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Viral emails are a great way to promote and market your goods. They basically consist of using emails to campaign, organize offers and spread the word to get more customers. For example, if your campaign strikes a chord with your readers, they will in turn forward the mail to their friends, and in this way, the number of customers will keep increasing. Good e-marketing tactics come in handy during viral email marketing, but only tactics won't get you customers. You'll have to make the campaign as innovative as possible if you want positive results. Here are some reactions you might expect from customers, and the best way to go about getting them! o"Got this great coupon and thought you might use it too!" Discount coupons are an excellent way to market your goods. However, only a discount coupon might not generate the excitement you expect from your customers; for that, you'll have to make the offer more innovative. Why not give them something exclusive? For example, you can arrange for a special gift for subscribers using the coupon. This will make an offer worth passing on to friends and family. In turn, you can benefit from it as well, when more and more people are added to your customer list. o"Heard about this- want to go with me?" You can arrange for complimentary passes to holiday events. This is an excellent technique to encourage better relations with your clients by making them feel special. Make the offer even more unique by gifting couple passes and asking them to bring a friend along. There are no limits to events, ranging from restaurants, beach holidays, concerts, just about anything! Viral emails holding such offers are sure to be a rage. o"This is so cool...thought you might like it." Do away with mundane emails containing the same old facts and figures. If you want to make your campaign sell, make it more innovative with extra features. Games, videos or a nice background score are great ideas to spice up your emails. If your email talks about your restaurant, don't just limit it to how good the food is! Add a easy to make recipe too; then you can wait and see how much your readers will like it. The trick is to catch their attention and keep their eyes riveted on your space for more! o"Great information, you might need it for your project." You have to give your customers something worthwhile and useful. An email with basic information has highest chances of being deleted straightaway. On the other hand, if you include a bit of information that is useful in the business, you have the edge over others. Update your clients on a new theory, some new technology, or give them links to downloadable software. The

business world works on give and take, so if you give your customers a mail worth reading, the mail is sure to find its way to many other firms. The bottom line is to make the campaign beneficial for your business. So use it as opportunity not only to increase customer list, but also to make a breakthrough in your field. If you take the effort of making the emails worth reading, your customers will surely forward it to more and more people.

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