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A warm welcome to Beachborough. We hope that you find the following information useful.

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School Reception




The Manor House

10 Front Lawn


School Clothes Shop

11 Astroturf


The Whybrow Theatre

12 Netball & Tennis Courts


Boardman Building

13 Games Pitches


Olympic Sports Hall

14 Forest School


Chappell Building

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T.E.D Suite

16 Westbury Church

Setting and facilities Nursery and Kindergarten are housed in the Boardman building and provide a happy, welcoming and secure environment in which children readily settle. This is a purpose built, light and airy building. The Nursery and Kindergarten rooms are connected, allowing for movement between the rooms but also enabling the two sections to work independently, when required. We believe in learning through play and therefore we will usually have the same activities available to children both inside and outside the classroom. Low level display surfaces and ledges make equipment accessible to the children and encourage their independence. The toilets are bright and attractive and are situated in a central position for easy access. Nursery and Kindergarten have their own secure outside play area and garden. There is a sandpit, covered area, climbing frame and numerous wheeled toys for the children to enjoy. There is also a little cottage for more imaginative play and inside there is a play corner that changes according to the topics the children are learning about. The garden has a living willow teepee which is thoroughly enjoyed by the children and raised beds in which they grow vegetables to enjoy at ghab time. Over the year the children grow in confidence, become more independent and lay down the foundations of their education. The Nursery and Kindergarten unit is an integral part of the school and works closely with Reception to make the progression into full-time school as smooth as possible.

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The aims and ethos of Beachborough Our mission at Beachborough is to create the conditions and culture that allows each child to thrive intellectually, physically, culturally and emotionally. The priority is the happiness of each child as it is paramount to achieving lasting success and being fully prepared for senior school.

Main events in Nursery and Kindergarten September

Information Evening


Parents’ Evening


Pre-Prep Christmas Play

Nativity in Church

Christmas Party

End of Term Report


Parents’ Evening


Sports Day

Fun Day

Induction Day (where Kindergarten move to Reception for the day)

End of Term Report

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Preparing your child for starting at Beachborough There are many ways in which you can help prepare your child for Beachborough. Try and begin the programme of independence: •

Encourage your child to try and put on his/her own coat and shoes.

Give your child the opportunity to cope for short periods of time without you continually being there.

Encourage your child to use the toilet properly and to wash his/her hands. Please note: any children who are not fully toilet trained will only be able to attend morning sessions but staff will support any programme you have in place.

Talk to your child as much as possible about what is going on around you and what you are doing.

Talking and listening are extremely important at every stage of development.

Encourage interaction with other children so your child can become familiar with the idea of sharing and waiting their turn in particular situations.

If possible, spend a few minutes during the day, or at bedtime, reading to your child. This will help them develop an interest in, and love of, books (which is important if they are going to want to learn to read). It is also an opportunity for children to sit and listen for short periods of time.

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Starting at Beachborough Children are invited to join a session before starting at Beachborough. This is an opportunity for them to familiarise themselves with the environment and meet the staff and children they will be joining. When your child is ready, we will encourage you to leave your child, so that they experience a short period of separation. You will be given an ‘All About Me’ form to complete. This will provide us with the necessary information

about your child to ensure a smooth transition. We also hold a Tiddlers and

Toddlers playgroup session each half term,

during which you can come and familiarise both your child and yourself

with the Nursery.

Please check our website for the upcoming Tiddlers and Toddlers playgroup dates.

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Key person In the Early Years at Beachborough, we greatly value the strong positive relationships we build up with children in our setting and their families. Children’s emotional development and wellbeing is an essential foundation for their health and happiness and ability to learn. In Nursery and Kindergarten we have a Key Person system. Each child is assigned a Key Person when they join. This member of staff will support your child’s development and is responsible for keeping an online ‘Learning Journal’ using Tapestry, which informs you about your child. Staff and parents working together on their children’s ‘Learning Journal’ is one of the ways in which the key person and parents work in partnership. You will be informed by email when a new observation has been added, which you can then view online. Tapestry also gives you the opportunity to share the ‘wow’ moments from home with us, which we wholeheartedly encourage.

