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FUTKAL Futkal is the brainchild of Peter Amores, a former athletic scholar of De La Salle University Manila. It is a program that promotes “futbol sa kalye� as a channel to be able to lift lives from poverty and illiteracy. These Futkal programs are conducted by Futkaleros, Tondo-bred youth, who have gone through the program and are living testimonals of the benefits of the Futkal program. The Futkalero beneficiaries are not only educated about the sport. They are also taught teamwork, perseverance, hardwork and all the values that come with good sportsmanship.

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To help develop football in our country in the grass-roots level through a fun, fresh and alternative way To keep the youth away from vices, drugs, violence and abuse through sport, while learning values such as discipline, hardwork, teamwork, and cooperation To become a channel for kids to find opportunities to earn scholarships and earn college degrees

MISSION VISION Futkal Tondo envisions that change will be strengthened in the community by fostering social cohesion and personal development by using football to inculcate future generations with self-sufficiency and make the youth progressive members of society. futkal tondo 2


Participated in the Philippines’ first football independent film in Tondo, Manila, titled ‘Happyland’ Formally established Futkal Tondo, starting with 20 kids and teens in total



2011 2012 2013

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Started the Youth Development Program which is run by former students of the Futkaleros program in partnership with Tondo Football Club Chosen to be the beneficiary for LA Galaxy Football Club, including David Beckham to deliver professional training to existing ‘Futkalero’ kids Participated in the 2nd Annual Sama-Sama Cup in Boracay with the Tondo Football Club The Youth Development Program currently reaches up to 100 kids across Tondo

“Using Football to foster Social Integration, Community Development and Personal Aspiration� futkal tondo 4


11 9 5 2 1 1

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college athletic scholarships granted to kids from the Futkal Tondo program of the original Futkaleros are now active football coaches Futkaleros were chosen to participate in the 2012 Sama Sama Cup in Boracay coaches were once out of school youth and now graduated college through the Futkalero scheme of the Philippines’ leading football freestylers is a Futkalero with nationwide performances Futkalero was part of the 2011 Street Child World Cup in Africa

Youth Development Program (Conducted every weekend) Objective: To provide free football training to develop Tondo youth’s potential and gain better chances in acquiring athletic scholarships. Community Cup (Every 1st week of June) Objective: To raise funds for the organization’s operational budget for the year. The last cup accumulated Php12,000. Kopa ng Pagsilang (Every October) Objective: Held to commemorate the death of Miguel Dizon, an inspiring young football player who died of a heart ailment. The Dizon family chose to partner with Futkal-Tondo every October in hosting the cup. Upcoming Program: Invitational Cup Objective: To invite other football teams to play with Futkal-Tondo in order to foster camaraderie and establish ties with football teams outside Tondo.

events Media recognitions The Philippine Star FCBEscola football camp gives hope to Filipino Kids by May Serrano April 21, 2013 ABS-CBN The Correspondents Episode 44 January 19, 2010 “Futkalero” Reported by Dominic Almelor Matanglawin: Goal! By Grace Sucgang, Multimedia producer, Matanglawin April 1, 2011 GMA Network Photo by: Earl Victor Rosero Futkal-Tondo with Phillipp Warren Gertson, Phil-Norwegian Football Freestyler Published Mar 10, 2013 Unang Hirit April 5, 2013

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Sponsorship benefits


Contributing to Futkal-Tondo’s mission to change the community for the better


Champion Prices Sponsorship Duration

Php 179,359.04 1 year

Soccer Balls (size 3 & 5)

100 pcs (50 each size)

Goal Net 8 x 24’

4 pcs

Agility Cone Set

3 pcs

Cone (Orange 4 in 1 pack)

4 sets

White T-Shirts for YDP participants (to be branded with company logo, YDP logo and Futkal Tondo logo) Whistles

100 pcs

10 pcs

Rubber shoes (for kids who want to participate but don’t own shoes)

20 pairs

Agility Ladders

4 pcs

Shinguards (for kids who want to join, but don’t have their own)

20 pairs

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2 Corporate Social Responsibility Fulfillment

3 Company Recognition



Php 106,006.04 6 months

Php 51,300.50 3 months

80 pcs (40 each size)

40 pcs (20 each size)

1 pc 1 set

10 pairs

5 pairs

2 pcs 10 pairs

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5 pairs

Chester Danay Polytechnic University of the Philippines Bachelor of Science Education Graduted an athletic scholar

Ricard Emilio Crimin Athleti

Leonardo Kapalungan Emilio Aguinaldo College Criminology Athletic scholar

Mark Dennis Balbin Philippine Women’s University Hotel and Restaurant Management Athletic scholar

