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From your very own h&b branded portal, CreateMyMarketing™ stores Suppliers marketing collateral and assets in one central online space where any Merchant can design, personalise and order marketing items and run campaigns in just a few clicks. CreateMyMarketing™ can: Protect and control Suppliers brands Save Merchants time by giving access to a wide range of collateral Save Merchants and Suppliers money by reducing print, marketing and promotions costs

Improve your brand, save time and save money. - web to print brand management specialists

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h&b Marketing Portal Giving Merchants access to a wealth of Supplier marketing material to help them promote products and boost sales




Suppliers can provide a wide range of marketing templates for the products they want to promote:

The portal links Suppliers and Merchants through an online marketing portal.

Merchants can access a library of marketing templates provided by Suppliers.

• Flyers • Posters • Point of sale • Brochures • Emailers • Direct mail • Online banners • Website buttons • Product datasheets • Promotional items

Provides a channel for Suppliers to promote their offers, products and services. Provides a channel for Merchants to increase their marketing activity with lower costs than creating marketing collateral from scratch.

Merchants can customise templates with their own logos, contact information and prices. Create marketing campaigns in just a few clicks. Marketing collateral can support Merchant sales staff.

Benefits to Suppliers

Benefits to h&b

Benefits to Merchants

The portal provides Suppliers with a direct channel to support Merchants with customisable promotional marketing material that will help boost sales for both parties.

Enhanced reputation with Merchants for providing a value added service.

Merchants, without in-house marketing teams, can run marketing campaigns with no marketing experience quickly and on short lead times.

Enhanced reputation with Suppliers for providing a route to market. Increased sales leading to greater buying power of the group. Differentiate the h&b buying group from other groups through innovative marketing support.

The ability to promote multiple products and services for on sell and up sell opportunities. Customers receive relevant, targeted marketing information about products, services and seasonal promotions and offers.

want to see how it works? get in touch for a free demo on 01604 239 837!

So how does it work? With little or no previous marketing experience you can create great looking marketing collateral which follows your brand guidelines!

Add your own logo take your business to exciting new places...

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Change your background image Add a partner logo for dual branded products

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take your business to exciting new places...

Personalise your mailer with variable data

Upload your contact list to send out your direct mail campaign

Change supporting imagery

Fixed colours to reflect your brand guidelines

Text fields can be editable or non editable - web to print brand management specialists

All your marketing collateral in one place CreateMyMarketing™ is good for almost any marketing collateral you’ll ever need to use to promote and grow your business, organisation or charity! CreateMyMarketing™ stores all your marketing collateral in one safe, secure and accessible online space and allows users to access, edit and order these items in minutes, all from the convenience of their computer at anytime, from anywhere in the world. It includes everything you need to order your marketing collateral quickly and easily at an affordable price, leaving you time to focus on more important matters! Some of the items you can create:

Business Stationery

Promotional Merchandise

Email Campaigns

Banner Stands



Direct Mail


want to see how it works? get in touch for a free demo on 01604 239 837!

AND it’s simple to use access

Users access your secure branded website.


Select a template from the library and personalise to suit your needs. Approve your order in real-time.


Your order is placed and processed.


Within 3-5 days, your order is delivered to you or your customers. - web to print brand management specialists

No matter what job role - become a marketing superhero! The type of people who use CreateMyMarketing™ often want to go further than most. They want to increase the strength and influence of their brand and remove the hum drum routine of marketing administration from their daily lives. They want to focus on the things that matter…strategic matters that can make a difference to their organisations whilst removing costs from their marketing. The marketing solution you and your colleagues need will differ according to your job role so check out our website for more information on how CreateMyMarketing™ can work for you. Some of the job roles benefiting from CreateMyMarketing™ include:

Marketing Manager

Brand Manager

Managing Director

Product Manager

Facilities Manager

Finance Director

Administration Manager

want to see how it works? get in touch for a free demo on 01604 239 837!

How you can benefit from CreateMyMarketing™... Businesses are constantly needing to push forward to grow whilst at the same time budgets and head count are being cut. The need to do more with less has never been stronger. CreateMyMarketing™ can help large organisation’s become more efficient AND effective in their marketing activity and can enable companies to go global but act local in the truest sense of the words. Check out all these amazing benefits:

intelligent brand control CreateMyMarketing™ allows your staff to login in, make the amends to approved templates, order any printed material in minutes with no stress or hassle!

time is money Improve your staff’s efficiency and streamline your marketing process with straightforward editing, uploading of images, approving and ordering. “it’s as easy as completing an online order form!”

take your marketing further Budget slashed? No Problem!! CreateMyMarketing™ can save you money with reduced design costs, savings on print and less waste. - web to print brand management specialists

increase your speed to market

targeted and focussed

Beating the competition is vital. We can show you how to market faster and beef up your sales.

With our direct mail option you can easily target your ideal customers.


multi language & multi currency

24/7 ordering quick delivery

We’ve built the system in seven European languages so if you want to run a pan European campaign CreateMyMarketing™ is ready to roll.

CreateMyMarketing™ is web based so all your design and print requirements can be accessed online. Any time. Any where. By any authorised user.

run regular marketing campaigns

keep your finger on the pulse

From Christmas and other seasonal events to tactical promotions... You can manage them all in a few clicks.

With full management reports available, you’ll always be able to track spend against budget.

want to see how it works? get in touch for a free demo on 01604 239 837!

Client stories... Here are some client stories and how they use CreateMyMarketing™ “CreateMyMarketing™ has helped us to strengthen our brand and allow resellers to get maximum impact from their marketing campaigns, resulting in an increase in leads and ultimately sales”. European Marketing Manager - SATO International Europe

Office and General

SATO International

Datastore 365

O&G manage all of their branded stationery reducing costs by up to 73%.

SATO support over 500 channel business partners throughout Europe with over 150 lead generation and brand awareness marketing assets. Their portal is built in 6 languages and runs across 42 countries!

Datastore 365 support their channel partners with co-branded marketing collateral they can easily customise to generate more leads.

“How we managed before is beyond me!” Operations Director, O&G. - web to print brand management specialists

Compare the costs… and save up to 73% It’s a big step to change the way you do things with your marketing procurement… But you need to consider how much it really costs to produce your marketing collateral? We’re not just talking the cost of the design, print and implementation. Really, it takes you and your team a lot of time to get to the finished end result.

What would you say if you knew that you could save up to 73% on your overall marketing costs by using CreateMyMarketing™ Check out our website to compare the costs or call us for a FREE no-obligation demo on

01604 239 837

save up to


want to see how it works? get in touch for a free demo on 01604 239 837!

Time for a free demo! Let us show you how you can do more with less! Protect and control your brand Save time by improving the efficiency of your staff Save money by reducing your print, marketing and promotions costs

call us now on

01604 239 837

The East Wing / Burlington House / Wellingborough Road / Northampton / Northamptonshire / NN1 4EU tel: 01604 239 837 / email: / web:

h&b Merchant Marketing  

A short introduction into how h&b can implement a brand and marketing support portal for Suppliers and Merchants.

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