Mrs Zoë Pritchard Head of Nursery and Kindergarten Beachborough Nursery & Kindergarten | 11

Session times The timings for the sessions available each day are:

• 9:00am - 12:00pm • 12:30pm - 3:30pm However children can also stay for a whole day from 9:00am until 3:30pm and lunch will be provided. Morning care is available from 8:00am until the start of the first session and at the end of the day aftercare is available from 3:30pm – 6:00pm. Both of these are held in the Nursery room and are supervised by Beachborough teaching assistants and staff, who the children know well. Tea will be provided for children who stay past 4:30pm. We do ask that if you arrive at school between 4:30pm and 5:00pm, you do not collect your child from tea. This can be very upsetting for other children who are perhaps feeling tired and ready for their parents to come and collect them! All collections are from the Boardman building, either using the garden gate or the Reception classroom. Please inform us if you are going to be later than you thought to collect your child. Please telephone the aftercare team on 01280 709441 and let them know, as this will avoid your child becoming distressed unnecessarily. In the event that a parent/carer fails to collect a child they will be taken to the boarding house until contact is made and collection possible. Our Missing Children Policy can be found in the Safeguarding Policy on the school website.

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Organisation of the day A visual timetable helps explain the routine of the session to both children and their parents. There is also a timetable on the Parents’ board outside the Kindergarten entrance and outside the Nursery classroom. The timetable is also available on the school intranet site. Please ask the school secretary for guidance as to how you can access the intranet site, if required. Please understand the timetable is a flexible outline of what is planned. On arrival at school the children will find various free play activities, with some directed tasks set up alongside. When the weather is fine outdoor play is provided. We encourage children to direct their own play and interact with other children. They are then directed to specific activities. Their individual development is constantly assessed, with ‘Happy Stamps’ and Special Award certificates for significant personal achievements. Children are encouraged to tidy up after themselves and take care of their environment. Both Nursery and Kindergarten children attend Early Years’ assemblies and the Kindergarten also attend the Pre-Prep assembly on a Friday. Once a term we have a full Boardman assembly where all the children from Nursery up to Form IV meet and celebrate the term.

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Ghab (Break time) Ghab (an Indian word for ‘chat’) is at approximately 10:00 am. We encourage the children to drink milk, however water will always be provided as an alternative. We will also provide them with a healthy snack such as a piece of fruit, bread sticks and cheese. An adult will support the children to ensure good table manners are followed and a substantial amount is eaten. (Please let us know if your child has not had breakfast). After ghab the children gather on the carpet for a short group activity, eg singing, games, story or sharing news. The outside play area can be freely accessed and activities take place both inside and outside. Children are encouraged to spend time outside and get some fresh air! The children will be taken out for ball games, nature rambles around the school grounds, trips to our Forest School or just a good run on the Sports Fields.The morning ends with story time and the children going home, leave at 12:00 noon.

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Afternoon sessions Children staying for afternoon sessions will be given a school lunch. This is eaten by the children and staff together in the Dining Room. Any dietary requirements must be given in writing. A menu is on display in the Boardman Foyer and on the website. After lunch the children have a rest in the classroom. This is a quiet time for them to relax and recharge their batteries. It is a good discipline and some do sleep! The children who sleep are checked on regularly. Please let us know how long you would like your child to sleep during the day. After the rest session the afternoon session

starts and activities are planned alongside free play opportunities

inside and outside the classroom. Children have a

drink and a story at the end

of the afternoon and are

ready to leave at 3:30pm,

unless they are joining


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General information Absences Please ring the school between 8:00am and 9:00am if your child is going to be absent, alternatively please email For any planned absences, please write to the Headmaster to request permission.

