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Kuyay Talpuy Standing in the Face of Adversity We continue to face persecution in the town of San Juan de Iscos. Mostly, our biggest problemmakers are people within the local school. We have met with them and explained our goals for the children to them. We have assured them that we are NOT opening a private school that will take away their students or compete with them in any way. In fact, we are working to prepare students to enter into their school system. We have showed them our contract with the city and our paperwork that gives us the right to help the children and to hold Kid’s Club each week. And yet, they continue to attack us and spread rumors about the school and the personnel. Yesterday, they went so far as to tell us that since it is the mayor that signed the paperwork and gave us permission to be there, they are now going to target the mayor and get him thrown out of office. In the face of this, the mayor is now acting very withdrawn and sheepish about the whole issue. The lawyer for our mission (Peruvian lawyer) has begun the process of serving legal papers against the leaders of the school for their actions, unlawful persecution, and harassment. Peru has a Freedom of Religion law and they are in violation of this at the moment, as well. So, where do we go from here? Honestly, we aren’t sure right now. Here’s the plan:

We are going to continue for now with regular classes every day and Kid’s Club on Fridays. We have a commitment to our students and to their families, as well as to you—the sponsors of this project and of these children.

We will continue to pray over this town and over the people who persecute us. The truth of the matter is, throughout history, the church and belief in Christ has GROWN in the face of persecution and adversity. Knowing that the best indicator of future performance is historical performance, we have faith that this will continue to be true and that Christ will prevail in whatever comes of this situation.

perseverance and standing firm in the face of adversity. There is also the instance where Jesus himself told his disciples that they should shake the dust from their feet and move on if the gospel is not accepted when they preach. We always look to the Bible to help us discern what is the best answer in any given situation, and we always pray for answers from God. Please pray with us for discernment in this case. On a good note, a door has opened for us to begin another project in another area, hopefully when the new Peruvian school year begins in March of 2010. For now, we have given our teachers the green light to begin an afternoon tutoring program in that area twice each week. This approach will allow us to enter the community and work with the people on a short-term basis, research the possibilities before making a long-term commitment, and will not require an outlay of capital unless a decision is ultimately made to go forward with a new Kuyay project. Please be in prayer for the community of Umuto– a poor Quechua community of displaced Quechua Huancavelica people who fled to Huancayo during the height of the Shining Path terrorism in the 80s and 90s. Umuto may very well be our next project and we would like to cover them in prayer.

Centro Educativo "Kuyay Talpuy" Volume 1, Issue 3 September 2009

Tania teaches at Kid’s Club

Thank you to everyone who has been covering us and the school in prayer over the last month. We have received emails of prayer and support from around the globe… Japan, Europe, Africa, Argentina, Chile, Honduras, Costa Rica, Thailand, many USA states, etc. Many congregations have lifted us up in prayer during Sunday services. Many bible study groups have prayed over the Kuyay Talpuy children. Thank you so much!!! ~ Laurie & Billy

We will continue to pray for discernment and guidance as we determine the best course of action. There are many Biblical references to Puppets in action at Kid’s Club

Billy hands out oranges to community children.

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Serving Christ in Peru

Prayers & Praises: •

Please continue to pray for the persecution that the school is enduring. Please pray for safety for our teachers and children. Please pray for the Kid’s Club and the children from the community who are coming each week to learn more about Christ.

Pray for our Peruvian workers. Three of them are paid workers and the rest are volunteers… Darwin, Milagros, Tania, Liz, Rosa, Rocio, and Julia.

Please especially pray for the people who are working so hard to persecute us. They need to be lifted up and laid at the feet of Christ. This is His fight and He is able to do all things. Please pray that their hearts are softened and that they come to know Him.

Pray for more sponsors to step up to the plate and give so that we can continue this work. Please share this newsletter with others! Please help us find other people who would be willing to help. We have covered the cost of each child, but continue to pay the teachers and the director out of our own pocket. Sponsorships can ease that burden. We also hope to begin a second Kuyay Talpuy project next spring, so we continue to raise support to cover new project costs.

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Kuyay Talpuy Newsletter for September 2009.