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Our audacious goal of having 1% of the Australian Population experience; a symposium by 2014 …

News of the Jump Up program has been slowly reaching our international community …

Latest information on Be the Change events happening nationally in each state …

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Welcome to ‘Awakening the Dreamer Symposium’ initiatives in Australia by Dot Green Hello, my name is Dot Green. I was part of the first team, which brought the Awakening the Dreamer Symposium Initiative to Australia in 2006. Every time I participate in a symposium I am moved to my core and I know that an environmentally sustainable, spiritually fulfilling and socially just human presence on this planet is an achievable dream and is already coming into being. For the past 6 years I've had many roles in Be The Change, the organisation that supports the Symposium Initiative in Australia, including being on the Board and for the past year working full time as administrator and fundraiser. Now I’m moving to Queensland fulfilling a lifelong dream to work in Aboriginal communities. I’ll continue to be a symposium facilitator, but for a while at least I’m stepping back from leadership roles in Be The Change. This newsletter gives a taste of too many exciting developments to tell. We are making an extraordinary difference. (continued page 4)

“Over 6,000 people have participated in symposiums in the last 6 years with untold miraculous outcomes. Playing a leadership role in this process of individual and community mobilisation and empowerment has been the greatest privilege of my life” - Dot Green

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a national perspective Hi, my name is Jaime Yallup Farrant. I’m a symposium facilitator and trainer and have been the WA Symposium Coordinator for the past 2 years. (What the symposium means to me...) For the past few months I've been employed by Be the Change, to work with the Board and facilitators of the Symposium, Gen Up and Jump Up all over Australia, exploring the question "How do we fulfil our goal of having a critical mass of people committed to bringing about a social just, environmentally sustainable and spiritually fulfilling world by the end of 2014?" We started having a very honest look at ourselves. We saw that in 6 years we've reached

are supportive, and those who are committed. Neither is better, they are simply different ways of being, thinking and acting that have different results. I would say billions of us are supportive of a just, sustainable and fulfilling world, but is being supportive enough? Why is this of any importance? Because in standing for a critical mass of people being committed to, and taking the actions necessary to create a just, sustainable and fulfilling world it's not as simple as doing more of what we've been doing - for any of us.

Past 6 months •

about 6,000 people through our networks and

we're facing.

We've been examining the work of the past 6 years, and thinking from new places.

events. A great result, but looking critically at our world today it's not difficult to see the crises

by Jaime Yallup-Farrant

We've been engaged in creating a “Business Canvas“ for Be the Change, collaborative business plan, created by members and

Being supportive or committed?

supporters from across Australia, enabling us

In conversation with the Guardianship Council,

to act locally and benefit from our national

we spoke of the distinction between people who

and global communities. 2

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We want you!

are pooling resources for our

We're seeking strategic partnerships,

collective use - we have teams in

consulting with other organisations and

communications, advertising,

sharing our victories as widely as

marketing, fundraising, leadership,

possible. To get involved, share your

administration, database,

skills or offer resources click here and


complete our 3 min survey.

We've been documenting and

Whether an hour a month or a day a

streamlining our processes and

week, your contribution, combined

celebrating the diverse expressions

with others can make a profound

of those fulfilling the purpose.

difference to the quality of your life

1% goal; by end of 2014 Late In 2011 Be the Change created the audacious goal of having 1% of the Australian Population experience a symposium or related event by the end of 2014 as a mobilising commitment to expand their outreach

and that of those yet to come. Having just returned from a stay in an Aboriginal Community in the Kimberleys, I'm acutely aware of the danger of expanding our work through a 'colonial' or top down approach. So to be clear, we're not doing that.

and effectiveness in fulfilling the

We're at a unique point in history - as

purpose of our work.

