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Beach Cuttings Issue 44 August 2013

NORTH BURLEIGH: Since July 2011, BeachCare has been managing a site at North Burleigh. Vegetation on the site has been largely affected by erosion and weed infestation, which through consultation with the GCCC dune management team a cooperative management plan has been implemented. As a result, GCCC has supported this site by preparing areas for planting to reduce the impact weeds may have on volunteer efforts. More significantly, since inundation impacts from the storm events in the earlier months of 2013, a combined effort has been made by BeachCare volunteers and GCCC to remove debris. In the coming months, we are hoping for calm weather conditions to help the beach recover naturally. In the meantime BeachCare volunteers are doing their best to make the dunes along North Burleigh the healthiest they can be. The next BeachCare event: Saturday 27th July, 9am-11am.

New ideas and changing times The year is flying by and recognising that another financial year has just finished, BeachCare is now focusing on achieving much more in 2013/14. Securing extra funding sources, developing partnerships, increasing volunteer participation and most of all caring for Gold Coast beaches and dunes are on the ‘to do’ list. More so, keep our thinking caps on for 2015, 2016 and the rest. Though not to get too ahead of ourselves, as a result of the many partnerships and efforts contributed by BeachCare volunteers, overall program value increased by 13% between 2012/13. This is a rewarding result and builds on from previous consecutive years. Big thanks to all and in particular our core support from the City of Gold Coast.

On another note, it is sad to say goodbye to another amazing BeachCare Facilitator. Tegan Croft, who has been working particularly hard to support the Griffith University Student Linx partnership and maintaining the northern sites, will be leaving us to undertake part of her studies overseas and on the way to do some travelling. We wish her all the very best and hope she gives us a call when she returns. Within and amongst all of what has been happening on and off Gold Coast’s beaches and dunes, please take the time to enjoy reading about what’s new for BeachCare. Many thanks, Joel Hayes BeachCare Coordinator

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Bring back the dunes!

Planet Ark’s Annual National Tree Day is here again. To support the cause, BeachCare has two events:

One of our new resources couldn’t have come at a better time with the state of Gold Coast’s dunes being in a fragile state. To further the community’s understanding about the importance of dunes and sustainable dune management, we have recently released a how to guide for community-based dune management. Inspired by the many BeachCare volunteers, Naomi Edwards (the previous BeachCare Coordinator) coordinated the production of the resource. Titled, Building Dunes for the Community and the Coast, we hope this guide will help increase your knowledge about the importance of Gold Coast’s dunes.

Saturday 27th July, 9am-11am at North Burleigh Sunday 28th July, 9am-11am at 27th Ave, Palm Beach We aim to plant over 200 dune plants to celebrate and as Planet Ark believes that it is important to maintain and support local bio-diversity, we hope you can come along to help out. If you need further information, please visit/register at or contact BeachCare: I 07 55528829 I 0414762374

To download a copy, please visit:

Image source: Planet Ark

What plant is that? Ipomoea cairica (Morning Glory) Ipomoea cairica (Morning Glory) is a weed of epic proportions, so don’t be fooled by its beautiful violet flowers and vibrant green star-shaped leaves - this one must go! A perennial vine that has the ability to grow in most soils especially the sandy soils of Gold Coast’s coastal zone. This weed takes hold and strangles native vegetation and can often be found wrapped around the trunk of a tree, which eventually affects the flowing cambium layers that supply nutrients to and from leaves. It is native to the tropical areas of Africa and Asia and was introduced to Australia as an ornamental archway vine.

Events on the dunes

GCCC 3-POINT PLAN FOR OUR BEACHES #fixourbeaches Everyday, Gold Coast’s beaches are presented with immense pressures. Coupled with current erosion issues, the risk of living, playing and working along a dynamic coastline has increased. On a brighter note, what has been making headlines is the 3-point plan the City of Gold Coast has tabled. Though with projected costs of $30million to support large scale beach nourishment and other strategies, the council is seeking for further support.


To kick start the campaign, a group of prominent Gold Coasters have come together to pledge their support for a petition and energise the Fix Our Beaches campaign.

(Shearwater Esp)

As the Gold Coast is Australia’s coastal playground with estimated visitation rates exceeding millions, plus the 42million beach visits locals make annually, ensuring our coast recovers to a healthy state is pivotal. To get involved, follow #fixourbeaches and/or hash tag your photos via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

NEW RELEASE: Our Coast videos To Celebrate 50 Years of Coastal Management on the Gold Coast, a series of coastal management videos have recently been released. Developed in partnership with the City of Gold Coast, the short videos capture founding legacies to recent coastal management strategies. We must admit, they are very informative, interactive and add great value to our resource portal! The following list provides a brief overview, which can be seen on our You Tube channel.

Paradise Point (beach end of Abalone Ave)

Runaway Bay

Sat 17th 9am-11am


Sat 14th 9am-11am


Sat 14th 1.30pm-3.30pm

(beach end of Australia Ave)

North Burleigh (beach end of Kelly Ave)

Palm Beach

Sat 21st 9am-11am

(beach end of 27th Ave)

Currumbin (Duringan St/ The Alley) Friends of Currumbin

Tugun (beach end of Wagawn St) 65 1/2 Boardriders

To view/download them, please visit our website and follow the tab to You Tube via

(south of North Kirra SLSC)

North Kirra

Rainbow Bay

CONTACT BeachCare - 0414 762 374, 5552 8829 t: @Beach_Care e: w: f :


Sat 10th 9am-11am

(north of Charis Seafood)

1. Our Coast – overview video about coastal management 2. The Last Line of Defence – information about seawalls 3. Shaping Our Coast – coastal processes that shape the coast 4. Narrowneck Reef – the construction of Narrowneck Reef 5. Gold Coast Seaway - a pioneering strategy

Follow us on Twitter @Beach_Care I #beach_care I #goldcoastdunes


(Marine Pde) Friends of Rainbow Bay

BeachCare is proudly supported by

Sat 31st 9am-11am

Sat 3rd 9am-11am

Sat 7th 9am-11am Fri 27th 9am-11am

BeachCare News Issue 44 Aug 2013  
BeachCare News Issue 44 Aug 2013  

A snapshot on what's new on and off Gold Coast's beaches!