Ballet Ballet classes for the Kindergarten children take place during the school week. If you would like your child to learn ballet, please contact Mrs Sanders at

Belongings All items of clothing and belongings that are brought into school must be clearly named. Please note we accept no responsibility for lost or damaged items. We have a ‘No Weapons’ policy in the Early Years and ask you not to let your child bring in toys that encourage aggressive play; unless the toys or items are related to our current topic.

Contact information It is vital that we have accurate telephone numbers for you in case we need to contact you. Please make sure we have these and that they are updated as necessary.

Beachborough Nursery & Kindergarten | 16

Ms Carolyn Sharps Head of the Boardman

Contact with staff You are always very welcome to come in and see work and displays in the Nursery and Kindergarten areas. Please see a member of staff if you have any questions, or contact The Head of Nursery and Kindergarten Mrs ZoĂŤ Pritchard. If you feel that your concern has not been dealt with completely then please do contact Ms Carolyn Sharps, Head of the Boardman and she will arrange an appointment to discuss the matter further.

Drinking water Water is always available for the children to drink but your children are welcome to bring in their own named water bottle if they so wish. We ask you to take responsibility for collecting the water bottle at the end of the day and returning it refreshed for their next session.

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Forest School We are fortunate at Beachborough to be blessed with the outdoor environment that constitutes ‘Forest School’ within the school grounds. Forest School is unique as it emphasises learning outside of the traditional classroom and provides the freedom to explore the ever changing environment where children can take risks for themselves. They will acquire an understanding of environmental issues, nature and wildlife from first hand experiences. In Nursery and Kindergarten we aim to ensure that every child will have the opportunity to visit Forest School frequently.

Holiday club A Holiday Club runs in the Easter and Summer holidays for Nursery and Kindergarten. It is open from 8:00am6:00pm for a full day or a half day. Those attending for a full day will need to bring a packed lunch and tea. Morning and afternoon snacks will be provided. The club will only operate if there is sufficient interest.

Home/School link books Each child in Nursery who attends for an extended full day will be given a home/school link book that should accompany them to and from school. Please do hand your book over to a member of staff in the morning and collect it at the end of the day. This book enables us to make handover more efficient. We include information about lunch and snacks and occasionally a message. The plans of activities are available on the Kindergarten door and inside the Nursery room and all other information is on the school website. If there is a problem please see us straight away or ring for an appointment.

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Communication Medical Matters We have a School Nurse, Matron and Deputy Matron who will look after your child if they become unwell during the school day, and who will administer medicines as required. Please contact if you need any assistance or you wish your child to be off games that day. When joining the school it is a requirement that we ask parents for signed permission for us to administer emergency Calpol®. This is found on the Health Form. If a child has been given any medicine, including Calpol® , Nurofen or Piriton before they come to school, it is a parent’s responsibility to inform staff. This is to ensure that if a child is in need of emergency medication there is no risk of overdose. Tummy bugs spread quickly. Children should not return to school until at least 48 hours after their last bout of sickness or diarrhoea. If your child has a temperature over 38’C they need to be kept off school for 24 hours. Please let us know in writing of any allergies or medical matters from which your child may suffer. Beachborough is a nut free school. We have several children with severe, life threatening allergies to nuts who require adrenaline devices. Children should not bring food into school without prior authorization.

Parents’ Evenings There are two Parents’ Evenings in the academic year. The first one is in the autumn term and is an opportunity for you to discuss how your child has settled and their progress. The second evening is in the spring term. All parents will receive a written report at the end of the autumn and summer terms. These will be a summary of the progress your child has made and may include areas on which we intend to focus in the following term.

Beachborough Home/School Planner A copy of the Home/School Planner is issued to all parents. They will be placed in a named envelope in the Front Hall of the Manor House on the first day of term.

Parents’ Representatives Each class has a parents’ representative. Their role is to support both new and existing parents, answer questions and organise social events. The name and contact details of your parent representative are available at the back of your Home/School Planner. They will regularly send you information about social events on email. You will also be invited to join ‘Classlist’, a private social network App to help you easily communicate with your year group. Please note, Classlist is not a Beachborough App and will never be used for any Beachborough communication from the school office, which will be emailed to parents.

