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==== ==== Learning to live off the grid? Lets Mastermind ! ==== ====

Living off the grid is something that is talked about by many who are wanting to free themselves of the electricity grid and live a more energy independent lifestyle. The thoughts behind living off the power grid and using renewable energy goes beyond trying to live a life of solitude, though that could be had if it is wanted. It goes beyond the money that you could save by not having to pay for grid power. Off grid living even goes beyond a desire for green building and being earth friendly. Living off the grid has at it's heart, a desire to get back to a simpler way of living. The problem that many have when they think about living off the grid is that they feel they will be missing out on a lot. The answer is...they will. If you are very attached to all the conveniences that comes with grid power then there is probably going to be some problems. The truth is renewable energy does have it's weaknesses and limitations. It does have it's inconveniences but these are minor depending on how much you gain. The amount of power that you can generate is enough to take care of all of your needs but the more energy you are accustomed to using, the more expensive it will be to go off grid. One of the things that may be considered a drawback is the notion that it could cost a great deal of money to have this energy independent life. The truth of it is you are going to have to be paying for it one way or the other. Living off the power grid is similar to renting your home. It is a never ending outgoing of money. With a leaning to off grid living you are buying and building equipment that will be providing you with energy that could last your lifetime. You can have energy that won't cut off because of blackouts or brown outs. You can have a life that is free of the ever increasing cost of electricity and fossil fuels. You can break free from the taxes that are on the rise and can, in fact, see a significant reduction in taxes because of your decision to be living off the grid. While the idea of putting forth the expense to start living off the grid may seem like a difficult one , there are things that you can do and learn that will make it easier. You can live off the grid and not only do it economically but you can do it yourself making many of the things you need on your own.

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==== ==== Learning to live off the grid? Lets Mastermind ! ==== ====

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