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How to Make Money Using an Opt-In List Builder As the Internet expands more and more money making opportunities appear. One of the oldest methods is to use an opt-in email list to market your products to potential prospects. But building a strong opt-in list requires both time and patience. Many online marketing programs offer opt-in list builders to help speed along and largely automate the downline building process. It doesn't matter if it's a 1000 page authority website or a one-man blog, most successful internet businesses, use opt-in email lists to stabilize and boost their income producing potential. Every beginner should learn how to leverage an opt-in list to increase their business's income. If you use an opt-in list builder properly it will pay you back generously. Why use an Opt-in List? An opt-in list helps establish you as a friendly, helpful expert or specialist to your readers and allows you to maintain a strong relationship with them. By communicating with your opt-list frequently you will give them a chance to get to know, like and trust you over time. This in turns lets them feel comfortable when buying products or services that you recommend. And once they have trusted you enough to become a customer then your relationship allows for repeat business transactions for years to come! The concept behind an opt-in list is that the people on the list have given you permission to send them information in the form of newsletters, special offers, etc. This means that for all instances and purposes they have invited you to tell them about your products since they are interested in your particular niche. Now this prevents you from being accused of being a spammer, but don't abuse the privilege and it is a privilege. Like a guest who has been invited into someone's home to discuss a business opportunity over coffee, you can't just plop down a prospect's living room...hmmm, inbox and keeping talking away, hour after hour. No one likes being "sold". Even with an opt-in list, prospects will either ignore or delete your messages if all you ever do is "talk business". Give them something to look forward to. Offer them helpful and useful information as well as the latest "special one-time only offer". How does an Opt-In List Builder Work? An opt-list builder is a program that basically automates and takes the guest work out of creating

an email list. It records the names and email addresses of people who signup and then it keeps track of them as these new members in turn sign up even more people under your downline. This is a great way to bring in subscribers via word of mouth. Very quickly your list will grow into the hundreds. A good opt-list builder is used to develop a viable downline before introducing your list members to any income producing programs. The concept is that by taking the time to build a strong relationship with your online downline group that people will at some point follow you into more profitable opportunities. Not all opt-in list builders are created equally, so put on your "buyers beware" cap when you start to investigate all the opt-in list builder programs currently available.

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