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Newsletters and Social Media Beachborough is a busy school with lots going on every week. Parents are invited to follow all the exciting news stories each day on Twitter (@Beachborough), Facebook (@Beachborough) and on our school website ‘Stories’ page. Photos are available to download on Flickr and videos on YouTube each week. You will receive a roundup of all the news, photos and videos in a digital ‘Weekly Newsletter’, emailed to you every Friday evening. A separate ‘Week Ahead Newsletter’ is emailed at the beginning of the weekend, with essential information about the following week and future events. Digital signage screens around the school are also a great way to follow the daily news stories and view details of upcoming events, whilst you are dropping off or picking up.

Parents’ Hub on the Beachborough Website To help you easily access information and communicate with school, please view the ‘PARENTS’ HUB’ page on our website (follow the link in the top right corner of the homepage on an iPad/computer or from the main Menu under ‘Our Community/ Parents’ Hub’ on a smart phone). We recommend you save an icon for the Parents’ Hub on your smart phone/iPad home screen by clicking the ‘Action’ button

and then the ‘Add to

Home Screen’ button. The Parents’ Hub page contains the following useful features:

News feed to read the latest news as it happens

Calendar of upcoming events

Weekly Food Menu to help your child decide each day

Co-Curricular and boarding activities for your child

Term Dates to help you plan your year

Parent Login to access the Beachborough Parent Portal

– our secure school intranet Sharepoint. This contains

information we cannot display on our website, such as

Timetables and Team Sheets for sports fixtures.

Parents’ Pigeon Holes In the front lobby of the Manor House are wooden pigeon holes for parents to share items of correspondence with other parents.

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Code of conduct At Beachborough we place great importance on good manners. We encourage the children to always treat others as they wish to be treated. In the Pre-Prep Department we aim to follow an agreed code of conduct: •

Always do your best, whatever the challenge.

Treat everybody with politeness and courtesy.

Try to be involved in a wide range of activities.

Be prepared to make difficult choices if that is the right course of action.

Being friendly is easy and it can make the world of difference.

Enjoy the community you live in and take care of the school

environment. •

Respect the opinions of others and never allow differences to lead to conflict.

Beachborough Nursery & Kindergarten | 21

The curriculum The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Curriculum is delivered through play where young children can learn with enjoyment and challenge. There is a balance of child-initiated, adult-initiated and adult focused activities each session. Our planning is in the ‘moment’. This means that planning is ongoing and focusses on individual children’s interests and enables them to achieve their next steps. Our topic approach provides a theme for the term’s activities. Plans may be found on the notice board outside the Kindergarten door or inside the Nursery room. Our planning encompasses the EYFS areas of learning, which make up the Foundation Stage for 2½-5 year olds. There are seven areas of learning: •

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

Communication and Language

Physical Development



Understanding the World

Expressive Arts and Design

Beachborough Nursery & Kindergarten | 22

Activities Science Free exploration with magnifying glasses, torches, feely bags as well as first-hand experience in gardening, growing seeds, river visits, nature walks, health and safety explanations. Cooking is used in Science. Observation work is also encouraged.

Early mathematics Matching and sorting, comparing and ordering, sequencing, practical number games, shape games, number songs and rhymes are all important aspects of our mainly practical mathematics.

Language and literacy activities Speaking and listening; taking turns in discussions, following instructions, expansion of vocabulary, listening games, show and tell, circle time. Writing; handwriting patterns, trace writing and writing names, but only if the child is ready to do so.

Beachborough Nursery & Kindergarten | 23

Pre-reading Jigsaws, sequencing games, posting boxes, lotto games. Sharing books to encourage a love of literature through library books, story time, big book sessions and story sacks. We have a story sack lending library on Wednesday mornings. These are a great way of bringing stories alive. The ‘Letters and Sounds’ programme is introduced in Nursery and carried on through Kindergarten and Reception. Kindergarten children are given the opportunity of library time on Friday afternoon. They are encouraged to choose a book to share at home. These are changed each week, but you are welcome to keep them longer.