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PETER AMORES FUTKAL INC. FOUNDER De La Salle University Manila Sports Studies Graduated an athletic scholar

do Bautista o Aguinaldo College nology ic scholar Roberto Orlandez De La Salle College of St. Benilde Human Resources Athletic scholar Roberto Cosame Arellano University High School Athletic scholar

James Ayuban De La Salle College of St. Benilde Photography Athletic scholar

Gilbert Dela Cruz Arellano University High School Graduate Athletic scholar

Jonel Dela Cruz De La Salle College of St. Benilde Export Management Athletic scholar

THE FUTKALEROS futkal tondo 10


Frequently asked questions

1. Who is the main contact person for sponsorship in Futkal-Tondo? The contact person is Peter Amores, founder of Futkal-Tondo. However since he's currently based in Cebu, he will endorse you to the core officers in Futkal-Tondo regarding sponsorship. They are Dennis Balbin, Eric Balbin and Chester Danay. You may contact them through email at or and on mobile at 0927-7146045. 2. Does Futkal-Tondo give football scholarships to Tondo's youth who are part of the Youth Development Program (YDP)?

No, Futkal-Tondo doesn't give football scholarships. Futkal-Tondo develops the potential in football of Tondo's youth by providing them with free football training sessions every weekend. The organization doesn't promise scholarships, but Futkal-Tondo finds football opportunities for the YDP members to be recognized by talent scouts of colleges and universities who then register them in football competitions. 3. What is the purpose of giving free football training sessions? By providing Tondo's youth with free football training sessions through YDP, their skills in football will be harnessed which will help them secure football scholarships so they can be privileged to have access to quality education. futkal tondo 11

4. Has Futkal-Tondo received any sponsorship in the past? Futkal-Tondo has received generous donations from various individuals and groups in the past yet these were not consistent. Their problem on lack of proper training equipment is still not solved permanently. If Futkal-Tondo gets to have sponsors, the organization can provide better football training to the youth because their resources are complete. 5. Does Futkal-Tondo have an office where we can visit them? Don Bosco Youth Center has been kind enough to lend a spare room to Futkal-Tondo. This room is shared with Don Bosco's Rondalla Club. Because of protection concerns in the past for Futkal-Tondo's valuable belongings, they are not using this office space. Our founder and core officers are willing to travel to your company's office instead for meetings. 6. We would like to see the progress of Futkal-Tondo's Youth Development Program. Where do we go? Futkal-Tondo would be pleased to have you as guests during one of our football training sessions. You may visit us at the Don Bosco Youth Center Football Field, Moriones, Tondo Manila every weekend from 7:00 AM - 10:00 AM. To set an appointment, kindly contact Dennis Balbin ( 7. Does Futkal-Tondo have any social media account where we can get updates from them? Yes, Futkal-Tondo has online social presence. Futkal-Tondo has a Facebook Page, Futbol sa Kalye. It is managed by the core members.

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Founder's MEssage Supporting Futkal and the lives of the Tondo Futkaleros brings hope and inspiration to those who are victims of underprivileged circumstances. “Underprivileged circumstance” meaning, deprived from the rights of life and living, in the Inside and outside of its total human existence. In the early stages their youth, they have been robbed by desperation, negativity and without proper life tools that it is difficult for them to reach their full potential. That’s where Futkal comes in, it is a movement we want to bring to the youth. To believe they can achieve even in the most difficult situations. Futkal harnesses the life skills by adopting the discipline of futbol and applying it in their lives. This, later on, provides roads of opportunities to create a more positive and enlightening change.

“Futbol has a universal message. It can bridge social, cultural, and religious differences. It strengthens self-development, teaches us how to work together, builds confidence and open doors to new opportunities. All this in turn can lead to the well-being of whole communities and countries”.*

If we support Futkal and the Tondo Futkaleros we can make that change one kid, one kick at a time. From a kid to a family…to a community and later on country we shall all unite. That’s why Futbol is dubbed as a nation-building sport, a sport that can unite. Hopefully Futkal and the Tondo Futkaleros will be the proof of an enlightened LIFE.

*Taken from the speech at World Cup 2006 opening ceremony by the president of FIFA (Federation International football association) Pres. Joseph Blatter

WE’D LOVE TO HEAR FROM YOU Whether or not you are donating to the Futkaleros, please fill up the feedback form.


Contact details Futkal Tondo 0917- 700-2455

Futkal Tondo Sponsorship Brochure  
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