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Dear Readers, It is with great pleasure that I find myself in the position to introduce Effat’s Magazine very first issue. Watching “BE” go from just an idea on paper to something tangible makes me nothing but thankful for all the progress that we have made in such a short period of time. There were a lot of hard times and conflicts in putting this first issue together: coming up with a meaningful name, finding a publisher, gathering the proper staff, and finally transferring it on paper being just a few. “BE” also happens to be the first student publication, done strictly by students. However, I am glad we are, finally and officially, doing this. Writing has always been my passion but it was not what I had in mind when I started this. It was the idea of having an impact on others, or, at least, inspiring them to change for the better that spurred me. Firstly, I would like to take this opportunity to Thank God for it. A special thank you to Dr.Haifa Jamalallal for her approval first of all and for her continuous support and recognition. A special thanks to Ms.Abeer Al-Johani for being the first to listen to my ideas; to Dr.Rania Ibrahim and Dr.Kholod Ashgar for never letting me give up and for providing that extra push; to “Student Life”; to our content supervisors; to Mr.Zaid Jarrar and Mr. Ayman Gaber for standing by my side; to Lujain El– Safadi and Iram Rizvi for being my rocks of unstinting support; to my overseas friends that believed in me; to my Parents for not letting me harbor any illusions; to all the people around campus who appreciated the idea; to Effat for being there for us; and, most importantly, to my amazing, hardworking staff who stuck to all my crazy deadlines and took all my last minute changes into consideration. To each and every one of you, thank you very much! Founder & Editor-in-Chief

The beginning of this semester witnessed the birth of a new club specializing in Journalism. Have you heard the phrase “A pen is mightier than a sword”? Well we, as part of the journalism club, decided to bring that adage to life by publishing “BE”. The starting point of our journey was the simple premise of providing Effat with an official university newsletter. However, after this basic idea took root, people started pitching in, and it started to grow – to the point where what we had conceived as a newsletter had transformed into a magazine with 5 independent, but cohesive, sections. The editors and staff (both made up of Effat Students only) dedicated a great deal of time and energy to this first issue and we hope that it shows. Readers can easily scan content that is relevant to the activities and events being held inside & outside Effat University. Our aim is to provide a pleasurable reading experience by providing pertinent information in an eye-catching, easy-to-read format. We would also like to stress that “BE” is a magazine that’s here to serve you, the reader; so we want you to interact with us, ask us for new columns, give us ideas or even just give us your constructive criticism. Never hesitate to email us or address us personally through our email ( or our Facebook Fan Page @ “ Be Magazine- Effat University” “Be” Staff

Marriage : The thought hit me as I was going through one of the magazines scattered around our living room and came across this 50 year old actress that decided to stay single because its easier that way. The first thing that came to my mind was the fact that maybe because she is too dedicated to her job, she chose to ignore that aspect of one's life. Or maybe, because she was too scared of marriage or is not marriage material, she chose such a demanding job. Either scenarios left almost the same thought floating across my mind: "Are we marriage material?"

Some people are meant to live in this world and die single. Some of them will hate it all the way, others may actually prefer it that way. You may run into a 60 year old man who has not yet reached emotional saturation or a 18 year old who has. For you to be legible enough to actually consider marriage, you should be able to posses the following traits :

And if, hypothetically, we were then when are we considered ready to get married? And is it that after hitting puberty for both girls and boys, we shall be ready? Is it after we reach a certain age or posses certain materials? Or does it take more than that?

If you find out that you can be kind with a person, patient with his mistakes, tolerate his flaws, accept his imperfections and very forgiving then congratulations, you are ready now. Ask yourself the following questions please:

My mom always uttered " There is no age for marriage." and I always thought that she says that to encourage me to socially accept the idea of teenagers getting married. However today when I tried to gather all that I know about this specific issue I came to realize that she was right. Marriage knows no age. It knows no nationality or class. It knows no cash figures. You don't get married when you are financially ready. You don't get married when you reach your career goals. You don't get married to start a family. You don't get married so that people don't talk longer. You get marriage for one reason only. You get married when you are "emotionally" ready. So, now I ask another question: "Is every man or women good enough for marriage? Is it the fact that she can give birth and he can support a family a reason to make them marriage material? Well, the answer is never!


1. Tolerance 2. Forgiveness 3. Kindness

  

Have I meet that person yet? Am I ready for the responsibility? Is it in me to appreciate and respect feelings?  Can I give unconditionally and take rationally?  Am I realistic enough to accept imperfections or Am I still stuck in on of my fantasies?  Can I, with all own flaws, get involved and share a harmonical life with an other? If your answers were all positive to the above questions then do yourself a favor and start a family. If not, then basically you are not ready. You need to wake up from all your illusions, start working on yourself, u nde rsta nd m o re , le a rn fo rm your experiences or those around you.

Hanan El-Maghrabi

Dear beloved readers, Yeah, so we all believe in good and in doing good. But why not believe in difference and being different? This time we can start by being different by being honest. Despite the fact that many around us can’t handle the truth, it shouldn’t be a barrier to us. In fact, honesty shows people the real you. It shows them the genuine authentic person you truly are deep inside. It shows you have the courage to say and speak what others cannot. It creates trust between mankind, which is a huge problem in most people’s lives. Nowadays, unfortunately, people trust no one but themselves! But why?! Weren’t we made to stand hand in hand supporting one another? Bring people closer to you, to each other by building connections after connections that allow this world to be a place we can live in with a feeling of great comfort. We all hear “honesty is the best policy”, which sound like the world’s simplest thing. But we all know this is a challenge, that’s why you can start today and make a difference tomorrow. Make your society, your city the best place it can be by simply starting with yourself. As the great Mahatma Ghandi once said ,“Be the change you wish to see in the world.”

y is heav h p u k c pi ld man o e m o s et helping y b s. on stre g t s a n l r b e i r g e f h it Be dif aving w nating h e b s i ti tm procras eryone does t by no t n o e r n e f y f Be di rent b hat ev Be diffe t following w g n no ent by it’s wro one equally r e g f n f i i d w Be kno ut othevery b g s n i r t u a o tre t only y o ent by r n e n f i f i g d Be er i n ut not litt y blem b nding b o u t r o n p r e r r e u e h s er s Be diff about t ion g n i n i a l le solut t comp b i o s n s s o y p b rent f other t the e o u f f o n i g b u d f a e g B buildin aking a m e thinkin t d o i s n n rent by hades i riously Be diffe not wearing s onsibilities se ur resp safely rent by o e y f f i g d n i e B reated iving by tak t r t d y n e y e h b r t e t r en ts as Be diff Be diffe g your paren treatin ou were little. ass by. y b t n e r ou p en y Be diffe you wh ng at others y us i . by smil being genero t n fidence e n r o e c f f y i h b t d i Be rent nt w ve Be diffe ng your prese you ha t a h i w l r nd nkful fo sitive t by ha a n h e t r g e f n f i o be Be di inking p urself ent by h r t e y f f b i t d Be r en g yo Be diffe t by just bein ferent dif r en Be diffe you to be that e We dar ulsalam d b A a San

Lujain El-Safadi


There are days that pass by when you realize that in your life you have missed a lot of chances, ones that can never be restored. I didn’t realize that until recently. I’ll start my story from the top. I had a grandfather not a though real one , for he was my milk grandpa (i.e. I breast fed from his son’s wife) .I used to love him a lot. Only God knows the space he filled in my heart. Unfortunately, I believe I never got a chance to tell him that. In fact I never called him, not once; he was the one who always called. I rarely visited him; he was the one who often visited. Now as I tell you what happened I feel ashamed, I showed no care for him what so ever and it showed that I had a cruel heart, a heart that cares for no other but itself. Anyway he fell ill from some liver problems. He was admitted to a hospital in Jeddah, and stayed there for about two weeks. I visited him, but I didn’t get to see him properly I just kissed him while he was on the phone and then his big brother led me to the other room. That was the only time I ever visited him! He then travelled to Riyadh to finish his treatment in another hospital there. A week passed by, we went to “Ruby Tuesday”; my parents started talking about some kind of problems that happened to a person and his illness. I asked them who it was; they replied “Baba Hassan". I then asked them about the reason behind his illness; my mum answered me with a calm reassuring voice that it was a liver cancer. I felt the world closing in on me; suddenly my mum's voice that always removed my fear and my troubles became the voice of a monster. Tears rolled down my cheek and the scattered words (death, cancer, Baba Hassan, shame) swirled in my brain violently, hitting every corner of my head. Jolts of embarrassment ran through my helpless body. My parents saw the state I was in, so we immediately headed home. I ran into my room, put my head on my pillow, and cried my eyes out. I couldn't believe it! My dad then called up his aunt (Baba Hassan's wife) who scolded him for letting me know.

A couple of days passe d by and my dad trave lled to Riyadh. It was couldn’t go with him. a Monday so I I decided to call Baba Hassan. I talked to him voice was barely audib for a bit but his le. So I said my good byes and closed the tears washed my fac phone, as I did e, so I ran to my mum' s room and cried until up a little after sunset I fainted. I woke and my mum embrace d me with the best ne day. She told me tha ws there was all t my dad has called and told her that Baba see me and it was a Ha ssa n wants to request of a dying ma n that can't be denied. booked two tickets to My mu m and I Riyadh for Wednesda y.

