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==== ==== After my heart attack my cardiologist told me to get away from the high protein diets. Since I am a diabetic I gravitated to a raw food diet. ==== ====

Planning a raw food weight loss menu isn't quite as daunting as you might think. Transitioning from a diet of traditional prepared foods to one of raw foods is really about being willing to try new things and pay attention to your health. Raw food weight loss menu planning can be as adventurous or mundane as you'd like, as all the foods that qualify have special qualities. The biggest stumbling block that most new raw food eaters tend to run into is learning how to buy meats on their menu. You can start with meats that have either been cured or have been smoked. If that suits your critical culinary palette you can give a bit of raw steak tartar or filet americain a shot. Fish choices can run along similar lines. Cured fish or cold smoked fish options can be a good place to start. You can move into cervice or sashimi. Raw chicken is not recommended by medical professionals who support raw food diets. While there may be some information on the internet that pronounces all raw meats perfectly healthy. The theory is that there was a time when the human body thrived on raw meats of all kinds and cooking was introduced because dental health problems made it necessary to soften food. Sure, there is a certain amount of evidence to support this, but there weren't production plants, overcrowded living conditions, and the time between death and eating certainly didn't span into days or weeks. Going raw is like making food choices based on their actual nutritional content. Because you aren't ladling the butter or salt during preparation, you aren't reducing the nutrients through the cooking process, and you aren't making choices based on what you can toss into the microwave you end up making choices that are much more cohesive to weight loss and weight management. This means you get more beta carotene from the fresh, organic raw carrots you eat and you get more natural calcium from the fresh organic broccoli you eat. With planning, you can certainly end up with a much higher degree of nutritional benefit, without added fats, sugars, and salts that not only contribute to weight gain but also throw your body's natural rhythm off. Losing weight through raw foods is a great way to take care of your excess pounds while caring for your entire body through advanced nutrition.

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==== ==== After my heart attack my cardiologist told me to get away from the high protein diets. Since I am a diabetic I gravitated to a raw food diet. ==== ====

Lower Carb High Fiber Raw Veggies better Blood Sugars  

After my heart bypass surgery, cardio rehab and fighting diabetes. I feel the best when I am eating lots of green veggies on a raw food diet...