Al Gore says in the symposium, “If we

At the same time The Pachamama Alliance created the goal of having 1 Million people in the US experience a symposium or related event. We see

want to go fast, go alone, if we want to far, go together - we want to go far, quickly - so we need a shift in mindset, a shift in consciousness.”

these goals as an expression of the

Jaime Yallup Farrant

critical point in time we find ourselves

National Outreach Coordinator Be the Change, Australia Contact Details


a new film We’ve had a new film created here in Australia. If you’ve completed the survey from Luke Terrell thank you. He’s created a 7 min film documenting the symposium and it's impact on individuals and community.

Wake Up!

Franklin Delano Roosevelt

We've created working teams who

“The test of our progress is not whether we add more to the abundance of those who have enough; it is whether we provide enough for those who have too little.”

We'll send you a link soon. 3

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Earlier in the year you may recall we had a

Thank you to all those who are making this

campaign we called the 250K Challenge.

expansion possible through bringing your energy,

Whilst donations have increased significantly,

your skills, your love, your leadership and your

we haven’t raised 250K yet!


I invite you to invest your financial resources

I want to say a word about money. After all I am

in Be The Change programs. I think there is

the fundraiser.

no better way to spend it!

For our first 5 years, Be The Change was

Make an end of financial year tax-deductible

voluntary and amazing things were accomplished

investment. Your one off contribution $50,

with the energy of so many committed

$100, $500, $1,000 or more - by the end of

volunteers around Australia. As we continue to

June, will assist Be The Change to employ

expand, there are more opportunities to be part

staff to build strategic partnerships at the

of this, and Jaime will speak about these in a

national level, to develop our programs and to


have Lynne Twist come to Australia early next

For the past year Be The Change has employed

year. Won’t that be cool!

some truly awesome individuals who are working

Make a monthly investment. We welcome

with volunteer facilitators around Australia to

your contribution at any level and we’re

enable the Awakening the Dreamer Initiative

particularly seeking 40 people who will invest

including Gen Up and Jump Up to expand

$100 per month or more in Be The Change

nationally. This development has been funded

programs; 40 people who will invest the price

by a small and committed group of individuals

of a cup of coffee per day to significantly

who are investing their money in our work.

strengthen Be The Change programs and

Thank you!

empower more and more people to “be the

Humanity already has the resources we need to address the social, economic, and ecological

change they wish to see in the world”. Will you be one of those people?

challenges we’re facing. However, most of the

If you’d like to talk with me about what your

money in the world is being spent in ways that

investment will make possible, please contact

are damaging the natural world and human well-

me for a chat: Dot Green on 0419 315 717 or

being. This Easter in Australia $1.3 billion was

spent on chocolate.

To invest in the Awakening the Dreamer

Committing to consciously reallocate our

Symposium initiative, Generation Waking Up

resources towards life-affirming activities has a

or Jump Up go to Give Now and specify in the

double impact, both supporting the emergence

notes which initiative you want your money to

of a sustainable future while hastening the end

be used for.

of life-diminishing activities.

Thank you!! Dot Green 4

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"Bridging the gap across generations, valuing our children as participants in bringing about an environmentally sustainable, spiritually fulfilling and socially just human presence on earth" Helena Read, Program Founder

Jump Up is positively jumping! Jump Up is a Symposium inspired program for primary school children.

Trial program underway The facilitator team is an inspirational mix

In early April we delivered the first ever Jump

including experienced primary teacher Helen

Up facilitator training program during a

Greenaway (who is about to visit the Bali Green

transformational four days at the Hepburn

School), Mill Park Students Cain Reardon and

Retreat Centre.

Darcie Jordan (facilitating at Mill Park Heights

There are now seven trained Jump Up

Primary), psychodrama facilitator and parent

facilitators and five of them are embarking on

Esther Barnaveld, Helena Read and Joshua Lim a

facilitating the program as part of a state-wide

honours research student from La Trobe

action research trial this term, how very

University Bendigo (facilitating at Quarry Hill

exciting! The first two school groups

Bendigo and the Daylesford Dharma School).

experienced session one mid April and we are

We are still seeking two or three schools to

already discovering some critical insights to the

take part on the trial in term 3 this year;

life of the program in a mainstream school

by this time we envisage that the program

setting. From the bottom of our hearts we thank the Jump Up training leaders Helena, Lee and Barbara who have dedicated an enormous amount of volunteer time and energy to develop and deliver the training and materials over the last 8 months.