As soon as we arrived, we went to his house to unpack. We only stayed there for a bit then we raced to the hospital. I saw him! The man that I have always loved, the man that I considered as a grandpa, the man that filled a huge space in my heart, he was lying there! He was lying on the hospital bed with equipment attached to his body. I came closer to him and kissed his cheeks. He looked at me with a loving smile and he told me how much he missed me. As he was being sweet the feeling of guilt accumulated in my delicate soul and I had to fight back my tears and smile right back. Later on, his daughter gave me some food and told me to feed him. He refused to eat he saiyinghe wants pizza not soup. We looked at each other then laughed, we both knew it was my favourite food and he was trying to be a good host. I sat close to him and held his warm hands as we talked. After that we had to leave but with a promise that we will visit the very next day. We went back to his house with smiles all over our faces. That night his younger daughter and his two older granddaughters were joking around and we were all laughing. I slept that night a peaceful sleep; as a result I woke up early the next morning. The phone rang, I was the only one there so I picked up, and it was his eldest daughter; she told me to tell everyone not to come to the hospital because Baba Hassan didn’t want to see anyone. Time passed, it was after noon already that’s when Baba Hassan's son in law gathered us (the teenagers) and told us that Baba Hassan was in a really bad state and that if he died was only normal. He was trying to get us ready for the time when departs this life so that we wouldn’t be shocked. I kept telling him and everyone that Baba Hassan would survive and that a miracle would happen. I convinced myself that it was true! Moments later, everyone was rushing to the hospital; my mum didn’t let me go instead I had to babysit the 4 little kids left behind. I prayed for Baba Hassan for about an hour then the kids started fighting in another room so I had to go and sort things out. It took me minutes to fix things, soon after I did my mum entered. She looked at the kids with a loving stare and told them not to irritate their parents when they came back home because they would be exhausted. I eyed her suspiciously and asked her if something new has happened, she looked me in the eyes, and told me flatly that Baba Hassan has passed away. I felt as if a thousand jagged knifes pierced me through the heart .


I ran to Baba Hassan's room and wept until there were no more tears to shed; I even took a piece of his clothing and sniffed it as I cried. I was in so much shock! That night I had a restless sleep; the family woke me up as soon as the sun rose. I got ready, went down stairs, walked into a room then I saw it, a lifeless body, a body that used to hug me real tight, a body of a person very dear to me, the body of a person who filled up a huge space in my heart, just lying there all covered in white. I came closer to him, planted a kiss on his cold forehead, and couldn’t help but shiver. My tears started running down in streams, his eldest granddaughter held me close; she was the shoulder I leaned on. I kept looking at Baba Hassan half expecting him to open his eyes and I kept hoping that everyone was just kidding, that all of that was just one big unfunny joke. I snapped to reality when the men came in, took the body and carried it over their shoulders to bury him in Medina next to his dad and next to his beloved prophet. After sharing my painful experience with you I hope, you’ll learn from my mistakes, and never miss an opportunity to tell the people most dearest to you how much they really mean. Added to that never waste any chances because second chances are rare. As for now, I would like to tell my mum that she is the most amazing person I’ve ever seen , I’m really proud of her , she is my best friend my guide and my everything. I would also like to tell my dad that even though he's tough I really appreciate him caring this much for me and I want him to know that he means the world to me and without him there would be no me. I also want to tell my grandparents that I am so proud of being related to them and I love how much they care about me. Last but not least I’d like my baby brother to know that even if I yell at him or tell him I hate him, I still love him and he has his space in my heart and soul forever. In the end I’d love it if all of you know how much I love and care about you even though I do not show it, but you will always be in my mind and heart. Love you all.

Shams Hamidaddin

The popular Jonas Brothers said “You don‟t know what you got till it‟s gone. We all know it‟s true. Despite that we decide to take things for granted. We just can‟t seem to appreciate the value of simplest things that bring us the most pleasure. It‟s like when you have a car and hate that your air conditioning takes long to get cold during noon time. Then the next day, you don‟t have a car to start with, you begin to realize that what you had was a blessing. It‟s like walking with your grandmother in a place you don‟t want to be in because she‟s taking you everywhere you don‟t want to go. Then the next day, you‟re in a car accident and lose the ability to even move. It‟s like having great parents, but not knowing that untill you lose them. Yes, this reality is harsh. But it‟s the truth. Although we know it, we hate to admit it. We take things for granted and complain three quarters of the time about it. Wow, humans can be weird. Not that I‟m any different, but why can‟t we do something about it? Why can‟t we know the value of what we have while we have it? Why can‟t we live, love and enjoy life starting today? Yes, we are humans and we all have our flaws and imperfections. But the fact is that we know about them yet we decide not to change. We have the power to make our journey through life worthwhile yet we decide not to do anything about it. And this, my friends, believe it or not, is “The Ugly Truth”. Lujain El-Safadi


1. Hang outside to dry- Get a clothes line or rack to dry your cloths. Your cloths will last longer and you will save money 2. Turn off computers at night - don't just put them to sleep. 3. Use both sides of paper - if you have a printer with a double sided print option use it. You will save half of the amount of paper you would have normally used. 4. Turn the water off when you brush - You will save 4 gallons of water doing this alone. 5. Turn off your lights 6. Use matches instead of lighters - You can use the cardboard matches which are much more eco-friendly because they are made of recycled material. 7. Buy rechargeable batteries 8. Give things away- Take things that you are not going to wear or use and give it to a charity or someone who will use it. 9. Get a reusable bag- You can't recycle plastic bags; instead get yourself a reusable bag. 10. Take shorter showers to reduce water use. 11. Keep your cell phones, computers, and other electronics as long as possible 12. Fix leaky faucets. 13. Unplug unused chargers and appliances. 14. Lower the temperature on your hot water heater. 15. Pay as many bills as possible online. 16. Don’t turn on lights at all for as long as you can — open your curtains and enjoy natural light. 17. Ditch the plastic cups: get a nice looking mug! 18 Put some clothes on: Rather than turning up the heat to the maximum( 19. Get a recycle bin in your house.

Sorry I fo rgot to t ell you That as m y friend y ou must As that I be true. went to s a y , No more were we at play. I meant to tell yo u the futu bright, re looke d But all o f a sudde n we go I went to t in a fig tell you ht. we shou friends, ld be That I w ill be here untill the But you end. would n o t listen to So friend me, s no long er shall w "Whoev e be. er says F ri endship obvious is easy h ly never as had a tru e friend!" Marian A bedi


e life who gave m To the one ve othing but lo I can give n ht so full of lig To the star above. nt from up to the one se s r the kindnes Thank you fo o d ing you for everyth ess r the happin thank you fo ugh. eing me thro thanks for se ything ore than an I love you m to the end I'll love you t mother firs you are my . d n ie best fr then my very are l what we sh It is unusua w, I do you kno everything ful quality every beauti show. you, I try to you have in ll you ough do I te Not often en

how muc h you me an to me Not often enough d o I show how you you r love set me free To live fo rever and always Is what I wish for y ou. A long life ever-lasti ng for one s o sacred and true You are m y special angel who I alw ays find c omfort in whether life is in a shambles whether I lose or w hether I w in To the on e who ga ve me life I can give , nothing b ut love to the on e who ge nuinely is sent from , heaven a bove Afnan Na waz

1.You Forget 90% of Your Dreams. Within five minutes of waking half of your dream is forgotten. Within 10 minutes, 90% is gone. 2. Blind People also Dream. People who became blind after birth can see images in their dreams. People who are born blind do not see any images, but have dreams equally vivid involving their other senses of sound, smell, touch and emotion. 3. Everybody Dreams. Every human being dreams (except in cases of extreme psychological disorder). If you think you are not dreaming – you just forget your dreams. 4. In Our Dreams We Only See Faces That We Already Know. Our mind is not inventing faces – in our dreams we see real faces of real people that we have seen during our life but may not know or remember. We have all seen hundreds of thousands of faces throughout our lives, so we have an endless supply of characters for our brain to utilize during our dreams. 5. Not Everybody Dreams in Color. A full 12% of sighted people dream exclusively in black and white. The remaining number dream in full color. Today only 4.4% of the dreams of under-25 year-olds are in black and white. Recent research has suggested that those changing results may be linked to the switch from black-andwhite film and TV to color media. 6. Dreams are Symbolic. Dreams speak in a deeply symbolic language. Whatever symbol your dream picks on it is most unlikely to be a symbol for itself. 7. Emotions. The most common emotion experienced in dreams is anxiety. Negative emotions are more common than positive ones. 8. You can have Four to Seven Dreams in One Night. On average you dream one to two hours every night. 9. Animals Dream Too. Studies have been done on many different animals, and they all show the same brain waves during dreaming sleep as humans. 10. Body Paralysis. Rapid eye movement (REM) sleep is a normal

stage of sleep characterized by rapid movements of the eyes. REM sleep in adult humans typically occupies 20-25% of total sleep, about 90-120 minutes of a night‟s sleep. During REM sleep the body is paralyzed by a mechanism in the brain in order to prevent the movements which occur in the dream from causing the physical body to move. 11. Dream Incorporation. Our mind interprets the external stimuli that our senses are bombarded with when we are asleep and make them a part of our dreams. This means that sometimes in our dreams we hear a sound from reality and incorporate it in a way. For example you may be dreaming that you are in a concert while your brother is playing a guitar during your sleep. 12. Men and Women Dream Differently. Men tend to dream more about other men. Around 70% of the characters in a man‟s dream are other men. On the other hand, a woman‟s dream contains almost an equal number of men and women. Aside from that, men generally have more aggressive emotions in their dreams than females. 13. Precognitive Dreams. Results of several surveys across large population grow indicate that between 18% and 38% of people have experienced at least one precognitive dream and 70% have experienced déjà vu. The percentage of persons that believe precognitive dreaming is possible is even higher – ranging from 63% to 98%. 14. If You are Snoring, then You Cannot be Dreaming. This fact is repeated all over the Internet, but I‟m a bit suspicious whether it‟s really true as I haven‟t found any scientific evidence to support it. 15.You Can Experience Pleasure in Your Dream. The sensations felt while lucid dreaming (touch, pleasure and etc..) can be as pleasurable and strong as the sensations experienced in the real world

Hanan El-Maghrabi


Would you still hate the dark if you never liked the light?

whelming way. It starts forking around with more clouds darker than the others.

