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Thermal Refurbishment Bucharest TSB In a comparison of all Eastern European countries, Romania has the highest overall energy costs relative to household income. The apartment being studied was built in 1984 and is located on the fourth floor of a multi-storey building in the city centre of Bucharest with northwest and southeast facades. Retrofitting insulation on the external walls formed the strategy for this exercise to compare the impact of reducing the heat flow through the building envelope to the exterior. The goal of the refurbishment was to lessen the heat load on the heating system and to reduce transmission losses through both heating and hot water pipes by having even surface temperatures. The impact of the modifications to the external wall can be translated into cost savings by reducing the amount of annual heat losses.


survey refurbishment apartment

Verbesserter Aussenwandaufbau und Anschlussdetails Improved layers of exterior wall and details

heat loss insulation thermal bridge Bucharest

Thermografisches Bild thermorgaphic image


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