materials will be extraordinarily rich. So if you know of a school in Victoria, which may be interested in joining this exciting trial, please do let us (and them) know so that we can build the conversation during this school term. 5

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Evaluation Camp

symposium manual) for the last few months and a small team of experienced curriculum

At the conclusion of the trail in term 3 we are

developers are planning to meet with Tracy and

also planning an evaluation camp, this will be a

Helena in San Francisco in August 2012.

long weekend during the school holidays where students, parents and teachers from the trial schools will be invited to meet each other and share their perspectives on the program while enjoying the educational setting of the Munjara camp and its experiential programs child's play: &

Helena is working hard to raise the funds to accept this four-week internship at The Pachamama Alliance head office and a Rainforest Journey; she has so far raised $4,000 in pledges, however she needs more. Any donations to assist Helena's travel are fully tax deductible and can be made at:

Internship & international just type Jump Up into


the search bar and follow the links.

News of the Jump Up program has been reaching

To find out more go to

our international community and expressions of interest in an international trial have been filtering in from Columbia, United Kingdom, Germany, Bali and Romania. Helena has been working with Tracy Apple (author of the

Helena Read, Jump Up Program Founder Mb: 0400 062 930 email

ACT News ACT / Canberra will be holding a symposium on 23 rd June in partnership with SEE-Change: a local community, not-for-profit group that aims to inspire, inform and support action to reduce Canberra's ecological footprint. 'SEE' in SEE-Change stands for Society, the Environment and the Economy. Are you interested in this touching and personal big picture story of the social, emotional and economic systems we live in. Beware though, it will encourage you to wake up, think and take responsibility for creating the life you want. Details on the event and how to register are at Another local hands-on initiative welcoming people to engage in bringing about a healthy and thriving future is the Canberra City Farm project Mark Spain, ACT Co-ordinator ph: 02 6249 1344 For any further information please email


VIC News

“2012 is continuing to be a year of ‘waking up’ to ignite a generation of young people in bringing forth a thriving, just & sustainable world!”

In January 2012, we hosted the first Gen Up training for global citizens from across Australia and New Zealand with upcoming trainings planned in Adelaide and Melbourne in the coming months. We are also planning to host numerous Wake Ups throughout the year, looking to local council members and politicians as a source for continuing our growth and development. Recently the Gen Up team has taken part in the …

Generation Waking Up Re-connection Day In celebration of a thriving year for the Generation Waking Up Initiative across Australia, a reconnection gathering was held in Melbourne on Saturday 5th May. Wake Up facilitators from 3 tribes gathered for a morning session inspired by the recently established Getting into Action workshop. Participants reflected upon where their lives had ventured since training as Wake Up facilitators and what their unique goals and actions were for this coming year. The afternoon session was an open invitation to the general public to take part in the Wake Up experience, facilitated by a number of young students. The Generation Waking Up Community is now keen to host regular re-connection days across Melbourne, continuing to encourage and support community members to create numerous hub networks across Victoria and eventually branching out these networks nationally! 7

Victorian College of the Arts and the Deaf In the past month, Wake Up facilitators Darcie Jordan

Wake Ups coming soon in Victoria for 2012

and Renee Gatt, in collaboration with Awakening the Dreamer facilitator Sarah Houseman have presented

Students of Sustainability

materials from the Wake Up work to students from the

Conference (Bendigo):

Victorian College of the Arts and the Victorian College

4th-8th July

of the Deaf. The Year 9 students of each college are experiencing

Gippsland Secondary College:

the Wake Up as part of the Bower Theatre Project. The

31st August

students will soon have the opportunity to work with the Bower Theatre makers, designers and architects as they begin to envision creative expressions of the issues of sustainability, the plight of the natural world and the position of young people within this world. The two

Generation Waking-Up, Facilitator Training: 28th – 30th September

schools will soon come together in creating their performance to launch the Bower Theatre Project to the

Frankston Secondary College:

community in October.