As the wind changes its course, violet clouds fill my silver sky. The clouds gathered together inhaling and exhaling deeply across my horizon. Their dark curves mocked the landscape underneath as they covered that midnight sky. With a soft cracking sound, the gently bruised sky cracked and burst open as the pure droplets of rain start to fall, slow at first, waking me up inside as they wash away my tears. Fingers of light flash miles and miles away shaking my world from dark to silver then back again. I blink and smile.

More rain thundered down tormenting my steady ground. Those flashes of light became more intense racing towards the core. I can now see pieces of my reflection through the rain. I look into my eyes and I feel the blood racing through my veins. I'm not cold, I'm just shaking with each broken heartbeat.

Here it comes. I can hear it marching towards me. A few more seconds. The sky cracks again, this time I can hear it cleary. Thunder came in like a song from the winds humming a sweet lullaby. It got cold, I shiver with each echoing wave dancing within that shapeless sea while they crash over my head. I look up. No moonlight. Just the way it should be. The sky looks angry in an over-


Flames of hope travel across my skin as I look ahead towards that flood. I gather myself up and start walking against the wind to feel it play harshly with my hair tangling it across my face. I laugh as I start running, glancing at the beautifully dark cloud. Its here. I can hear it. And that flood is still coming. I stop. And wait, thinking of what would it be like if I weren't this addicted to the dark. Would I enjoy the color blue and fly kites? Or would I just go out at night? I shake that thought away. Thank God it rains here everyday. And in the middle of the flood, as the wa-

ter takes me ten feet underneath the surface I see my worth. Barely surviving has became my purpose cause I'm used to this raging dark wave. It plays with my mind every time. I start chasing the blood from my brain to my heartbeat. Now. Beat more. Until I'm out of breath trying. I close my eyes and start to float. I wait for it to take me away. But right then, is when it all suddenly stops, no more thunder, no more lightning. I wait some more but finally open my eyes. I glance around. My sky is still dark. My sky is still there. My clouds are still around making sure I'm okay. I lay motionless, unwilling to rust after the rain. It rained so hard but my flames are lit still. I scan my sky again. It was crying for me. I start laughing as I get on my feet again. I run to the shore and sit staring at the dark waveless sea. Soon again It will come. And until then I'll hum those lullabies I learn every night, because one day my perfect storm will come and take me away Would you still hate the dark if you never liked the light? Hanan El-Maghrabi

It’s been 370 days.... I'd walk into “Costa Coffee” alone now, and order the usual. I'd wear your favorite jeans without thinking of the day you got them for me. I'd put on red nail polish without worrying about how much you disliked it. I'd hear them talk about how hot Angelina Jolie is without remembering your obsession with her. I would walk into :Virgin Megastores”, go straight to the posters sections and start flipping them around without picturing how your facial expressions used to change with each poster you see causing me to laugh so hard people would start staring at us. They would plan an outing to that PS3 store, playing “Winning Eleven” monthly tournament of theirs. I'd go along and watch them play, without recalling your victory dances and intense cries in the finales. We'd dress up in red, paint our faces, take the flags and hit the stadium to cheer and I'd forget how you used to carry me and hug me once we scored a goal. I'd hear them say "Burger King" and I would do the dance without high-fiving any one at the end. I'd smell your perfume on them, without drilling over your scents .I'd see your phone in their hand, without remembering your hilarious wallpapers and weird ringtones. I'd listen to them talk about cars without waiting for you to interrupt and brag about your own. I'd take my medicine every night without waiting for you to remind me. I'd go buy those shoes without skyping you the moment I get home trying them on every jeans. I'd update my status every hour without noticing how bad I'm spamming your home page. I'd sleep now without needing any sleeping pills. I'd close the lights sometimes without waiting for you to knock on my door. We'd go shopping with them for their wedding suits without me looking for that tie to match my scarf. I'd watch them getting married without remembering our own wedding. I'd go without a date to our usual “Tuesday Dine Out” without waiting for you to show up. I'd use that imaginary forehead button you gave me to shut myself up when I blab without remembering how cute it was with you. I'd look in the mirror without seeing you behind me. I'd go online without waiting for you to sign in. I'd visit your mom, kiss her on her forehead like I'm you but never step in the house. I'd fall asleep with no fantasies about you. I'd cry without thinking of you.... I never mention your name. I don't talk about you or about anything you ever told me. I don't think of you when I listen to the playlists you made me. I don't want you when I wear your shirts to bed. I don't need you when you don't cross my mind. I no longer dream of you. No. I do. I'd wake up at the middle of each night not wanting you, not needing you, not picturing you with me. They go super cautious around me when it comes to you. They hint your name. They never say it. I don't want to hear it except from you. I held it perfectly in for 370 days.....until today. Until I heard your name again. I took a breath praying to God that I won't be alive the second it escapes my mouth again… "What would you do if I have never proposed?" "I guess I'd have stayed your friend forever." "Hmm…would you love me forever?" "I would love you forever." "But, my forever is not the same as yours .What if my forever came crashing first?" "Well smartie, Our forevers are connected. We end together. I end with you. Don't you get it? There is no life after you." Hanan El-Maghrabi


To be a good friend, you need to have many traits and practice different methods to help you to improve your friendship with your beloved friends: Being a good friend means listening. You need to listen to people and hear them. Your friend might need you to listen to her/ him sometimes in good and bad situations. Being a good listener is the key to building trust between friends. Even if you are not interested in the topic your friends are talking about, by listening to them you will bridge the gaps between you and make them trust you with their personal matters. If you listen to them, they will appreciate you for being there for them and will listen to you too.


Being a good friend means helping. A good friend in need is a good friend indeed. To be a good friend you ought to help your friends when they are in need. If your friend is facing a problem with a school project or a difficult time studying, you need to help her/him out. If your friend is having a hard time or is sick, you need to be there to support her/him. By being there beside her/him in difficult times you will deepen and strengthen the bond between yourselves. Sometimes, a friend needs your help in good times too, like when she/he has a big party and needs a hand. She/he will never forget how you stood by her/him

and will always be grateful to you. Helping your friends is the way you express your love and care for them. Being a good friend means to watch over. A good friend will look after her/him friend. When you see your friend is doing something wrong or confused about finding the answer to a problem, you step in and give her/him advice. You won’t let your friends fall into wrong situations. You can’t force her/him to change, but you will reason her/him out and try to wise her/him up. For example, you see your friend smoking, you tell her/him the side effects of smoking and advise her/him to quit because you care about her/his health. If you learned something you don’t like about your friend, you confront her/him and straighten her/ him out because you care about her/him and want what’s best for her/him. A good friend will always watch over her/his best friend. Being a good friend means love. To be a good friend is to love your friend with an unconditional love; to love her/him for what she/he is and for her/his personality and good nature; not for being the smartest student in class or the most popular or any material reason. Friendship means love and care. It is a divine relationship among human beings and the most beautiful relationship that can last forever. To love

your friend means forgiving and giving. Nothing is as strong as the bond between friends. The stronger the bond, the more love between them. Being a good friend means spending time together. To build up your relationship with your friends, you need to devote time to your friend. If you couldn't go for walks together or go to gym together, then an e-mail or a phone call would let the other partner know that this f ri endshi p i s getti ng stronger by those small gestures. Those '' I'm thinking of you'' moments will be in mind and will never be erased from you and your friend's precious moments. Being a good friend means being happy for them. Don't be a person who complains about life and can't be happy for your friends. When your friends achieve a big success, celebrate with them. When your friends are preparing for an interview for a new job, cheer for them. When they want to find love, be gracious and supportive when they find it. If the simplest things in the world would make your friends happy, then you must be the happiest person on earth and share their happiness with them. There is nothing better in the world than having people that support and care about you.

Marwa Helabi

New Touch Screen Technology in Works Montreal Gazette (Canada) (03/18/10) Vito Pilieci Carleton University professor Robert Biddle is one of 12 scientists working on the Digital Surface Software Application Network (SurfNet) project, which is developing next-generation touchscreen technology. Biddle believes that by coupling new software with existing touch-screen devices, it will be easier for users to share ideas. For example, architects and engineers could use SurfNet to construct virtual buildings, which they piece together with virtual building blocks, enabling a new level of collaboration among professionals that is not possible today. "New multi-touch technology will allow big displays to be used by more than one person at a time," Biddle says. "People working around the conference table, sketching things, and showing them to one another in parallel. We think this has a lot of potential."