Letter and number formation If your child wants to write at home, please encourage them to write in lower case letters, in cursive form, using a capital for the beginning of their name only and help them to form their letters correctly. Please ask for our letter formation sheet to help you. We cannot emphasise enough the necessity for your child to hold their pencil correctly from an early age. This will alleviate many problems they may find late when joining letters together. The first index finger only rests on the pencil. The other fingers support the pencil underneath.

Beachborough Nursery & Kindergarten | 24

French Lessons French lessons start in Kindergarten. The focus of these lessons is speaking French and the children are introduced to the language through songs and rhymes.

Physical play Specialist gym lessons are given on Friday mornings by Wade Gymnastics, who come onto the school site and deliver the lessons in the school’s sports hall. In addition to this, a coach from ‘Action Kids’ visits weekly, providing the children with opportunities for various outdoor games and activities, including sand, climbing frame, wheeled toys and large construction blocks. The children also develop their physical skills by using outdoor equipment.

Music/sound Singing is an important part of life in the Nursery and Kindergarten. It is fully integrated into the daily planning. Kindergarten do have a hands on instrument and percussion work lesson with Mrs Holly Purefoy, a music specialist. This also includes singing and is aimed to encourage and develop the children’s rhythmical and pitching ability.

Fine motor control Threading, weaving, cutting, tweezer play, pestles and mortars.

Construction Play Mobilo, Brio, Duplo, wooden bricks, Lego, Mega Blocks, Kid-nex, Poly-m, Sticklebricks.

Tactile Experiences Clay, playdough, plasticine, wet and dry sand, water, corn flour, foam, coloured rice.

Art A range of activities that encourages pencil control, brush control and scissor control. Drawing, painting, collage, junk modelling.

Beachborough Nursery & Kindergarten | 25

Technology Information, communication and technology is experienced through a wide variety of mediums. For example the children will learn to use computers as well as using equipment such as cameras, mechanical toys, on and off push button toys and bee bots.

Imaginative play Role play areas and small world are used. Home corners such as hospitals, shoe shop, pet shop, flower shop, post office, cafÊ, travel agents, and Chinese restaurant can be seen in the classrooms. Dressing up, dressing dolls, puppet play, dolls’ house, farm, brio, cars and garage as well as imaginative large play-tray scenes are all important aspects of our imaginative play.

Cultural diversity At Beachborough we realise that young children in the UK are being raised in a society of cultural diversity. We reflect these differences within our curriculum. Activities include multicultural puzzles, toys and posters, learning to say hello and count in different languages, cooking and trying different foods from around the world, and celebrating different festivals incorporating art, music and dance. We also aim to raise awareness of charities which support a variety of needs.

Special Educational Needs and Disabilities We will ensure that appropriate action is taken when staff, parents or other relevant parties identify that a child has special educational needs. We will help to promote the welfare and development of the child in partnership with the school SENCO. We are committed to working alongside parents and relevant agencies in the provision for their child’s individual needs.

Beachborough Nursery & Kindergarten | 26

Boys’ School Uniform CODE


ALL TERMS WP 3-in-1 Jacket BS Boiler Suit GYMBAG Gym Bag SWMBAG Swimming Bag (Reception only) BBAG Book Bag (Reception only) Swimming Trunks, Cap and Towel (Reception only)WP £33.00 - £38.00 Indoor Trainers - Velcro Only (Reception only) GSS Grey Socks Knee or Ankle Length Trainers - Velcro only Wellingtons AUTUMN & SPRING UNIFORM J Beachborough Jumper Light Blue Polo Shirt Grey Shorts or Trousers Black Shoes - Velcro only (not lace-up please) HATA Navy Hat SCARF Navy scarf (optional) SUMMER UNIFORM J Beachborough Jumper Light Blue Polo Shirt Grey Shorts CAP Beachborough Cap GAMES - ALL TERMS Friday am only for Nursery & Kindergarten PSPP Navy Polo Shirt SHPP Navy Shorts JOG Navy Jogging Trousers SSPP Navy Sweatshirt NSS Navy Short Socks (Reception only) All non Beachborough branded items listed above without a code may be purchased from any outlet.