Date (TBC)

Darcie Jordan Mb: For any further information please email

Re-connection Day: Central Melbourne Date (TBC)

TAS News Be The Change Tasmania and Transition Tasmania are collaborating to offer a tailor made half day workshop to energise and support Transition Town groups throughout Tasmania. The project is called Transition Roadshow. Planning is happening now and we will hit the road in August 2012. Shar Molby Tasmanian Team For any further information please email 8

NSW News

As I participated in other workshops and plenary

In NSW the magic of intention is happening. Since I became the co-ordinator this year I have people contacting me to find out how they can help. It is like the Awakening is happening all

sessions I observed that the connection between environmental sustainability and social justice is now understood and expressed by many activists

over the place; just popping up like flowers in

Tom and Ling who participated in a symposium


in Parramatta volunteered to help organise a collective to facilitate more symposiums with

Outcomes of the Climate Action Summit

more people attending. This will involve building relationships with potential Symposium hosts, trainers and participants and bringing them together at events.

In March I was asked to run a workshop at the Climate Action Summit in Parramatta. This must have been a result of my involvement in Transition Parramatta with whom we are organising a full day symposium on 22nd July at Parramatta Town Hall. The 1.5-hour workshop was delivered by our strong Bamarang team (Victoria, Ben, Lance, Beatrice and myself). The message was well accepted and the suggested outcome from the

We are currently looking for volunteers to join the collective which we aim to build on the Melbourne Permblitz model with up to 10-12 members to facilitate running the symposiums or workshops. The first meeting is scheduled for June at Mars Hill Café, 331 Church St., Parramatta, Sunday 10th June at 2pm. Another plan on the table is organising a symposium in the Hunter Valley, which Liam requested. He is one of the people who just contacted us. It’s already an inspiring, eventful year.

workshop was that: Bozena Sawa

“sustainability activist groups use the

NSW Co-ordinator

‘symposium for change’ materials, video

mb: 0411 122 781 mb: 0420 311 275

and experiential technology techniques across all groups/businesses etc., to bring

For any further information please email:

cohesion so they can more clearly see the

benefits of working for alike goals.“


QLD News "Throughout the past 6 months Rolf Kuelsen and Nancy Kent have been running regular Symposiums within the Brisbane community. They are networking with local community gardens, Permablitz teams, wellbeing groups and PCYC groups. Nancy and her husband Andrew coordinate "The Inspiration Garden" where they host events to educate people about all aspects of sustainable living. From Symposiums to Yoga, Meditation, and Bio-dynamic gardening they are sharing their vision with the community. Another community of people who are sharing the Symposium as part of their work is the Mt Archer Centre, a small Christian community, near Woodford. In May they held a weekend Symposium which gave participants the opportunity to have a deep and reflective experience. Later this year I will be leading a Symposium weekend for the Angli-greens (a community of Anglicans concerned about environmental issues). Finally I would like to send a heart felt thank you to Luke Terrell for his work and research whilst here in Brisbane and thank you to all who participated in his film and in the survey. We were blessed to have him here. Fiona Leiper, QLD Coordinator, mb: 0409 156 818

"We need the commitment of much fewer people than we thought to create the future we have in mind."

For any further information please email

Peter Block

WA News The last few months have seen numerous events including: during the WACOSS (WA Council of social services) conference, with the Oaktree Foundation, in lounges and for the public. We're meeting as a community on 30th May in Subiaco to explore our next steps. Want to be involved - contact Gina for details


calling passionate and skilled people Wondering how you could contribute to bringing forth a just, sustainable and fulfilling world? Perhaps volunteering with Be The Change could be an option? We're seeking strategic partnerships, consulting with other organisations and sharing our victories as widely as possible. We welcome people with skills from film making to muffin making, social media divas to those who love administration. Whatever your skills and availability we'll have a place for you. So if

“Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”

you have a spare hour a month, or a day a week please get in touch.