Photo Courtesy of Solitude

Dismantling of Saudi-CIA Web Site Illustrates Need for Clearer Cyberwar Policies Washington Post (03/19/10) P. A1; Ellen Nakashima; Dana Priest; Karen DeYoung, The dissolution of an intelligencegathering Web site set up by the Saudi government and the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), based on suspicions that it was being used by extremists planning attacks on U.S. forces in Iraq, highlights the need for more transparent cyberwar policies. The use of computers to collect intelli-


gence or to disrupt the enemy raises a number of issues, including under what circumstances a cyberattack outside the theater of war is permissible and whether dismantling an extremist Web site represents a covert operation or a traditional military activity. Current and former officials say that lawyers at the U.S. Justice Department's Office of Legal Counsel are engaged in a struggle to define the legal rules governing cyberwarfare. A key dilemma of cyberwarfare is that an attacker can never be sure that only the intended target will be impacted by an attack. A former official notes than more than 300 servers in Saudi Arabia, Germany, and Texas were unintentionally disrupted when the Saudi-CIA site was dismantled.

don't want to wait more than a few minutes, so we'll need to investigate new techniques and algorithms that will address this challenge," he says. Creating Apps Just for Cars Technology Review (03/17/10) Erika Jonietz, Ford is working with the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, and Microsoft to offer a computer science and engineering course called "Cloud Computing in the Commute," in which Michigan students will work in small teams to design, build, and demonstrate automotive telematics applications. "The services you care about when you're driving are different from those you use when you're walking around with your phone," says Ford software engineer T.J. Giuli, who is co-teaching the class with Michigan professors Brian Noble and Jason Flinn. The students are designing apps using Microsoft's Windows 7 and Robotics Developers Studio. Noble says the students are developing unique programs, such as a "green mileage" application and a crowd-sourced app to track road conditions and traffic.

Photo Courtesy of Solitude

Computer Matches Kidney Donors The Engineer (United Kingdom) (03/18/10) Glasgow University computer scientists have developed software that can quickly find potential living kidney donors for transplant patients. NHS Blood and Transplant (NHSBT) is using the program when an original willing donor of a patient is clinically incompatible, enabling organs to be swapped anonymously between people on the same day in different parts of the UK. The Glasgow program conducts matching runs across the United Kingdom, and provides information on potential twoand three-way matches, within minutes of receiving an anonymous version of patient and donor data from NHSBT. The Glasgow team will now work to develop the program further so NHSBT can use it in-house. Glasgow senior lecturer David Manlove says that since donation-matching is just one key part of a much larger process, the team must ensure the program works quickly with the larger data set. "You really

Photo Courtesy of Bone Troy

Women in IT: How to Combat Misconceptions (03/16/10) Rosalie Marshall Experts says the information technology (IT) industry needs to start appealing to women at a younger age to encourage more of them to choose it as a career. According to a recent poll, women are disillusioned with the technology sector. Nearly half of the respondents said that men outweigh women in the IT sector,

while about 20 percent said that women do not get the same pay or opportunities as men. According to IDC research, just one in five European IT practitioners is a woman, and this number is declining. "My experience is that the IT sector has moved on significantly, and we are at the stage now where it is a far more appealing career route for women than it has ever been," says Microsoft's Stephen Uden. IBM's Helen Cook says the IT sector needs an updated reputation. "Women need to want to be in IT and bring their personalities and skills to the industry and be confident about doing so," she says. Female role models also are essential for individuals to image their own participation in the IT field, says ThoughtWorks' Rebecca Parsons.

Knee high & over the knee socks Knee high socks - as well as over-the-knee and thigh high socks - are back as a trend, and the options on how to wear them are many. From the sporty to the sparkly, to layerings of socks over tights; a great pair of socks can add verve to an outfit.

Computer Scientists Create a Multilingual Search Engine ScienceDaily (03/18/10) Universidad Politecnica de Madrid researchers have developed a multilingual search engine that can query a data repository written in Interlingua using questions formulated in any language and provide an answer in that same language. The search engine requires an information base that is written in the Universal Networking Language, the only general-purpose Interlingua. The search engine works by deducing the answer from the question instead of just finding the answer. First, the system searches the text corpus for statements that could contain the answer. Second, it determines which statements actually contain the answer. Finally, it generates the answer in the same language the question was formulated in. The researchers used a biographical encyclopedia to test the system, and reported that 82 percent of the 75 questions they posed were correct.

Future warrior

The military and tribal trends collide to become this fierce fashion trend. Ancient civilizations come to life in leather tunics, metal plating, and war paint. Unequivocally fearless and with room for endless creativity, the main criteria for the modern warrior is confidence.

Patterned & printed pants

No longer must we stick to boring block colours on our lower half, for all varieties of printed pants have made their way onto the Spring runways. Whether floral, striped, abstract, bold or subdued... patterns on pants are giving us new bold wardrobe options for the warmer months.

Patched jeans

Photo Courtesy of Solitude

We've seen jeans go from ripped to torn to downright shredded; so what can you possibly do next? Patch them of course! It's not for everyone, but its an option that's gaining traction. Patched jeans work well as skinnies, or try patched denim flares for a revival of 70s chic.


By: Jawaria Azhar Hashmi Are you a Fashion Bug who likes to dress up according to the season? Are you concerned about how to manage your closet for the spring and summer? Worry not, because I am here to help you. Many people living in Jeddah have problems with seasons. Spring shows up only for only a few weeks and summer lasts forever. Keeping this is mind, how can you be a fashionista? The answer is very simple; the key is being aware of the right colors and clothing materials. Firstly, bear in mind that there are four common seasons - fall, winter, spring, and summer. These four seasons can, essentially, be harmonized into two composite ones; fall can be combined with winter, and spring with summer. This is because the weather in the fall/winter season is similar and the same is true of the spring/summer season. Fall and winter are arid and, thus, the colors that are preferred in these seasons are cold such as, grey, dark blue, brown etc. However, spring and summer bring sunshine and warmth, things that should be reflected in fresh and vigorous colors such as, orange, yellow, green, pink, and red. Knowing what colors belong to each pair of seasons will make it easier to manage your closet. But is this the only thing that you need to know to be a fashionista? Well, this is the basic key which can help you to become one. For spring, the pleasant season that signals the end of winter and the beginning of the summer, you will find that bright colors and light material is the best combination. And as summer is warm and sweaty, again light material is preferred to allow the wind to pass through so it can cool your body. For instance, if you buy a cotton shirt with bright colors and a printed silk skirt for spring you will look fashionable and feel comfortable. The same goes for summer, silk traps the cold wind within itself that will keep your body relaxed and fresh. I would suggest light materials, like linen, silk, and cotton, with balmy and intense colors for spring and summer. However, materials like linen, jeans and nylon are much better for winter because the weather is cold and a nice pair of jeans is a good way to keep one warm and look stylish. By carefully recycling your clothes over the seasons, you won‟t have to waste your time and money buying new clothes. These are a few helpful tips for working women and students who might be overloaded with work. With these minor adjustments, you will, hopefully, save the time that you would normally waste stressing about what to wear. And, at the end of the day, when you conclude that 24 hours are nowhere near enough to finish all your work, at least you won‟t have to blame your closet!


Fatima Quersh

novel Push by Sapphire Precious is based on the d resoundingly hopeful and is a vibrant, honest an pacity to grow and overfilm about the human ca come.

in 1987; it is the story of Precious is set in Harlem Sidibe) es (played by Gabourey Claireece “Precious” Jon that no erican girl who lives a life a 16-year old African Am r is e way her parents treat he one would ev er want. Th d an r lested by her own fathe ghastly. She has been mo lly. na otio ysically as well as em her mother abuses her ph os. life is in a total state of cha Besides that, her school t bu de gra th reached the nin Precious has, somehow, te. wri or d does not know how to rea up. c person who never gives Precious is a very optimisti , ful ive expression is a watch Beneath her undemonstrat d me for s a shaky, imperfectly curious woman who retain ed ties exist for her. Threaten sense that other possibili to er nsf tra to is off ered a chance with expulsion, Precious at wh w e does not kno an alternative school. Sh t tells her that it could be gu r he t bu “alternative” means literacy workshop at the promising. It is through the Starring: G abourey "G Mo'Nique, abbie" Sidib Paula Patt e, on, Lenny Mariah Ca Kravitz, rey, Sherri Sheph Lee Daniels erdDirector: Director: L Screenwrite ee Daniels r: Dam Producer: Lee Daniels ien Paul , Sarah Magness, Gary Magn Siegeless Composer: Ma Studio: Lio rio Grigorov ns Gate Film s Based on th e nov el: “P written by L ush by Sapphire” ee Daniel Genre Dra ma Released N ov ember 2 6, 2009

Do you remember the last book that made you think about how lucky you are? How you could be a better person? Why people are the way they are? The book “Letter to My Daughter” by Maya Angelou, does all of this, and more. Angelou's collection of short stories and poems, some light and some more serious, weaves a delicate tale of her life. All the pieces are different, each with a lesson to offer. There are stories of hope, belief, discovery, and what it truly means to be home and to be loved. Angelou recalls each event that made her life with breathtaking detail, making each message as clear as if she were speaking to you. Once I started reading, I couldn't put this down. The way Angelou is able to write, seamlessly combining plot and theme, makes each story draw toward a powerful conclusion that leaves you well aware of the troubles she has experienced. Her simple way of storytelling makes it easy to follow; the topics are carefully chosen to make as much of an impact as possible. This touching short read novel will put you right in Angelou's shoes growing up as an African-American woman in America. I would recommend it to mature readers, since there is some adult content. The tales of her past mistakes and events will make you think and wonder. Above all, this book will make you realize what a unique, interesting past Maya Angelou has had, making her the influential writer and person she is today.

