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Kuyay Talpuy Planting Seeds of Hope Thank you so much for your expressed interest in sponsoring a Peruvian child’s education! Welcome to the “Kuyay Talpuy” program in San Juan de Iscos, Peru. Kuyay Talpuy means “sowing seeds with the love of God” in Quechua Wanca (the traditional language in Iscos) and we felt that it was an appropriate name for the new educational center that God has placed in our care. We are planting seeds of hope… seeds that we hope will grow into a bright future for the children we are here to serve. These children did not have the opportunity to

attend school until you came along and answered the need… you agreed to reach out and sponsor the cost of school supplies, books, uniforms, teacher cost, and hot lunches for a child who was spending his/her days in the streets or working in the fields because the cost of an education is just too much to bear for some families. We have always felt that we were called to sow seeds for the Lord, and we are so excited that He has opened this opportunity for us and for the children of Peru. Thank you so much for answering the call and for agreeing to serve Christ by offering love and financial support to His children.

Centro Educativo "Kuyay Talpuy" Volume 1, Issue 1 July 2009

Sending love to you from the children of Iscos,

Laurie & Billy

Preparing the Soil Kuyay Talpuy will open it’s doors on August 10th, 2009. Right now, we continue to plan with the township of San Juan de Iscos, preparing the soil, so to speak. The mayor has given us a building for the center, but we need to do some work to get it ready for classes. We continue to work to find the remaining sponsors needed to have every child fully funded and the teacher and cook paid for before opening day. Our teacher, Milagros (her name means “miracles”) is working to prepare lessons and classroom materials, as well as contact the families and the children and prepare them for opening day. Our director, Darwin, is working on the finances, printing forms, meeting with

town and school officials, and seeking community involvement. Please pray for this time of preparation and finishing touches so that the center can open on time and with great success.

Centro Educativo "Kuyay Talpuy" Peru contact address: Jr. San Jose 278 Urb. San Carlos Huancayo, Peru Phone (USA): 979-985-5289 E-mail: Website: Or

DEAR BILLY AND LAURIE, † I will pray for you. Please send me your newsletter by e-mail: _____________________________________ † As God provides, I plan to partner with you by giving $ _________ Per month / quarter / year for _____ years. † I would like to donate a one-time gift of $ _________ † I would like to sponsor a child’s education for $25/mo. ($300/year). (Iscos Project) !!! NEW OPPORTUNITY !!! Name (PLEASE PRINT) ______________________________________ Address _________________________________________________ City____________________ State__________ Zip _______________ Phone _____________________ Home Church __________________ TAX DEDUCTIBLE GIFTS MAY BE SENT TO: The Mission Society PO Box 922637 Norcross, GA 30010-2637 USA DESIGNATE GIFTS: “DRUM SUPPORT 5/321”

Serving Christ in Peru

Frequently Asked Questions Can you send me a photo of the for them to know that God loves child that I am sponsoring? them so much that He sent a group of 30 American sponsors Yes and no… We conto support and love them. Your tinue to find children and work sponsorship covers the cost of to get them into the program one child, but your love and before opening day in August. dedication covers the entire When we are ready to open, we group. So you will receive inforwill take photos of the children mation and photos on the chiland of the school in progress. dren and on the entire group. However, remember that you We hope that you will commit to are not sponsoring a particular pray for each and every child child… you are sponsoring the and their families as they enter project and the group of chilinto an educational setting and dren as a whole. We do not begin to learn , to grow, and to want the children or their famifeel the presence of God in lies to build a dependency on their lives. any one sponsor, but we wish

Prayers & Praises: •

Praises that we have an awesome director for Kuyay Talpuy! Please pray for Darwin as he works to lead the education center and work with the community to build relationships.

Praises for a great teacher that literally walked in our front door and asked to take on this giant responsibility! Pray for Milagros as she prepares to begin teaching our children in August.

Pray for the community of Iscos as they begin to understand what the education center is about and as they begin to experience the love of God through the love of 30 Americans who want to sponsor their children in education.

Pray for the new Kid’s Club that will be held in the town square each Friday afternoon. Pray that many hearts will be touched and that many will come to know the deep love of Christ for the community of Iscos!

Kuyay Talpuy July '09  

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