Howard Thurman Either contact Jaime on 0406 722 066 or email or spend 3 minutes completing our quick survey and we'll get in touch.

The Symposium and the Ethical Shopping Guide Clint and I attended the symposium when our son Neo, was 2 months old. During the section where you envisage yourself sitting and talking with your great, great grandchildren, both Clint and I felt that we were not doing what we really could to create positive change on the planet. Clint had been researching companies' backgrounds with his project partner, Nick Ray, for a few years, but their research wasn't getting out there. I decided that rather than going back into the music and teaching scene, I would help Nick and Clint kick off their project by taking on the sales and distribution role, and Clint and I funded the first publication of the Guide to Ethical Supermarket Shopping 2008. We are now up to our 5th edition, and we have sold over 100,000 copies of the Guide to date. We have sold over 30,000 copies of our app Shop Ethical, an average over 400 hits per day on our website The link that sparked this magic was the symposium. Thank you. From Pradeepa Timmermans, Guide to Ethical Supermarket Shopping 11

From the Symposium to Vege2go After attending the inaugural Australian Symposium in 2006, we were awakened to our environmental impact. The defining moment of the Symposium, for us, was Drew Dellinger's poem "Heiroglyphic Stairway" in which he asks us the question: "What did you do once you knew?" This question resounded in our minds. When we learned about how we could halve our environmental impact just by going vegetarian, Maria decided to marry her desire to do just that, with her long-time dream of starting a food business - thus vege2go was born. We stood in the possibility of promoting the many benefits

Got a great story to share?

of vegetarianism (not only environmental, but also health and spiritual) and inspiring the community to 'go veg' more often by providing a delicious option that, as an Italian family, we wished we could find more of. Now we get many customers who don't

Know of an awesome community initiative or a great project happening near you?

usually identify as vegetarian, who keep coming back! To find out more go to or ph: 03 9384 6200 Thanks, Stefano Perfili

Let us know - we're looking for stories for our monthly newsletters <click here> to submit your story. (Can we have a link to receive stories and images) 12

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My Symposium Story by Ben-Zion Weiss My trip to Ecuador in August last year was a life changing experience. It was the result of watching the video about the call of the Achuar, on numerous occasions, as a facilitator of the symposium. I felt I had to just meet these remarkable people who had inspired the holistic vision that the symposium presented. I’d been introduced to the symposium by one of my Social Ecology students as part of a masters program I’d been teaching at the University of Western Sydney (UWS) and I could see that the

book The Hope. He also emphasised the need for a confluence between the spiritual traditions that have become so much a part of the contemporary world through the New Age cultures and the social activism so necessary to address the ecological and social issues on the planet at this time. Hearing him speak reminded me that it was his inspiration that led to my going to Ecuador last year, as he was supposed to be part of that trip as well. I had already been considering going when I heard Bozena’s story of her trip. When I saw Andrew’s name as part of the August tour, I knew that this was the trip for me even though it was in the middle of my teaching semester.

symposium was an opportunity to take the ideas

The trip was truly life changing, inspiring and an

of social ecology into the wider community

extraordinary experience of integral

beyond the university. So in March 2010, I

consciousness. This is the new story that we need

trained to be a facilitator after attending and

at this time that Thomas Berry talks about in the

presenting at the World Conversation Café

symposium that he wrote about in The Dream of

gatherings in Sydney as well as attending my

the Earth.

first symposium at the Intuitive Well in Bondi

For me going into the Amazon was indescribably


beautiful: a place so full of life! And meeting the

What I love about the symposium is the way it

people, both those on my tour and the ones in the

brings together the issues of social justice and

rainforest was a great privilege and gave me a

spiritual fulfilment with ecological

great sense of hope for the planet. Having seen

sustainability. This is something that resonates

the Achuar in the videos, meeting them in person

with the approach we take in social ecology at

was very special, as I felt I already knew them in a

UWS and makes it a holistic process of social

strange sort of way. They were so welcoming and


generous with sharing their culture and their

Last Friday night I heard Andrew Harvey speak in

country. I felt deeply humbled and honoured!