Hanan El-Maghrabi

Have you ever wondered what works for you in an interview? Well most of you must be aware and for those who are not, your academic achievement is not all that will count in an interview. They say it‟s little things that matter. In addition to your smartness and acuity, Interviewers also note what you convey through your body language that even you may not know. In most articles on how to pass an interview the writers teach us how to prepare our interviews but in this one we will focus on the don‟ts for an interview. Following are the nine worst interview mistakes which are researched by the CareerBuilder. „Yawn! Gosh interviews are so boring‟ - 63% of the applicants rejected. Most of the applicants might be more nervous than attacked by boredom, however the body language reveals more than what you want to reveal. Some of the body gestures are the same when either nervous or bored, like foot tapping, swinging feet or drumming fingers which might annoy the employers. To avoid such habits; keep yourself calm and relaxed. One way of relaxing is by taking deep breaths (not the yoga kind, you don‟t want to scare the employer away) and keep your knees together with your feet on the floor, minimizing foot tapping. „Is my dressing appropriate for an interview?‟- 61% of the applicants rejected. The answer is the kind of a job you apply for. Always dress according to the job environment. You definitely don‟t want to wear funky clothes for an interview when seeking a managerial position in a bank and definitely not a suit when applying for an artsy or creative job. So, be smart when comes to choose from your wardrobe. „What? Your company does shipment‟?- 58% of the applicants rejected. Never ever go for an interview with no knowledge of where your feet are. You show ignorance, lack of interest and lack of initiative when you do not google the company you have applied for. Dig up every possible detail you can of the company. Do your homework well, before sitting for the test.

„Oh! Sorry forgot to turn it off‟- 50% of the applicants rejected. Right guess „it‟ above refers to our pet, mobile phones. Turn your phone off; there is nothing that can‟t wait until your interview is over. Keep yourself distracted for a little while, from your phone. I know it is tough when you have BBs with no power off button in your hand these days, but at least keep it on silent mode.


Photo Courtesy of Bone Troy

„Is your life treating you well?‟- 49% of the applicants rejected. Many people know that questions are supposed to be asked in an interview but very few know what kind of questions they should ask in return. Asking questions like what your salary will be and what kind of perks you‟ll get will not endear you to the interviewer. Ask questions about the work you‟ll do, questions about the company‟s interests perhaps, the most effective question will be „ What do you think my biggest challenge will be in this position?‟ „I expect 7000 SR‟- 38% of the applicants rejected. Of course you want to know your salary, who is not interested in knowing their salary? If you think that you would not go for an interview if you didn‟t need money, then sorry you are in the wrong track. Finding a job or career that you love and desire should be more than the money for you, and the interviewer knows that. He doesn‟t want a candidate who is counting the mangoes before they appear on the tree. Let the interviewer bring up the salary issue. Do not be that curious in asking the pay before securing your job.

„I have seen this resume/CV before but with a different name‟- 21% of the applicants rejected. You don‟t want to hear those words from an interviewer. Copying your resumes or most importantly your cover letters will land you nowhere. You won‟t get much with little tricks that way. Tailor your cover letters according to the position you are applying for, concentrating your efforts to land in the job that really fits what you want will save much of your time than trying to peek into different resumes/CV‟s/cover letters around. „That wasn‟t on my page‟- 19% of the applicants rejected. Social networking is our life. But do not give your potential employer reason to doubt your credibility. Remove any unprofessional photos or content that might harm your credibility in your selection. A poor chap was fired after he got hired for something he said on internet. So, be careful in what you post or comment or upload. „I‟ll reply later‟- 12% of the applicants rejected. A quick reply to the interviewer sending the thank you note will do more good than you think. Just letting someone know that you appreciate their time speaks volumes about you. Be generous in sending thank you replies. Shaima Bashoeb


Fun, colorful and vibrant - these are some of the words that can be used to describe the carnival hosted by the Student Government of Effat University. As a replacement for the ‘Fun in the Sun day’ held every spring semester, the carnival took place on 29 March, 2010, and was also a way for student clubs to promote themselves. A day for fun and enjoyment, excitement had been built up right from the day it was announced and the attendees were not the least bit disappointed. Students were encouraged to invite friends and relatives from outside the university. “The fact that I had brought friends from my school made the carnival even more enjoyable”, said Ayesha Javed, a junior at the university. “It was a welcome break from our daily routine” The arrangements also included large inflatable bouncers which were arranged in the scientific yard in front of the restaurant. These set the carnival apart from the other events that have been organized during the year. Student clubs, like the Poetry club, Early Childhood Education club and the Fonoun club, had their own tables. They had arranged many fun activities and games for the students and their friends. Among the most creative was the game by the poetry club. They had asked people to add a line to a given line to make a couplet. The students and their friends participated in all the games and activities with gusto. ‘The carnival was memorable and well organized. I enjoyed each and every moment of it. The different stalls and activities just made my day’, said Fatima Mayet, a sophomore at Effat.


In Effat hall, a mini talent show was organized by the Stage Arts club. This was followed by the showing of movies by the Short Films club. The hall was turned completely dark and popcorn and slush were sold in order to replicate the complete movie experience. Although scheduled to be held between 8:00 am to 1:00 pm, the carnival went on a little longer as students just didn’t stop having fun. The enjoyment was infectious and laughter was everywhere. Sana Abdulsalam All Photos Courtesy of Effat’s Photography Club

On February 21, a prestigious event took place at Effat University when HRH Prince Badr Bin Abdul Mohsin held a Poetry Night.

Kids from schools all over Jeddah were invited to Effat, where a group of girls prepared a program for them to enjoy in order to celebrate the week of the young.

On March 23, Effat University hosted for the first time the first lady of Qatar, HH Sheikha Mozah bint Nasser Al-Missned, the Qatari Emir‟s wife, who is also the Chairperson of the Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development. During the Month of March, Dr.Haifa Reda Jamalallail, President of Effat University , held separate meetings with the students of each college in order to hear their comments and suggestions regarding improving Effat as a whole. It was very casual and informal and a lot felt that they were so close to our president and that they are finally heard.

On May 22 ,a group of students from HARVARD University visited Effat to know more about our university, culture, and so forth.

A group of Effat students during their visit to KAUST.

The American University of Cairo‟s Basketball Team during their visit to Effat‟s campus were they were hosting a number of games.


On Thursday, May 20th, Effat University played host to the first of what we anticipate to be its annual talent show. Even though it took place on the weekend, and at a time that most people go out, it was heartening to see that a sizeable majority of the Effat student body, along with a large number of outside guests, showed up. The show was hosted by Hiba Al -Sakka and Rana Al-Amoudi, who served as perfect guides to the proceedings, and most of the operational mechanics, including the ticketing and seating, was carried out by the 40 student volunteers who, quite selflessly, took time out of their weekends to help. The volunteers were helpful, welcoming, and efficient, and the smoothness with which the show was conducted, in no small part, is attributed to their hard work. The contestants were provided with an exquisitely decorated stage upon which they presented their talents, which ranged from, amongst other things, singing, dancing, performing a skit, and playing music. The standard of the performances and the level of competition was extremely


high, and the judges had a hard time determining a winner. They, eventually decided on Louren the pianist from DAH, the dancing crew from Effat, “Ring ding dong” from DAH, and Tala Baghabshan an incredibly enjoyable evening was capped off by the winners receiving the prizes that were graciously donated by many companies, iZone and Sephora to name few. Judging by the reaction of the audience, the conversations about the show the following Saturday, and the anticipation that has already started to build up for next year’s show, it is safe to say that Effat University’s Talent Show was a resounding success. It was in fact the effort of one student, Rana Al-Amoudi.

The Multicultural Club organized a fashion show on the 23rd of May in order to celebrate the diversity of the Effat student body and highlight the uniqueness of each culture represented. The turnout for the show was excellent and the audience was treated to a spectacle involving a variety of national dresses, with almost all the countries that comprise the student body represented, including Saudi Arabia, India, Pakistan, the USA, China, Egypt, Syria, Palestine, and Nigeria, amongst others. The show was hosted by Arwa Mushtaha and Iram Rizvi, who did a brilliant job of conducting the event. Special mention should also be made of Aisha Al-Masri, the President of the Multicultural Club, whose hard work behind the scenes and unstinting dedication made the show possible, and of the students of Pakistan International School Jeddah (PISJ), who took part in the show as guests. We look forward to next year’s show which we hope will be even bigger and better!

