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Vertical Shopping Vienna VSV The project explores new ways of shopping within the city centre of Vienna. Shopping mainly happen in horizontal layers on street level. Shopping is understood as a multidimensional social, public activity happening in places with local density maximums. The circulation of people within a city determines shopping whereas shops are the main attractors of movement. Shopping has developed from a daily routine and necessity towards a superficial spare time and entertaining activity. The project aims at adding new layers in a vertical direction split on different levels. The existing urban structure is connected by skywalks via escalators, which create a fluid transition between different buildings. Around these connection points new shopping areas will grow. Besides shops there are cafes and bars on top of the buildings to support the experience of shopping.


design shopping skywalk network connection Vienna

Collage - Kärntner Straße collage - Kärntner Straße

Grundriss - Netzwerk floor plan - network 35

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