life– the laptop.

Price: $70.00 Item #: 013

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PANDORA’S BOX Think Green. Your Way. Cell Phone Case Adaptable for any cell phone, this genuine leather case protects the life-line to the world.

Price: $20.00 Item #: 011

Cold Sweat Back-Pack In town or backpacking this pack is waterproof, spacious and versatile. Be styling and profiling in this next generation pack.

Price: $75.00 Item #: 002

Men’s Customizable Wallet With timeless elegance, this leather wallet is a must have for any man. Whether it is his first wallet or fifty-seventh, this wallet is perfect for any male.

Price: $30.00 Item #: 026

Travelers Mug Stop paying for overpriced coffee from cafés and upgrade to our heated travelers mug.

Price: $20.00 Item #: 035 Page 13 Snuggie The world’s most popular blanket, the Snuggie has captured the hearts of millions. Available in solid colors and graphic designs, we have the Snuggie for everyone. One size fits all.

Price: $50.00 Item #: 063

Blue Dial Chronograph Luxurious blue eye design and stainless steel case and bracelet, this watch is a piece of art. Complement your casual and dress clothing with this one of a kind Blue Dial watch. .

Price: $105.00 Item #: 034

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PANDORA’S BOX Think Green. Your Way. The Bullet Charger Never suffer with a dead battery again with our bullet charger. A portable battery pack attaches to any cell phone for instant battery charging.

Price: $25.00 Item #: 039

Koozies Foam insulators to either keep drinks cold or hold their heat. Never leave a glass ring on your table again with a trusty customized koozie.

Price: $1.00 Item #: 051

Argyle Sweater Trendy, tailored and traditional, this argyle sweater is a great addition to any wardrobe. Women’s sizes XS-XL.

Price: $25.00 Item #: 045

1 oz. Customizable M&M’s Display a personal message or your dog’s face, M&M’s are the perfect present or keepsake for any occasion.

Price: $8.00 Item #: 044 Page 15 Customizable Hat A classic baseball style hat with a modern flare, customize the hat with your favorite team, company or personal message. Available in both solid colors and graphic designs. Sizes small, medium and large.

Price: $25.00 Item #: 046

Matrix Jacket Face the elements with this sleek, high-performance jacket perfect for a stroll in town or a weekend in the country. Waterproof and insulated with genuine goose down, customize this jacket with any color or design. Men’s Sizes S-XXL.

Price: $50.00 Item #: 018

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PANDORA’S BOX Think Green. Your Way Zip Hoodie Light weight and comfortable, this versatile jacket is easily matched with tennis shoes and jeans for a trendy flare on the run. Women’s sizes XS-XL.

Price: $30.00 Item #: 021

Men’s Flip Flops Hand-crafted from the finest Italian leather, flip flops are not only the comfortable option, but they can be stylish.

Price: $20.00 Item #: 015

Women’s Candy Watch Supported with an 11 year warranty, never lose track of time again with our high quality, genuine leather Fossil watch.

Price: $65.00 Item #: 033

Short Sleeved Shirt Customizable with any color or design, this short sleeved shirt is ideal for any event or occasion. Men’s size S-XXL and Women’s XS-XL.

Price: $25.00 Item #: 006 Page 17

w w w. p a n d o r a s b o x t n . o r g

Customization Through the years Pandora’s Box strives not only to deliver our customers with high quality service, but maintain the same level of excellence our customers have grown to expect. From customizing your banana holder, to making seven pairs of matching rain-boots for each person in your family, Pandora’s Box is proud to have an enterprise based on you. With three years behind us and countless more to come, we value both the imaginations of our customers, and most importantly, the individuality they can display only through our products. Whether it is toilet-paper with your least favorite NFL team or a bright pink beverage-buggy you can not wait to escort your drinks around in, Pandora’s Box employees are anxious to serve you.

Now shop internationally with Pandora’s Box website in all major languages! Pandora’s Box- Think Green, Your Way. WOMEN SIZE XS/0-2 S/4-6 M/8-10 L/12-14 XL/16-18

(All measurements in inches)

BUST WAIST 31-32 23-24 33-34 25-26 35-36 27-28 37-38 29-30 39-40 31-32


CHEST WAIST 35-37 30-32 38-40 34-36 41-43 36-38 44-46 40-42 47-49 44-46






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HIP 33-34 35-36 37-38 39-40 41-42


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Think Green. Your Way.

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