Iram Rizvi

Recycling. “Khayra, enough, we can’t take anymore of your nonsense,” you say. Hear me out. Here’s something you probably don’t know: recycling isn’t good for the environment. Not here in Jeddah, anyway. Effatians, I don’t mean to sound annoyed or fed up, but I am, so that’s how it will sound. Let’s go through the fun I’ve had this semester concerning recycling. From the start in early March, when I was so excited about what Faseelah could do, I asked maintenance who recycles our garbage put it in the blue bins. I was hoping to plan a trip to the recycling plant for those interested in the behind the scenes part of eco-friendliness. After being directed from one person to the next about six times, I got to speak with Mr. Ernesto Geslani of maintenance. “We don’t know the name of the company,” he said “We call the driver of the truck to pick it up.” There are many things wrong with this statement. For one, we don’t know if the waste even is going to a recycling plant. If it is, we don’t know if they’re harming the environment more than helping it. The other, we weren’t receiving anything for our recyclables. Something to keep in mind: when you recycle, you’re giving a company free material. Material for which Effat should be paid. I ask them to stop immediately and I went through a terrible time with random organizations and businesses until it became obvious that Trewind is the best company for the job. A local business by Harvard graduate, Dr. Mohamed Masoud, they specialize in making building materials out of TetraPak (the material used for Sun Top and other drink cartons, with paper on the outside and plastic on the inside) and give all the other recyclables to responsible companies. Nice, right? In a long term way, I suppose. After waiting a month for permission from Effat and throwing away [a lot] of recyclables while waiting, we finally have Trewind bins. Two beautiful bins outside the restaurant, one for said TetraPak and the other for recyclables. The bin for “other recyclables” like aluminum, glass, paper, etc. is taken and sorted through, then the sorted material is sent to companies here and abroad. We also have our old paper and plastic bins. Here’s hoping it was all worth it. Khayra Bundakji

Effat’s environmental club. See There are two blue bins in a number of places in each building; one for paper, and one for plastic. This is the norm when attempting to find a nameless employee to answer a question because either (a) most don’t want to be held accountable if they do something wrong, or (b) because very few know who is currently responsible for what.




Under the Patronage of Her Ro Vice Chair yal Highn of the Bo ess Prince ard of Tru versity, th ss Loulwa s tees and G e Career D h Al Faisa e neral Sup evelopme Annual Ca l, ervisor of nt Office a reer Day E f t f o E a n ff t The aim o Uniat Univers May 10, 2 f the Care 010 with ity held it the them s er Day wa N able netw in th e of ‘Care s to offer orks and e r a M h a u atch’. ch ge chance always be en impera ieves professional of creatin excellenc g tive to ac valufulfills one e. Career hieve exc potential. match ha ellence in s any given job and als The progr o am comm enc Anthem a nd Holy Q ed around 9:00 in t he mornin ur’an recit Dr. Haifa g with ou ation. The Jamal Al-la r National p il resident o informatio welcomed f Effat Un n that bro the guest iversity adens kno s offered le wledge ab . The event provid ctures by e o d vital in ut career fluential a speaker o developm nd motiva n the day ent and tional spe was ABDU speaker o akers. The L RAZAQ n the the A k eynote LI AL T me of Ca Author of URKI, Ne reer Matc “Career M s m a h a w n d the a atch: Con Love to D necting W s MRS. SHOYA ZICHY o”, accom ho You A panied by There wa re with W VIDEO, s a Panor h e r c o hat You’ll ll e ama Prog a ton Group ram Semin gue Mr. Mubarak for staff r Al-Dosari. ar which ecruitmen was prese t and inte n t e r d by Hilnships. The progr am was fo llo taurant w hich was o wed by Job Fair an d Exhibitio p ened to n ers seekin n at the E ew gradu g differen a ffat tes, curre t job vac organizat n t a students a Resncies. Re ions accep presentat nd othted resum ings and o ives from es and an pportunit numerous swered qu ies of full side the jo eries abou time, part b fair, the t job opent im exhibition e job and from vario internship area exhib us compa s. ited the se nies. Like University rvices and Alongalways th has prove products e Annual d itself to to seek th Career Da be an exc eir career y e at Effat ll ent platfo in reputab match. rm for jo le compa b seekers nies follow ing an ide al career Shaima Ba shoeb


Under The Patronage of Her Royal Highness Princess Lolowah Al Faisal Vice Chair of the Board of Trustees & General Supervisor of Effat University The Presence of the Guest Of Honor HH Princess Nouf Bint Faisal Al-Saud



Effat U niv Alyama ersity – Hos t (Fem mah U ales niv Dar Alh ekma C ersity - (Male ) ollege Jubail U s and F - (F emales n ) AL-Fais iversity Colle emales) ge al Univ ersity – College (Males of Bus and Fe iness Admin ) istratio males) n - CBA - (Male s

Date: 15-16 May, 2010 Location: Effat University

Introduction During the events of Alghad Forum, which took place in spring 2009, Effat University launched a major initiative designed to empower and strengthen the capabilities of the youth with the focus of youth development.

Objectives To adopt the concept of Student Council by creating foundations and systems that aid and support it. To build students’ personalities and increase awareness about national issues within the framework of the nations beliefs and its Arabic and Islamic identity. To develop the dialogue and and to promote the concepts of collaboration and teamwork. To deliver the youth’s voice to decision makers and responsible figures. To create opportunities of cooperation between the university / college and students’ body. To support young leaders. To increase the sense of belonging to the university, the community, and the nation. To participate in the development of the educational process.

Processes To invite some Student Council representatives in private universities and colleges. To organize a forum aiming to share views, raise issues, discuss alternatives, and offer solutions. To share the views of students through various mediums such as forums, radios, and television programs. To cooperate with authorities to establish a legalized student union.


Effat has a great balance between internal and external activities. Not only does it host events like the “AUC Basketball Tournament” or the “First National Student Council” but it also participates at events held off campus such as :      

Hilary Clinton’s visit held at DAH The First National Students Science forum by MOHE in Riyadh Health Lectures at CBA Saudi 3 Conference at DAH Al-Ghad workshop in Riyadh Photography exhibition at KAEC


Saudi Arabia is the homeland of the Date Palm Tree. With more than 10000 years of age, it is one of the oldest trees in the world. Therefore, palm trees are considered the symbol of Saudi Arabia; so, people are charmed by their delightful beauty and their endless generosity. Just like palm trees are considered a special symbol to the Arabian Gulf, cherry trees and their blossoms have also captivating the Japanese's hearts through generations. What are the cherry trees? And why are they so important to Japan and people of Japan? Cherry blossoms are the name of the flower on cherry trees. In Japanese, it is known as Sakura. Cherry trees have a fascinating pink and white coloured blossoms; however,these trees bloom no longer than 3 weeks a year in the spring season. They are found across Japan in cities like Tokyo , Nagoya , Kyoto ,Osaka and Hiroshima. .“ The traditional Japanese values of purity and simplicity are thought to be reflected in the form and color of the blossoms.� (Osamu, 1983) The Japanese are very proud of these trees because they symbolize human life, transience and nobleness in Japan. This flowering tress conjured up along with geisha and samurai. So, as cherry blossoms are symbolically tied with the samurai, they are depicted in several different forms of art tied with samurai culture. The symbol was used during the samurai period, so it is little wonder that the flowers appear in many objects of the day, such as folding screens, sliding doors, kimono and lacquer ware, as well as depictions of Samurai.


Japanese celebrate the blooming of the cherry blossom by an event called ''Hanami''. This celebration had been found since the old era of Japan. The way that Japanese were well-dressed ready to celebrate and enjoy their time surrounded by these lively trees accompanied by friends and companions. While in the past, the cherry trees were portraying the transient nature of life, the cherry trees are now viewing food, drink and be merry factors. But still the tradition is still used beneath these beautiful blossoms. Since the blooming of the cherry blossoms is connected to spring, the blossoms are used widely in advertising. Thereby, Japan extends the advertising for tourism and vacations periods during the blooming of the cherry trees. Domestically, delicacy and simplicity have made the blossoms popular with events and products tied to weddings and school openings. (Kobayashi, 2002) The Japanese school term begins in April, making the cherry blossom much like the American symbol of the apple in relation to the first day of school.

The first mention of the blossoms appears in the first history of Japan, written in 712 (Osamu, 1983). Cherry trees have been the prime symbol of art and culture. As long as the cherry trees continue to bloom its beautiful blossoms, the cherry trees will be prominent living creatures in Japan.

