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Edith Dress/ Melissa Cardigan

Spring in my step Spring in the air Spring! Spring! Lingering everywhere Spring But Spring, I’ll

fever to follow, I don’t care, for new journeys, meet you there!

Where? By the garden gate, You silly thing, It’s an invitation to frolic So let’s begin to sing It’s Spring!

by Dorothy Alves Holmes

Nicola Dress/ Shona Cardigan/ Louise Bag

Left: Valerie Playsuit/ Evelyn Bolero Above: Leanne Dress


Valerie Dress/ Maud Cardigan


Alexi Jumper/ Sinead Shorts


Left: Celeste Dress Above: Evelyn Maxi


Shona Cardigan/Leanne Skirt

Right: Poppi Dress/ Sadia Bag Above: Sadia Bag


Right: Amerie Blouse/ Jinny Skirt Above: Sadia Purse


Saphire Dress


Right: Jinny Jacket/ Joanie Trousers Above left: Daisie Bag Above right: Edie Clutch

Left: Joanie Trousers/Colette Top Above: Louise Bag


Left: Pippa Top/Pandoro Skirt Above: Edie Frame Bag

Left: Anita Jumper Above: Daisie Purse


Alexi Jumper/ Edith Skirt

Right:Joanie Trousers/ Colette Top Above:Louise Bag

the darling collection spring/summer 2012

Celeste Dress

Alison Dress

Shona Cardigan/Evelyn Dress

Darcie T-Shirt/Saphire Skirt

Saphire Dress

Imogen Dress

Lola Geo Shirt/ Adelina Trousers

Jinny Top/Pandoro Skirt

Amerie Blouse/Pollyanna Skirt


Pandoro Tunic/Heidi Mac

Pippa Dress/Nora Scarf

Nicola Dress/Angelica Cardigan

Pandoro Blouse/Pollyanna Skirt

Rhian Tie Waist Dress/Dani Mac

Kathy Dress/Nicola Cardigan

Sinead Dress/Anita Cardigan

Hayley Dress/Paula Scarf

Valerie Dress/Danielle Cardigan


Evelyn Top/Valerie Skirt/ Lilly Scarf

Annie O/S Dress/ Julianne Cardigan

Annie Waisted Dress/ Jinny Jacket

Lola Geo Dress

Lyla Dress/Melissa Cardigan

Edith Top/Adelina Skirt

Edith Dress

Anita Top/Dani Parka/ Nicola Scarf

Annie O/S Dress/ Rhian Cardigan

Colette Dress/Adelina Jacket

Trudy Dress/Kathy Bolero

Pippa Skirt,/ Darcie Vest Dress/Sinead Coat

Pippa Top/Leanne Skirt

Paula Dress/Trudy Scarf

Leanne Dress

Hayley Top/Siobhan Cardigan/ Paula Skirt

Nicola Dress/ Shona Cardigan

Lyla Cardigan/Paula Top/ Adelina Skirt



Edith Cami/Caitlin Trouser

Valerie Cami/Winnie Shorts

Joanne Cami/ Adelina Trousers/Ella Scarf

Imogen Blouse/Paula Skirt

Rhian Cardigan/Becca Cami/ Winnie Shorts

Winnie Trouser/Lyla Blouse -38-

Lola Geo Blouse/Adelina Skirt

Suzy Dress

Sofia Dress

Leanne Top/Winnie Trouser

Pollyanna Dress/Trudy Tie Blouse

Trudy Blouse/Caitlin Trousers

Evelyn Maxi

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Photography: Tommy Clarke Model: Kika-Rose Ridley Styling: Pandora Lennard Hair: Leanne Trigg Make-Up: Freya Danson-Hatcher Design: Layla Kamlani Production: Jaime Shepherd Print: Emtone (Bath)

Darling Lookbook SS12