Redfern Town Hall on Sacred Activism and his

Lynne Twist “If we can see and say the tide is turning, in all kinds of arenas we all care about, that galvanizes people to participate in turning the tide faster”. 13

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On my return I was committed to sharing the experience, which I did by creating a slide show and organising a series of talks in Sydney. Those talks led to symposiums for the Sydney Quakers, and then the Dowsers Society, which resulted from a Dances of Universal Peace retreat in the Blue Mountains earlier in the year. The retreat had focused on creation dances and stories; where every evening we watched a short video

we did a dance about Pachamama that was created by a Brazilian shaman who had lived in Peru. On the Sunday, the Sydney team of facilitators presented a shortened version of the symposium at a Climate Summit at Parramatta UWS, which was organised by Bozena as part of Parramatta Transition Town. Bozena had managed to successfully edit the videos down to the session requirement of 1Âź hours.

drawn from the symposium, followed by a

I wanted to tell this story because I feel the work

discussion. The work of the dances and the

of the Pachamama Alliance has become an integral

symposium proved to be very resonant.

and rich part of my life. Above all it gives me a

I also presented an evening at the Chapel by the Sea in Bondi Beach where we had held a number of symposia over the last couple of years and where the Bondi Transition Town people also

sense of hope at a time when the old paradigm is dying, which can seem like a very dark time on the planet, unless we are reminded that the death of the old gives way to the birth of the new.

met. Again there was a resonance between

For me being part of the symposium presentations

these groups that led to large and enthusiastic

is an inspiring example of this birth process. It also

gatherings that included a local family of

honours the dream of the Achuar and other

Ecuadorian origin who were delighted by the

indigenous people including our own Australian

slides and the talk.

Aboriginal people of a world that once again is

At each of my talks I show a short video like The New Dream by Neal Rogin. This contextualises the talk in the work of the symposium and the Pachamama Alliance. I like this video because it has some personal testimonies including one that places our work into the larger framework

aware of its deep connections to Pachamama or the Earth as our Mother. Thank you Ben-Zion Weiss (PhD)

of a crisis of consciousness. I also used this video as part of a 2 hour panel I was involved with at the Australian Dream Network conference in April (In Dreams the Land Speaks to us with Jody Grundy; Erla Ronan, BenZion Weiss (PhD)). The following weekend, on the Saturday

Dan Carney from the Pachamama Office in front of a giant Kapok Tree

evening, I was leading dances in the Blue Mountains and as part of the evening of dances


Upcoming Symposium Research Hello. My name is Thomas Whitelake. I became a Symposium Facilitator as part of the Common Ground tribe in 2007 and am now doing some volunteering with BTC to develop a research study on the influence of the Awakening The Dreamer Symposium on its participants. The structure and content of the study will centre around people's feeling of empowerment before and after, initiatives enabled or enhanced through experiencing the symposium, shifts in awareness of self, others and the environment, changes in mood states - depression despondency, isolation, empowerment etc., real world changes in behaviour e.g.: attraction to green energy alternatives, shopping locally, volunteering/community participation, dietary changes, use of public transport etc. and general perceptions/feedback.

Thomas Whitelake Whitelake Communications Pty Ltd ACN: 091 700 891 Australia: 0409 001 676

The study will be conducted via a survey of between 50 and 100 participants chosen randomly from available databases. All responses will be confidential and respondents' names will not be connected to their recorded responses. I'll keep you updated of the study's progress via this newsletter and if anyone has suggestions of questions or investigations they would like me to include in the study please forward them to me via

Contact Us Contact

National Program Coordinators Jaime Yallup, National Outreach Coordinator 0406 722 066 Dot Green, Fundraising 0419 315 717

Generation Waking Up (program for young people) Jump Up (program for primary school children) Darcie Jordan - 0414 477 425 Helena Read - 0400 062 930

Phil Everist, Website 0413 383 206 Admin Contact: Address: Telephone: Email:

Lee Coller 1/48 Grandview St Glenroy Victoria 3046 0437 341 290

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