Marwa Helabi

‫ب وصيته‬ ‫صى يكت‬ ‫األق‬

‫أٌ أسحم‪،‬‬ ‫قٕنٓب قجم‬ ‫ٔد‬ ‫يٍ األ‪ٚ‬بو‬ ‫خ‪ٛ‬شح ‪ ،‬رهك انز‪ ٙ‬أ ّ ف‪ٕٚ ٙ‬و‬ ‫كهًبد أ‬ ‫ٍ أرٕقغ أَ‬ ‫ذ يكبَز‪ٙ‬‬ ‫ُ‪ ٙ‬نى أك‬ ‫َذ ٔيبصان‬ ‫أخجشكى أَ‬ ‫سبطخ‪ ،‬كب‬ ‫‪ْ ٌٜ‬ب أَب‬ ‫أٔد أٌ‬ ‫‪ٔ ٙ‬ثكم ث‬ ‫ى ر ن ك‪ ،‬ا‬ ‫س‪ٛ‬زى أَز‬ ‫زخهٌٕ ػُ‬ ‫ذيب ضؼف‬ ‫‪ ٙ‬هللا َٔ‬ ‫ثؼ‬ ‫سٕف ر ‪ٛ‬خ‪ ،‬ششفُ‬ ‫حبٌ ٔقذ سح‪ٛ‬ه‪ ٙ‬صجحذ ثال‬ ‫ج‪ٛ‬شح ٔػبن‬ ‫‪ٛ‬ز‪ ٙ‬فقذ‬ ‫سبسبر‪ ٙ‬أ‬ ‫ك‬ ‫ص‬ ‫يُز يذح‬ ‫ٔ‬ ‫أ‬ ‫ى‬ ‫‪ٙ‬‬ ‫ك‬ ‫ن‬ ‫ْ‬ ‫أكزت‬ ‫‪ٛ‬بَ‪ْ ،ٙ‬ب‬ ‫قذ ثذأد‬ ‫ٔرضنضل ك‬ ‫‪ ٙ‬حفش‪ٚ‬بد‬ ‫س‪ ٙ‬غذ ًا‬ ‫٘‬ ‫ج سذ‬ ‫رحز‬ ‫أقٕل نُف‬ ‫بد‪ٔ ،‬رحز‪ْٕ ٙ‬اء‪ ،‬ذ كم ‪ٕٚ‬و‬ ‫قذ اَزٓذ‬ ‫أسبس‬ ‫كزٌٕ‪ ،‬كُ‬ ‫ْ‪ٙ‬‬ ‫ٔأَزى سب‬ ‫ى رسز‪ٛ‬قظٕا‪ْ ،‬ب ‪ ،ٙ‬نى أػذ‬ ‫طٕ‪ٚ‬هخ‬ ‫ٌ ٔنكٍ ن‬ ‫ى إلػذاي‬ ‫‪ٚ‬سز‪ٛ‬قظٕ‬ ‫ُف‪ٛ‬ز انحك‬ ‫سزحقٌٕ‬ ‫سٕف‬ ‫ٕ قذ ثذأ ر‬ ‫ػُ‪ ،ٙ‬ال ر‬ ‫ْ‬ ‫كزت نكى‬ ‫ب‬ ‫ى‬ ‫ْ‬ ‫ب اسزغُ‪ٛ‬ز‬ ‫نحفش‪ٚ‬بد‪،‬‬ ‫‪ٙ‬أ‬ ‫ً‬ ‫ا ذ يُكى ش‪ٛ‬ئ ًب طبن سزُٓزى ث‪ٔ ،ٙ‬نكُ ك‪ٛ‬كى هلل‪،‬‬ ‫‪ٚ‬‬ ‫بء‪ ،‬سأش‬ ‫أس انصالح ث‪ ٙ‬طبنًب ا شة انسً‬ ‫كم ش‪ٙ‬ء‬ ‫شك‪ٛ‬كى ن‬ ‫ششف‬ ‫سأخجشِ ث‬ ‫أَُ‪ ٙ‬سأ‬ ‫حكى‪ ،‬نٍ‬ ‫ى‬ ‫ؼ‬ ‫َ‬ ‫ألخجشكى‬ ‫ًِٕ ث‪،ٙ‬‬ ‫ٔنٍ أسبي‬ ‫ِ ثًب فؼهز‬ ‫س٘ يُكى‬ ‫ى ثحبن‪ٙ‬‬ ‫ش‬ ‫ٔسأخج‬ ‫ثأ‬ ‫ْٕٔ انؼبن‬ ‫هت يُّ أٌ ‪ٚ‬أخز ث ِ يص‪ٛ‬ش٘‬ ‫ٕر‪ٔ ٙ‬قهخ‬ ‫ط‬ ‫‪ٚ‬بيٍ ث‪ٛ‬ذ‬ ‫ك ضؼف ق‬ ‫ٔسأ ى‪ ،‬ف‪ٛ‬بسة‪،‬‬ ‫أشكٕ إن‪ٛ‬‬ ‫ٍ كم يٍ‬ ‫أسبيحك‬ ‫‪،ٙ‬‬ ‫ة اَزقى ي‬ ‫‪ٔ ،‬سأظم‬ ‫انقبدس ػهٗ حًب‪ٚ‬ز نُبط‪ٚ ،‬بس‬ ‫‪ٚ ،‬بسة ‪...‬‬ ‫‪ ٙ‬ػهٗ ا‬ ‫ٔ‬ ‫ػهٗ رنك‬ ‫ز‪ْٕٔ ٙ‬اَ‬ ‫ح‪ٛ‬ه‬ ‫كذ‬ ‫‪ ٙ‬األخ‪ٛ‬شح‪.‬‬ ‫‪ٔ ٙ‬يٍ كم يٍ س قظ أَفبس‬ ‫أٔص‪ٛ‬كى‪،‬‬ ‫ز‬ ‫بع ػُ‪،ٙ‬‬ ‫آراَ‬ ‫أدػٕ إنٗ أٌ أن ٔنزى انذف‬ ‫ثبنقذط‪،‬‬ ‫ب‬ ‫ح‬ ‫ٍ‬ ‫رًسكٕا‬ ‫ى ‪ٚ‬ب أحجبئ‪ٚ ٙ‬ب ي ٗ األسض‪،‬‬ ‫هسط‪،ٍٛ‬‬ ‫ٔأَز‬ ‫حبفظٕا ػه‬ ‫ٕا ػهٗ ف‬ ‫‪ٛ‬كى ثأٌ ر‬ ‫ضح‪ ،‬حبفظ‬ ‫هللا (ْٕٔ‬ ‫أٔص‬ ‫انضفخ ٔغ‬ ‫سٕف أخجش‬ ‫ٗ‬ ‫حًهزًِٕ‬ ‫ه‬ ‫ػ‬ ‫ٕا‬ ‫ٕا‬ ‫ُ‬ ‫ئ‬ ‫ظ‬ ‫ذ‪ ،ٍٚ‬اطً‬ ‫‪ٔ ٙ‬ثًب ر‬ ‫حبف ٕا ػهٗ ان‬ ‫ِ يٍ أجه‬ ‫جٕٓدكى‬ ‫ظ‬ ‫ًب فؼهزًٕ‬ ‫ٔحبف‬ ‫خ‪ٛ‬ش ٔجضٖ‬ ‫ش‪ ٙ‬ء ) ث‬ ‫ى هللا كم‬ ‫م‬ ‫انؼه‪ٛ‬ى ثك‬ ‫‪ ،ٙ‬فجضاك‬ ‫ز‬ ‫‪ٚ‬‬ ‫ب‬ ‫ً‬ ‫ح‬ ‫غ ٔدائؼّ‪،‬‬ ‫كم خ‪ٛ‬ش‪.‬‬ ‫‪ ٙ‬سج‪ٛ‬م‬ ‫٘ ال رض‪ٛ‬‬ ‫ف‬ ‫ى هللا انز‬ ‫ٔانسالو‬ ‫أسزٕدػك‬ ‫شكشا نكى‪،‬‬ ‫‪ٛ‬ز‪،ٙ‬‬ ‫‪ٙ‬ء‪َ ،‬ؼى‬ ‫اَزٓذ ٔص ٗ كم ش‬ ‫شا نكى ػه‬ ‫ػه‪ٛ‬كى‪.‬‬ ‫شك‬ ‫انزٕق‪ٛ‬غ‪/‬‬

