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Kuyay Talpuy Looking Up... Things are “looking up” in the town of San Juan de Iscos (the home of our Kuyay Talpuy project). By looking up, we mean that WE are looking up and really hearing from God on the matter of the persecution we have been facing and the difficulties and decisions that we needed to make. It is always interesting how God chooses to speak to us… via other people, via the Bible, via prayer, etc. We heard from MANY of our supporters and prayer partners from around the world, we have had answers via others in Peru, and we have been given answers via the Bible and bible studies with others. We have continued to face persecution, mostly against the Kid’s Club. The teachers at the local school stopped physically threatening the children if they attended Club, but they instead turned to emotional abuse and also threatened the kids with lowered grades if they were seen near the Club. We finally decided that we were causing the children emotional harm by allowing them to be placed in the middle of this battle. We have not quit...we continue to have Club, but we have changed the time and place so as not to cause any more issues with the local school. As of yesterday, we have 20+ children attending the revised Club. We will resume the fullfledged Kid’s Club during school vacation (January— March) and we hope to reclaim the children who really wanted to attend Club but were oppressed by their teachers at the school. It is very sad that the teachers at the school perceive the Kid’s Club as a threat to their beliefs and to their “authority”. But it is truly Biblical that throughout history, when the Word of God or God’s people were perceived as a threat, they were persecuted by people who didn’t believe. And, as a rule, the attackers always attacked the weakest and the smallest and the defenseless… in our case, the children. But it is also historically proven that the church and Christianity have GROWN and flourished under persecution - GOOD NEWS!!! The children at the Kuyay Talpuy school (your children) are flourishing. They are so changed from those first few days!!! They are healthier, they are very happy, and their families are very pleased with the education that they are receiving. Thank you for your love and support for these precious faces! Together, we can make a difference!

Centro Educativo "Kuyay Talpuy" Volume 1, Issue 4 Oct./Nov. 2009

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Serving Christ in Peru

Prayers & Praises: •

Please continue to pray for the town of Iscos. As the love of Christ grows among those touched by the school and Kid’s Club, the enemy gets more and more frustrated. Please especially pray for the people who are working so hard to persecute us and stop the Word from spreading. They need to be lifted up and laid at the feet of Christ. This is His fight and He is able to do all things. Please pray that their hearts are softened and that they come to know Him.

Pray for the new bible study group that will begin in Iscos in November. They will meet on Friday afternoon. This group is being started because of an 80 year old man named Jesus… he wants to give his friends the opportunity “to know Christ before they die”.

Pray for our Peruvian workers...Darwin, Milagros, Tania, Rosa, and Julia. All are committed to helping share Christ with the children of our school and with the community people.

Pray for continued support so that we can persevere with this work. Please share this newsletter with others! Please help us find other people who would be willing to help. We have covered the cost of each child, but continue to pay the teachers and the director out of our own pocket. Sponsorships can ease that burden. We also hope to begin a second Kuyay Talpuy project in the spring, so we continue to raise support to cover new project costs.

October & November '09  

Oct./Nov. 2009 Volume 1, Issue 4 The children at the Kuyay Talpuy school (your chil- dren) are flourishing. They are so changed from those f...

October & November '09  

Oct./Nov. 2009 Volume 1, Issue 4 The children at the Kuyay Talpuy school (your chil- dren) are flourishing. They are so changed from those f...