Beachborough Nursery & Kindergarten | 27

J £16.00 - £18.00

Polo shirts, grey shorts and trousers may be purchsed from any clothes shops such as M&S

If you require any help with sizes or wish to order any items via email please contact Anna King on:

HATA £8.50

SSPP £10.00 BS £15.00

PSPP £10.00

BBAG £8.00

JOG £12.00

GYMBAG £6.50

SHPP £5.00

SWMBAG £10.00

CAP £7.50

SCARF £10.00

Beachborough Nursery & Kindergarten | 28

Girls’ School Uniform CODE


ALL TERMS WP 3-in-1 Jacket BS Boiler Suit GYMBAG Gym Bag SWMBAG Swimming Bag (Reception only) BBAG Book Bag (Reception only) C Navy Cardigan WP £33.00 - £38.00 Swimming Costume, Towel & Cap (Reception only) TARTSC School Tartan Scrunchies Hair Bands blue/black Trainers - Velcro only Wellingtons Indoor trainers - Velcro only (Reception only) AUTUMN & SPRING UNIFORM P Tartan Pinafore Dress Light Blue Polo Shirt NT/NLS Navy Tights or Socks (knee length) Navy or Black Shoes (NOT patent leather or pumps) HATA Navy Hat SCARF Navy scarf (optional) SUMMER UNIFORM SD Short-Sleeved Dress CAP Beachborough Cap NLS/NSS Navy Knee Length or Ankle Socks GAMES - ALL TERMS Friday am only for Nursery & Kindergarten PSPP Navy Polo Shirt SHPP Navy Shorts JOG Navy Jogging Trousers SSPP Navy Sweatshirt NSS Navy Short Socks (Reception only)

C £15.00

P £21.00 - £23.00

BALLET - See separate ballet sheet

All non Beachborough branded items listed above without a code may be purchased from any outlet.

SD £23.00 - £30.00 Beachborough Nursery & Kindergarten | 29

If you require any help with sizes or wish to order any items via email please contact Anna King on:

HATA £8.50

SSPP £10.00 BS £15.00

PSPP £10.00

JOG £12.00

SHPP £5.00

BBAG £8.00

GYMBAG £6.50

SWMBAG £10.00

CAP £7.50

SCARF £10.00

TARTSC £2.00

Beachborough Nursery & Kindergarten | 30


Term Dates

The following school policies and information

Autumn Term 2018

are available on our website:

Term begins: Wednesday 5th September

Admissions Policy

Half term: Thursday 18th October to

Anti Bullying Policy

Tuesday 30th October

Behaviour and Sanctions Policy

Term Ends: Wednesday 19th December

Complaints Procedure for Parents

Curriculum Policy

Spring Term 2019

Educational Aims of the School

Term begins: Wednesday 9th January

Equal Opportunities Policy

Half term: Friday 15th February to

English as an Additional Language

Monday 25th February

E-safety Policy

Term Ends: Friday 5th April

First Aid – Medicine Dispensing

First Aid Policy

Summer Term 2019

Health and Safety Policy

Term begins: Tuesday 30th April

Our British Values

May Bank Holiday on Monday 6th May

Pupil Privacy Notices younger pupils

Half term: Friday 24th May to

Pupil Privacy Notices older pupils ​

Monday 3rd June

Risk Assessment Policy

Term Ends: Friday 5th July (Pre-Prep) or

Safeguarding Policy

Saturday 6th July (Prep)

SEN Policy

Social Media Policy

Beachborough School Westbury Brackley NN13 5LB

T: 01280 700071 E: W: Follow us on: Facebook and Twitter

Beachborough Parents' Guide Nursery and Kindergarten 2018-19  
Beachborough Parents' Guide Nursery and Kindergarten 2018-19