‫مــــــــاء‬ ‫شي‬

‫بد السم‬ ‫ع‬


‫يع الفرّا‪.‬‬


‫ذور األمل فً عقلك الباطن‬ ‫ب‬ ‫هذا ٌعتقدون أن األمل ٌأتً‬ ‫معظم الناس فً عصرنا‬ ‫ٌستمر ‪ٌ ،‬أتً كسحابة فً‬ ‫كومضات فً حٌاتهم وال‬ ‫‪ ...‬ولكن الٌستمر ‪ ...‬لماذا ؟‬ ‫السماء ‪ ...‬كلحظة سعادة‬ ‫نحن ؟ أال نزرعه نحن فً‬ ‫أال ٌأتً األمل من حٌاتنا‬ ‫على حٌاتنا ؟ عندما ٌنظر‬ ‫عقولنا أوال ومن ثم ٌنعكس‬ ‫اج إلى مبٌدات من الهموم‬ ‫نسان إلى حٌاته كبستان ٌحت‬ ‫اإل‬ ‫سعٌدا ؟ كٌف لهذا اإلنسان‬ ‫التشاؤم فكٌف له أن ٌعٌش‬ ‫و‬ ‫اللٌل لٌضئ له كل خطوة‬ ‫ٌرى ضوء القمر فً ظلمة‬ ‫أن‬ ‫ه؟‬ ‫ٌات‬ ‫ح‬ ‫من خطوات‬ ‫ولك هً التً تحدد إمكانٌة‬ ‫عٌنك ونظرتك للكون من ح‬ ‫فً أحد األٌام قرأت تعلٌقا‬ ‫صولك وتحقٌقك ألحالمك‪...‬‬ ‫و‬ ‫لعقبات التً تحجب صوت‬ ‫ٌقول ( أن الحٌاة ملٌئة با‬ ‫حدك تستٌطٌع سماع صوت‬ ‫أحالمنا ) ‪ ...‬ولكن أنت و‬ ‫لعقبات ‪ ...‬أنت الذي ٌسجن‬ ‫أحالمك الممٌز مهما كانت ا‬ ‫قبات فتصبح وحشا ٌخٌفك‬ ‫المك ‪ ...‬أنت من ٌؤمن بالع‬ ‫أح‬ ‫ثل ٌقول ( اللً ٌخاف من‬ ‫علٌك الطرٌق ‪ ...‬هناك م‬ ‫وٌسد‬ ‫بالفعل مانفعله نحن نؤمن‬ ‫العفرٌت ٌطلع له ) وهو‬ ‫نؤمن بقدراتنا وارادتنا ‪....‬‬ ‫بالصعوبات ولكن ال‬ ‫عن عمالقٌن ٌفصل بٌنهما‬ ‫هناك حكاٌة أسطورٌة تحكً‬ ‫نه أنه متوحش جدا وعنٌف‬ ‫الد وبالد ‪ ،‬أحدهما ٌروى ع‬ ‫ب‬ ‫نه ‪ ،‬فتحدت زوجة العمالق‬ ‫وكل المواطنٌن ٌخافون م‬ ‫ش وٌضربه لٌثبت لها أنه ال‬ ‫اآلخر أن ٌذهب إلى المتوح‬ ‫من العمالق للهرب اضطر‬ ‫ٌهابه ‪ ،‬وبعد محاوالت‬ ‫وحش فً رحلة من الخوف‬ ‫للذهاب ‪ ،‬ذهب إلى بالد المت‬ ‫صل إلى بٌته ‪ ....‬وجد قدمٌن‬ ‫والتشاؤم ‪ ،‬وعندما و‬ ‫غطاء السرٌر‪ ...‬واذ بهذه‬ ‫ضخمتٌن تخرج من تحت‬ ‫ق ‪ ...‬فإذ بالعمالق الخائف‬ ‫دمٌن هً قدمً ابن العمال‬ ‫الق‬ ‫قدمً ابنه فما بالك بقدمً‬ ‫ول ( إذا كانت هاتٌن هً‬ ‫ٌق‬ ‫ته ٌحكً لها مارآه ‪ ...‬هذا‬ ‫أبٌه ) وفر عائدا إلى زوج‬ ‫ئقا أمامه أن ٌكمل طرٌقه‪..‬‬ ‫مارآه وآمن به فوقف عا‬ ‫ك وتتعاطف معك لنك انتع‬ ‫تسأل الظروف أن تؤمن ب‬ ‫ال‬ ‫لباطن ملك لك وحدك لماذا‬ ‫فسك التؤمن بها ‪ ...‬عقلك ا‬ ‫ن‬ ‫ت حشرٌة تدعى العقبات ‪..‬‬ ‫ٌدا‬ ‫مب‬ ‫ب‬ ‫تملؤه‬ ‫لماذا التزرعه ببذور ورود‬ ‫الصعوبات ‪ ...‬التشاؤم ؟‬ ‫دة‪ .....‬لماذا التخرجه من‬ ‫تنمو وتعطٌك األمل والسعا‬ ‫ٌر فوق سحاب بالد أحالمك‬ ‫قفصه ‪ ...‬اجعله ٌط‬ ‫ك الطرٌق ‪ ...‬اجعله ٌبحث‬ ‫لٌعود إلٌك بأمل ٌنٌر ل‬ ‫اوال ٌجب أن ‪ ...‬تؤمن ‪..‬‬ ‫عنه سٌجده ‪ ....‬ولكن‬

‫ياسمين سليمان‬


‫كن نفسك‬ ‫الثقة بالنفس‪:‬‬ ‫كل شخ‬ ‫ص منا ٌمتلك سمات فرٌ‬ ‫دة ٌمكن االعتماد علٌها‪،‬‬ ‫وهً‬ ‫عبارة عن سمات أصٌلة‬ ‫ولد‬ ‫ت‬ ‫م‬ ‫عنا‬ ‫أو‬ ‫ق‬ ‫منا‬ ‫ن‬ ‫حن‬ ‫بتنمٌت‬ ‫ها وتطوٌرها‪ .‬ومهما كان‬ ‫ت الجراح التً نتعرض‬ ‫لها‪،‬‬ ‫ومهما شعرنا بالهزٌمة أو‬ ‫ع‬ ‫دم‬ ‫ال‬ ‫كفا‬ ‫ءة‬ ‫و‬ ‫األ‬ ‫هلٌ‬ ‫ة‪،‬‬ ‫ف‬ ‫إن‬ ‫هذه‬ ‫المصادر الوراثٌة تكون‬ ‫دائما فً االنتظار‪ ،‬جاهزة‬ ‫لكً‬ ‫نس‬ ‫تخدمها لمصلحتنا فً أي‬ ‫لح‬ ‫ظة‬ ‫من‬ ‫لح‬ ‫ظا‬ ‫ت‬ ‫حٌا‬ ‫تنا‪.‬‬ ‫ولكننا ٌجب ان نعرف انها‬ ‫موجودة‪ ،‬وٌجب أن نعرف‬ ‫كٌف نفتح صندوق الك‬ ‫نز‪ .‬وبعبارة أخرى ‪ ،‬من‬ ‫ال‬ ‫ضروري أن نثق بأنفسنا‪.‬‬ ‫الثقة بالنفس فضٌلة‪ ،‬وهذه‬ ‫الفضٌلة عبارة عن نسٌج‬ ‫متراكب من ثالث‬ ‫إدراك الذات‪ :‬أي صفات عاطفٌة روحٌة هً‪:‬‬ ‫التقٌٌم ال‬ ‫دقٌق ألنفسنا واهتماماتنا‪.‬‬ ‫قبول‬ ‫الذات‪ :‬أي تقبل أنفسنا ب‬ ‫كل ما فٌها من تعقٌدات‪.‬‬ ‫االعت‬ ‫ماد على الذات‪ :‬وهو القد‬ ‫رة على استخدام ما نعرفه‬ ‫عن‬ ‫أنف‬ ‫سنا للحصول على النتا‬ ‫ئج التً نرغبها فً حٌاتنا‬ ‫دون أن ٌقلقنا دائما قبول‬ ‫أو عدم قبول اآلخرٌن لنا‪.‬‬ ‫وط‬ ‫بقا لما ورد فً معجم 'وبس‬ ‫تر' فإن المعنى األول للثقة‬ ‫هو '‬ ‫االعتقاد المؤكد على شخ‬ ‫حقٌقة شخص ما أو شًء صٌة‪ ،‬أو قدرة‪ ،‬أو قوة‪ ،‬أو‬ ‫ما ' و‬ ‫عندما نثق بأنفسنا ٌصبح‬ ‫لد‬ ‫ٌنا هدوء ذاتً‪ ،‬هدوء وا‬ ‫رتٌ‬ ‫اح‬ ‫تح‬ ‫ت‬ ‫ال‬ ‫ض‬ ‫غط‬ ‫ٌع‬ ‫كسان‬ ‫سٌطرتنا على طاقاتنا وقد‬ ‫راتنا‪ .‬وبالتالً نعرف إننا‬ ‫نستطٌع‬ ‫أن نتعامل مع كل ما تلق‬ ‫ٌه‬ ‫لنا‬ ‫ال‬ ‫حٌ‬ ‫اة‪،‬‬ ‫نس‬ ‫تط‬ ‫ٌع‬ ‫أن‬ ‫ننهً مهامنا وواجباتنا‪.‬‬ ‫عند‬ ‫ما نثق بأنفسنا نستطٌع أن‬ ‫نبحر بشكل أفضل عبر‬ ‫األوقات‬ ‫االنفعالٌة الصعبة – تلك‬ ‫األوقات التً نشعر فٌها‬ ‫بال‬ ‫ع‪،‬‬ ‫ضٌا أو الحزن‪ ،‬أو الغض‬ ‫ب‪ ،‬أو الخوف – مؤمنٌن‬ ‫من‬ ‫أ‬ ‫عماق قلوبنا وأرواحنا إننا‬ ‫سوف ننجح‪ ،‬حتى إذا لم‬ ‫ن‬ ‫كن نعرف كٌف أو متى‪.‬‬ ‫الثقة بالنفس لٌس‬ ‫ت‬ ‫ح‬ ‫الة ثابتة‬ ‫إ‬ ‫ما‬ ‫نم‬ ‫تلك‬ ‫ها‬ ‫وإ‬ ‫ما‬ ‫ال‬ ‫نم‬ ‫تلكها‪،‬‬ ‫مثل‬ ‫الشعر االنسٌابً أو العٌ‬ ‫ون الزرقاء‪ .‬إنما هً سمة‬ ‫للقل‬ ‫ب‬ ‫والعقل ٌمكننا اكتسابها‬ ‫وتنمٌتها‪ .‬مثل العضالت‪،‬‬ ‫نجد أن‬ ‫ها تنمو وتتقلص بالتدرٌب‬ ‫‪ .‬كذلك الثقة بالنفس تزٌد‬ ‫وتت‬ ‫ناقص تبعا للتحدٌات‬ ‫التً تواجهنا فً الحٌاة‪.‬‬

‫شمس الرحبي‬

Be Magazine- Issue 1  

Our First Issue, Spring 2010

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